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Dowsing for Money - Finding Financial Security

Dowsing for Money - Finding Financial Security

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Dowsing for Money - Finding Financial Security

149 pages
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Nov 21, 2020


Dowsing for money? That got your attention! But what does that attention-grabbing title mean? It means learning to dowse for financial security and success? But how and why can you dowse for money? In this book, you will learn how you can work with your pendulum to make the decisions that will influence your financial life. You might be facing an immediate financial crisis and need to make choices about getting through to the other side in the best way possible. Or you might be making long term, life changing decisions.

You have to make decisions in almost every step you take in life. Decisions that will have an effect on your financial well-being, on how much money you have after paying the bills, on your ability to live the life you want, whatever that life is. It’s not about being mega rich, or even how much money you have in the bank, it’s about having sufficient money to live your dream – which might be jet setting, or living off grid in the wilderness. There are so many decisions to make in life. Decisions about your education, the career you choose, even the job you choose. There are big financial decisions such as choosing your home or having home improvements. There are smaller decisions that have to be made on a regular basis, but that still have the power to make big changes on your bank balance – like holidays, transport and large purchases. And then there are the long-term decisions, like pensions and investments. There are all sorts of decisions that can have a substantial impact on your financial security, and this book will show you how you can work with your dowsing pendulum to negotiate your way successfully through the financial maze.

Nov 21, 2020

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Dowsing for Money - Finding Financial Security - Brenda Hunt



Dowsing for money?

That got your attention!

But what do I mean by that attention-grabbing title?

Dowsing for financial security and success?

How and why can you dowse for money?

There’s no doubt about it, we live in a world where money matters.

Having enough money - and I don’t mean that this is a plan about winning the lottery – has a huge effect on how, and how well we can live.

And it’s not about an actual amount.

I’m not suggesting that you need to be a millionaire to live well.

You just need enough to meet your needs – and that is different for everyone.

Money doesn’t buy happiness, but you do need enough of the stuff to meet your requirements.

To avoid stress about bills, keep a roof over your head, have enough food to keep your health and the health of your family, and to pay for medical needs – enough to help you meet your own personal goals.

We have a strange relationship with the idea of money in the West.

On the one hand we often tend to chase it as if it were the only thing that matters in life,

Getting a better house,

Moving up the property ladder

Boasting of better holidays on social media through the medium of the newest phone.

Shopping as a main hobby

Having the right brands – and showing them off to prove you have made it.

But on the other hand, money is often seen as a bad thing.

‘Money is the root of all evil.’

In fact, the correct quote from the Bible is.

‘Love of money is the root of all evil.’

And those two little words make quite a difference.

We live in a world where having enough money is essential.

You need enough for food and shelter, for healthcare and educating your children, for clothing and keeping warm.

Not many of us can live off the grid and be self-sufficient, even if we wanted to.

We need to be able to pay our bills and our taxes at the very least.

There's no doubt about it, we need money.

So how much is enough?

It depends on who you are, where you live and your family circumstances.

But we all need enough to meet the essentials, to make life worth living and have a safety net for emergencies.

It’s not about greed, it’s about living in the modern world.

We might like the idea of a world without money, but reality is that we need it and we need to make the most of the financial opportunities we have, to build the life we want and to be able to support others if we’re lucky enough to have an excess of the green stuff.

We live in a world ruled by money, so we can't ignore it and we need to make the best decisions about it.

And dowsing is a wonderful tool in decision making, so this is where dowsing and money come together.

Being financially secure for you, your family and your future, is all about making the right decisions – some small and some very large indeed.

Dowsing can help you make those all-important decisions about your financial health.

What exactly do you want from life?

How do you want to earn your money?

Where and in what sort of style do you want to make your home?

What is your ideal career?

How should you spend your money?

How should you save and invest?

And how should you make plans for the future?

You know what they say, fail to plan and you plan to fail.

All of us need to make plans about our financial health, otherwise life can rapidly slip out of control and that is so bad for us in so many ways.

In this book, I hope to guide you through the different ways that the subject of money affects us all and how working with your dowsing pendulum can help you work your way through your decisions rather than just travelling blindly into chaos.

I have written it, knowing that most people will dip in and out of its pages, studying the parts that they are interested in at the time.

So if you are the reader who likes to start at page one and work through (I like to get an overall picture of a book on first reading) I apologise now for some repetition in  the following pages, as I have described the process of dowsing a number of times in the different sections of this book for the dippers amongst you.

Of course, the practice of dowsing can be used to help you make decisions and choose your path in any area of life, and it can be incredibly helpful in finding things as well – whether it is something lost or something you need to find in the first place, such as a new source of water or even a water leak.

I have covered these uses for dowsing in other books, but in this one I have focused on the importance of choosing the right path and making the right financial decisions in life.

I hope you find it helpful.

What is Financial Security?

Before I get down to the help that dowsing can give you in your finances, I think I’d better explain what I mean by the overall picture of financial security really  – because it can be complicated.

I know the title is Dowsing for Money, but money is more than the cash in your pocket or the balance in the bank, it’s the whole financial picture.

We have another strange idea about money and financial security.

We tend to see money as something that comes into our lives.




Dividends from shares

Interest from savings

Money made from selling something

Downsizing your home

Renting out a home or a room



A windfall.

All of this is money that comes in. Some of which you have control over and some of which you don’t.

But that’s really only half of the picture.

In order to be financially secure, in order to be able to feel comfortable, have the life you want, to be able to look after yourself and your loved ones, you need the bigger picture.

In order to be able to stop worrying about money – you need to look at both sides of the coin.

The figure that really matters is how the amount that comes in and the amount that goes out – balances.

Using your skills to make a meal instead of ordering a take-away is a good example.

Apart from any health benefits and the pleasure of cooking your own food, it’s a worth while exercise in getting a picture of what the overall equation of finance is.

How much will the takeaway cost?

How much will the ingredients for a home-made meal cost?

Then there’s the time investment.

Would you ’spend’ the time you save on cooking, in earning money?

Most of us would spend the time on watching TV or going out and spending even more money.

If the difference between the cost of the take-away and the home-made meal, is more than you could earn in the ‘time’ you’ve spent on work, then from a purely financial viewpoint, the take away or ready meal is not worth it.

That’s a very small example, but if you expand that to other areas of your life it can be quite shocking.

Imagine you fill your freezer with ready meals or have take-aways and meals out, numerous times a week.

Even if you do spend the time you save in earning more income, once you look at the figures, you’ll probably see that your time would be financially better spent in creating meals rather than working overtime.

And once you factor in the ‘cost’ of working, the calculation becomes even more shocking.

When you work an extra day in the week, you have all the costs involved. Travel, food and drink, even if it is only coffee and a cake, tax and offtakes from your headline wage.

Of course, the choice to work isn’t always simply financial, there’s a lot more to take into account.

Independence, enjoying your career (I can’t imagine not working) the company of friends and colleagues., being part of a community.

It’s not simply about money.

But money has to come into the equation and sometimes, how you spend your time just doesn’t add up.

Time is money

A comment that we’ve all heard, but don’t

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