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Profound Dragon Warlord: Volume 8

Profound Dragon Warlord: Volume 8

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Profound Dragon Warlord: Volume 8

614 pages
8 heures
Jan 15, 2020


He was an orphan on Earth with no one to depend on and a coward who could not punch his way out of a paper bag. All he left was his resentment against the evil of the world after being beaten to death.

He was a descendant of an ancient noble family on the Profound Dragon Continent. He resigned from his honorable position with the determination to rejuvenate his decaying family. However, being murdered by someone in his family only left his lofty aspirations never accomplished.

Two men came from different worlds, yet shared the same name. A soul full of resentment merged into a body with an unaccomplished mission. For the lifelong dreams of each other, they embarked on a long journey of cultivation.

How could a weak coward evolve into an unrivaled cultivator? How could he win back the glories of his family? And would he bring order and peace out of chaos and confusion that the Profound Dragon Continent was faced with.

☆About the Author☆

Hei Ying(黑影) is a Chinese web novel writer, whose stories feature the ups and downs in the exciting plots. He is skilled in creating imaginary worlds through his exquisite style of writing.

Jan 15, 2020

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Profound Dragon Warlord - Hei Ying



Facing the cheers of the competition, Shen Longxuan floated down the stage.

Congratulations Young Master Shen, victory is on the line. You are one step closer to becoming one of the top 100! Meng Youlan said with a smile.

Shen Longxuan looked at the participants of the Golden Wheat City. Out of the ten participants, six had been eliminated, and including Shen Longxuan, only four remained in the battle preparation area.

The remaining few people all looked at Shen Longxuan with envious eyes. He had used his strength to carve a deep mark in their hearts, and although Ye Qingzhao did not enter the top hundred in the previous competition, he was still ranked at the edge. His strength was unfathomable, and had not expected Shen Longxuan to defeat him.

Shen Longxuan, don't think that there's anything special about you defeating Ye Qingman. You'd better not touch me, or else I will make you lose miserably!

At this moment, a domineering voice sounded from behind him.

Shen Longxuan turned around and saw a tall and sturdy man with a sturdy stature, who was walking towards him.

Just as this person walked in front of Shen Longxuan, all of the remaining participants lit up again, and another opponent appeared in Shen Longxuan's mind, Guo Bao!

Then, he saw that the brawny guy in front of him had the exact same light as his body. Moreover, he had a cold smile on his face, Looks like I've hit the mark. Your next opponent is me!

Then we shall see the truth. Don't waste your breath here. I really hope that you can be a good opponent, but I just don't know if you can last three moves against me!

Shen Longxuan said indifferently, he already knew the rules of the competition, it would organize everyone according to their highest combat strength.

This Guo Bao in front of him was clearly stronger than Ye Qingzhuang by a little, but his cultivation was only at the peak of the Martial Grandmaster Stage. Adding his physical strength, the strength he could unleash would probably only be at the half-step Martial King realm.

Very well, let's see how long you can be so stubborn for. Wait a moment, I'll let you know what trembling is! After saying that, Guo Bao turned around and left.

Young Master Shen, you have to be careful of this Guo Bao. He obtained the 93rd place in the previous competition, his body is strong, and has already reached the strength of the Half-Step Martial Emperor Stage. He's very difficult to deal with! Meng Youlan said softly.

Shen Longxuan smiled, Thank you for the reminder, Miss Meng. But for this kind of trash, one move is enough for me to deal with him!

The physical strength of the Half-Step Martial Emperor Stage was not a joke. Unless one's cultivation reached the Martial Emperor Stage, otherwise, don't even think about it.

However, the strong confidence in his body made others unable to refute him, so they did not reply until there was a flash of light and Shen Longxuan's figure disappeared.

I hope you can achieve good results. It has been so many years since Golden Wheat City has reached the top 100. Meng Youlan said lightly.

Shen Longxuan stood on the stage and looked at Guo Bao calmly, Go all out, you only have one chance!

Arrogant brat, what qualifications do you have to say such words? Let's see you fight! Every muscle in Guo Bao's body trembled, as if he was activating some kind of secret art.

His body's strength rose rapidly, his cultivation was weak, and at that moment, he immediately used his strongest power, wanting to defeat Shen Longxuan in one strike.

In the sound of the explosion, he was like a cheetah, with endless power bursting out of every muscle in his body. In the sound of the roar, he was like a cheetah, every muscle in his body unleashed endless power, emitting a faint black light.

Half-Step Martial Emperor Stage!

At this moment, his entire body was filled with explosive power, like a volcano that was about to erupt. The aura emitted by the flames caused the air to explode and the void to tremble.

With lightning speed, he punched at Shen Longxuan.

As fast as thunder, as fierce as a shooting star!

That's Guo Bao, his strength has increased again. Just the strength of his body is enough to make him so powerful!

"This time, Shen Longxuan will not be so lucky. Everyone can clearly see Guo Bao's strength.

I don't think so. In the battle with Ye Qingzhuang, Shen Longxuan clearly still had some power, so this battle will definitely be a long one. But, it's hard to say who will be the victor.

Just as the two were arguing, Shen Longxuan's entire body suddenly lit up with a gold light, and he casually threw out a punch.

Shen Longxuan's punch was like child's play in the eyes of others, but in the eyes of Guo Bao, it was like an angry dragon that had raised its head under his provocation.

Immediately after, the two fists collided, and every hair on Guo Bao's body stood up. The dangerous atmosphere made him feel as if he had no way of resisting at all, and was immediately swallowed up by this power.

His figure was even faster than before, and he was thrown far away, colliding against the defensive light shield and not getting up for a long time.

Shen Longxuan's move had stunned the entire audience, and those participants who did not think much of him, started to value him, as Shen Longxuan's strength already had the qualifications to enter the top 100.

City Master Meng, Shen Longxuan belongs to your Golden Wheat City, right? I never thought that a poor village like you would actually be able to bring up such a genius, truly extraordinary!

Hahaha, Mayor Lian, it's just luck!

I agree with what you said. His luck is indeed quite good, but that should be it. I bet he won't be able to last past the next wave.

Shen Longxuan once again dropped down the stage, while the other people's battle was not over, but at the resting area, there were a few people who ended the battle early, just like Shen Longxuan.

The purple-gold armored Guo Jie was among them. He had just seen Shen Longxuan defeating his younger brother Guo Bao in one move, so he unconsciously creased his eyebrows. He carefully sized up Shen Longxuan, unable to recall where such a powerful character had come from.

Guo Jie, are you going to treat him as your opponent?

Lin Shuai, are you looking down on me? In here, no one can become my opponent, not even you! "

Hahaha, you're still as arrogant as before! Last time, you were defeated by me. I'd like to see if you've made any progress!

In the conversation between the two, they didn't take Shen Longxuan defeating Guo Bao seriously at all. In Guo Jie's heart, he looked down on Guo Bao even more, this kind of trash was not worthy to be his little brother.

After this round of competition, there were less than six hundred remaining.

This kind of competition was extremely efficient. It took only four hours to go from two thousand to two hundred people in a two-on-two match.

At this time, the majority of the remaining people had cultivations above the Half-step Martial Grandmaster Stage, with only a few being at the tenth level of the Martial Grandmaster Stage. Meng Youlan was one of them.

's fighting style was even more crude, he used all of his strength to deal with the enemy in one move, this made even more people pay attention to him, and even treated him as a dark horse.

Only Jiang Weitian knew of Shen Longxuan's true strength, and he had no doubt that Shen Longxuan would definitely make it into the top ten in this competition, and might even have the qualifications to compete for the position of the top ten.

However, even if he said this, no one would believe him.

Up until now, the top 100 of the competition had already been decided, and Shen Longxuan was present.

These 100 people each took a ring, and the rules of the competition also changed. They used points to rank the participants. If they won a match and gained a point, then their points would double again.

If the number of points increased, the stage would rise up, but if it did not, it would fall down until the stage was pushed down.


As the biggest dark horse, Shen Longxuan was naturally being watched by a lot of people. Meng Youlan was also amongst the top 100, she kept releasing wind bells, making her unable to display the strength of the Half-Step Martial Emperor Stage, so she still had room for improvement.

Of these 100 contestants, they were allowed to challenge one person at will. There were no rules at all. The final result was only based on the points and not the process.

Of course, the eyes of the sixty or so City Lords and the Marquis of Heaven were bright. They could clearly see who was stronger and who was weaker.

As the finals officially began, the speed of the finalists increased and they began to use speed to pick out opponents they could defeat.

Those who were slow could only be challenged by others, and naturally, their points would be reduced by a lot. However, this was all built on the foundation that their strength was equally formidable.

However, Shen Longxuan was completely different. He used the method of waiting, and the first person who rushed out was a fellow with Peak of Martial Grandmaster Stage.

Hahaha, boy, your luck is over. You …


Before he could finish his words, he felt a powerful force invade his body, and he was blasted out of the arena like a cannonball.

Time is now the point, what's the point?

In the next moment, the man who had rushed up to him was much more nimble. After he came up, he punched Shen Longxuan without hesitation.


Although his reaction was not too bad, his strength was evidently too lacking. He was still forced out of the arena by Shen Longxuan, the third, and the fourth …

A row of ten people, without exception, no matter what cultivation they were, had all been thrown out of the stage in one move by Shen Longxuan. Because he had won consecutively, his points had also rapidly increased, causing the stage he was in to rise quickly.

As a result, he had attracted even more competitors. His fights on the stage had never stopped, and there were two other people like him who had the same reaction: Lin Shuai and Guo Jie.

Their three arenas were like three rising stars, the rest following closely behind.

This phenomenon attracted everyone's attention. The only difference between the three was that Lin Shuai and Guo Jie were searching for their opponents, while Shen Longxuan was waiting for his opponents on the stage.

It was precisely because the three of them were advancing side by side, that the three of them did not fight against each other, as that would result in the remaining side being far ahead of the others.

Amongst the three of them, Shen Longxuan was obviously the weakest, while the other two were already at the true Martial Emperor Stage cultivation level.

Therefore, Shen Longxuan became the target of everyone's attacks, and he could clearly see the situation in front of him, especially when he was facing a competitor with Martial Emperor Stage cultivation.

It was already inconceivable for someone to defeat the Martial Emperor Stage at the tenth level of the Martial Grandmaster Stage. If he could still win in a row, in everyone's imaginations, it would simply be a fantasy.

However, Shen Longxuan was able to create this miracle, and create the most unbelievable legend in the history of the Spirit Sky Competition. It had already been four hours since the start of the battle, and just like before, no matter what cultivation, he had lost to.

His ranking faintly suppressed the other heroes, and with his powerful aura, all the participants that had realized the truth no longer took the initiative to cause trouble for Shen Longxuan, but hid far away.

However, at this time, Shen Longxuan had succeeded. As long as he maintained this winning streak, the top three would definitely have his ranking.

When Lin Shuai and Guo Jie saw that Shen Longxuan had the power to surpass them, they became extremely anxious. They did not dare to take the risk, because if they lost, they would no longer have any hope of reaching the top.

The two of them had this thought, so the opponent they chose did not point at Shen Longxuan, but seeing that the competition was about to end, Guo Jie, who was in third place, could not hold back anymore.

Lin Shuai, what are you waiting for? Guo Jie shouted.

There was a reason why he did this. No matter how strong Shen Longxuan was, in his subconscious, he had never been treated as a true opponent.

But Lin Shuai was different. The two of them had never stopped fighting in small battles before. Both of them viewed each other as their most powerful opponents, and he had already made arrangements beforehand.

He had long since arranged for the Guo Family to go and ban Shen Longxuan. As long as he could defeat Lin Shuai, the top few would all be his Guo Family.

Lin Shuai was not only handsome, he was also bright. He was also prepared for Guo Jie's actions, furthermore, as long as he was strong enough and defeated Guo Jie, everything would be resolved easily.

Guo Jie, let's fight! There isn't much time left, let's battle with your strongest power!

Lin Shuai's eyes were filled with fighting spirit. His body moved without any wind and his clothes fluttered as he stood on the stage. A Lingyun imposing aura soared to the sky, as if he was a god descended from the heavens.

Guo Jie was wearing a purplish-gold armor and wielding a Mountain Splitting Halberd. This was an equipment that he had spent a huge price on, and was what his confidence had increased greatly.

These two pieces of equipment were both at the spiritual treasure level, and with his power, it could be said that his defense was unrivalled at the same level.

In the blink of an eye, the two of them had clashed. Lin Shuai wielded the Azure Dragon Azure Water Sword in his hand. This was a peerless treasure passed down in his clan. Now that he took it out, he obviously wanted to win.

As he brandished the sword, green ripples rippled out, and dragon cries and tiger roars rang out. A sword was made vivid by him, as if it was a green dragon dancing on the stage. Its might shook the heaven and earth.

Guo Jie's armor was glowing with a purple gold light, the halberd in his hand was shining with even more brilliance, as though it was a huge blade that could cut through the mountains.

Boom boom boom!

The battle between the two had become the focus of the entire battle. Although they had the protection of the defensive formation, the mighty sound from within still shook one's soul. It was as if two small worlds were colliding.

The people on the stage were only paying attention to them, but Shen Longxuan's battle wasn't much less than the two of them.

The person Shen Longxuan was facing was Guo Yang, he was at the early stage of the First Stage of Martial Emperor Stage, and was considered one of the top ten seeded participants. This person was dressed in a red robe, was short, but was extremely agile like a fiery red fox, shuttling back and forth on the stage, making people unable to catch him.

However, Shen Longxuan's consciousness had long since reached the level of Martial Emperor Stage. Facing the unfathomable Guo Yang, he spread out his divine sense and easily caught the devilish illusory traces.

Seizing the opportunity, he punched out!

His physical body was at the peak of the First Stage of Martial Emperor Stage, and under his unremitting cultivation, his strength still had not broken through for long. If he could reach the 46th Fission, he would definitely break through the current barrier, and his physical body's strength would greatly increase.

So, even an ordinary punch carried the might of the heavens. The fist emitted a golden radiance, and like a small sun, it smashed towards Guo Yang's face.

Seeing that he had nowhere to dodge, Guo Yang could only give up on his body movement and unleash his full strength. His short stature unexpectedly grew at an extremely fast speed, and in the blink of an eye, he had surpassed Shen Longxuan.


A ripple that could be seen with the naked eye rippled out from the two's fists, and Guo Yang's body flew out. Although Shen Longxuan took a step back, his physical body was still much stronger, so he took advantage of the situation.

Guo Yang was sent flying. He raised his foot and chased after Qin Lie. With a terrifying aura, he smashed forward like a glittering golden meteor.

Guo Yang was shocked. He did not expect Shen Longxuan to be so strong, far stronger than he looked, but for the honor of the Guo Family, he fiercely clenched his teeth.

Shen Longxuan, you forced me to do this!

His figure that was flying backwards suddenly accelerated, and actually circled around in the air, his fiery red robe suddenly ignited, turning into a ball of flames that shot towards Shen Longxuan.


Boom boom boom!

One was gold and the other was red, the two figures clashed repeatedly, the explosive power resonating through heaven and earth, helpless, Guo Yang only had the power of the early stage of the First Stage of Martial Emperor Stage, even if he burned away a secret technique and raised his cultivation by a small realm, under Shen Longxuan's power, he was still defeated.

Shen Longxuan's ranking had instantly rushed to the first place position. Because of his continuous victories, his points had increased by countless of times, and this time, his victories had caused his stage to seemingly reach its peak.

With this, the situation had completely broken down.

Guo Jie and Lin Shuai who were still fighting stopped. This was the situation they didn't want to see the most, but it had happened.

Shen Longxuan looked down at the two of them condescendingly, "I know that you two don't fancy me at all, but if you want to win now, you have to fight me, and I won't stand on ceremony with you two.

None of you are my opponent, and there isn't much time left. How about we decide the outcome in a single move and you two come at me together! "

Shen Longxuan's loud and clear words slapped the two of them in the face. Didn't you guys look down on me? Now I can't even look at the two of you together!

Could this kid have lost his mind because of victory? How can you say such nonsense?

His strength is indeed quite strong, but not strong to the point where he can make two of his opponents attack at the same time. One must know that both of them are martial cultivator of the late stage of the First Stage of Martial Emperor Stage, so their combined strength can definitely defeat the peak of the First Stage of Martial Emperor Stage.

He's really crazy. I really don't know if I should praise his overbearing attitude or call him arrogant. But just based on his courage, I'm convinced!

Hearing the discussions of the crowd, Meng Youlan who was on the stage was unable to see through Shen Longxuan, her cultivation was clearly not her, but now she had reached the peak of the stage, she had used all she had to only get to the 70th place, that was her limit.

Jiang Weitian, who was not too far away from Shen Longxuan, was even more excited. He had already raised Shen Longxuan up in the crowd, but no one believed him, so the more Shen Longxuan rushed up, the more arrogant he sounded, the more it was natural in his eyes.

The various city lords in the audience, however, looked at each other in dismay. They couldn't understand what kind of backing Shen Longxuan had to give him the courage to challenge the two First Stage of Martial Emperor Stage Rankers.

Even the Spirit Sky Marquis looked at him with a smile. His wise eyes seemed to want to see through Shen Longxuan, but he kept feeling that there was nothing in him at all.

This child is not ordinary. City Lord Dreamland, after the competition, bring him to see me!

The Sound Transmitting of the Spirit Heavenly Queen caused City Lord Meng's heart to tremble, followed by a wave of wild joy, Yes!

Guo Jie's words were simply an insult to them both. Any one of them could easily beat Shen Longxuan, but Shen Longxuan had directly challenged them.

If he won by a fluke, then he would return to his fame and not lose face. This was truly a good plan!

Shen Longxuan, if you had simply wanted to become famous, you would have already done so. However, you should not have so arrogantly and arrogantly insulted us, so you must pay the price.

Guo Jie's personality was explosive, he stabbed his Mountain Splitting Halberd into the stage and bellowed.

He directly gave up on the Mountain Splitting Halberd, and his body violently rose up. His purplish-golden armor shined with an endless radiance, and he flew out like a bolt of lightning.

The battle between him and Lin Shuai was not over yet, so the defense of the stage hadn't been activated. But this guy actually forcefully broke through the defense of the stage, causing the air to vibrate with a loud explosion.

His berserk aura set off a storm, engulfing everything he passed through, carrying with him a majesty that was comparable to the heaven and earth, he grabbed at Shen Longxuan with one palm.

Immediately, a huge palm appeared on Shen Longxuan's stage, covering everything, making it impossible for one to hide or fight back.

I've said it before. You're not a match for me, yet you're still looking to humiliate yourself. In that case, don't blame me for slapping you in the face.

All of a sudden, the gray air flow in Shen Longxuan's body moved, his figure suddenly grew into a giant that was dozens of metres tall, and like a ghost, he erupted with endless power.

body of nether ghost!

Even so, facing such a huge palm, he still appeared to be extremely insignificant. However, both of Shen Longxuan's legs stepped onto the stage, and under the situation where everyone thought it was impossible, he jumped right into the sky.

The huge palm rumbled as it faced the incoming attack.

Rumble rumble rumble!

However, Shen Longxuan's several tens of meters of body did not slow down in the slightest. His foot stepped on Guo Jie's body with the ease of an elephant stepping on an ant.

Guo Jie was pressured by this huge force and immediately flew backwards, his entire body's armor almost fell off, as it smashed onto the stage with a loud bang.


A terrifying silence!

Shen Longxuan actually dared to hit Guo Jie as easily as swatting a fly. Just how strong was he?

In this battle, he had never revealed his true strength. Although Guo Jie had underestimated his opponent and did not use his full strength, that was still an attack from the First Stage of Martial Emperor Stage, how could he be thrown back so easily?

Furthermore, Shen Longxuan's body had suddenly become several tens of meters large. Just how strong of a body did one need to be to be able to endure such a change?

I've already said it before, the Young Master Shen is not someone you can deal with. Just you little shrimps aren't even enough to fill the gaps between their teeth! Jiang Weitian laughed and said.

Only now did the others recover from their shock.

Is this true? That brat's true strength is actually this strong? "

How did he do it? With the cultivation of Martial Grandmaster Stage Level 10, a kick could send the Martial Emperor Stage flying, it's too strong! "

Too cool. It looks like he wasn't bragging just now. He really does have the strength to defeat these two geniuses. Come on, I think you can do it!

Hearing the discussions of the crowd, the various City Lords were all excited. She was definitely a genius of a monstrous level, City Lord Meng was also highly regarded because of Shen Longxuan, he was also proud of his wise move back then.

At this moment, Meng Youlan's heart, which was originally completely calm, seemed to be blown by a breeze, causing ripples to form.

Ah, Shen Longxuan, I'll fight it out with you!

Guo Jie jumped up. Although he did not receive any injuries, the humiliation was worse than any other injury. He was a heaven's pride level expert of his generation, when had he ever suffered such a crushing defeat?

He pulled out his Mountain Splitting Halberd and was about to fight Shen Longxuan to the death, but was stopped by Lin Shuai, "Guo Jie, don't be impatient. This Shen Longxuan is not simple, you should not be fooled by his appearance.

Since he wants to challenge the two of us, then fulfil his wish. This time, you and I will work together and defeat him, and then we will fight to the death.

Cripple him! We will decide the victor in one fell swoop! "

Guo Jie said fiercely, holding his Mountain Splitting Halberd, he rushed forward recklessly, while Lin Shuai followed closely behind. He flung the Azure Dragon Jade Water Sword, acting like a hero of the Immortal Sword, following along the sword with extreme speed.

When they got close, Guo Jie shouted loudly: Open the mountain!

The halberd in his hand instantly lit up, reflecting a light that was over a thousand feet long. The power of this halberd was comparable to the heavens and earth. With a wave of his hand, it erupted with an incomparable momentum as it rumbled down.

Go to hell!

This Martial Arts was originally a powerful and heavy weapon, but with his heavy equipment, the might of the spiritual treasure level Mountain Splitting Halberd was activated, just like a hundred thousand mountains falling on his head.

Under that pressure, the air didn't even have the time to emit an explosive sound. The void trembled before being crushed down, causing an earth-shattering explosion that echoed in all directions!


This strike of Guo Jie's was obviously already his ultimate move. He wanted to use this strike to restore the humiliation Shen Longxuan had left on him.

Shen Longxuan, Spirit Sky County is not a place for you to stick your head out of, get down!

The halberd wind whistled, spreading in all directions!

At the same time Guo Jie erupted, Lin Shuai also released a strand of sword aura, which turned into a silver white color. Ice crystals were mixed within the sword aura, and sword beams were mixed within the ice crystals.

The initial frost sword Qis were not powerful, but they instantly brought forth the might of the heavens and the earth. They immediately turned into hundreds of feet of shocking light that seemed to freeze the entire world.

The Green Dragon Jade Water Sword released an endless might, as though a dragon was roaring or a tiger was roaring. It resonated throughout the world, and although it was released later, it was not slow compared to Guo Jie's, and it even seemed to be slightly stronger.

When that resplendent Sword Shine erupted, a blurry yet roaring huge head appeared behind him. It was obvious that he had used all his strength.

Amongst the two of them, his desire to defeat Shen Longxuan was even stronger, because he had already felt a sense of danger from Shen Longxuan.

The two great Martial Arts s surged with a heavenly might as they tyrannically smashed down!

Even if Shen Longxuan had the [Dark Ghost] body, facing these two attacks, he still felt a bit of pressure. However, it still stirred his desire to battle, as his eyes flickered with bright flames, and the corners of his mouth curled up slightly.

Nether King Fist!

The [Dark Ghost Body] had already allowed the power of his physical body to reach its peak. With the cultivation of the Nether Ghost Spell, his [Nether King Fist] had reached the Minute Subtlety realm.

This Martial Arts combined with the body of nether ghost and raised its power to the limit, reaching its peak, everyone only saw Shen Longxuan's gigantic body standing on the stage, throwing out a punch!

Suddenly, a huge black hole like vortex erupted from Shen Longxuan's body. Everyone could clearly see that he wore a royal robe, a royal official's robe, and a jade belt around his waist. A mighty emperor aura spread out.

At the same time this aura spread out, the black hole like whirlpool spun extremely quickly. With a bang, the Strength of Devouring exploded out, and Shen Longxuan's Underworld Ghost body shrunk extremely quickly, as if all the energy in his body had been poured into it.

The surrounding in the sky and earth caused a huge commotion and sucked in all of the Strength of Heaven And Earth. Even Guo Jie's and Lin Shuai's attacks seemed to be affected as they bent towards the black hole.

All of this took a long time to describe, but actually happened in the blink of an eye.

The moment the three attacks clashed, the black hole's vortex suddenly shook, as if it was completely filled with energy, and then suddenly exploded.

Boom boom boom ~

A ray of light like the sun appeared. It was the light of fire triggered by the sudden release of a power that had been compressed to the limit. No one dared to look directly at it.

Almost at the same time, a loud explosion shook the sky and the earth. Before people could cover their ears, the following violent impact exploded and the stage in the sky was thrown all over the place. The entire competition arena lit up with a storm that swept through the world.

Ah, I can't even hear my ears, and I can't see my eyes. What's going on?

This is because you're stupid. If you don't have enough cultivation, you can still move forward. This time, you're going to suffer.

This is too terrifying, in all the previous competitions, there has never been a scene like this before, this trip was truly worthwhile!

Seeing that many people had been affected, the Marquis of Heaven softly said, Destroy! This word seemed to have triggered a law that was invisible to the world. A great disturbance had died down and vanished into thin air.

To be able to achieve this realm, he no longer needed to use any energy. In his world, just a simple twist of a line could cause disaster.

The expressions of the three people in the battle were different. Shen Longxuan, who was standing in the same place, had already recovered his true body. He was only slightly out of breath.

On the other hand, both Lin Shuai and Guo Jie fell onto their stage. Both of them were injured all over, with blood flowing from the corner of their mouths.

But which one of these two fellows were not favored by the heavens, how could they possibly be willing to suffer such a setback? Furthermore, the two great clans had dominated the Spirit Sky County for many years, yet no one had ever dared to make them suffer so much.

Shen Longxuan, you dared to injure them, do you know who they are?

You seem to be from a remote place, you don't even know how powerful the Lin Family and Guo Family are. If you offend them now, you will have a good ending in the future.

Obediently admit defeat if you know what's good for you, and ask for the forgiveness of the two young masters. There is still a slim chance of survival!

Hearing the discussions, Shen Longxuan frowned, but he did not care, the Spirit Sky County was not his destination, on the contrary, it was just his starting point.

In his dictionary, there was no such word as afraid. He didn't care even if he died countless times. As long as it was not related to his family or friends, there was only one word to describe him, and that was ruthless!

The reason he was so ruthless to himself was because he was afraid that his strength was insufficient to protect his family and friends. Therefore, in the face of countless life and death situations, the first thing he thought of was not himself.

And at this moment, he was all by himself, so there was nothing to be afraid of, especially since he had a Dragon Soul in his body. Although he was unable to cultivate the secret method to merge a battle spirit into his body, but it had still influenced his willpower.

From the first day he started practicing martial arts, he was seen as trash. However, at that time, he made a decision to become the world's strongest wargod.

How could anyone surrender on the road of wargods!

How can the path of war be so magnanimous!

The path of the War God will be filled with thorns. He wants to step over these thorns and ascend to the position of War God!

What did he have to fear from a small clan in Spirit Sky County!

Do the two of you still want to fight? An invisible aura exploded from Shen Longxuan's body, and his words revealed a strong sense of confidence.

Lin Shuai never thought that Shen Longxuan would be so strong. He also did not understand how a person who was at the tenth level of the Martial Grandmaster Stage could unleash such a explosive battle power. This was contrary to the principles of the world.

And seeing that Shen Longxuan had already turned back into his real body, and could only use this kind of power once, Lin Shuai wanted to slowly stand up here.

Shen Longxuan, the battle has only just begun. Have you tired of fighting?

At this time, Guo Jie also stood up. The armor on his body had been blown askew, and the Mountain Splitting Halberd had fallen some distance away. The confrontation just now had truly made him feel terrified.

He raised his head and looked at Shen Longxuan, a hint of fear actually filling his eyes, No, this is not my true thoughts, I am undefeatable!

In order to remove the fear in his heart, Guo Jie roared loudly. He reached out his hand and the Mountain Splitting Halberd flew back into his grasp, pointing it at the sky, Shen Longxuan, this old man doesn't accept this, I want to fight! Fight! Fight!"

After he finished speaking, his spiritual energy completely exploded, and the energy of heaven and earth surged. An incomparably clear huge head formed behind him, and it looked like he was himself.

To have such a clear phenomenon, only someone at the peak of the First Stage of Martial Emperor Stage would be able to do it. Guo Jie actually levelled up at this time, he is truly a genius!

Too awesome!

Amongst all the city lords, Guo Jie's father, City Lord Guo, was laughing out loud as he said: My son's genius was actually able to break through at this time. Now, that whatever Shen Longxuan should be no longer a match for him.

CHAPTER 705 - TOP 100

Guo Jie also felt the growth of the power in his body. He had always desired this power, but he had never possessed it, and the injuries he had received had completely healed at this moment.

A halberd to determine a river and mountain!

This was the strongest move he had learned in the Martial Arts, but because his cultivation was not high enough, he was unable to execute it.

Shen Longxuan, should I hate you? Or should I thank you? Just tremble!

What erupted from Guo Jie's Mountain Splitting Halberd was no longer the purple gold light, but had gathered at the tip of the halberd, like an exploding star, the light rays reached their limit in an instant!

It transformed into a shocking attack that instantly closed in on Meng Hao!

Lin Shuai's hand was holding onto the Azure Dragon Jade Water Sword tightly. He had always been at the same level as Guo Jie, but now, under this blatant situation, they had surpassed him.

This made him feel even more humiliated than before. It was as if three people who had advanced side by side only managed to pull him down. To someone like him who deeply valued face, this was like a bolt out of the blue.

If he can do it, I can do it too!

At this moment, he didn't care about being shameless, he brandished the Azure Dragon Jade Water Sword and stabbed forward.

Shen Longxuan's battle intent surged, so what if he broke through, he was still suppressed by him, and since he wanted to stomp on his face, he might as well do his best.

eye of profound dragon!

Guo Jie who was originally full of confidence and had an overbearing attitude, was just about to be defeated by his one strike, when suddenly, two blood-red eyes appeared in the air.

Under the gaze of these eyes, the speed at which he exploded his speed slowed down slightly, and he even felt a pressure coming from this in the sky and earth. Even the gigantic abnormal sign on his head was about to be suppressed by this pressure … Crash!

This pressure on the soul and body was not too obvious to the people of the Dragon-Beast Realm, but now, the might of the pressure on the martial cultivator's body increased greatly.

Not only him, but even Lin Shuai who was behind him, was the same. He didn't use his full strength and was almost knocked to the ground by the pressure.

disillusion finger!

The corner of Shen Longxuan's mouth raised slightly, and the almost instantaneous Martial Arts shot out. A Yin Yang fish Tai Chi diagram appeared out of thin air, and from within, sparkling and translucent fingers shot out one after another.

Looking from a distance, it looked like a silver needle drawing thread. However, the power contained within was astonishing, and Lin Shuai who were already suppressed saw the strange Martial Arts and were momentarily stunned.

This is the Martial Arts of the Origin Realm! Ling Tian looked at Shen Longxuan's Martial Arts and was shocked. To achieve such a state, was simply too difficult.

The first requirement for a cultivator was to have an extremely high understanding of the Martial Arts, and to find their own dao through comprehension. Only then would they be able to condense source seed.

It could be said that the power of the Martial Arts had increased, and it had already exceeded the scope of the Martial Arts, becoming one of the martial cultivator's Arcane Arts. If the source seed continued to grow, that was its ability.

That was an ability only the Martial Sovereign Stage had, and now that it had appeared on Shen Longxuan's body, how could it not be shocking!

What is this? Martial Arts can actually be used like this?

Such a strong Martial Arts, to be able to use one or two of his fingers is already not bad, why does this guy feel like he doesn't have spiritual energy?

This Shen Longxuan is so overbearing, but I like him!

Guo Jie, who bore the brunt of the attack, did not know what had happened. He used all his might to maintain his Martial Arts, blocking Shen Longxuan's berserk attack.

However, the dazzling starlight around the Mountain Splitting Halberd was completely disintegrated by the fingers, and seeing that his most powerful attack, Martial Arts, was useless, while his opponent's attacks seemed to be endless, the hairs on his body all stood on end, and a sense of life and death crisis appeared in his mind.

He could only shift from attacking to defending, taking back his halberd and spinning it in front of him, forming a dense and airtight barrier. However, his body had already been blocked.

After persisting for a little while, his arm became numb from the disillusion finger, and he lost consciousness. In the next moment, countless fingers clashed against his body.

Even the purple-gold armor was riddled with holes because of the Martial Arts. This was the tyranny of the disillusion finger.

Guo Jie fell onto the stage heavily, and had no power to resist anymore.

Lin Shuai was a bit further behind him, so his injuries weren't as serious as his injuries, but they weren't light either. His handsome hair was swept away by a finger and he became bald, causing his handsome appearance to change.

Furthermore, both his arms and legs had been hit by the finger attack. Although it was suppressed by his power, it still made him lose the power to resist.

This move was enough to cause one to be greatly taken aback. The crowd of City Lords immediately burst out in discontent, especially the people from the Guo Family and Lin Family.

This... This is impossible, what kind of demonic technique did that Shen Longxuan use?

Even if he's strong, he can't reach that level. We all cultivated from the Martial Grandmaster Stage, I have never seen someone like him before, so I have reason to suspect that he isn't someone from our Dragon God Realm.

The Arcane Arts he used just now to suppress the soul seemed like it belonged to someone from the Dragon-Beast Realm. Only they would use battle spirit to activate this kind of soul power.

The opinions of these people caught the attention of the people of Lin Family, the one who killed their family's Lin Xiao was not someone from Dragon God Realm, and looking at Shen Longxuan's strength, he had the ability to kill him.

The blue-robed City Lord Lin's eyes never left Shen Longxuan's body. The more he looked, the more he felt that this person was the culprit who killed his son.

But right at that moment, Ling Tian suddenly announced: The competition for the top hundred of Spirit Heaven Ranking Tournament has ended. First place: Shen Longxuan!

After obtaining this honor, the City Lord Lin was no longer able to kill him in public, because any one of the top hundred Spirit Sky Cultivators already had the qualifications to compete in the Western Sky Stele of One Thousand People.

Furthermore, the top ten were all martial cultivator s protected within the Stele of One Thousand People, which was the glory of the entire Spirit Sky County.

The prizes from entering the top 100 were all very impressive, and Shen Longxuan had even obtained a shocking body tempering Spirit Material. This made the others jealous, these body tempering materials were enough for him to split his body once again.

After the end of the competition, Shen Longxuan's name was spread throughout Spirit Sky County, and his extraordinary fighting strength became well-known by every household, becoming the true role model for the younger generation.

Even many of the children who had started to practice martial arts viewed him as their target, and his deeds had made the Spirit Sky County s of the Spirit Sky County feel the importance of cultivating their bodies.

Because only a fifth of the area that was occupied by humans was occupied, most of the resources were controlled by the Demonic Beast. Therefore, the martial cultivator began to take over the Demonic Beast's territory, occupy the Demonic Beast's resources, and use it to speed up their own cultivation.

Amongst them, the person who was the most regretful was the Huatang City's City Lord, because he had eyes but did not recognize the beauty's beauty. Just to curry favor with the Dongfang Family, he had offended Shen Longxuan, and his intestines had turned green from regret.

His daughter, Meng Youlan, had gotten a good result in the sixty-ninth place. As the martial cultivator that he had invited, Shen Longxuan had obtained the pride of being number one, which was the most unexpected thing for him.

Out of the sixty-eight cities, there were actually two martial cultivator s that advanced to the top hundred. The Golden Wheat City s also advanced to the first tier from the second tier cities, and he also received a large amount of rewards.

This was also the regret of the Huatang City's master. If nothing unexpected happened, these things would have been his to begin with, but now he could only let them slip by.

Although they could not deduce Shen Longxuan, but they had sent people to the Golden Wheat City to investigate secretly, and did not manage to find any clues.


This result made Lin Family more suspicious. Shen Longxuan was definitely the killer, because all of Shen Longxuan's conditions were met.

However, Shen Longxuan stayed in the Spirit Heaven City after the competition and was summoned by the duke of Ling Tian. He was even given a mansion in the Spirit Heaven City.

At this moment, he was cultivating in his own residence. His cultivation had just experienced a huge increase, so this time he specialized in cultivating the Profound Dragon Transformation. He was going to break through to the 46th level.

After three whole months of cultivation and a huge amount of resources, Shen Longxuan finally

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