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Code chart for Urdu Nastalig Unicode Font Page lof Urdu Nastaliq Unicode Font Code Chart This chart details the giyphswhich are part of the Urdu Nastalig Unicode font, and the corresponding Unicode character codes Note shat many characters have additions] codes associated with them, whieh are present in the font, but have not been displayed in the chat, ea, PESE an! 0628 represent the same character FERD TESE FERI TER? — ? ? TEST TEI TES TES YS + 3 FBS6 FbS8. B59 FBS? Ye 3 a =~ FEDS TEST TE9S TES s 5 2 3 a a FB66, FB68 TBeo TB67 2 3 £ -& ? “ TE99 TE9B TEIC TE9A, N N QO FED FEST. FEAO FESE FB7A FBIC FBID EBB Code chart for Urdu Nastalig Unicode Font U ? 2 G FEAL FEA3 FEAd FEA? o ? 2 G FEAS FEAT FEAS FEA6 3 4 3 4 reso_|_reaa_ | reas | reac 4 4 J , i } FEAD FEAE FBS8C FB8D. 3 . e & j } j 2 FEAT FEBO FBSA TBSB uv - ~ w FEBL FEBS FEBS FEB2 v|*7 ]F ye ress _|__rewr_|_rewx_| reps Syrt,ayu repy_|_revs_|resc_|_ rena wv 2 a p revp_||_revr_|_reco_| reve rece [rec | ree | ree FECS FECT FECR FEC6 Page 2of4 Code chart for Urdu Nastalig Unicode Font tir late FEC? FECB FECC FECA : : . : t b & é recd_|_recr_|_repo_|_rece - ’ a FEDI FED3 FED4 FED? 0 3 Zz 3 FEDS FED? FEDS FED6 FED? FEDB FEDC FEDA rew_|_rccr_|_rcen_|_ rea re_|_row_[_rerp_|__rerc J J A J reop_||_reor_|_reeo_|_reve f o A rc reei_|_rees_|_rees_|_ree? iC) i a uy FEES FEET FEES FEE6 4 4 - — FEED FEEE TBAE TBAT Page 3 of 4