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Donna MaeAnne S.

Gragasin 2012-51308-1

July 23, 2012 Legal Forms: Complaint Affidavit (#3)

REPUBLIC OFTHE PHILIPPINES DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE OFFICE OF THE PROSECUTOR MANILA THE PEOPLE OF THE PHILIPPINES, Complainant, -versusxxx Accused, CARLITO A. DIAZ and WILFRED O. REVILLA x--------------------------------------------x CRIMINAL COMPLAINTAFFIDA VIT I, Rose Anne D. Bala, the undersigned, of legal age, and a resident of #21 Galicia Street, Sampaloc Manila, accuses Carlito A. Diaz and Wilfred O. Revilla of the crime of Robbery, committed as follows: 1. At around 11:30PM of Saturday, July 21, 2012, I, Rose Anne D. Bala was passing by P.Noval Street, Sampaloc Manila to my apartment at #21 Galicia Street, Sampaloc Manila. 2. While I was passing by the said street I was holding a shoulder bag on my right arm and a book on the left arm, walking in a moderate pace towards Espana Boulevard. 3. That at P.Noval Street, before I cross Espana Boulevard, two men riding a motorcycle stopped in front of me. The man riding at the back, holding a balisong which was pointed at me said, akin na ang bag mo kung ayaw mong may mangyaring masama sayo. 4. Because of terrible fear that the man would stab me if I did not give my bag to him, I handed him my bag containing the following: a. A brown Guess wallet with Identification cards, ATM card and a credit card inside together with a cash worth two thousand pesos (P2,000.00). b. A black Blackberry Curve c. A Samsung galaxy tab SIII d. School materials such as a blue notebook and a pen case. 5. That after the man took my shoulder bag, I screamed loudly the words magnanakaw! Magnanakaw! Habulin niyo! 6. That maybe because of twist of luck, a police car passed by right after the said incident which immediately chased the two men in motorcycle. They crossed Espana Boulevard and I already lost sight of them after several seconds. IS # 134590

7. That the two men, as I remembered, were both wearing jackets; the man in front, driving was wearing a blue jacket and maong pants while the man at the back was wearing a black jacket with maong pants. The man in front was wearing a helmet while the man at the back was wearing a black cap. 8. The motorcycle was a red Yamaha motorcycle and instead of a plate number, a plate with the words for registration was visible from the back. 9. Both men are of normal built, appeared to be kayumanggi or brown-skinned and of average height. 10. That after a few minutes of standing at that street, a police mobile suddenly appeared saying that the other policemen in the car which chased the two men in the motorcycle reported the incident to them so they went to P.Noval area and found me standing in front of a closed establishment, almost near Espana Boulevard. 11. That I was shaking and crying when the policemen came to get me. They brought me to the a nearby police station where I narrated the incident. 12. After about 40 minutes in the police station, there were two policemen, later on identified as PO2 Donna Mae Anne S. Gragasin and PO2 Mark Arthur Catabona, who were accompanying two men who appeared to be the men who grabbed my hand bag. 13. Later on, I positively identified the two men as those who were in the motorcycle because of the black cap, the blue and black jackets that they wear respectively. 14. That the shoulder bag that was snatched from me with force and intimidation was with PO2 Catabona already who alleged that he got the same during the apprehension that they did. All the things inside my bag were recovered in good condition. 15. That all these stated herein are true and were stated freely without any force or intimidation done against me. 16. To attest to the truthfulness of the foregoing, I, Rose Anne D. Bala, complainat, attaches my signature below.

_________________________ Rose Anne D. Bala Complainant

SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN to before me, in the city of Manila, this 22nd day of July, 2012, the affiant exhibiting to me his Passport issued by Department of Foreign Affairs Manila on 15th of April 2012 at Roxas Blvd, Manila.

___________________________ Jonalene A. Pagala Assistant City Prosecutor