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Profound Dragon Warlord: Volume 23

Profound Dragon Warlord: Volume 23

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Profound Dragon Warlord: Volume 23

607 pages
8 heures
Mar 15, 2020


He was an orphan on Earth with no one to depend on and a coward who could not punch his way out of a paper bag. All he left was his resentment against the evil of the world after being beaten to death.

He was a descendant of an ancient noble family on the Profound Dragon Continent. He resigned from his honorable position with the determination to rejuvenate his decaying family. However, being murdered by someone in his family only left his lofty aspirations never accomplished.

Two men came from different worlds, yet shared the same name. A soul full of resentment merged into a body with an unaccomplished mission. For the lifelong dreams of each other, they embarked on a long journey of cultivation.

How could a weak coward evolve into an unrivaled cultivator? How could he win back the glories of his family? And would he bring order and peace out of chaos and confusion that the Profound Dragon Continent was faced with.

☆About the Author☆

Hei Ying(黑影) is a Chinese web novel writer, whose stories feature the ups and downs in the exciting plots. He is skilled in creating imaginary worlds through his exquisite style of writing.

Mar 15, 2020

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Profound Dragon Warlord - Hei Ying



At this moment, Shen Longxuan stood at the top of the city walls, and was looking at the Ghosty Demon King in the distance.

As for the Thunder Emperor, he had completely entered into his meditative state. However, as he looked at the endless group of Ghosty Demon, he couldn't help but worry for them.

These Ghosty Demon King are too vicious, they actually wanted to use the Ghosty Demon's corpse to build a city and bury our walls, then continue forward.

Nine-Headed Wolf King understood the other party's intention.

This was because this kind of thing happened quite often in the Extraterritorial World.

In the Extraterritorial World, there were countless of creatures, but what they lacked the most was cannon fodder. These creatures were born into Destruction, and died from Destruction.

Every time the Faded Astral Wind covered Extraterritorial World, countless creatures would be born. They did not come from the main body, but were naturally raised.

Because of this, the creatures here did not have bloodline feelings, nor did they have flesh and blood. In their world, they only had themselves. They did not care about the lives of other creatures at all.

Therefore, the other Ghosty Demon King s were only slightly surprised by the three-headed hell dog's words, but they did not object.

And because of this, the Ghosty Demon that blotted out the sky and covered the earth started to crazily charge.

It was unknown when, but a heaven shaking battle drum sound came from the Ghosty Demon's group.

Dong dong dong …

Every single strike struck their hearts. When the Ghosty Demon on the battlefield heard it, their eyes turned bloodthirsty. They no longer felt any fear.

Hot Blood Battle Drum!

Nine-Headed Wolf King and Celestial Eagle King shouted at the same time.

The Hot Blooded Battle Drum can let the Ghosty Demon race become fearless. In their hearts, they can only kill and stimulate the potential of the Ghosty Demon to the maximum. It seems that they are serious now.

After Nine-Headed Wolf King's explanation, everyone understood that the enemy had already used all their strength to attack the city, and the most brutal battle was about to begin.

The war chariot continued to rumble as the energy cannon continued to launch. The damage they caused did did did not decrease, and their power was still earthshaking. However, they dealt a lot less damage to the Ghosty Demon than before.

More and more Ghosty Demon rushed towards the city wall. Even though they were being killed by the sharp blades on the city wall and shattered by the small sized energy cannon, they still charged forward fearlessly.

More and more bodies were lying on the ground, and blood was flowing in rivers. It was just as the three hellhounds had said, they were using these corpses to build a tunnel and submerge the city walls.

In just a single day, the corpses piled up at the bottom of the city wall were already hundreds of thousands of feet high. In this distance, the sharp blades on the city wall were useless.

The battle continued, the fighting became even more intense, the small windows in the city wall had already opened, and the martial cultivator in the city had already personally participated in the battle.

These small windows were not just for decoration. They also contained formations that could enhance one's fighting strength by at least one small realm.

Currently, the people hiding in the small window were all experts of the ninth stage or higher of the Sovereign Stage. Their battle strength was close to the peak, and some of them were even able to unleash battle strength that surpassed the peak.

Gradually, the windows were also blocked by the corpses. The entire battlefield was like a huge meat grinder, the speed at which they were being strangled was so fast that the blocked windows didn't have any time to clean it up.

Human experts had no choice but to seal these submerged windows. This was because the Ghosty Demon s that had died had a large amount of demonic energy leaking out, gushing into the city and causing corrosion.

Dong dong dong …

The battle drums kept on beating, causing the Ghosty Demon to go completely crazy. Death did not bring them any fear, on the contrary, destruction and killing were just like their food.

Shen Longxuan saw some Ghosty Demon soldiers evolve into Ghost Generals on the battlefield with his own eyes, and some of them even had Ghost Generals that defied the heavens evolving into Ghost King. Although there weren't many of them, it was clear that this kind of slaughter and destruction was their fastest method of advancement.

The city walls have already been half submerged with corpses. This is the first time I've seen such a battle. Lightning Emperor, looks like we need to change our fighting style …

When Shen Longxuan just finished speaking, Shen Shisan walked over. All the dominating stage rankers did not move, there were only a few people shuttling around the city walls fighting.

"Dad, don't worry. When we were building the city, I placed a lightning crystal inside your array. As long as you activate it, it can immediately form a lightning field around the city.

Although it will not last long, within two hours, it will turn everything within a thousand miles of the city into dust. "

Oh? That is something I would never have thought of, you did well, then let them kill you, let them see hope, then turn into despair, when that time comes, we will seize the chance to launch a surprise attack and completely eliminate these Ghosty Demon.

Shen Longxuan was overjoyed, he did not expect this, but Shen Shisan had done it, he would definitely be able to catch his enemy off guard.

Three days later, only less than a third of the city walls remained, the entire area below was already buried in corpses, and the corpses of the Ghosty Demon were as hard as iron, their blood congealing, the corpse mountain was actually stronger than the earth.

Seeing that they were about to succeed, the Ghosty Demon King s behind the Ghosty Demon were all excited beyond belief.

How is it everyone? My method of paving the way is not bad, right? It only took four days to achieve such a result. Our warriors will probably step into the city and destroy mankind in another day.

The three hellhounds were extremely pleased with themselves as they spoke.

According to him, the Human Clan's fighting strength was low, as long as he rushed into the city, he would take him down with a hundred percent certainty.

Ghost King Hellhound, although your method has suffered great losses, it is still quite effective. We should split it up now and distribute the dominating stage's martial cultivator s in the city.

We only have a few dozen dominating stage s in total. What's there to be divided between them? Each of us will get one, and the rest will be given to the primary Ghosty Demon King s.

Good! If we take down this city and open a path, the entire Chaotic World would be ours, would we still need a little more dominating stage? The benefits are later! "

Hahaha …

Many of the Ghosty Demon King s had already treated the city and the passage as their own, and even treated the Chaotic World as their own.

Tomorrow, we will launch an all-out attack!

On this day, the Ghosty Demon s were especially ferocious, they disregarded their own safety and rushed to their deaths, at midnight, the mountain of corpses outside the city walls had already risen to the height of a city wall.

The two sides had already engaged in close combat.

Dong dong dong …

All the way until dawn, the battle drum's sound suddenly became intense, the Ghosty Demon's team suddenly shouted Kill! and all the Ghosty Demon's team started to charge forward at the same time.

Charge into the city, slaughter the Human Clan, enter the Chaotic World, hahaha …



Just at this moment, Shen Longxuan led the Flame Devil King, Nine-Headed Wolf King, Shen Linger, the Thunder Emperor and a few other experts of the dominating stage to attack together.

Although they did not have a large number of people, their aura was not weak at all.

That aura surged through the world, enveloping the entire battlefield, as if this was his territory and he was the ruler of this space.


What? Emperor? "

The Ghosty Demon King who had yet to rush up were instantly shocked. They could only feel the aura of an Emperor from Shen Longxuan's body, which could not be faked.

This point may not seem very obvious to the Human Clan, for example the Thunder Emperor and the others. They only felt that Shen Longxuan's Qi was strong, but it did not surpass the dominating stage.

But in the Extraterritorial World, this kind of aura was known as the emperor. The emperor not only had his own Domain, but he could also control the life and death of any living being in the midst of the Domain.

Seeing Shen Longxuan release such an aura, the Ghosty Demon King who were rushing forward hesitated for a moment.

Oh my god! Look! "

The Ghosty Demon King saw from afar, those mountains of corpses that they had painstakingly piled up, actually started to boil?

That's right! It was as if there was a mysterious power hidden underneath that was trying to melt the mountain of corpses.

Rumble rumble rumble!

The sky and the earth trembled as countless Purple Thunderbolt s scuttled out from the boiling corpses. In an instant, they turned into a lightning domain, and all the corpses within were burnt to ashes by the lightning.

This... I... I think we should leave! Some Ghosty Demon King started to retreat.

The mountain of corpses had already been destroyed. They had no advantage at all. The other side still had a likely Emperor level powerhouse. If they continued to fight, they would easily lose their lives!

"What are you afraid of? Even without these, we have so many Great Devil King, but we can still take them down. That human Emperor's Qi is simply a fake.

We, the eight s, will go up and kill him immediately. The rest of the Ghosty Demon King s will annihilate the remaining dominating stage s, and the rest will be easily dismissed.

Are you guys going to do it or not? "

"The Demon Emperor wanted us Demon King s to attack together. His goal is to capture him in one go.

I did it too!

Many Demon King expressed their opinions.

Then why are you still hesitating? Scatter! Charge!

The Ghosty Demon King were not stupid. They were still wary of the attacks of the energy cannon, even though its power was not too strong, its speed was still too fast.

If he were to be hit multiple times, he would inevitably be injured.

Senior Lei Huang, those intermediate Ghosty Demon King s belong to us. You just need to focus your attacks to eliminate those primary Ghosty Demon King s. Thirty energy cannon s to lock onto one primary Ghosty Demon King is enough to kill!

Shen Longxuan said indifferently: "Flame Devil King, Nine-Headed Wolf King, you two cooperate to kill the intermediate Ghosty Demon King, Shen Shisan, Shen Linger, you two work together to kill the primary Ghosty Demon King.

This time, we will finish the battle quickly and completely destroy the Ghosty Demon troops.

After Shen Longxuan finished speaking, he had already taken a step forward, and directly appeared in front of a Giant Alligator Ghosty Demon King.

The giant crocodile was still charging forward when a shadow suddenly appeared before its eyes. Not only did it not stop, it even increased its speed and charged forward.

The body of the giant alligator was covered with a thick layer of armor, its toughness comparable to steel. Even middle stage Ghosty Demon King of the same level would be wary of this, let alone the Human Clan in front of him.

Little Human Clan, I'll trample you to death!

The Giant Alligator's expression was vicious, its two front claws instantly stepping towards Shen Longxuan's body. According to its imagination, if it were to kick, Shen Longxuan would definitely turn into ashes.

Dong! Dong!

After that, two figures of Shen Longxuan disappeared in front of the Giant Alligator. However, not only did the Giant Alligator not rejoice, it even felt a sharp pain coming from its two feet.


The huge inertia caused his huge body to fall straight to the ground, creating a huge gap.

When he looked at his feet, he realized that both of them had been penetrated.


Damn it! What is this?

The crocodile discovered that the wound on its foot could not be healed in such a short period of time. Even if it were to consume double of its energy, it still would not be able to do so.

Shen Longxuan suddenly appeared in front of him with a nine-coloured great sword.

Coming here was your biggest mistake!

Before Shen Longxuan even finished his sentence, a sword slashed across.


It was so fast that it could not believe it, the Giant Alligator had no time to react, but he understood, this was the Human Clan's emperor.

The head of the Giant Alligator was sliced off by Shen Longxuan's sword, his soul was destroyed, and it was even destroyed along with his origin.

Shen Longxuan looked at the Giant Alligator in front of him. An intermediate Ghosty Demon King was an existence that he was once unable to resist.

He had a new evaluation of his own strength, and without further ado, he walked towards the other Intermediate Ghosty Demon King.

At this moment, Flame Devil King and Nine-Headed Wolf King were surrounding and attacking an explosive King Kong Ape. Although this guy was a Ghosty Demon King, his strength and defense were extremely strong.

Amongst all of the Ghosty Demon King s present, he was ranked among the top three in terms of strength, but in front of the Flame Devil King, he was still not enough.

Even if he wanted to escape, it was just a dream. He was now regretting his decision to split up and move out. Was it not good enough to be together?

At the same time, Shen Linger controlled the Celestial Eagle King, adding Shen Shisan, they surrounded an Intermediate Ghosty Demon King and exploded outwards.

Shen Linger had long ago unleashed his heavy water boundary with all his might, and not only was the Ghosty Demon King under threat, even the surrounding Ghosty Demon s were affected as well.

Shen Shisan's lightning was even more tyrannical. Although it was not enough to kill the middle Ghosty Demon King, it was enough to numb them, providing time for Shen Linger and the Celestial Eagle King to attack.

Furthermore, above the city, several hundred energy cannon were attacking at the same time. All of their targets were elementary Ghosty Demon King s, but in reality, the aftermath of the explosion of so many energy cannon was already enough to kill countless of them.

Shen Longxuan did not leave the city too far. His speed was incomparable to anyone on the battlefield, and under the enveloping of the faintly discernible Domain, the strength of all the Ghosty Demon dropped.

It could be said that even if the energy cannon were to target Shen Longxuan, it wouldn't be able to hit him.

Under this kind of absolute strength, he was already able to control this battle, and any middle Ghosty Demon King that approached him would be mercilessly slaughtered by him.

It was really as easy as cutting a melon and cutting vegetables.

The three hellhounds had seen Shen Longxuan's prowess from afar. He had deliberately dragged it behind, because he wanted to see if this expert from the Human Clan was the real emperor or not.

The result was as he expected.

It did not take Shen Longxuan any effort to kill them, a middle Ghosty Demon King.

Even if there were eighty of them, it still wouldn't be enough for them to kill.

Furthermore, Shen Longxuan's control of his strength had already reached an unimaginable level.

If the Extraterritorial World's Emperor were to come here, the battle would definitely cause the space to collapse. It would be okay to kill him, but the passageway would definitely be destroyed as well.

That way, there would be no point in fighting over it.

That was why the emperors of the Extraterritorial World were not willing to help, but it was not permanent. Once the passage was completely stable and even the power of the emperors could not destroy it, then the Ghosty Demon King s would have no use.

Therefore, now was the best time for Ghosty Demon King.

But from the looks of it, there was also an Emperor in the Human Clan, which seemed to be even more terrifying than the one in the Extraterritorial World.

The other two Intermediate Ghosty Demon King s saw that the situation was not good and slipped away as well. Those Primary Ghosty Demon King s who were confused by the explosion also ran away.

The entire battle ended just like that, Shen Longxuan did not let his guard down, and led his men to clean up the surrounding battlefield.

Within the city, the people of Thunder Clan started to cheer loudly.


The battle was too arduous. It took six whole days without a single break. Even these experts were tired from such a high intensity battle.

Especially the Human Emperor and the Spirit Demon Emperor who were controlling the energy cannon, they had almost used up all of their energy.

After cleaning up the battlefield, everyone returned.

They surrounded Shen Longxuan and the others like stars surrounding the moon.

Although there were also casualties in this battle, compared to the Ghosty Demon, they were negligible.

This kind of achievement completely relied on the defense of the entire city and everyone present. The most surprising thing was Shen Tianlei's chariot, which gave them an unexpected surprise.

But the most important thing was still Shen Longxuan's energy cannon, as well as the battle power of Shen Longxuan and the others, Shen Linger, Shen Shisan, Flame Devil King, Nine-Headed Wolf King and the others, these experts had all played a decisive role in this battle.

Of course, the most breathtaking one would be Shen Longxuan, as the ones he stopped in the middle of the battle were all Ghosty Demon King, and those world-shaking Rankers would not even be able to withstand a single blow from Shen Longxuan.

Using Shen Tianlei's words, killing them was like killing a dog!

This battle was the first battle for Thunder Clan to enter the Extraterritorial World. Its victory was the greatest encouragement to the Thunder Clan and it was also the greatest protection to the entire Chaotic World.

The Ghosty Demon that came to attack could be said to be the strongest battle that Shen Longxuan had ever experienced. If he had such a strong attack the moment he entered the Extraterritorial World, the entrance would have been broken through long ago.

Being able to hold on to it this time meant that the Chaotic World's strength was increasing, and even his own people were progressing by leaps and bounds.

Shen Longxuan now had a deeper understanding of his own strength. He had heard the Ghosty Demon King call him Emperor, could it be that his current strength had already surpassed the realm of Ghost King?

"But I don't feel much different? Could it be that the creation of the blood of soul caused my strength to soar once again?

Perhaps because my soul power has greatly increased, my control over my power has reached a whole new level. In short, it must be due to the last time I devoured it. "

Shen Longxuan had already decided that he would definitely challenge the nine floor magic realm.

If he went himself, he wouldn't be in such a sorry state, and in addition, his strength had increased by a lot, so there definitely wouldn't be any problems within the first floor.

And because Shen Longxuan saw his parents and children once again, he opened the knot in his heart to blame himself. He also released the hatred in his heart, allowing him to feel the great power of love.

Because of this love, he could display even more strength. Because he had a sense of perseverance in his heart, guarding his family and friends. Every time he thought of this, his body would be filled with strength.

He, who was extremely intelligent, comprehended the Boundless Love from it. He saw the gratitude and expectation from the eyes of every person in Thunder Clan for the victory in this war.

And the people he brought along, such as the Human Emperor and the Demon Emperor, they all felt a kind of worship towards him.

All of this made him feel that his efforts had not been in vain, and now they were all rewarded.

In this Extraterritorial World, there was no energy for martial cultivator to cultivate in the first place, but he could feel a power gathering towards him unceasingly.

He knew that this was the faith that the people of the Chaotic World had in him. Unknowingly, his body was covered by a layer of light that made him look holy and inviolable.

A few days later, news came from the Thunder Clan. When the Thunder Clan Ancestor woke up, he was already in the city.

Ancestor Lei even went straight to Shen Longxuan's residence and greeted him with a bow.

His strength had already returned to the middle stage of the dominating stage and the pressure of the lightning all over his body caused space to distort naturally.

This was because he had been dormant for a thousand years and had just recovered his strength. He wasn't used to it yet, but he was still unable to freely release and redirect his power.

Thank you so much! Please accept this old man's bow! "

Shen Longxuan did not stop him this time and endured the bow of the lightning ancestor. This was because in this world where strength reigned supreme, he could completely accept it now.

When the Thunder Grandmaster stood up, Shen Longxuan also bowed.

In order to protect the Chaotic World, Ancestor Lei used his body to guard it. Using his soul as an example for the thousand great developments of the Chaotic World, he was actually a role model for my generation. Compared to Ancestor Lei, my actions are nothing …

When the Thunder Ancestor entered, he did not take a good look at Shen Longxuan. Now that he saw Shen Longxuan, his eyes immediately widened and he hurriedly dodged to the side.

Shen … I think it's time I call you the Emperor of the Profound Dragon! "

When he came, he had heard that Shen Longxuan's people were all called Profound Dragon God, that's why he said that.

Profound Dragon Emperor?

Others might not know about it, but the Thunder Emperor did. He asked in shock, Ancestor, you mean the Dear Nephew Longxuan … He was promoted to the Emperor?

"Of course! When I was in my prime, I was at the level of an emperor.

Ancestor Lei laughed and said, Hahaha … The Emperor has appeared again in my Chaotic World, looks like my Human Clan has hope! "

Ancestor Lei, I still don't understand. What kind of Emperor is he? Shen Longxuan asked.

Ancestor Lei was obviously very excited as he continued, Since you are already the Emperor of the Profound Dragon, then don't call me Ancestor. We should call you brother.

The head of the Thunder Emperor and the others were filled with black lines. Their status dropped by who knew how much.

"Brother Shen, you don't have to be embarrassed. Even if you are not the Emperor, your son Shen Shisan has also become my successor. We are still of the same generation.

Alright, let's not talk about that. Today, everyone is here, I'll just tell you guys about the strength division of martial cultivator after reaching the dominating stage.

In reality, this division was obtained from the Extraterritorial World.

Be it Demon King, or Demon Kings, or even Magical Beast Kings, all of them would encounter a bottleneck once they reached the middle level. But as long as they broke through this bottleneck and stepped into the peak of the middle level, they would become emperors.

They called this type of emperor the pseudo emperor, but their strength had already made a qualitative leap. When their strength crossed the intermediate stage and reached the high level Demon King, that was true Emperor.

Beneath the same strength, the martial cultivator s of our Human Clan are the same. When the dominating stage reaches the peak of the middle stage, even if it is the Emperor, it is obviously still the pseudo emperor. Only at the late stage will it become the true Emperor. "

Ancestor Lei's eyes were filled with hope, the Emperor was a realm where every dominating stage hoped to advance.

"The name 'Emperor' isn't just pleasant to hear, it's because after one becomes an emperor, there will be a type of Domain. When this kind of Domain covers the entire world, that's the true ruler.

Younger Brother Shen, how far has your Domain covered? "

The Lei Ancestor was curious, but quickly followed: Because I have just recovered, the Domain has covered an area of a million Li, in this kind of Domain, my strength will increase by several fold.

Shen Longxuan had never tried how far his Domain could cover, but he knew it would definitely be more than a million Li.

Brother Ley, I'm also a million miles away. Only in this large space can I be of the greatest use.


Everything ended here, and the news came from the Chaotic World. After the other Five Great Races obtained Shen Longxuan's inheritance, they all opened up a path, constructed a city, and resurrected the patriarch who was guarding it.

This was undoubtedly very good news.

The Chaotic World already controlled the nine great tunnels. This guarantee guaranteed that the Chaotic World would not be harmed by the Extraterritorial World for a short period of time.

As the Chaotic World grew stronger, the defenses of the tunnels would get stronger and stronger.

Shen Longxuan felt much more relaxed now that he had found the Thunder Grandmaster.

Big brother Lei, I want to go out for a walk. Although the other five races have my inheritance, I still think we should go take a look.

Shen Longxuan said with a smile.

He knew that with Shen Longxuan's current cultivation, even if it was in the Extraterritorial World s, he would still stand at the peak, and it didn't matter where he went.

Brother Shen, you're right, but Extraterritorial World is very dangerous, you should be careful, especially those danger zones, it's best if you don't go there.

Elder brother Lei, do you know of the danger zones of Extraterritorial World?

"Of course. When I first arrived at Extraterritorial World, I was brimming with youth and had a breakthrough with the help of the lightning here.

I have even traversed through places where not even the beings of Extraterritorial World dared to go. Although I have obtained some fortuitous encounters, I have also suffered heavy injuries and almost died a few times.

That's why I advised you not to be impulsive. I heard that you guys had accidentally entered the nine floor magic realm before and were able to walk out because of your luck.

Shen Longxuan understood Thunder Grandmaster's intentions. He did not want him to take the risk because his current position was different from the old days.

Even if he did not fight, he was still a form of deterrence within the Extraterritorial World. After the last battle, Shen Longxuan's name had already spread throughout the entire Ghosty Demon Clan.

In reality, Ancestor Lei didn't say it explicitly, and Shen Longxuan knew that some emperors had noticed him. If they knew he was walking in the Extraterritorial World, they would definitely go and rob him.

If he entered the danger zone and was trapped inside, he would most likely die.

However, this matter is related to the safety of Chaotic World, so I do not dare to lower my guard. Especially the territory of magical beast clan, which is what I am the most worried about.

It is said that the Magical Beast is extremely powerful and is the leader of the three great races in the Extraterritorial World. I am most worried about the four entrances there … "

Compared to Ghosty Demon Clan and the Devil Clan, magical beast clan was the most terrifying. Not only did they have a strong body, they also had a powerful mana.

The number of magical beast clan s were not many, but they were all elites. Any one of them could easily crush a whole group of the other two races.

In Nine Great Clans, the entrances to dark clan and Thunder Clan were in Ghosty Demon Clan's territory; the entrances to Ice Clan, fire clan, and Wind Clan were in Devil Clan; and the entrances to the Gold, Wood, Earth, and Light Clans were in magical beast clan's territory.

The Wind Clan need not worry, the first place Shen Longxuan wanted to go to was the entrance to the Wood Clan's passage.

Shen Shisan had accepted the inheritance of the Lei Ancestor, so he still had some areas that he had yet to comprehend, so he decided to stay and continue his studies. The others did not wish to burden Shen Longxuan, nor did they wish to return to his space of the pubic region, so they stayed behind.

Xuanyuan Jing said that once everything was settled, they would head back to the Chaotic World and continue cultivating until they could level up to the dominating stage and fight in the Extraterritorial World.

After arranging everything, Shen Longxuan left with ease.

He brought Flame Devil King and Nine-Headed Wolf King on a journey to Magical Beast Clan's territory.

Master, this time you have to capture a fellow from magical beast clan as your pet. If the two of us help you, we will definitely succeed.

On the way, Nine-Headed Wolf King said excitedly.

What good is it for you to be so positive?

"Master, the benefits are great. If you accept the Magical Beast as your pet, then the two of us can be his big brother. You don't know, the Magical Beast Clan is extremely arrogant.

They simply look down on us two races. Therefore, even if we wanted to step on him, we have to make him our little brother. With the suppression from our master, he wouldn't dare to resist.

When I thought about the Magical Beast's appearance back then, I felt that it was really funny. Isn't that right, Brother Infernal King? "

Flame Devil King's face was still cold, he did not look at him, and only focused on rushing forward.

Master, look. It's exactly like this, hahaha …

Along the way, Nine-Headed Wolf King was entertaining himself, laughing until his nine heads swayed.

Master, we seem to be heading towards the nine floor magic realm! You can't be thinking of …" Flame Devil King asked.

That's right, I want to enter again. This time, the two of you can avoid entering …

Before Shen Longxuan could even finish his sentence, the Demon One and Demon One's heads started spinning like a rattle drum. What a joke, that was nine floor magic realm, where people who went in had a slim chance of survival.

Last time they could walk out, it was all because of Shen Longxuan, but that almost took his life.

They were beast tamed beasts. If their master were to die, they would be done for as well. It would be better to just follow them in and fight for their lives!

Alright, then let's go in together. But don't go too far away from me, or stay on the first floor.

After Shen Longxuan finished speaking, he walked in first.

There was originally no border to the ninth stage of the Demon Realm, but at this moment, Shen Longxuan could clearly feel its existence.

The moment he walked in, the scenery in front of him changed.

A familiar feeling came over him, along with a chilly wind. However, after it blew past, there were no creaking sounds, nor were the bones on the ground assembled together.

It seems that this layer has been drained of all its energy. There is no more power.

As Shen Longxuan was muttering to himself, Nine-Headed Wolf King and Flame Devil King also walked in.

When they saw this scene, they immediately became happy.

Master, it seems that the demonic realm is broken. Let's hurry up and go! Nine-Headed Wolf King laughed awkwardly.

He still remembered how he almost died here. Now that he saw that everything was fine, shouldn't he quickly escape?

Let's go to the second floor!

Shen Longxuan did not want to give up just like that. The energy here was comparable to the thousands of Great Devil King s and Ghosty Demon King s he had devoured.

Furthermore, he felt that for a dead zone to have a distinct hierarchy, there must be a heavy treasure among them.

With Shen Longxuan's strength, it was extremely difficult for him to improve. Other than accumulating strength over time, it was also a matter of obtaining an opportunity. nine floor magic realm might be a danger zone in the eyes of others, but in his eyes, this was an opportunity.

This place was no longer dangerous. Shen Longxuan dispersed the divine power and the outline of this place appeared in his mind.

In reality, the nine floor magic realm was still on the same plane. From the outside to the inside, there were eight barriers, dividing the area into nine levels.

The further one went in, the stronger these eight enchantments were. This meant that the spatial energy within them was more intense.

Shen Longxuan could feel that if he had destroyed this first floor, then his strength should be enough to reach the third or fourth level.

As for going any further, even if his divine power entered, it would be immediately destroyed. He was unable to withstand the berserk energy there.


Shen Longxuan did not hesitate anymore.

nine floor magic realm did not need to find a door, as long as he had enough power to break through the next layer of the barrier, he could enter.

Shen Longxuan activated his divine power and directly walked forward. It was as if he had passed a curtain of water and was slightly obstructed at the beginning. However, he did not spend too much effort to reach the second floor.

Nine-Headed Wolf King and Flame Devil King watched as Shen Longxuan disappeared in a single step, but after walking around for a long time, they still could not find anything, and could only wait in place.

And when Shen Longxuan entered the second floor, he saw countless souls, these souls did not have any consciousness, and quietly floated in this space.

Without saying a word, Shen Longxuan immediately activated Nine Veins Heaven Swallowing Spell and began to devour it.

After an entire two hours, the second floor's soul was completely devoured, and Shen Longxuan was pleasantly surprised to discover that his own blood of soul had already been transformed into one-tenth of a normal soul.

This was a lot more than before. Although his cultivation had not improved, his strength had increased by ten times.

In other words, if he could completely transform into a blood of soul, he could increase his fighting strength by a hundred times. This was not a complete increase in strength, but more so in his control of his strength.

Before he had transformed into a blood of soul, Shen Longxuan felt that his control over his own strength was strong enough, so he could basically completely control it and use the essence of strength with 100% effectiveness.

But now, he realized that power could still be used in this way.

Under the control of the blood of soul, a portion of its power could actually burst out with ten percent of its power. This was only the power of ten percent.

At that time, even if his cultivation had not reached the late stage of the dominating stage, his strength would be enough to crush any strong enemy at the middle stage of the dominating stage.

The more Shen Longxuan thought about it, the more excited he became. Unknowingly, he had reached the third floor.

Wu wu wu …

As soon as he entered, he saw that the sky and earth were dark, and a wind was tearing at his soul. If it weren't for the fact that his soul had grown much stronger, just this gust of wind would have destroyed his soul.

The souls here should have been dispersed by the wind!

Shen Longxuan said somewhat regretfully as he sensed the remaining soul energy on the third floor.

He continued on, feeling the wind grow stronger, as if his soul were being blown out of his body.

But at this time, Shen Longxuan saw a big fish suddenly appear in the sky. Because this big fish was too big, it had covered the sky, and when he first entered, he did not notice it.

Because of Shen Longxuan's movements, this big guy was awakened.


A cry that seemed to come from the ancient times resounded in the air. Shen Longxuan felt the heaven and earth tremble as a sound wave that could be seen with the naked eye, mixed with soul energy, surged over while blotting out the sky.

In that instant, it was like a violent storm.

Shen Longxuan seemed to have seen countless demons, Ghosty Demon s and terrifying creatures that he had never seen before. He guessed that they should be Magical Beast s.

These terrifying beings covered the sky and covered the earth, all roaring at Shen Longxuan. If they did not have any self-control, they would have been scared silly.

Because among these creatures, there were any kind of level, and there were even emperors who surpassed Shen Longxuan in strength.

What is this place?

Shen Longxuan was starting to suspect the origins of the ninth level of Demon Realm. This was way too scary, there was even a big fish in the sky, to be able to release such a powerful Soul Arts, this was definitely a strong guy.

Although he knew that those were the residual souls left behind by the beasts that died here, but to be able to kill so many powerful beings, what kind of terrifying existence was the nine floor magic realm?

Fortunately, these were just residual souls, and their strength was limited. Compared to Shen Longxuan who had already formed his blood of soul, they were still lacking by just a little bit.

Even if there were more, they would have been defeated by Shen Longxuan and devoured by him.

Continue! Big guy!

Shen Longxuan was very happy. This big guy looked scary, but the benefits he received were beyond his expectations.

The big fish in the sky seemed to understand Shen Longxuan's words, it roared angrily, and this time, its fish tail waved, instantly erupting a wave of space shattering.

Shen Longxuan's pupils shrank slightly. He saw that the big fish's tail was slightly flicking and the space had instantly collapsed.

This was no longer a simple soul attack, but the embodiment of strength.

I'll use you as a form of practice!

Not only did Shen Longxuan not retreat, he even channeled his divine power and instantly nine dragons appeared. The space around him that was on the verge of shattering was illuminated by the nine colored brilliance.

Ang Ang …

With the blood of soul's power, it made the nine dragons seem as if they had a mind of their own. Their eyes actually showed color, a manifestation of their intelligence.

Nine Dragons Suppressing the Heavens!

The sky shattered, and Shen Longxuan was about to suppress the entire sky.

After the nine huge dragons absorbed Shen Longxuan's power, they quickly grew. The moment they rose into the air, they had already reached the sky with their tails touching the ground.

The originally shattered space actually began to freeze. That devastating attack just now came and left as fast as it came. It was actually stopped by the nine dragons in midair.

However, this was not the end.

Nine meridians swallowing the Heavens!

Shen Longxuan shouted as nine huge dragons soared into the sky, spiralling in a huge vortex. The terrifying devouring power was much stronger than before.

This was the control over one's strength. Due to the refinement of the blood of soul, it had already started to appear sinister.

At this moment, the gigantic big fish that could cover the sky was pulled down by the whirlpool formed by the nine huge dragons.

Countless souls flew out from its body. Even the wind that blew against the souls of the dead stopped. They had long since been sucked into the vortex, unable to break free.

Shen Longxuan's Nine Veins Heaven Swallowing Art was the real deal now. Nothing in this world could escape from it.

The big fish in the sky quickly became small. It originally covered the sky, but in the blink of an eye, it turned into a small boat.

All of the soul energy that it had absorbed was completely devoured by Shen Longxuan. The big fish wanted to cry, but there were no tears.

In just a blink of an eye, it was snatched away by Shen Longxuan.

Mercy, my lord! I can bring you safely into and out of nine floor magic realm. "

Humph! Who knows if you'll lie to me, or just swallow it up. "

Sir! I, Kun Xu, have never lied to anyone in my entire life. Furthermore, I am the only Holy Beast between the two realms that can open the Sea of the Nether Realm.

I am of great use to you, I can still bring you

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