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Sidpa khorlo: Inspiration for Tomorrows Managers and Leaders From an Age Old Wisdom

Jit Tshering

Assisstant Professor Royal Institute of Management

What is Sidpa Khorlo?

The Twelve Interdependent Originations

What is the problem?

Leaders and Managers: tackling the problems!

Where is the problem? Understanding the actual situation the reality

The Perceptions
Wrong Perceptions lead to faulty reactions

Which realm would you like to be in?

hell? hungry ghosts? animal? demi-gods? human? gods?

burning with rageand tortured with anxiety Engrossed in overcoming their sufferings and can not look beyond Thupa with a mirror

instinctual gratification of biological drives of hunger and sexuality Lack judgment Sign of stupidity Thupa with a book: opportunity for thought, speech and reflection

Hungry ghost
Fusion of rage and desire Attempt to satisfy hunger and thirst with power and gains Thupa with bowl of spiritual nourishments

Aggressive-war against the gods Aggressive nature used for wrong purpose Thupa with full weapons including flaming sword of discriminating awareness

Engrossed in sensual bliss and gratification of rapture and aesthetic pleasure Lost in pleasurable slumber Thupa with a lute

Lost human Self or the lack of it Thupa with a bowl and ascetic staff- the search for self Team work and interdependence rather than competition and independence

So what?
Unique Thupa in each of the Realms A Unique Leader and manager in each situation

Is it arising? Can we move this forward?