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A California Wedding

By Elton Camp In liberal thoughts, no state can exceed For new ideas, California takes the lead Thus the glorious title of Golden State Is one that he certainly does well rate If an occasional earthquake to you is ok Perhaps there is no better place to stay Of the latest California law have you heard A new legal marriage to them has occurred The idea that has arisen in their collective head Is that its right and proper your own self to wed To this arrangement, certain advantages accrue Actually, a whole bunch, not merely a few Nobody is ever going to call you a lazy jerk Because you dont do your fair share of work There are no in-laws to be forced to tolerate Nor anyone else to blame when you run late Your mate cant say youre too slim or fat As to budget, theres no fussing about that Your assets there is no good reason to hide For if you divorce, theres no need to divide If this law the courts dont somehow overturn The entire country has a great deal to learn So for California, lets all give a loud cheer Marital discord may very soon just disappear