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In Cell Touch Technology

In Cell Touch Technology

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Review of in-cell touch panel technology, suppliers etc
Review of in-cell touch panel technology, suppliers etc

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Published by: sukudel on Sep 21, 2012
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Asia Pacific Equity Research

16 June 2012

In-Cell & Touch Panel
A major breakthrough in display: Opportunity in smartphone and Tablet PC
Given uncertainty surrounding In-cell touch panel technology (“In-cell”), we illustrate (1) where In-cell is in terms of technology spectrum; (2) Incell cost structure analysis; (3) quantify impact of In-cell for supply chains; and (4) implications for major LCD panel and touch panel makers.  What’s In-cell technology? In-cell touch panel is a display panel integrated with touch sensor which is a thinner, lighter and more flexible touch solution. This is economically viable for single models with big volume (i.e. iPhone). Since it requires only one lamination layer, this provides set makers one-stop solutions and can match with any kind of cover lens such as 3D or curved lens design.  In-cell will save up to 20% over add-on type: We estimate In-cell to reduce panel costs by around 20% which will help to alleviate set makers' burden in touch devices' BOM. Also, LCD makers could enjoy attractive margins leveraging their vertical integration once yield rate is on the right track. As the screen size is getting bigger, the additional value to LCD panel makers would be much bigger than the current revenue opportunity and also bring new value in touch functions.  Meaningful revenue opportunity in Apple’s products: Assuming iPhone 5 is using In-cell panels, we forecast three panel makers, LGD, Sharp, and Japan Display combined will generate In-cell revenue of US$3.6 billion in 2012 and US$8.0 billion in 2013, respectively. If Incell panels (Oxide backplane) are used in iPad which theoretically reduces 7% of total BOM, then total In-cell revenue opportunity in iPad would be almost US$6.0 billion. Hence, a combined In-cell revenue opportunity would be US$14 billion in 2013, by our estimation.  LCD panel makers vs. Touch panels: We forecast LCD makers’ revenue to increase while Touch panel players witness a shrinking trend with multiple contraction. Hence, LCD panel makers (LGD and Sharp) with strong position in In-cell technology will deserve higher multiple, in our view. Among touch panel players, a leading touch panel maker like TPK could still enjoy its industry leadership in the next couple of years.
Display and Touch Panel player valuation
Company LGD Sharp TPK Wintek Ticker 034220 KS 6753 JT 3673 TT 2384 TT Rating OW OW OW N TP (LC) 36,000 650 500 23 Price (LC) 22,300 412 455 16 Upside Downside 61% 58% 10% 46% Market cap (US$ B) 6.9 5.8 3.6 0.9 P/B(x) 12E 0.8 0.7 3.0 0.7 13E 0.7 0.6 2.2 0.7

Asia-Pacific Tech Research

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Panel & Touch YTD performance

40% 20% 0% -20% -40% -60% LGD
Source: Bloomberg.


-11% -39% Sharp TPK -27% Wintek

P/E(x) 12E 14.3 na 8.9 31.6 13E 5.8 4.9 8.4 19.8

ROE (%) 12E 13E 5.4 12.4 2.2 36.6 2.2 13.7 30.5 3.4

Source: Bloomberg, J.P. Morgan estimates

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JJ Park (822) 758-5717 jj.park@jpmorgan.com

Asia Pacific Equity Research 16 June 2012

Table of Contents
What is In-cell technology? .....................................................3
In-cell technology in touch panel trend ....................................................................3 In-cell vs. OGS (One Glass Solution) ......................................................................4 In-cell touch panel cost structure .............................................................................5

How big is In-cell? ....................................................................6
Methodology...........................................................................................................6 In-cell supply/demand .............................................................................................6 In-cell ASP and revenue trend .................................................................................9 In-cell technology beyond iPhone..........................................................................10

Stock implications..................................................................11
Market Cap comparison: TFT-LCD vs. Touch Panel..............................................12 Implications to LGD..............................................................................................13 Implications to Sharp ............................................................................................14 Implication to Japan Display .................................................................................15 Implications to Touch Panel players ......................................................................15

Appendix I: In-cell supply/demand model............................17


JJ Park (822) 758-5717 jj. Two options for eliminating the sensor substrate are sensoron-cover and in-cell/on-cell touch. customization for touch panels seems to be a bottleneck for in-cell to see wider adoption. What is In-cell technology? In-cell technology in touch panel trend Thinner. we made an attempt to: (1) see where in-cell is in terms of technology spectrum. as is the controller IC. Please refer to our last touch panel sector report for details:"Touch Panel Sector: In-cell vs. 2012. J.5D / 3D In/On-cell Sensor Patterning G/G or G/F/F By Separate ITO Patterning by Piece or Sheet In/On-cell Built-in Sensor Lamination & Layer # Cover Lens & Controller Panel Touch Module Maker Controller Panel Cover Lens Market view on In-cell In-cell may be more economically viable for single models with big volume. with in-cell/on-cell touch.park@jpmorgan. and (3) Capacitive electrodes (charge-sensing). and others. Figure 1: Touch Panel type by category Sensor Substrate w/ Sensor substrate Touch Module Structure w/o Sensor substrate Panel Maker Source: Display Search. However.5D/3D Add-On 2D SOC. yield rate losses related to lamination. With sensor-on-cover. one-glass solution: Implications from Korean panel makers" by Narci Chang published on 26 March.com Asia Pacific Equity Research 16 June 2012 Given uncertainty around in-cell technology. One Glass 2D / 2. Being not flexible. 3 . and more flexible touch solution In-cell touch panel is a display panel integrated with touch sensor that is physically underneath either TFT or the color filter. (2) in-cell cost structure analysis. (3) quantify potential impact of in-cell to supply chains. Morgan Cover Lens Type Touch Module Maker 2D/2. lighter. the ITO pattern is on the cover lens (bottom side). and (5) implications for key stocks. (4) comparison b/w TFT-LCD and Touch Panel. we have witnessed issues with durability under high-temperature photolithography. the sensor is integrated into one display panel. placed between the TFT array substrate and the color filter substrate. (2) Micro-switches (voltage-sensing). Where are we in terms of the trend? Conventional add-on projected capacitive touch includes a sensor substrate with ITO pattern that senses the users’ touch.P. Touch sensor can be: (1) Lightsensing elements (light-sensing).

Table 2: Who is working on what? LightSensing In-Cell In-Cell In-Cell In-Cell In-Cell In-Cell In-Cell In-Cell In-Cell On-Cell VoltageSensing In-Cell In-Cell Charge-Sensing In-Cell In-Cell In-Cell On-Cell On-Cell On-Cell On-Cell Resistive On-Cell On-Cell Developing Phase MP in 2H12 MP (Galaxy) MP in 2H12 R&D R&D MP in 2H12 MP in 2H12 MP in 1H12 MP in 4Q12 R&D R&D Sharp Samsung Mobile AUO Hitachi CPT Sony TMD LGD CMI HannStar Wintek On-Cell In-Cell In-Cell On-Cell On-Cell Source: Display Search. or tune performance from controller IC. panel makers have to decide how to invest in cover lens finishing 4 . This could lead to a decline in sensitivity. In addition. Possible scenarios: collaboration b/w panel and touch panel players In-cell and OGS/SOC involve cover lens and lamination processes and both approaches avoid the sensor substrate. This provides set-makers onestop solutions. Additionally. *SOC = Sensor on Cover Key disadvantage: bottleneck lies in customization While easier integration or 3D cover lens provide benefits. hence it requires only one lamination layer as OGS. 3D is limited to premium models.P. panel sources. making the device lighter. Piece type has more difficulty with patterning on 3D form No need to match any kind of cover lens except tuning controller/IC Panel Source Brands have multiple sources of panel makers to match touch modules Brands have more limited selection of panel makers IC & Spec. sensor. Customization Easier to select. OGS (One-Glass-Solution) Sensor-on-cover OGS/SOC 3D Cover Lens Sheet type has difficulty forming 3D when ITO sensor is already on. Who will use In-cell? The feasibility of customization ultimately depends on the scale of business. change. Brands with large volume seller (i. it requires additional processes to mature.park@jpmorgan. and touch module makers. It could create noises which interfere with TFT-LCD ICs.e. Unlike touch module makers. Table 1: Comparison of In-cell vs. covered by Mark Moskowitz) can fully enjoy incell technology's benefit. intensive integration could drive up the cost of customization if panel makers want to serve multiple customers. Customization dilemma is not serious for OGS type as brands have flexibility choosing options. hence it leads to lower yield rate at an initial stage. Beside. OGS (One Glass Solution) Key advantages: easier integration and one-shop solution As for in-cell/on-cell touch. the sensors and controller IC are built into the panel. in-cell can match with any kind of cover lens while OGS cannot easily support 3D or curved lens design. Morgan.P. Apple.JJ Park (822) 758-5717 jj.com Asia Pacific Equity Research 16 June 2012 In-cell vs. Morgan. but not flexible for customization Inner Mechanics Additional FPC and controller IC still occupy inner mechanical room Good for integration on IC and signal cable In-cell Source: Display Search. J. and panel Good for integration. where to procure IC solutions. J.

If set-makers allocated some or entire cover lens and lamination process. Actual price may vary 5 . one key advantage of in-cell touch panel is integration of TFTLCD panel with touch sensor functionality. this will help alleviate set makers' burden in touch device’s BOM. *Above cost structure is assuming 3. TPK) with strengths in cover lens finishing process and lamination can still benefit in our view. Morgan estimates. % 11% 8% 16% Cover glass FPCB & Chip Touch sensor Cost down ~20% Cover glass FPCB & Chip TFT LCD + Touch control +15% +10% 62% TFT LCD +70% Panel Price $37 Panel Price $?? Source: J. assuming yield rate is mature As mentioned above. As Narci Chang.JJ Park (822) 758-5717 jj. 2011.P. it will reduce panel cost by approximately 20% (assuming same panel size).e.com Asia Pacific Equity Research 16 June 2012 capacity. In this case. We believe TFT-LCD panel makers will enjoy attractive margins leveraging their vertical integration and gather increasing touch-embedded panel orders once yield rate is on right curve. According to our estimates. touch panel players (i. flagged in touch panel industry note (“Recent concerns about tight key component supply appears to be overblown”) published on 16 February. touch panel analyst. then touch module makers can still benefit. Figure 2: Cost structure comparison b/w In-cell and OGS $.5" TFT-LCD capacitive panel.park@jpmorgan. In-cell touch panel cost structure In-cell will save up to 20% compared to add-on type touch panel. but will gain less revenue since only lamination is needed instead of the whole touch module.

(In-cell runs multiple processes on the color filter. 6 .0 1. Table 4: In-cell supply key assumptions Line LGD AP2 LTPS Sharp Kameyama line Japan Display Ex-Sony Ex-TMD D2 Source: Company data.0 0. iPhone Next-series) US$.JJ Park (822) 758-5717 jj. Major difference b/w adjusted capacity and max capacity comes from LGD's increasing allocation to previous technology line. Morgan estimates” Gen 4.2 1. J.4 2. we estimate total in-cell capacity to climb up to +450K/Qtr by end of 2013E on square meter basis.5 2. % iPhone 4S (3.5 6.P.5 Proportion 11% 5% 3% 1% 6% 75% Source: Display Search.5") Component Cover glass Glass sensor Chip FPCB OCA Others TFT-LCD Total Price $ 4.5 Glass substrate 730 1500 600 1300 920 1850 720 1500 Monthly glass capacity (K) 3Q12E 4Q13E 65 80 25 25 53 53 35 35 18 18 Yield rate 3Q12E 73% 58% 64% 63% 64% 4Q13E 80% 75% 76% 75% 76% In-cell supply/demand In-cell capacity to hover around 466K/Qtr by 2013E According to our estimates.8 35.5 5.P. Gap is expected to decrease as LGD increases its allocation from 4Q12E. TFT-LCD LTPS for previous iPhone series. it is difficult to gauge the price of In-cell type display module.0 Proportion 11% 16% 5% 3% 1% 2% 62% 100% Total 47. J.8 23.0 3.3 0. OGS's at over 80% on average. Current in-cell's yield rate is expected to hover around 60-70% vs. OGS has separate processes for cover glass and color filter).park@jpmorgan.6 100% Next iPhone series (assuming 4") Component Cover glass Chip FPCB OCA Others TFT-LCD + Touch control Price $ 5.3 0. the manufacturing costs are theoretically lower in OGS than In-cell considering yield rates.7 1. but we believe the manufacturing costs would be higher than that of OGS solution since it does not have to scrap out the color filter even if it fails during photolithography process.0 37. Table 3: In-cell touch panel BOM comparison (iPhone 4S vs.com Asia Pacific Equity Research 16 June 2012 Manufacturing cost comparison Aside from touch panel BOM difference. Morgan estimates How big is In-cell? Methodology Our in-cell supply/demand is based on below key assumptions. Since In-cell has not been manufactured on a mass scale.2 6.

LGD seems to be on right track and should soon be ready for commercial production.P. J. we forecast all panel makers to run the line at full-capacity.P.JJ Park (822) 758-5717 jj. Despite lower yield rate compared to LGD. Once mass production takes off. J. Morgan estimates Source: Company data. J. *Adjusted-capacity = capacity x allocation (%) Figure 5: Yield rate assumptions by panel makers % 85% 80% 75% 70% 65% 60% 3Q12E 4Q12E LGD AP2 LTPS 1Q13E 2Q13E 3Q13E Japan Display 4Q13E Sharp Kameyama line Figure 6: UTR assumptions by panel makers % 100% 95% 90% 85% 80% 3Q12E 4Q12E LGD AP2 LTPS 1Q13E 2Q13E 3Q13E Japan Display 4Q13E Sharp Kameyama line Source: Company data. Morgan estimates Source: Company data. we estimate industry average yield rate is around 60-70%. 7 .com Asia Pacific Equity Research 16 June 2012 Figure 3: Quarterly in-cell capacity by panel makers Unit in 000sqm 250 200 150 100 50 0 3Q12E 4Q12E LGD AP2 LTPS 1Q13E 2Q13E 3Q13E Japan Display 4Q13E Sharp Kameyama line Figure 4: Quarterly in-cell adjusted-capacity by panel makers Unit in 000sqm 200 150 100 50 0 3Q12E 4Q12E LGD AP2 LTPS 1Q13E 2Q13E 3Q13E Japan Display 4Q13E Sharp Kameyama line Source: Company data.park@jpmorgan. we believe Sharp and Japan Display will catch up with LGD in terms of yield rate and start fullscale production in 3Q12E. Morgan estimates Average yield rate to be 68% in 2012E and 76% in 2013E As of 1H12. Morgan estimates. According to our industry check. J.P.P.

we estimate incell panel demand to climb above 60M once yield rate curve moves up. J. Within panel makers.P. 1Q13E onwards. Morgan estimates Source: Company data.P. Sharp is expected to be the major supplier followed by Japan Display and LGD. in-cell panel supply may vary as large as 11% to our view. we forecast in-cell demand to reach 126M units. Given plenty of supply over demand.P. 207-250M in 2013E Above supply/demand analysis is based on our base case assumption of panel size (4. we expect LGD to increase its M/S similar to Japan Display. Morgan estimates Quarterly supply to reach 60M after full-scale production We expect panel makers to kick-in full-scale production in late 2Q12E and its quarterly supply to reach +50M by end of 4Q12E. Going into 2013E.JJ Park (822) 758-5717 jj. J.P. we do not expect in-cell panel demand to cause supply shortage risks. 8 . we estimate they will account for roughly 20% of total shipments in 2012E.com Asia Pacific Equity Research 16 June 2012 Figure 7: Quarterly in-cell supply by panel makers Unit shipments in millions 25 20 15 10 5 0 3Q12E 4Q12E LGD 1Q13E Sharp 2Q13E Japan Display 3Q13E 4Q13E Figure 8: Quarterly in-cell supply M/S by panel makers % 100% 80% 60% 40% 20% 0% 3Q12E 4Q12E LGD 1Q13E Sharp 2Q13E Japan Display 3Q13E 4Q13E 32% 29% 36% 29% 37% 29% 36% 29% 37% 29% 37% 37% 31% 35% 34% 35% 34% 34% Source: Company data. For 2013E. Figure 9: Quarterly in-cell demand Unit shipments in millions 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 40 29 27 14 3Q12E 4Q12E 1Q13E 2Q13E 3Q13E 4Q13E 28 28 30 Figure 10: Quarterly in-cell supply/demand Unit shipments in millions 70 60 50 40 30 46 27 52 58 60 61 40 28 28 30 61 40 10 7 6 6 20 10 0 3Q12E 4Q12E 1Q13E 2Q13E 3Q13E 4Q13E iPhone w in-cell (new iPhone) Source: Company data. Depending upon panel size and yield rate variances. J. In-cell demand to pick-up in 2013E.0" and average yield rate 68%/76%).park@jpmorgan. accounting +80% of 2013E iPhone shipments. Morgan estimates Sensitivity reveals supply to range from 85-101M in 2012E. 27M/126M in 2012E/2013E Assuming next iPhone series adopt in-cell panels. J. Morgan estimates iPhone w/o in-cell In-cell Supply In-cell Demand to panel makers (different from end-demand) Source: Company data.

500 3Q12E 4Q12E 1Q13E 2Q13E 3Q13E 4Q13E In-cell revenue Source: Company data.P. Morgan estimates Avg Yield Rate = 68% (base) 98 85 Avg Yield Rate = 76% (base) 239 207 Avg Yield Rate = 71% (bull) 101 88 Avg Yield Rate = 79% (bull) 250 216 In-cell ASP and revenue trend Initial In-cell panel ASP to be $48 and decrease 10% Y/Y next year Currently.700 1.P. we assess the potential in-cell display panel cost structure and estimate initial ASP to be $48.200 2.0" Panel Size = 4. which accounts 9% of iPhone COGS in 2012E. J. Figure 11: Quarterly in-cell revenue by panel makers Unit in US$ millions 900 800 700 600 500 400 300 200 100 0 3Q12E 4Q12E LGD 1Q13E Sharp 2Q13E Japan Display 3Q13E 4Q13E Figure 12: Quarterly in-cell total revenue and panel price trend Unit in US$ millions. panel makers are projected to generate over $4 billion revenue.0" Panel Size = 4. we believe iPhone 4S G/G structure (including TFT array) is around $37 (3.600 1. As yield rate climbs up on the curve. we foresee Sharp to generate the largest in-cell revenue followed by LGD and Japan Display. Unit output in millions 2012 Unit Output Panel Size = 4.000 1.JJ Park (822) 758-5717 jj. Morgan estimates In-cell total revenue accounts for ~19% of total iPhone COGS On annual basis.com Asia Pacific Equity Research 16 June 2012 Table 5: Unit outputs sensitivity analysis by panel size and yield rate Panel size in inches. Yield rate in %. J.1 billion in 2Q13E. 9 . Given limited suppliers and better yield rate. J.3" Source: Company data. In table 4. per our assessment. and linear increase in other components. US$ 2.park@jpmorgan. In-cell quarterly total revenue to be around $2 billions On a quarterly basis.3" 2013 Unit Output Panel Size = 4. we expect in-cell panel price to show moderate decline of 10% Y/Y in 2013E.800 1. we forecast its proportion to total iPhone COGS to increase to 19% once panel makers begin full-year production. increasing manufacturing cost. we forecast quarterly revenue to reach $2.100 2. Morgan estimates 48 50 46 45 43 42 40 48 46 44 42 40 38 36 Panel Price assumptions Source: Company data. According to unit output base assumptions. assuming mature yield rate on par with TFT-LCD LTPS.900 1.5”) and in-cell initial price point should not be lower than that. Provided panel is the most expensive single component in smartphone. we estimate total in-cell revenue to be around $2 billion.P. Panel price is derived from cost saving of glass sensor.

US$ million Panel Price ($36) .bull Source: Company data.772 9. Table 6: Revenue sensitivity analysis by panel price and unit output Panel Price in US$.056 3.759 7.8bn in 2012E and $5. we estimate total in-cell revenue to range from $2. we illustrated sensitivity analysis to give color on total revenue range.188 1.733 2.515 4.000 5.135 Unit (base case) 6.base Panel Price ($49) . In this case.P.144 10.515 Unit (bear case): -15% 5. Depending upon panel price and unit output variances.500 2. Apple has kept singular model policy across different mobile applications and we believe there is a chance that Apple may consider choosing in-cell for other applications if it works well with iPhone. +50M new iPad series may be candidates for in-cell technology.P.000 1.951 9.JJ Park (822) 758-5717 jj.5bn in 2013E. Morgan estimates Unit (bear case): -15% 2. US$ million Panel Price ($40) .759 7. Touch panel players may lose +60% revenue opportunity (assuming no touchpanel supply at all in in-cell panel).516 In-cell technology beyond iPhone Works under high-volume single model brand As we have illustrated in the technology comparison section. Apple seems to be most suitable brand to adopt the in-cell in near-term.base Panel Price ($54) .bear Panel Price ($42) . Morgan estimates Total in-cell revenue may go as high as $4.772 Unit (base case) 3.8bn / $10.P. J.000 4. $7.745 6.311 1.000 8. Morgan estimates Source: Company data.755 Unit (bull case): +15% 7.298 Figure 14: Annual in-cell total revenue and % out of iPhone COGS Unit in US$ millions.500 1.000 2.596 2012E In-cell revenue 2013E In-cell % to iPhone COGS Source: Company data.097 2.056 3.6~4.park@jpmorgan.000 2. % 9.144 Unit (bull case): +15% 3.000 7. J.000 0 19% 20% 18% 16% 14% 12% 10% 8% 6% 4% 2% 0% 9% 7. iPad with in-cell can generate +22% more revenue to TFT-LCD Assuming new iPad (to be launched in 2013E) was manufactured with in-cell display.500 3.5bn in 2012E/2013E Given uncertainty of our panel price and unit output assumptions.0 billion in non in-cell case.3 in non in-cell case.921 2. 10 .135 4.bear Panel Price ($47) .3bn compared to $3.000 500 0 2012E LGD Sharp Japan Display 2013E 1.000 6.598 3. and their 2013E revenue from iPad could decline to $1.951 3.000 3. J.000 1.8~10. Unit output in millions.596 4.5 billion vs.com Asia Pacific Equity Research 16 June 2012 Figure 13: Annual in-cell revenue by panel makers Unit in US$ millions 3. we forecast TFT-LCD players to generate $8.bull 2013 Revenue. Revenue in US$ millions 2012 Revenue.

As total BOM must be reduced to enable more attractive price points. which could be positive catalysts for the share price.000 0 1. Morgan estimates 1. Morgan estimates Source: iSuppli.000 2.552 8. 11 . w/o in-cell Source: Company data.467 2. % 1.000 4. J.000 6.com Asia Pacific Equity Research 16 June 2012 Figure 15: Apple and market tablet PC shipment Unit in millions. hence we expect panel makers to jump into tablet PC developing in-cell in long-term after firstly touching base on smartphone touch panel.P. Morgan estimates Touch panel BOM needs to be reduced Comparing module (TFT-LCD + Touch Panel) costs' burden in touch device's BOM. we see increasing need of cost reduction efforts. J.P.000 800 600 400 200 0 2011 In-cell demand 2012E 2013E 2014E 2015E In-cell demand % Total smartphone touch panel demand Figure 18: (Touch Panel + LCD array) % to total BOM comparison % 21% 17% 13% 3% 0% 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% 100% 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% 63% 82% 18% Smartphone 37% Tablet PC Source: Company data.282 6.431 2011 2012E Panel Source: Company data.000 10.934 2013E (w/o in-cell) Panel Sales +22% vs.park@jpmorgan. we pick LGD and Sharp to be key beneficiary names in the panel space. J. it represents over 37% of the tablet PC BOM and 18% of the smartphone BOM according to our estimates. Morgan Stock implications LGD and Sharp stand out to us as the winners Given limited supply and strong position with in-cell. LGD and Sharp seem pretty confident about in-cell adoption and we believe in-cell will create strong top-line and bottomline opportunity.400 1. In-cell on Tablet PC panel can theoretically reduce +7% of total BOM.000 8.P. Figure 17: Smartphone Touch Panel market demand Unit in millions.477 4.P. % 160 140 120 100 80 60 40 20 0 58% 61% 59% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% 2011 iPad shipments 2012E Total Tablet PC shipments 2013E iPad % (RHS) Figure 16: LCD & Touch Panel Revenue opportunity from iPad US$ millions 12.200 1. J.926 2013E (w in-cell) Touch 3.JJ Park (822) 758-5717 jj.290 2.

Touch Panel includes TPK/Wintek/Melfas/Iljin Display/J Touch/ELK TFT-LCD clearly trading on discount to revenue generation Until mid-2009.park@jpmorgan.000 4. however. 12 . Beginning from mid-2011. Lamination is TPK's best strength.000 6. Laibo (The need for ITO sensor is eliminated. touch panel market cap began to move up on back of strong Apple supply chain story while TFT-LCD players suffer from deteriorating supply/demand dynamics.000 8. both TFT-LCD and Touch panel players' market cap moved inline direction until mid-2010. Morgan. TFT-LCD includes LGD/Sharp/AUO/CMI. Touch Panel Touch Panel on boom until mid-2011 since TPK IPO After financial crisis.JJ Park (822) 758-5717 jj.000 30. both TFT-LCD and Touch panel have witnessed similar market cap to revenue multiple trend and nicely rebounded after financial crisis.P. TMD Losers TPK & Wintek.000 40.000 10.000 25. Sintek. TPK could remain in the supply chain given its superior lamination yield rate.000 0 Jan-08 12.000 TPK IPO Jul-08 Jan-09 Jul-09 Jan-10 Jul-10 Jan-11 Jul-11 Jan-12 2. Since TPK's IPO. Moving into 2010.000 10.000 5. Figure 19: Market Cap trend of TFT-LCD and Touch panel players US$ millions 45. all ITO sputtering is made by TPK/Wintek on cover glass) OGS/Touch-on-lens Source: J. However.000 20. Sharp. TPK Market Cap comparison: TFT-LCD vs. Touch panel began trading at higher multiple compared to TFT-LCD on Apple supply chain story and it recorded robust multiple expansion from mid-10 to mid-11.000 35.000 15.com Asia Pacific Equity Research 16 June 2012 Table 7: Potential beneficiary for in-cell touch panel technology Technology In-cell Winners LGD. touch panel players reverted into showing stiff correction and we witnessed similar market cap trend between two names.000 - TFT-LCD Touch Panel (RHS) Source: Bloomberg.

we estimate LGD to generate approximately $1.000 6. % 12.3x (Touch panel) as of now.0 6. Bloomberg.000 Mainly due to shrinking TPK top-line 1.0 0. J. Figure 21: Market Capitalization to Revenue trend (2008~) Multiple (X) 7. each accounting for 5% and 10% of total revenue.Present) X.0 4.P.0 2.000 4.com Asia Pacific Equity Research 16 June 2012 Figure 20: Market Cap to Revenue trend (2008 . we believe in-cell panel business to positively contribute to LGD’s operating level.0 2.0 4. Touch Panel includes TPK/Wintek/Melfas/Iljin Display/J Touch/ELK However.000 0 Jan-11 Jul-11 Jan-12 TFT-LCD Jul-12 Jan-13 Touch Panel (RHS) Jul-13 3. TFT-LCD includes LGD/Sharp/AUO/CMI.000 8.6 billion in 2012E/2013E.P. We illustrated revenue impact of in-cell to each players in the below section. TFT-LCD deserves higher multiple on in-cell opportunity JPM Asia tech team forecasts TFT-LCD players' revenue to continuously increase while Touch panel players witness a shrinking trend. 13 . Morgan estimates * TFT-LCD includes LGD/Sharp.0 Jan-08 Jul-08 Jan-09 Jul-09 Jan-10 TFT-LCD Jul-10 Jan-11 Touch Panel Jul-11 Jan-12 Source: Company data.000 2.0 3.0 0. Touch Panel includes TPK/Wintek/Melfas/Iljin Display/J Touch/ELK Implications on LGD Revenue Impact According to our estimates. Along with strong top-line growth. Upon increasing revenue trend. in-cell/on-cell emergence and weak IT demand has dragged down touchpanel’s multiple to similar level of TFT-LCD and they are each trading at 1. J.0 6.500 1.000 10.0 Jan-11 Apr-11 Jul-11 Oct-11 Jan-12 Apr-12 TFT-LCD Touch Panel Jul-12 Oct-12 Figure 22: Revenue projection of TFT-LCD and Touch Panel Unit in US$ millions.0 1.3/2. Morgan estimates * TFT-LCD includes LGD/Sharp/AUO/CMI. Touch Panel includes TPK/Wintek/Melfas/Iljin Display/J Touch/ELK Source: Company data. we believe panel makers with a strong position in in-cell technology deserve higher multiple going forward.2x (TFTLCD) and 2.0 5.0 3.park@jpmorgan.0 5. Bloomberg.000 2.JJ Park (822) 758-5717 jj. Multiple = Market Cap / Revenue 7.0 1.000 500 - Source: Company data.500 2. Recent multiple contraction seems market has already priced in risks associated with Touch-panel.

making margins narrower than those on other lines. we think yield improvements on this line will more easily translate into broader margins.000 5.P. based on changes in the tone of management’s comments. the company recently commented that it will base the timing of the introduction on clients’ needs. yield. we think Kameyama plant No. The company has yet to make any comments on production lines. we cautiously forecast in-cell to contribute more to total OP than current smartphone display. 14 . we think prices will also be kept low.park@jpmorgan. is likely to produce smartphone panels using in-cell technology. % 30. However. however. the company commented its latest version of IGZO is compatible with in-cell technology and we therefore think panels for tablet PCs could use in-cell technology starting from 2013. production volume.000 15. we think fixed costs are low and risk has therefore been minimized.000 20. However. Cost impact As the equipment used in Kameyama plant No. 2 itself. Morgan estimates 12% 10% 10% 8% 5% 6% 4% 2% 0% 2013E LGD (in-cell) revenue In-cell % out of total revenue Implications to Sharp Recent development from Sharp Sharp announced at end-2011 that it would likely introduce in-cell technology 2013 and not 2012. scheduled to begin full-scale production this summer.000 0 2012E LGD total revenue Source: Company data. While we think Kameyama plant No. However.com Asia Pacific Equity Research 16 June 2012 Earnings impact Previously we forecasted smartphone display to account for 26% of total LGD's OP in 2012E. because Sharp purchased the equipment used in its Kameyama plant No.000 10.000 25. 2. is not likely to use in-cell technology. Detailed margins are not provided. On the other hand. 1 was supplied by a major smartphone maker. or price. Figure 23: In-cell revenue contribution to LGD’s business Unit in US$ millions. J.JJ Park (822) 758-5717 jj. which uses IGZO technology. 1 (6G LTPS line).

park@jpmorgan. TMD. In short. in our view. more than 90% of the design-ins models for touch on NBs are based on OGS given easier conversion costs among different models and ease of manufacturing process.000 4.5G. especially if measured in square meters and revenues. and Toshiba (Toshiba Mobile Display. J. the margin for smartphones touch panels has become marginal.000 12.e.JJ Park (822) 758-5717 jj.000 10. has been loaned manufacturing equipment (5.P.com Asia Pacific Equity Research 16 June 2012 Figure 24: In-cell revenue contribution to LGD’s business Unit in US$ millions. Given the technology improvement and the capacity build. 15 . but we believe the market could be overly pessimistic about the leading touch panel makers’ revenue opportunities in other areas like tablet market growth and touch on NB or AIOs. Implications for Touch Panel players On the flip side. % 18. TMD). The size migration and the better margin would likely give touch panel makers another boost on earnings in 2H12 and 2013. Most of the second-tier touch panel makers barely make any profits in this market segment. like Sharp’s Kameyama plant No. We summarize the touch panel market condition by market segment: (1) smartphone market become less attractive for touch panel makers: TFTLCD makers are gaining market shares in smartphone area especially given Apple could potentially switch to in-cell. touch panel makers (i. Currently.000 2. Hitachi.000 6. but technology-laggards and film-based makers continue to lose ground. LTPS) by a major smartphone maker and we thus expect Japan Display to produce smartphone panels using in-cell technology in the TMD plant.000 14. we believe the market has discounted the potential losses of iPhone 5 orders from touch panel makers. TPK and Wintek) could see negative impact on its revenue and earnings if in-cell gains market acceptance quickly.000 8.and medium size LCD panel businesses of Sony. While information on the company is limited because it is not listed.000 0 Sharp LCD revenue 19% 12% 20% 18% 16% 14% 12% 10% 8% 6% 4% 2% 0% 2012E Sharp (in-cell) revenue 2013E In-cell % out of total revenue Source: Company data. leading touch panel makers could gain market shares through OGS. we believe the touch panel market opportunities are expanding significantly.000 16. Morgan estimates Implication to Japan Display Japan Display is an unlisted LCD panel maker formed in 2012 through the integration of the small. Currently. 1.

JJ Park (822) 758-5717 jj. one 14” touch panel is nearly twice as large as a 10” tablet in areas. per our estimate. Desktop PC represents another 154/152 million unit market. We do not rule out the possibility that Apple could adopt in-cell for iPad in the longer term. and this is a downside risk for touch panel maker like TPK and an opportunity for TFT-LCD makers like LGD and Sharp. OGS seems to be the most practical solution for this market in terms of weights. This could be a drag on touch panel makers' valuation multiple since if this happens. We also believe there is a great potential that Apple could follow suit by integrating touch into its NB/AIO series of products in the future. We have seen Intel and Microsoft clearly pushing touch panel adoption in the NB market in Computex. Of note. per our estimate.park@jpmorgan. especially given Intel's agreement with touch panel makers that put touch panel makers at front of the priority in this market segment. but penetration could be less than 1% in 2012/2013. (3) NBs and AIOs benefits OGS manufacturers: we estimate the touch on NB would represent 5-7% penetration of total market size of 238 million units in 2013. this is Apple’s binary decision. we believe leading touch panel makers like TPK could still enjoy its industry leadership in the next couple of years. We believe eventually touch panel would become an essential part of PCs along with the touch panel prices decline. Hence.com Asia Pacific Equity Research 16 June 2012 (2) tablets market could be a big swing factor: we estimate the market is growing by 54%/ 31% in 2012/2013. 16 . it could wipe out TPK/Wintek's operating profits by 30-40% for 2012/2013. Again. thickness. hence it could fill up touch panel makers’ capacities quickly. and costs (over 90% touch on NB models are OGS-based). but technology and cost hurdles remain to be resolved first. and Apple’s market share to be 61%/59% in 2012/2013.

5 1Q12 70% 55% 61% 60% 61% In-cell panel supply by company Unit output based on 4” panel (mn units). Morgan estimates Gen 4. Based on Base case scenario Unit output LGD Sharp Japan Display Ex-Sony Ex-TMD Total supply M/S by unit output (%) LGD Sharp Japan Display Ex-Sony Ex-TMD D2 Total Source: Company data.P.0 3.5 5. Morgan estimates Gen 4.park@jpmorgan. J. Based on Base case scenario Adjusted Quarterly capacity (K sqm) LGD AP2 LTPS Sharp Kameyama line Japan Display Ex-Sony Ex-TMD D2 Total Yield rate assumptions (%) LGD AP2 LTPS Sharp Kameyama line Japan Display Ex-Sony Ex-TMD D2 Average Source: Company data.JJ Park (822) 758-5717 jj.com Asia Pacific Equity Research 16 June 2012 Appendix I: In-cell supply/demand model In-cell capacity and yield rate assumptions by company Quarterly capacity in 000s sqm and yield rate assumption in %.5 1Q12 0 0 0 0 0 0 2Q12E 0 0 0 0 0 0 2Q12E 73% 58% 64% 63% 64% 3Q12E 113 177 136 41 95 425 3Q12E 75% 60% 67% 66% 67% 66% 4Q12E 136 177 136 41 95 448 4Q12E 78% 65% 70% 69% 70% 70% 1Q13E 145 177 136 41 95 458 1Q13E 80% 70% 73% 72% 73% 74% 2Q13E 153 177 136 41 95 466 2Q13E 80% 72% 76% 75% 76% 76% 3Q13E 153 177 136 41 95 466 3Q13E 80% 75% 76% 75% 76% 77% 4Q13E 153 177 136 41 95 466 4Q13E 80% 75% 76% 75% 76% 77% 2012E 62 88 68 20 47 218 2012E 77% 63% 68% 68% 69% 68% 2013E 151 177 136 41 95 464 2013E 80% 73% 75% 74% 75% 76% Gen 4. M/S (%).5 6.5 6. J.0 3.5 6.0 3.5 5.5 5.5 1Q12 0 0 0 0 0 0 2Q12E 0 0 0 0 0 0 2Q12E NA NA NA NA NA NA 3Q12E 14 17 15 4 10 46 3Q12E 31% 37% 32% 9% 22% 100% 4Q12E 18 19 15 5 11 52 4Q12E 35% 36% 29% 9% 21% 100% 1Q13E 20 21 17 5 12 58 1Q13E 34% 37% 29% 9% 20% 100% 2Q13E 21 22 17 5 12 60 2Q13E 35% 36% 29% 9% 20% 100% 3Q13E 21 23 17 5 12 61 3Q13E 34% 37% 29% 9% 20% 100% 4Q13E 21 23 17 5 12 61 4Q13E 34% 37% 29% 9% 20% 100% 2012E 32 36 30 9 21 98 2012E 33% 36% 30% 9% 21% 100% 2013E 82 88 69 21 48 239 2013E 34% 37% 29% 9% 20% 100% Gen 4.5 5.0 3.5 1Q12 NA NA NA NA NA NA 17 .5 6.P.

com Asia Pacific Equity Research 16 June 2012 In-cell panel revenue by company Unit in $ millions.733 2.5 6.745 48 4Q12E 643 662 544 162 382 1.903 45 2Q13E 672 699 563 168 395 1.0 3. J.596 47 2013E 2.188 1.097 327 770 3.612 7.P.JJ Park (822) 758-5717 jj.park@jpmorgan.298 685 1. Panel Price in US$.5 1Q12 NA NA NA NA NA NA 2Q12E NA NA NA NA NA NA 3Q12E 544 649 553 165 388 1.5 5.020 40 2012E 1. Based on Base case scenario Revenue LGD Sharp Japan Display Ex-Sony Ex-TMD Total Panel Price assumptions Source: Company data.934 43 3Q13E 717 776 601 179 421 2.094 42 4Q13E 692 749 580 173 407 2.311 1. Morgan estimates Gen 4.921 2.951 42 18 .850 46 1Q13E 653 696 554 165 389 1.

com with your request. Client/Non-Investment Banking. where multiple research analysts are primarily responsible for this report.JJ Park (822) 758-5717 jj..T/¥412/Overweight). Sharp (6753). Morgan has received compensation in the past 12 months for products or services other than investment banking from LG Display. TPK Holding Co.P. TPK Holding Co. Ltd. J. Morgan currently has. Morgan currently has.com Asia Pacific Equity Research 16 June 2012 Companies Recommended in This Report (all prices in this report as of market close on 15 June 2012) LG Display (034220..538.P.park@jpmorgan. including price charts. Seoul branch is acting as a Market Maker (Liquidity Provider) for the Equity Linked Warrants of LG Display and owns 18.disclosure. and the services provided were non-securities-related: Sharp (6753). Investment Banking (past 12 months): J.P. Morgan Securities (Far East) Ltd.. Morgan– covered companies by visiting https://mm. Ltd.. Morgan expects to receive.inquiries@jpmorgan. Sharp (6753) (6753.jpmorgan.P.. Securities-Related: J. the following company(ies) as clients: LG Display. Morgan currently has. the following company(ies) as clients. and the services provided were non-investment-banking. Client: J. Client/Investment Banking: J.P.. TPK Holding Co. TPK Holding Co. Morgan acted as lead or co-manager in a public offering of equity and/or debt securities for TPK Holding Co. the following company(ies) as investment banking clients: Sharp (6753). (3673. Investment Banking (next 3 months): J. is. Non-Investment Banking Compensation: J.. or intends to seek. Ltd.P. and (2) no part of any of the research analyst's compensation was. TPK Holding Co.460 as of 15-Jun-12.P. Ltd. or had within the past 12 months. TPK Holding Co... calling 1-800-477-0406.. compensation for investment banking services in the next three months from Sharp (6753). or will be directly or indirectly related to the specific recommendations or views expressed by the research analyst(s) in this report. Ltd. or had within the past 12 months. or had within the past 12 months. Important Disclosures          Lead or Co-manager: J. 19 . with respect to each security or issuer that the research analyst covers in this research) that: (1) all of the views expressed in this report accurately reflect his or her personal views about any and all of the subject securities or issuers.P. Morgan currently has. Ltd. Ltd.. Sharp (6753).P. the following company(ies) as clients.. are available for compendium reports and all J.. TPK Holding Co. TPK Holding Co..TW/NT$454. Client/Non-Securities-Related: J. Morgan received in the past 12 months compensation for investment banking Sharp (6753). the research analyst denoted by an “AC” on the cover or within the document individually certifies. Ltd. or had within the past 12 months. securities-related: LG Display. Ltd.. or emailing research. Sharp (6753).KS/W22300/Overweight). Company-Specific Disclosures: Important disclosures..com/disclosures/company.50/Overweight) Analyst Certification: The research analyst(s) denoted by an “AC” on the cover of this report certifies (or.P. within the past 12 months.

000 OW W45.474 0 Oct 06 Jul 07 Apr 08 Jan 09 Oct 09 Jul 10 Apr 11 Jan 12 N W31. price data adjusted for stock splits and dividends.948 13.000 OW W70.000 W36.844 OW W50.000 80.000 OW W60.550Y2. 034220 KS) Price Chart 94.656 N Y2.400 OW OW Price(Y) N Y1.000 N W28. 20 .000 OW OW W60.com Asia Pacific Equity Research 16 June 2012 Date 11-Oct-06 LG Display (034220.000 67.370 OW W40.P.000 W53.000OW W52.000 Rating Share Price (W) OW OW OW OW OW OW N N N N N OW OW OW OW OW OW OW OW OW OW OW 30400 32400 39600 42700 45000 49250 37600 32900 29600 20850 31450 31350 34800 30000 41350 41700 45450 37250 38550 34850 29550 30250 19150 28550 Price Target (W) 40000 45000 50000 56000 60000 70000 60000 36000 31000 24000 28000 31000 36000 40000 53000 55000 60000 55000 52000 50000 45000 42000 32000 36000 Price Target (Y) 2120 2550 2400 2000 1850 1500 1250 1050 750 610 550 650 770 900 1050 1250 750 690 700 900 850 700 650 10-Apr-07 03-Jul-07 10-Oct-07 31-Oct-07 03-Jul-08 10-Jul-08 20-Aug-08 17-Apr-09 10-Jun-09 17-Jul-09 12-Nov-09 06-Jan-10 01-Apr-10 23-Apr-10 17-Sep-10 13-Jan-11 28-Mar-11 01-Jul-11 22-Jul-11 13-Sep-11 28-Jan-12 Date 04-Oct-06 22-May-07 OW 02-Dec-08 N Source: Bloomberg and J.250 Y750 N UW 1.896 Price(W) 40.000 N W36.P.000 OW W45. Morgan.000 OW W55.000 OW W32. Morgan.422 26. Rating Share Price (Y) N OW OW N N N N N N UW UW UW UW N UW UW N OW OW OW OW 2025 2185 2175 1850 1797 1577 1290 1003 687 599 662 889 1087 1018 1009 1226 867 738 595 698 643 656 509 Sharp (6753) (6753.250 N Y610 UW Y900 OW Y850 3.000 OW 53.000 N W31.000 W40.984 N Y1.000 N Y1. Initiated coverage Oct 11.000 OW W42. 6753 JT) Price Chart 09-Mar-07 26-Jul-07 23-Oct-07 28-Apr-08 22-Jul-08 05-Sep-08 07-Oct-08 04-Nov-08 3.000N W36.120Y2.KS.992 15-Dec-08 N 03-Feb-09 15-Jul-09 03-Aug-09 14-Oct-09 17-Nov-09 21-Sep-10 06-Jun-11 14-Sep-11 16-Nov-11 12-Jan-12 02-Feb-12 24-Apr-12 1.320 N Y2.T.park@jpmorgan.050 Y1. price data adjusted for stock splits and dividends. Initiated coverage Oct 04.318 OW W56.JJ Park (822) 758-5717 jj.000 OW W55.500 N Y750 UW Y770 OW Y900 Y650 OW UW Y690 OW Y700 N Y700 2.050 Y550 Y650 N UW UW N Y1.850 Y1.000 N W24.000OW W60. 2006.000 OW OW W50. 2006.328 664 0 Sep 06 Jun 07 Mar 08 Dec 08 Sep 09 Jun 10 Mar 11 Dec 11 01-May-10 N Source: Bloomberg and J.

00 700. Epistar Corporation (2448. 2012 J..T). Narci: AU Optronics (2409. Morgan Equity Research Ratings Distribution.T). our Overweight rating falls into a buy rating category.00 500. Ltd. the certifying analyst’s coverage universe can be found on J. Chimei Innolux Corporation (3481. (3673. Morgan ratings: OW = Overweight.T).T). Sony (6758) (6758.com Asia Pacific Equity Research 16 June 2012 TPK Holding Co.TW).000 OW NT$1. we expect this stock will outperform the average total return of the stocks in the analyst's (or the analyst's team's) coverage universe. Taiwan Surface Mounting Technology (6278. (3673. we expect this stock will perform in line with the average total return of the stocks in the analyst's (or the analyst's team's) coverage universe.P.. Ltd. price data adjusted for stock splits and dividends. (8069.P.T).T).T).TW). TPK Holding Co.00 1000. NEC (6701) (6701. For purposes only of FINRA/NYSE ratings distribution rules. Renesas Electronics (6723) (6723.T). Sharp (6753) (6753. JJ: LG Display (034220. Morgan Global Equity Research Coverage IB clients* JPMS Equity Research Coverage IB clients* Overweight (buy) 45% 51% 43% 70% Neutral (hold) 43% 45% 48% 61% Underweight (sell) 12% 34% 9% 53% *Percentage of investment banking clients in each rating category. N= Neutral. each stock’s expected total return is compared to the expected total return of a benchmark country market index.] In our Asia (ex-Australia) and UK small.P. Nissin Electric (6641) (6641.P. Oki Electric Industry (6703) (6703.T). we expect this stock will underperform the average total return of the stocks in the analyst's (or the analyst's team's) coverage universe.JJ Park (822) 758-5717 jj. as of April 3.morganmarkets. (3474. Morgan. (2393.KS). not to those analysts’ coverage universe.com.00 490. Nanya Technology Corporation (2408. the current analysts may or may not have covered it over the entire period. Everlight Electronics Co. Initiated coverage Jun 04.00 Price Target (NT$) 1200.P.TW). Inotera Memories. Hitachi (6501) (6501. Toshiba (6502) (6502. UW = Underweight Explanation of Equity Research Ratings and Analyst(s) Coverage Universe: J.TW.park@jpmorgan. Morgan's continuing coverage of the stocks.KS) Chang.00 492 246 0 Oct 10 Jan 11 May 11 Aug 11 Dec 11 Apr 12 Source: Bloomberg and J.TW).T) J.] Underweight [Over the next six to twelve months. SK Hynix (000660.TW). LG Electronics (066570. Panasonic (6752) (6752.00 800. Omron (6645) (6645.TWO). Fuji Electric (6504) (6504.TW) Izumi. our Neutral rating falls into a hold rating category.00 581. www.476 1. If it does not appear in the Important Disclosures section of this report.T).P. Fujitsu (6702) (6702. Inc.KS). 2011.. Yoshiharu: Anritsu (6754) (6754.TW).00 385.TW).T).OS).TW). Morgan’s research website. Ltd.T). Coverage Universe: Park. 3673 TT) Price Chart 1.and mid-cap equity research. J. Samsung Electronics (005930. 21 .] Neutral [Over the next six to twelve months.P.200 OW NT$500 OW NT$700 984 Price(NT$) 738 Date 04-Jun-11 11-Aug-11 28-Oct-11 22-Feb-12 26-Apr-12 Rating Share Price (NT$) OW OW OW OW OW 936. Morgan uses the following rating system: Overweight [Over the next six to twelve months.KS).230 OW NT$800 OW NT$1. Mitsubishi Electric (6503) (6503.00 719. E Ink Holdings Inc. and our Underweight rating falls into a sell rating category. Wintek Corporation (2384. The chart(s) show J.

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Morgan S. please contact your J.T. Morgan Casa de Bolsa.5(a) of the Hong Kong Code of Conduct for Persons Licensed by or Registered with the Securities and Futures Commission. the non-US analysts listed on the front of this report are employees of non-US affiliates of JPMS.K..K..: 199405335R] which is a member of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited and is regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and/or JPMorgan Chase Bank. issued and approved for distribution in the U. The recipient of this material must not distribute it to any third party or outside Australia without the prior written consent of JPMSAL. This document must not be acted on or relied on by persons who are not relevant persons. Morgan Securities Ltd.P.P.

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New Zealand: This material is issued and distributed by JPMSAL in New Zealand only to persons whose principal business is the investment of money or who. Morgan. Ltd. No securities commission or similar regulatory authority in Canada has reviewed or in any way passed judgment upon these materials. objectives. financial instruments or strategies to particular clients. in Canada or any province or territory thereof. Pakistan: For private circulation only.P. JPMSAL does not issue or distribute this material to members of "the public" as determined in accordance with section 3 of the Securities Act 1978. market conditions or any other publicly available information. The Financial Futures Association of Japan. affiliates and accepts responsibility for its contents. Morgan Securities (Far East) Ltd. any trades in such securities must be conducted through a dealer registered in Canada. and any representation to the contrary is an offence.S.com.. Canada: The information contained herein is not. "Other Disclosures" last revised April 18. This report or any portion hereof may not be reprinted. Japan: There is a risk that a loss may occur due to a change in the price of the shares in the case of share trading. Seoul Branch.hkex. In the case of share trading. alternatively. Dubai: This report has been issued to persons regarded as professional clients as defined under the DFSA rules. Ltd. in the course of and for the purposes of their business. or solicitation of an offer to buy securities described herein.. Copyright 2012 JPMorgan Chase & Co. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Morgan subsidiary or affiliate in their home jurisdiction unless governing law permits otherwise. Singapore: JPMSS and/or its affiliates may have a holding in any of the securities discussed in this report. an offer to sell securities described herein. Any offer or sale of the securities described herein in Canada will be made only under an exemption from the requirements to file a prospectus with the relevant Canadian securities regulators and only by a dealer properly registered under applicable securities laws or. All pricing is as of the close of market for the securities discussed. JPMS distributes in the U. Clients should contact analysts and execute transactions through a J. General: Additional information is available upon request. 82 Participating Association / Japan Securities Dealers Association. The recipient of this report must make its own independent decisions regarding any securities or financial instruments mentioned herein. The recipient of this material must not distribute it to any third party or outside New Zealand without the prior written consent of JPMSAL.hk. habitually invest money. The information contained herein is under no circumstances to be construed as investment advice in any province or territory of Canada and is not tailored to the needs of the recipient. #$J&098$#*P 23 . To the extent that the information contained herein references securities of an issuer incorporated. This material is not intended as an offer or solicitation for the purchase or sale of any financial instrument. Morgan) do not warrant its completeness or accuracy except with respect to any disclosures relative to JPMS and/or its affiliates and the analyst's involvement with the issuer that is the subject of the research.P.. Korea: This report may have been edited or contributed to from time to time by affiliates of J. Periodic updates may be provided on companies/industries based on company specific developments or announcements. a public offering. sold or redistributed without the written consent of J. the information contained herein or the merits of the securities described herein. will be receiving a brokerage fee and consumption tax (shouhizei) calculated by multiplying the executed price by the commission rate which was individually agreed between JPMorgan Securities Japan Co. for securities where the holding is 1% or greater.park@jpmorgan.P. unless otherwise stated. Kanto Local Finance Bureau (kinsho) No. An updated list can be found on HKEx website: http://www. an advertisement. Opinions and estimates constitute our judgment as of the date of this material and are subject to change without notice. a prospectus. The opinions and recommendations herein do not take into account individual client circumstances. or needs and are not intended as recommendations of particular securities. pursuant to an exemption from the dealer registration requirement in the relevant province or territory of Canada in which such offer or sale is made.

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