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English Notes for 1st year 1

By M Samee Iqbal for medium students

Lesson No. 1

Button Button

Q1; Why did Norma consider the tone and attitude of MR. Steward offensive?
Ans; Norma thought that it was a sales pitch. So, she did not want to talk to him and posed to be busy. Her
attitude made Steward’s tone a bit offensive.
QNo2; Why did Arthur disagree with his wife?
Ans; Arthur knew the importance of moral values. He did not want to push the button to kill someone. He
considered it a murder. So, he disagreed with his wife who was insisting him to push the button.
QNo3; Why did Norma persuade her husband to agree with her?
Ans; Norma was a greedy woman. She wanted to fulfill her desires even at the cost of someone’s life.
Therefore, she wanted her husband to agree with her.
QNo4; What were the reason Norma gave to her husband to accept the offer?
Ans; She said that they would not even know the killed person. Moreover, she expressed her desires that they
would make a trip to Europe and build a cottage on the island. They would buy nicer clothe, furniture and car.
QNo5; Why did Mr. Steward continue persuading Norma?
Ans; Norma was a greedy woman and as an agent Steward knew that she would definitely push the button to
get his job done.
QNo6; What was the message Norma received on pushing the button?
Ans; The call was from Lenox Hill hospital. It informed her that Arthur was pushed by someone in front of the
QNo7; What was the significance of Arthur’s life insurance policy?
Ans; The policy was significant because it was the amount that Norma got after pushing the button.
QNo8; Did Norma remain normal on hearing the news of the accident of her husband?
Ans; No, she could not remain normal. She could hardly walk and breathe. She was feeling pain in her head.
QNo9; Write a note on the character of Arthur.
Ans; Arthur is a good-natured man. He has firm belief and does not take wrong decisions. He is not ambitious
and greedy. He loves her wife and abstains her from pushing the button.
QNo10; Why did not Norma remain true to her husband?
Ans; Greed had made her so selfish that she could not understand Steward’s evil thoughts. The thing she
needed was money. So. she did not agree with her husband and pushed the button.
QNo11; Do you agree with Norma’s assertion that death of someone you have never seen is not important?
Ans; No, I do not agree with this assertion. Murder of an innocent person is actually the murder of whole
QNo12; What moral lesson does the story “Button Button”. Teach?
Ans; This story teaches us the lesson that greed can only lead us to the disastrous end. One who thinks evil for
others has to face the music.
Reading Notes for synonyms
Frown Look expressing disapproval, dislike
Gadget Small fitting in a machinery, device, instrument,
Intrigue Carry on underhand plot, interest
Shrug Raise shoulders to express helplessness
Eccentric Odd, queer, abnormal
Impulsively Spontaneously, hastily, recklessly
Swallow Take in
Scoffing Taunting, ridiculing
Glare Gaze, stare, frown
Appalled Terrified, shocked, astounded
Stack Pile up in frame, collect
furor Rage, craze, fury

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English Notes for 1st year
By M Samee Iqbal for medium students

Lesson No 2
Clearing in the Sky

QNo1; Why did the old man not follow the advice of the doctors?
Ans; The old man had his own understanding about the life. He could not keep himself away from the rich soil.
He wanted to dig it, cultivate it and then taste tomatoes, potatoes and yams grown in it. Therefore he did not
follow the advice of the doctors.
QNo2; What had the doctors told the old man?
Ans; They advised him to live with his family and enjoy the few remaining days of his life.
QNo3; Where did the old man take his son?
Ans; The old man took his son to his farm that he had planted on the top of a hill.
QNo4; Had the son ever been there before?
Ans; Yes, the son had been there many times except the last three years.
QNo5; What were the names of the vegetables that old man grew on his farm?
Ans; The vegetables grown in his farm were yams, tomatoes and potatoes.
QNo6; Why did the old man take the steep path?
Ans ; The old man always took the steep path as it was a way of knowing that he was improving day by day.
QNo7; Why had the son at the age of six cried?
Ans; He cried because he lost his plough in the furrow. His father made him another plough but he did not
love that anymore.
QNo8; What were the feelings of the old man at the age of seventy?
Ans; The old man always felt that he was healthy and energetic person. He loved his farm and wanted to sift
its soil through his fingers. He wanted to recall memories of his past life. He wanted to smell the dirt and taste
the vegetables grown in his farm.
Qno 9; Why had the old man planted his secret garden?
Ans; The old mad had a strong belief that anything grown in new land had a new taste. Moreover his garden
was also a source of taking him back into his past. He always went there to recollect the happy moments of is
past life.
Qno 10; Describe the physical appearance of the old man?
Ans; The old man has red-wrinkled face and pale blue eyes. He always carries a walking stick with him.
Q no 11; How did the old man feel about the land?
Ans; Land was like a mother for him. He had strong belief that anything grown in a new land had better flavor.
He loved touching and smelling the soil of his land.
Qno12; What did the son remember from his childhood? Were these good memories?
Ans; Jess remembered that he was six years old when his parents brought him there and grew crops. His
father made him a little wooden plough. He lost that in a furrow and started weeping. He got another plough
but he did not love it much. Yes, all these memories were good.

Reading Notes for synonyms

Fondling Hugging, caressing, kissing
Protest Oppose, disagree
Brag Boast, praise oneself, show off
97 in the shade Temperature of 97 Fahrenheit
A wisp of alfalfa A thin stem of leafy green hay, a small bit of grass
Brace Support, secure, steady
Sapling A young tree
Bluff Headland with broad and steep face, cliff
Curtly Hardly polite, sharply, rude

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English Notes for 1 year
By M Samee Iqbal for medium students
Loam A rich soil consisting of clay, sand
Whiff Smell, inhale something , sniff
Yam Orange color sweet potato
Stalwart Strong and vigorous in body, sturdy, powerful
Bandanna Large and brightly colored handkerchief
Good book The Bible
Three score years Seventy years
and ten
Mess of fox squirrels A quantity of squirrels enough to cook for a meal
Black gum A tree having light but tough wood

Lesson No 3
Dark they were, And golden –eyed

Qno1; Why did Harry want to go back to the earth?

Ans; On reaching Mars, the severe climate badly affected Harry’s family. He thought it dangerous for him and his family
to live there. The food and climate could change their identities.
QNo2; What was the climate they faced on Mars?
Ans; It was a sever climate with hot days and cold nights. The hot wind burned everything. There was a kind of virus that
changed their physical appearance.
QNo3; What was the condition of the Bittering family on hearing the news of war on earth?
Ans; It was a horrible news for them. When Laura came stumbling and told them the news of war , Harry could not
believe at first. His wife held onto him and started weeping. Sweat poured out from his body and a strange fear caught
them all.
Qno4; What did they want to grow?
Ans; They wanted to grow onion, peach trees and some other kinds of vegetables.
Qno 5; What was the condition of the house?
Ans; The condition of the house was very bad. The air flaked it and at night, the fog had warped out the shapes of the
Qno6; What was the advice Harry gave to the people?
Ans; Terrified by the sever climate and strange food, Harry advised the people to build a rocket to return to the earth.
Qno7: How much dangerous can a Martian virus be?
Ans; It can change the color of the people by making them dark and golden-eyed. It can change the physical appearance
and make people thin and slender.
Qno8; Under what circumstances did the Bittering family have to pass?
Ans; They had to face sever climate which was changing their physical appearance and thoughts. On the other hand food
was bringing external changes. Hot days and cold nights were constant source of trouble and fear for them.
Qno9; How much social were the people of mars?
Ans; They were very friendly and peaceful. They learnt English very fast.

Reading notes for synonyms

Whirl away Move or travel rapidly, rush
Bulging pop Irregular sharp sound
Marrow Soft fatty substance that fills the hollow part of bones, pith
Chin up Be brave, Do not bother
Holler Yell and shout, roar, scream
Strand Be In a difficult position, grounded, isolated
Drenched Made wet all over
Martian virus A microbe or disease germ found on Mars
Flecks Small spots or patches, marks, scraps
Tapestries Decorations, embroideries
Leaped out Jumped out, rush out, stand out
Flake away

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English Notes for 1st year
By M Samee Iqbal for medium students

Lesson No 4
Thank you M’Am
Qno 1; What was the time when the boy tried to snatch the purse of the woman?
Ans; It was about eleven o’clock at night.
Qno2; What happened to the boy when he tried to snatch the purse?
Ans; When the boy snatched the purse its weight caused him to lose his balance. He fell down and his legs
flew up.
Qno 3; What was the reaction of the woman?
Ans; She was very angry at this incident. She turned and kicked the boy on his back. And then she picked the
boy up and shocked him until his teeth rattled.
Qno 4; What was the conduct of the people who saw the incident?
Ans; It was not a good conduct. Two or three people passed and looked at the boy and woman. No one came
to help the woman.
Qno 5; How did the boy look physically?
Ans; He was fourteen to fifteen years old. He was frail willow-wild. He was wearing blue jeans and tennis
Qno 6; What was the condition of the boy when the woman gave him few jerks?
Ans; His teeth rattled when the woman gave him few jerks. He got frightened and did not try to run.
Qno 7; Why did woman ask the boy to wash his face?
Ans; The face of the boy was dirty. She asked him to wash his face so that he might look good.
Qno8; Why did the boy not run from the house of the woman?
Ans; The woman’s conduct had changed him. He thought that she was a kind-hearted woman. She had started
trusting him and he did not want to be mistrusted.
QNo9; Why did the woman not watch the boy while preparing a dish?
Ans; She wanted to show him that she trusted him. This assurance might bring positive change in his character
and thoughts.
Qno 10; What was the nature of woman’s job?
Ans; She worked in a hotel beauty shop. Different kind of woman i.e. Spanish, redheads and blond came there.
Her duty was to serve those women.
Qno 11; What was the effect of the behavior of the woman on the boy?
Ans; Her formative conduct had an instant effect on the boy. He started to trust her. He promised her to be a
nice person in the future.
Qno 12; Why did she treat the boy kindly in her home after punishing him in the street?
Ans; The motive of the woman was to teach him a lesson. Punishment was for his crime. But when she
brought the boy in her home she treated him well so that he might become a good person.

Reading notes for synonyms

Slung Looped round, hung, suspended
Taking of full blast Running away at full speed
Stoop Bend the body forward and downward, lean down
Rattle Make short successive sound
Frail Weak, feeble
Willow-wild Thin that can easily be bent like willow-wild
Pop out Come out quickly, bug out
Suede A kind of soft leather made from the skin of goat
Latch onto Cling to, getting possession of, clutch, grab
embarrass Make to feel ashamed, humiliate

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English Notes for 1st year
By M Samee Iqbal for medium students

Lesson No 5
The piece of String
Qno1; Why did Manana accuse Hubert of picking the lost pocket book?
Ans; In the morning Hubert picked up something from the mud and stood there for some time. Manana
thought that he had picked up the pocket book. Therefore, he accused him of theft.
QNo2; What did the people think of Hubert when they heard that someone had returned the pocket book?
Ans; Their thoughts were still disgraceful for Hubert. They were not ready to declare him an honest man
rather, they said “those were laying excuses”.
QNo3; Why did George give the pocket book to his employer?
Ans; George was a simple country man. He did not know how to read so he gave the pocket book to his
Qno 4; What made Hubert shameful?
Ans; Hubert was truthful and an honest man. But people started to call him a liar. This curse made him
QNo5; Why did people make fun of his innocence?
Ans; People made fun of his innocence and started to tell the story to the other people only to amuse
Qno6; Why did he keep claiming his innocence till his death?
Ans :People made him shameful by calling him a liar. He was truthful and an honest man. So, he kept claiming
his innocence till his death so that he might get his lost status.
Qno7; Why did the mayor not believe the innocence of Hubert?
Ans; Mayor considered Manana a man of worthy credence. Manana told Mayer that Hubert had picked up the
pocket book therefore, he did not believe the innocence of Hubert.
Qno8; Was it necessary for Hubert to continue pleading his innocence?
Ans; He should have taken some other plan of action because his continues pleading made people suspicious
about him. Alternative plan of action could help him to gain his lost status.
QNo9; What was engraved on his tomb stone?
Ans; The words engraved on his tomb stone were “Here lies a man who told nothing but truth. Here lies the
man who would not prove his innocence, but the flood proved it—“

Reading notes for synonyms

Appetizing Exciting, tempting
Astounded Shocked, astonished, bewildered, stunned, surprised
Stout Very healthy, fat
Exasperating Irritating, angry, furious
Indignation Annoyance, anger, wrath
Public prosecutor Legal official of the state
Curiosity Eagerness, inquisitiveness
Rascal A knave, villain, rogue
Havoc Destruction, devastation, ruin

Lesson No 6
The Reward
Qno 1; What was the subject discussed at the club?
Ans; The subject discussed at the club was of opportunity and determination.
QNo2; What did Terbut think of Jorkens argument?
Ans; Jorkens were of the view that only determination was required for success. But Terbut said that only
opportunity was needed for success.

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st 6
English Notes for 1 year
By M Samee Iqbal for medium students

QNo3; How did Jorkens convince that a man can become a skating champion of the Sahara?
Ans; Jorkens says that if a man earns money, builds a skating rink and organizes a competition there he can
surely become a skating champion of Sahara.
Qno 4; How did Gorgios persuade his people to make his country strong?
Ans; In his speeches he told the people to create the post of acrobat. This practice would make their soldiers
strong to win the rights of the nation.
QNo5; What was the viewpoint of the parents of Gorgios?
Ans; His parents were of the opinion that only determination could bring a man to his goal.
Qno6; What were the arrangements made for the function of inauguration?
Ans; To inaugurate the function they turned the great throne room into a kind of gymnasium. Great curtain of
red and gold were hung along the walls. High swings were hung with gilded ropes. On the polished floor, there
was a row of neat hurdles. Light glittered and a band in pale played softly.
QNo7; Describe the scene of inauguration.
Ans; The doors opened with a flood of golden light and the man in his tight-fitting suit came in. Whenever he
touched something to show a trick, people applauded him that no actual activity was expected from him.
Q no8; What were the feelings of Gorgios on the occasion?
Ans; He was a bit sad but his achievement made him happy. He could not perform tricks. He remained humble
on the occasion.
QNo9; Did Gorgios use any short cut to achieve his ambition?
Ans; No, he did not use any short cut to achieve his ambition. He worked hard to win his goal.
Qno10; For how long did Gorgios have to stick to get his ambition achieved?
Ans; He had to stuck for more than sixty years to get his ambition achieved.
Qno11; Discuss political views of Jorkens.
Ans; Jorkens says that if someone wants to achieve his ambition he should go into politics. In politics, he has a
chance to deliver his message by making speech. Although politics takes time and brings so many opposing
arguments but your determination can succeed you in your mission.
QNo12; How did Gorgios achieve his ambition?
Ans; He went into politics and made speeches to achieve his ambition. He made the people realize that how
the post of acrobat would strengthen their nation. He stuck to his idea for a long time and at the end he
achieved his ambition.
Qno 13; Why were the brilliant dresses put in the shade at the inauguration?
Ans; The entrance of the old man was a key point of the inauguration. They wanted to make his appearance
prominent. So, all the brilliant dresses that the women were wearing were put in the shade at the
QNo14; What is the lesson of the story teaches?
Ans; The story teaches us the lesson that only determination and struggle can lead us to our destination.

Reading notes for synonyms

Skating-rink A place made for skating
Hit on Think of
Inaugurate Appoint officially, initiate, launch, start off
Wound Move in curve, twist,
In pale green and gold In pale green uniform with gold lace on them
Was put in the shades Seemed less brilliant by comparison
The crowning The supreme moment, the reward, climax

Lesson No 7
The use of force

Qno1; What was the condition of the parents on the arrival of the doctor?
Ans; The condition of the parents was not so good. They did not trust even the doctor.

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English Notes for 1 year
By M Samee Iqbal for medium students

QNo2; What was the behavior of the child with the doctor?
Ans; The behavior of the child with the doctor was very rude. She did not want to be examined by the doctor.
She saw the doctor with her cold eyes so that he might not examine her.
QNo3; She had a fever for three days, hadn’t she?
Ans; Yes, she had a fever for three days.
Qno 4; Did the girl change her expression when the doctor said “Does your throat hurt you?”
Ans; No, the child did not change her expression.
QNo5; Why did the doctor call the sick girl by her first name?
Ans; The doctor wanted her to show his love and affection so that she might allow him to examine her throat.
QNo6; Did the sick girl promptly respond to the instructions of the doctor?
Ans; No, the sick girl did not respond to the instruction given by the doctor. She continued to resist him.
Qno 7; Why did parents rebuke her?
Ans; When the girl attacked the doctor and threw his glasses away, her parents felt ashamed. They rebuked
her for her bad behavior.
Qno 8; What was the threat of the doctor to the child for not showing her throat?
Ans; The doctor warned her that he would use force if she did not let him to examine her throat. Otherwise
she could die of disease.
QNo9; Why did she break the wooden blade?
Ans; She did not want to be examined. So when the doctor forcefully inserted the wooden blade into her
mouth she broke it into pieces.
QNo10; What was the condition of the tonsils of the sick girl?
Ans; The condition of the tonsils was very bad. They were covered with membrane.
QNo11; How did the child look by appearance?
Ans; She was a beautiful little girl. She had blonde hair and flushed face. She was as strong as a heifer.
Qno 12; Why did the parents keep the sick child in the kitchen?
Ans; It was damp there sometime. So the parents took the girl to the kitchen to keep her warm.
Qno 13; How did the doctor succeed in examining her throat?
Ans; In his final assault, he overpowered the child’s neck and forced the silver spoon back of her teeth and
down her throat. At this moment he could see both of his tonsils covered with membrane.
Qno14; Describe the feelings of the doctor in his struggle to diagnose the disease?
Ans; It seemed that the doctor was in a duel. The girl’s resistance and physical attacks had made him furious.
He could tear her apart to pacify himself.
Qno15; Compare and contrast the conduct of a healthy child and a sick child?
Ans; Sickness changes the mentality of the child and makes it rude and disobedient. He cannot play and enjoy.
On the other hand a healthy child looks active and fresh. He obeys the orders given to him.
Qno16; Under what circumstances can the use of force be justified?
Ans; Force should be used against injustice, cruelty, terrorism and violation of human rights.

The reading notes for synonyms

Startled Shocked, alarmed, anxious
Motioned for him not to Directed him to remain in that position
Distrustfully Not trusting or believing, doubtfully, nervously
Heifer Young cow
Eating me up Looking angrily
Diphtheria Acute infectious disease with inflammation of throat
Coax Get somebody to do something by kindness and patience, persuade
Embarrassment To make feel ashamed
Admonish Give mild warning, reprimand, rebuke
Contemptible Deserving or provoking contempt, hateful
Hysterically With violent motion, wildly
Furious Angry, infuriated, enraged
Clench Tightly shut
Spatula Tool with a wide blade
Splinters Pieces, fragments

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English Notes for 1st year
By M Samee Iqbal for medium students

Lesson No 8
The Gulistan of Sadi
QNo1; What was the advice given by Nushirvan to his people?
Ans; He advised the people to fight against oppression and cruelty. He also advised them to pay for what they
get from others.
Qno2; What was the remedy suggested by the physicians for the disease of the king?
Ans; The physicians suggested that the king could only be cured by the bile of a person having certain
QNo3; Why did the boy look to the sky and smile?
Ans; The boy was deprived from the love of his parents and justice from the Qazi. They were all agree to kill
him. Therefore, he looked to God to seek justice.
Qno 4; What should be the role of Qazi?
Ans; A Qazi should remain impartial in his decisions. He should not make any difference between the rich and
the poor.
Qno 5; Why did the king weep?
Ans; Boy’s speech and miserable condition melted his heart. He realized his mistake and the tears fell from his
QNo6; How did the king recover?
Ans; Allah loved his repentance and sacrifice and blessed him with health as his reward.
QNo7; What should be the rule of king?
Ans; A king should not be a selfish man. He should be a just and an honest person. His wisdom should be seen
in his orders. Law and order should be his priority so that people may live a life free of threat.
QNo8; Can an unjust king flourish?
Ans; No, an unjust king can never flourish. His unjust decisions make people furious and makes him hateful
person. Deprived people start thinking to bring revolution that can end his tenure.
The reading notes for synonyms:
Perpetually Forever, eternally, permanently
Parable Simple story designed to teach, moral tale
Appreciated Admired, cherished
Culinary Of cooking or kitchen
Versatile Having various uses, multipurpose
Calamity Great and serious misfortune or disaster
Toss Shake, sway, rock
Pacify Calm and quiet, sooth
Inconvenient Causing discomfort, annoying
Affection Kind feeling, love, devotion
Afflict Causing bodily or mental trouble
Trifling Ordinary, small, having no value
Tyrant Cruel or unjust ruler, dictator, oppressor
Brutally Cruelty, savagery
Punitive Punishing, revengeful

Lesson No 9
The foolish Quack
Qno 1; What is a clump of trees?
Ans; A group of trees growing very close to one another is called a clump of trees.
QNo2; What was struck in the camel’s throat?
Ans: A melon was struck in the camel’s throat.
QNo3; What did the quack pretend to cure?
Ans; The quack pretended to cure goitre.

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English Notes for 1 year
By M Samee Iqbal for medium students

QNo4; what did the quack do with the old woman? OR How did the quack try to cure the old man?
Ans; He tied up the woman’s throat with a blanket and struck it with full force that the old woman died.
QNo5; what was the result of the cure?
Ans; It was a horrible result. The woman died instantly.
QNo6; What was the punishment inflected upon the quack by the villagers?
Ans; First they asked him to dig the grave of the woman and after that they beat him badly.
QNo7; For whom did the quack dig the grave?
Ans; He dug the grave for the old woman.
QNo8; what did the quack do in the next village?
Ans; When the quack reached in the next village, he again pretended to be a doctor. Before treating an old
man he asked the people not to force him to dig his grave if the old man died.
QNo9; Why did the villagers not let the old man to be cured?
Ans; It was because the quack had started to talk about digging up the old man’s grave before starting his
QNo10; Why did the quack come back to the camel man?
Ans; The quack wanted to tell them that they had not shown him the right way to cure the goitre. Moreover,
he wanted to learn the right way to cure goitre.
Qno 11; How did the camel-men cure their camel?
Ans; They tied a blanket around camel’s throat and struck it with so much force that melon broke into pieces
instantly. The camel then easily swallowed the pieces.
Qno 12; How did the quack come to realize his error?
Ans; The camel man realized him of his stupid ideas. They made him understand the difference between a
camel and a human. Upon this he realized his error.
QNo13; How did camel-men prove the stupidity of quack?
Ans; They showed him a demonstration. One of the camel-men struck a camel with a heavy stick. The camel
hardly felt the blow. Then he struck the quack who could not bear the blow and lost his senses. The difference
between a camel and a man got him realized his error.
The reading notes for synonyms:
Goiter Swelling of the thyroid gland
Mallet Hammer with the wooden head
Being minded With intention
Stiff Hard, firm, stony
Exhorted Urged, scolded, warned
prodigious Huge, colossal, enormous

Lesson No 10
A mild attack of Locusts
QNo1; What are locusts?
Ans; They are insects who fly from field to field and eat crops. They bring destruction to the land.
QNo2; Why did the farmers throw wet leaves on the fire?
Ans; They threw the wet leaves on the fires to make the smoke acrid and black.
QNo3; What was the desire of every farmer?
Ans; Every farmer hoped that the locusts should ignore his farm and go on to the next one.
QNo4; Did Margret know what to do to keep the locusts away?
Ans; No, she did not know anything to keep the locusts away.
QNo5; What was the condition of the trees?
Ans; They were still and queer. The weight of the locusts had bent their boughs. They were fully covered with
QNo6; How did old Stephen treat the stray locust?
Ans; He split It with his thumbnail and saw it full of eggs.

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English Notes for 1 year
By M Samee Iqbal for medium students

QNo7; Are the hoppers different from the locusts?

Ans; Age is the only difference between these two insects. Hoppers are young locusts while locusts are fully
grown insects.
QNo8; Did Margaret lose heart on the loss of crops?
Ans; No, she did not lose her heart instead she answered the calls and tried to help the people in different
ways. She was trying to get used to the locusts.
QNo9; Why are locusts compared with bad weather?
Ans; Like bad weather locusts can come at any moment. They can destroy crops and trees. Therefore they are
compared with bad weather.
QNo10; Why did the men eat their supper with good appetite?
Ans; People tried to prevent their farms and fought against locusts. This effort got them tired and hungry. So,
they ate their supper with good appetite to refresh themselves.
QNo11; How did the farmers try to prevent the main swarm of locusts from landing on their farm?
Ans; They used different tricks to keep the locusts away from their land. They made noise by beating tins and
drums. They burnt the fires to make black and acrid smoke.
QNo12; Why, even after all the crops were destroyed, did the men continue to fight the swarm?
Ans; The main swarm was heavy with eggs. If the locusts got a chance to settle and lay their eggs then hoppers
could bring more destruction later on. So, they continued to fight the swarm even after all the crops were
QNo13; What was the condition of the land when the locusts had moved to the south?
Ans; It was a terrible scene. The land was ruined and there was not a single blade left for the cattle. Everything
was to be replanted.
Reading notes for synonyms:
Devastated Destroyed, wasted, deformed
Gaze Look, stare
Clamor or gong Sharp sound of metallic disc
Swell Increase in size, expand
Drifted up Carried along by air or water, rose
Acrid Sharp, pungent, bitter, acid, harsh
Myriads Very great number, countless
Veldt Open gazing land in Africa
Snap off Break away, make a sharp sound
Hoppers Young locusts
mangled Damaged, disfigured

Lesson No 11
I have a dream
QNo1; What was the cause of Negroes discontentment? OR What was the condition of Negroes in his days?
Ans; They were not given equal rights in the society. Their black skin had made them slaves of the white men.
This treatment made them dejected.
QNo2; What are the qualities of veterans of creative suffering?
Ans; They are courageous, brave and continue to fight with the faith that unearned suffering is always
QNo3; What is the dream of Martin Luther king?
Ans; He dreams for brotherhood, justice and assurance of equal rights. He says that there should be no
difference between a black and a white.
QNo4; What should be the faith of Negroes?
Ans; They should believe that one day they would win freedom. And their unearned suffering is redemptive.

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English Notes for 1 year
By M Samee Iqbal for medium students

QNo5; What was the necessity of pleading the case of the Negroes freedom?
Ans; Negroes were deprived of their basic rights. They were made slaves. These things made it important to
plead their case of freedom.
QNo6; What should be the criterion of judgment for a person?
Ans; Character of a person should be the criterion of the judgment.
Qno7; Do the Negroes enjoy liberty in all parts of their country?
Ans; No, they do not enjoy liberty instead they are made slaves and no basic rights are given to them.
QNo8; From which part of the country did the Negroes gather there?
Ans; The Negroes came from Missippi, Alabama, South Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana and some Northern cities.
Qno 9; What is the effect of the repetition of the words?
Ans; Repetition of the words has magical effect on the people. It makes the people realize the importance of
the spoken words and so keeps them in right direction.

Reading notes for synonyms:

Persecution Punishment, torture, oppression
Veteran A soldier of great experience especially of grief
Redemptive Rescue from evil ways, purifying
Wallow Roll about, lurch
Frustration disappointment
Interposition Making interruption, intervention, mediation
Hew out Cut out with great labor, trim

Lesson No 12
The Gift of Magi
QNo1; How much did Della save for Christmas?
Ans; She saved only one dollar and eighty seven cents.
QNo2; Why did Della feel pride in the beauty of her hair?
Ans; Della had long hair that reached below her knee. She loved them and thought them more valuable than
queen’s jewels.
QNo3; Why did Della sell her hair?
Ans; She sold her hair to buy a beautiful gift for Jim
Qno 4; Why did Jim sell the golden watch?
Ans; He sold his watch to buy a gift for Della at Christmas.
QNo5; why did they want to present gifts?
Ans; They both loved each other very much. So, they could not celebrate Christmas without giving gifts to each
QNo6; Why did she feel sad about losing her hair?
Ans; Della’s long hair were an important part of her beauty. She could not look beautiful to Jim without her
hair. This thought made her sad.
QNo7; Why did Jim not welcome her when he stepped in?
Ans; He was shocked to see Della without her beautiful hair. The combs that he had bought for her beautiful
long hair were of no use. Therefore he did not welcome her when she came in.
QNo8; What did Jim bring out from his coat?
Ans; Jim brought out beautiful combs from his coat.
QNo9; How beautiful was the gold watch chain?
Ans; The chain was made from rich and pure material. It was simple, plain and shiny.
QNo10; What was the wisdom in selling the most valuable things?
Ans; Love had taught them how to sacrifice for each other. At Christmas, they wanted to buy gifts for each
other but they did not have the money. The only wise decision they could make was to sell their valuable
things to buy gifts. This act shows their wisdom clearly.

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English Notes for 1st year
By M Samee Iqbal for medium students

QNo11; How did magi want to celebrate their Christmas?

Ans; Magi were wonderfully wise men. They wanted to give gifts to the new-born Christ at Christmas. They
brought with them gold, Frankincense and myrrh.
QNo12; How much attached to each other are they in the story?
Ans; They loved each other from the core of their hearts. They do not value their valuable things to buy gifts at
Christmas. They weaken every force that weakens their bond of love.
Qo13; Why did they sell their valuable things?
Ans; They sold their valuable things to buy gifts for each other because they could not celebrate Christmas
without giving gifts to each other.
Reading note for synonyms:
Made itself into a dress Can cover her whole body
for her
Nervously Excitedly, apprehensively
Seemed to fly Looked in hurry, hasten
Quietness and value Sober and precious, calm and worth
Large-hearted Generous, open-handed, charitable

Lesson No 13
God be Praised

QNo1; What was alias Abul’s full name?

Ans; His full name was Maulvi Abul Barkat.
QNo2; What was his turban known as and where from did it originally came?
Ans; His turban was known as “Mashadi Lungi” and it originally came from Mashad Iran.
QNo2; What did he always carry with him?
Ans; He always carried with him a walking stick.
QNo4; Describe Maulvi’s appearance.
Ans; Maulvi had a slightly bulging eyes. He wore a turban on his head that had gilded tip. On his fingers he
wore five silver rings with large stones. He always carried a walking stick with hm. For his hair, he used
fragrant oil.
QNo5; How much did Maulvi collect on every Eid?
Ans; He collected about 150 to 200 rupees.
Qno 6; How much was distributed among the needy and the poor?
Ans; He used to distribute 40 to 50 rupees among the needy and the poor.
QNo7; What was the name of his eldest daughter?
Ans; The name of his eldest daughter was Mehrunisa.
QNo8; What was the name of the member of the district board where the Maulvi lived?
Ans; His name was Chaudhry Fatehdad.
Qno9; What was the name of his wife?
Ans; The name of his wife was Zaibunnisa.
QNo10: Write the names of the other two daughters who are mentioned in the story?
Ans; Their names are Zabda and Shamsun.
Reading note for synonyms:
bulging Curving outward
Lingered Hung around, leave slowly
Reprimanded Rebook formally, scold, censure severely
Preliminary Initial, starting

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English Notes for 1st year
By M Samee Iqbal for medium students

Lesson No 14
QNo1; What was the color of the overcoat of the young man?
Ans; The color of the coat was brown.
QNo2; What was his appearance?
Ans; His hair was sleek and shining and he wore sideburns. He had thin moustache. He was wearing brown
overcoat with a half opened rose in its button hole. He was wearing a green flat hat at rakish angle. A white
silk scarf was knotted at his neck. In his hands, he had a walking stick.
Qno 3: why did people come out on the mall?
Ans: The cold had induced the people to find comfort in the pleasure. Therefore they came out on the Mall to
refresh themselves.
Qno 4: What were the people wearing who came on the Mall?
Ans: They were wearing overcoats of many kinds, from astrakhan to rough military khaki.
Qno 5: Why was the cat shivering?
Ans: The cat was shivering with cold.
Qno 6: Why did the driver of the truck speed away after the accident?
Ans: When the driver realized that he had committed a serious mistake, he ran away in the dark to save
himself from horrible outcome.
Qno 7: Who took the young man to the hospital after the accident?
Ans; Some passersby took the young man to the hospital.
Qno 8: What was being played in one of the restaurants?
Ans: An orchestra was being played in one of the restaurants.
Qno 9: Give the list of the articles which was found from the coat of the young man?
Ans: The things found from the coat were, a small black comb, a hand kerchief, six annas and few pies, a half
smoked Cigarette, a little diary, a list of gramophone records and few handbills.

Reading note for synonyms:

Dandy Unduly devoted to fashion show
Sleek Smooth, glossy, shiny
Icy gusts Biting cold puffs of wind, cold wind
Amble Move with gentle gait, stroll, wander
Promenade Pleasure walk, stroll
Profligate Recklessly extravagant, immoral, corrupt
Lapels Part of either side of coat
Well creased Well ironed, pressed
Mite A very small creature
Connoisseur Expert, specialist, fan
Amiably Respectfully, pleasingly
Thin down Become less, decrease
Togged Dressed, clothed

Lesson No 15
The angel and the author-and others
Qno 1: At what point of journey in his dream did the author hear the throbbing sound f wings?
Ans: The author heard the throbbing sound of the wings of the angel when he could only see a luminous
buried beneath the darkness.
Qno 2: What time of the year it was?
Ans: It was fortnight after Christmas.

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English Notes for 1st year
By M Samee Iqbal for medium students

Qno 3: What does the author like about Christmas?

Ans: He thinks that Christmas makes everybody generous and they start doing good deeds.
Qno 4: Write down the good deeds the author has admitted are great joy at Christmas?
Ans: Christmas changes every one and makes them generous. People give donations and do well to others.
The writer himself has done good deeds that are real source of pleasure for him.
Qno 5: Why noble deeds are always a great joy for author?
Ans: Noble deeds are great joy for author because they give him eternal happiness. Whenever he does a
noble deed he gets spiritual satisfaction.

Reading note for synonyms

Vexing Annoying, troublesome, bothersome
Luminously Brightly, giving out light
Throb The rhyming beat of the angel’s wing, thumping
Weary Tired, worn, fatigued
Shivering Trembling. Shaking
Shoveling out Scooping out with a large tool or spoon
Jot down Note down, write down
Subscribe To give a sum of money for a cause
Charity Help in from of money etc, donation
Raffle Sale of an article by lottery, draw

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English Notes for 1st year 15

By M Samee Iqbal for medium students


Heat Lightening
Qno 1: Why couldn’t the girl describe the killer?
Ans; She could not describe the killer because in dark she had not seen his face clearly.
Qno 2: What were the circumstances that forced her to leave her car?
Ans: She left the car because it had run out of the gas.
Qno 3: What was the condition of the weather?
Ans: It was stormy weather with thunder and lightening at the sky.
Qno 4: How did the second man accuse the first man of lying?
Ans: The first man was lying that there was no other person in the room. On the other hand the second man
had seen a girl through the glass of the window. Therefore, the second man accused the first man of lying.
Qno 5: Did the girl become suspicious of the first man as the play progress?
Ans: No, the girl did not become suspicious of the first man as the play progress.
Qno 6: What is the impression of her about the second man?
Ans: She thought that the second man was the real killer. Therefore, she kept herself away from the second
Qno 7: Why didn’t she accompany the second man?
Ans: She did not accompany him because she thought that the second man was the killer.
Qno 8: Why did the girl consider the first man her helper?
Ans: When she entered the room the first man was standing alone. She thought that the man who was
chasing her would be behind. So, she did not doubt the first man and considered him her helper.
Qno 9: What are the factors that played their role in saving the girl?
Ans: Flashlight, woods, second man and the doge are the main factors that played their role in saving the girl.
Qno 10: How did she realize the truth?
Ans: When she saw her flashlight she realized the truth that the first man was the killer.

Play No 2
Visit to a small planet
Qno 1: How does Kreton prove his extraordinary powers?
Ans: He has magical powers that do not allow someone to touch him or his ship. He can read people’s mind.
His ship has no instrument and he says that he is immortal.
Qno 2: What is the purpose of the visit of Kreton?
Ans: Earth is Kreton’s subject of interest. He has all the information about it and he wants to take hold of the
Qno 3: How much more advanced is the civilization of Kreton than that of earth?
Ans: Their civilization is much more advanced than that of earth. They are immortal and can read minds. They
are wise and intelligent and learn languages very fast.
Qno 4: Can the people of earth compete with the people of Kreton?
Ans: No, they cannot compete because they are much more advanced scientifically and emotionally.
Qno 5: How much damaging is violence in life?
Ans: Violence destroys the bond of love and life. It brings dejection and sorrows in the society. It makes people
fearful and stops them from enjoying the happy moments of their life.
Qno 6: What type of life do you foresee in the year 5000?
Ans: If the scientific progress continues with the current pace we would be more advanced like that of
Kreton’s people. We would read minds and control the space.

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English Notes for 1st year
By M Samee Iqbal for medium students

Qno 7: How much impressive were the morals of Kreton?

Ans: He was not emotional and took every decision with patience. He was tolerant, loving and courteous.
Qno 8: What is the role of General Powers in the play?
Ans: He is the member of National Guard. He is fearful from Kreton and considers him a threat for his country.
But Kreton and other people do not like his rude behavior.
Qno 9: What is the theme of the study of Kreton?
Ans: Knowing about the people of earth and their civilization is the theme of the study of Kreton.
Qno 10: How does Kreton impress General Powers?
Ans: Kreton reads his mind and tells him that he is thinking about his promotion. And when General’s troops
go to destroy the ship he draws an invisible wall around his ship. These tricks impressed Power well.
Qno 11: How does the play writer expose the inferiority of the present race to that of future?
Ans; By Kreton, the writer represents the future generation and tells us that it would be wise, patient and
logical in its approach towards life and this world.
Qno 12: Describe the scene of the arrival of the flying saucer?
Ans: When the people saw a luminous object coming from the sky they thought that it was meteor. But it was
a spaceship without instruments that landed right in Spelding’s garden.
Qno 13: Compare and contrast the people of two planets?
Ans; Here Kreton who is representative of other planet seems polite, patient, loving and immortal. While on
the other hand people of earth are emotional, shortsighted and mortal.

Play No 3
The oyster and the pearl
Qno 1: Where does the play take place?
Ans: It takes place in Harry’s shop in OK-by-the. Sea, California, population 909.
Qno 2: Why is Harry sitting in barber’s chair?
Ans: Harry is having his haircut therefore he is sitting in the barber’s chair.
Qno 3: According to Harry how one can bring merriments to the tired old human hearts?
Ans: Harry thinks that one can bring merriments to the tired old hearts by composing a symphony, painting a
picture, writing a book or inventing a philosophy.
Qno 4: What is Harry’s philosophy?
Ans: His philosophy is “the take-it-easy way”.
Qno 5: How much did Harry pay for his barber’s shop? How long has Harry been in OK-by-the-Sea?
Ans: He bought the shop in 75 dollars. He has been living in O.K-by-the-Sea for twenty four years.
Qno 6: How many barbers are there in O.K-by-the-sea?
Ans: Except Harry, there is no other barber in O.K-by-the-sea?
Qno 7: How much does Harry charge for haircut?
Ans: He charges one dollar for haircut but he often takes half or a quarter.
Qno 8: Where is Clay going?
Ans: He is going to the beach to find something special.
Qno 9: Why does Clay need money?
Ans: He needs money to bring his father back. He also wants to present a gift to his mother.
Qno 10: What has happened to Clay’s father?
Ans: Clay’s father is a poor man and he cannot fulfill the basic needs of his children. His wife always quarrels
with him for this reason. Therefore he has left the house and has gone to Salinas to earn money.
Qno 11: What has Clay put in the local paper?
Ans: In his ad Clay requests his father to return home. His family is missing him a lot.
Qno 12: Who is Miss McCutcheon? How does she fell about her job?
Ans: She is a new teacher at the school of O.K.-by-the-Sea. She is unhappy about her job because the children
do not take her seriously.

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English Notes for 1st year
By M Samee Iqbal for medium students

Qno 13: What is Miss McCutcheon looking for? How does she feel about the children of the town?
Ans : She is looking for the children to examine their interests and habits. She does not feel good about the
children of the town because they are careless and do not take her seriously.
Qno 14: What does Harry advice her to do?
Ans : He advices her to go back to San Francisco. He thinks that she is young and pretty girl who needs
excitement. She could only get excitement in big city. He also asks her to marry a young man.
Qno 15: What kind of haircut does Miss McCutcheon want?
Ans: She wants poodle haircut.
Qno 16: Can Harry give a poodle haircut?
Ans: No, he cannot give a poodle haircut.
Qno 17: What does Miss McCutcheon think that a poodle haircut will do for her appearance?
Ans : She wants to change her appearance by poodle haircut. She thinks that this haircut will make her
simple and plain. Then she will easily adjust herself to the surroundings.
Qno 18: Where has Clark Larrabee been? How does he get to O.K.-by-the-sea?
Ans : He is working in Salinas. He comes to O.K.-by-the-sea by a truck.
Qno 19: What does Clark give Harry? For what purpose?
Ans : Clark gives Harry thirty dollars to give them to Clay so that Clay could give the money to his mother.
Qno 20: How far is it to Hollywood from O.K.-by-the-sea?
Ans : Hollywood is about two hundred miles away from O.K.-by-the-sea.
Qno 21: What work does the man do?
Ans: He is a writer.
Qno 22: What did Clay find near black rock?
Ans : He found one oyster near black rock.
Qno 23: What does Clay believe in the oyster? How much is it worth?
Ans : Clay believes that there is a pearl in the oyster worth of two to three hundred dollars.
Qno 24: Does Miss McCutcheon believe that there is a big pearl in the oyster?
Ans : No, she does not believe that there is a big pearl in the oyster?
Qno 25: Why does Miss McCutcheon have a chair with three legs?
Ans : Like many other people she has brought this chair from beach. She does not mean to use it.
Qno 26: What kind of judge is Judge Applegarth?
Ans : He is not judge of any court. Once he judged the dogs at county fair that gave him the name of judge
Qno 27: What year is it?
Ans : It is 1953.
Qno 26: What does Greely have in a bottle?
Ans : He has sea water in the bottle.
Qno 29: Who suggests that they should open the oyster?
Ans : Miss McCutcheon suggests that they should open the oyster.
Qno30: Why do they want Wozzeck to come?
Ans : Wozzeck is a watch repairer therefore they think that he can open the oyster without damaging its
Qno 31; How does Harry describe the inhabitants of O.K.-by-the-sea?
Ans : Harry says that poor families live in the town. Every family has garden and children. They do not have
jobs and earn their living mostly by selling vegetables and eggs. Those who get job can work only two months.
A few get pension. They are all living a miserable life.
Qno 32: How does Miss McCutcheon view Harry’s thinking about the pearl in the oyster?
Ans : She thinks that Harry is encouraging people to tell a lie. Instead he should show the people reality
that there is no pearl in the oyster. But at the end Harry tells her that he is doing all this only to help Clay.
Qno 33: Why does judge think that Miss McCutcheon will not last a teacher? What kind of teacher does he
think he needed?
Ans : He thinks that she is young and beautiful and can’t control the children. He favors an old experienced
teacher to teach and control the children.
Qno 34; What is Applegarth complain about the sea?
Ans : He complains that the quality of stuff washed up by sea is not good.

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English Notes for 1 year
By M Samee Iqbal for medium students

Qno 35: What kind of gadget does the writer describe?

Ans : He describes about the gadget that is found in New York. He says that it is like a safety razor and with
its help anyone can have his haircut.
Qno 36: Who buys the oyster? How much does he pay?
Ans : The writer buys the oyster for three hundred dollars.
Qno 37: Does the writer open the oyster? Why not?
Ans : He does not open the oyster. He believes that the pearl is growing. But the fact is this that he buys
the oyster only to help the poor family. He knows that there is no pearl in the oyster but the whole story is
itself a pearl.
Qno 38: Why does Clark Larrabee return?
Ans : After reading the ad in the newspaper he realizes the worries of his family and decides to return his
Qno 39: What does the writer do with the oyster?
Ans : The writer turns it in his fingers and watches it carefully. After that he puts it into his pocket.

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English Notes for 1 year
By M Samee Iqbal for medium students

Poem No 1
The Rain
Qno1: How can a rainy day be enjoyed?
Ans: We can enjoy rainy day by playing in the grounds. We can bath with the raindrops. We can go to the
riverside or some historical place to enjoy picnic.

Poem No 2
Night Mail
Qno 1: What does Night mail bring?
Ans : It brings cheques and letters for the people.
Qno 2: Who cannot turn its course?
Ans : Sheep-dogs cannot turn its course.

Poem No 3
Loveliest of the trees, the Cherry now
Qno 1: Which fruit is mentioned in the poem?
Ans : “Cherry” is the fruit which is mentioned in the poem.
Qno 2: What time of the year is mentioned In the poem?
Ans: It is spring season.
Qno 3: How old is the poet?
Ans : He is seventy years old.

Poem No 4
O where are you going?
Qno 1: What kind of feeling does the poet create in the minds of the reader?
Ans : He creates the feelings that if we want to reach our destination we should be courageous and
hardworking . We should face hardships and trials with patience.
Qno 2: What does the title of the poem signify?
Ans : It is a kind of warning that realizes us to reconsider our direction of decisions.

Poem No 5
In the street of fruit stalls
Qno1: What are the feelings of poet standing in dark?
Ans : The word dark signifies the hardships of the world. Although the children are enjoying in the street yet
the poet’s point of view makes him sad. He feels dejected standing in dark.
Qno 2: Why has the poet used “Cannonballs” to describe the fruits?
Ans : He uses cannonballs to describe the fruits that show us the hard realities of life. Hardships changes
everybody’s point of view.

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English Notes for 1 year
By M Samee Iqbal for medium students

Poem No 6
Sindhi woman
Qno 1: What did the poet reflect when he saw the woman?
Ans : The poet says only those people can live with grace and dignity who can face hardships of life manfully.
Qno 2: What is the main idea of the poem?
Ans : “Hardships make you strong and dignified” is the main idea of the poem.
Qno 3: What kind of picture of Karachi slums do we get after reading the poem?
Ans : It is very ugly picture of Karachi slums. Stones, pieces of glasses and bread are found everywhere.

Poem No. 8
Qno 1: What kind of feelings does the poem create in readers mind?
Ans: This poem is a short description of the rise and fall of man’s life. It says that life is mortal therefore we
should not be proud but a humble person.
Qno 2: What did the traveler see in the desert?
Ans: He saw a statue whose vast legs of stone were standing in the desert. Its frowned face was half-sunk in
the sand.

Poem No 9
The Feed
Qno 1: What does the sparrow hold in her beak?
Ans: She is holding a grain of millet in her beak.
Qno 2: How many young ones are to be fed?
Ans: Ten young ones are to be fed
Poem No. 10
The Hollow men
Qno 1: Why does the poet call modern men as hollow men?
Ans: The poet says that modern men are lazy and powerless. They are speechless and do not have positive
approach towards life. These shortcomings make them hollow men.
Poem No. 11
Qno 1: Why has the poet given poem the title “Leisure”?
Ans: In this poem the poet says that man is spending very busy life. He does not have the time to see the real
beauty of this world. Therefore the poet has given his poem the title “Leisure” because this spare time can
allow a man to see the beauty of the world.
Poem No. 12
Qno 1: Who was Abraham (A.S) ?
Ans: Hazrat Abraham (A.S) was the Prophet of Allah.
Qno 2: What is worse than slavery?
Ans: To have no faith is worse than slavery.
Qno 3: Who cannot compete with the civilization of Makkah?
Ans: The people of Europe cannot compete with the civilization of Makkah. Because only Muslims have

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English Notes for 1st year
By M Samee Iqbal for medium students

the sacred place Makkah that unites them all over the world.
Qno 4: What has made the efforts of the Muslims fruitless?
Ans: The lack of love for Allah and humanity has made the efforts of the Muslims fruitless

Poem No. 13
A tale of two cities
Qno 1: Why did the people of Japan look powerless and helpless?
Ans: When America dropped atom bomb on Japan it destroyed everything. Therefore the survived people
looked powerless and helpless.
Qno 2: Under what circumstances the victims of atom bomb have to pass through? OR Describe the
scene of devastation?
Ans : It was terrible situation for them. They had nothing to eat and wear. Everything was destroyed. There
was no scene but the weeping faces of helpless people.
Qno 3: What is the moral lesson of the poem?
Ans : “ Trail and tribulations make a nation great” is the moral lesson of the poem.

Poem No. 14
My neighbor friend breathing his last
Qno 1: When does a person remember God?
Ans : When a person is in pain or in terrible condition, he remembers God. Because he finds no helper but
Qno 2: What is the effect of the death scene?
Ans : Death scene shows us the reality of this mortal world. Its shocking effect brings us near to Allah.
Qno 3: Why does a person feel helpless on the death of a friend?
Ans : It is because a man cannot save his friend from death. He knows that his friend will never come again in
this world. All these things make a person feel helpless.
Qno 4: What does flare up flames in heart to height?
Ans : The shock of separation of the poet from his spiritual guide flares up the flames in heart to height.
Qno 5: Without whose love is Bullah in loss?
Ans ; Without Allah’s love Bullah is in loss.

Poem No. 15
He came to know himself
Qno 1: Why does the poet emphasize on how to know himself?
Ans : The “ self” of a person is a mirror to see Allah. One cannot reach Allah without recognizing his “self”.
Therefore the poet emphasizes to know ‘himself’.
Qno 2: What makes a person entangled in love?
Ans ; When a person recognizes his “self” he starts seeing unlimited treasures of God. This feeling makes him
entangled in love.
Qno 3: Why did Mansoor mount the gallows?
Ans : Mansoor was blessed with the love of God. In his heart there was nothing but God. This world was
meaningless for him. So, he mounted the gallows to reach his God.
Qno 4: What is the bare truth?
Ans; The bare truth is this that there is nothing in this would but God. He is in the hearts of pious people. Once
a man sees His light he submits himself before Him.
Qno 5: What is the poet saying about his sojourn on the earth ?
Ans : The poet says that there is nothing in this world but God. He has created everything and His light is
everywhere in this universe

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English Notes for 1st year 22

By M Samee Iqbal for medium students

Poem No. 16
God’s Attributes
Qno 1: How many attributes of God are mentioned in the poem?
Ans : Three attributes of God are mentioned in the poem. They are the “knowing”, the “Seeing” and the
Qno 2: What makes one scare of sinning?
Ans: God is all “Seeing” makes everyone scare of sinning.
Qno 3: What are the effects of the attributes of God? OR How do the attributes help in refining the
character of a person?
Ans: The attributes of God make the character of a person exemplary. A person tries to keep himself away
from evil deeds because he knows that Allah is seeing and hearing him every time.
Qno 4: God calls himself “Hearing” How does this attribute of God help one in daily speech?
Ans : When a person realizes that God is all “Hearing” he refrains himself from using harsh and bad words in
his speech

Poem No.17
The delight song
Qno 1: What do you understand when the poet says “ I am the shadow that follows a child”?
Ans : The poet is much impressed by the innocent nature of the child. A child always does folly and enjoyable
tricks. So, the poet also wants to enjoy by following the child.
Qno 2: How can the crust of the snow glitter?
Ans : The crust of the snow glitters when the rays of light fall on it.
Qno 3: What is the result of man’s good relation with the earth and the lords?
Ans: If a man is in good relations with the earth and the lords. He can spend a very happy and enjoyable life in
this world.
Qno 4: What are the things that keep a person alive?
Ans : Everything that is beautiful and fruitful keeps a man alive

Poem No. 18
Love’ An essence of all religions
Qno 1: Why does the poet put emphasize on love? OR What is the effect of love?
Ans : The poet emphasizes on love because love is essence of all religions. Love can change a devil person
into a pious man. It can turn this world into a paradise.
Qno 2: Is life worth-living without love?
Ans : No, life is not worth-living without love because love is the reality of this world.

Poem No.19
A man or words and not of deeds
Qno 1: How does the life of a man pass through different phases of it?
Ans : This poem is about a talkative man. The poet says that a talkative man spends an inactive life and does
not use his abilities in the right direction. So, with the passage of time his inactivity ruins his life completely.
Qno 2: What happens when life is not of deeds but is full of words?
Ans : The life which is full of words and not of deeds always leads to ultimate destruction.
Qno 3: What Is the condition of the garden when the weeds start growing?
Ans: The garden becomes useless when weeds start growing in it. Because you cannot expect fruit from

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Poem No 20
Broken Images
Qno 1: What is the condition of two persons, one who trusts clear images and the other who mistrusts
the broken images?
Ans: The person who trusts the clear images assumes facts because he trusts them. But he gets confused
when the facts fail him. The second person who mistrusts his broken images always questions their relevance
and finds the reality
Qno 2: Why does a person question his senses when the facts fail him?
Ans : A person who assumes the facts does not question their relevance. But when the facts fails him he
questions his senses.
Qno 3: Who is in new confusion of his understanding?
Ans: The person who trusts clear images and does not question their relevance is in new confusion of his

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