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We Are All Customers!: Earning and Keeping Our Loyalty

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We Are All Customers!: Earning and Keeping Our Loyalty

Longueur: 64 pages42 minutes


No matter who you are, you are a customer.
'We Are All Customers!' examines service excellence from the customer's vantage point. Every customer deserves to receive exceptional treatment from people who understand how to ensure customer satisfaction and promote loyalty. Customers are the key to organizational survival so their satisfaction should be at the heart of decision-making. Team members must be all-in on an organization's culture and mission. When leaders reinforce customer service philosophy with decisions and actions, they align brand integrity with pride of workmanship and shape team member performance. Keeping customers depends on delivering service that promotes customer loyalty to ensure meeting your financial bottom line. Why should a customer choose to trust you?

Who gives you such an exceptional experience you cannot wait to tell the world: I am definitely going back again! Where will you never go back to again? In this book, we show you a practical system for lowering team member turnover and improving their engagement.
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