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it containssyllabus,lecture-plan, semester-sessional latest papers,ebooks and many more things. The smart study feature guide you how to score more smartly. ..Further we will be needing 2-3 moderators for our site preferbaly from differnt colleges..to complete our team.Any interested student from any branch-semester can contact us.No prior knoweledge of web-development needed + no junior-senior concept in our team Benefits of being a moderator are1. Understanding website development+you can write that in your resume also 2. Depanding upon you efforts you could be promoted to admin 3. Wroking in team- benefits+you will be sharing our profit also+many more..!!!! Intersted students can contact us at Rohit Gupta or Ankit Chadha 9015277214 Or email us at. ghanta4c@ghantaexam.com