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Stitching Classic Americana with Masako Wakayama: 12 Projects Feature Quilting, Sewing, Embroidery & More

Stitching Classic Americana with Masako Wakayama: 12 Projects Feature Quilting, Sewing, Embroidery & More

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Stitching Classic Americana with Masako Wakayama: 12 Projects Feature Quilting, Sewing, Embroidery & More

304 pages
39 minutes
Sep 25, 2020


Sewing, quilting, embroidery, and punch-needle projects

Stars and stripes—red, white, and blue! With a love for all things Americana, Masako Wakayama celebrates the release of her twentieth fabric collection for Lecien with a dozen homespun projects. Perfect for multi-crafters, this collection invites you to explore sewing, wool appliqué, punch needle, quilting, and embroidery! Reference detailed instructions for sewing zippers, darts, and set-in seams while stitching beautiful creations like structured bags and sampler quilts.

  • Craft heartfelt handmades with Japanese sewing teacher Masako Wakayama
  • Sew pleated purses, cute pouches, charming wallhangings, and more
  • Create all-American projects with a Japanese aesthetic
Sep 25, 2020

À propos de l'auteur

Masako Wakayama opened her studio Crib Quilt in 1987. Over the past three decades, Masako has published ten books and become a world-renowned quilting expert who also specializes in crochet, EPP, punch needle, appliqué, cross-stitch, and embroidery. www.crib.co.jp

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Aperçu du livre

Stitching Classic Americana with Masako Wakayama - Masako Wakayama


The beauty of the diverse patterns and designs of the American quilting world has been inspiring Japanese quilters for more than half a century. I myself draw much of my inspiration from the American folk aesthetic and blend these traditional elements with embroidery and crochet.

The original American flag was fashioned using quilting methods, and was a powerful way women were able to express themselves in that tumultuous and historic era. Drawn to the American flag for both its design and history, I was impressed by the way American quilters convey deep and powerful thoughts and feelings through their work.

Since opening my quilt shop in 1987, I have visited the United States many times. Through my travels I have realized more fully the impact quilting can have. Embraced by women everywhere for their emotional support and solidarity, Pink Ribbon Quilts helps us try to mend the pain that breast cancer causes in so many lives. These quilts also convey the vital message that through it all we are never alone, that we are indeed surrounded by those who care.

One of my greatest joys has been discovering amazing communities of quilters all over the world. Quilting extends beyond borders, and I am eternally grateful to the supportive communities with whom I share our craft. My travels have not only given me the opportunity to showcase my creations, but have also allowed me to forge relationships with other quilters, experiences that continue to inspire me in myriad ways. I consider America my quilting mentor due in large part to the lifelong connections I have built with quilters in the States.

To my delight, one of my lifelong dreams came true in May of 2018 when I had an international solo show at a gallery in New York City. It was a wonderful experience, and it led to this exciting opportunity to work with C&T Publishing.

Quilts are bridges between countries, between quilters, between you and me. It is with great joy I share the projects in this book. All the projects are intended to enable quilters to enjoy many different techniques, such as appliqué, embroidery, and punch needle. Whether it’s a pouch you give a loved one, a bag you enjoy carrying about town, or a quilt that brightens your home, I hope these creations bring you as much joy in your quilting as they have brought me.

The Basics


You may use another appliqué technique if you prefer. The patterns included are printed in the finished direction, so you may need to reverse them to match your method.


Appliqué paper: I use Premium Hand-Appliqué Paper from Masako Wakayama (by C&T Publishing). (Do not use in a photocopy machine or printer.)


Sharp, small fabric scissors

Fabric glue stick

Apliquick Rods: This stainless-steel rod set includes a forked-end tool to hold a small piece in place and a beveled-end tool to brush the fabric over the edge of the appliqué paper.

Fine appliqué needles

Appliqué thread: In colors to match appliqué fabric

Note Our original appliqué thread (Crib Quilt fine appliqué thread) comes in four colors: beige, dark beige, blue, and red. We recommend using an appliqué needle, as the appliqué thread is very fine and easily comes out of most sewing needles. Compare our #100 thread with a typical #60 appliqué thread. It is very fine, but quite strong.

Apliquick Rods and Microserrated Scissors

Appliqué needles and thread

1.  Fig. A

2.  Fig. B

3.  Figs. C-D

4.  Figs. E-F

5.  Fig. G

6.  Figs. H-L

Note: Don't Fold All Edges If an edge of an appliqué piece will be covered by another piece or will be in the

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