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Profound Dragon Warlord: Volume 17

Profound Dragon Warlord: Volume 17

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Profound Dragon Warlord: Volume 17

621 pages
9 heures
Feb 20, 2020


He was an orphan on Earth with no one to depend on and a coward who could not punch his way out of a paper bag. All he left was his resentment against the evil of the world after being beaten to death.

He was a descendant of an ancient noble family on the Profound Dragon Continent. He resigned from his honorable position with the determination to rejuvenate his decaying family. However, being murdered by someone in his family only left his lofty aspirations never accomplished.

Two men came from different worlds, yet shared the same name. A soul full of resentment merged into a body with an unaccomplished mission. For the lifelong dreams of each other, they embarked on a long journey of cultivation.

How could a weak coward evolve into an unrivaled cultivator? How could he win back the glories of his family? And would he bring order and peace out of chaos and confusion that the Profound Dragon Continent was faced with.

☆About the Author☆

Hei Ying(黑影) is a Chinese web novel writer, whose stories feature the ups and downs in the exciting plots. He is skilled in creating imaginary worlds through his exquisite style of writing.

Feb 20, 2020

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Profound Dragon Warlord - Hei Ying



Just then, Xu Tianlei changed the topic of the conversation, and said: However, I heard that Sect Master Shen is a Grade Nine Alchemist, as long as you help me refine a pill to make up for my Source energy, and to increase my cultivation, we can cooperate.

You're not one of us. Also, I've come to talk to you, and that's the biggest concession I can make. Don't give me face, I can kill you with your attitude.

Shen Longxuan said coldly. He had already prepared to activate the formation and make the star officer Divine Palace disappear.

Humph! Don't think that just because you made a crappy array, you can threaten me. My Celestial Soul Clan isn't something a lowly person like you can casually trample on.

You and I will not stay. You stole my treasures in the secret realm, so with these treasures, I can break through the Seventh Stage of Martial Monarch Stage. At that time, who can do anything to me? "

In the skills that Xu Tianlei had just said, he had already tested it out. This formation technique was only effective on the body, and Celestial Soul Clan trained in the soul, the body could be modified using a strong soul.

And this Xu Tianlei fellow was only a body that he possessed. Thus, he started to become fearless, and the eyes he looked at Shen Longxuan with were filled with greed and devastation.

Seeing that Xu Tianlei had suddenly become stronger, and the greed in his eyes, Shen Longxuan's killing intent became even stronger. He did not know why had suddenly changed, so he decided to kill him!

This kind of person is simply insane. Wouldn't it be fine if you just came to find him and activate the formation to kill him?

Just then, the little puppet poked his head out of Shen Longxuan's neck and said softly.

He did not give any warning, which meant that he was not in danger. Shen Longxuan stood up and said coldly: Wasting time.

Hahaha … Sect Master Shen, you can stay here today! "

Xu Tianlei erupted with power, all the cultivation base in his body erupted, a powerful soul force surged, mixed with his cultivation, causing his power to increase by multiple folds.

With a swipe of his claw, the clouds changed and space itself exploded. The claws were like five sharp blades slicing through space, tearing through space and causing undercurrents, and even the turbulent flow in the dark space were suppressed by them.

Shen Longxuan's eyes lit up, he really wanted to fight with the power, but he needed to train in order to break through, he did not have the time to waste here.

As he retreated, he activated the spell. His body twisted and distorted, and when he reappeared, he was outside the spell.

Xu Tianlei, who wanted to chase out, was completely sealed inside by the formation. Those few star officer s were instantly killed by the formation and turned into ashes.

While Xu Tianlei was circulating all of his cultivation in an attempt to resist, but he had overestimated his strength, this formation had accumulated for more than a hundred years, and the terrifying might was something that even the Seventh Stage of Martial Monarch Stage found difficult to resist.

Moreover, for Xu Tianlei who was only at the Peak of The Sixth Stage of Martial Monarch Stage, his strength was not something that he could cultivate himself, it was something that he could completely refine, so it was even more impossible for him to resist.

He only lasted for the time it takes an incense stick to burn before his body began to collapse.

never thought that he would actually self-ignite his flesh, the power produced by the complete self-detonation of the Peak of The Sixth Stage of Martial Monarch Stage would directly shatter the starry sky, and even the dark starry sky that was exposed would be blocked by this berserk aura.

The power of the explosion went deep into the dark space and set off endless waves of anger, causing the already berserk dark space to become even more berserk. It suddenly broke through the barrier and charged into Shen Longxuan's array.

Boom boom boom!

The explosion of even greater power triggered a huge explosion, instantly destroying the star officer Divine Palace. Under the rapid expansion of the explosion, it broke through Shen Longxuan's formation.

From afar, this place looked like a shining sun. The aftermath of the explosion and the vibrations spread far and wide, causing a series of storms in the starry sky.

Shen Longxuan summoned his Heavenly Profound Divine Sword to stop the aftermath of the explosion, but his eyes were focused on the place where Xu Tianlei had exploded. He had killed people from the Celestial Soul Clan before, so he knew that they focused on cultivating their souls.

The people of Celestial Soul Clan had souls that were not weaker than their own cultivation. More than half of their cultivation energy was used to strengthen their soul power.

Xu Tianlei had yet to digest the breakthrough this time, but based on Shen Longxuan's guess, the strength of his soul should also be within the Fifth Stage of Martial Monarch Stage, so it was very possible that this fellow would escape in a state of soul.

Over there!

Shen Longxuan suddenly noticed that there was a ball of light in the distant space. It was the Celestial Soul Clan's Soul Arts.

The Celestial Soul Clan was a vassal force of the Celestial Being Clan, so all their cultivation methods came from the Celestial Being Clan's inheritance, which was the Great Soul-Multiplying Arts. Although it was only modified by them, it was still a type of Great Soul-Multiplying Arts.

Shen Longxuan expanded his body and chased after the soul. He had to get rid of the roots if he wanted to cut the grass!

If his soul was exposed in space, it would become weak. After going through the explosion just now, Xu Tianlei felt bitter in his heart, he thought that Shen Longxuan's formation wouldn't be able to harm his soul.

But he was wrong. This array formation was no different from a physical one, nor was it from a soul. If he continued to stay in this array formation, he would only have one fate left, and his soul would shatter.

That was why he decisively gave up on his physical body and created a huge explosion. He used the explosion to blow away the formation and used the Soul Arts to escape.

Shen Longxuan, just you wait, I will cut your body into ten thousand pieces and eat your soul piece by piece! Xu Tianlei scolded ruthlessly as he ran.

Is that so? But you don't seem to have that chance!

The words that resounded beside him nearly made Xu Tianlei explode in shock. He had used the Soul Arts, how could he be discovered? He only heaved a sigh of relief when he didn't see Shen Longxuan's figure at all.

Could he have been scared by Shen Longxuan? Why are you hallucinating?

Xu Tianlei did not dare hesitate and sped up his escape. He needed to quickly find someone to possess and survive this ordeal.

This was the power of the Celestial Soul Clan. Although they were almost indestructible, there was a limit to their power. A person could only possess this body three times in their lifetime.

Unless one cultivates a strong Soul Arts, able to split their own soul into multiple paths and eventually become as strong as the other, then they can truly not die.

However, not everyone in the Celestial Being Clan could train in dividing Soul Arts s. Ultimately, all of this Soul Arts originated from the Great Soul-Multiplying Arts, and Shen Longxuan was its inheritor.

Even though he did not cultivate all of the Soul Arts s, he could recognize anyone using it and even know the method to break it.

If the difference in strength wasn't too great, the people from Celestial Soul Clan would be nothing but vegetables in front of him.

You didn't mishear me. If you ran a little faster, I might really not be able to catch up.

Shen Longxuan's voice sounded once again.

This time, Xu Tianlei really exploded. Although he did not have a body, but he felt that something was scary. To be able to hear the voice but not see anyone, it meant that the other party was faster than him.

Where are you? Come out for laozi!"

I have been by your side the entire time, your Soul Arts is too inferior, it has truly humiliated the glory of the Soul Arts, so in order to not lose face, I can only send you to your death.

Shen Longxuan opened his mouth and inhaled, it was as though the entire starry sky had turned into a huge mouth that sucked Xu Tianlei's soul in.

Ah! The Heavenly Soul Clan will not let you go … Damn it... You... How could it be a Soul Art …

The intermittent sounds eventually turned into nothingness.

Hu! Shen Longxuan, who had devoured Xu Tianlei's soul, heaved a sigh of relief, At least there's no one left alive, hmm? That's not right! This guy actually has a soul fragment?

Shen Longxuan had refined Xu Tianlei's soul, so he naturally obtained's memories. In his memories, his name was Hun Lie, and he was a direct descendant of the Celestial Soul Clan.

After cultivating the Soul Arts, he had two soul fragments, and that was one of them.

Shen Longxuan had eaten his soul fragment, Hun Lie could sense it, so this grudge was formed, but Shen Longxuan did not care, sooner or later, Celestial Soul Clan would take care of it, now that he killed more, he would have fewer enemies in the future.

However, it was not as if he did not reap any benefits. In Hun Lie's memories, he had also obtained some of the Celestial Soul Clan's secrets.


Shen Longxuan turned around and saw that the star officer Divine Palace had completely disappeared. He returned to the territory that Kuang Biao had occupied and waved his hand.

He released his own main warship of starry sky, a huge being that was close to a hundred thousand miles long. It completely shocked everyone in the territory, and there were even several thousand li large secondary ships that flew out from it.

After seeing it, he felt a violent sense of power. The glow from the body of the ship and the black weapons gave people a sense of oppression and fear.

No one had ever seen such a huge monster before. As Shen Linger and the others joined in, the main ship started to move, and the secondary ship started to rise as well. There were also numerous large and small attacking ships, forming a magnificent view.

At this time, the Star Fleet seemed to be an entire body, as if it was a gigantic starry sky Giant Beast. Its entire body was made of Ninth Stage materials and it had the recovery function of a blue fine crystal.

Especially the million martial cultivator s above, although their cultivation was not high, their bodies were all radiating bravery and fierceness.

Compared to these people, Search and Rescue Team of Starry Sky was simply a joke.

Kuang Biao also obtained a subship that was a thousand miles in size. He had brought everyone in his territory to board his giant ship and was already grinning from ear to ear from joy.

They had been playing with the flying boat all year round, so they quickly familiarized themselves with the subship's operation. They followed the group into the sky, and there was not a single person left in this territory.

The Star Fleet swept the whole area with a sweeping stance, and only used half a year's time to annex and reorganize all of the Search and Rescue Team of Starry Sky's territories, officially changing their name to Star Fleet.

However, the Star Fleet did not occupy the Starry Sky Territory, but instead used a main warship of starry sky, carrying tens of thousands of subships and attack ships to float in the starry sky.

They were still engaged in the Star Trek business, but because of the speed of the starship, they became elusive, making it hard to imagine. Their speed could be described as crossing over.

In a moment, he was still millions of miles away, but in the next moment, he was already right in front of him. This terrifying speed gave Star Fleet another title, the Ghost Battleship!

They could defend or retreat, attack or enter. With the Million Army Group above them, they could attack any force on the continent in a short period of time.

Shen Longxuan was currently in closed door cultivation to achieve a breakthrough. He swore to never come out until he reached Fifth Stage of Martial Monarch Stage.

Meanwhile, the Pill Sect's Liu Hanyang had also arrived at the Divine Palace a month ago. However, there was nothing left here, not even a fragment.

However, Liu Hanyang found traces of battle. The flying ashes and the space turbulent flow that were left behind after the battle all showed that there had been a huge explosion.

Not only that, he continued to travel through the territories of the Search and Rescue Team of Starry Sky s. However, he still failed to find anything, and could only see a few abandoned flying boats.

All of this could only mean that the space search and rescue team had escaped the control of the Pill Sect. They had also withdrawn their power. In such a vast space, it was like looking for a needle in a haystack.

As a result, Liu Hanyang's actions had no end, but a Peak of The Sixth Stage of Martial Monarch Stage Ranker was indeed a threat, and that was not the main point, because Xu Tianlei would not take any more of their pills, which also meant that he would not be able to control them.

According to the two elders who had entered the secret realm before, he was still a member of the Celestial Soul Clan, so this was the greatest threat.

Liu Hanyang did not return to the Pill Sect, but instead, went straight to the territory of the Celestial Wing Clan, where the In Middle Level Star Domain and Central Star Region met.

Even though there was a barrier in that area, the concentration of origin of the starry sky was much higher than in other places. This area was occupied by the two Celestial Wing Clan s, the Golden Wing King s and the Heavenly King.

The reason why Liu Hanyang came here was very clear. He was hoping that the three of them could work together to find the Celestial Soul Clan's Xu Tianlei and eliminate this hidden danger.

This made Liu Hanyang very uncomfortable. In the end, in order to show his sincerity, Liu Hanyang left two bottles of pills that he had specially made with tenfold medicinal power.

This kind of pill did not produce energy. He had spent several years to refine two bottles of this pill, a total of six pills. As long as he ate one of these pills, he would be able to control it.

However, the effect of the pill was the same as the Source Bead. Although the two Heavenly Kings knew that it was easy to be addicted to the pill, many people in their Celestial Wing Clan were eating it.

Other than wanting to eat it, his cultivation had also improved significantly and no one had any accidents. Moreover, the pill had a tenfold effect and they were both at the threshold of breaking through. They were just missing a dose of medicine.

After contemplating over the matter, the duo was unable to resist the temptation of the pill. They swallowed the pills and reached a breakthrough in their cultivation.

Returning to the Pill Sect, Liu Hanyang felt the effects of the pill and did not rush to control the two of them. Instead, he continued to cultivate in order to concoct the unique pill.

Half a year later, Shen Longxuan finally came out from seclusion. His cultivation had reached the Fifth Stage of Martial Monarch Stage, but the strength of his fleshly body had broken through to the sixth stage.

Not only did the Heaven Fire Body Refinement Art replenish the energy of his fleshly body, making it even stronger, but it also caused his fleshly body to undergo a special change when he cultivated the Profound Dragon Transformation.

When he exerted all of his physical strength and unleashed his full strength, a flaming dragon tattoo actually appeared on his body. This sort of dragon tattoo caused his defense to increase greatly, and the toughness of his body also increased greatly.

However, this kind of flame dragon tattoo consumed too much energy. Even if all the energy he stored in his 360 meridians exploded, it would only last for the time it takes to burn an incense stick.

Under this kind of condition, Shen Longxuan was confident that he could resist an all-out attack from the late stage of the Sixth Stage of Martial Monarch Stage.

Furthermore, the current Fire Dragon Mark was only an initial form, it was only an illusory image that was hidden on the surface of his skin. When it really turned into something in the future, it would definitely be extraordinary.

Because Shen Longxuan had devoured Hun Lie's soul fragment, the power of his soul also increased dramatically, reaching the strength of the Fifth Stage of Martial Monarch Stage.

At this time, when he unleashed the fusion of three powers, even an expert of the Sixth Stage of Martial Monarch Stage would tremble. Furthermore, Shen Longxuan had already started to research and add in a fourth type of power, namely the power of heavenly fire.

If it was successful, even the Peak of The Sixth Stage of Martial Monarch Stage would not be able to meet a match.

In short, this time's closed door cultivation had allowed Shen Longxuan's strength to experience a qualitative leap, and he had already gradually stepped into the peak of the Middle Level Star Domain's experts.

The accumulation of time in the Dark Space was really too important. Once one reached the Martial Monarch Stage, for every small realm that they broke through, the number of strength of original source would be incomparably huge.

Grade Nine Pill were not easy to digest. Even a normal Martial Monarch Pill would need at least a month to refine the medicinal power within.

Although the time taken to refine a medicinal pellet that was nine times or even ten times stronger than Shen Longxuan's wouldn't increase, one needed a strong body to resist the boundless medicinal power.

Thus, regardless of whether it was consuming pills or actively cultivating, it required time to accumulate.

Shen Longxuan was very fortunate that his mother had taught him this technique, allowing him to have the ability to control space and travel between the dark and starry skies.

Furthermore, because he had learned disillusion finger in the Xuanyuan Secret Realm, he had also comprehended the power of life and death, and thus evolved into the current source strength of life and death.

When he broke through the Martial Monarch Stage, he had the ability to communicate with the starry sky and the dark starry sky. Without these two powers, it would be impossible for him to progress so quickly.

As a result, when he walked out of the Dark Space, he taught Shen Linger, Shen Tianlei and a few others who were close to him the ability to control the air, so that when they succeeded in their cultivation, they could enter the Dark Space on their own.

It was always troublesome to let him carry it around.

When Shen Longxuan came out of seclusion, all the Captain s gathered together. Shen Longxuan announced his next plan: To take the initiative and attack Hall of Pill Sect's Branch!


When Shen Longxuan gave his order, everyone cheered excitedly.

"However, we must first find Primeval Chaos Sect. A Million Army Group must have the support of the Alchemy Sect. Otherwise, with just Shen Longxuan, even if he dies of exhaustion, he wouldn't be able to supply the medicinal pellets.

Unless he ran into the Dark Star Realm and started concocting pills nonstop, but he did not have that much time, he was the strongest fighting force in the Star Fleet, he had to stand guard on the main warship of starry sky.

That was why Shen Longxuan had to find the Primeval Chaos Sect. It was because Xiahou Dun, the elder of the Fifth Stage of Martial Monarch Stage, was there along with the great elder of the Primeval Chaos Sect.

Moreover, there were Yang Ba and Xiahou Jie who were in reserve. Of course, the most important thing was still the ability of the Primeval Chaos Sect to refine pills. This Million Army Group needed to raise his strength, so pills were indispensable.

The poison ring of sun and moon outside the Primeval Chaos Sect had traces of Shen Longxuan, so after he searched around, he spent an entire three months before finally finding any trace of the Primeval Chaos Sect.

Shen Longxuan's senses told him that he could only determine one direction. The main warship of starry sky immediately went ahead and used all its strength to stand on the deck.

The main warship of starry sky passed through these mirrors, its route avoiding the continent, so it was completely unaffected by the changes.

Within a few breaths of time, the phenomenon would dissipate, so looking from far away, the main warship of starry sky was emitting a colorful glow and its surroundings were flickering mirror images. They were like meteors, passing in the blink of an eye.

Under this kind of high-speed flight, the people in the Star Fleet could not see the starry sky, they could only see the multi-colored illusion world when the teleport array was teleported.

Therefore, it was best to go to the secret chamber to cultivate at this time. Otherwise, as time passed by, one's consciousness would become blurry, or even unconscious.

A month later, the feeling in Shen Longxuan's consciousness grew stronger and stronger as the Primeval Chaos Sect was right in front of him.

Just as Shen Longxuan was rushing, the Primeval Chaos Sect was in danger. Although they were hiding in space to avoid being hunted by the Pill Sect, there was always a time to go to the continent to replenish their resources.

Just half a month ago, the Great Clan Elder had brought Yang Ba to a continent to sell medicinal pellets and buy back a bunch of ingredients.

The other party was three elders of the Third Stage of Martial Monarch Stage. The Great Clan Elder brought Yang Ba and fled, but when they returned to the Primeval Chaos Sect, they attracted even stronger enemies.

These people were flying boats, surrounding Primeval Chaos Sect, they were unable to enter because of the poison, but amongst them, there was a peak Fifth Stage of Martial Monarch Stage expert guarding, even Xiahou Dun was not his opponent.

The people inside could not come out, this group of people threatened to trap the people inside to death, and they did not stay outside, constantly attacking the poison area formed by the poison ring of sun and moon.

As a result, the poison ring of sun and moon became weaker and weaker. Although it was not broken, it would lose its effect over time.

Hahaha … You cowards, if you have the guts, come out and fight, hahaha …

Since they want to be cowards and we really want to eat the meat of turtles, then let's beat up their turtle shell and see where they can hide?

I'll tell you guys, don't think that you won't be able to do anything just because you're hiding. The sect head of our Pill Sect is coming and none of you will be able to escape.

Hearing the clamor outside, Xiahou Dun started to worry, the Great Clan Elder started to spin even more. All the Primeval Chaos Sect disciples were panicking, Yang Ba laid on the bed, and was on his last breath.

On the way back, he received the life threatening blow from the Fifth Stage of Martial Monarch Stage. At the moment of death, his injuries could no longer be healed.

Great Clan Elder, do not be rash, it is not easy for our Primeval Chaos Sect to reach this stage. If we were to just destroy it in our hands, would you be willing?

"How can I accept this? Elder Xiahou, although it's late when you joined the sect, I could see that you were completely focused on Primeval Chaos Sect. I was old and thought that Yang Ba could replace me, but who would have known …

As long as he is here, our Primeval Chaos Sect will have hope. You have to live well with these disciples of yours, and after I leave, you have to drive the Primeval Chaos Sect away quickly to find the sect master to avenge me. "

Great Clan Elder, what are you doing? I won't allow you to do foolish things. Although I haven't said anything about it for so many years, I have already treated you like an elder brother. You …"

Before Xiahou Dun could finish speaking, the Great Clan Elder took out a set of armor and put it on. This armor was left behind by Shen Longxuan the last time he left, and could withstand any attack below the peak of the Fifth Stage of Martial Monarch Stage in the time it takes to burn an incense.

In the end, the armor would become a peerless bomb, a self-destruct bomb comparable to the peak of the Fifth Stage of Martial Monarch Stage. Even the Sixth Stage of Martial Monarch Stage would choose to escape.

Only Shen Longxuan and the Great Clan Elder knew about this secret. At that time, the two of them said that it was a useless treasure, who knew that there would be a day that it would be used.

Elder Xiahou, remember, I'll blast open the gap. You, take your men and run! With that, the Head Elder flew out.

In the next moment, he had already rushed out of the poison ring of sun and moon and Xiahou Dun had no chance to stop him even if he wanted to.

After the Great Elder rushed out, he started to slaughter as much as he could. He held a black battle blade that was made of unknown material. When he swung it, there would be a dense amount of black fog flying out.

The sharp Blade Shine harvested one after another of their lives. As the black fog filled the air, anyone who came into contact with it would turn into a pool of blood and the Great Clan Elder's movements would be extremely quick.

At this moment, the people outside finally reacted and all started their attacks on the Great Elder. However, the Great Elder still did not dodge. The saber in his hand had already turned purple from the blood.

His armor had already turned completely red. As time passed, the Great Elder became anxious. His armor was already starting to heat up. This was the prelude to an explosion.

However, he still did not get close to the Fifth Stage of Martial Monarch Stage Ranker. The other party seemed to be intentionally avoiding him, and if he could not kill him, then he would have died for nothing.

At this moment, the Grand Elder was using his full strength. He was quickly closing in on the enemy, and was able to kill him without launching a second blow.

Gradually, his eyes were covered with blood, and everything around him turned blood-red.

Since the Great Elder was alone, although the enemies that surrounded him were not that many, they were afraid of hurting their own men.

Over there!

The Great Clan Elder finally saw the opponent of the Fifth Stage of Martial Monarch Stage. He rushed all the way there, and all the obstacles along the way were all killed by him. Even an opponent of the Second Stage of Martial Monarch Stage wouldn't be able to block a single slash from him.

The Great Clan Elder did not stop and continued his onslaught. After the Blade Shine Mountain passed by, he did not retreat, but advanced instead. He actually dared to slash again in front of the Blade Shine.

When the two blades merged, an astonishing power exploded out, berserk that defied the heavens.

His opponent felt that his cultivation base was higher than the Great Elder's, yet he was still imitating his move. He believed that his speed would definitely surpass the Great Elder's, thus, he slashed out with his sword.

The Great Clan Elder laughed coldly, and without any trace of dodging, the Blade Shine descended without hesitation.

Puff! Boom! *

The Great Elder was sent flying thousands of miles away. Although he wasn't injured, he was even further away from the enemy leader. The enemy's head was actually chopped off by his saber.

The time it took to burn an incense stick was almost up. The Great Elder had been killed and there was no way for him to get close to him now.

It's too late!

The Great Elder sighed.

It wasn't that he was afraid of death, but that death had a meaning.


The Grand Elder felt that his armor was burning. He knew that it was about to explode, but now that he was too far away from the enemy leader, his death would become meaningless.

Although the people from the Primeval Chaos Sect didn't know what the Great Clan Elder was doing, but looking at him going all out, they knew that it wasn't a good thing. They all wanted to charge out, but were stopped by Xiahou Dun.

Father, don't stop us. We need to go out and take revenge for the Yang Ba brothers. We are not cowards, at most we will perish together with them.

Elder Xiahou, please let us out. We want to live and die with Great Elder.

"Foolish! Do you think I don't want to help the Great Elder? The reason he is doing this is to keep the blood of you Primeval Chaos Sect s. Even if I have to live with a lifetime of scolding, I still won't let you guys out.

I will bring you all out of this place, and make the Great Clan Elder's death meaningful. I will take revenge for Yang Ba, do you all understand? " Xiahou Dun finally saw what the Great Clan Elder wanted to do and felt the strangeness of the armor.

He had to fulfill the grand elder's last wish.

There were many times when people could choose, when they could sacrifice their lives for righteousness, and fight with everything they had even when they knew they were going to die. Until the very end of their lives, such people were worthy of respect.

The Great Clan Elder's death was to save the disciples of Primeval Chaos Sect, and Xiahou Dun's obstruction was the same, but looking at the Great Clan Elder's current state, he really wanted to fail.

Xiahou Dun said: Xiahou Jie, our lives were saved by the Primeval Chaos Sect, and we still bear a deep grudge against each other. You want to live for revenge, do you understand?

Father, what are you doing? Xiahou Jie had a bad premonition.

I'm going out to help Great Elder. Wait a moment, the two of us will create a chance for him to run away. We must seize this chance, do you know?

Xiahou Dun almost shouted out.

I know! I will definitely bring the Primeval Chaos Sect to a successful breakthrough, and I will personally behead my enemy, don't worry Father! " After Xiahou Jie finished speaking, he knelt down with a thump and kowtowed three times.

Hahaha … I can finally be with my family! Great Elder, let me accompany you. We will drink and have fun on the Road to River Styx! "

Xiahou Dun rushed out of Primeval Chaos Sect, Great Clan Elder, I will open a path for you!

Xiahou Dun's cultivation exploded, his body was like a black dragon, wherever he went, no one could stop him.

Humph! I was waiting for you! "

The enemy leader finally made his move as he charged straight at Xiahou Dun. His berserk aura even pushed away the flying boats in the surroundings.

Seeing that, Xiahou Dun immediately laughed wildly, Hahaha … 5-dan pinnacle? Let me experience this power once again. Great Elder, follow me closely!

The Great Elder laughed involuntarily. At this point, what else could he say. Elder Xiahou, you shouldn't have come out …

He knew how weak his words sounded, if it was not the last resort, Xiahou Dun would not have come out, no matter what he said, it would be unnecessary, so the two of them rushed towards the enemy leader.

Two old things, hand over your lives! the leader of the enemy shouted.

His absolute control over his strength made him feel as if he was looking down at the world from a vantage point. He was like a lofty King controlling the life and death of everyone here.

This time, the great contribution he had made to the Pill Sect would allow his status in the sect to soar, and he would even be conferred the title of Supreme Elder.

Kill! In today's battle, my name will forever be recorded in history. I will kill the two of you, destroy Primeval Chaos Sect, hahaha … Die! "

The sword had erupted with his entire peak Fifth Stage of Martial Monarch Stage's strength, the vast Sword Qi made people feel that he was the righteous one, and that he was the righteous one.


A long spear suddenly appeared in Xiahou Dun's hand. The spear was purple and had dragon patterns on it, when he turned it left and right, the spear's body released a cracking sound, instantly releasing a wild Qi.

The body of the spear began to change. It truly turned into the shape of a dragon. He poured all of his strength into his spear, as if it were alive.


As if a real dragon had appeared in the world, after a dragon's roar, a purple dragon dashed towards the distant Qi Handong.

Load my ass! You dog of the Pill Sect, trash who helped the evil, let's see who dies first!


Their attacks clashed with each other like a calamity, if they were to fight on the mainland, it would definitely cause the entire continent to collapse, and even in the starry sky, the space of Middle Level Star Domain would not be able to handle it.

Numerous terrifying cracks spread out in all directions at the center of the explosion. The difference between the two small realms heavily injured Xiahou Dun and caused him to fly backwards.

However, Qi Handong chased after him with a wild laugh, the Sword Shine in his hands became even more intense, he wanted to slash Xiahou Dun under the sword.

However, at this moment, a blood-red figure suddenly rushed out from his side. The figure was extremely fast and arrived in the blink of an eye.

Hmm? He's just an ant!"

Qi Handong looked at the Great Elder and did not care at all. He had seen the Great Elder kill a lot of his men before, but he felt that it was due to the armor he was wearing.

Thus, he had already become interested in the armor. Seeing that the Great Elder was rushing over, he immediately smiled and extended his hand toward the armor to grab it.

This armor was something that had been prepared for the deathsworn. Once it was worn, he would be unable to take it off until the energy was fully accumulated and erupted with a loud bang, unless the external force could take it off.

The Great Elder had already made up his mind to die, but he suddenly felt his body lighten. The burning sensation instantly disappeared, and the armor disappeared. He was stunned for a moment, then quickly retreated.


A violent explosion burst out from the armor. Qi Handong didn't look too good, but it was already too late. He could only watch helplessly as the flames from the explosion engulfed him.

In the distance.

I've seen people who don't care about their lives, but I've never seen anyone who seeks death so desperately. This guy actually sacrificed himself to save someone at such a crucial moment. Should I thank him?

The Great Elder had just survived a calamity, and he had a look of disbelief on his face.

Xiahou Dun spat out a mouthful of blood, his expression was a little dispirited, but he still said excitedly: Hahaha … If a person does not court death, then he will not die. However, you were clearly courting death, yet you were saved by him. You should thank him.

Not only did the explosion engulf Qi Handong, it also engulfed the surrounding flying boats. The remaining people saw that their leader had died and scattered. In the blink of an eye, the danger was resolved.


Boom! *

At this moment, before the two of them could rejoice, a beam of light shot towards them. The Great Elder's body was penetrated and he turned into ashes.


When Xiahou Dun saw the Great Clan Elder turn into dust in front of him, his eyes immediately widened. When he raised his head, he saw the flying boats that were fleeing in the distance being destroyed one by one.

The flying boats that symbolized the Pill Sect appeared out of nowhere. They did not differentiate between friend or foe, and immediately began their slaughter. In just half an incense's time, other than Xiahou Dun, there was nothing else in the entire area.

It was too late to run now because the other party had appeared with tens of thousands of flying boats. Even the sect head of the Pill Sect was among them. All of the vassal forces followed closely behind him.

Xiahou Dun could faintly feel that there were about a dozen powerful auras with cultivations that surpassed his. He despaired in his heart, just a moment ago, he was overjoyed that he had been able to survive.

Xiahou Dun? You're not dead yet?"

At this time, Liu Lanting, who was standing opposite him, recognized Xiahou Tun and asked in surprise.

However, he immediately laughed out loud, "Xiahou Dun, you actually went to the Primeval Chaos Sect, you're really hungry! If you had submitted to the Pill Sect back then, you wouldn't have ended up like this.

I will give you another chance today, be loyal to the Pill Sect, I can free myself from you, and with your cultivation, you will at least be an elder in Primeval Chaos Sect. If you open the Primeval Chaos Sect and let me in, I will remember your meritorious service and bestow upon you another reward … "


Xiahou Dun gritted his teeth, he knew all about the Pill Sect. It was they who had caused the death of his entire family, including his wife, his parents, and many other relatives.

Back then, if not for Shen Longxuan's appearance, and the fact that he saved both father and son, his entire family would have disappeared long ago.

Even now, the Pill Sect was still recruiting him, and he would rather die than agree.

You bastards of the Pill Sect have killed my family. I am already irreconcilable with you. If you want to beat me up, I will accompany you. If you want to talk, then shut your dog mouth.

F * ck! You dare to speak to the sect master like that, are you tired of living? "

Just as Xiahou Dun finished speaking, there were people who immediately pointing at him and scolding him.

Enough! They are all pedant people, how could he know what big things our Pill Sect is doing. The two of you look after him while the rest of you blast open the Primeval Chaos Sect for me, I want to see what exactly is inside! "

With over ten thousand flying boats attacking together, this kind of power had already exceeded the limit that the poison ring of sun and moon could bear. Just one round of attacks was enough to cause cracks to appear on the surface.

Everyone in Primeval Chaos Sect was panicking, only Xiahou Jie looked at the people around him, then looked at his father who was outside, his eyes turning red.

He did not complete his father's task. Just now, due to his hesitation, he did not leave for Primeval Chaos Sect, because it was already too late for him to leave. As long as the defenses outside were broken, Primeval Chaos Sect would be completely exposed.

What awaited them was extinction.

Are you afraid of death? Xiahou Jie glared at him and made his decision.

There were already tens of thousands of disciples in the Primeval Chaos Sect. They were all outstanding alchemists and alchemy apprentices who had been raised by the Primeval Chaos Sect over the years.

Xiahou Jie had also become an alchemist, he had always loved to be arrogant and despotic, but ever since he came here, everything had been restrained, as though he had grown up overnight.

Amongst these disciples, he was an existence similar to the First Senior Brother. Therefore, when Yang Ba died, when the Great Clan Elder fell and his father was captured alive, only he could be considered alive.

His shout woke up the flustered crowd. They had already woken up from their daze. They probably wouldn't be able to be merciful today. They would either die standing, or kneel down and die …

We are not afraid of death. First Senior Brother, what should we do?

That's right! Senior Brother Xiahou, even if we risk our lives today, we won't be able to let them off easily. However, our cultivation is too low.

That's right! Senior-apprentice Brother Xiahou, why don't we surrender … "

Before the man finished speaking, Xiahou Jie raised his hand and pointed with a finger. The man instantly turned into ashes, and he loudly said: "As disciples of the Primeval Chaos Sect, I wish to live and die with the Primeval Chaos Sect.

He actually dares to surrender, Primeval Chaos Sect does not need this kind of person, who would want to surrender? "

Xiahou Jie's aura surged, his eyes were red, his expression warped, his current appearance, was extremely terrifying.

"The Pill Sect came precisely for our Primordius Pill Refining Arts. Not only do they want to kill us, they also want to seize our inheritance. Everyone, listen to our orders and stand at your own positions, help me detonate the Primeval Chaos Sect and die with them.

The Primeval Chaos Sect disciples were infected by him and shouted loudly.

If there is an afterlife, I will be your junior brother again!

If there is an afterlife, I will be your junior brother again!

Shouts came out of the mouth of the Primeval Chaos Sect disciples and they all flew to different corners of the space.


Another heavy blow. The poison ring of sun and moon was already making cracking noises, and in this state, it was definitely unable to withstand the third strike.

Everyone, prepare yourself. Pour all of your strength into the formation base in front of you …

Xiahou Jie shouted.

This Primeval Chaos Sect Base was originally a treasure of the Poison Sect. In order to prevent it from falling into the hands of the enemy, there was a formation to self-destruct. As long as the base was lit up, there would be a huge explosion.

Xiahou Jie's orders came out, and one array base after another lit up.

Everyone was waiting for the Pill Sect's final strike. As long as the poison ring of sun and moon crumbled, the self-destructing array would activate, turning everything within a million miles into ruins.

At this moment, it was as if time had stopped and the disciples of the Primeval Chaos Sect could only hear their own heartbeats. They had already made the determination to die, and were willing to avenge their Sect Master upon her return.


A violent explosion came from the outside, but that intense vibration did not appear. Xiahou Jie almost ignited the array formation, at the moment, he raised his head, an image that shocked everyone appeared in front of him.

It was unknown what was causing the explosion of the Pill Sect's flying boat, but the commotion from earlier was due to this.

Look over there!

Some sharp-eyed people pointed with their fingers.

In the distance, a battleship over a hundred thousand li long came into view. Over ten thousand of its cannons fired and ten thousand weapons fired at the same time, forming a net of light that enveloped all of the Pill Sect's flying ships.

In just a few breaths, over half of the ten thousand flying ships of the Pill Sect had been destroyed. Moreover, after the sound of all the cannons firing, another round of explosions occurred on this battleship.

The Pill Sect's flying boat was reduced by another third.

This was not the end. Behind these secondary battleships, over a hundred 300-mile battleships flew out. Behind the battleships, tens of thousands of feet large battleships flew out.

As soon as they appeared, they immediately charged towards the flying boats of the Pill Sect. The remaining few ships were destroyed in an instant.

From the start till now, it had not even been an incense stick's worth of time. The Pill Sect didn't even have the time to counterattack before more than nine thousand flying boats were killed.

The rest were all specially crafted flying boats by the Pill Sect. They had added blue fine crystal s within them, and although there were some injuries, they were quickly recovering.

However, they did not have the heart to fight anymore. They scattered in all directions, and their speed was even faster than lightning. The small battleship quickly chased after them.

They destroyed the fleeing flying boats one by one, but some escaped the net.

In addition, the flying boat had exploded, causing some martial cultivator with powerful cultivations to escape from the flying boat and take advantage of the chaos to fly away.

Although the battle between the flying boats were extremely shocking and had an explosive power, they were still unable to kill them all. Because the battlefield was too big, a martial cultivator was like a mosquito

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