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The Evil Mannequins
The Evil Mannequins
The Evil Mannequins
Livre électronique95 pages1 heure

The Evil Mannequins

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Michel, an anxious man, will see his life turned upside down in an instant when he is forced to be confined to his true nature.


The forces of evil no longer want to destroy humanity, knowing well that the majority of human beings love duality, the forces of evil now prefers to make humanity suffer.


The Warriors of Light will have to reunite together for the first time. Now is the time to fight, the veil is lifted and we will see true human nature at work.

Date de sortie20 nov. 2021
The Evil Mannequins
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Évaluation : 0 sur 5 étoiles
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    Aperçu du livre

    The Evil Mannequins - Pierre Charette

    Pierre Charette

    The Evil Mannequins

    The microcosm

    First published by Editions Dedicaces 2021

    Copyright © 2021 by Pierre Charette

    All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, scanning, or otherwise without written permission from the publisher. It is illegal to copy this book, post it to a website, or distribute it by any other means without permission.

    This novel is entirely a work of fiction. The names, characters and incidents portrayed in it are the work of the author's imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events or localities is entirely coincidental.

    First edition

    This book was professionally typeset on Reedsy

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    1. The Devil’s ball

    2. The Dream of the Living Dead

    3. The Death of Love

    4. Medea

    5. Cry of the Heart

    6. Crazy Politics

    7. The Masquerade

    8. Funeral, part two

    9. Maya (Sanskrit: magic or illusion)

    10. Deja vu


    The Devil’s ball

    It’s three in the morning. The two hundred thousand inhabitants of Modern City are just victims of the night and all sleep. Michel, a thirty-three-year-old man with brown hair, is alone on the highway. He has just returned from a weekend business trip to Phoenix City, in the West, where tourists are meeting. Unfortunately for him, in a few days he will have to return to work at his store at the Modern Mall, the largest shopping center in the city.

    He is the manager of The Union, a department store specializing in linen, including all kinds of lingerie, clothes for professionals and children’s linen as well as full of cosmetics. He has been managing this store for a few years and he remains only about fifteen minutes from the shopping center with his wife, Melanie, who is thirty-one and has short brown hair falling just below her ears. Her eyes are hazelnut in color and, like a mirror, they always reflect happiness, which was what attracted Michel the first time he saw her. She was always in a good mood, which upset Michel, who, on the contrary, was much more stressed and anxious.

    They have lived together for two years in a condo and have been engaged for six months. He had to work hard to fully conquer her heart, independent in nature, she did not fall in love with the first comer. She had a reputation as an old girl but overnight she found herself engaged.

    Michel was tired, five hours drive later he was now along the long Celeron street at the end of which one could see the shopping center. The sky was clear and starry on this hot and humid summer night. He had his eyes fixed straight ahead when suddenly a big gray and black cloud popped up over the shopping center. He slows down somewhat to look at the cloud that seemed to constantly change shape. It reminded him of memories when he was a child and he and his friends had fun giving shape to clouds. But what he saw now was an evil form, which he did not want to believe… It was a dead form… The image of a human skull…

    The cloud grew bigger and bigger and came to rest over the purchase center. Michel stopped the car on the side of the road and noticed that he was alone, as if everyone around him was in a coma. A silence to cut with a knife. The cloud, surrounded by lightning and rays of blue, purple and yellow light, made no noise despite its evil form. Michel was frozen like a block of ice at the sight of this spectacle, he could not believe what was happening. There were so many rumors about the end of the world after the meteorite story a few years ago, that he believed that this time it may be the end. His heart was beating louder and louder. The rays that swirled around the cloud were now moving toward the shopping center, like a lightning bolt falling from the sky, forming only a set of laser beams, as if they were all entering the shopping center.

    Now it had become a red and white fireball. Michel was blinded by this, he tried to look as well as he could by putting his hand in front of his face but the light had become violent. And suddenly… Nothing, no cloud, no ray, like when we turn on a light and turn it off with a bang.

    It took a few minutes to get back to him. He moved gingerly, looking around. No car in sight, he was confused and still in shock, his heart began to beat faster and he felt more and more anxious. He returned to his car and headed for the building. Again, he did not notice any cars all the way. No sign of life anywhere, even if it was in the middle of the night, he found it a little weird anyway because there was always at least one car or someone living at night but right now, no sign of life. Arriving in the parking lot, he realized that nothing had changed, the building was still in its place, no trace of damage, human beings or aliens or flying saucers. Nothing. Everything seemed normal.

    Yet he had not dreamed. Something had happened here. But he didn’t see anything abnormal right now. All the lights in the shopping center were off except for a few that are only on at night, so it was not a power outage, he was trying to understand when he suddenly heard a noise behind him, he looked in his mirror and saw, a little further away, a car driving at high speed while honking, it grazed his car, which made him startled. Afterwards, he noticed that there were a few cars driving peacefully, and he noticed someone walking with his dog in the distance. It was as if suddenly the world woke up at the same time. Well, the road has been too long and I’m probably hallucinating, he says loudly.

    He quietly returned to the road to get home. He arrived in his parking lot and, like the night, everything was quiet here. Once he got home, he decided to turn on the TV, just in case we talked about what had just happened. Nothing about a shopping center. His heart was beating normally now that he had finally arrived home. He decided to go to sleep and quietly sneaked into bed with Melanie who was sleeping peacefully.

    * * *

    The next day, he still wanted to take a look at the Modern Mall even though he was not working, it may have been the interior that had suffered damage.

    When he woke up, Melanie was already gone. She is an accounting assistant for the government at Revenue Canada and starts her work very early in the morning. She had left him a note on the bedside table: Good day my love! ,

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