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FEZ Taraclia Chief Manager Greetings

Welcome to Taraclia! The management of the Free Entrepreneurial Zone Taraclia welcomes you! Once you invest in the FEZ Taraclia your business will fall under the protection of the Law on Free Economic Zones and the agreement signed between the investor and the management. The State guarantees inviolability of your investment, while the management will provide all the assistance and protection required for the development and stability of your business. With my full condideration, Vasilii CONSTANTINOV The Chief Manager of FEZ Taraclia

FEZ Taraclia Offer

Offer no. 1, FEZ Taraclia Reinforced concrete building (private property, owner JV BJT Company LLC)

Real estate: Real estate located on the territory of Taraclia PP FEZ, with an area of 661.5 m2 The building is made of concrete columns and panels, having 4 floors Total area 3307.5 m2 The building requires capital repair Existing infrastructure: The building is connected to the water supply and sewerage systems, but the systems require rehabilitation Electric power was supplied from the transformer station of 160 kW, located near the building. Currently, the supply is suspended The real estate is not connected to the gas supply system; the distance to the closest gas pipeline is 150 m The building is located in close proximity to the road and railway Lease / Sale conditions: Building lease fee: 1-1.2 EUR/m2 per year, possible joint production Land lease fee: 8-15 MDL/m2 (1$=11.38 MDL) Contact information: Taraclia PP FEZ Chief Manager Constantinov Vasilii Tel.: (+373 294) 2 44 83, (+373) 69 60 20 25 e-mail: zal_pp_taraclia@mail.md

Offer no. 2, FEZ Taraclia Warehouse space (state-owned property, owner Ceramica-T JSC)

Real estate: Building with two floors, size of a floor 96 m 15 m Total area 2,880 m2 It can be used as a production facility with appropriate equipment Existing infrastructure: The real estate is connected to water, electric power and gas lines The distance to the railway is 100 m Lease / Sale conditions: Building lease fee: 1-1.2 EUR/m2 per year Land lease fee: 8-15 MDL/m2 (1$=11.38 MDL) Contact information: Director Ceramica-T JSC Peev Ivan Tel.: (+373) 79 10 13 15