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of consumers use self-checkout when available.

55% of consumers

who dont use self-checkout when available said it was because they had too many items or self-checkout wasnt available at the time of checkout.


prefer self-checkout over a cashier-assisted lane because its FASTER.

of self-checkout users

of the cashier-assisted customers indicated they have used self-checkout at that store before.

Of those who have used self-checkout before,

60% indicated

that self-checkout is usually faster than going through a cashier-assisted lane.

The self-checkout EXPERIENCE

of the consumers who said their self-checkout experience was very good related it to being quick and easy.

64% 44%

of self-checkout users and of cashier lane customers agree that retailers who offer self-checkout provide better customer service.

Self-checkout shoppers

are more loyal

1 in 4 self-checkout users
would shop at their preferred grocery stores less frequently if self-checkout was no longer an option for them.

Source: NCR third-party commissioned research that surveyed over 400 U.S. consumers, JanuaryJuly of 2012