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1. Define microcontroller write down the five application of microcontroller and explain the main component of microcontroller 2. (a) Differentiate between the following : (i) Microprocessor and microcontroller. (ii) Embedded microcontroller and external memory microcontroller. (i) RISC Vs CISC. (ii) Havard Vs Princeton Architecture (v) SRAM & DRAM 3. (a)Briefly define each of the following: mask-programmed (i) Masked-programmed ROM (ii)PROM (ii)EPROM (iv)EEPROM (vi)Flash EEPROM (vii)RAM Or Explain different Microcontrollers memory types? (b)What are the main microcontrollers features? 4.(a) Explain the STATUS Register of 16C61/71 microcontroller. (b)What are the different addressing modes of PIC microcontroller? 5.(a) Draw the pin diagram of 16C61 or 16C71 microcontroller and explain each pin (b) Explain the architecture block diagram of PIC microcontroller. 6.(a) Write down various CPU registers of PIC microcontroller and explain them. (b) Explain the following terms: (i) Brown on Reset (BoR) (ii) Watch Dog Timer (WDT).

(iii) Power on Reset (PoR) (iv) Sleep mode (v) INTCON Register 7.(a).Explain the structure of program memory in PIC microcontroller. Or Explain program memory consideration of PIC microcontroller. 8.(a)Explain the following PIC instruction set BSF f,b RETE I E COMF CLR WDT BTFSS BTFSC (b) What is pipeling? Note: Submit assignment on or before 28 February 2012 at10.am sharp. ,