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Physical Science Syllabus

Physical Science Syllabus 2012-2013

Website: http://whsphysicalscience.weebly.com Also available through the WHS website

Course Objectives: To build upon the critical thinking, laboratory experiences, and data
analysis skills from Biology and prepare students for further work in Science here at WHS and beyond.

Course Requirements: All students are responsible for keeping up with the required class
readings and homework every night. A class notebooks (3-ring type is best) and good class notes are necessary for the successful completion of this course. All students are required to bring their text section, pencil and class notebook to class every day. In addition to being physically prepared for class each day, you need to have the proper attitude and work ethic as well. You must take responsibility for your education! To accomplish this, you will need to ask questions, seek further explanations, and enter into scientific dialog throughout the year.

Grading: Your grade in this class is earned by you based upon the consistency and quality of
the work you produce throughout the entire year. Your grade is calculated according to the following point system: Example: Possible Your Grade Points Notebook Check 25 20 253 320 = 79% Notebook Check 25 25 79% in Physical Science C+ Laboratory #1 50 40 Quiz #1 20 18 Chapter Challenge 200 150 Total 320 253 NOTE: Science Department testing days are C,D,G and H. Every effort will be made to schedule tests on the designated testing day. In the event this is not possible, students may, with prior permission, take the test at another (possibly earlier) time.

Grading Scale: The following conversion from numerical grade to letter grade will be used for
all assignments. All calculated percentages will be rounded to the nearest whole number. Percentage Range Physical Science Letter Grade 93100 A 9092 A8789 B+ 8386 B 8082 B7779 C+ 7376 C 7072 C6769 D+ 6366 D 6062 D<59 F

Assignment Policy: All assignments are expected to be in on the date posted on the
timeline. If you are unexpectedly absent on the due date due to illness or emergency, you are expected to turn it in on your next day back to school. Note: Absences due to field trips, sports, scheduled doctors appointments, driving tests, other non-emergency activity, or the dropping of the class do NOT relieve you of your obligation. Late work will not be accepted unless student was absent on the due date or by special arrangement. If you are legitimately absent for the entire day of a test or quiz, you will make it up the next day you are in school. Otherwise, you can expect a zero on that test or quiz. If you skip class on the day of any activity (test, quiz, lab, etc.) you will receive a 0 for that activity and it may NOT be made up. In the case of a legitimate, extended absence, make-up work will be coordinated with the teacher. It is the responsibility of the student to take the initiative to make up work that is missed.

Due Dates: Due dates for all notebook checks (NBC), quizzes, and tests are listed on the
class timeline. It is important that you have a copy of this document and check it daily so you are prepared for class. Timelines are found on the Physical Science website.

Due Times: All assignments, including notebook checks, are due at the beginning of
class on the due date.

Cheating: is an automatic 0 on that material and may result in referral to the appropriate
Assistant Principal for further discipline.

Cell Phones: Cell phones, MP3 players and other electronic devices are not conducive to
maintaining a proper learning environment. Wilton High School has a formal policy on cell phone use in school and that policy will be enforced in this class. In accordance with that policy: All cell phones, iPods, MP3 players, etc, are to be put in the electronics playpen in the assigned location. Any student using a cell phone, iPod, MP3 player etc. in class will have the devise confiscated and turned over to the Assistant Principal. Anyone using a cell phone during a quiz or test will receive an automatic zero on that assessment and will be referred to the Associate Principal for possible further discipline.

Individual vs. Group Assignments: Nearly all laboratory work, including For You To Do
sections of chapter activities, in this class are group activities. Unless specifically indicated, ALL non-lab activities (i.e. pre- and post-activity questions) are individual assignments. Students are expected to complete the assignment themselves. Getting help from other students must be limited to checking answers and getting assistance to better understand how a type of problem may be solved.

Safety Policy: Since Physical Science is a laboratory course, safety is a very high
priority. Anyone fooling around in the lab may receive a 0 for the days work. Your activity may endanger another student and this cannot be tolerated.

Discipline: In this class, we are not only learning science, but also how to handle responsibility
and how to work with other people. Students who cannot work in an environment of mutual respect and dignity will be removed from the room. Discipline also includes your approach to this class on a daily and nightly basis. You should establish a regular routine of working on Physical Science every night, especially if there are no assignments due the following day. You have homework in this class EVERY NIGHT! Only by being proactive, rather than reactive, can you continue to become an independent learner.