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Kacyiru, 17th October 2012 Jean-Louis Kayitenkore Gsm: 078 847 0205 / 072 847 4715

His Excellency,

Building a legacy of self is first of all overcoming daily challenges. I would like to share with you some of my thoughts although I am not a student belonging to an Institution but my mind is ready to deal with any input and I try to be humble enough so that knowledge is always welcome. The partnership project is known and every Rwandan freely took its commitment to make its contribution to the edification of the nation. What are the reasons that make some antagonisms seem to resurface? I'm talking about blocks that take refuge behind the linguistic identities with hidden agendas. I take as benchmark the period that I have known in 1994 in Mulindi, a sense of belonging and having value in society was not a mirage. When you meet a veteran. It is difficult not to have melancholy. For this category, veterans. I have hoped that more efforts be made. Appreciate the time you took reading me