COVID-19 Key To Prevention & Survival: 1, #1

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COVID-19 Key To Prevention & Survival: 1, #1

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We had been struck by this Global Pandemic called Novel Corona Virus disease since early 2020. Right now it has already claimed close to 400,000 lives affecting more than 7 million people in over 210 countries worldwide as of May 2020. It has brought entire humanity & its economy to its knees. Since no definitive treatment method has been established to fight COVID-19, our only survival lies on the knowledge of prevention.

This book is exactly based on those Principles & Concepts of Prevention & Survival of COVID-19. Here students will be able to learn the exact Prevention Techniques to avoid COVID-19 infection & specific Survival Strategies to overcome COVID-19 infection if they do get one & return to normal life early.

It will also aid you in understanding the Socio-Economic impact of this pandemic and equip you to be more prepared & empowered for the upcoming growing industries as you step into the Post Corona world.

This E-book has three parts and further sub-divided into 9 chapters covering more than 80 topics about this COVID-19 pandemic. It has an updated factual content written lucidly with a lot of info-graphics for easier understanding of everyone. Additionally you will also get over 50 reference links as downloadable resources for further reading and research work.

This will give you a multi-dimensional insight & a 360 degree view of the whole COVID-19 situation and I strongly believe that it will answer all your questions & you will have a great intuitive learning experience.

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