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Pickled Egg Recipes: Creative Recipes Uses for Pickled Eggs

Pickled Egg Recipes: Creative Recipes Uses for Pickled Eggs

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Pickled Egg Recipes: Creative Recipes Uses for Pickled Eggs

68 pages
15 minutes
Apr 20, 2020


Have you ever had a pickled egg? If not, then you have been really missing out. To be clear a pickled egg is basically a hard-boiled egg that has been cured in an acid (typically vinegar). As with all other preserved foods, the initial intent for pickling eggs was for a longer shelf life, however, as the years went by, more people starting making use of the interesting appearance and taste for other creative means.

In this Pickled Egg Recipe Cookbook, we will explore 30 creative recipes that would be perfect with a spicy meal for yourself or are just seeking a new and interesting appetizer for your dinner parties. These recipes are amazingly easy to follow and are guaranteed to be show stoppers. But enough talking, let’s get cooking!

Apr 20, 2020

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Gordon Rock is the author for hundreds of cookbooks on delicious meals that the 'average Joe' can attempt at home. Including, but definitely not limited to, the Amazon Prime bestseller "Smoking Meat: The Essential Guide to Real Barbecue".Rock is also known for other well-known titles such as "Making Fresh Pasta", "Hot Sauce", "The Paleo Chocolate Lovers" and "Vegan Tacos", just to name a few.Rock has been nominated for various awards and has recently been offered a 'Question & Answers' column in Food and Wine Magazine that will give him a greater medium to respond to all the queries readers may have after attempting his recipes. He has also been honored by the Institution of Culinary Excellence for his outstanding recipes.Gordon Rock grew up in the outskirts of Los Angeles in California, where he graduated from the Culinary Institute of America with honors. He still resides there along with his wife and three kids. He operates a non - profit organization for aspiring cooks who are unable to finance their culinary education and spends practically all his spare time either in the kitchen or around his desk writing.

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Pickled Egg Recipes - Gordon Rock



Do you spend top dollar on pickled eggs when you’re out? Do you sometimes wish that you were able to enjoy a pickled egg without having to get dressed and leave home? Well, we have got you covered as this Pickled Egg Recipe Cookbook will focus on 30 different ways you can enjoy Picked eggs right from the comfort of your own kitchen. These recipes will be perfect if you are just a lover of eggs and seeking an easy way to have a snack that can be stored for up to a couple of months, or even just seeking to try something new with your eggs. We can promise that this will be an interesting and delicious adventure, so we are elated to have you along for the ride.

 Let’s get pickling!

Pickled Eggs & Beets

Now you can give your eggs the same rich earthy flavor of beets.

Serves: 8

Time Needed: 30 minutes (plus resting time)


Eggs (8, hard boiled)

Canned Beets (150z, diced, with liquid)

White Vinegar (1/2 cup)

Sugar (1/2 cup, white)

Water (1/2 cup)

Cinnamon (1/2 tsp., ground)


1.  Peel your hard-boiled eggs and place them in a large mason jar.

2.  Next, create your pickling liquid by

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