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Josh Carlew Eng Comp 102-104 9 September 2012 Stalled Suicide In A Case of Assisted Suicide, Jack Kevorkian provides

justification and a detailed recollection when for the first time, he uses his death machine to perform an assisted suicide. One conclusion that can be made from the reading is that Kevorkians first time using his device is a very trying and lengthy process, but Kevorkian perseveres because of his dedication to the procedure. In the year 1990 Jack Kevorkian had the device, the knowledge, and credibility needed to perform his first assisted suicide and only required somewhere to house his practice. He soon found out how difficult a matter it could be. (319) Kevorkians search for a place to perform alone was extensive. He explains I encountered at countless motels, funeral homeseven considered the futile hope of renting an emergency life-support ambulance. (319). Aside from the drawn out search for a structure, Kevorkians clients family urged their mother/wife to pursue a new form of therapy that had just been introduced. Kevorkian concurred stating, every candidatemust have exhausted every potentially beneficial medical intervention(318). Even hours before preforming the assisted suicide he knocked over a bottle of solution which forced him to make a two and one-half hour round trip to replace it. The end result is the same as all of Dr. Deaths assisted suicides but it takes extreme dedication from him to make it through this drawn out series of events. (originally 208) Kevorkian, Jack. "A Case of Assisted Suicide." Power of Language Language of Power. Second Custom Edition for Ozarks Community Technical College ed. Boston: Pearson Learning Solutions, 2011. 317-323. Print