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Andhra Pradesh Board Political Science Syllabus Andhra Pradesh Board Political Science Syllabus

CHALLENGES BEFORE INDIA AFTER INDEPENDENCE 1.Problems of Refuguees- Cause of origin and effect. 2.Integration of princely states- Need and problem in implemantation 3.Kashmir Problem- Causes and impact 4.Reopganisation of States requirement and results. ESTABLISHMENT OF DEMOCRATIC SYSTEM IN INDIA (1)Necessity of construction of Indian constitution and organisation of constutient assembly in India Salient features of Indian constitution INDIAN DEMOCRACY AND SOCIAL UPLIFTMENT 1.Reformation regarding Social and econimic system in present conditions (Legeslative and adminstrative provisions Economic planning, Five year plans in short) Know More About :- Andhra Pradesh Board Accountancy Text Books


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2.National Commission for Sheduled castes and sheduled Tribes (Organisation, Function, Power and planning for their development 3.Legislative and administrative provisions for uplifting Backward Classes 4.National Backward Commission 5.Madhya Pradesh Backward commission 6.Creamy layer HINDERENCES IN IMPLIMENTATION OF INDIAN DEMOCRACY 1.Illiteracy 2.Social and Economic Ineguality 3.Regional imbalance 4.Regionalasim 5.Linguasim 6.Naxalite CONTEMPORARY MOVEMENTS AND DEMOCRACY 1.Social and econimic movements 2.Cooperative Movement 3.Environmental and chipko Movenent 4.Empowerment of women (Necessity and Causes) POSITION OF INDIA IN WORLD POLITICS AFTER INDEPENDENCE (1)Determining factors and Principles of Indian foreign policy Policy of Non Allignment (Meaning and evolution) Bipolar world politics Cold war and Dentente NON ALLIGNMENT MOVEMENT, INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS AND REGIONAL ORGANISATIONS Read More About :- Andhra Pradesh Board English Core Text Books


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