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Decoding the I Generation What every parent needs to know about the new breed of 21st Century children

Technological trends, media exposure, social changes, lifestyle choices and other complex issues are a concern for todays parents. This seminar will explore the social landscape and worldview of the iGeneration, how they think, and what makes them tick. It will equip parents with strategies to engage their children and work with them to navigate the 21st century.

Topics covered include:

Generational gaps & differences 21st century trends, attitudes & value system Challenges, pressures & demands of the iGeneration The psycho-social and neural-development of young people, and how that affects behaviour and learning.


Date: 4th August 2012 (Saturday) Time: 2 pm 5 pm Venue: Geylang Methodist School( Primary) Auditorium(Level 3), 4 Geylang East Central S(389706) Fees: S$ 5.00 per head (Light refreshments will be provided)

ABOUT THE SPEAKER: More than 15 years ago, Glenn Lim ended up as a criminal charged and sentenced for drug importation. Now became a youth specialist guru and consultant, and has worked with youth for 15 years. He studies youth trends and culture, and is keenly aware of the evolving youth climate. He advises and serves government ministries, and has sat in many youth and community sector boards. He is a Commonwealth Youth Ambassador (ASEAN), and multi-award winner of various youth and social services accolades. As a lecturer and trainer, he has equipped social workers and counselors, and taught educators and parents. Glenn is a well sought-after keynote speaker, whose training is dynamic, engaging and inspiring! Do not miss this opportunity to hear him live at this seminar!

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Interested parents, please submit form together with payment in a sealed envelope to the School General Office SFE drop box. For enquiries, kindly contact Mrs. Christina Ong @ 81632090.

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