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Helpful hints in preparing to write an Argumentative Essay.

CXC's Argumentative essay requires to student to choose EITHER for OR against in the given topic. Students should decide which position they should take based upon the quantity and quality of the points they are able to come up with to support their position. Three points are ideal. In the case of the topic: Should abortion be legalized? Against: 1. It is inhumane. 2. It is dangerous to the mother or child. 3. Adoption is an alternative solution. For: 1. When the mother's or child's life is at risk. 2. In cases of sexual abuse. 3. The parents may not be able to provide the financial and emotional support to the child.

Note: Students would have to choose one position. It does not matter which one, as long as he/she is able to defend it well. Some students find a lot of difficulty writing the essay, even if they are able to find strong points. An easy way to overcome this is to take each point individually and elaborate on it or explain why that is your opinion. For example, in the case Against abortion: 1. It is inhumane It is inhumane and cruel to take the life of an innocent human being. The quality that distinguishes mankind from other animals is our ability to show compassion and love and the act of abortion is murder, which defies these traits. Etc.....

2. It is dangerous to mother or child If an abortion is not performed well, it could have serious consequences for the mother. She could either bleed to death or lose her ability to have more children. Also, if the procedure is not performed well, a deformed baby could be born. This child would not be able to lead a normal life. ETC.... 3. Adoption is a solution There are many childless couples who would be more than willing to provide a nice and stable home for an unwanted baby. ETC..... Also for those who support abortion 1. When the mother's or child's life is at risk. Sometimes a mother could die in childbirth or experience other complications while carrying a child. Also, due to the advancement in medicine, doctors are able to tell if a child would be born with a chronic disease. Some babies, especially those whose mothers are exposed to health hazards, are either badly formed in the wombs or are not destined to survive a long time after birth. ETC...... 2. In cases of sexual abuse Giving birth should be a glorious time for any mother, especially considering the natural bond between mother and child, but that would be difficult to develop if the mother had been a victim of rape or incest. The mother would hate the child whenever she remembers its conception. ETC..... 3. The parents may not be able to provide the financial and emotional support to the child. A child needs certain conditions in order to live. Living is not just about breathing in and out. He/she not only requires nourishment and comfort but also love and support from caring and responsible parents. If parents are unable to provide this bare minimum, the child may wish that it never had been born. ETC..... After you have gotten your points together and elaborated on them, you can write and introduction and a conclusion. Put the essay in order (introduction in first paragraph, main body in paragraph 2, 3 and 4, and the fifth paragraph, the conclusion).

Sample argumentative essay: Are material things essential for happiness? Against: 1. Some of the most important things in life cannot be purchased with money, such as, friendship, love, knowledge, honestly, spirituality. 2. When you have a lot of material things, people may try to rob or kidnap you, thereby making you unhappy as you will have to live in constant fear of this happening. 3. Material things do not last forever so you have to be constantly buying them. This could be very expensive. Additionally, items are frequently upgraded in price and features so you will have to trade in your current item in favour of a better one. 4. Material things tend to enslave people as advertisers try to convince consumers that they are essential for happiness and the more you have or the more expensive the item, the happier you will be.

Should hanging be legalized? by Karen Boyce Three points for Hanging 1. It will stop killings because people wouldn't want to go to jail for murder knowing that they would be hanged. 2. Criminals need to feel the pain that they put some people through. 3. Hanging eliminates the cold hearted criminals from the earth. Three points against hanging: 1. No one is supposed to take someone's life because they didn't give life. 2. Although the person was wrong, he/she still has family and just as the family of the person he/she killed, his family will be grieving. 3. We have to remember that two wrongs don't make a right. We can't fight fire with fire. We have to find some other way to punish them or rehabilitate them.

Sample Argumentative Essay on the topic: Do you think old people should be kept in a retirement home? Note: Introduction not completed. by Darlene Sorillo (unedited version) I think that old people should not be kept in a retirement home because workers would ill-treat them. The workers would not care for them properly by not feeding them, bathing them and not giving them their medication on time. Their freedom would be taken away from them because the worker would not want to be responsible for any old person. Due to the lack of communication with family members, the workers could use that as an excuse to neglect them. The lack of love and attention from family members would give the elderly a shorter time to live due to grief, disappointment and neglect. It would give the elderly a negative outlook on life and would make them suffer even more. The only solution is for a family member or relative to take time off to care for the elderly. This way they would know for sure that the elderly is being taken well care of. It would give them a better chance at living a long and healthier life. Family members would be around them to give them love, affection, attention and even support, so that they would be happy.

Sample Argumentative Essay on the topic: Should abortion be legalized? Note: Introduction not included. by Darlene Sorillo (unedited version) Abortion is similar to committing murder because it is killing someone. This foetus is really an innocent human being who has been robbed of the opportunity to live a full and wholesome life. Also the act of abortion is against humane qualities, such as life, compassion and goodwill towards all mankind because it represents the destruction of an innocent human life. Abortion forms a serious risk to the mother and her child. She can die if the abortion is not performed properly or she may lose the ability to have more children. At times, when an abortion is not done correctly, the child might actually live and may be born with very serious health defects that would prevent the child from leading a normal life.

If abortion were to be legalized, it would encourage irresponsibility among both men and women. No longer would it be necessary for them to accept and deal with the consequences of their actions. Adoption is a better alternative in this case. In conclusion, abstaining from sex is a safe way of dealing with abortion. It should not be legalized and anyone having or performing an abortion should stand the consequences of their action.

Are school uniforms beneficial? By Devindra Ragoonanan (unedited) When they have on a school uniform, students can easily be identified from a far distance when they are out of school. Uniforms are to be worn in one special pattern. This habit can help students to adapt to that pattern from an early age in preparation for a job that requires having on a uniform. Young adults dont have to wonder which outfit to put on the next day as uniforms are to be worn each day of the school week. Students that attend schools where school uniforms are implemented can easily be identified if an emergency were to arise to or from school, or when they are out of school during school hours. School uniforms also tell the location of the school so that students cannot wander off in the opposite direction of the school they attend without being noticed. Students must have a high level of discipline to have on a uniform because this method of dressing does not allow you to dress in any other fashion or particular style that you desire. School uniforms are to be worn neatly in one special pattern and fit. After finishing school, students would find it very easy to adapt to jobs that require wearing uniforms. Scheduling an outfit for each day of the week can be very challenging for students, especially females. With this implementation of uniforms, students do not have to worry about trying to outshine other students in dressing. This will ensure a fair and balanced way of dressing in the school. Having on a school uniform shows a great interest in discipline and respect as it should be worn in an orderly fashion. School uniforms do play a big part in our education system and is beneficial as it prepares our future leaders for the world of work.