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Copyright 2005 Stephanie Brail. This manual may be given freely to
students as long as the entire manual is kept intact. No text or
portion of this manual may be copied or plagiarized, unless quoted
briefly as part of fair use" in a review or other commentary.

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Bear Reiki was initially channeled by Korey Long. The initial energy
was used by intent" only (no symbols or manual). ! have since
expanded the system to include additional activation tools and other
practices in this manual.
According to the founder, Bear is one that gives insight, brings in
new energies, is loving and protective.... Bear is a `totem' or power
animal for many who are mystics as well as shamans and seers. Bear
is believed to be the one who helps in introspection in many Native
American tribes...this energy, ! have found to be `cohesive,' or one
that is a good catalyst for other energies, as well as able to work on
its own..."
The bear, as a totem animal, symbolizes many positive qualities,
Physical Strength
Healing Powers
Seeking Your Truth
The bear hibernates in the winter. Hibernation is not just a time of
sleep but a time of gestation prior to rebirth. !n this way, the bear
symbolizes those periods in our lives where we go within for answers.
Once we take the time to explore our inner knowing, we will wake
up" in the springtime, stronger and wiser.
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Bears are predators but not necessarily violent by nature. They can
be slow-moving and steadfast in their manner. They can exhibit great
fierceness or great tenderness depending on the situation. There are
eight different types of bears in the world:

AmC||Ccr |cC< Cc|
Lives in North America and Canada.
Approximately 5 to 6 feet long, weighing 200 - 300 pounds.
Not all are black. Other varieties include: brown (Cinnamon
Bear), creamy white (Spirit or Kermode bear), or gray-blue
(Glacier Bear).

|Cwr Cc|
Lives in Canada, Alaska, and northern Eurasia.
Approximately 6 to 8 feet long, weighing 350 - 500 pounds.
!ncludes Kodiak Bear (world's largest land carnivore) and
Grizzlies (distinguished by brown hair with silver-tips).

FC|c| Cc|
Lives in the Arctic.
Approximately 8 - 11 feet long, sometimes weighing over 1000
pounds (males).
Best swimmers among bears.

G|cr1 FcrccH
Found only in China's central mountains.
Approximately +- 6 feet long, weighing up to 350 pounds.
Eats 50 - 60 pounds of bamboo each day, with 1+ hours spent
eating daily!

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AH|c1|C |cC< Cc|
Lives in southern and eastern Asia.
Approximately 5 feet long, weighing 250 pounds.
Can be recognized by the large white "v" on the chest.
Also called the Noon Bear.

|C1r Cc|
Lives in tropical forests of !ndia, Sri Lanka, and Nepal.
Approximately about 5 feet long, weighs 200 - 300 pounds.
!ts long white snout allows it to suck up ants and termites.

pCC1cC|Cc Cc|
Lives in northwestern South America in the remote forests of
the Andes.
Approximately 5 feet long, weighing 200 - 300 pounds.
Has a black or blackish brown coat, with a cream-colored chest
and golden rings around eyes.

Or Cc| |c|ccr Cc|
Lives in tropical forests of Southeast Asia.
Approximately 3 - + feet long, weighing only 60 - 100 pounds
Has a short velvety black coat with yellow or white markings on
its chest.
What about the Koala Bear? Actually, the koala is not a bear at all,
but is related to the kangaroo and wombat!
Nany bears are endangered due to loss of habitat. Consider donating
to your favorite wildlife preservation organization!
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To use this system, you should understand the basics of Reiki and
how to use visualization to start the flow of Reiki energy.

Bear Reiki can be used in the same way that regular Reiki can. You
can flow the energy to yourself or another person through the palms
of your hands just as in regular Reiki. !t can be used alone or with
regular Reiki or any other Reiki style.

!nitially, Bear Reiki was designed to be sent through intent only.
Sending Reiki through intent is quite simple, actually. All you need to
do is intend you are sending it.

For example: Just say to yourself ! am now sending Bear Reiki."

You can also visualize a specific bear to send a certain type of Bear
Reiki energy. Bear Reiki does not have regular symbols per se.
!nstead, you will visualize the bear. While there are eight different
types of bears, we will use the following three bears in our Reiki

Brown Bear
This includes the great Kodiak Bear and the Grizzly Bear.
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When you imagine the Brown Bear in your healings (either through
sending the image of the Brown Bear from your palms like a Reiki
symbol or calling upon the spirit of the Brown Bear for help), you will
be connecting with the following energies:

Physical Fortitude

The Brown Bear energy is great for use on issues of physical healing.
!t is also a great energy for those who aren't physically grounded and
tend to be in their heads" or up in the sky" too much.

This energy is moderate in temperature."

The Panda Bear
The Panda Bear brings warm" healing energy, sun-filled energy.
When you visualize the panda in your healings, you will bring in the
following energies:

Being Carefree
Connection with Family, Children
Light, Love and Laughter

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The Panda energy can lighten" up Bear Reiki energy, which can
often be serious and steadfast. This energy is great to use for people
with depression. !t will still keep them grounded while lifting their

Polar Bear
The energy from the Polar Bear is cool" instead of warm. The Polar
Bear energy brings the following qualities:

Discovering Your Truth
Developing !ntuition

Polar Bear energy is wonderful to use for meditation and for clients
who need to chill out" and stop worrying so much.

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CC|CH1|c| Cc|H CC|CH1|c| Cc|H CC|CH1|c| Cc|H CC|CH1|c| Cc|H

The Celestial Bears are animal guides that are in the spirit world. You
can connect to them in meditation for guidance and also ask for their
help in healing sessions.

The Celestial Bears are associated with constellations in the sky,
found in the Northern Hemisphere. On a clear night, you can go
outside and meditate on these constellations to connect with the
Celestial Bears.

The Great Bear, Ursa Major
Ursa Najor is also known as the Big Dipper.

According to some Native American legends, the bowl of the Big
Dipper is a giant bear and the stars of the handle are three warriors
chasing it. The constellation is low in the sky in autumn evening sky,
so it was said that the hunters had injured the bear and its blood
caused the trees to change color to red."
From http:ffwww.astro.wisc.eduf~dolanfconstellationsfconstellationsfUrsa_Najor.html

The Great Bear brings wisdom, knowledge, and acceptance.

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The Little Bear, Ursa Minor
Also known as the Little Dipper. The big star on the bear's tail in
diagram above is the North Star (Polaris). (Polaris is also the last star
on the handle of the dipper.")
About Polaris:
This is the star that is nearest to the North Celestial Pole. !f you
stood at the North Pole, Polaris would be almost directly overhead. !f
you can spot Polaris in the sky, you can always tell which way is
north. !n addition, the angle of Polaris above the horizon tells you
your latitude on the Earth. Because of this, Polaris was the most
important star for navigating at sea."
From http:ffwww.astro.wisc.eduf~dolanfconstellationsfconstellationsfUrsa_Ninor.html
The Little Bear brings inspiration, imagination, and curiosity.

When meditating with the Celestial Bears, you might want to
start a journal and write down any insights they give you.
They can provide great guidance and insight.

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You may already have a totem animal when you start using Bear
Reiki. That is OK. You may continue to work with that totem animal.
Some people also have multiple totem animals, or their totem
animals change as they make life changes. You may find yourself
continuing to work with your existing totem as well as working with
your Bear Totem.

During your attunement, you may have connected with your Bear
Totem. This is a bear you may be given to work with using Bear Reiki
(and for your life in general). The bear may give you a special name
for you to call it. !f you did not receive a name, feel free to name it.
Whatever you are guided to name the bear will be perfect!

!f you did not receive a Bear Totem in attunement, you can ask for
one in meditation. At any time you can also ask to work with a Guide
Bear or Celestial Bear. !magine yourself in soothing place in nature
and ask the bear to come to you. Ask it what its name is. Notice what
type of bear it is and what message it has for you. The bear can
bring great gifts of intuitive insights and acceptance.

Your Bear Totem is a gift and will help you with anything (for your
highest good). Just ask.
bAP Pb| K| bAP Pb| K| bAP Pb| K| bAP Pb| K|
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To follow is the Bear Reiki attunement process. You are also welcome
to use any existing attunement method you are already familiar with.

In-Person Attunement

Nost people you attune to Bear Reiki should already be Reiki Nasters
or at least Level !!. !f not, you should make sure the person has had
a Reiki session in the past week (at minimum).

For the attunement: Have the client sit in front of you with eyes
closed to receive the attunement.

Call upon the light and energy of the Celestial Bears to help with the

To pass the attunement, place both hands on the client's head and
send the Bear Reiki energy into the crown chakra, seeing it expand to
fill the entire body.

You can then send energy from each of the three main Bear Reiki
bears: Brown Bear, Panda Bear, and Polar Bear.

Distance Attunement

Distance attunements are just as effective as in-person attunements.
You do not even need to send the attunement at the same time the
client receives it (as attunements can be sent through time and

!f you want to send the attunement at the same time the client
receives it, then you will need to set a mutually beneficial time to do
bAP Pb| K| bAP Pb| K| bAP Pb| K| bAP Pb| K|
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so. Have the client prepare themselves on their end by finding a
quiet place to meditate for at least a half-hour.

You can also send the attunement with the intention that the client
will receive it when they are ready. All you need to do is send the
attunement with that intention, and then direct the client to set aside
a time to receive the attunement (a half-hour at least) at their

For both methods, the client can open themselves up to receiving the
attunement by repeating to themselves out loud or silently:

I am now receiving the Bear Reiki attunement sent by <your
name>. Thank you.

To send the attunement:

Call upon the Celestial Bears to help with the attunement.

Then, imagine that you are sending Bear Reiki with the intent to
attune the client. You can then send energy from each of the three
main Bear Reiki bears: Brown Bear, Panda Bear, and Polar Bear.

Thank the Celestial Bears for their help.

bAP Pb| K| bAP Pb| K| bAP Pb| K| bAP Pb| K|

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