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Profound Dragon Warlord: Volume 14

Profound Dragon Warlord: Volume 14

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Profound Dragon Warlord: Volume 14

614 pages
9 heures
Feb 8, 2020


He was an orphan on Earth with no one to depend on and a coward who could not punch his way out of a paper bag. All he left was his resentment against the evil of the world after being beaten to death.

He was a descendant of an ancient noble family on the Profound Dragon Continent. He resigned from his honorable position with the determination to rejuvenate his decaying family. However, being murdered by someone in his family only left his lofty aspirations never accomplished.

Two men came from different worlds, yet shared the same name. A soul full of resentment merged into a body with an unaccomplished mission. For the lifelong dreams of each other, they embarked on a long journey of cultivation.

How could a weak coward evolve into an unrivaled cultivator? How could he win back the glories of his family? And would he bring order and peace out of chaos and confusion that the Profound Dragon Continent was faced with.

☆About the Author☆

Hei Ying(黑影) is a Chinese web novel writer, whose stories feature the ups and downs in the exciting plots. He is skilled in creating imaginary worlds through his exquisite style of writing.

Feb 8, 2020

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Profound Dragon Warlord - Hei Ying



The news of Shen Longxuan reopening the space passage was spread throughout Profound Dragon Continent, but the minimum cultivation required was actually Peak of Martial Saint Stage, and he was not allowed to travel alone, he had to travel with Shen Shisan's Star Fleet.

What he needed now was not to take down the starry sky, but to familiarize himself with its cruelty, its rules.

After hearing this news, the people of the continent had varying reactions. Some of them even increased their cultivation, hoping that their cultivation would reach the standard as soon as possible and then go into space to train.

Some were worried, afraid that the calamity that Sky Law had committed would befall upon them again. Only after Xuan Yuan Hall made a promise to explain himself, did they manage to suppress their thoughts.

The Profound Dragon Continent was already recovered to its peak state by Shen Longxuan. Although it was not as strong as it was in the beginning, it was still considered a part of the Heavenly Level Continent.

Shen Longxuan had also heard about this classification from his mother. The starry sky was separated into eight realms, and the continents that were divided into different levels were: God Level Continent, Saint Continent, Heavenly Level Continent, and Earth Continent.

This division was based on the strength of the origin of the continent, as well as the number of Martial Monarch Stage Powerhouse s.

Xuanyuan Jing had said before, in the God Level Continent, the strong warriors of the Martial Monarch Stage were very ordinary, and the number of martial cultivator in the Martial Saint Stage were as many as the hairs on a cow.

Even the Martial God Stage had appeared on the road and was participating in the distribution of resources, competing with the powers.

Of course, there was only one God Level Continent in the entire starry sky, and on this kind of heaven defying continent, origin of the starry sky s could not possibly give birth to too many of them. This God Level Continent was located in the center of the starry sky and was said to be the location of origin of the starry sky s.

Saint Continent was a common occurrence. There were many of them in every star field, but most of them were near the center of the starry sky. This kind of continent was dominated by the Martial Monarch Stage Powerhouse.

The Heavenly Level Continent would stay a little further away from the center of the starry sky. They were under the control of the Martial Saint Stage Powerhouse, which was a common occurrence in this kind of continent.

However, it was still unknown what kind of progress the fusion would bring.

As for the Earth Continent, it was the lowest level of the continent. If one was a little bit luckier on this continent, they would be destroyed by origin of the starry sky, just like the Profound Dragon Continent that did not fuse previously.

All of these things were in a state of decline. If one wanted to survive in this kind of continent, there was only one way, and that was to plunder resources and nourish the Source of Continent.

Like Shen Longxuan, she would go to other continents to condense Spirit Stone s or even spirits, and then bring them back to nourish her continent. If this went on for too long, the Source of Continent would definitely regain its vitality.

He had originally planned to give up on Profound Dragon Continent, but ever since he had barged into two secret realms, Shen Longxuan had changed his mind. Furthermore, Shangguan Ling had repeatedly hinted that Profound Dragon Continent was not as simple as it seemed on the surface.

Shen Longxuan could also feel this, it was very difficult to forcefully keep the Martial Monarch Stage Powerhouse's space of the pubic region from the continent.

Furthermore, all of these dead Martial Monarch Stage Powerhouse s were extremely famous in the starry sky. Shen Longxuan didn't know what the remaining four secret realms were like, but he thought that they were definitely extraordinary.

Therefore, Shen Longxuan changed his mind. He would continue to support the Profound Dragon Continent and continue his plundering journey in the starry sky, only with four less clones, his efficiency had decreased a little. However, he was strong now, so he needed to gather more Spirit Essence to make up for his loss.

Most importantly, he wanted to obtain a set of map of starry sky s, this kind of map was controlled by the hands of the ten great clans, and it was extremely difficult for outsiders to obtain it.

It was only later that he found out that the star map in the sky was a treasure among the stars. It was a treasure that people had paid a heavy price to make and could not be copied by the origin of the starry sky.

All the markings on the star chart were synchronized with the stars in the sky. The birth and death of any continent, and even the path of movement had been clearly marked out.

However, because the starry sky was extremely vast and boundless, and even the experts of the Martial Monarch Stage did not know the end of it, obtaining it could not be considered as obtaining the entire starry sky.

Therefore, this was the most important thing to the ten great races, and could not be copied or replicated.

And in the starry sky, there were some people who only had so called star maps, it was just a place someone had passed through, and was later marked on the jade slip. This kind of star map, not to mention the complete version, would lose its effect after a period of time.

This was because all of the continents in the starry sky were revolved according to the rules set by the origin of the starry sky. These rules were actually just the external manifestation of a Dao Origin, which could only be figured out after reaching the Martial Monarch Stage.

As such, it had been a very long time since a temporary star map had been drawn.

Now, more than two hundred years had passed, and the connection between Shen Longxuan and the Heavenly Awakening Continent had let him know that the Heavenly Awakening Continent was not at his original location anymore.

I have to get my hands on the star map. This thing is extremely important, but it's so far away from the center of the starry sky. I wonder when I'll be able to reach it?

Shen Longxuan sighed. The starry sky was too big for him.

Even so, Shen Longxuan still decided to expand his circle of battle with every step he took. Using the Star Fleet as a cover, he went into the starry sky.

He rode on the flying boat, left the Divine Hall of Starry Sky, and flew to Heavenly Awakening Continent. Originally half a year's journey, had actually become one year's journey, and this was even after Shen Longxuan's speed had increased multiple times.

Upon reaching Heavenly Awakening Continent, he was immediately welcomed by everyone. After being trained in space for so many years, Shen Shisan had matured a lot, every move he made was filled with confidence and imposing manner, it was the style of a big family.

When Shen Longxuan saw Luo Bei, Deadwood, and the scholar being respectful and respectful to Shen Shisan, it was from the bottom of his heart. Furthermore, Shen Shisan treated the three of them as his elders, causing them to love and love Shen Shisan more and more.

As long as Shen Shisan said it, they would do it.

In actuality, this was the trick Shen Shisan had learned from Shen Longxuan to create his own force.

The only thing he could do now was to keep his heart in check. Although a large portion of his 10,000 plus subordinates were managed by the three leaders, when Fourth Boss was mentioned, everyone accepted him.

Shen Longxuan and the rest returned to the Starry Sky Post's palace, Luo Bei immediately called for everyone to come over to meet their true boss.

However, Shen Longxuan's actions surprised them. He did not want to stand out, but rather still chose the four of them as the leaders, and he wanted to be behind the scenes.

Therefore, the summoning ceremony was excused.

Tell me about the development of Heavenly Awakening Continent and its progress. Shen Longxuan said indifferently after drinking the tea.

When they mentioned all these, other than Shen Shisan, the three leaders were immediately excited. The scar on Luo Bei's face had already fallen off due to Shen Shisan's persuasion, and now it had become even fatter.

Even Shen Longxuan was satisfied when he saw his image. He laughed and replied: "Master Shen, us three brothers are all barbarians.

Great kindness is not to be thanked. We will remember it all.

Speaking of the development of the continent and the progress of the universe, it is all thanks to Thirteen. As you know, our continent is very remote and we are not very far from the center of the universe.

So, it was really hard to recruit people, so Thirteen thought of a way to advertise it. He created images of the beautiful scenery on Heavenly Awakening Continent, as well as all kinds of treasures and stored them in the jade slip s.

When we were out on a tour, we showed it on the flying boat, and it had already attracted a lot of people's attention. There are already nearly 20,000 people on the continent, and they are all being pulled back by this method. "

The more Luo Bei spoke, the more excited he became, and he started to continuously introduce himself.


Shen Longxuan listened attentively as he continued to speak, "As for Starry Sky, the footprints that we have passed through, have all been marked. If my guess is not wrong, they should be in the first area.

The distance between us in the starry sky has already exceeded a trillion miles. In such a long distance of space, we discovered 10 continents, all of which have established trade relations with each other.

Furthermore, a hundred trading points were set up in the Starry Sky Realm, receiving the warm welcome of the various races. It can be said that in the entire Starry Sky Realm, the name Star Fleet has already been spread out.

However, if we want to go further, our flying boat is no longer suitable. If we go too far, it might take us a hundred years to go back and forth.

So, up until now, we can only move about in this region. In other words, we have reached a bottleneck. "

Big brother, take a rest first. The scholar stood up and replied, "Master Shen, although we have encountered a bottleneck, it is just as you said at the time, our name has been spread out.

Furthermore, in the last decade or so, we have already started to make money and no longer need to pay. Especially in the recent years, due to the scale of our Star Fleet becoming larger, the transaction volume of every single time was very large.

About 50 billion, putting the cost of our travel aside, our net profit is about 20 billion Spirit Stone, this kind of profit is already double that of normal businesses.

What limits us are still speed. If we can complete more of the same distance at the same time, then our profits will double, so after the four of us researched it, we have already come up with a feasible method.

The scholar waved his fan and looked at the other three. After seeing them nod their heads, he continued to speak, "We wish to establish the Starry Sky Base, especially for our caravan. Of course, if others wish to use it, they will have to pay us a large sum.

This method will definitely cost a lot in the early stages, but with Master Shen's support, there shouldn't be a problem. We have already experienced the wonders of teleport array s.

Therefore, when every Starry Sky Base is connected with teleport array, the coverage of our caravan will increase by ten times, or even a hundred times over.

What follows is that our profits will also increase tenfold and a hundredfold. The most important thing is that our reputation will spread to the wider universe and it will be beneficial to our future as well. "

After the scholar finished speaking, he took out the blueprint of the Starry Sky Base and passed it to Shen Longxuan, and then sat down. The others looked at Shen Longxuan, their faces filled with anticipation for their decision.

Shen Longxuan looked carefully, the drawing was of a large flying boat. He felt that this plan was feasible, but establishing a Starry Sky Base was not so easy, so he explained.

"Starry Sky Base consumes a large amount of resources, and after several years of construction, it still requires manpower to deploy. With our current manpower, excluding half of the Flying Boat fleet, being able to maintain and guard ten spots is already our limit.

But even so, the materials needed to create a Starry Sky Base are astonishing, and besides, after being exposed in space for a long period of time, the material grade is also required to be extremely high. "

After Shen Longxuan finished speaking, all four of them, including Shen Shisan, started to laugh.

Do you have enough materials?

Shen Longxuan asked suspiciously.

The four of them did not speak, and instead brought Shen Longxuan to the mountain valley outside the Starry Sky Post. What they saw were mountain like piles of broken flying boats, and many high grade materials that were piled here like trash.

These were all things they had robbed over the years.

Dad, these are all the materials left behind by those who plotted against us in space. I wonder if it's enough to use? Shen Shisan said proudly.

Shen Longxuan nodded his head, It's enough for the ten base stations, but we still have to plan out the specific materials, to know, how many artifact refining master s are there?

Shen Shisan pointed his finger, One thousand people! All of the people that we recruited all have their own special interests, all of them have different professions, each one of the thousand artifact refining master are skilled, there is no problem at all for us to create their own Starry Sky Base.

Alright then! We shall begin immediately. We should not delay this matter any further. " Shen Longxuan said in a heavy voice.

Not long after, Shen Longxuan saw the thousand people brought over by Deadwood.

Is this the boss behind the scenes?

It should be. He seems to be stronger than everyone else.

Don't you know? He is the Fourth Boss' father, and I heard from the Fourth Boss.

The people below looked at Shen Longxuan and discussed. Some of them had seen Shen Longxuan before, and naturally introduced him to the newcomers.

Shen Laoda was our target of robbery back then, but Second Master and Third Master were defeated by him at that time. Not only did Shen Laoda not blame us, he even gave this continent to us.

Actually, he is the true master of this continent! "

After this person finished speaking, the crowd burst into an uproar!

To be able to own a continent, even if it was at the edge of the universe, it would still be an impressive matter. Everyone was guessing, what exactly was Shen Longxuan's identity and background.

Alright! Everyone be quiet, from today onwards, the plans of our Starry Sky Base will officially begin, and your job will be to refine these materials in front of you and create ten of them. "

Shen Shisan said in a clear voice.

The people below immediately cheered.

This plan had been discussed for a long time, the blueprint was developed by these people, and now that it had been implemented, these artifact refining master were finally able to use it.

Without even needing Shen Shisan to give an order, they immediately knew what they were doing. They rushed into the pile of ingredients and started refining them.

The majority of the materials here were fragments of Eighth Rank materials. Because they had been smelted once, they should be able to have a certain degree of purity, as long as the ingredients are different. After smelting, they are distributed according to a fixed proportion.

As for the creation of the Starry Sky Base, it could not start yet. After all the materials were gathered, a thousand people would work together and create the Starry Sky Base in one go. Only then would the Starry Sky Base be perfect.

Shen Longxuan didn't have any plans to intervene. He returned to the cultivation grounds in the Starry Sky Post that he had prepared by himself and set up the Spirit Gathering Formation. All of the life and death and five elements in the entire continent were gathered towards this formation.

After more than two hundred years of convergence, the life and death energy in the array had already become extremely rich. When Shen Longxuan arrived here, he had already transformed into a strange phenomenon.

However, he was still far from Shen Longxuan's needs, so he was very satisfied with the place as well as the fact that he had arrived at the formation to gather the Strength of Five Elements.

Looks like Strength of Five Elements are easier to gather than life and death forces. Shen Longxuan sat down and began cultivating.

A month later, Shen Longxuan slowly woke up and shook his head.

The cultivation effect is very little, looks like I should still use the Battle Spell a little faster, but this kind of cultivation is a bit more solid than the Battle Spell. In the future, let's alternate and cultivate.

Shen Longxuan took out the Heavenly Profound Divine Sword again and carried it on his body. Following the release of the seal, the Battle Spell began to circulate and circulate.

Shen Longxuan had already thought about when he would be able to completely open the seal of the Heavenly Profound Divine Sword and when the Battle Spell would not even start working, that would be the time to completely control the Heavenly Profound Divine Sword.

After refining it into a Life God Weapon, he would be able to recover its power as a high-grade Origin Treasure, his strength would increase by several times. The Heavenly Profound Divine Sword had killed Martial Monarch Stage Powerhouse, so Shen Longxuan knew how powerful it was.

Let's go take a look at the progress of Starry Sky Base. Shen Longxuan walked out of the cultivation grounds, once again arriving at the mountain valley where the materials were stored.


According to Shen Longxuan's imagination, he would at least be able to refine and smooth out the materials within a month. But when he arrived at the scene, he saw less than a hundred people working together.

Furthermore, the progress of the smelting was too slow, he had not even reached a third of the way through. Shen Longxuan grabbed a fat artifact refining master and asked: Little Fatty, where did everyone go?

Little Fatty was in the middle of smelting materials when he was suddenly interrupted, and almost burnt himself. Just as he was about to explode with rage, he turned around and saw Shen Longxuan and extinguished.

"So it's the Shen Laoda. Everyone has been transferred away, and it is said that Thirteenth Brother took on a huge task. The opponent wanted a hundred flying boats, but the opponent gave out the materials and a hundred million Spirit Stone.

So, people are being sent to build flying boats. That's a ten billion yuan big deal, you can't even see it a few times a year. "

After Little Fatty finished, Shen Longxuan nodded.

Then I'll help you!

Shen Longxuan was idling around, he was able to train in Battle Spell since he was carrying his Heavenly Profound Divine Sword. Although it was not as strong as fighting, he was still able to cultivate for a long time.

Thus, smelting some materials would not delay one's cultivation.

When everyone heard that Shen Longxuan wanted to join their team, they immediately became spirited, of course, they knew that Shen Longxuan was only doing it to give them some encouragement.

If they really smelted these ingredients, it would be impossible for them to not reach the level of Grandmaster Blacksmith, but on Shen Longxuan's body, they could not even sense the slightest bit of the aura of Pill Fire.

How would they know that although Shen Longxuan was not a Master Refiner, he was an alchemist. Furthermore, he had cultivated in the implement condensing arts, his weapons were even stronger than Master Refiner's, and were on par with Origin Refiners.

The difference was that Shen Longxuan did not need the complicated process of the artifact refining master s, he needed to directly condense the various Source Energy into physical form using the continent. This method was rare in the world.

In actuality, he wasn't very familiar with the smelting process of refining materials. If it was a pill, he would be able to handle it easily, but this was the first time he had encountered such a refining process.

Although he had previously used the Origin Tree he had obtained from the Shattered Continent to build his first flying boat, he had only simply changed its appearance and engraved a large number of talismans before barely being able to create one.

So when Shen Longxuan took action, he naturally found it hard to follow. He did not know where to start, and even smelted the two materials together. Even though there was a geocentric fire in his dantian, he did not dare to use it.

His current level was indeed very low.

Hahaha … Shen Laoda, I have a straightforward personality, don't be angry when you speak. If you want to learn Artifact Forging, I can teach you! " At this time, the Little Fatty at the side laughed and said.

There were specialties in the field, and the cultivation of the Little Fatty might not be as strong as Shen Longxuan, but when it came to refining, he felt that Shen Longxuan had not even reached the lowest level of artifact refining master yet.

Great! Teach me! "

Little Fatty had a favorable impression of Shen Longxuan, he did not expect him to be so amiable. If he really became Shen Longxuan's master in refining, his Little Fatty would soar to the skies.

Little Fatty grinned and started to explain the knowledge of equipment forging to Shen Longxuan.

Refining a weapon first requires refining fire. The strength of the fire directly determines a refiner's achievements — and blacksmith.

These six great levels are the division of all artifact refining master in the starry sky. People like us are all Master Refiners, we can smelt Eighth Rank materials and use them to create top-grade spiritual treasure.

Since you want to learn, then start from the most basic of techniques, learn how to refine fire first. From the day martial cultivator's Dantian was established, it could produce Pill Fire, and through constant usage and refinement, it would eventually become artifact refining master's Fire Seed.

From low to high, Pill Fire was divided into: Human Flame, Spirit Fire, Mysterious Flame, Earth Fire, and Sky Fire. This! It's the profound fire! " The Little Fatty said as he opened his palm. A ball of somewhat spiritual, dark green flames appeared.

The surrounding temperature suddenly rose by quite a bit. Little Fatty immediately jumped to the front of Shen Longxuan while controlling the flames, and said: I'm suppressing it, so you don't have to be afraid. Feel it carefully!

Shen Longxuan felt that although the Little Fatty's cultivation was not high, he was still very professional in refining, but his fire did not need to be refined at all, and geocentric fire could be summoned anytime.

But Shen Longxuan still earnestly felt the flames in the Little Fatty, and immediately felt something was different. Although the profound fire couldn't be compared to the Earth Fire, but it actually had a trend of evolving into a Earth Fire, and so he asked.

Can Mysterious Fire be upgraded to Earth Fire?

Little Fatty laughed, he felt that Shen Longxuan was being too ambitious, the people beside him all gathered, and one of them shouted.

"Shen Laoda, our flames have all evolved from human flames. Although it is very difficult to advance to Earth Fire, there is still a way, and that is to learn the Refinement Arts even in artifact refining master.

To artifact refining master, although this is a foundation, it is also the most important thing. Only by refining fire can we allow the flames to continuously evolve, ultimately becoming Heavenly Flames. "

Hahaha … Old Fan, you think you can get promoted to the Heaven Flame? If you were to be promoted to Earth Fire within a hundred years, you would be able to burn incense. "

Humph! Who cares! That was my dream, how do you know that I can't achieve it? "

During the commotion, Little Fatty had already passed down the Fire Refining Arts to Shen Longxuan, who found a corner, closed his eyes and started cultivating.

This Flame Refining Tactic was clearly much better than the fire controlling arts that Shen Longxuan had learnt before. It did not control fire, but to indulge in fire, and allow it to grow even faster.

There were three ways to cultivate. The first method was to refine the body into fire, and use the body to feed it to help it grow. This way, it would consume the power of one's blood and Qi.

The process was painful, but the speed was too slow. If he could persevere, this method could produce 100% Earth Fire.

The second method was to use one's cultivation to refine fire, consuming one's own cultivation, and refining fire. This method was the most commonly used method in all of artifact refining master, and as long as one consumed their cultivation, they could make the fire grow.

This method was fast, but in the beginning, it would cause the martial cultivator's cultivation level to become unstable and fluctuate up and down.

This sort of situation wouldn't happen easily, because every single apothecary had a master guiding them.

The third method was to refine one's soul into fire. This method of refining fire could be called self-mutilation. The soul was being burned by flames day and night. That sort of painful feeling was not something that an ordinary person could endure.

However, this method of training was the fastest. After Shen Longxuan saw this, he felt that these three methods were not very reliable.

Therefore, he chose the safest method to test it out. As soon as the Spirit Spell was activated, he immediately felt his entire body heat up and he let out a string of white eyes.

The geocentric fire inside his dantian seemed to have sensed something, and suddenly became excited, and rushed into Shen Longxuan's body.

The people beside Shen Longxuan were still bickering with each other, especially Old Fan, who was clamoring the most. Little Fatty kept on talking, but he kept on focusing on Shen Longxuan.

He saw that Shen Longxuan had just sat down for not even half an incense's time, and white smoke had actually emerged from his body. The next moment, golden flames exploded from within the white smoke, and instantly enveloped an area of three hundred meters.

Little Fatty, who bore the brunt of the attack, had all his hair and eyebrows gone. Even the surface of his body had started to wither.

Hurry and retreat! There's danger! "

He immediately reacted and was about to rush forward to save Shen Longxuan, but he was grabbed by the person beside him and quickly flew several kilometers back.


Everyone was still trying to escape, but Shen Longxuan had already controlled the flame. The geocentric fire turned into a flame and stopped above his head, spinning non-stop.

What kind of fire is this?

Such a powerful flame that not even we can withstand, what kind of fire do you think it is?

Earth Fire!

Everyone shouted in unison.

Little Fatty was stunned. He did not expect himself to cultivate an Earth Fire artifact refining master with just a few pointers. Didn't that mean that Shen Longxuan was a Refiner Origin Master, who could refine Origin Tools?

He … He was able to refine Earth Fire for the first time, how is that possible? Little Fatty had a face full of disbelief.

Shen Longxuan was not aware of the shock he had brought to the group. At the moment, he was already able to control the geocentric fire and slowly absorb the energy from his own body.

The blood came from his bone marrow but Shen Longxuan's bones were all the bones of the battle devil. He did not notice that following his own strength of blood lineage being exhausted, a hint of fresh blood actually seeped out of the bones and fused into his blood vessels.

Because the amount of blood seeping out was very little, and Shen Longxuan's attention was all on the geocentric fire, this kind of change directly caused his blood to change.

Although it was very minute, but it was definitely changing, just that Shen Longxuan did not notice it.

His entire mind was focused on the flames. After a short incense's time of cultivation, he realized that the geocentric fire was indeed becoming stronger, which was something he felt extremely clearly.

Even though the geocentric fire from before was in his body, he felt that it was different now. With the cultivation of the Alchemy Fire Arts, the geocentric fire really started to become a part of him and became his Pill Fire.

After a while, he stopped cultivating. Since he knew the way to advance, he was no longer in a hurry. The most important thing right now was to smelt the materials.

When he opened his eyes, a hint of madness flashed through them. He couldn't see it himself, and the others didn't notice it either.

They were all thousands of feet away, their jaws dropping to the ground.

Little Fatty immediately flew in front of Shen Longxuan and said while clicking his tongue: Amazing, as expected of boss, there's actually earth fire in your body, then the smelting will be simple. Shen Laoda, this way …

Little Fatty, after giving out the instructions, brought the others and flew out of Shen Longxuan's area.

Shen Longxuan raised his palm, and a sea of flames burst out, enveloping everything within thirty thousand meters of him.

Under the burning of the flames, the ingredients inside quickly melted. Shen Longxuan used his soul to separate the ingredients one by one.

After an hour, the refining of all the materials was completed. After everyone saw this, they were all grinning from ear to ear. They were fortunate to be able to see the evolution of the Earth Fire, and it had great benefits for their cultivation.

Thus, everyone brought all the surrounding materials over to Shen Longxuan, so that he wouldn't have to move at all to continue working.

After that, these people all squatted down and watched the changes in Shen Longxuan's flames from afar like students. Some of them smacked their lips, some even closed their eyes to meditate, while some even cried out of joy …

Three days later, Shen Longxuan finished refining all the ingredients by himself.

It was simply unimaginable for him to move at such a speed. The remaining artifact refining master s for the past three days felt like they were in a dream. At first, Shen Longxuan was not proficient at it, but in just a day, he had become like a master refiner.

On the third day, Shen Longxuan's smelting techniques had already completely surpassed everyone's.

Until the end, the crowd still hadn't recovered their wits. They all had the same feeling, that their lives had been wasted. The other party had surpassed them in just three days of cultivation.

What are you all still standing there for? Once we start training, our Starry Sky Base will be depending on you! Shen Longxuan's loud shout woke everyone up.

Originally, a thousand people would have to work together to create the Starry Sky Base, but now, they didn't need to. Shen Longxuan was completely capable, the others only needed to help out.

This time, the duration was relatively long. Because the Starry Sky Base was too big, they designed a total of three models. The one that Shen Longxuan created was only a small one, but it still had a circumference of a hundred miles.

Furthermore, he had disguised his appearance to look like a meteorite. Moreover, he had brought along defensive formation and attack arrays, so his power was more than ten times stronger than that of the ones on the flying boat.

Shen Longxuan and the rest were admiring their masterpiece, looking at the Starry Sky Base, it looked like a space meteorite with holes all over.

However, there were long-range weapons hidden in each hole. These holes were not only weapons, but also entrances, allowing one to enter the inner parts of the base.

Inside was the real Starry Sky Base. In such a large space, there were at least a hundred flying boats, and the space inside could carry countless resources.

Furthermore, this Starry Sky Base was strong enough to withstand a real space storm, even if it collided with a meteorite, it would still be unharmed.

This Starry Sky Base is simply a fortress. If we trade with him, it will definitely increase our prestige once again. At that time, there will be even more people who will come.

The Little Fatty caressed the Starry Sky Base and said excitedly. Everyone was also like that, looking at this masterpiece from the inside and outside, they were already filled with admiration towards Shen Longxuan.

Just as everyone was rejoicing, there was a sudden piece of news. Shen Shisan and the rest were robbed while they were going to trade their flying boats, and were currently fighting against each other in the starry sky.

The location of the battle wasn't far from the Heavenly Awakening Continent. Shen Longxuan waved his hand and retracted the Starry Sky Base, not caring about the shocked gazes of the crowd, he ordered: Call the brothers, follow me to save the people!

Without even using the time it took half an incense stick to burn, Shen Longxuan brought the thirty flying boats and sped away.

Shen Longxuan's speed was so fast that no one dared to blink, but even so, it took him an entire day to rush to the scene.

The people inside the flying boat that he was piloting had all vomited, the remaining flying boats simply could not keep up with them. He saw Shen Shisan bringing over seventy flying boats and were fighting with a group of people.

The other group of people didn't have many flying boats, but they were at least twice the size of theirs. Their appearance was that of a large shark.

Luo Bei and the other two had already rushed out of the flying boat and were fighting with the opponent's people, but because Shen Shisan's cultivation was low, he commanded the remaining flying boats to form a formation and fight with them.

Hahaha … Little thing, you really don't know the size of Starry Sky, why don't you ask around. Is our Heaven and Earth Merchant Union that easy to mess with?

Luo Bei, stop struggling. What happened today is that you two don't know the rules and extended your hand to fish out the boundaries, so, I am only giving you two a lesson, isn't it better to stay in your little place properly? Why must you guys come out?

Chairman Zhu, why are you wasting your breath on them? Just blast them to death …

The Heaven and Earth Merchant Union?

Shen Longxuan had never heard of such a power before, but looking at their uniform, even the flying boats looked the same, so it shouldn't be a lie.

However, that was not the main point. The main point was that if they offended him, then in the starry sky, when they met, it was not by mouth, but by strength.

Shen Longxuan wrapped his spirit energy around his voice and shouted, Heaven and Earth Merchant Union, you've gone too far!

The sound waves rumbled like a howling gale, instantly engulfing both sides.

Who is it? You still dare to shout in the middle of the sky? The people from the Heaven and Earth Merchant Union cursed while covering their ears.

Luo Bei and the rest were overjoyed to hear that, they knew that Shen Longxuan had arrived.


Luo Bei and the rest returned to Shen Longxuan's side, the other side also stopped.

The two groups once again stood opposite each other.

Master Shen, this Heaven and Earth Merchant Union is a merchant guild in the first land. They originally only operate on the continent and did not get involved with us at all. However, this time they are planning to steal our business.

Luo Bei said solemnly.

Father! You came at the right time! " Shen Shisan also came to Shen Longxuan's side. His expression was calm, his heart was not affected at all.

Tell me about their strength! Shen Longxuan said.

Shen Shisan groaned and said: "The Heaven and Earth Merchant Union is an alliance between two great races. The Heavenly Spider Tribe and the Giant Ant Race spew poisonous threads, the Giant Ant Race has immense strength.

When these two forces joined together, it just so happens that they formed a perfect combination, and it's not difficult for us Star Fleet to attack them from afar, we were just at a disadvantage from before. Furthermore, our flying boat is too small, it can't even match up to them. "

Shen Shisan did indeed have this feeling, as if he was unable to use his full strength.

After Shen Longxuan listened for a while, he understood the reason behind this. Originally, the other party had discovered the secret to doing business in the space, and thus was able to enter the space freely.

This benefit alone was enough to save the Merchant Union almost 50% of its expenses. To the Merchant Union, 50% of its expenses were equivalent to spending tens of billions of dollars every year on management.

And the Heaven and Earth Merchant Union just happened to hear that a group of people had traded a hundred flying boats not far from the Sky Spiders Continent, which was ten percent cheaper than them.

At first, Shen Shisan thought that they were here to buy too, but when he got closer, he realized that they were here to cause trouble.

They didn't bring much people with them this time. It was all thanks to Luo Bei, Withered Wood and the scholar that the three shopkeepers had insisted on coming. Otherwise, the consequences would have been unimaginable.

What are you guys mumbling about? Look at our flying boat, then look at yours, you guys can't escape today. "

Shen Longxuan and the others heard the people opposite them shouting again, and being a little arrogant and conceited because the flying boat was better than theirs. However, Shen Longxuan knew one thing, if he wanted his business empire to penetrate every field, he needed to establish a good relationship with the local powers.

This was not a matter of bullying the weak and fearing the strong, but of a normal relationship. Sometimes, it was even possible to pay a small price in order to conquer a domain.

However, this was only the initial stage. Once their empire was established, the initiative would be in their hands. When that happened, everything would be in their hands. Who would dare to provoke them?

But not now!

As a result, after Shen Longxuan found out the truth, he made a decision and gave his suggestion to everyone. Everyone was angry, but they could not do anything about it.

Our fleet didn't interfere with the business of your continent. Isn't it a little too much for you to do this? Shen Longxuan flew out of the flying boat and said to the other side.

Two people walked out from the other side.

A person with a round stomach, bulging eyes, and sturdy and powerful four limbs. When he appeared, Shen Longxuan immediately associated him with those poisonous spiders in the third secret realm.

Beside him was a man who was completely black. He did not have much muscles, but his body lines were smooth and his skin seemed to have a layer of carapace. Furthermore, his eyes were blood-red, giving off a very powerful feeling.

Kid, who do you think you are? You didn't even ask, is our Heaven and Earth Merchant Union easy to mess with? The guy with a round belly said with his nose facing up.

Two guild leaders, it's like this. Our fleet only serves as the starry sky, not the continent. We have no conflicts of interest with you …

Bullshit! Boy, you don't need to ask, our Chairman Zhu wants to say what he wants. Let alone him, even my Vice Chairman Ma thinks that you are interfering with the normal management of the Heaven and Earth commerce market.

Don't talk about fair competition with me, we have the final say in this matter. You just sold 100 flying boats here and have already stolen our business. What do you think we should do? "

Shen Longxuan was so angry that he wanted to laugh. These two people were trying their best to introduce him, afraid that others would not know about it. Wasn't it just a spider, an ant?

However, he still smiled and said, President Zhu, President Ma, we will sell the goods on our own ability, so it's meaningless for you to say this. Just say it, what do you want to do?

Us? Hahaha … In your place, of course, to destroy you? With your power all around, do you have any chance of fighting back?

When the two of them saw that the Origin Tree in Shen Longxuan's Dantian was only sixty thousand meters, compared to their six hundred thousand meter Origin Tree, it was simply child's play. They only cared about Luo Bei and the scholar who were in the back, they were two hundred fifty thousand meters away from the Origin Tree.

Shen Longxuan had been guiding them to state their purpose for coming here, but the other party was actually so greedy, he continued to speak, "Two guild leaders, how about this, we will give you ten percent of the proceeds from this trade.

In the future, 10% of the deals that we make here will be yours too, what do you think? "

Shen Longxuan had already made the biggest concession, business development was not like his own cultivation. If it was his own business, these people would have already done their best.

Even if they wanted to resist, they had to at least have the strength. The current Star Fleet was still very weak, and could not handle such a waste of time and effort.

Unexpectedly, the other party's Guild Leader Zhu snorted coldly, and said with a sneer, "Bullshit, haven't we explained it clearly enough? All of you will die this time.

I thought you were some kind of extraordinary person, but now trash like you is actually qualified to negotiate with us? What a joke, none of you are going to survive today.

This is space; there are no rules. If I'm strong, I'll kill you, and if you're strong, I'll kill you. If I knew you were trash, I would've done it long ago. "

Do you think that a broken sword on your back is unrivalled in the world? Little ones, what are you waiting for? Kill them all!" Vice President Ma waved his hand cruelly and roared.

The caravans behind the two immediately rushed forward, some of the martial cultivator felt that the flying boat was a hindrance and immediately rushed down, straight at Shen Shisan and the rest.

Shen Longxuan carried the Heavenly Profound Divine Sword on his back, his sword body trembling slightly. If not for the fact that Shen Longxuan sealed the Sword Spirit, it would have flew out to kill.

Seeing that the other party was rushing towards him, Shen Longxuan knew that there was nothing to talk about. It was not only the other party, but also the Battle Spell in his body.

You're all courting death, don't blame me!

Shen Longxuan said as he rushed towards President Zhu and Vice President Ma. Behind him, Luo Bei and the others also rushed forward, and the chaotic battle started again.

Life is like this. The more you want to hide, the more you can't avoid it.

The Battle Spell revolved, in Shen Longxuan's mind, other than fighting, there was nothing else. or Heaven and Earth Merchant Union, everything was fleeting.

To challenge one opponent after another, to kill the enemy, to challenge the limit, to defeat oneself, to allow oneself to break through the limits of self again and again in a passive state, to increase in strength, that was the key to this battle.

Shen Longxuan's eyes became red, his aura became berserk, and the power throughout his body soared to such a level that it made people feel suppressed. Fear, the current Shen Longxuan was just like a person … battle devil!



Cripple him!

President Zhu and President Ma were first shocked when they saw Shen Longxuan's appearance, but as martial cultivator s who were half a step into the Martial Monarch Stage, they could feel the Origin Tree in their bodies.

The Origin Tree in Shen Longxuan's body was indeed only a little more than a hundred meters, so no matter how much this kind of martial cultivator moaned, it would all be for nothing.

But just at this time, Shen Longxuan threw out an item, which suddenly grew to a size of a hundred li, it was impressively a meteorite, and upon seeing it, Shen Shisan and the rest were overjoyed, they all rushed in riding their flying boats.

The people of the Heaven and Earth Merchant Union also chased after them, but what welcomed them was a merciless attack.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

In just a blink of an eye, huge balls of fire exploded in space. The flying boat of the Heaven and Earth Merchant

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