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About WRIST WATCH market in India..
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Watches are no longer just time-keeping devices.

Going beyond its generic role, wrist watches now focuses on performing a voguish role as a fashion accessory that helps in making a self-expressive style statement.

From being a “Need”, wrist watch has turned to became a “Demand”.

The Indian watch market has matured over the years and has seen a paradigm shift, keeping abreast with international trends.

Different brands with different technology, design and innovations have entered into the market.

Indian consumers have evolved considerably with time and their aspirations are now global.

It is important for companies to determine the most favourable features for their product that can optimize the level of satisfaction. o . Consumers reach their final purchase choice. not on a single attribute but on multi-attribute.CONSUMER PREFERENCES FOR WRIST WATCHES o o There is a lot of personal preference with a watch.

OBJECTIVE OF STUDY Analysing the market leader in wrist watches. Place & Promotion) influences the consumer behaviour in making the buying . Price. studying how its 4 P's (Product.

CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR Buying Behaviour is the decision processes and acts of people involved in buying and using products. There are five stages of consumer purchase behaviour : • Problem/Need Recognition • Information search. • Evaluation of purchases. • Post purchase behaviour. • Purchase decision. .

FACTORS INFLUENCING CONSUMER BUYING PROCESS CULTURAL PERSONAL • SubCulture • Social Class PSYCHOLOGICAL SOCIAL • Culture • Reference Groups • Family • Roles & Status • Age & LifeCycle Stage • Occupation & Economic Situation • Lifestyle • Personality & Self-Concept • Motivation • Perception • Learning • Belief & Attitude .

The gross sample size of the survey is 80 people..T. The study was conducted in and around B. .I. A self-administered questionnaire was developed and utilized to elicit data from the sample respondents.RANCHI & THE WRIST WATCH MARKET SURVEY The study was carried out using the survey approach.Mesra (Ranchi).


Durability 5.Negligible 1.Casio ⃝ 7.More than Rs5000 Question: What is your reason for buying a new wrist watch? 1.Within last year 2.Brand Image 6.I.Price 2.Others ⃝ .Long Warranty Period Question: What is the price range of your wrist watch? 1.Gucci ⃝ 6.Least Important 1.Requirement 2.QUESTIONNAIRE CIRCULATED IN RANCHI (in and around B.Fossil ⃝ 8.Company Showroom 2.Timex ⃝ 3..Titan ⃝ 2.Better model in market 4.Between last 2 to 5 years 3.Between Rs1000 & Rs5000 3.Style statement 3.Less Important 1.Before last 5 years ⃝ ⃝ ⃝ ⃝ ⃝ ⃝ ⃝ ⃝ ⃝ Question: If given a chance to swich your wrist watch brand. you have a likelihood to go for which brand? 1.Advertisement 5.Gifting Question: Where did you buy your wrist watch from? 1. Service ⃝ Student ⃝ Housewife ⃝ Retired Question: Do you use a wrist watch? Which brand(s) If more than one? Question: Are you satisfied with your wrist watch? ⃝ Yes ⃝ No Question: Who\What influenced your buying behaviour? 4.Mesra) (opinion survey) NAME:________________________________________________________ GENDER:______________ AGE: ⃝ Below 18 ⃝ 19-25 ⃝ 26-35 ⃝ 36-50 ⃝ Above 50 Occupation: ⃝ Private ⃝ Buisness ⃝ Govt.Neutral 2.Family 3.Rado ⃝ 5.Slightly 1.Appearance 3.Rolex ⃝ 4.Less than RS1000 2.Water Resistivity 4.Self 2.Very Important 4.Friends 4.Online ⃝ ⃝ ⃝ ⃝ ⃝ ⃝ ⃝ ⃝ Question: When did you make the last purchase of a wrist watch? 1.Celebrity Endorsement Question: Rate the factors.T. 5.Highly 3.Imporant 3.Modertly 2.according to your preference that you considered while making the purchase.Retail Shop 3.

• 5% 46% .SUMMARY OF THE QUESTIONNAIRE INFERENC ES • As per age 22% 5% 46% Buying & usage of wrist watch is more prominent in 20% Below 18 19-25 26-35 As per gender 37% Male Femal e 63% male customers. • 7% 36-50 age group of 19-25 years. • As per occupation 12% 37% Working Student Housewi fe students & proffesionals.

FACTORS CONSIDERED BY DIFFERENT AGE GROUPS WHILE BUYING A WRIST WATCH Above 50 36-50 26-35 19-25 Below 18 Brand Image Warranty Period Asethetic Appeal Price 0 1 2 3 4 5 Priority level .

FACTORS CONSIDERED BY DIFFERENT OCCUPATION GROUPS WHILE BUYING A WRIST WATCH Retired Housewife Student Brand Image Warranty Period Asethetic Appeal Price Working 0 1 2 3 Priority level 4 5 .

.INFLUENCE OF PRICE ON THE MODE OF PAYMENT 13% 58% ONLINE PAYMENT 29% Less than Rs1000 Rs1000-5000 Above Rs5000 *Online payment covers just 11% of the total purchase.

REASON FOR BUYING A WRIST WATCH (AS PER AGE) Gifting Better Model Available Style Statement Above 50 36-50 26-35 19-25 Below 18 Requirement 0 1 2 3 4 5 .

REASON FOR BUYING A WRIST WATCH (AS PER OCCUPATION) Gifting Better Model Available Style Statement Retired Housewife Student Working Requirement 0 1 2 3 4 5 .

Celebrity Endrosement Advertisement Friends Family Self 0 1 2 3 Priority level 4 .WHAT/WHO INFLUENCES THE BUYING BEHAVIOR? INFERENCE • The buying decision is primarily affected by friends. • Family & the celebrity involved in advertisement is also an important influencer.

FREQUENCY OF PURCHASE Duration of last purchase 14% Within last year 1-2years 2years and above 54% 32% .

MOST PREFFERED WRIST WATCH BRAND Others Fossil Casio Gucci Rado Rolex Timex Titan 0 2 4 6 8 10 .

brand (Indian). Students are the largest segment of buyers. Findings indicate that friends.000). mode of payment (cash payment) and warranty (1-2 years). The most important attributes influencing purchase of watches were its aesthetic appeal. purchase need. Consumers have no preference for internet shopping for watches priced above Rs. outlet (company showroom).000-5.CONCLUSIONS (drawn from the survey)     Male watch buyers far outnumber females. celebrities associated with the product effect the self decision and new watch introduction have little impact. 5.1. .000. price category (Rs.

. medium priced(as “Fastrack”)and high priced watches (as “Nebula”).. namely as low priced (under brand • “Sonata”).MOST PREFFERED WRIST WATCH IN RANCHI. • available in different price segments. TITAN The brand Titan is committed to offering its consumers watches that represent the compass of their imagination. backed by 700 after−sales−service centres. • effective philosophies “Be More”. • 247 exclusive showrooms. world−class design product and constantly inventing new trends in wrist watches. “Less is More” and applauded celebrity endorsement.