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The Death of the Sentence

The Death of the Sentence

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The Death of the Sentence

28 pages
9 minutes
Jul 11, 2020


The death of the sentence is the debut role of the writer; the plight of the poetry pamphlet; an inventive homage; science in the novel; science fiction in the real world; prose spaceship and singular music; both fun-


Simple in style yet steeped in emotion, I recommend The death of the sentence for poetry newbs and aficionados alike - Dystopic


I would heartily recommend this pamphlet to writers both struggling and successful, as something that will help you through those tricky days when your life is full of plot holes, but your brain is empty of words. And on the days you need a smile and stiff drink, check out "The Multifarious Moons of Saturn." - Maria Sinclair, Mai's Musings


There's an eloquent sense of pain, problems with motivation, writer's block: the all too familiar torment of writing - Margaret McKay, Sphinx Poetry Pamphlet Reviews

Jul 11, 2020

À propos de l'auteur

Richard Doyle is an old-school SF fan who began writing seriously in 2001. He has a Diploma in Creative Writing from the University of East Anglia and collaborated on a book in 2006. He has had poems published in the UK poetry magazines Orbis and Sarasvati and  is a regular member of the Bristol Stanza Poetry Group. 

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Aperçu du livre

The Death of the Sentence - Richard Doyle


My novel

after Raymond Carver

The novel that made me laugh,

the novel that made me cry,

the novel I lost at the airport,

the novel I ripped to shreds,

the novel that disappeared without a trace,

the novel that grew out of all proportion,

the novel I left in the hotel room,

the novel that fell out of the sky,

the novel everyone forgot,

the novel I burnt in the fireplace,

the novel that ruined my life,

the novel that everybody remembers,

the novel I threw out the window,

the novel that crushed civilization,

the novel that inspired revolution,

the novel that propped up my coffee

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