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Group A
1. Answer in brief any six questions. 6x2=12
a. How does the kinetic energy of a body change if its momentum is halved?
b. If the sun some how collapsed to form a black-hole, what effect would this event have
on the orbit of the earth?

c. Can the direction of the velocity of a body be changed when its acceleration is constant?
d. If

and B

are non-zero vectors, is it possible for A


both to be zero?
e. In hot air ballooning, a large balloon is filled with air heated by a gas burner at the
bottom. Why must the air be heated?
f. A man drops his briefcase in an elevator but it doesnt fall to the floor. What can be
concluded about the situation?
g. An ice cube floats in a glass of water. When the ice melts, will the water level in the
glass rise, fall or remain unchanged? Explain.
2. Answer in brief any two questions. 2x2=4
a. Frozen water pipe often burst, will a o ak if mercury therm meter bre the temperature of
the thermometer is brought below the freezing point of mercury?
If you add heat to an object, do you necessarily increase its te b. mperature? Justify your
c. Why the Polar Regions much cooler than the equatorial regions despite the fact that the
Polar Regions are periodically tilted towards sun?
3. Answer in brief any one question. 1x2=2
a. Can a convex mirror ever form real image? Justify your answer.
b. A large object when taken away from your eye appears smaller. Why?
4. Answer in brief any one question. 1x2=2
a. Why is it dangerous to take shel er u ing? t nder a tall tree during lightin
b. Can two electric lines of force ever intersect each other? Explain.
Group B
5. Answer any three questions. 3x4=12

a. State the parallelogram law of vector addition. Derive the expressions for the magnitude
and direction of the resultant of two vectors inclined at an angle from each other.
What is geo stationary satellite? Obtain an expression for the al energy of a sa b. tot tellite
orbiting round the earth.
State the principle of cons c. ervation of linear momentum. How does the Newtons third
law of motion lead to the principle of conservation linear momentum?
Derive an expression for the energy stored in a stretched rod. Define d. the term energy
density of a body under strain.
Answer any two questions. 6. 2x4=8
a. Define linear and cubical xp Derive an

e ansivities of solids. expression for the variation
in density of a solid when its temperature is raised from 0
Define adiabatic process in thermodynamics. Show that: PV b.
=Constant. Where symbols
have their usual meanings.
Describe the working of pe c. trol engine with the help of P-V diagram.
7. Answer any one question. 1x4=4
a. What is long sightedness? D uss the sightedn isc possible causes of long ess. Explain how
this defect can be remedied.
b. Derive an expression for lens makers formula.
8. Answer any one question.
his th orem to f nd t
a. State Gauss Theorem. Use t e i le d intens he e ctric fiel ity due to a plane
charged conductor.
b. How can a number of capacitors be connected to increase and decrease the effective
capacitance? Find the respective expressions for the effective capacitance in each case.
Group C
Solve any three questions. 3x4=12 9.
a. A man wishes to swim across a river 600m wide. If he can swim at the

rate of 4km/h in
still water and the river flows at 2km/h. then in what direction must he swim to reach a
point exactly opposite to the starting point and when will he reach it?
A ballet dancer spins with 2.4rev/sec with her arms outstretched when the moment of b.
inertia about the axis of rotation is I. With her arms folded, the moment of inertia about
the same axis becomes 0.6I. Calculate the new rate of spin.
A cricket ball of mass 145gm is moving with a velocity of 14m/s and is being hit by a c.
bat, so that the ball is turned back with a velocity of 22m/s. The force of blow acts on
the ball for 0.015 sec. Find the average force exerted by the bat on the ball.
Castor oil at 20 has a coefficient of viscosity 2.42 Ns/m
and density 940kg/m
Calculate the ter nal velocity of a steel ball of radius 2mm falling under gravity in the
Solve any two questions. 2x4=8 10.
a. Air at a temperature of and es N/m
molecules per cub cubic m
273K a pr sure of 1.01x10
ressure contains
ic meter. How many molecules per eter will be there
at a place where the temperature is 223K and the pressure is 1.33x10
10 gm of steam at 100 is passed into a mixture of 100gm of water and 10gm of ice at
u. Find the resulting temperature of the mixture.
c. A glass vessel of volume 50cm
is filled with mercury and is heated from 20 to 6u.
What volume of mercury will overflow?
11. An object to the left of a lens is imaged by the lens on a screen 30cm to th r e
lens. When the lens is moved 4cm to the
e ight of th
right, the screen must be moved 4cm to the left
to refocus the image. Determine the focal length of the lens. 4
Two charges +1x10
C and -4x10
are separated by a distance of 2m. Determine the
position of the null point. 3

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