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Profound Dragon Warlord: Volume 10

Profound Dragon Warlord: Volume 10

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Profound Dragon Warlord: Volume 10

609 pages
9 heures
Jan 23, 2020


He was an orphan on Earth with no one to depend on and a coward who could not punch his way out of a paper bag. All he left was his resentment against the evil of the world after being beaten to death.

He was a descendant of an ancient noble family on the Profound Dragon Continent. He resigned from his honorable position with the determination to rejuvenate his decaying family. However, being murdered by someone in his family only left his lofty aspirations never accomplished.

Two men came from different worlds, yet shared the same name. A soul full of resentment merged into a body with an unaccomplished mission. For the lifelong dreams of each other, they embarked on a long journey of cultivation.

How could a weak coward evolve into an unrivaled cultivator? How could he win back the glories of his family? And would he bring order and peace out of chaos and confusion that the Profound Dragon Continent was faced with.

☆About the Author☆

Hei Ying(黑影) is a Chinese web novel writer, whose stories feature the ups and downs in the exciting plots. He is skilled in creating imaginary worlds through his exquisite style of writing.

Jan 23, 2020

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Profound Dragon Warlord - Hei Ying



When Shen Longxuan thought about Shen Tianxing, he suddenly laughed, and a plan appeared in his mind.

On the second day, Shen Longxuan received the Immortal Drunkenness that the First Senior Brother sent over as well as its brewing methods.

He did not return to the Profound Sky Peak, because the little son who hated Lian Bushuai and his scoundrel, Hundred Spirits, had actually tricked him, a Martial Saint Pill.

That was why he had spent that night on his original mountain. During the years that he had disappeared, the mountain had become empty and everyone had left.

Shen Longxuan looked at the Rainbow Bridge and the Moon Palace. In an instant, he felt that it was cold for a person to walk around and drink tea, but he was already used to it. In all the years he had been in the underworld, no one could trust him and no one would help him.

Fire Dragon Fruit, Water Lotus Heart, Diamond Wood … Why are these all materials of the five elements? Although Shen Longxuan was puzzled, these materials were all the common Fifth Rank s, thus he had actually gathered all of them after rummaging through the storage ring.

So he brewed it according to the method above, heated it up, fermented it, distilled it, and sealed it in. According to the method First Senior Brother left behind, this wine would need to be sealed for half a year before it could be drunk.

Thinking about the huge consumption of this thing, he went on another trip to the marketplace and bought a large amount of ingredients. He spent the entire day brewing a total of seventy pots of Immortal Drunkenness.

In order to enhance its effect, Shen Longxuan had especially injected a large amount of Five Elements Strength of Law, he did not know that this power had completely changed the Immortal Drunkenness.

"Looks like I need to make a trip to the Heavenly Profound Divine Cauldron's space. Last time, I forgot to ask Old Man about the Heavenly Profound Divine Sword.

Shen Longxuan made up his mind to leave, but suddenly a group of people flew over from the distance, with an aggressive attitude, and what Shen Longxuan saw were all female soldiers of the same gender.

What do you mean by Lihua Chu, Dugu Yue, Qiu Poria Cocos Park, Kong Jia and more, these Heaven's Chosen were all among them, especially Xia Yanyun who was running towards Shen Longxuan with her rosy face.

But when they landed on the ground, they realized that Shen Longxuan was gone!

The sounds of stamping, yelling, grumbling and muttering could be heard, but Shen Longxuan could no longer hear anything.

At the moment, he was already on his way to the Profound Sky Peak. Returning to his room, he immediately saw the little boy who had a mischievous smile on his face. Just as he was about to speak, he discovered that there was a flash of light on Shen Longxuan's body, and he disappeared.

Old Man, come out quickly. I have something to ask you. I was interrupted by you the other time and forgot to ask! Shen Longxuan shouted as soon as he arrived at the Sky Profound Realm.

Old Man Tianxuan had already been unable to sleep for a few days. Although the elemental spirit did not need to sleep, he was still unable to meditate, and was constantly thinking about Shen Longxuan.

Only now did he calm down, and there were signs of him entering a meditative state. However, he was interrupted by Shen Longxuan's shout.

You stinking brat, don't you know how to respect your elders and your children? You're really rude to come to someone else's house and shout? You really don't know how many tiny creatures I have here, what if you scare them?

Even if you can't scare them, you should be scared of the surrounding flowers and plants. Everything has a spirit, so you should learn to respect them. Do you understand? "

Shen Longxuan really did not understand, how did Lian Bushuai place the poison here? He should not have taught him the way to come here at first, it would have been fine if he could teach his own family's child, but even this countless year old Sky Profound True Spirit had been corrupted, how could he endure such kindness?

Old man, calm down first. Let's start from the beginning! Shen Longxuan anxiously stopped her, "It's like this, the last time I had many questions I wanted to ask you, but at that time, my hands were empty, so I didn't have the face to ask.

I brought a gift this time. I wanted to ask for your advice. If the answer is satisfactory, I'll give it to you. Shen Longxuan put down the jar of Immortal Drunkenness.

Old Man Tianxuan was immediately enraged, have you ever seen a elemental spirit that can drink?

Don't be angry for now, this is an upgraded version of the Immortal Drunkenness, it was created by me alone. Not only the elemental spirit, even the souls of dead spirits can be drunk on it, this is a divine wine that has never been tasted before and no one will ever be able to brew it again … The spirit-drunk alcohol! "

Old Man Tianxuan was confused by Shen Longxuan, since there was no Martial Sovereign Stage Ranker bored to brew wine, Shen Longxuan was also considered the first god, so maybe he really could brew a wine that was different from the masses.


Of course it's true!

Okay, then can I have a try?

Shen Longxuan immediately stopped him, Old man, this is freshly brewed. It will take at least half a year to drink!

Old Man Tianxuan completely did not believe him, it was obvious that he was lying. However, he suppressed his anger halfway between Shen Longxuan being the only Five Elements Sacred Body in Dragon Profound Sect.

Speak, what do you want to ask?

I went to the world inside the Heavenly Profound Divine Sword. That place is filled with evil, I would like to ask how can I refine the Sword Spirit there?

What? When did you go? How come I didn't know?

What do you know about staying here all day? Shen Longxuan looked down on him, he thought that Old Man was crazy.

I entered from the underworld s, and then walked out from Scorching Valley s of other realms! Of course Shen Longxuan would not say something like that about him being chased out, such a shameful thing.

You have colorful golden scale spoon, you are the son of the Xuanyuan female emperor?

Shen Longxuan didn't understand why the Old Man Tianxuan would say that, but since he knew about the colorful golden scale spoon, he shouldn't be lying. Didn't that mean he knew about his mother's background?

Shen Longxuan was a little excited. He took out the colorful golden scale spoon and asked: Old man, do you know my mother?

You're right, this is something your mother left you, right? Seeing Shen Longxuan nod, he continued: "Your mother is the only female emperor in the entire Profound Dragon Continent.

She had personally created the Xuanyuan Sect, a colossal sect. The Xuanyuan Sect's legacy could be said to be the most standard, the best, and it contained everything in the entire Profound Dragon Continent.

As the saying goes, a big tree renders the wind. Xuanyuan Sect's entire clan was exterminated overnight, and no one knows who did it. All news has been sealed. "

When Shen Longxuan heard this, not only did he clench his fists, it was also a deep hatred.

"At that time, your mother took all the legacies and escaped. However, she was attacked and her soul dispersed, but she did not die. She hid her cultivation within the people.

You knew what happened afterwards, it was because your mother was captured by the Ming Clan. It was because she was in a state where her soul was incomplete for a long time, that her memory was affected, and her strength had declined.

However, up till now, her lost soul has become a mystery and no one has found it. Furthermore, your mother is a Five Elements Sacred Body's cultivator, she also has a Dragon Soul … "

Shen Longxuan then linked everything he knew with what Old Man Tianxuan had said, and the truth of the entire matter surfaced.

His mother must have been an extraordinary talent at that time, but she didn't know how to restrain herself. She showed off her sharpness and offended other Martial Monarch Stage, so it was possible that she wasn't just the Ming Clan's, but also the Human Clan's,'s, martial cultivator.

When he thought about it, Shen Longxuan felt a chill all over his body, he started to doubt whether what he had done for Human Clan was worth it or not. He thought back to his mother's despair, maybe it was just like what he was feeling right now!

Five Elements Sacred Body … Dragon Soul … These two were what they wanted, right? The development and growth of the Xuanyuan Sect was definitely related to these two things.

It's very likely to be related to the Martial God as well! When Shen Longxuan finally thought of the answer, his heart became especially heavy.


When Old Man Tianxuan saw that Shen Longxuan was lost in thought, he did not disturb him. He knew, as a child, after knowing this truth, if one did not have the ability to take revenge, it would be a heartbreaking matter.

He was regretting his actions. Why did he say it out loud so quickly just like that?

Can you drink this wine or not? After knowing Shen Longxuan's identity, he originally did not hold much hope, but now he held some hope for the spirit-drunk alcohol.

Shen Longxuan thought about Xuanyuan Secret Realm. Was it the original Xuanyuan Sect, and was that soul that called itself the soul of Xuanyuan Emperor the mother?

Old man, do you know Senior Feng Ling? Shen Longxuan suddenly asked.

Old Man Tianxuan thought for a moment, since he had already said it, he might as well say it. He sighed: "Of course I know him, he was one of the maids picked up by your mother when she was in her good times, so he was very loyal.

You can order her around when you see her in the future, you... You haven't seen her, have you? Brat, are you testing me?

Senior, please don't blame me. This is a serious matter and I have to be careful. Right now, I do not know if the enemy is monitoring me or not, and I do not know who the enemy is. So, right now, I am in danger.

Shen Longxuan was very anxious now, because he suddenly felt that there was no one around him that he could trust. Anyone could be his target, and it would be harder and harder for him to walk the road in the future.

He carefully thought about his past and realized that he did not reveal anything about him possessing a Dragon Soul. However, there were still clues to be followed, and it was hard to be sure that the enemies would not find out.

"Brat, you don't have to be afraid. Your mother's fate was already known to the other Martial Monarch Stage Powerhouse s, and they agreed to give you justice. In addition, you can be at ease, since the people from the Martial Monarch Stage are no longer allowed to intervene, whether it's the Human Clan s or the Ming Clan s, even the Demonic Beast s are all like this.

That's why you have to guard against the experts of the Martial Saint Stage. Even so, you have to make yourself stronger as soon as possible.

Last time, before I even finished speaking, you ran away. That Eight Branch Holy Lotus had an octopus guarding it, and it's a Demonic Beast at the peak of the seventh rank. I also have a map of the Storm Arena's treasures, if you can get it, then take them all! "

Shen Longxuan received a map, it was exactly the same as Master Gu Ziyue's, and it was even more detailed.

Senior, who exactly are you?

Me? I am just a pitiful person who has been abandoned, but you must know that we are on the same boat. Come on, I'll be looking forward to the day you can kill your enemy!"

Shen Longxuan did not pursue the matter any further. He decided to stay back and cultivate, every bit of increase in his strength would increase his chances by one, he wanted to clear all the acupuncture points that had been activated here.

After being promoted to the Martial Sovereign Stage, especially after being promoted to the Five Elements Sacred Body, he felt that the Ming Clan's techniques were similar to the Human Clan's techniques in different ways.

Thus, regardless of which cultivation technique it was that broke through, his strength would still rise. Opening the acupoints was undoubtedly the easiest and most effective method to do so.

Shen Longxuan was immersed in cultivation, and was surprised to find that after he had levelled up to the Five Elements Sacred Body, the speed at which he could open his acupoints had increased by a lot, as if all the obstructions had been removed, and there was actually no pain at all.

In a short year, Shen Longxuan had actually opened the remaining 260 acupoints. If Ming Clan were to find out about this, his jaw would definitely drop.

When Shen Longxuan's entire body lit up like a star, Old Man Tianxuan was finally awake. Half a year ago, he had tasted the spirit-drunk alcohol left behind by Shen Long Xu Xuan.

After drinking it in his mouth, the wine turned into boundless energy, nourishing his growing haggard elemental spirit. In just half a year, his elemental spirit had actually recovered to its peak.

At the same time, it was also extremely beneficial to the elemental spirit. There was also a mysterious Qi, which seemed to be vitality, but also like the will of death, in short, it was extremely mysterious, causing one to be intoxicated and not want to break free, this was the second powerful aspect of the spirit-drunk alcohol.

Shen Longxuan also did not expect that he would accidentally brew the divine wine of the world!

When he woke up, he realized that his cultivation had not improved. He understood that the number of rules he controlled was insufficient. His current state was like a huge reservoir filled with water. As long as he did not open the lock, he would not be able to obtain power.

Strength of Law s were the gate of the reservoir, and the more Strength of Law s there were, the bigger the gate would be, and the stronger the power they would receive at the same time.

Shen Longxuan also noticed that his Five Elements Strength of Law was undergoing changes after he had levelled up to the Five Elements Sacred Body.

The five elements were the foundation of everything, and all sorts of laws evolved from them, which was why the Five Elements Rules were so important. However, even if one comprehended the rules and did not have a high level battle spirit, it was useless to not be able to absorb the spirit energy that matched them.

Therefore, in order to become a Martial Emperor, one must have battle spirit with Earth Rank of at least the seventh rank. This was the minimum requirement, otherwise, they would not be able to absorb the spirit energy needed to become a Martial Emperor in their entire lives.

The second point was that he had to comprehend the five rules. However, the basis for comprehending the five rules was the body of five elements. Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to comprehend all five rules at the same time.

Otherwise, Shen Longxuan's mother wouldn't have been poisoned because of her, and the reason was because of her Dragon Soul and her Five Elements Sacred Body. These two things were the only way to become a Martial God.

And even if the current Shen Longxuan did not comprehend it, the rules of the five elements within his body would slowly materialize under the envelopment of the Five Elements Sacred Body.

This was the miracle of the Five Elements Sacred Body. With it, Shen Longxuan had hope of becoming the Martial God, as long as he could live, with the help of the battle spirit, he would definitely become a War God.

Hahahaha … Shen Longxuan laughed out wildly. He was declaring war on the enemy, declaring war on fate.

Old Man Tianxuan looked at the wildly laughing Shen Longxuan in front of him. He didn't know what to say to console him.

Shen Longxuan stopped laughing, Senior, you still haven't told me how to refine the Heavenly Profound Divine Sword, huh? What's so fragrant about it?"

Halfway through his words, Shen Longxuan suddenly smelt a fragrance he had never smelled before, as though the smell was not from his sense of smell but his soul.

That feeling was too fragrant, making people drool. They didn't want to do anything, their minds were filled with this smell.

It's very troublesome. Your mother has already been integrated into it like a source strength of five elements. You refining the divine sword is equivalent to refining her. You …

Shen Longxuan clenched his fists once again, his eyes blood-red, the blood and energy in his entire body surging. The killing aura that surrounded him seemed to be real, as if it was going to mutate within the Heavenly Profound Divine Sword s.

Actually, it's not as if there's no other way. It's just to find your mother's lost soul, then use it to summon the rest of the soul, and then reconstruct her body. In theory, this is possible, but there is a possibility of failure, so …

Shen Longxuan's cultivation had already reached the Martial Sovereign Stage, so he understood the logic, if he wanted to summon the soul of a Martial Monarch Stage Powerhouse, then he had to surpass the person's cultivation level, and his current realm was too low.

However, there was one thing that deserved to be relieved for, and that was that after opening all of his acupoints, his life and death source seed's foundation had been completely secured. He could now use the gate of life and death.


Seeing the worry in Old Man Tianxuan's eyes, Shen Longxuan could not bear it anymore, Senior, do you need me to help you refine your body first?

Forget it, I am already used to this kind of state, and this Heavenly Profound Divine Cauldron cannot leave me. If you have the heart to do so, you can help me brew more of that spirit-drunk alcohol.

Boom! *

Shen Longxuan waved his hand, and five jars of spirit-drunk alcohol were placed on the ground. Old Man Tianxuan immediately picked them up, with saliva still dripping from his mouth, he laughed foolishly.

I guess you have a conscience! Old Man, I didn't love you for nothing! "

Seeing the hidden bitterness in the eyes of the Old Man Tianxuan, Shen Longxuan did not feel a wave of disgust and could not help but get goosebumps.

However, he did not leave, but spent another year here. In any case, it had only been a year here and two cups of tea had passed outside. Out of these two years, he estimated that not even two hours had passed.

During this year, he unceasingly refined highest-grade spirit stone, raising it to the ninth level of Earth Rank. This won't do, the number of Spirit Stone needed for the next level has already been calculated in billions, and they can't be raised anymore in a short period of time.

Shen Longxuan stopped helplessly, but at the moment, the battle spirit could completely match the Heavenly Profound True Scripture on the tenth floor, and there was a balance between the speed of refining and absorbing spirit energy.

Shen Longxuan walked out of the Heavenly Profound Divine Cauldron. In the past two years, the change to him had been too huge.

In addition, he still had many doubts. If he did not activate the Xuanyuan Secret Realm, he would not be able to enter, and if he could not see his mother's soul, he would not be able to understand the entire matter.

However, thinking of the series of methods her mother had left behind, she knew that she had anticipated this long ago. Furthermore, she had passed down her best Dragon Soul s and Five Elements Sacred Body s to her.

Her intention was very clear as well. She wanted Shen Longxuan to break through his shackles and achieve the position of Martial God. Maybe all of this was part of her scheme and she wanted him to attract the enemy's attention so that his son could develop quietly.

Shen Longxuan thought big. He had two things to do now, the first was to obtain the Eight Veins Holy Lotus, and the second was to ask for Shen Tianxing's help.

Thinking about this girl gave him a headache.

However, when he returned to Profound Sky Peak, he found out that there were still many things that left him with a headache.

First of all, when he returned, the first thing he saw was a three year old boy, who was staring fixedly at the place Shen Longxuan had appeared in.

After seeing Shen Longxuan, she immediately hugged his leg, "Return my cute, silly little sister, where did you hide her? Don't think about leaving until you hand her over!

If you dare touch me, I will call for people to let everyone know that you are bullying a little kid who has no power to tie a chicken. "

Shen Longxuan's anxious heart did not have time to play games with him, she shouted loudly, Lian Bushuai, if you still don't get rid of this damned son of yours, I'll make sure you are doomed!

The voices came from far away, and didn't even reach them for a breath of time. Lian Bushuai and Yan Bumei had already arrived at the scene, both of them had fierce expressions on their faces.

Shen Longxuan, I misjudged you. It is fortunate that I placed the child here with you in such trust.

Do you know how busy we are? They are both from the Tianxuanzi, don't you feel guilty about what you did for the sect? The two of us tidied up the sect's legacy day and night, without even having time to sleep.

Even you are unwilling to help us see our child, and having a junior brother like you is something that I am sad about. Having a disciple like you, is the misfortune of Dragon Profound Sect … "

Shen Longxuan was dumbstruck. It was clearly their fault, but now it had become his fault. He didn't even have time to sleep, where did this kid come from?

However, he immediately understood. Speak, what do you want? You don't need to use your child as a cover!

After Lian Bushuai heard this, he suddenly rubbed his hands together, his face becoming bashful, "Junior brother, it's good that you said it directly, in a moment you've touched on my heart.

We don't need much. Give me two more Martial Saint Pills from last time …

Shen Longxuan pushed open the door and left. The husband and wife pair were too greedy, the Martial Saint Pill was precious, not only was it difficult to refine, the most important thing was that the ingredients required were very hard to find.

His master didn't even ask for it, yet this fellow asked for two … But an idea came to Shen Longxuan's mind, and retreated.

Two is fine, but you guys have to take something to exchange for it. I need the Eight Vein Holy Lotus. Bring it here, and I'll give you four of them, let alone two!

After Lian Bushuai heard this, he was overjoyed and his face revealed an excited expression. As they were all Tianxuanzi, even if their cultivation did not reach the Martial Sovereign Stage, the sect would still give out Martial Saint Pills, but they would only get one every two months.

After receiving the Martial Saint Pill back from their son, the two of them were stunned. The purity of the pill was far greater than what the sect had given them. It was only after they had asked their son why that such a show had occurred.

Youngest junior brother, that is an Eight Vein Holy Lotus, a treasure of the Eighth Rank! Even if the sect doesn't have any, you can just exchange them for four Martial Saint Pills. Isn't that too dark?!

After Lian Bushuai finished getting excited, his expression turned ugly. Shen Longxuan was obviously messing with him.

Then don't stop me, I'll go find it myself! Shen Longxuan pushed the door and walked out. He first went to find his master, and after asking around, he found out that there really was an Eight Vein Holy Lotus in Golden Light Sect.

Thus, he called out to Shen Tianxing and the two of them rushed towards Myriad Sword Sect without stopping.

Big Brother Shen Longxuan, are we really going to steal something? My wife taught me that stealing things isn't a good thing, and she even said that I was led astray by you. Shen Tianxing said righteously.

Shen Longxuan smiled slightly and said: We stole things that are bad people, then it isn't considered doing bad things. Also, I didn't bring you astray, who is the person who treats you the best in this world, don't you know clearly in your heart?

Shen Tianxing thought for a moment, and nodded his head. In her memory, other than Shen Longxuan, no one else would treat her better, and there was food and drinks beside him, he could even help her look for the Heavenly Star Bead. There were two more, after finding them, her strength would be completely restored.

That way, she would not be able to wander around the world and return to her Heavenly Star Realm to enjoy happiness.

Alright, since it's a bad guy's item, I feel that it's fine to take something else along the way!

Shen Longxuan looked at Shen Tianxing. He felt that this little girl seemed to be more excited than he was.

By the time the two of them flew to Myriad Sword Sect, the sky had already darkened. There was a layer of clouds in the sky that was dyed red by the sunset glow, which dyed the horizon red, as if it was dyed in blood.

Of course, the sunset could be seen as a beautiful sight in the eyes of others, but it was just like this in the eyes of Shen Longxuan, only killing could remove the anxiety in his heart.

This kind of situation where the enemy was hiding made him feel very passive, to the point that it was not even as carefree as coming from the underworld.

His state of mind had completely changed. With his current state of mind, he would definitely not leave a single one of the people who had shown off their might in the Profound Awakening Sect.

He harbored hatred in his heart, but he didn't know where the enemy was. He knew where his mother was, but he wasn't able to save her.

Heavy negative emotions almost ignited him. Waves of angry flames burned his body and mind. He clearly knew that this was not good for him, but he still could not suppress his murderous heart.

He had also thought that if this continued, he would really become a demon that killed people, or even become the enemy of both races.

He might not care, but he still had relatives and friends. His actions would bring about a calamity to these people, so he decided to refine the Eight Vein Holy Lotus and return to the battlefield.

He was trying to wipe the killing intent out of his heart.


The Myriad Sword Sect was indeed worthy of being called a top sect like the Dragon Profound Sect. On a continuous stretch of mountain range, buildings of varying heights were constructed, and most of them consisted of majestic palaces.

However, even some ordinary buildings were emitting endless sword intent. Even a small pavilion was lit up by a ray of light, shooting straight into the sky.

Especially on the mountain peak, near the horizon, that enormous sword-shaped palace was like a divine beam of light that intimidated the heavens, as if it was the only one in this world.

It was also because of this that from afar, the entire Myriad Sword Sect looked like countless sharp swords. The endless sword concept burst forth at the same time, forming a wave of killing intent that shook people's souls.

If one did not cultivate in the way of the sword, or had a lower cultivation level martial cultivator s who came here, they would definitely be affected by this aura and tremble in submission.

But Shen Longxuan and Yue Yang were not this worried, this kind of Sword Qi was child's play to them.

Big Brother Shen Longxuan, in such a big place, where is the treasury? How about we catch someone and ask them! Shen Tianxing was anxious.

was also helpless, the Myriad Sword Sect was simply too big and the buildings were all similar, so it was difficult to differentiate them with the naked eye and he could not use his mind either, so Shen Tianxing's suggestion was very correct.

Therefore, the two of them went in under the cover of night, and saw a person walking out of a hall. Shen Longxuan could tell with a glance that this person looked very similar to Jian Shisan, who he had met in the Violent Storm Arena.

As a result, he didn't have the slightest bit of strength to catch this person and seal him with his power.

Name? Shen Longxuan asked coldly.

This person was confused. The two of you are wearing a black suit with your faces covered. This is clearly a robbery, why are you asking for the name?

Although he was an inner disciple of the Myriad Sword Sect and was deeply loved and respected by the sect, where he was the only one bullying others, no one dared to bully him, he swallowed his curses when he felt the terrifying aura from the two of them.

I'm called Sword14!

He replied, but his gaze was still on the two of them. Unfortunately, their opponent was much stronger than him, so what he saw confused him.

Could it be the thugs I got from those guys yesterday? Those people had said that they would take revenge.


Sword14 was even more confused. What were these two doing? Were they checking their accounts?

Can it be kept secret?

Boom! *

Your head will be chopped off if you ask again, and your ears will be cut off, your fingers cut off, and you'll have to dig out your eyes …

It was so painful that he could only want to cry. Who would have ever seen a Martial Emperor Stage being hit by a bullet in the brain?

He quickly nodded his head. From a glance, he could tell that these two were ruthless people, especially the one who spoke, his entire body was filled with tyrannical killing intent. The other one, needless to say, couldn't even beat the sect master.

Who did I offend?

If he did not do something shameful, he would not be afraid to knock on the door. Sword14 had obviously done too much. It was not good to think about things.

Gender... Cultivation Level... How many people do you have at home... Father, mother, are they alive or not …"

Sword14 was completely confused. What the hell were these two trying to do? Why were they asking about it in such detail? Were they trying to kidnap tickets?

He had heard that there was an assassination organization in middle domain that specialized in client affairs. As long as the money was paid properly, anyone could be killed.

When he thought about their questions just now, he immediately felt the hairs on his body stand up. He kneeled on the ground and said, "Please spare me two lords, although I, Sword14 love to bully people, I have never done anything against the heavens.

I have to be old and young, so I'm begging you, don't kill me. How much did the other party pay, I'll give you two portions.

Shen Longxuan did not move at all, and continued to ask some irrelevant core questions. As long as Sword14 could not answer, his brain would pop out. In just the time it took to brew a cup of tea, Sword14 had already turned into a Arhat.

Under Shen Longxuan's powerful aura and his tormenting methods, Sword Fourteen's mental defenses completely crumbled as he asked his question.

Where is the treasury?

The treasury is inside the Heavenly sword peak, the Sword God Hall is guarded by heavy soldiers!

Boom! *

Shen Longxuan had knocked this person out with a single strike, and it was only at this moment that Sword14 knew that he had finally felt relief.

Shen Longxuan brought Shen Tianxing and quickly left.

Big brother Shen Longxuan, do you know where the Heavenly sword peak, Sword God Palace is?

This... Of course it's that hall on the tallest mountain peak! Shen Longxuan felt a burst of guilt. How could he have forgotten such an important matter?

Shen Tianxing used his strength, the two of them were like lightning, in such a large sect, no one even noticed them, and very quickly they reached the highest mountain peak.

This place was already within the clouds, and really did have a feeling of being floating like a fairy. Shen Longxuan saw that at the entrance of the great hall in front of him, the Sword God Hall was engraved with three large golden words.

felt as if he was looking at a peerless sword slashing down at him with the power to topple mountains and overturn the seas. The sharp light that was slicing through space was definitely going to be Peak of Martial Sovereign Stage.

Shen Tianxing immediately pulled Shen Longxuan who had gone silly, and the two of them hid in a flash.

Who is it?

In an instant, the front of the Sword God Shrine was brightly lit as shadows of sword intent descended from the sky. In a short moment, this place had turned into a sea of swords.

Grand Elder, I have no one here!

"Great Elder, there's no one here!

"That's impossible? The sword chime earlier could not have been wrong, it must have been a genius who appeared, otherwise it would not have been possible for him to cause the Peak of Martial Sovereign Stage's sword intent to appear.

Find, this person must be scared away, finding this genius will give us rewards, he will be the hope for our sect's rise. To be able to trigger the Peak of Martial Sovereign Stage's sword intent, just thinking about it would be exciting! "

The faster people came, the faster they dispersed!

In the blink of an eye, peace was restored in front of the Sword God Hall. Just as Shen Tianxing was about to sneak into the hall, he was pulled by Shen Longxuan and pointed to the darkness.

As expected, after the time it takes for half an incense stick to burn, everyone walked out.

First Elder, it looks like we should leave. Let's go back!

Hm! Sect Master said that she had to deal with the Dragon Profound Sect in the near future. This time, she was able to trap hundreds of millions of highest-grade spirit stone in the process, so she had to be careful.

Therefore, before that happens, nothing must happen. The one called Great Elder ordered.

Yes sir!

Shen Longxuan rubbed his nose, there was no need to be so direct in tricking others!

He was actually willing to be tricked for his sake. Even if the Dragon Profound Sect had over a hundred million highest-grade spirit stone, it would still be very difficult for them to take them out. After all, it was only his master who was a top-grade spirit refining master.

After everyone had left, Shen Longxuan and Su Yun quietly entered the Sword God Hall. There were many spirit swords floating in the hall, majority of them were highest grade spirit weapon s, and some of them were middle tier spiritual treasure s.

These spirit swords seemed to form a sword formation, protecting the Sword God Hall. When Shen Longxuan saw it, his eyebrows knitted together in thought.

Big brother Shen Longxuan, what are you doing? Come in quickly!

It was only then that Shen Longxuan realised that Shen Tianxing's entire body was radiating starlight, he had already opened up a path of starlight in the sword formation, and could not help but pat his forehead.

Really, how could I forget about this, didn't I bring Shen Tianxing here to borrow her power?

This kind of teleportation spell could be difficult for a Martial Sovereign Stage, but for a Peak of Martial Saint Stage like Shen Tianxing, it was nothing more than a toy.


The entire thing was made from profound gold heavy iron, so the production of profound gold heavy iron was very little, so it was extremely precious. It was the most beloved material in artifact refining master, and when forging weapons, one could just use it to great effect.

Myriad Sword Sect actually used such precious materials to create such a door, its value was priceless. At the same time, Shen Longxuan was looking forward to the things in the treasury more.

He had already comprehended the laws of metal, so he was able to control any metal. He placed his palm on the door, and the seemingly solid and heavy door actually melted, floating in the air like flowing water.

Shen Longxuan and stepped inside, and the door returned to its original state. Upon entering, Shen Longxuan had the urge to curse out loud, and in front of him was another barrier of Seal Light Cover s.

However, with a Grandmaster like Shen Tianxing around, this was not a problem. The two of them passed through once again, but next, the two of them passed through a total of three sword formation s, two gates, and three seals …

Unexpectedly, he still had not entered the treasury, Shen Longxuan even suspected that he had walked into the wrong place, this kind of defense. Even if someone from the Peak of Martial Sovereign Stage came, it would take a lot of time to pass.

If not for Shen Tianxing, he probably wouldn't even be able to steal anything.

In contrast to his confusion, Shen Tianxing did not do anything. The little girl's eyes lit up as if she had found something interesting.

It's too much fun, big brother Shen Longxuan, after stealing this place, where are we going to steal it?

Shen Longxuan now felt that what his Mistress said was true, he had truly led this little fellow astray.

Er, little girl, what we stole was the bastard's thing, didn't you hear that he wanted to cheat our sect? But we can't steal something that isn't bad, you know?"

Shen Tianxing nodded in disappointment, but she smiled craftily, that smile was very familiar to Shen Longxuan, she immediately added: You are not to act alone in the future, understand?

Shen Tianxing was still smiling as he nodded his head, Got it, let's hurry and enter the treasury!

Finally, when the last door was pushed open, a mist-like surge of spiritual energy rushed out. This place did not seem to be on the ground, as one could see the starry sky above their heads.

This should be an artificially constructed space, but before Shen Longxuan could see what was happening, a figure that was as sharp as a sword walked out from the treasury.

His sword intent soared to the sky. Even though he didn't use the slightest bit of spiritual power, he was still like a sharp sword, radiating waves of killing intent.

I've been waiting for you guys for such a long time. I never thought that someone would actually be able to break through the defense of the Myriad Sword Sect. Which power do you belong to? This man was the Sect Leader of Myriad Sword Sect.

Sect Master of Myriad Sword Sect had absolute confidence in his own defense. Even if he knew how to break through the twenty-eight defenses outside the treasury, he wouldn't be able to reach here in less than an hour.

However, the two black-clothed men in front of him had done it at the same time. The two of them did not have the key, nor did they know how to quietly come here. His heart was filled with questions.

In the middle domain, there were not many experts who were like this. He did not suspect the Dragon Profound Sect because they had already reached an agreement and it seemed like the other party was eager to obtain the Eight Veins Holy Lotus.

Therefore, he ruthlessly cut the sword. It was sold for ten times the original price, and he had already received ten percent of the deposit.

It was impossible to hide from such a big deal, because the Dragon Profound Sect had spread the word that they wanted to buy the Eight Vein Holy Lotus. Everyone knew that this was an opportunity, but only the Storm's Jedi could make such an item.

The price one had to pay was enormous, but there were still people who took the risk. After all, after the deal was completed, they might not be able to eat or drink for the rest of their lives.

However, when Myriad Sword Sect admitted that he had the Eight Veins Holy Lotus, everyone thought of it here. In the past few days, they had received at least ten waves of thieves, and Shen Longxuan and Yue Yang were the only ones who reached this place.

This caused Sect Master of Myriad Sword Sect to be confused, just what kind of power was this other party from?

"Us? We are the Heavenly Star Sect that is feared by all. So what? If you are scared, then run.

Shen Longxuan's words immediately made Shen Tianxing laugh, but she suddenly felt that something was amiss, and closed her mouth tightly. However, her body was still trembling uncontrollably, which was extremely strange.

Heavenly Star Sect? I have not heard of it, since you have come, why don't you stay. My sword has not drunk any blood for a long time, today I will use you as a sacrifice for the Sword Spirit!

Sect Master of Myriad Sword Sect's cultivation was at the fourth level of Martial Sovereign Stage, but because the Sword Master had killed him, Shen Longxuan reckoned that the strength he could unleash was at the fifth level or so. He only had that one level of strength, which was completely incomparable to the Sword Master's.

But Shen Tianxing!

Even if a hundred Sect Master of Myriad Sword Sect s came, they would still not be able to defeat one Shen Tianxing, and the two of them were here to steal something, so they should finish this quickly, or else even more people would be exposed.

However, when he saw the limitless sword intent on Sect Master of Myriad Sword Sect's body, he suddenly felt an urge in his heart. It was a kind of desire and release for battle.

Ever since he broke through, he had yet to fight. With such a good sparring partner, he wanted to see how strong he was. With this thought in mind, he immediately felt his fighting spirit soar as a berserk, bloodthirsty intent surged in his heart.

Shen Longxuan frowned, then said with his Sound Transmitting: Little girl, limit his cultivation to First Stage of Martial Sovereign Stage.

He did not lose his mind.

The unlucky Sect Master of Myriad Sword Sect immediately felt his power falling. He looked at the two of them in horror, this kind of feeling was very uncomfortable, as if his life and death was in the hands of someone else.

However, when his cultivation level dropped to First Stage of Martial Sovereign Stage, he stopped.

Just as he heaved a sigh of relief, he saw that Shen Longxuan's body was covered with a grey Qi, releasing a burst of Spirit Qi, but strangely, it was mixed with a dense life force.

To think that these two powers could appear on a single person, this person was definitely a madman.

In order to wash away the suspicion, Shen Longxuan activated his Nether Ghost Spell. When the three hundred meter tall body of nether ghost stood in the treasury, it was in such a state of shock that even the Sect Master of Myriad Sword Sect was slightly stunned for a moment.

You are the Ming Clan? Sect Master of Myriad Sword Sect was shocked. When he wanted to send the message, he realised that this place had been completely covered up and his own strength suppressed.

Moreover, it was obvious that the other party was able to suppress his cultivation in order to use him as a target. Now, he felt himself to be in a dilemma.

Use your full strength!

Shen Longxuan bellowed, and immediately erupted, all 360 acupuncture points on his body lit up, they were as dazzling as 360 stars, adding on to his current huge body, it was as though he was falling down from the starry sky.

Sect Master of Myriad Sword Sect was gloomy, is there something wrong with using all your strength to suppress my cultivation?

Shen Longxuan's gigantic body of nether ghost gave him a lot of pressure, he only saw a blue longsword suddenly appearing in his hands, the sword was connected to his spirit, and right after appearing, it released a sword whistle.


Just like a fish seeing the ocean, the intelligent sword actually took the initiative to fly, jumping and releasing Sword Qi, in the blink of an

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