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A few days back, we had provided you with ideas regarding the preparation for th e comprehension section of the

CLAT exam and gave you ideas about how to prepare for the comprehension section. Another popular law entrance exam LSAT contains a similar section of comprehension as a part of its question paper though the pa ttern differs from CLAT and hence students should ideally prepare for LSAT s compreh ension in a different manner. First and foremost, students ought to know how the comprehension section of LSAT is different from other law entrance exams and wh at does it contain. There are four sets, each containing passages followed by a series of questions. So unlike other exams, the candidate is not evaluated on hi s or her performance based on one single passage. The content of the passages differ from one another and are from subjects rangin g from humanities, social sciences to legal issues etc. The choice of a variety of subjects for comprehension ensures that LSAT s policy of not stressing on any par ticular subject is kept intact. Success in the comprehension section of LSAT dep ends on reading the passage attentively and carefully so as to be able to make o ut the points of importance within the passage, and use them in answering the qu estions that follow. While reading, the candidate must simultaneously pay attent ion towards the structure of the passage, the principal theme, whatever informat ion is being tried to be conveyed to the reader via the passage, the attitude of the writer and other relevant points which are of high importance, especially d uring the question answer session. Not being familiar with the passage or its co ntent should not diminish a candidate s confidence as LSAT does not look to provide any advantage to any candidate belonging to a particular background. A variety o f strategies such as reading the passage carefully, reading the questions and th en the passage in order to locate answers fruitfully and re-reading the passage after encountering the questions are few strategies that have been known to work successfully in solving the comprehension section of LSAT. Reading the passage, the following questions and then structuring your answers carefully without dev iating too much from the passage are key strategic points of doing well in LSAT s co mprehension section.