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Table 2

Student Identifier Match Logic:

Data Provider Edit Changes
Action Plan Update

No. NSLDS Error Comments/Resolutions Implementation

7 Field Code: 21 Resolution 1 December 5, 2000
Field Name: Student Social NSLDS will move existing loan(s) and borrower(s)
Security Number on the database to a pseudo SSN when:
Error Code: 408 1. There are no open overpayments.
Error Message: Student SSN 2. All the loans on the database are from another
currently used by another single data provider and have been in a closed
Student status for three or more years.
Note: Additional analysis will be done after
implementation of initial edit changes to
determine if the time period can be reduced
from three years to a shorter period, and/or
the closed loans could be from multiple data

Resolution 2
Data Provider can always report using same
identifiers even if another data provider has
changed the DOB on NSLDS.

Resolution 3
When a default value for DOB is on the submittal
file and the DOB on NSLDS is a real date, NSLDS
will consider it a match as long as the name meets
our current criteria. When a default value for First
Name (i.e. NFN) is on the submittal file, NSLDS
will consider it a match as long as the DOB meets
our current criteria. If the submittal file contains
default values in both the DOB and First Name
fields, NSLDS would not consider it a match.