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Form 6.

3: Course Outline with Assessment Ideas and Activities

Course Title: English Language Learners and Second Language Acquisition_ Module Number and Name: 1 Culture and Diversity Competency/Outcome/Objectiv e 1 Introduce yourself, using 3-5 words in order to experience the difficulty of communicating with a limited vocabulary. 2 Identify the Second Language Learner and create a KWL chart on new entrant Assessment Ideas 1 Discussion Absorb Demonstration Do Practice with partner Reusable Learning Object of KWL chart with information to sort into proper columns Connect Oral or Written Reflection on experience Analyze a case and determine what the student may already know, and what they need to learn in accordance with NYS Part 154

3 Explain the impact of culture in learning

2 Create a Map of a Child (use given cases or student you have-no names please)using Inspiration Smart Draw, or other mind mapping tool. 3 Journal

Example of Map of Child Readings Part 154 NYS Regs.

Listen to interviews Read personal experiences Assigned readings Examples of appropriate questions to ask

Interview an Depth of critical English Language analysis Learner

4 Create a list of questions for the parent/guardian of a new entrant for information to guide


Post/Wiki Think Pair Share with feedback

Create document with pertinent interview

Form adapted from Smith, R. M. Conquering the Content. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2008.

instructional support

5 Identify Hidden Curriculum elements and how they affect student learning

6 Presentation

to illicit information needed for instructional support Readings Slide Share Listen to audio discussion on topic


Identify Hidden and Explicit Curriculum elements

6 List ideas to create a positive learning environment

7 Discussion and or Matching scenarios with drag and drop answers

Readings Video Clips

Think Pair Share Reusable Learning Object

Presentation on the importance of identifying elements of the hidden curriculum and their effect on L2 learners Write a descriptive explanation to your principal, chair or dean on ways to improve the academic learning environment.

Course Title: English Language Learners and Second Language Acquisition Module Number and Name: 2 Language Learning vs. Language Acquisition Competency/Outcome/Objectiv e 1 Students will be able to identify the difference between learning a language and acquiring a language. Assessment Ideas 1 Quiz Absorb Readings Audio Clip of information Do Reusable Learning Object sorting descriptors into proper column Connect Quiz & Short answer questions

2 Define BICS and CALP

2 Quiz

Visuals Readings

Reusable Learning Object Sort into Categories of Basic Interpersonal Communicative Skills and Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency

Matching Quiz

3 Identify stages of Language Proficiency 4 Identify activities within Cummins Quadrants

3 Match stage with Reading example of Audio


Reusable Learning Object Reusable Learning Object sort Reusable Learning Object

Matching Quiz Sort activities into correct quadrants Create a communicative lesson

5 Identify questions at each level of the Natural Approach

6 Identify the instructional ELL method used in a video clip or by a teaching scenario description.

4 Quiz Manipulate information into correct quadrants 6 Write appropriate questions for each level of the Natural Approach 7 Identify methods by viewing clips demonstrating the methods



Reading selections Video clips Audio descriptions

Match name of method with visual or explanation of type of instruction

View or listen to teaching scenarios and match it with the teaching method

Course Title: English Language Learners and Second Language Acquisition Module Number and Name: 3 Literacy Development Form adapted from Smith, R. M. Conquering the Content. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2008.

Competency/Outcome/Objectiv e 1 Explain how to make meaning out of print. 2 Outline ways in which you have used or would use of each of Cambournes conditions in developing language and literacy 3 Outline instructional strategies to develop literacy

Assessment Ideas 1 Questions based on reading 2 Discussion

Absorb Reading selections Reading selections Video clips Podcast Reading Selections

Do Activity in a foreign language (Korean) Discussion in WIKI

Connect Demonstrate a lesson Sample lesson plan integrating Cambournes conditions Use outline to list ideas for each instructional strategy Choose 1 or 2 ideas to fully develop for a lesson

3 Apply to a lesson

Reusable Learning Object ordering strategies for the development of literacy

RLO Matching strategy with Cambournes conditions

4 Choose and apply 1 or 2 instructional strategies

4 Apply to a lesson

Examples of instructional strategies aligned with Cambournes conditions

Course Title: English Language Learners and Second Language Acquisition Module Number and Name: Competency/Outcome/Objectiv e 1 Identify your learning style and explain how it was nurtured, encouraged, or rewarded. Use information on Gardeners Multiple Intelligence 4 Academic/Content Area Development Assessment Ideas 1 Discussion based on survey and Questions based on readings Absorb Reading Selections on Gardners Multiple Intelligence Theory Do Compare and discuss the results of your Multiple Intelligence Survey with 2-3 others Connect Analyze and evaluate outcome of survey and record reflection in journal entry

2 Rate your instructional materials in terms of comprehensibility, quality and appeal

2 Use Rubric to rate textbook

3 Explain how you supplement 3 Discussion to provide meaning and provide comprehensible input

View demonstration of a textbook review walkthrough Audio podcast Visual examples of material using comprehensible input

Use Reusable Learning Object to rate features of a textbook Brainstorm in group discussion on how to make a concept or information from text comprehensible

Select textbook from your discipline to rate according to guidelines Gather and document supplemental material to be used in conjunction with your text book to make input comprehensible.

Course Title: English Language Learners and Second Language Acquisition

Module Number and Name: 5 Assessment and Evaluation Competency/Outcome/Objectiv e 1 Identify and describe the Basic Principles of Assessment Assessment Ideas 1Questions Absorb Reading Selections on the Principles of Assessment Audio Podcasts (Green Room) Do Identify the types of assessments you use. Connect Reflection on current practices and how you can improve upon your assessment practices.

Form adapted from Smith, R. M. Conquering the Content. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2008.

2 Write differentiated outcome based assessments

2 Blog in Wiki

Study lesson plans with differentiated assessment outcomes Reading selections

Identify and discuss the types of assessment opportunities you have provided

Create a usable lesson for your class identifying ways to differentiate assessment outcomes for L2 learners