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Trump: The Chosen One: Road to Perdition

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Trump: The Chosen One: Road to Perdition

Longueur: 331 pages3 heures


With his threat to use military action to "dominate" U.S. citizens engaging in overwhelmingly peaceful protests, Donald Trump has shown America his true autocratic tendencies and desire to rule this nation with an iron fist. Trump: The Chosen One. Road to Perdition explores his seduction of the Christian Right with the promise of conservative pro-life Supreme Court nominees. It reveals his willingness to give tacit approval of the hatred and bigotry promoted by white supremacists and the alt-right movement that support him, and his use of fear mongering of immigrants to further the practice of divisive politics to drive a wedge between Americans, to aid in his reelection efforts.

Trump: The Chosen One. Road to Perdition chronicles the abysmal governance under Donald Trump -- characterized by greed, corruption, hypocrisy, racism, sexism, homophobia, misogyny, and attacks on a free press and the rule of law. The book explores the incompetence and inadequacies of Trump and his administration to handle the coronavirus as well as the failures of both our foreign and domestic policies including the destruction of vital government institutions, the intelligence community, and our Justice Department.

The authors conclude that there are three plausible explanations for Trump’s behavior, any one of which would provide reasons enough to vote him out of office. What might appear to be inexplicable, nonsensical behavior may actually be strategic, and lead to events that endanger our democracy while benefitting Vladimir Putin, Russia and ultimately Trump himself. The authors call for Americans to shed their indifference, take back our country, and instill a moral compass lest we succumb to tyranny.

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