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Chalk Hearts

Chalk Hearts

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Chalk Hearts

87 pages
18 minutes
Aug 9, 2014


David Steece is a poet that has come from a life of hate and violence, but through a simple biology book and self-teachings, he now lives in a new world full of beautiful words and poetry. He is currently incarcerated and through his poems David shares with readers what it is like to live in a cell and how his memories of freedom fill his days.
Aug 9, 2014

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Chalk Hearts - David Steece

Chalk Hearts


Poems by

David Steece

© 2014 David Steece. All rights reserved.

ISBN 978-1-312-08186-4


I would like to thank Ms. Hardy for believing in me and my good friend, Travis Atwood, for all his hard work in helping me bring this book together.

I also want to thank Jessy Baker and Rene Cantu for their incredible illustrations that helped bring many of these poems to life.

There is so much that is good

In the worst of us

And so much that is bad

In the best of us


For my children, with love.


Each day of life lived

I see you standing there

Encircling my world with

Arms folded in strong defiance

Pressing me into false submission

With your masonry skin

And iron skeleton

Looming high above my head

With wide back blotting out the sun

Your shadows fall alone

Amongst the multitude of sins

I can hear you whisper when I sleep

And when I wake I step

Into the light of day which slips

Through your soulless eyes and I

Lean in close

To look out upon the world

And press my tip of nose

Against the glass which separates

Us from them

Love from hate

Life from death

And with this cold cold kiss

I know that I still live

I exist

Here within these limits pressed

Into this box excess

Neatly trimmed

I sit

And wish

I had no heart to beat

Every thump measures time

Each beat another step

Another inch

Another foot

Another mile away from home

How far have I traveled now

How far must I return

I wish

That I could slip into the past

Like a warm bath

Just close my eyes

And dip beneath the surface


Into the arms of my children

Until I’m out of breath and press

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