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Manusmriti The Greatest Knowledge Code of Social Conduct

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Manusmriti The Greatest Knowledge Code of Social Conduct

Longueur: 84 pages1 heure




            It occurred to me that a group of Hindu society is reeking with discontent in the matter of long prevailing caste system in India. Some people feel proud to be of the highest class and some are ashamed of being placed at the low.  Hence, they must know the true fact of the caste system. They say- "Manusmriti is the holy book that made their position low." Hence, we tried hard to let them know the actual position of all castes mentioned as Varnas in the Manusmriti. We have compiled the main teachings of the Manusmriti in a simple descriptive way.


            Well, the Manusmriti in original is written in Sanskrit language in verses. We attempted to transcribe it in English in a simple and conversational language so that even a general student of English may get at the true meaning of the verses easily.


            The book is written for the general learning of the facts mentioned in the   Manusmriti. We have picked out some most important and common teachings from all the twelve chapters of the Manusmriti in brief.  It is meant for all people belonging to all strata of society of all castes and creed. The contents written in this book are mere illustrative; and not exhaustive.


            Though, we have taken utmost care while translating into English, there may be minor differences in transliteration. For exact and the most accurate and elaborate meaning, readers are suggested to go with the original text wisely.   


            Readers, especially women and the downtrodden are requested to go with this book with open mind and unbiased thoughts in their interests. They are sure to get at the true meaning of the teachings.


            Hope, the people at large would take more interest in reading this book and would try to understand the social structure at the time of origin of organised human race.


           -Ram Nivas Kumar





            The Manusmriti is the laws of Manu. It is the most important religious book for the Hindus. It is to be followed by all Hindus irrespective of their castes or creed. It is a law of all the social classes. The Manusmriti is believed to be the words of Brahma, the Lord. Maharaja Manu is the standpoint of reference for all future Dharmshastras that followed it. According to the Hindu tradition, the Manusmriti records the words of Brahma, the Supreme Creator. It is also called the Manava Dharmshastra. This Dharmshastra is a genre of Sanskrit text. It refers to the treatise (Shastra) on Hinduism.  



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