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Learning How to Learn, Learning How to Understand

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Learning How to Learn, Learning How to Understand

Longueur: 300 pages4 heures


Well, I was sent to school and I was told to learn. But nobody ever took the time to tell me how to learn ... and worse, nobody explained to me how understanding worked. So it was up to me to find out what learning was all about and to find out how understanding worked. Indeed, there are tools with which this work can be done, a thinking grid of how to understand. No matter how you may choose to apply this knowledge, I wish you success in whatever you hope to achieve.

There are countless books for teachers on how to teach and for students on how to learn, but Learning How to Learn stands alone in the clear, practical approach it takes in providing teachers, students, parents, administrators, and government officials the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in today's diverse educational settings. It is more than just a philosophy of education. It is a guide of incomparable value for students of all ages who aspire to be autonomous learners and for others, experienced or novice, who may be charged with planning, programming, and executing educational curricula and programs. The many illustrative examples add to its exceptional readability, and the book can be read in its entirety or used as a desk reference for specific topics.
Francis C. Pengitore, Ed. D.
Adjunct Assistant Professor of
Higher Education Administration
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