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Abate Aberrant Abscond Accolade Acerbic Acumen Adulation Adulterate Aesthetic Aggrandize Alacrity Alchemy Amalgamate Ameliorate Amenable

Anachronism Anomaly Approbation Archaic Arduous Ascetic Assuage Astringent Audacious Austere Avarice Aver Axiom Bolster Bombast Bombastic Bucolic Burgeon Cacophony Canon Canonical Capricious Castigation Catalyst Caustic Censure Chary

Credulous Culpable Cynicism Dearth Decorum Demur Derision Desiccate Diatribe Didactic Dilettante Disabuse Discordant Discretion Disinterested Disparage Disparate dissemble divulge dogmatic ebullience eccentric eclectic effrontery Elegy eloquent emollient empirical endemic enervate enigmatic ennui ephemeral equivocate erudite esoteric eulogy evanescent exacerbate exculpate exigent Exonerate

fulminate furtive garrulous germane glib grandiloquence gregarious hackneyed halcyon harangue hedonism hegemony heretical hubris hyperbole iconoclast idolatrous imminent immutable impassive impecunious imperturbable impetuous implacable impunity inchoate incipient indifferent inert infelicitous ingenuous inimical innocuous insipid intractable intransigent intrepid inured inveigle irascible laconic laud

mendacity mercurial meticulous misanthrope mitigate mollify morose mundane nebulous neologism neophyte noxious obdurate obfuscate obsequious obstinate obtuse obviate occlude odious onerous opaque opprobrium oscillation ostentatious paean parody pedagogy pedantic penurious penury perennial perfidy perfunctory pernicious perspicacious peruse pervade pervasive phlegmatic pine pious

pragmatic prattle precipitate precursor predilection preen prescience presumptuous prevaricate pristine probity proclivity prodigal prodigious profligate profuse proliferate prolific propensity prosaic pungent putrefy quaff qualm querulous query quiescence quixotic quotidian rancorous rarefy recalcitrant recant recondite redoubtable refulgent refute relegate renege repudiate rescind reticent

solvent soporific sordid sparse specious spendthrift sporadic spurious squalid squander static stoic stupefy stymie subpoena subtle succinct superfluous supplant surfeit synthesis tacit tenacity terse tirade torpid torque tortuous tout transient trenchant truculent ubiquitous unfeigned untenable urbane vacillate variegated veracity vexation vigilant Vilify

Chicanery Cogent Complaisance Connoisseur Contentious Contrite Convention Convoluted

Extemporaneous Facetious Fallacy Fawn Fervent Filibuster Flout Fortuitous

Loquacious Lucid Luminous Magnanimity Malevolent Malleable Martial Maverick

Pirate Pith Pithy Placate Platitude Plethora Plummet Polemical

Reverent Rhetoric Salubrious Sanction Satire Sedulous Shard Solicitous

Virulent Viscous Vituperate Volatile Voracious Waver zealous

Note There is no guarantee that words listed here will appear in GRE. You can use the words above as reference to improve your GRE Exam Verbal Skills. Words were collected using the information available in online community and forums. Couple of students got many words from above list in actual GRE Exam. Good Luck with your exams.

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