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Eclectic Leanings - Musings from a Writer's Soul

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Eclectic Leanings - Musings from a Writer's Soul

Longueur: 385 pages5 heures


Delve into the mind of a writer who explores diverse topics such as politics, conch fritters, and Whale Bob, a magical fish that can never be caught.


Award-winning author P.C. Zick offers up a collection of her writings, which span the course of more than two decades. The collection contains her columns, blog posts, editorials, creative nonfiction, and short stories. Many of them won recognition at state and national levels. Eclectic Leanings offers a little bit for all reading tastes.


The pieces begin with her first published essay in 1998 about her mother. She writes about birth, Alzheimer's, and death as she recounts personal stories. Exploration of the aftermath of 9/11 and her own personal 9/11 express universal grief for tragic endings. But there are lighter moments as well when she encounters a woman and her sperm doll. Her quest for the perfect conch fritter ends with metaphors for life and waiting for a revolution results in a bouquet of flowers. She recounts her journeys to Morocco, Panama, Italy, Chile, and good old Route 66 in the U.S.A.


There are sighs and tears and laughter within the pages of Eclectic Leanings. And hopefully thoughtful musings from the writer will turn into civil and considerate discussion even when we disagree.

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