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Eating With Lorraine the Healthy Way

Eating With Lorraine the Healthy Way

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Eating With Lorraine the Healthy Way

113 pages
41 minutes
Mar 26, 2020


While growing up in India, Lorraine Osgood ate homegrown fresh vegetables and herbs and home-raised chickens while utilizing natural remedies to cure her ailments. As Lorraine set out on a quest to stay healthy and vibrant, she traveled the world, tasting a variety of dishes that taught her that eating fresh, homemade food promotes well-being and youthfulness. Within a diverse collection, Lorraine shares original, easy-to-follow recipes developed over the course of several years that rely on spices, herbs, and organic ingredients to create delicious dishes that help boost immunity, keep organs strong, maintain young-looking skin, and create vibrant energy. Her recipes include such delectable homemade creations as fish curry, Indian summer salad, mixed lentil soup with chicken bratwurst, beef goulash, pull-apart cheesy herb bread, and blistered green beans with chopped rosemary.
Mar 26, 2020

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Eating With Lorraine the Healthy Way - Lorraine Osgood


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I would like to thank my beautiful sister Linda for her assistance in helping me edit my work; my husband, Gale, for his support, patience, and encouragement; the number-one fan of my recipes, my mother (the matriarch and model of this healthy lifestyle), for helping me embark on this adventure; and my sweet sister Louella for help with the Microsoft app.

Many thanks to my beautiful friends Jasmin, Hank, Lucy, Victoria, and Sunshine for their love, support, and encouragement. I thank Lulu Publishing, Jacque Johnson, and Debra Sencil for all their supportive help in getting this mission accomplished. Also, my thanks to the Computer Doctor and their tech support Greg for their help with Microsoft.


There is a lot of information out there to promote ageless healthy lifestyles. Being a baby boomer myself, I have explored many of these options, searching for the fountain of youth. The most promising results have been in lifestyle changes that involve making healthy choices in food and water consumption and daily exercise, even if it’s just walking for thirty minutes every day.

The skin is the largest external organ of the human body—a living, breathing membrane protecting us from airborne environmental bombardments and absorbing as well as expelling water and pathogens. Everything we eat and drink affects our skin and how it reacts and shows itself. The foods we consume and the beverages we drink can produce negative chemical results that show on our skin and affect our quality of life.

Growing up in India, I used many natural remedies and ate homegrown fresh vegetables and herbs and home-raised chickens. Over many years of traveling, I have tried several different styles of cooking and experimented with fruits and vegetables and herbs and spices—all as part of my quest to stay healthy and vibrant. I have found that, for me, eating healthy, fresh homemade food works best in promoting a sense of well-being, youth, health, and vibrancy.

Whenever possible, I opt for fresh, clean, organic, and natural products. Make your choices carefully depending on your own situation with respect to allergies, medical conditions, and medications. Take time to pamper yourself with love and care. Take responsibility for yourself and your own healthy lifestyle. Prepare fresh foods with love, and drink clean, filtered spring water often.

In this book, I have used spices, herbs, and ingredients that are good for the body, help boost immunity, keep the organs and blood strong and healthy, help maintain youthful-looking skin, and create vibrant energy.

Fresh, organically grown produce and grass-fed or pasture-raised meats

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