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Se THE KEYSTONE LIBRARY contains many of the notable works published during recent years. Wherever possible production is identical with the original editions; individuality is retained and not lost in the uniformity of a series. 58. net, ILLUSTRATED MEMOIRS AND BIOGRAPHY My Early Life WINSTON 5S. CHURCHILL Thoughts and Adventures WINSTON S. CHURCHILL Frederick Edwin, Earl of Birkenhead (2 vols.) BY HIS SON The Autobiography of Margot Asquith: Vol. 1 MARGOT ASQUITH Nuda Veritas CLARE SHERIDAN Myself and My Friends. With an aside by G. B. 8. LILLAH MCCARTHY Oliver Goldsmith STEPHEN GWYNN The Life of Sir Walter Scott STEPHEN GWYNN The Life of Horace Walpole . STEPHEN GWYNN The Life and Friendships of Dean Swift STEPHEN GWYNN The Regent and his Daughter DORMER CRESTON Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough KATHLEEN CAMPBELL A Very Gallant Gentleman COMMANDER L. C. BERNACCHI Anatole France Himself JEAN JACQUES BROUSSON Elizabeth, Empress of Austria COUNT CORTI ‘The Wizard of Homburg and Monte Carlo COUNT CORTI Men and Horses I have Known GEORGE LAMBTON Lord Kitchener. Foreword by Sir W. Birdwood ARTHUR HODGES HISTORY The Unknown War WINSTON $, CHURCHILL History of the Pharoahs I ARTHUR WEIGALL KATE ROSENBERG Romance of the Bank of England R. THURSTON HOPKINS The Life and Times of Akhnaton ARTHUR WEIGALL The Glory of the Pharoahs ARTHUR WEIGALL Alexander the Great ARTHUR WEIGALL The Life and Times of Cleopatra ARTHUR WEIGALL Nero ARTHUR WEIGALL Sappho of Lesbos ARTHUR WEIGALL Ghengis Khan: Emperor of all Men HAROLD LAMB The Crusades: Iron Men and Saints HAROLD LAMB Baghdad: The City of Peace RICHARD COKE Fifty Years 27 ‘TIMES’ CONTRIBUTORS Charlemagne CHARLES EDWARD RUSSELL The Hudson Bay Company ROBERT E. PINKERTON Varennes: The Flight of Louis XVI CESARE GIARDINT Under the Bolshevick Uniform VLADIMIR LAZAREVSKI TRAVEL AND SPORT East Again WALTER B, HARRIS The Conquest of the North Pole J. GORDON HAYES The Conquest of the South Pole J. GORDON HAYES Round the World with Rod and Rifle MAJOR P, M. STEWART The Wheels of Ind JOHN W. MITCHELL BELLES LETTRES AND POETRY Landmarks in French Literature LYTTON STRACHEY Andromeda in Wimpole Street DORMER CRESTON: Six Famous Living Poets COULSON KERNAHAN Five More Famous Living Poets COULSON KERNAHAN My Brother’s Face DHAN GOPAL MUKERJI Egyptian Tales and Romances SIR ERNEST A. WALLACE BUDGE Time Past MARIE SCHEIKEVITCH A complete list supplied on application to the Publishers aie . Beceem tag, SERRE AFAR gael UNDER THE BOLSHEVIK UNIFORM BY VLADIMIR LAZAREVSKI Translated by Una, Lady Troubridge KEYSTONE LIBRARY LONDON Thornton Butterworth Ltd First Published. 5. es. 0935 First Impression in the Keystone Library . 1937 Alll rights reserved MADE AND PRINTED IN GREAT BRITAIN