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The Equine Semaphore Code: the horse talks back

The Equine Semaphore Code: the horse talks back

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The Equine Semaphore Code: the horse talks back

129 pages
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Nov 7, 2020


This mould-breaking, exciting, revolutionary book is a result of seven years research and practical experience by the author Meljay Turner. It explains that the communication of horses is as comprehensive, deep, and remarkably effective as any human language.

Meljay goes into great detail about the communication methods of horses in The Equine Semaphore Code and the entire book is infused by her love of horses and by her constant desire to find better ways for humans to communicate more efficiently with horses for a greater working partnership. 

Meljay has been involved with horses since she was sixteen years old, leading to her current role of retraining horses with behavioural issues from 2012. In 2019 Meljay achieved a BSc in Equine Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation, the dissertation for the degree supports the findings within the book The Equine Semaphore Code - the horse talks back.

Nov 7, 2020

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The Equine Semaphore Code - Meljay Turner



I'd had enough. I threw the whip away. I couldn't hurt this horse any longer.

I had a really special bond with him, but he was a horse with serious behavioural issues. Yet I had the strongest feeling that it wasn't his fault, and that he was, in fact, trying to tell me something. Now, do not get me wrong, I never laid the whip on him, just purely holding the lunge whip in my hand was enough to make all four of his legs go underneath him and defecate in panic.

I've always believed that life is a journey, one that has twists and turns, steep hills and dark tunnels that you can see the light at the end of, but a bottomless pit sits in your way. The journey, though, can create a wealth of knowledge and experience that can last a lifetime, not only for what we do on the journey, but with whose lives we influence on the way. The horses became a big part of this journey in 2012, with more lessons than I can possibly count.

We would all like to leave a legacy for our children, mine would be:

‘Enjoy and experience the journey wherever it takes you. If you fall, then stand up tall. When you are high, remember the little guy!’

But also

Remember the BEAST in you!

I am Beautiful

I am Evolving

I am Achieved

I am Strong

I have a Team

Sometimes we do not always see a Team, but behind the scenes they are always there.

For those with learning disabilities, I hope my quotation helps!

‘On paper, a jumble of words. In my head, it has Order, Vision and Passion!’

We cannot always fully get out of our head what we want to explain, the main thing is that it is there in the first place, showing we are always learning and trying to apply.

Also remember the words of Richard Branson ‘I am a dyslexic thinker’, then believe you can achieve whatever you choose!

I am a firm believer that there must be a Creator of the universe. Religions have many names for this Creator, and these religions cause so many problems all in the name of a Creator, who is the greatest mathematician.

Others look to the Universe, or just call it Mother Nature, as the power source of all creations. Even those who strongly believe in the evolution theory to the point they have made it their ‘belief’ or ‘religion’, cannot deny that the mathematics behind it all is far beyond our small lives to comprehend fully.

Be it a Creator, the Universe or Mother Nature, it has the ability to form and manipulate particles into any shape or form and give it a life source. It is no wonder that the ‘little human’, who thinks they are so intelligent, still cannot fully understand the workings of life, only theorising and guessing at the many wonders. The result always being, as scripture states, that mankind will never learn the workings of the Creator.

Chapter 1

Creating ‘The Equine Semaphore Code’

Language has always fascinated me. Over the years I have studied several: Urdu, Punjabi, French and German. When my daughter was younger, we even tried making up our own language, called ‘Googu’, so we could talk to each other in public with no-one else understanding what we were talking about!

Like many things though, that you do not use continually, you can forget. It's the same with any language, the less you use it, the more likely you will lose it. Before using a language however, you need to learn it first!

The biggest misunderstandings come with communication, or miscommunication, and not fully understanding the intentions of the other party. I have struggled with miscommunication with people all my life, especially with back-to-front speaking and inability to get my words out. This meant I ended up isolating myself for a long time. It was not until I tried going to college at the age of forty, that it was pointed out that I had dyslexia, with back-to-front speaking, misunderstanding of the meaning of words and short-term memory issues, you can imagine my relief, I wasn't going mad!

My speech is sometimes forced as I try to connect my brain with my mouth. This means that people sometimes think that I am shouting, but I'm not, it just takes effort to form the words, let alone control how they come out of my

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