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The key to cracking this puzzle lies in our understanding of the word “yamm” ني , which has
been erroneously translated as “sea”. The Quran, in some places, states that Far3oun and his
goons drowned in the “bahr”, رحب while in other places, it states that he was drowned in the

“yamm”. So does this mean that the two words are synonymous?

Absolutely not. There are NO synonyms whatsoever in the eloquent Arabic tongue. Each word
has its own precise placement and meaning.

We have already showed you that the word “bahr” does not necessarily mean “sea”. It simply
indicates a large body with abundant water. So what about “yamm”? Since there are no
synonyms in the Quranic language, the only possible explanation is that “yamm” is a
description of this body of water. It is giving more detail about this “bahr” in order to specify

exactly what kind of water body it is.

Here, I will quote member Noon dhe plume from another thread:

Ya-Miim-Miim اليم al-yami seems best as simply the flowing water

This is actually spot on!

If you go now to the regions of Asir and Yemen and ask any Bedouin who lives there what the
meaning of the word is, he/she will tell you simply that it means: a course of running, or
flowing water.

In fact, this meaning is common to Arabic, Aramaic, and Syriac. And you can go research it all

you want.

So now we know what kind of “bahr” (body of water) it was that Far3oun drowned in.

Now take a close look at the following verses, and see for yourself how they corrupt the meaning

of Allah’s words:

{When We inspired to your mother what was inspired: * Cast him in the casket and cast
the casket in the yamm, so the yamm will place him on the shore, where an enemy of Mine
and his will take him. And I placed upon you a love from Me. And that you shall be raised

under My eye}…[20:39]

In the above verses, the classical “translators” of the Quran interpreted the word “yamm” as

indicating the Nile river.

Now, let's read the following:

{He said: "Then be gone, for you will have it in this life to say: "I am not to be touched"
And you will have an appointed time which you will not forsake. And look to your god that
you remained devoted to, we will burn him, then we will destroy him in the yamm


Here, Moses is reprimanding a man whom the Quran calls “al-samiri”, who tricked the Israelites
into worshiping a jeweled calf figurine. In this verse, they translated the same word, yamm, as
meaning: a small stream. Well of course! How can it be otherwise? Didn’t the event take place
on the slopes of what they call "Mount Sinai", AFTER they had crossed the sea? (See the map
below for the alleged location of the Mount). There are no known rivers anywhere in Sinai. So,
the most convenient interpretation of the yamm there is: a small stream in the desert.

The alleged location of "Mount Sinai".

Now look at this next verse:

{We thus took vengeance upon them by drowning them in the yamm, for their denial of

Our signs, and their disregard of them}…[7:136]

In the above verse, they interpreted the word as meaning “sea” (When they found the idea of the

Red Sea crossing a bit too outrageous, they decided Far3oun must have drowned in the Sea of

As you can see, brothers and sisters, they gave the word “yamm” three different meanings,
thereby ignoring the precision of the eloquent language of the Quran, and making it completely
irrelevant! The goal, of course, was to make Egypt fit, by force, with the events being described
in the Quran. Instead of letting Allah's words be the judge of their inherited beliefs, they did the
opposite: they twisted the meaning of the Quranic verses to make them fit with those beliefs.

Had they stuck to the original and true meaning of the word “yamm”, which means simply: “ a
flowing or running stream of water”, they would have realized the truth:

Moses’ mother placed him in a casket, and set him loose in a flowing stream.
The jeweled calf of the “samiriy” was trashed in a flowing stream.
Far3oun and his men drowned in a flowing stream.

This is the truth that they did not want to see, because it doesn’t fit with their pre-conception of
the events.

So how did the drowning happen?

{And We inspired Moses: "Go, with my servants, in secret. You will be followed" * So
Far3oun sent gatherers to the towns * "They are but a small band." * "And they have
enraged us." * "And we are all gathered and forewarned." * So, We evicted them out of
gardens and springs * And treasures and an honorable station * As such, We made Bani
Israel inherit it all * So they were pursued at sunrise * But when the two groups saw each
other, the companions of Moses said: "We are caught!" * He said: "No, my Rabb is with
me and He will guide me." * So We inspired to Moses: "Strike forth towards the bahr with
conviction." So it split into two, each side like a great cliff face * And We then brought the
others (the pursuers) near * And We saved Moses and all those with him *Then We
drowned the others}....[26:52-66]

Here is a possible explanation:

As we said before, Moses (P) and his people fled the citadel, in secret, by night. Far3oun didn’t

gather the search party until after he realized they were gone. The Children of Israel were
probably no more than 600 in number. Far3oun caught up to them the next morning, which
proves that the distance the evaders had covered could not have been long. When they SAW that
Far3oun was getting close and feared he would have them, Allah comforted the heart of Moses
and told him to head towards a river valley descending the slope of the mountainside. The
Israelites walked along a narrow path between two huge streams of water, like cliff banks on
either side of them, until they reached the lowland wilderness. When the pursuers tried to take
the same route, the flowing streams (yamm) closed in on them and they drowned.

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