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Ministerial Training Trust Fund (MTTF) Grant Application

Name: Address: E-mail: Pastor: Amount Requested: $ Enrollment: full time part time Congregation: School/Agency: (Up to $500/semester, full time, depending on availability of funds) credits non-credit/continuing education Phone:

fall semester spring semester fall & spring semester summer term Ministry Inquiry Academic Program: Seminary Undergraduate Other Other financial aid received / applied for Vocational goals References: Name: Address: Name: Address:

Phone: Email:

Phone: E-mail:

Signature of Applicant Signature of Overseer Deadlines for application: Fall semester / Full year: August 1 Spring semester: December 1 Summer term / MIP: April 1

Date: Date: Return to: Conference Minister Virginia Mennonite Conference 901 Parkwood Dr. Harrisonburg, VA 22802

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Office Use Date Received:

Date reviewed by Committee and Action taken