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Friendship of Desire

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Friendship of Desire

Longueur: 202 pages2 heures


Tom and Samantha. Feisty friends from childhood who feel like they know each other inside out, until the day comes when one of them suggests they go to a BDSM club together, and become formal play partners. Pushing the limits of what each of them can individually stand in their lifelong friendship, they attract and repel like magnets, until the time comes when they must choose how they will relate to one another - and what kind of relationship they will go on to have in the future.

Whilst on this journey of discovery, the two of them meet and make a new friend - Alexis. A young woman with a hidden and secretive past, and a mystery surrounding the relationship she has - or has had - with a renowned business entrepreneur who begins to integrate himself into Samantha's life, unknown to any of them whether he has done it for him, or for her ... or for Alexis, being the mysterious link from his past.

**NOTE FROM AUTHOR**: While Friendship of Desire is set in the Painful Deliverance storyline, and does feature Alexis, Lincoln and Anthony, this book is a separate story of Tom and Samantha (from book #2 - Darkness of Heart). It is a coming of age story and does not have any adult content in it (unlike Painful Deliverance / Darkness of Heart, both of which are extremely explicit). Friendship of Desire can easily be read as a standalone coming of age novel. Enjoy!

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