Faith's Christmas Wish: A Holiday Novel

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Faith's Christmas Wish: A Holiday Novel

Longueur: 231 pages3 heures


Faith Holiday-Evergreen grew up in the magical town of Tinsel, Tennessee. After moving away for college and marrying the love of her life, Faith packed her belongings and moved to the busier city of Knoxville. Although she loves her home and her in-laws, Faith misses the traditions of the holiday season back in Tinsel. Who knew a family that owned a toy store could lack Christmas spirit?

Nick Evergreen was brought up in a family that didn’t celebrate an old-fashioned Christmas. His father didn’t have time to close Evergreen’s Toys and Collectibles in fear of losing money. Every year, he and his sisters were allowed to pick one toy from the store. And every year, their Christmas spirit faded a little more. With the announcement of a second location in Tinsel, Tennessee, the last place Nick wants to live is in a town named after a Christmas decoration.

Will Faith get the old-fashioned Christmas she’s longed for since leaving her childhood home? Will Nick remember Christmas isn’t just about inventory and final sales? Join the Holidays, the Evergreens, and the entire town of Tinsel, Tennessee, for the most festive time of the year and to find out if Faith’s Christmas Wish is granted.

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