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Shane and Jonah 3: Valley of the Lawless

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Shane and Jonah 3: Valley of the Lawless

Longueur: 132 pages1 heure


The Homestead Act allowed nesters to move onto open range and build new lives for themselves. But for the cattlemen—and Linc Boormann in particular—it meant giving up land he had previously used, free of charge, to feed and house his vast herds. Boormann’s answer was simple ... to run off the nesters by any means necessary, no matter how brutal.
The merciless execution of one such nester brought wandering gunfighters Shane Preston and Jonah Jones to Wolf Valley, and the minute they arrived, open war was declared in no uncertain terms. But all the odds were stacked against them. They were two men against an army of gun-toughs. The local sheriff was in Boormann’s pocket, so they couldn’t expect any help from him.
But that was the thing about Shane and Jonah. No matter how impossible things looked, there was just no quit in them.
No quit at all.

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