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How Deep Is Your Love Ebmai7 Ab By BARRY, ROBIN ‘and MAURICE GIBB Moderately Eb ‘And when you in the mom ~ ing sun: 1 feel you touch— tata lagi fa_ta_la_la— les eames Fo 6 Bb11 2b7 Eb Gn — me in the pour = ing rain And the mo: ‘ment that you wan-der =a ao a" a Gla ‘ia—— "lala ‘fa la la om me—— | wan-na feel you in my ams a gain.— ="T bo “a OE Sik “fae ‘ona sum—— mer breeze Keep me wamm- in your love— then you soft— ©copyright 1977 by Brothers Gibb, B.V. 0. Publishing Lid., 67 Brook Street, London Wi Bm Domai? Gn Fm an — Wy leave And it's How deep _is_your love,— Eb Abmai7 Fm — tas is your love?— How dee is your— love? 1 real-ly neei— to leam— Abm eb, Bbm 7 "Cause we're liv-ing in aworld of fools: Breaking us down When they all— FOF c7 Fm dom To-# co0A c7-9 Eb — should let us be. We be-lorg— to you-— and me. Fm7 c7 Fn 6 Bp11 87 You know the door You're the light — r — in my deep— est dark—— est hour— You're my sa. viour when— 87 Bb Abmaj7 gn? ‘And_you may. think— that 1 care—— for you When you know— Fm7 bm, Obmaj7 Gn Fn —_down in=side— that 1 real—— ly do And it's me you need— to show — Bb1L eb. How deep_is_your_fove,y——_is_your love?— How dee? is your — love? Abmaj7 Fo Abn Eb, 1 really need— to learn. "Cause we're liv-ing ina world of — fools—