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Mikkels Klussis



2005 2006

Institut Europeen des Minorites Ethniques Dispersees

Letas Palmaitis

To my dear Colleague Prof. Dr. Habil. Winfried Boeder, whose generous friendship and material support were a great help in bringing this project to completion

PREFACE This work is only a little step toward realisation of the task set for all years of remaining life: as authentical as possible to reconstruct vocabulary of the extinct Baltic Prussian language. This means to produce a kind of persuasive falsification on the basis of modern as well as comparative linguistics. This is the reason why this Dictionary consists of: 1) inherited lexis found in the monuments of Old Prussian; 2) authentic Baltic Prussian lexis reconstructed mostly by Vytautas Maiulis as well as by other Prussologists; 3) areale cultural lexis which had to penetrate into Prussian in concreteepochs first and foremost from Lower German as well as from German dialects of former West- and East Prussia; 4) generally spread modern international lexis. LINGUISTIC PRINCIPLES OF THE RECOVERY OF OLD PRUSSIAN 1. The Prussians, Ideal Prussians, Old Prussian and New Prussian To recover a language as a tool of communication means to revive it for needs of a concrete group of people. When speaking about Prussian one always faces 2 common truths: 1) the Old Prussians were annihilated by the Germans who misappropriated their name; 2) Old Prussian died out in the 16th c. The Old Prussians never created a centralized state, but their tribes became united and comprehended as one nation only under the rule of the Teutonic Order. Moreover: the first Prussian state was an independent Baltic state not any national German state despite German of the authorities of the Order. After bloody almost century-long wars against the Baltic Prussians, even the authorities of the state were mixed, being representatives of different European nations who had participated in crusades against Baltic Prussia in the 13th c. The Old Prussian nobility became linguistically Germanized by the 14th c. Linguistic Germanizing of free Prussian peasants began in the middle of the 15th c., when after the catastrophe of Tannenberg (1410) the Free Prussians fled to Germanized towns in order to avoid being sold as serfs, together with their land, for the debts of the state. The remaining Prussians serfs preserved their language until their physical extinction during the plague and famine of 17091711. 4

If the language was extinct in the 16th c., as alleged, what would have been the point of translating M. Luthers Enchiridion into it in 1561? There are references indicating that Old Prussian was still spoken at the end of the 17th c.1 The spread of the name Prussia, as well as a multicultural history of this Baltic land, rich with legends and archaic folk-lore, maintained local and international interest in Baltic Prussians throughout the centuries. In the 1st half of the 20th c. pan-Baltic ideas appeared, along with parallel attempts to revive Old Prussian on the basis of attested monuments. This was hindered by the official German state patriotism of the Nazis but after 1945 all autochthons became victims of the genocide and total deportation. In spite of such unfavorable development, the Prussian romanticism became noticeable in the last quarter of the 20th c., but it gets organized forms nowadays. The first Ethnic Community of Baltic Prussians has been officially registered in Lithuania in 2001. Representatives of Baltic Prussians in Germany are trying to acquire rights of a minority there. The Internet makes it possible to find persons, who regard themselves as Baltic Prussians, in variuos parts of the world. The task emerges to unite dispersed Prussians at least in one virtual world community. At the same time our task is to recover Old Prussian as New Prussian for the needs of all possible Prussian communities. The new situation in Europe encourages Prussians to hope to participate in further development of part of their native land in the region of Kaliningrad, where a Prussian settlement can be created as a World Center for all Prussians. This Center may help current inhabitants of the region to solve the question of their identity, so urgent for them today, as well as to give back to the land its authentic face and thus to integrate all stages of its history. New Prussian must become instrument in rebuilding the mental and cultural grounds for the Prussian ethnic group by creating the Basic Stock of native literature, recoding it into Prussian from the historical local languages, namely, German, Lithuanian and Polish. In this way, the national cultural memory will be restored. The New Prussian language, able to fulfil this task, must be a high-level falsification representing not only the language known since the 16th c. but also its missing period up to the present, seemingly as if Ideal Prussians have always spoken it during all their history. These Ideal Prussians may be called New Prussians who

Gerullis G. Zur Beurteilung des altpreussischen Enchiridions. / Streitberg Festgabe. Leipzig 1924, p. 100; Trautmann R. Die altpreussischen Sprachdenkmler. Gttingen 1910, p. VIII.

have absorbed all influences during all periods of their history including the German influence, similarly as the latter affected Estonians and Latvians in their turn. The grounding has been already completed. Today the Prussian language has been restored grammatically and adapted for modern use lexically in the form of a minimal starting lexicon. Electronic correspondence is taking place in revived Prussian. All this is our Baltic cultural contribution to uniting Europe, which is interested to recall all its cultural-historical components. 2. Recovering Prussian: comparative Linguistics and interlinguistics From the point of view of the grammatical structure and basic lexis, New Prussian is the same Baltic language that is known from 3 Old Prussian Catechisms, which are authentic printed documents of the 16th c. (1545, 1561). The main basis of the language also includes material from two authentic manuscripts, the Elbing Vocabulary with 802 entries rewritten at the turn of the 13th / 14th c., and words from 100-entries Simon Grunaus Vocabulary from the first quarter of the 16th c. Because all this material comes from different dialects and is of unequal worth, with many misspellings, misprints, and inconsistent orthography, a scholar must first analyze the spelling and perform a linguistic reconstruction before presenting his own, or of any school, interpretation of the attested texts. The two main tendencies are to interpret them as spoiled by the German copyists and as roughly well corresponding to the spoken language. I adhere to the opinion of my teacher Professor Vytautas Maiulis, who considers the texts (except Grunaus Vocabulary) to be roughly authentic. Such view is not very popular because it demands wider comparative efforts to treat Prussian, a West-Baltic language, as essentially different even in grammatical structure from the well-known East-Baltic Lithuanian and Latvian languages. For a scholar whose native language is not Baltic but who has studied Lithuanian and speaks it, there is a strong temptation to regard attested Prussian as if it has been spoiled and to correct all forms in a Lithuanian manner with unprovable ad hoc declarations of the kind This was distorted by a German, or This combination always renders the sound [...] in corresponding German spelling. On the other hand, attested monuments of Old Prussian reflect only a small sphere of its use (mostly religious) even in remote centuries. Ca. 2000 attested words (ca. 1800 attested in documents + geographical names etc.) are not sufficient to 6

communicate even in the street or in the kitchen today. One needs at least 9000 words for simple everyday communication, 30000 words for an average modern communication, 40000 words for a good communication in various modern spheres, much more for a rich modern language. The boundary of 30000 words seems to be ideal to serve needs of various groups of Baltic Prussians dispersed in various parts of the modern world. Unfortunately, today even the boundary of 10000 words has not been overpassed yet. Many necessary words cannot be retrieved from the attested material. These words must be created according to several strict principles that are accepted by all participants of the experiment. The easiest way would be volitional creation of words according to simple procedures as in Esperanto (e.g. to take Lithuanian and Latvian roots and adapt them to the rules of the Prussian word derivation). However one should try to preserve maximum authenticity. This may be achieved by discovering ways in which concrete unknown words really did appear or must have appeared at all stages of Prussian up to the present day. The said ways may be found by analyzing attested material according to methods of historical comparative linguistics. Going this way, one may be sure that among the total number of recovered words there will be inevitable coincidences with facts that really existed but now have been lost, something that is excluded when Lithuanian and Latvian roots are artificially used. Only when the said way appears to be impossible, one can Prussianize Lithuanian and Latvian words, except in cases where there are compelling reasons to use international terms or local vernacularisms. Therefore, the recovery of Prussian combines the historical comparative method with features of interlinguistics. In addition to using inner reconstruction as part of traditional research, the recoverer of Prussian also uses complementary reconstruction, or complementary explication (see further, Section 5). Even the descriptive identification of phonemes appears necessary at the initial stage when one decodes which Old Prussian dialect to use as basis for the standard New Prussian language. 3. Transposition of all attested material onto one common level The language attested in historical documents reflects different Old Prussian dialects. The dialect of the Elbing Vocabulary is assumed to be Pomezanian. The Catechisms come from Samland, the 3rd Catechism having been translated in Pobethen. Presence of o (*//) in the Elbing Vocabulary versus -a < -*`, ` /`/ in the Catechisms is the main feature that distinguishes these dialects, cf. Towis E vs. T`ws III father. 7

The distinctive feature of the 1st Catechism is the long e (*//), which is absent in the other Catechisms but present in the Elbing Vocabulary, cf. Swetan E, swetan I vs. swytan II, swtan III world. Of course, there are other dialectal and sub-dialectal differences in attested texts (cf. the difference in the inflection of the nom. sg. masc. Towis E vs. T`ws III). New Prussian as a language for all modern Prussians must be standardized on the basis of one of the attested old dialects. The language is best represented in the 3rd Catechism, which is a translation of Martin Luthers Enchiridion. Therefore, the dialect of the 3rd Catechism has been chosen as the literary norm, according to which all other attested material is phonetically and morphologically transposed. Thus, in accordance with the pair Towis E vs. T`ws III with (t`ws) as a norm, a literary word r`ks crawfish appears from the attested rokis E 584. Nevertheless, recent investigations cast doubt as to whether the language of the 3rd Catechism is authentically Prussian. It seems probable that it was a kind of Prussianized Yatvingian spoken by descendants of 1,600 Soudovians, who had been resettled in northwest Samland by the Teutonic Order after conquering Soudovia. In this case one should take into consideration the coinciding phonetic system of Samlandian geographic names in their German spelling and of Pomezanian Elbing Vocabulary. The latter system (with its long instead of long ` of the Catechisms) appears to be really Prussian, with attendant morphonologic implications2. In this case the created norm may be revised (it should not be revised provided the future Prussian Center is set up in Samland, where the said Yatvingian dialect prevailed). 4. Prussian complemented by Slavic, Lithuanian and Latvian Prussian is being recovered as a West-Baltic language, keeping in mind that its system had developed in the same peripheral area of the parent linguistic community of related dialects, in which Proto-Slavic dialects originated in their turn (the concept of Vladimir Toporov Vytautas Maiulis)3. Therefore the law is: if some inherited Indoeuropean feature has been attested in Lithuanian, Latvian and in Slavic, it may be reconstructed in Prussian too.
Cf. Palmaitis L. Grammatical Incompatibility of 2 Main Prussian Dialects as Implication of Different Phonological Systems. / Colloquium Pruthenicum 2001, pp. 6367; also: http:// donelaitis.vdu.lt/prussian/Diallang.pdf. 3 Cf. Maiulis V. Balt ir kit indoeuropiei kalb santykiai. Vilnius, Mintis 1970 (further BS), p. 319322.

E.g. the word for dream has not been attested (one has only the word for sleep, i.e. maiggun III 101). Nevertheless, one finds Common-Indoeuropean sapnis in Latvian, sapnas in Lithuanian (< East-Baltic *svapna-), sn < *supno- in Slavic. This shows that the words of the same root had to exist in Prussian too. In this concrete case one must even reconstruct a more archaic form, than in East Baltic Lithuanian and Latvian, i.e. *supnas, having in mind the data of Slavic, for which Proto-Baltic may be regarded as a proto-language according to Vl. Toporov and V. Maiulis. The Slavic form in its turn corresponds to Greek hypnos < *supnos, as well as to Latin somnus < *swepnos / swopnos, Sanskrit svapna- etc. from the IE root *swep- / sup-. On these grounds, one cannot doubt that there existed archaic *supnas in O.Prussian. Basing only on both East Baltic languages is insufficient. Basing on only 1 East Baltic language is undesirable because the chance of error is even greater. 5. Recovering the attested and lost parts of Prussian A complete recovery of the language includes recovering the part that is attested in old texts and the part that has been lost. The attested part is recovered by means of the sequential treatment of spelling. Vytautas Maiulis significantly contributed to this field with his transliterated and annotated edition of the Old Prussian texts4, as well as by his Etymological Dictionary5. First and foremost, the researcher must take into consideration peculiarities of forms of Gothic letters of corresponding epochs. Thus the correction of t to c or of c to t cannot be even regarded as a correction because the both letters are often confused and differ slightly from the other. This enabled V.Maiulis to solve the mystery of the Prussian word forehead, which had been unanimously read as batto E 77, but usually corrected to *ballo, by almost all linguists. In fact, the form of the lowercase b is similar to that of capital C (most of the words in the Elbing vocabulary begin with capital letters) while tt may be read ct without any discussion. As a result the normal Baltic word Cacto [kakt] appears which is equal to Lithuanian kakta forehead6.
Maiulis V. Prs kalbos paminklai II. Vilnius: Mokslas 1981 (further PKP). Maiulis V. Prs kalbos etimologijos odynas. Vilnius: Mokslas, Vol. 14, 19881998 (further PE). 6 Ibid., Vol. 1 AH, p. 134135.
4 5

Next, one must have in mind that the letter e may render an unstressed short i as in rekian I Lord, rendering [rikjan]. On the other hand, the letter o may render a short bright u as in meddo E honey, rendering [medu]. The great advantage of V. Maiulis is pointing out the palatalization expressed by the letter i as in Polish tradition (cf. the spellings of Polish si and Prussian sien self, Polish pic five and Prussian pincts fifth), what is evident by comparing parallel spellings gide III and giidi III waits with the palatalized [g ]. Analysis of the attested spelling is crucial for each kind of serious Prussological work. As for the lost part of the language, it is recovered by restoring systemic relations with the help of inner reconstruction. One of the elementary procedures may be called complementary explication (a term proposed by Vladimir Toporov7). I have in mind not only such a simple instance as using a word in grammatical forms, in which it has not been attested. The procedure is quite simple here as can be seen from the sequence e.g. nom. sg. masc. deiws God, gen. sg. deiwas, dat. sg. grku sin, acc. sg. deiwan, nom. pl. grkai, gen. pl. grkan, dat. pl. waikammans servants, acc. pl. deiwans one gets automatically dat. sg. *deiwu, nom. pl. *deiwai, gen. pl. *deiwan, dat. pl. *deiwammans. By revealing systemic relations between stems, many non-attested case forms may be easily reconstructed in a similar way. Thus on the basis of the attested astem nom. sg. deiws, dat. pl. waikammans, i-stem acc. sg. nautin trouble, u-stem nom. sg. Sons III, gen. sg. Sunos I [snus] son one may reconstruct the i- and ustem nom. sg. *nauts (but cf. Dantis E 93 tooth in Pomezanian), gen. sg. *nautis, dat. pl. *dantimmans, *sunummans. Nevertheless, one faces problems when trying to reconstruct i- and ja-stem adjectives because of the confusion of these stems in the Catechisms. In all probability, this indicates the tendency of both stems to merge in the 16th c. Therefore, no doubt, there must be only a common i-/ja-stem paradigm of the adjectives in the 21st c. Much more problematic is the reconstruction of the verb. The attested data enabled V. Maiulis to conclude that the forms of the presence coincided with the forms of the past tense in a lot of instances except athematic stems (astbi), praes. ja- praet. i-stems (New Prus. l`nkel`nki, cf. the attested praes.

/ 1983 / , 1984, p. 59.


perl`nkei III, i.e. [perlanka] with the generalization of the ending -a/-ai, -e /-ei, Lith. praet. lenk), the suffixed (prestapretta, attested praes. 1 pl. poprestemai III, Lith. praet. prato), infixed (palnkapalikka, attetsed praes. polnka III) or apophonic stems (risarissa, gabjagbi, attested inf. perrist, but partic. praet. pass. senrists III, Lith. praes. gobia, attested partic. praet. pass. pergbons III with < * after the guttural) as well as rare instances of stems with the suffixed preterit (kl`ntaklanti, attested praes. 1 pl. klantemmai with the 1st syllable stressed vs. partic. praet. act. klantuns). In other instances one should reconstruct some analytical means as well as the use of the participles instead of personal forms, cf. praes./praet. 1 pers. as segi (the verb to do), but praes. as segnts (< *segj(i)nts < *segjants) vs. praet. as segwuns, or as bi segwuns (as if a past perfect form). Of course, individual researchers may differ in their views, to say nothing that all forms above are taken only from the Yatvingized Samlandian (cf. above, 3). If Prussian phonetic was really identic with the Pomezanian one, the reconstruction should strongly differ from the above examples and should be richer8. Nevertheless, as stated, New Prussian is still based on Samlandian data. 6. Semantic system of derivative elements With regard to world building, the semantic system of the derivative elements is established. This does not mean simple listing the inventory of these elements but rather rules of their sequential use in a corresponding meaning. These rules, revealed by V. Maiulis in his etymological studies, are based on a comparative historical analysis of the derivative material of the Baltic languages. It is not allowed to etymologize a word comparing it directly with theoretically related words in related languages and then to solemnly state This is that!, because such a comparison is random and therefore either unprovable or insufficient. First one must find the nearest source of the word and decide what part of speech it is (noun, adjective, verb, etc.). If it is a derivative in its turn, one must define means of the derivation and the change in the semantics due to these means, as well as the level of the reconstructed derivation. If the level is deeper than the language under consideration (i.e. Old Prussian), one passes to a comparison on the appropriate deeper level (with the other Baltic languages on the level of Common Baltic, with Slavic and Baltic languages and their means of the derivation on the

Cf. Palmaitis L. Grammatical Incompatibility.


common Baltic-Slavic level, but with other Indoeuropean languages on the Common IE level). Let us compare the etymology of OPr. enterpen (ka ast enterpen stawds dis was nuetzt... solch Essen III) by V. Toporov9 with that of V. Maiulis10. Unable to understand the form, V. Toporov follows J. Endzelins, who takes an analogous phrase in the 3rd Catechism with the word enterpo and regards the latter as corresponding to the German verb nutzet in the original text. On that basis, enterpo is corrected to *enterpa and is declared to be the verb to profit, i.e. the 3rd pers. praes. profits. After that this verb is compared to Lithuanian tarpti thrive (by the way, the latter is a sta-suffixed verb in the presence, not any praes. otarpa or oterpa!), as well as to a great number of words taken from various IE languages. This is a good example of useless volitional etymology. V. Maiulis, on the other hand, first cites all analogous phrases, among which are found not only the forms enterpen, enterpo, but also the form enterpon. Further, on the basis of the whole character of spelling endings in the Catechisms, Maiulis compares the spellings (enterp)-en, (enterp)-on with analogous spellings e.g. of the accusative singular -en, -on, which reflect nothing else but the unstressed -an. Thus an analysis of spelling precedes all other etymological procedures. Against this background, the spelling enterpo appears to be a misprint for usual enterpon [enterpan]. In this instance, all cited phrases may be translated with the adverb useful, profitable, Germ, ntzlich = was ntzt. Then if the word enterpan appears to be an adverb (the Prussian an-adverbs are equal to Lith. gera, baisu, Polish dobro), its nearest source is found in the combination *en terpan. The combination *en terpan, in turn, immediately appears to be comparable to OPr. emnen... ny anterpinsquan menentwei den namen... vnntzlich fren III, i.e. name (of God)... useless to mention (Germ.: to carry, to bring). Thus the meaning use, profit is easily extracted from ny anterpinsquan useless as a combination of ny not + adv. anterpinsquan useful. The latter is a compound of en in and the acc. sg. fem. (ending in -quan adapted to the nom. fem. -kw` /-k < -k` with -` > - after the guttural!) terpiniskan, i.e. in (for) the profitability. Thus the word with the abstract meaning, fem. *terpinisk` profitability, is reconstructed, which is a derivative with the suffix -isk- from the adjective OPr. *terpin(a)s profitable. The latter can be derived (by means of the suffix -in-) only from the substantive OPr. *terp` use, profit. Such a word

. , E-H. , 1979, p. 55 t.

PE, Vol. 1, AH, p. 277 f., PKP, p. 69.


automatically presumes the existence of the source verb OPr. *terp- to thrive which only at this stage of the analysis may be compared to Lith. tarpti. The semantical origin of the word OPr. *terp` use, profit is therefore a profit obtained from the abundant (thriven) crop. This, in turn, is parallel to OPr. *band` a profit obtained from cattle (cf. Lith. banda herd), which is reconstructed analogously from OPr. ni enb`ndan useless III = OPr. ny anterpinsquan III. Then a deeper comparison of the OPr. *terp- and Lith. tarp- follows leading to the conclusion that the verb *terp-/*tarp- must have been Common-Baltic (CB). Only then does a broader Indoeuropean comparison begin, which is usually the starting place for all traditional etymologists. Nevertheless, even at this stage V. Maiulis first searches for the nearest source of the verb CB *terp-, which must be IE *terp-/ *trp-, but the latter goes back to the root IE *ter- to rub, to perforate (by rubbing), with the extension *-p: to perforate by sprouting. Now, at the very end (not in the beginning!), the latter root is compared to many related words from various IE languages, such as Lith. terpti to squeeze into, Russian torop one who hurries squeezing into, O.Isl. arfr useful < properly rubbed, Skr. trpati becomes satisfied < proper, Gk. trp sate, gladden, Tokh. AB ts`rw- to be glad, etc. Obviously, such consequent and deep analysis appeared to be extremely important for the recovery of Prussian. Not aiming to do this, V. Maiulis demonstrated that Old Prussian had possessed the words *terpinisk` (NPr. terpinisku) profitability, *terpins profitable, *terp` use, profit, *terptwei to thrive, none of which were attested by any historical monument of this language. Two sources of the analysis, the words OPr. enterpen III and (ny) anterpinsquan III, disclosed a chain of three elements in reverse chronological order of the word building: the Baltic desubstantive suffix -isk(a)- of the secondary derivation of adjectives which may be substantivized as Prussian abstracts, the Baltic desubstantive suffix -in(a)- of the secondary derivation of adjectives in Prussian and Baltic, and the Baltic deverbative stem formant -` of the primary derivation of substantives in Baltic. 7. Defining the inventory of grammatical categories In the field of morphology, the inventory of grammatical categories for the standardized language is defined. If a grammatical category is not attested in historical written monuments of Old Prussian, it is not introduced artificially. The attested categories correspond to those known in East-Baltic Lithuanian and Latvian. These categories are: Gender (cf. masc. num., subst. Antars Pallaips 13

III, fem. Antr` Maddla III, neutr. pronom., adj., subst. stae neuwenen Testamenten II), Number (cf. sg. pron. (adj.), subst. twais malnijks III, pl. adj., subst. tickrai malnijkai III, sg. pron., verb. as madli III, pl. Mes madlimai III), Case (cf. nom. (sg.) num., subst. ains Waix III, dat. (pl.) pron., subst. Steimans Waikammans III), Degree of Comparison (cf. positive adj. Vrs, adv. arwiskai III, comp. adj. vraisins, superl. adv. ucka isarwiskai III), Person (cf. 3 pers. pron., verb. [k`igi] t`ns [...] giwa, 2 pers. sg. pron., verb. tou [...kuilgimai] giwassi, 1 pers. pl. pron., verb. mes [...] giwammai III), Tense (cf. praes. verb. pers. d`st, praet. dai III, fut. d`ts wirst), Voice (cf. act. prowela(din) I, II, pass. prawilts post`i III), Mood (cf. ind. ast, opt. seisei, bosei III, conj. bolai III, imp. seti III, relat. praes. astits, poquoitts III, praet. ymmits I, lymuczt II). The category of the relative mood (presented also in Lithuanian and in Latvian) has been postulated by myself after analyzing the usage of the forms in -ts and shortcomings in their traditional explanations11. Reflexivity is not regarded to be a morphological category. Nevertheless, it is worth to mention that in Old Prussian the same types of the reflexives are attested as in Lithuanian, even the transitive reflexives (cf. Erains mukinsusin [mukinsei sin] swaian mukinsnan Let everybody learn own lesson III). As for Aspect, no grammatical means to express perfectivity / imperfectivity are apparent, nevertheless there are means (the verbal prefixes and the vowel gradation) which are consistently used to differentiate terminativity, iterativity, continuity etc. Scholars who have gone the way of Lithuanizing Prussian material do not want to acknowledge the evidence for four cases in Old Prussian. To them this seems to be a result of spoiling the language by the Germans who (this might be Abel Will only) purported to translated Luthers Enchiridion literally (although there are sufficiently instances of deviation of the translated text from the German original). The kernel of the discussion is always two instances of the instrumental case: the phrase sen wissans swaieis with all his (people) III (as if with the Lithuanian ending instr. pl. masc. -ais) and a pronominal form 1 pers. dat. m`im (2x), maim (1x) (a dash over the letter a is interpreted as a sign of the omitted n (Lith. instr. manim). As for swaieis, with all probability this is a simple misprint for the usual spelling acc. swaiens. As for the form m`im, it is highly improbable that the omission of the latter n, a typical paper-saving device in manuscripts, occurred in this printed text even 3 times in the same word. The reconstruction of the stem man- is excluded because of the well attested stem dat. mennei (9x) having the archaic -e- in Prussian

Cf. Baltistica 25 (1989), 2, 126133.


(West Baltic) as well as in Slavic (one should expect instr. omenim, not omanim). In Old Prussian the instrumental meaning is expressed by means of the preposition sen + either the accusative form (the new development), or the dative form (archaic senpackai sicher III, as in German or in Greek). Since the expression As N. imma tin N. m`im prei ainan Salbin Ich N. neme dich N. mir zu einem Ehelichen Gemahel III undoubtedly demonstrates the dative, not instrumental (omanim), meaning, one may consider m`im to be dative/ accusative, probably an archaic enclitic m`i (in Pomezanian *mi due to the circumflex, cf. Grunaus Dam thoi I am giving to you), dativized with the formant -m.12 Some Lithuanisers also used to negate the original nature of the Prussian astem gen. sg. masc. -as, saying it was a German generalization of the gen. sg. -s and pointing to an ostensibly preserved gen. butta tawas (beside buttastaws) house father, master III = Lith. gen. (but)o. Authentic instances of compounds with the genitive in the first component, such as silkasdrb E 484 [silkasdrimbis] silk cover or topon. Wilkaskaymen Wolfs village, render any Lithuanisation senseless. 8. Systemzwang This German term means a paradigmatic constraint under which phonetic rules do not operate if they resulted in changing the standard appearance of the paradigm. In Samlandian, the long vowels *`, * turn into * after labial and guttural consonants. In many case-forms e.g. nom. sg. fem. -a < *-` is reprersented as (-u <) - < *-` in the Catechisms (gall III 103 < *galw` head, mergu III 67 < *merg` maiden etc.). In New Prussian, all such cases are eliminated in accordance with Systemzwang (galw`, merg` etc.). 9. Some innovations in Samlandian A very interesting innovation in New Prussian comes from using a phonetically conditioned -u < -*` after k for a class of substantivised adjectives in *-isk` with an abstract meaning, cf. deiwtisku III 75 bliss and New Pr. retawngisku oddity. This is done to preserve maximum closeness of New Prussian to the attested Samlandian of the Catechisms. In this case, a special paradigm has been created for these feminine abstracts: nom. sg. deiwtisku, gen. deiwtiskwas, dat. deiwtiskwai, acc. deiwtiskwan (not -un, to show a difference from neuter forms!) on the basis of attested forms. In Samlandian of the Catechisms the segment -kwa- in oblique cases

This was an opinion of V. Maiulis in 1981, cf. PKP, p. 208, ftn. 661.


occasionally appeared due to contamination of the nom. *-k < *-kw` (long) and the gen. -kas, dat. -kai, acc. -kan (short, i.e. shortened already in a pre-historical epoch). In Samlandian all inga-stem adjectives had to turn into ingja-stem adjectives very early (cf even neuter-form adverbs as e.g. poklsmingi III 93 etc.). Samlandian l is treated as palatal, but since all palatal-stem accusatives have been generalized as -in, the -l`-stem accusative is always -lin in New Prussian, cf. nom. bil` vs. acc. billin language. 10. Euphonic changes in the nominative singular The Samlandian of the Catechisms (Cat.) differs from the Pomezanian of the Elbing Vocabulary (E) in further shortening of the nominative singular of the a-stems. This form ends in -is (or in -s) in E, but it ends in -s in C. E -is comes from *-as and is equal to a reduced -us, -is, -es < -as in Lithuanian Panevezys sub-dialects, while -s of the Catechisms is the same as in Samogithian dialects or in Latvian. Nevertheless, istem nominatives show that there was NO reduction of vowels in Pomezanian! This mystery points to some morphophonetic processes that changed some pre-historical active linguistic structure into historical accusative structure, when the nominative (Balt. *-(a)s) and the genitive (Balt. *-(a)s) cases of the agent appeared on the basis of a former split in the common active case (Balt., Hittite *-(a)s). In all Indo-European dialects, the masculine gender nouns of the consonant stem (athematic declension) have a (thematized) sigmatic genitive form in the singular; that is, they possess the same formant -s, which marks their (athematic) nominative (cf. Gk. gen. sg. halos vs. nom. sg. hals salt13). Therefore, in case of the a-stems, the coincidence of the nominative and the genitive forms in the singular, both ending in *-(a)s, is expected. This was the instance in Hittite, as well as probably in Proto-Baltic. West-Baltic (Prussian) reflects this archaism in the genitive singular as a feature of Peripheral Baltic-Slavic. As for East-Baltic (further Lithguanian and Latvian), or, more precisely, Central Baltic-Slavis, the said coincidence was eliminated there by replacing the gen. sg. *-as with the lengthened stem-ending (Maiulis, Kazlauskas) *-14. Later, this coincidence was also eliminated in West Baltic (E, Cat.) by reducing the nominative *-as. Possibly Samlandian *-s comes from WestBaltic *-Vs due to further pure phonetic reduction. As a result, the pre-historical *-as appears to be euphonically restored in positions which were difficult to pronounce e.g. nom. sg. aj *-isks (Baltic *-iskas) > -iskas. Other positions show that the
13 14

Palmaitis L. Balt kalb gramatins sistemos raida. Kaunas: viesa 1998, p. 40 t., 55, 78. Maiulis V. BS, * 55.


coincidence with the Common-Baltic inflection is occasional: a euphonic a-stem nom. sg. -us occurs after the labial consonants even in Pomezanian, cf. kalmus, i.e. *kalmus stub (instead of E *kalmis < Balt. kelmas), its genitive being kalmas, of course. More trivial cases of euphonic epenthesis are attested in Samlandian, e.g. nom. sg. Cat. (tick)ars = (tik)ars = NPr. (tikk)ars instead of *(tik)rs < *(tik)rVs / *(tik)Vrs < Balt. *(tik)ras, the genitive being (tik)ras, of course. All these peculiarities are reflected in New Prussian. As a result, -Tls > -Tlas, -Trs > -Tars, -Cms > -Cmus, but i-stem -Cms > -Cmis, -CTs > -CTas, -cs > -cis, -sks > -skas, i-stem -VRsts > -VRstis, C meaning any consonant, T meaning an explosive consonant, R a resonat or vowel, V - a vowel. 11. A paradox In Prussian, as in Latvian, the voiceless sibilant s became palatalized into before j followed by a, o, u (cf. E schuwikis = *uvik is, Latv. t vs. Lith. siuvikas sewer, siti to sew < Balt. *sju-/*sj-). This means that the voiced sibilant z in Prussian, in turn, had to be palatalized into (cf. Latv. nom. sg. f. dzeguze cuckoo but gen. pl. dzeguu < *geguzjn). No instances of Pr. < *zj have been attested. On the contrary, Cat. 3 sg. praes. lse crowl(s) = *lza < *lzja is a sample of usual positional palatalization (the difference a : e neutralized after a palatalized consonant), i.e. *zja > za, not *zja > a. May the Prussians have had an intermediate hissing-hushing voicelessvoiced pair s, z ? For a German ear the first sounded like sch [], however the latter was comprehended similarly to German s before vowels, i.e. [z]. 12. The influence of German on Prussian syntax In the field of syntax, one distinguishes between typologically known influence of German, discovered in attested texts, and the influence that induced internal Baltic development. Although the influence of German is evident, the attested material does not support the popular view that the Old Prussian texts are only a slavish literal translation of the German original. Keeping in mind that the translation (as well as, possibly, the Prussian language of the 16th c. itself) was strongly influenced by German, one should acknowledge that the number of deviations from the German original is impressive. Cf. e.g. Stwendau wirst pergubons vs. Vondannen er kommen wird II from there he will come, bhe ka tans tols prkan Deiwas pallaipsans bhe swaian bousennien ast segguns vs. Vnd was er mer wider die gebot Gottes vnd seinen Standt gethan III


and what more he has done against Gods commandments and his own position, bhe ickai ainonts nstan turlai preiwaitiat vs. Vnd hat jemands darein zu sprechen III And if somebody has [anything] to say on this issue, en trtian deinan etskuns esse gallan vs. am dritten Tage wider Aufferstanden von den Todten III on the third day resurrected from death, preilginton stans gewans bhe Aulausins vs. zu Richten die Lebendigen vnnd die Todten III to judge those living and deceased, stesmu polgu vs. Degleichen III similarly to that, etc. It is really doubtful, whether the translation of the German reflexive pronouns of the 1st and 2nd persons with the Prussian personal pronouns of the 1st and 2nd persons was anything more than a slavish following of the original: turei to tien Siggnat vs. soltu dich segnen III you must cross yourself. As for putting the verb at the end of the complex sentence (cf. ka twai` Seilisku d`st was dein andacht gibt, what your piety gives [to you] III), this might have been a tendency in the speech of the enlightened Prussians (those who spoke German and translated from German). The same may be said about constructions with the translated German particle zu before the infinitive form: preilginton to judge (cf. no less exotic passive reflexive constructions of Russian origin in colloquial Lithuanian). Beside such clear barbarisms, there existed facts of internal Prussian development whose direction had been prompted by the influence of German. Typical is the use of the arthroid stas corresponding to German article der. The arthroid was used to specify coinciding case forms acc. sg., gen. pl. -an, -un in the language of the Catechisms (not in Pomezanian!) because the corresponding forms of the arthroid were different, cf. prei etwerpsennien stison grijkan zur vergebunge der Snden III for the forgiveness of sins. It was impossible to understand phrases of this sort without the clarifying arthroid (whether the forgiveness of sins or the sin of forgivenesses was intended). In Pomezanian, stressed endings of the genitive plural of oxytone nouns were preserved in all probability; therefore, no total coincidence of the forms acc. sg., gen. pl. -an, -un took place and the use of the arthroid was unnecessity. Unfortunately, New Prussian is based on the Samlandian of the Catechisms. 13. Restoring Vocabulary: 13.1 Restoring words from attested roots with derivative means In the field of vocabulary, a huge amount of words are automatically restored from attested roots by simple derivative means. 18

E.g. OPr. subst. Kupsins E 46 mist > NPr. adj. kupsniskas misty with the denominal suffix isk(a)-, OPr. verb perwedd` III seduces > NPr. nomen agentis perwed`tajs seducer with the deverbal suffix -`taj(a)-, OPr. verb intrans. etskmai III we are standing up > NPr. verb caus. etskajjintun to raise with the apophony of the root vowel in accordance with OPr. bia III is afraid vs. pobaiint III to punish, to frighten, OPr. nom. ginni III friend > NPr. nom. ginnija company with the denominal suffix of collectivity, OPr. adv. semmai III down > NPr. adj. zems low > adj. zemmaws lower (e.g. storey) with the suffix -aw(a)-, OPr. subst. Wupyan E9 cloud > NPr. adj. upjains cloudy with the denominal suffix -`in(a)-, OPr. verb lint III to struggle > NPr. nomen actionis ulinsn` struggle with the deverbal suffix -sn`, etc. Such new words are merely a broadening of the same attested lexemes, they are beyond doubt, and there is no need to hurrying about including them in the New Prussian Dictionary. The same is true of deeper restoration, although the roots are either recovered, or borrowed. 13.2. Retrieving words from neighboring languages Some words are retrieved from neighboring languages (German, Lithuanian, Polish) in which a word might have entered in different ways. The main source of vernacularisms of Baltic origin are German dialects of former East and West Prussia, as well as various historical documents concerning that territory15. Although most of such Balticisms are of Lithuanian, not Prussian origin, while hundreds of the local vernacularisms are unclear and demand special research16, there
Cf. Frischbier F. Preussisches Wrterbuch, Bd. 12 / Berlin 18823; Preussisches Wrterbuch begrndet von Echard Riemann. Akademie der Wissenschaften und der Literatur Mainz, Bd. 15 / Ulrich Tolksdorf, Reinhard Goltz: Karl Wachholtz Vlg, Neumnster, 19742006. 16 Cf. also vernacularisms in: Nesselmann, Georg H.F. Thesaurus Linguae Prussicae / F.Dmmlers Vlg-Buchh., Berlin 1873.


are also indisputable Prussicisms that are not attested in the written monuments of Prussian but that are clear due to their Baltic roots, Prussian forms or local provenance. Cf. e.g. doc. polayde assets (already in G. Nesselmanns Thesaurus) > NPr. palaid`. The other source of the Prussicisms is Lithuanian of Lithuania Minor, mostly works of Johannes Brettcke (Jonas Bretknas) who himself was of Old Prussian origin. In his lexis the word nepuotis grandson is highly interesting as showing that the Prussians had this old Idoeuropean word familiar from Latin (nepos). For some reason, this word has disappeared in East-Baltic (cf. Latv. mazdls, but Lith. Russicism ankas). Its New Prussian form is nepts, in accordance with the Yatvingized phonetics of Samlandian. The German East-Prussian vernacularism Zarm funeral repast was with all probability of the Old Prussian, not Lithuanian origin. By comparing it with Lith. ermenys, a NPr. word pl. tantum s`rmenis has been recovered. Finally, one must search for the Prussicisms in Polish, not only in former Prussian Mazurian. Many known Polish persons have been of Old Prussian origin (cf. famous Maria Sk\odowska-Curie whose ancestors came from Old Prussian noblemen Sclode). In this respect, the name of Pope Johannes Paulus II is very significant: the word Wojty\a demonstrates Prussian derivation with the suffix -il(a)- (cf. of another root doc. Waidel vaidila, OPr. wizard, waidleimai III < *vaidiljamai we conjure) from the verb waiti`t III to speak publicly, to inform. Thus the word NPr. w`itils speaker is restored (with the circumflex `i > Pomezanian i). 13.3. Retrieving roots from toponyms A root may be retrieved from a Prussian toponym and comprehended due to old German parallel name. Thus the German translation of Tapelawke as Warmfelt permits to reconstruct a ja-stem adj. *tapja- warm > NPr. tappis. Many toponyms are clear due to coincidence with corresponding Lithuanian words: Bluskaym cf. Lith. blusa flea, kaimas village > NPr. blussa flea. Similarly, widespread second components of Old Prussian toponyms, such as -pelk, -brast(um), -tilte, point to Prussian words NPr. pelki swamp (attested in E 287), brastan ford, tiltan bridge (the neuter is reconstructed in accordance with Finnish borrowing silta vs. Lith. masc. tiltas, Latv. tilts). Some of such toponymic elements are even attested as vernacularisms in German dialects of Baltic Prussia (cf. the toponym Campolaukis and the dialectal Polonism Kampe Schilf- und Binsen-Inseln in den Haffen und Strmen, namentlich an den Mndungen der letzteren ins Haff, Frischb., Polish kpa > NPr. kampa reed island in delta). 20

13.4. Retrieving roots from proper names A number of roots retrieved from proper names are comprehended by means of etymological analysis. Thus V. Maiulis has reconstructed the Prussian word *dws quick by analyzing the Old Prussian name Diwanus [dwans]17. 13.5. Making use of empty words With recovering a root, which is used in East Baltic and in Slavic (cf. Lith. sapnas, Latv. sapnis, Polish sen dream, Lith. vakaras, Latv. vakars, Polish wieczor evening, Lith. ugnis, Latv. uguns, Polish ogien fire), one reconstructs its older meaning and sees whether a word with similar meaning exists. The existence of the similar meaning (btan evening III : *wakkars; pannu fire E : *uguns) is a source of essential expansion of the vocabulary on the basis of typological comparison with the development of the meaning in neighboring languages. Thus no Prussian word for the West is attested, but it is namely the abstract plural of the word evening which is used for the meaning West in Lithuania. Such a parallel beside theoretic existence of the untied Prussian word *wakkars with a vacant meaning permits the creation of NPr. pl. tantum wakar`i West, what is not a repetition of the Lithuanian word. The Prussians had to use the same approach in making the word for West from evening (btan may have appeared in a later epoch as an euphemism due to the tabu of evening), as is indirectly confirmed by analogous area building of the word West in Polish: zachod, i.e. place of the sunset, evening. No Prussian word for conflagration is found in the attested material. Nevertheless, one has an empty Prussian word *ugnis with its initial meaning fire. This word should have had a profane meaning in Old Prussian beside the sacred meaning of pannu. The word *ugnis therefore suited for such profane phenomenon as conflagration > NPr. uguns. 13.6. Competition of recovered words: synonyms If several solutions are possible, a competition takes place. Twenty years ago Vladimir Toporov was pleased with my mathematical (re-)creation of the Prussian word panzdauniks descendant: panzdau after, Slavic po + suffix -enk(a)- (cf. OPr. maldenks < adj. *malda- young + suffix -enk(a)-) according to area building Polish potom- after + suffix -ek (cf. Russian potomok). Nevertheless, a more credible word is found in the texts written by J. Brettke: palikkis. Since the word panzdauniks is constructed logically and accurately, it may be also used. The language cannot be without synonyms.

PE, Vol. 1, p. 210211.


13.7. Use of German vernacularisms When no evidence for any etymological recovery may be found, vernacularisms of former East and West Prussia may be transposed into Prussian since the Prussians could not but know and use them in any case. I have in mind not only words such as EPr. Lith. Plicipds bicycle // > NPr. welsipds, or such slang words as Kaluse prison > NPr. kalza (l is palatal) or Geseires (from Yiddish) jabber, nonsense > NPr. geziras, but also even some native words. These are words which really existed in Prussian but cannot be recovered. The German East- and West-Prussian vernacularism Aust harvest < August was widespread so that the Ideal Prussians had to use it, while speaking German, and therefore spontaneously used it as a Germanism in their own speech > NPr. `usts. 13.8. Artificial constructing and pseudo-sources If a word should have existed and is very important, but there is neither an evidence for its recovery, nor any widespread German vernacularism of East and West Prussia that may be used, one may try to create a West Baltic word on the basis of comparison and analogy. This is the single circumstance when one can take risk to create a Baltic word artificially. The word for attention, Achtung, uwaga, dmesys, uzmanba is extremely necessary. Each language has its own word to render this meaning. For the Prussian correspondence, I have used typological comparison, taking into consideration the root compound to put in the Lithuanian neologism d-mesys, as well as the root compound over in Latvian uz-manba, German Auf-merksamkeit. As a result, I obtained a NPr. nda with the same compounds n over + -d put (for the root *d() cf. NPr. dtun reconstructed on the basis of OPr. audei`nsts, senditans III and Lith. dti, Slavic dt). This new word nda may be explained as smth. what is additionally put, put over usual seeing, i.e. attention as well as remark (curiously reminiscent of Latin nota). I think the Prussians had the same right to neologisms as any other nation (cf. Lithuanian neologism dmesys). An instance of artficial creation of a source is the adjective debs great, made from debks big according to Lithuanian pair didis great vs. didelis big (V. Maiulis derives Pr. Cat. debcan from the noun Pr. *deb- bigness18) . Probably there was no differentiation between great and big in O.Prussian with all probability. Such a dichotomy is needed for a modern life only.

PE, Vol. 1, p. 184.


13.9. Loanwords Each language is not free from internationalisms. International loanwords are especially important for New Prussian because of the insufficiency of its lexicon. Nevertheless, the sphere of the internationalisms must be governed by restrictions defending the authenticity of Prussian as any other language. A loanword must be as authentic as possible. Having no evidence of the missing period of the language between the 16th and the 21st c., the revivers must fill the lacunas for the Ideal Prussians by means of international loanwords according to corresponding epoch and place from which words were borrowed. Prussian was actually still spoken when the German word dial. Spittel hospital had to be introduced in the form NPr. neutr. pitlin (it seems to be safe, at least at the current stage of recovery, to (re-)loan words into Prussian in the same gender as in the source when the source is local German dialects, although deviations must have existed, of course). In the period of the Prussian enlightenment and spread of learning, when the source of knowledge was no more local but centered in Germany (the 18th 19th c.), a lot of intellectual words had to penetrate into Prussian from literary German as e.g. NPr. firmamntan Firmament. Finally, the 20th c. arrived with its routine order in offices, factories and organizations. Then the loanword for vacation / holiday had to come from German Urlaub in the form NPr. rlaups, just as it had entered even literary Polish in the form of urlop. 13.10. Creation of new cultural words Creation of new cultural words is a natural and desirable process. In this regard, Modern Prussians of the current epoch have the same rights as did the Old Prussians in their epoch. Nevertheless, the lacunas of the missing period must be also filled in for the Ideal Prussians of the relevant periods. In any case, area environment and epoch of creation (whether today or yesterday) must be taken into consideration. In time, when the railway appeared, the Prussians had either to create corresponding terms, or borrow them from the nearest culture, i.e. from German. As a cultural loanword, NPr. gelz`pints railway, a literal translation from German Eisenbahn, may serve. On the other hand, the word for train could be created independently as NPr. tenslis from the verb tenstun to haul, draw analogous to Germ. Zug, Lith. traukinys, Latv. vilciens, etc. 23

As urban culture spread, terms for appartment conveniences were introduced. How could the word for sink be created? A sink is something for pouring out wash water into the water supply. The Germans have created Ausguss, the Latvians izlietne, and the Poles zlew. An independent Prussian analogue should be NPr. izlija. In the beginning of the aviation era, the Prussians had to create the word for airplane. One of the first words of their neighbors Lithuanians was air-ship (orlaivis). This model also suited for the Prussians: NPr. winalawan (the word NPr. neutr. lawan ship has been reconstructed first on the basis of East-Baltic neutr. *laivan, cf. Lith. masc. laivas, but Latv. fem. laiva, secondly, as a reminiscence of the same word in Gothic, neutr. hlaiw: Old Prussian demostrates traces of contacts between Common Prussian and Gothic). A New Prussian word for the post-envelope NPr. zrbrukis is a combination of semantic loaning with own derivational model. The second component of this compound corresponds to the second component of the German compound Um-schlag. As for the first component zur-, it is taken from the word OPr. Surturs E 326 [zrturs] cover of the mill-wheel. All these words are no less authentically Prussian, as those attested in old texts. 14. The main shortcoming The main shortcoming is that in many instances the accent is not clear and is defined by volition. Of course, main principles persist. The Prussian accent is mobile and melodic, i.e. it is a syllable accent: an acute or a circumflex one in long syllables (or on the second or on the first component of the diphthong respectively) but a simple dynamic one in short syllables. Accentuation of the 3rd Catechism shows that the Prussian accent was of the Latvian (or Slavic, Greek, not Lithuanian) type. Whether an accent paradigm is mobile or not depends mostly on the root. In many instances, the same roots attest the same Indoeuropean accent in Baltic and in Slavic. A broken tone in Latvian points to acute in a corresponding Prussian word, of course. There are cases of the metatony in which the accent is not clear before the purpose of the metatony is defined. In long syllables, metatony usually converts the original acute tone into secondary circumflex tone in Lithuanian and in Latvian, although there are a number of exceptions. Verbs with the suffix -in- create a special problem. So far, there has been no specific investigation of the Prussian accent. In most cases, new Prussian words are provided with an accent mechanically taken from Latvian and 24

Slavic, but sometimes an accent is determined intuitively without any objective basis. So far, no traces of Saussures Law have been found in Prussian written monuments. It seems that this law does not operate in Samlandian and in New Prussian. Nevertheless inconsistencies may be found since I am under the subconscious influence of Lithuanian. I am also inclined to detect some third tone in Prussian, i.e. in instances when no tone is marked in the 3rd Catechism (the tone is never shown e.g. in the word Deiws there). Maybe this occured due to a sort of historical attraction which caused formation of the third kind of tone. In spite of this I write a tone corresponding to Latvian in all these cases (i.e. Diws, dinan). As a result, accentuation is the weakest and often unreliable feature of this Dictionary. 15. Will Old Prussian dissolve in New Prussian? It is sufficient to recover no more than 5,000 words and to create a main core vocabulary in this way. Subsequently, words may be borrowed from various sources, but (re-) creation will be continued as well. The attested language will never dissolve in the recovered one. There are languages with more than 70 percent loanwords (Turkish), but Prussian will be incomparably more pure because its share of loanwords will be always smaller than its share of recovered words. 16. Significance of the practical revival Practical revival of the language means creation of oral and written texts. However this is used to verify the recovery itself, as well as to verify traditional linguistic reconstructions. Academic articles are published today in which their authors theorize how their imaginable pure Prussian should have been spoken in the 16th c. without mistakes made by the Germans, i.e. without features which are not found in Lithuanian or in Latvian. A good example is the logic of Anelika and Jurgita Zigmantaviite in their article Forms and use of the dative and the genitive in the Prussian Catechisms18. First, they cite several phrases, as stesse g`ntsas swtas grijkans ast pdauns der gantzen Welt Snde getragen III, where Prussian genitive and accusative forms occur. Finally, they say: Had the construction genitive + accusative + accusative been authentic in Prussian, then only the arthroid should have been in the genitive case, but the other components should have been expressed by the accusative.

Cf. Vakar balt kalbos ir kultros reliktai, III / Klaipda 2000, p. 3638.


In fact, the word grijkans is a direct object determined in a regular Baltic manner by a non-agreed genitive attribute stesse g`ntsas swtas. The word swtas, in turn, is determined by the attribute g`ntsas, agreed with it in the same genitive case. Therefore, the construction with the Baltic sequence of determination ostesse g`ntsan swtan grijkans ast pdauns is nonsense and really impossible, but not because the construction genitive + accusative + accusative was not authentic in Prussian. If one reshapes the construction in another manner (ast pdauns grijkans stesse g`ntsas swtas), so that the sequence of the determination is not Baltic, then the use of the forms in -an appears really possible (ast pdauns grijkans stesse g`ntsan swtan), but not indispensable. Why was it possible? Because instances, where the arthroid was indispensable, actually existed. The cited instance is not the instance the authors had to discuss. The use of the arthroid is really indispensable in cases when the forms of the accusative singular and genitive plural coincide (en / prei etwerpsennien stison grijkan). On the other hand, there was no construction genitive + accusative + accusative in Prussian at all, because the forms of the genitive case in -an were not any accusatives. This case is named general (casus generalis) only on the basis of the form. Syntactically, one has either genitive (of the arthroid) + genitive (ending in -an) or dative (of the arthroid) + dative (ending in -an(s)). My explanation may seem to be complicated only to persons who do not want to perceive character of Samlandian linguistic thinking. Any confusion would have been impossible if the authors had desired to think in Prussian by experimenting with concrete phrases. The final solution of the problem of arthroid in Old Prussian Catechisms as means of differentiating cases (I am not referring to real mistakes of translating the German articles literally) is merely one of the positive results of the experiment to revive Prussian. In this sense, the experiment undoubtedly has heuristic value. Many texts in Prussian have been created during 20 years of the experiment. These texts, in turn, help to correct earlier mistakes and contribute to constant improvement of New Prussian. Thus Prussian communities receive their authentic language as an important means of self-identification. Mikkels Klussis



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ac active acc accusative aj adjective attr attributive av adverb cj conjunction cn conjunctive cp comparative crd cardinal dat dative degen degenitive dm diminutive drv derivative relation encl enclitic f feminine gen genitive i intransitive id indicative if infinitive ij interjection imp impersonal ip imperative instr instrumental loc locative m nasculine mod rel relative n neuter no noun nom nominative

obl oblique op optative ord ordinal pa passive pc participle pcl particle pf prefix pl plural pn pronoun pnl pronominalised po possessive pr present praedic predicative prp preposition psp postposition pt preterit ptv partitive r reflexive sg singular sp superlative subst substantivised tr transitive v verb voc vocative 1 1st person singular 2 2nd person singular 3 3rd person 6 1st person plural 7 2nd person plural



1: as m`ise mennei/mi men/mi 2: t tw`ise tebbei/ti ten/ti 3: sw`ise sebbei sin/si 6: mes nse nmans mans 7: js jse jmans wans 9 m : kas kasse kasmu kan kw`i kwisan kwimans kans 9 f : kw`i kasses kassei kan kw`s kwisan kwimans kans 9 n : ka kasse kasmu ka ka kasse kasmu ka 10 m : dis din din din dei dins dins dins 10 f : dis din din din dei dins dins dins 10 n : di di di di di di di di 11 m : stas stesse stesmu stan st`i stisan stimans stans 11 f : st`i stesses stessei stan st`s stisan stimans stans 11 n : sta/stan stesse stesmu sta/stan sta/st`i stesse/stisan stesmu/stimans sta/stans 12 m : t`ns tenesse tenesmu tennan teni tenisan tenimans tennans 13 f : ten` tenesses tenessei tennan tennas tenisan tenimans tennans 14 n : tennan tenesse tenesmu tennan teni tenisan tenimans tennans 15 m : is isse ismu in `i isan imans ans 15 f : isses issei an `s isan imans ans 15 n : in isse ismu in `i isan imans ans 16 m : subs subse subsmu subban subbai subbeisan subbeimans subbans 29

16 f : subba subses subsei subban subbas subbeisan subbeimans subbans 16 n : subban subse subsmu subban subban/subbai subse/subbeisan subsmu/subbeimans subban/subbans 17 m : wiss wisse wismu wissan wis`i wisisan wisimans wissans 17 f : wis` wissas wissai wissan wissas wissan wis`mans wissans 17 n : wissan wisse wismu wissan wis`i wisisan wisimans wissans 18 m : kits kitse kitsmu kittan kit`i kitisan kitimans kittans 18 f : kit` kitses kitsei kittan kittas kitisan kitimans kittans 18 n : kittan kitse kitsmu kittan kittan/kit`i kitse/kitisan kitsmu/kitimans kittan/kittans 19 m : kawds kawdse kawdsmu kawdan kawdai kawdan kawdamans kawdans 19 f : kawda kawdses kawdsei kawdan kawdas kawdan kawdamans kawdans 19 n : kawdan kawdse kawdsmu kawdan kawdai kawdan kawdamans kawdans 20 m : majs m`ise majasmu majjan maj`i m`isan m`imans majjans 20 f : maj` maj`ses majjai majjan majjas maj`san maj`mans majjans 20 n : majjan m`ise majasmu majjan maj`i m`isan m`imans majjans 21 m : ans ainasse ainasmu anan ain`i anan ainammans anans 21 f : ain` ainasses ainassei anan anas anan ain`mans anans 21 n : anan ainasse ainasmu anan anan/ain`i ainasse/anan ainasmu/ainammans anan/anans 22 m : abbai abbejan abbeimas abbans 22 f : abbas abbejan abbeimas abbans 22 n : abbai abbejan abbeimas abbans 30

23 m : dw`i dwejjan dwimas dw`i 23 f : dw`i dwejjan dwimas dw`i 23 n : dw`i dwejjan dwimas dw`i 24 m : trs trijjan trimmans trins 24 f : trs trijjan trimmans trins 24 n : trs trijjan trimmans trins 25 m : debks debkas debkasmu debkan debkai debkan debkamans debkans 25 m pnl : debkasis debkasis stesmu debkan debkanin st`i debkai debkanin stimans debkanin debkanins 25 f : debka debkas debkai debkan debkas debkan debkamans debkans 25 f pnl : debkai debkasis stessei debkan debkanin st`s debkas debkanin stimans debkans debkanins 25 n : debkan debkas debkasmu debkan debkai debkan debkamans debkans 25 n pnl : debkanin debkasis stesmu debkan debkanin st`i debkai debkanin stimans debkanin debkanins 26 m : labs labbas labasmu labban lab`i labban labammans labbans 26 m pnl : labbasis labbasis stesmu labban labbanin st`i lab`i labbanin stimans labbans labbanins 26 f : lab` labbas labbai labban labbas labban lab`mans labbans 26 f pnl : lab`i labbasis stessei labban labbanin st`i labbas labbanin stimans labbans labbanins 26 n : labban labbas labasmu labban lab`i labban labammans labbans 26 n pnl : labbanin labbasis stesmu labban labbanin st`i lab`i labbanin stimans labbans labbanins 27 m : weselngis weselngis weselngismu weselngin weselngei weselngin weselngimans weselngins 27 m pnl : weselngisis weselngisis stesmu weselngin weselnginin st`i weselngei weselnginin stimans weselngins weselnginins


27 f : weselngi weselngis weselngei weselngin weselngis weselngin weselngimans weselngins 27 f pnl : st`i weselngi weselngisis stessei weselngin weselnginin st`s weselngis weselnginin stimans weselngins weselnginins 27 n : weselngi weselngis weselngismu weselngi weselngei weselngin weselngimans weselngins 27 n pnl : stan weselngi weselngisis stesmu weselngi stan weselngi st`i weselngei weselnginin stimans weselngins weselnginins 28 m : m`ldaisis m`ldaias m`ldaiasmu m`ldaisin m`ldaiai m`ldaisin m`ldaisimans m`ldaisins 28 f : m`ldaisi m`ldaias m`ldaiai m`ldaisin m`ldaisis m`ldaisin m`ldaisimans m`ldaisins 28 n : m`ldaisi m`ldaias m`ldaiasmu m`ldaisi m`ldaiai m`ldaisin m`ldaisimans m`ldaisins 29 m : snts sntis sentismu sntin sntei sntin sentimmans sntins 29 m pnl : sntisis sntisis stesmu sntin sntinin st`i sntei sntinin stimans sntins sntinins 29 f : sent sntes sntei sntin sntes sntin sen`mans sntins 29 f pnl : st`i sent sntesis stessei sntin sntinin st`s sntes sntinin stimans sntins sntinins 29 n : snti sntis sentismu snti sntei sntin sntimmans sntins 29 n pnl : stan snti sntisis stesmu snti stan snti st`i sntei sntinin stimans sntins sntinins 30 m : `ngus `ngwas `ngusmu `ngun `ngwai `ngun `ngumans `nguns 30 m pnl : `ngusis `ngwasis stesmu `ngun `ngunin st`i `ngwai `ngunin stimans `nguns `ngunins 30 f : `ngi `nges `ngei `ngin `nges `ngin `ngemans `ngins 30 f pnl : st`i `ngi `ngesis stessei `ngin `nginin st`s `nges `nginin stimans `ngins `nginins 30 n : `ngu `ngwas `ngusmu `ngu `ngwai `ngun `ngumans `nguns


30 n pnl : stan `ngu `ngwasis stesmu `ngu stan `ngu st`i `ngwai `ngunin stimans `nguns `ngunins 31 m : lgus lgwas ligusmu lgun ligw`i lgun ligummans lguns 31 m pnl : lgusis lgwasis stesmu lgun lgunin st`i lgwai lgunin stimans lguns lgunins 31 f : lig lges lgei lgin lges lgin li`mans lgins 31 f pnl : st`i lig lgesis stessei lgin lginin st`s lges lginin stimans lgin lginins 31 n : lgu lgwas ligusmu lgu ligw`i lgun ligummans lguns 31 n pnl : stan lgu lgwasis stesmu lgu st`i ligw`i lgunin stimans lguns lgunins 32 m : wrs wras wru wran wrai wran wramans wrans 33 m : maws m`uwas m`uwu m`uwan m`uwai m`uwan m`umans m`uwans 34 m : aliskans alisknas alisknu alisknan alisknai alisknan alisknamans alisknans 35 n : mstan mstas mstu mstan mstai mstan mstamans mstans 35a n : interwallin interwallas interwallu interwallin interwali interwallin interwalimmans interwallins 36 m : w`iks w`ikas w`iku w`ikan waik`i w`ikan waikammans w`ikans 37 n : meddin meddes meu meddin medi meddin medimmans meddins 37a n : amzin amzas amzu amzin amz`i amzin amzimmans amzins 38 m : gewins gewinjas gewinju gewinjan gewinjai gewinjan gewinmans gewinjans 39 m : riks rikijjas rikijju rikijjan rikijjai rikijjan rikmans rikijjans 33

40 m : kgis kges ku kgin kgei kgin kgemans kgins 40a m : dulzis dulzas dulzu dulzin dulzai dulzin dulzamans dulzins 41 m : anguris angures anguu angurin anguri angurin anguremmans angurins 42 m : tals tallus tallu tallun tallus tallun tallumans talluns 43 m : sns snus snu snun snus snun sunummans snuns 44 n : pannu pannus pannu pannu pannu pannus pannu pannu 45 f : msa msas msai msan msas msan msamans msans 46 f : spigsn` spgsnas spgsnai spgsnan spgsnas spgsnan spigsn`mans spgsnans 47 m : `ubirga `ubirgas `ubirgai `ubirgan `ubirgas `ubirgan `ubirgamans `ubirgans 48 m : galw` galwas galwai galwan galwas galwan galw`mans galwans 49 f : auktimmisku auktimmiskwas auktimmiskwai auktimmiskwan auktimmiskwas auktimmiskwan auktimmiskwamans auktimmiskwans 50 f : garkti garktes garktei garktin garktes garktin garktemans garktins 51 f : mart m`rtes m`rtei m`rtin m`rtes m`rtin mar`mans m`rtins 52 f : bitti bittis bittei bittin bittis bittin bittimans bittins 53 f : zem zemmis zemmei zemmin zemmis zemmin zemmans zemmins 54 m : pek`ri pek`ris pek`rei pek`rin pek`ris pek`rin pek`rimans pek`rins 55 m : Rhode Rhodes Rhodei Rhoden Rhodes Rhoden Rhodemans Rhodens 34

56 m : gig`nts gig`ntis gig`nti gig`ntin gig`ntei gig`ntin gig`ntimans gig`ntins 57 m : d`nts d`ntis d`nti d`ntin d`ntei d`ntin dantimmans d`ntins 58 f : klts kltis kltei kltin kltis kltin kltimans kltins 59 n : -i -is -i -i -i -is -i -i 60 f : aks akkis akkei akkin akkis akkin akimmans akkins 61 m : krmens krmenes krmeni krmenin krmenei krmenin krmenimans krmenins 62 m : emmens emnes emni emnin emnei emnin emnimans emnins 63 n : smen smenes smeni smen simeni smenin simenimmans smenins 64 m : zmi zmnes zmni zmnin zmnei zmnin zmnimans zmnins 65 m : br`ti br`tis br`tri br`tin br`tei br`tin br`trimans br`tins 66 f : mti mtis mterei mtin mtis mtin mterimans mtins 67 f : dukti duktis dukterei duktin duktis duktin dukterimmans duktins 68 pc pt ac m : immuns immuas immuasmu immusin immusis immusin immusimans immusins 68 f : immusi immuas immuai immusin immuas immusin immusimans immusins 68 n : immus immuas immuasmu immus immus immusin immusimans immus 69 pc pt pa m : mts mtas imtasmu mtan imt`i mtan imtammans mtans 69 f : imt` mtas mtai mtan mtas mtan imt`mans mtans 35

69 n : mtan mtas imtasmu mtan imt`i mtan imtammans mtans 70 m : trts trtse trtsmu trtan tirt`i tirtisan tirtimans trtans 70 f : tirt trtes trtei trtin trtes trtin tir`mans trtins 70 n : trtan trtse trtsmu trtan tirt`i tirtisan tirtimans trtans 71: mtun/-twei ps imma pt immi/imm 72: mestun/-stwei ps metta pt metti/mett 73: vestun/-stwei ps vedda pt veddi/vedd 74: lastun/-stwei ps lassa pt lassi/lass 75: l`nktun/-twei ps l`nke pt l`nki/l`nk 75a: ltun/-twei ps -la pt -li/-l 75b -btun/-twei ps -bja pt -bi/-b 76: gnestun/-stwei ps gnette pt gnetti/gnett 76s: krkstwei ps krkste pt krksti/krkst 77: gistun/-stwei ps gide pt gidi/gid 78: lztun/-stwei ps lza pt lzi/lz 79: stun/-twei ps a pt si/s 80: -aKtun/-twei ps -aKe pt -`Ki/-`K 80a: -altun/-twei ps -ala pt -`li/-`l 80b: glabtun/-twei ps glabja pt gl`bi/gl`b 81: wertun/-twei ps werre pt wri/wr 81a: weltun/-twei ps wela pt wli/wl 81b: drebtun/-twei ps drebja pt drbi/drb 81c: dwestun/-twei ps dwea pt dwsi/dws 82a: piltun/-twei ps pilla pt pli/pl 36

83: dumtun/-twei ps dumja pt dmi/dm 84: justwei ps j`ute pt jutta/jutt` 85: treptun/-twei ps treppa pt treppa/trepp` 86: krstun/-stwei ps krta pt krta/krt` 87: bastun/-stwei ps badda pt badda/badd` 88: k`istun/-stwei ps k`isa pt k`isa/k`is` 89: kaktwei ps k`nka pt kakka/kakk` 90: -astwei ps -`nda pt -adda/-add` 91: dustwei ps dnsa pt dussa/duss` 92: alktwei ps alksta pt alka/alk` 93: prestun/-stwei ps presta pt pretta/prett` 94: lstun/-stwei ps lsta pt lda/ld` 95: aistwei ps aista pt aisa/ais` 96: grmztwei ps grmzda pt grmza/grmz` 97: kliptun/-stwei ps kleppa pt klippa/klipp` 98: grnstun/-stwei ps grnda pt grnda/grnd` 99: swigtwei ps swiga pt swigga/swigg` 100: kwistun/-stwei ps kwita pt kwitta/kwitt` 101: -istun/-stwei ps -eida pt -idda/-idd` 102: ristun/-stwei ps risa pt rissa/riss` 102a: listun/-stwei ps l`isa pt lissa/liss` 103: -irstun/-twei ps -erta pt -irta/-irt` 104: -irstun/-twei ps -erda pt -irda/-ird` 105: wiptwei ps wipja pt wippa/wipp` 37

106: smetwei ps smejja pt smja/smj` 107: sklatun/-twei ps sklajja pt sklijja/sklijj` 108: wtun ps wejja pt wijja/wijj` 109: wirtwei ps werda pt wirra/wirr` 110: past`twei ps past`ne pt past`i 111: gatun ps gane pt gawa 112: strtun/twei ps str`uja pt struwwa 113: ptun/twei ps pja pt pwa 114: wrstwei ps wrst ps 2. wrst ps 1. wrst ps 6. wrstmai ps 7. wrstei pt wrta/wrt` 115: btwei ps ast 2. assei 1. asma 6. asmai 7. astei pt bi 2. bi 1. bi 6. bimai 7. bitei 115 pc pt ac m : bwuns bwuas bwuasmu bwusin bwusis bwusin bwusimans bwusins 115 f : bwusi bwuas bwuai bwusin bwuas bwusin bwusimans bwusins 115 n : bwun bwuas bwuasmu bwun bwun bwusin bwusimans bwun 116: itwei ps it 2. isei 1. ima 6. imai 7. itei pt gbi/gb 117: stun ps st 2. sei 1. ma 6. mai 7. stei pt da/d` 118: d`tun ps d`st 2. d`sei 1. d`ma 6. d`mai 7. d`stei pt d`i 2. d`i 1. d`i 6. d`imai 7. d`itei 118 pc pt ac m : d`wuns d`wuas d`wuasmu d`wusin d`wusis d`wusin d`wusimans d`wusins 118 f : d`wusi d`wuas d`wuai d`wusin d`wuas d`wusin d`wusimans d`wusins 118 n : d`wus d`wuas d`wuasmu d`wus d`wus d`wusin d`wusimans d`wus 38

119: j`twei ps j`t 2. j`sei 1. j`ma 6. j`mai 7. j`tei pt j`ja 120: sktwei ps skt 2. sksei 1. skma 6. skmai 7. sktei pt skja 121: dtun ps dest 2. dessei 1. demma 6. demmai 7. destei pt dja 122: wastun ps wada 2. wada 1. wada 6. wadimai 7. waditei pt wada/wad` 123: skrtwei ps skret 2. skresei 1. skrema 6. skremai 7. skretei pt skrijja 124: snigtwei ps snigt pt snigga/snigg` 125: migtwei ps megt 2. megsei 1. megma 6. megmai 7. megtei pt migga/migg` 126: wiltwei ps welt 2. welsei 1. welma 6. welmai 7. weltei pt willa 128: sstwei ps snda pt sda 131: pdatun/atwei ps pdai pt pdai 132: mait`tun/`twei ps mait`i pt mait`i 133: k`imalukitun/itwei ps k`imalukei pt k`imalukei 134: segtun/twei ps segi pt segi 134a: biltun/twei ps bil`i pt bil`i 135: lkitun ps lki pt lkei 136: klanttun/twei ps kl`nta pt klanti 137: turtun/twei ps turri pt turri 137a: miltun/twei ps mli pt mil`i 138: grkitun/itwei ps grki pt grki


139: kriksttun/twei ps krikstijja pt krikstijja 140: madltun/twei ps madli pt madlijja 141: giwtun/twei ps gwa pt giwja 142: zin`tun/`twei ps zinna pt zin`i 143: dnkautun/autwei ps dnkaui pt dnkau 144: rikatun/atwei ps rikaja pt rikawa

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Prsiskai-ngliskas delks

Prsiskan alfabtan Aa Ff Qq ~` Gg Ll Rr Vv Bb Mm Ww Cc Hh Nn Ss Xx Dd Ii Yy Oo Tt Zz Ee Jj Zz Kk Pp Uu


A [a, o] corresponds to a short back lingual vowel, which sounds as a short o after the b, p, w, f, m, g, k; a palatal character of consonants (with the exception of b, p, w, f, m), which precede a, is indicated by replacing the vowel a with the vowel e. ~ [`, a], a long vowel, always accented. ~BALNI <52> [Wobalne E 615] apple tree ABAZZUS <32> [Abasus E 294] cart ABBAI <22> [abbai 99] both ABBARAS <45> nom pl f [Aboros E 228] crib (hayrack) ABBEIMAS Abbai dat ABBEJAN Abbai gen ABBEJAN [abbaien 113] each of both ~BELKA ~bli dm Wobelke Gr ABGL~BTI <52> [Abklopte MV] shawl of married woman ~BILS <32> [Wobilis E 290] clover ABIPUSSI av [Abipussis drv] from both sides, gen on both sides of ABIPUSSIS aj <27> [Abipussis drv] mutual, reciprocal, bilateral ~BLI <52> [Woble E 616] apple ABR~NKI <52> [apyrank, aproce, obrczka MK] bracelet ABSRBITUN <138> [absorbieren MK] to absorb ABSURDIT~TI <52> [absurdity MK] nonsense ABSURDS aj <25> [absurdus MK] absurdly ~BZDUS <42> [Wobsdus E 670] badger, brock ABZLUTS aj <25> [absolutely MK] absolutely ADDER [adder 29] or ; [adder 39] but, however ADDER L~IT [MK] nevertheless ADJAKTWAN <35> [adjectivum MK] adjective ADLI <52> [Addle E 596] fir ADMIRALIT~TI <32> [Admiralitat MK] admiralty ADMIR~LS <32> [Admiral MK] admiral ADWNTS <56> [Advent MK] Advent ADWERBAN <35> [adverbum MK] adverb AFRIKA <45> [Afrika MK] Africa 45

AFRIKNINI <50> [Afrikns drv] African woman AFRIKNS <32> [Afrika drv] African man AFRIKISKAS <25> [Afrika drv] African ~G~ <46> [uoga + oga + jagoda MK] berry AGL~ <46> [Aglo E 47] rain in torrents AKULA <45> [Ayculo E 470] needle AKULS aj <25> [Ayculo E 470 VM] prickly, thorny, stubbly, sharp (spiky), bristly AIN~ Ans f ain` 6121 ANADESIMT crd [n + jedenascie + vienpadsmit MK] eleven AINADESMTS ord <26> [MK anadesimt] eleventh AINAGIMMUSIS aj <28> [ainangimmusin 113] single-born ANAGIRBAUSNA <45> [vienaskaita, vienskaitlis MK] singular AINAKSMINGISKAI av [jednoczesnie GlN] simultaneously AINASELINGIS <40> [ainaselingis drv GlN] lonely AINASELINGIS aj <27> [ainaseilingi 97] lonely AINASELINGISKU <49> [Ainaselingis drv] loneliness ANAT av [Ainat 121] always, cp + and + cp AINATNGIS aj <27> [Ainat 121 MK] constant, uniform AINAW~RST av [ainaw`rst 6926] once AINAWDAI av [ainawdai 65] equally AINAWDAN av [einerlei MK] one and the same AINAWDISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [ainawidisku 83] monotonous AINAWDS aj <25> [ainawydan 43] equivalent, homogeneous ANINGIS aj <27> [vieningas GlN] unanimous, solid (undivided) ANS crd <21> [ains 10124] one ANS av [(ni)ains 91] alone AINUNTKAWDS <27> [ainunts + kawds MK] some AINUNTKWEI av [ainunts + kwei MK] somewhere AINUNTS pn <19> [ainonts 99] someone, somebody, anybody, any; [ainontin 103] only one, single AINUNTSE Ainunts gen ainontsi 85 AINUNTSMU Ainunts dat ainontsmu 67 ASINTUN <85> [~istwei drv] to heat up (smth), warm (smth) ASMUS <32> [Aysmis E 363] roasting-jack ASTEI <40> nom pl m [Aestiorum gentes] Aistians 46

ASTINMARI <50> [astei + marri, Aistmars MK] Vistula Lagoon ~ISTWEI <95> [Ennoys E 158 VM] to heat up (to become warmer) ATAGENIS <39> [Aytegenis E 745] small woodpecker AJJARS <36> [Ayeris ON JG] calamus ~JS <32> [Hai, Haifisch + haizivs MK] shark AK ij [ak, ach MK] ah, och, oops AKADEMJA <45> [academy MK] academy AKCNTS <56> [accent MK] accent AKTIS nom pl f <52> [Aketes E 255] harrow AKIWSTAI av [ackijwistu 113] obviously AKIWSTAN Akiwsts aj n (av) AKIWSTS aj <25> [ackewijstin 125 VM] obvious AKKANS <32> [Ackons E 277] granne AKKINTWEI <85> [ak drv MK] to sigh (with ah) AKKUZATIWS <32> [accusative MK] accusative AKLAK~RDA <45> [Aclocordo E 313] drive belt AKR~TS av [accr`ds DIA MK] accurately, precisely AKS nom sg f <60> [Ackis 83 drv] eye AKSAMITS <32> [examitum, aksamit, Samet MK] velvet AKSIMAN <35> [Axiom MK] axiom AKTWAN <35> [Aktiv MK] asset AKTIWIT~TI <52> [activity MK] activity AKTWITUN <138> [aktivieren MK] to activate AKTWS aj <25> [aktiv MK] active AKTRISKAS aj <25> [Aktrs drv] dramatic AKTRS <32> [aktorius, aktieris, actuator, actor MK] actor AKTRSI <52> [Aktrice MK] actress AKTUALIZTUN <138> [aktualisieren MK] to actualise AKTU~LS <25> [aktuell MK] current (topical), topical AKTS <25> [akut, akts MK] acute (disease) AL~RMEWINGI av [Al`rmewingis drv] dangerously AL~RMEWINGIS aj <27> [Al`rmus drv] dangerous AL~RMUS <32> [alarm MK] danger ~LD <51> [aldija, aldyti, \odz MK] boat ALFABTAN <35> [Alphabet MK] alphabet ~LG~ [`lgas 87] wages 47

ALGENKS <32> [Dein`algenikamans 95 drv GlN] employee ALISKANS, gen alisknas <34> [abskande E 602] erle ~LKAN <35> [Alkayne ON JG + alkas, alka MK] temple ALKNISKU <49> [Alknisquai 105] hungryness ALKNS <25> [Alkns 87] hungry ALKIS <40> [Alkns 87 + alkis MK] hunger ALKTWEI <92> [N] to be hungry, to starve ALKNS <32> [alkene universities E 110] elbow ALLU n <44> [aluminum E 392] mead ALN~ <46> [Alna 1251 ON] Alna river ALN~STEINI <52> [Allenstein VM] Olsztyn (Allenstein) ALNI <52> [Alne E 647] animal (beast) ~LPS <32> [Alf DIA MK] kite ALT~RI <52> [Altari 73] altar ALTERNATWS <25> [alternativ MK] alternative ~LTS f <58> [Woltis E 112] lower arm, [Woaltis E 458] cubit ALDI <52> [Aloade E 541] hinge ALWAS nom sg m <32> [Alwis E 527 (Elwas Z Zinn Ertz)] lead (plumbum) ALWINNIS <40> [Alwas + pencil + o\owek MK] pencil AMRIKA <45> [America MK] America AMRIKANINI <50> [Amrikans drv] American woman AMRIKANISKAS aj <25> [American MK] American AMRIKANS <32> [American MK] American man ~MPELS <32> [Ampel MK] traffic light AMZIN n <59> [amsin 55] people (nation) AMZISKAS <25> [Amzin drv] folk attr ANGA [Anga 673] whether ANGLIS f <60> [Anglis E 34] coal ~NGS f <60> [Angis E 747] snake ~NGTUN <85> [Anctan E 689 VM] to lubricate ANGURIS <41> [Angurgis E 565] eel ~NGUS aj <30> [`gus 87] stingy ANGZDRIS <40> [Anxdris E 775] grass-snake ~NKERIS <40> [anchor MK] anchor ANKST~I av [Angstainai 79 VM] early ANKST~INA <45> [Angsteina 77 + Kerd` + rano MK] morning 48

ANKST~INAI av [Angstainai 79] in the morning ANKST~INAN av [Ankst`ina + rano, morgen MK] tomorrow ~NKSTAS aj <26> [ankstus + Angsteina MK] early ANKTAN n <35> [Anctan E 689] butter ANKTWEI <75> [anken DIA + unkti, unkstt MK] to whine, yelp (whine) ANNI <52> [Ane E 172] grandmother ~NSS f <60> [Ansis E 367] hook of a (pail-)bail (tug) ANTARKTIS <58> [Antarktis MK] Antarctica ~NTARS, gen `ntras, ord <26> [Antars 27] second, PREI~NTRAN [zum zweiten MK] secondly ~NTARSGIMSENIS <40> [`ntersgimsennien 63] rebirth, revival ~NTERSMU ~ntars Antersmu 59 dat ANTIPERNEWINGIS aj <27> [Pernewingis drv] asocial ANTR~ ~ntars f Antr` 49 ~NTRAN ~ntars acc ` ntran 87 ~NTRASUBS <32> [sobowtor, ~ntars, Subs MK] double (look-alike) ~NTRINS <25> [~ntars drv + antrinis MK] secondary ~NTRINTUN <85> [wtorzyc MK] to repeat ANTS f <58> [Antis E 720] duck ANZALIS <40a> [Ansalgis E 506] welt ANZANS <32> [Ansonis E 590] oak ANZITUN <138> [Ansalgis E 506 VM+ Anzuks MK] to narrow (abridge) ANZTWEI <85> [Ansalgis E 506 VM] to narrow (to become narrower) ANZUKS aj <25> [Ansalgis E 720 VM + wski, anjuk MK] narrow APISARGS <32> [Apisorx E 772] kingfisher APWITWA <45> [Apewitwo E 605] osier (willow) APKIS <40> [Apke DIA MK] ape APKALIPSI <52> [Apokalypse MK] apokalypse, the Revelations APPLAKSI <52> [Apoplexie MK] apoplexy APPARTEMNTI <52> [Appartement MK] flat APPELZINI <52> [Apfelsine MK] orange (fruit) APPI <52> [Ape E 62] river APRLS <32> [April MK] April APS <42> [Apus E 64] source, well APSI <52> [Abse E 606] asp APST~KLI <52> [Abstocle E 354] lid of a pot 49

APST~KTAN n <35> [Abstotten E 395] lid of a cask ~PUS aj <31> [apus JB MK] tender AR~BIJA <45> [Arabien MK] Arabia AR~BINI <50> [Ar`bs drv MK] Arab woman AR~BISKAN <35> [ar`bs drv] Arabic AR~BISKAS <25> [ar`bs drv] Arabian AR~BS <25> [Arab MK] Arab man AR~IKINSNA <45> [Ar`ikintun drv] limitation, restriction AR~IKINTUN <85> [Ar`iks MK] to limit, restrict AR~IKS <32> [Waykaraykis ON + araikis JB MK] border ARCHEOLGIJA <45> [archaeology MK] archaeology ARCHEOLGISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [archologisch MK] archaeological ARCHEOLGS <32> [Archaeolog MK] archaeologist ARCHITEKTS <32> [architect MK] architect ARCHITEKTRI <52> [architecture MK] architecture ARCHITEKTRISKAS aj <25> [Architektkri drv] architectural, architectonic ARCHWAN <35> [archivum MK] archives ~RDAN <35> [~rditun drv] damage ~RDITUN <138> [ardyti, ardt, oriti MK] to destroy ARE~LIN <35a> [Areal MK] area (territory) ARELLIS <40> [Arelie E 709] eagle AREST~NTI <50> [Arest`nts drv] prisoner woman AREST~NTS <56> [prisoner MK] prisoner man ARESTTUN <139> [Arests + civilize + Ciwiliztun, Kriksttun MK] to arrest ARESTS <32> [Arrest MK] detention AR nom sg f <51> [89] crops ARITMTIKI <52> [arithmetic MK] arithmetic ARITMTISKAS aj <25> [Aritmtiki drv] arithmetical ARJ~PELI <52> [Kornweihe, javin ling, b\otniak zbozowy, ar + pel Nx] hen harrier ~RKA <45> [Arcan 121] ark ~RKLUBIS <41> [Arglobis E 76] parting of hairs, vertex of the head ARKTIS <58> [Arktis MK] the Arctic ARMA <45> [flavour MK] flavour ~RSTI <54> [+ `rsts MK] physician man ~RSTINI <50> [~rsti drv] physician woman 50

~RSTITUN <138> [~rsti MK] to heal (cure) ARTAJS <32> [Artoys E 236] ploughman ARTKELS <32> [Artikel, artyku\ MK] article ARTILARJA <45> [Artillerie MK] artillery ARTUN <75> [Artoys E 236 VM] to plough ARTUWAN <35> [Preartue E 249 VM] wooden plough ARTUWIS <52> [Artwes E 413] cruise ARW~IKS <32> [Arwaykis E 434] draught horse ~RWARBS <32> [Arwarbs E 301] cart wheels binder ARWI av [arwi 41] truly ARWIS aj nom sg m <27> [arwis 73] true ARWISKAI av [arwiskai 49] truly ARWISKU <49> [Arwis drv] authenticity, reality AS pn 1 nom sg <1> [as 3712] I ASIMETRJA <45> [Asymmetrie MK] asymmetry ASIMETRISKAS <25> [asymmetrisch MK] asymmetric ~SIS m <56> [Woasis E 627] ash-tree ASMA Btwei ps 1 sg asmu 6723, asmai 41 MK] ASMAI Btwei ps 1 pl asmai 555 ASMAN Asmus acc Asman 119 ASMUS, gen asmas, ord <26> [Asmus 33] eighth ASPECT <32> [Aspekt MK] aspect ASS nom sg f < 60> [Assis E 298] axle ASSANS nom sg f <58> [Assanis E 14] autumn ASSARA <45> [aara, asara MK] tear (teardrop) ASSEI Btwei ps 2 sg assei 678 ASSILS <32> [Asilis E 436] donkey AST Btwei ps 3 ast 17 ASTARS, gen astras, aj <26> [atras + astrs + ostry MK] sharp ASTI Btwei ps 2 pl asti 9315 ASTIN Astis acc astin 61 ASTIS f <60> [astin 61 drv] matter (affair), essence (matter) ASTISKAS aj <25> [Astis drv GlN] essential ASTITS Btwei mod rel ps <115> [astits 61 MK] (as if) has been, (as if) is ASTNADESIMT crd [Anadesimt, Astnei MK] eighteen ASTNADESMTS ord <26> [Astnadesimt MK] eighteenth 51

ASTNDESIMTS <58> [Astnei MK] eighty ASTNDESIMTS ord <25> [Astnei MK] eightieth ASTNEI crd <27> [atuoni MK] eight ASTNEREI <27> [Astnerei + osmioro MK] eight (as a group); (+ pl tantum) [atuoneri MK] eight ASTNERINSUN [TN MK dangonsuen] to eight, eight persons together ASTNETA <45> [Warto E 210 + atuonetas MK] ogdoad ASTNSIMTA [Warto E 210, Astneta MK] eight hundred ASTNSIMTS <25> [Astnsimta MK] eight hundredth ASTRAN <35> [Astars + gijwan 75 MK] sharpness ASWENI <52> [Avokl + Aswinan + Kamisteni + Rossbeere MK] (black, red) currant ASWINAN n <35> [Aswinan E 694] koumiss ATAKKI <52> [Attacke MK] attack AT~LS <32> [Attolis E 284] aftermath ATKADIS <40> [Accodis E 214] smoke hole (gap) ATL~NTS <56> [Atlas/ant, atlants MK] Atlant, atlas ATPENTI [atpent + Pentis E 147 MK] backwards ATPENTISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Atpenti MK] backward ATTRIBUTAN <35> [attributum MK] attribute AUB~RWINTUN SI <85> [b`rwintun drv MK] to discolour i AUBEW~RGINTUN <85> [bew`rgintun drv Nx] to unlock (a gun) AUBILNTS <29> [niaubillntis 125] talking (possessing the power of speech) ~UBIRGA nom sg m <47> [Aubirgo E 347] cook AUBRGTUN <85> [Aubirgo E 347 VM] to cook (concoct) ~UDAIRA <45> [Sendarintun MK] condition ~UDAIRATUN <131> [~udaira MK] to condition ~UDAIRISKAS <25> [~udaira drv] conditional ~UDAIRISKU <49> [`udairiskas drv] conventionality AUD~SEI Aud`tun op audasei 71 AUD~SENIS <40> [sien aud`t 57 MK] event, incident AUD~ST Aud`tun ps 3 aud`st 494 AUD~TUN SI <118> [sien aud`t 57] to happen ~UDEGLI <52> [Degtwei + peis`lei 89, nuodgulis, nodegulis] firebrand AUDIJ~NTS pc ps ac <29> [andei`nsts 93] preventing AUDTUN <121> [andei`nsts 93 drv] to prevent, hinder, [Sendtun Nx] to decompose 52

AUDRAZTUN <85> [draztun drv] to erase (rub out) ~UDRIZ <53> [Dreztun drv MK] shred AUDUMTUN <82> [Dumtwei drv] to blow out, puff out AUDUSSINTUN <85> [Dussintun drv] to strangle, suffocate AGAN <35> [Agtwei drv MK] height (inches) ~UGARBIS <40> [nuokaln, nokalnis GlN] slope AUG~RBUS aj <30> [nuokalnus MK] sloping AUGASN~ <46> [Augatun drv] acquirement AUGATUN <111> [augaunimai 55 drv] to gain, obtain AUGERTUN <80> [Gertun drv, nu-gurkti MK] to swallow AUGNTUN <85> [auginnons 69 drv] to bring up (rear) AGIS <40> [Dagoaugis E 638 drv] sprout AGLIS <40> [auglys, auglis MK] excrescence, out-, new growth AGMENS <61> [augmuo + krmens MK] plant AUGR~BTAJS <32> [augr`btun drv MK] kidnapper AUGR~BTUN <75b> [Gr`btun drv] to kidnap AUGRASTUN <77> [Grastun MK] to destroy AGTWEI <85> [auginnons 69 drv] to grow (to be grown) AUGUST <32> [August MK] August AUMSENIS <40> [zdjcie, nuotrauka, Aufnahme MK] photo AUMTUN <71> [mtun drv] to take away, to photo AUKANINTUN <85> [Kana MK] to price down AUKANSTUN <87> [Kanstun MK] to bite, nip off ~UKLA <45> [Auclo E 451] horse halter ~UKLAKSTIS nom pl f <52> [Auklextes E 280] waste after winnowing (fanning) crops AUKLAKSTUN <87> [Auklextes E 280 VM] to sweep ears by winnowing crops AUKLATUN <144> [Klatun drv] to lock (in, up) AUKL IPTINTUN <85> [Kliptintun drv] to conceal AUKL IPTUN <97> [auklipts 123 drv] to hide entirely, AUKL IPTUN SI [Aukliptun drv] to hide oneself entirely ~UKRUWJA <45> [Krtwei drv, waste, atkritumi MK] trash, waste AKS <32> [Aukis E 708] vulture AUKTAIRIKSKU <49> [Aucktairikijskan 53] aristocracy AUKTAIRIKSKWAN Auktairiksku acc Aucktairikijskan 53 53

AKTAN <35> [Aucktimmien 91 VM] height AUKTIMMIS <40> [Aucktimmien 91 drv] boss, superior AUKTIMMISKU <49> [aucktimmisk 89] authority, government AUKTIMS aj <25> [Aucktimmien 91 VM] prominent AKTINI <52> [Aktan drv MK] altitude AKTS aj <26> [Aucktimmien 91 VM] high, tall AUKTUMMASTABS <32> [Auktums + Edelstein MK] jewel AUKTUMMIS <40> [Aucktimmien 91 VM] tall man AUKTUMMISKU <49> [Auktums MK] generosity AUKTUMS aj <25> [Aucktimmien 91 VM] altitude attr AUKTUMS aj <25> [Auktums MK] outstanding, nobly AKTWEI <85> [Aukis E 708 VM] to halloo AUKMPINTUN <85> [kumpint 109 MK] to push away AUL~IKINGI av [Aul`ikingis drv] moderately, in a restrained way AUL~IKINGIS aj <27> [Aul`ikings 87] temperate, moderate, abstinent AUL~IKINGISKU <49> [Aul`ikingis drv] moderateness, restraint AULAMLI <40> [Aulamtun drv + peis`lei 89 MK] spall, mammock AULAMTUN <81b> [Lamtun drv] to break (smth) off, [Lamtun drv + nulemti, lemt + noteikt MK] to fate, destine (fate) AUL~NKTUN <75> [L`nktun drv] to avoid ~ULAUKIS <40> [A ulaukis DIA] wester (wind) AULASENIS <40> [113 aulausennien drv] dying AULATWEI <144> [aul`ut 63] to die AULAWUNS Aulatwei pc pt ac nom sg m Aulauuns 127 AULAWUSI Aulatwei pc pt ac nom sg f aulaus 97 AULAWUSINS Aulatwei pc pt ac acc pl m aulauwussens I 9 ALINIS <32> [Aulinis E 503] leg (boots top) ALS <32> [Aulis E 141] shin bone AUMADLTUN <140> [Madlitun drv GlN] to implore AUMENEWNGIS aj <27> [~umens MK] conscious AUMENEWNGISKU <49> [~umens MK] conscientious understanding ~UMENS <61> [aumu o + rozum MK] consciousness ~UMESENIS <40> [Aumestun drv] loss AUMESTUN <72> [Mestun drv + pamesti MK] to drop (cast), lose AUMINTWEI <139> [auminius 73 VM] to despair AUMINWUNS Aumintwei pc pt ac <68> [auminius 73] down-hearted 54

AUMSN~ <46> [aumsnan 119 drv] washing off AUMTUN <113> [Aumusn` drv] to wash (off) AUPAIKTUN <136> [aupaickmai 37 drv] to lure away AUPALL <53> [Aupaltun drv + peis`lei 89 MK] find (finding) AUPALLUSIS pc pt ac nom pl m [aupallusis 117] (they) having found AUPALSENIS <40> [Aupaltun drv] discovery AUPALTUN <85> [aupallai 1076 drv] to find ~UPAUSINTUN <85> [preipaus 71, paalinti MK] to take away, turn out, eliminate ~UPEISA <45> [Aupeis`tun drv MK] written copy AUPEIS~TUN <132> [Peis`tun + aumsnan 119 MK] to copy out, write off AUPLSTWEI <94> [plstwei drv MK] to ebb, fall off (to ebb), flood back AUPLTWEI <113> [Pltwei drv] to swim away, steam away AUPRESTAMINS <25> [Auprestun + Paklausmins MK] implied,default AUPRESTUN <93> [noprast, ~umens + Paprestun MK] to imply AUPSTUN <76> [Pstun drv] to blow off AUSADNTUN <85> [Sadntun drv] to land, debark, put off, abolish AUSANAWINGIS <27> [Ausans drv] golden-yellow AUSANS aj <25> [Ass + Geltans MK] golden ASAN Ass acc Ausin 43 ASINTUN <85> [Ass drv] to gild (plate with gold) AUSKANDINNUNS pc pt ac nom sg m <68> [auskandinnons 119] (one who has drowned) AUSKANDNSNA no <45> [auskandinsnan 119 drv] sinking, drowning (smb, smth) AUSKANDNTUN <85> [auskandints 63 drv] to drown (smb, smth), sink (smb, smth) AUSKNSTWEI <87> [auskindlai 121 drv] to sink (go down); to set (sunset) AUSKR~ISTWEI <87> [Skr`istwei drv] to fly away ASS <32> [Ausis E 523] gold ~USS <60> [`usins 83] ear (lug) ~UST~ <46> [Austo E 89] mouth ~USTABAN <35> [Austebtwei + nuostaba MK] surprise, astonishment ~USTABAUTWEI <143> [~ustaban drv] to wonder, be surprised (many times) ~USTABAWINGIS aj <27> [~ustaban drv] amazing AUSTABBINTUN <85> [Austebtwei drv] to amaze 55

AUSTEBTWEI <89> [Stebtwei drv] to be amazed, surprised (once) ~USTIN <37> [`ustin + Mnde] delta, port ~USTIN <37> [`ustin 89 drv] muzzle, snout ~USTR~ <46> [aura + austrumi + ju(s)trzenka MK] dawn, daybreak AUSTR~LIJA <45> [Australien MK] Australia AUSTRALNINI <50> [Australns drv] Australian woman AUSTRALNS <32> [Austr`lija drv] Australian man AUSTR~LISKAS <25> [Austr`lija drv] Australian ~USTRARKI <52> [sterreich MK] Austria ~USTRARIKNINI <50> [~ustrarkins drv] Austrian woman ~USTRARIKNS <32> [~ustrarki drv] Austrian man ~USTRARKISKAS <25> [~ustrarki drv] Austrian ~USTS <32> [Aust DIA MK] harvest AUAUDI Auaudtwei ps 3 auschaud 61 AUAUDSN~ <46> [auschaudsnan 47 drv] confidence AUAUDTWEI <134> [auschaudtwei 27] to trust AUAUDWINGIS aj <27> [auschaudwings 57] reliable AUALI <52> [auatun drv] loan-word AUASENIS <40> [`uschautins 53 MK] loan (lending) AUATAJA <45> [Auatajs drv] creditor woman AUATAJS <32> [`uschautins 53 MK] creditor man AUAUTENKS <32> [auschautenkamans 53 drv] debtor ~UAUTS f <58> [`uschautins 53 drv] debt, NA ~UAUTIN [~uauts + auf Borg MK] on loan AUATUN <144> [`uschautins 53 MK] to loan AUP~NSTUN <73> [auschp`ndimai 37] to squeeze, wrest (smth, money) AUTENGNSNA <45> [Autengntun drv] dispatching, reference (referencing) AUTENGNTUN <85> [Tengntun drv] to send away, dispatch, refer to (reference) AUTNSN~ <46> [Autnstun drv] interruption AUTNSTUN <79> [nutraukti MK] to interrupt (stop) AUTBUSADWARS <32> [Gelz`pintisdwars + dworzec autobusowy MK] bus station AUTBUSS <32> [Autobus MK] bus AUTOMBILIN <35a> [Automobil MK] car, automobile AUTPINTS m <57> [Pints + Autobahn MK] highway 56

AUTRINI <50> [Autrs drv] authoress AUTRISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Autrs drv] authors AUTRISKU <49> [Autriskas drv] authorship AUTRS <32> [author MK] author AUTSTATAWA <45> [St`tawa MK] parking lot ~UTRI <52> [Antre E 514] smithy (forge) AUTRMPUS <32> [Autrympus VT VM] Autrimp (deity of seas) ATUN <111> [auti + aut + obuc MK] to shoe tr, put on (footwear), ATUN SI [Atun drv + autis] to put on ones foot-wear AUWARTNTUN SI <85> [wartinna sin MK] to turn away AUWRPTUN <75b> [Wrptun drv, nu-duoti] to loosen, marry tr AUWERTUN <80> [etwre 83 MK] to close ~UWILKS <32> [Awilkis E 472] thread AUWLKTUN <97> [Wlktun MK] to pull smth off, out, undress smb, AUWLKTUN SI [Auwlktun drv] to undress (get off) AUWNGTUN <97> (1 acc 2 ezze acc) [Wngtwei, wngriskan 35, nusukti MK] to rook (fiddle) (2 of 1) ~UWIRPS <32> [Auwirpis E 320] gutter (trough) ~UWIRS <32> [Auwerus E 529] cinder AUWIRTWEI <109> [Wirtwei MK] to precipitate (by cooking) AWENTRI <52> [Aventure + adventure MK] adventure AWENTRISTS <32> [Awentri MK] adventurer AWIACINI <52> [aviation MK] aviation AWIAMEDS <38> [Jager MK] fighter (chaser plane) AWIAPIDS <38> [Avia, Pstun MK] aircraft carrier AWZI <52> [Awise DIA MK] newspaper AWJANA <45> [Awwins + aviena, baranina MK] mutton AWS <32> [Awis E 177] uncle (mothers brother) AWWAUTUN <143> [Atun drv + avti MK] to wear (footwear) AWWINS <32> [Awins E 679] ram (he-sheep) ~ZAUTUN SI <143> [Az drv + oiuotis MK] to be whimsical (capricious) AZ <53> [Wosee E 676] she-goat AZ nom sg f <51> [Asy E 241] edge of an acre AZIGRABS <32> [Wosigrabis E 611] spindle-tree ~ZISTIN n <37> [Wolistian E 677] goatling AZUKS <32> [Wosux E 675] he-goat 57

AZZARAN n <35> [Assaran E 60] lake AZZEGIS <41> [Assegis E 572] perch AZZIS <40a> [eys + ezis + jez, Az, Azzaran MK] hedgehog

BABBA <45> [Babo E 263] bean(s) B~IDAKS <32> [Boidak DIA MK] cargo ship B~IRA <45> [Bavaria MK] Bavaria BAJJAWA <45> [Bajjintun drv] bugbear, scarecrow BAJJAWISKAS aj <25> [Bajjawa drv] terrible BAJJINTUN <85> [pobaiint 87 MK] to frighten B~LGNAN n <35> [Balgnan E 441] saddle BALGNINKS <32> [Balgninix E 440] saddler B~LS, gen ballas <25> [B`ltan, bala, balti, balt MK] pale B~LTAN n <35> [-balt ON] morass, marsh, swamp BALTIJA <45> [Baltija MK] Baltics BALTISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Baltic MK] Baltic BALTS <32> [Balte MK] Balt (Aistian) BALWA <45> [Balwe DIA] bribe B~LZINIS <41> [Balsinis E 490] pillow BAND~SN~ <46> [perband`snan 55 MK] attempt BAND~TWEI <142> [perband`snan 55 MK] to try B~NG~ <46> [Bangputtis? banga bANga MK] wave BANGASN~ <46> [Bangatwei drv] undulation BANGATWEI <144> [Bang` drv] to wave, billow, undulate BANGNTUN <85> [pobanginnons 69 drv] to move smth BANGDELBI <52> [Bang` + dlbtun, bangomis MK] surf B~NKENIKS <32> [B`nki drv] banker B~NKI <52> [Bank MK] bank (financial) BAPTISMUS <32> [Baptismus] Baptist Confession BARBUTTI <52> [Barbuttke DIA, barbut MK] ladybird B~RD~ <46> [Bordus E 101 VM] beard 58

B~RDUKS <32> B`rzduks BARIKKI <52> [Bariks drv] madwoman BARIKKISKAS <25> [Bariks drv] mad BARIKS <32> [bar-do SI MK] madman BARTA <45> [Bartha DK] Bartha BARTINI <50> [beard drv] Barthian woman BARTS <32> [Barten DK] Barthian man BARTUN SI <75> [bartis + broc si MK] to rage B~RWI <52> [varwe + barwa MK] colour B~RWINTUN <85> [b`rwi drv MK] to colour (tincture) B~RZDUKS <32> [Barstucke VT] gnome Barzduk BARZNISKAS <25> [Barzns drv] gloomy, irritable, irritating BARZNISKU <49> [Barzns MK] virulence (malignancy) BARZNS <32> [Barsun DIA MK] grumbler, grouser BASS, gen bassas <26> [basas, bass, bosy MK] barefoot BASTUN <87> [embaddusisi 113, boadis E 164 VM] to stub (into), jab (into), stick in BAUDNTAJS <32> [baudntun drv] alarm-clock BAUDNTUN <85> [etbaudinnons 45 drv] to awake smb, wake smb up B~UKIS <40> [Bowke DIA MK] vagabond, rowdy B~UKISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [B`ukis drv] rowdy B~UKISKU <49> [B`ukiskas drv] hooliganism BE prp acc [bhe 4917] without; cj [bhe 1713] and BEBINNIMAI Bebntun ps 1 pl bebinnimai 29 BEBNTUN <85> [bebbint 87] to laugh at BEBRUS <42> [Bebrus E 668] beaver BEDUBNIS <40> [Dubnas drv + bedugn, bezdibenis] abyss BEGGI [beggi 555] because BEGRBISKAS <25> [Grbis drv GlN] innumerably, countless BI Btwei pt 3 bi 1074 BELZTWEI <71> [Pobalso E 489 VM] to swell BENCNS <32> [Benzin MK] petrol BERLNS <32> [Berlin MK] Berlin BRMUTIS <40> [Wermut + Ebangelion 87 + vrmedes MK] wormwood BERZI <52> [Berse E 600] birch BERZINKRIMMA <45> [berzi + krimma Nx] orange-cap boletus, Leccinum 59

BETIKSLIS aj <25> [Tikslin drv] groundless BETNS <32> [Beton MK] concrete (ferroconcrete) BEWANGIBI <52> [Wang` drv GlN] infinity, the infinite BEZDIKKI <52> [bezdukas, sramotnik + Bezdtwei, Krimma MK] puffball BEZDTWEI <134> [bezdti + bezdt + bzdziec MK] to fart BBELI <52> [Bibel MK] Bible BBELIS pl <52> [Fibel, pybels Chr.Donelaitis, Bibeln MK] primer (ABCbook) BIBLIGRAFIJA <45> [Bibliographie MK] bibliography BIBLIGRAFINI <50> [Bibligrafs drv] bibliographer woman BIBLIGRAFS <32> [Bibliograph MK] bibliographer man BIBLITEKARINI <50> [Biblitekars drv] librarian woman BIBLITEKARS <32> [Bibliothekar MK] librarian man BIBLITEKI <52> [Bubliothek MK] library BGAITI Bgtwei ip 2 pl begeyte MBS BGAN <35> [Bgtwei MK] run, running; ebb BIG~NTS pc <29> [Bgtwei drv, laufend, biezcy MK] current, this, that BGAS <46> pl [bga drv] the races BIG~TWEI <132> [Bgtwei MK] to run around BIGIKKINI <50> [Bgtwei MK] runner woman BIGIKS <32> [Bgtwei MK] runner man BIGINNI <52> [Beginne DK MK] hood (cap) BGLIKS <32> [Bgtwei MK] refugee BGTWEI <85> [MBS begeyte drv] to run BIJ~ BIJJ~ BIJ~LI <52> [Bij`twei + peis`lei 89 GlN] misgiving, qualm BIJ~NI <52> [Bione DIA MK] peony BIJ~SN~ <46> [bi`snan 95 drv] fearing BIJ~TUN <142> [bi`twei 27] to be afraid BIJ~WINGI av [Bij`wingis drv] fearfully BIJ~WINGIS aj <27> [Bij` drv GlN] timid, shy BIJJA Bij`twei ps 3 bia 85 BIJJ~ <46> [Bij`twei drv MK] fear BIL~ <46> [bill 539 + byla MK] language BIL~I Biltun ps 1 sg bille 1272 BIL~I Biltun ps 3 bill 539 60

BIL~I Biltun pt 1 sg billai 1059 BIL~I Biltun pt 3 billa 1019 BIL~IMAI Biltun ps 1 pl billmai 131 BIL~ITI Biltun ip 2 pl billtei 131 BIL~ITS Biltun mod rel pt [bill`ts 754] as if spoke BILDIN <37> [Bild + bilde MK] picture BLI <52> [bile E 533] axe BILSN~ <46> [billsna 85] expression, proverb BILSNANS Bilsn` acc pl billijsnans 73 BILTAJS <32> [biltun drv MK] denominator BILTAN Biltun pc pt pa n billton 278 BILTUN <134a> [billtwei 67] to speak, [bill 539 ps 3 ] to mean, BILTUN per (acc) <134a> [bill 539 ps 3 ] to call (to name), BILTUN SI per (acc) [Biltun drv] to call (name) oneself BILWUNS Biltun pc pt ac billuns 117 BIOLGIJA <45> [Biologie MK] biology BIOLGISKAS <25> [biologisch MK] biologic BIOLGS <32> [Biologe MK] biologist BIRBIKS <32> [Birbik DIA MK] reed-pipe, mouthorgan BIRBINTWEI <85> [Birbik DIA MK] to play (music) BIRGAK~RTS <56> [Birgakarkis E 358] cooks scoop BRGAN <35> [Birgakarkis E 358 VM] bubbling; [Wosebirgo ON VM] bleating BRGTWEI <85> [Birgakarkis E 358 VM] to bubble; [Wosebirgo ON VM] to bleat BISKIN [bichen + bik + bisk MK] a little, a bit BSKUPANS Bskups acc pl Bskopins 85 BSKUPS <32> [Bskops 87] bishop BTAI av [Btai 77] in the evening BTAN av [Btai 77] yesterday BTAN no n <35> [btas 75 drv] evening BTAS Btan gen (po)btas 75 BITTI <52> [Bitte E 787] bee BIUTERJA <45> [Bijouterie MK] jewelry BL~NDA <45> [blanda, blenst + b\d MK] error, mistake BLAND~TUN SI <132> [Bland`twei drv MK] to be under a delusion BLAND~TWEI <132> [blandytis, blandties, blodties MK] to stray 61

BL~NDEWINGI av [Bl`nda MK] erroneously, incorrectly BL~NDEWINGIS aj <27> [Bl`nda MK] erroneous, incorrect BL~NDITUN SI <138> [Bl`nda MK] to err, mistake BL~USKI nom sg f <50> [Bleusky E 286] reed BLNG~ <46> [blingo E 580] Leucaspius delineatus BLNGAN <35> [Blngs drv MK] sheen, glitter BLNGEWINGIS aj <27> [Blngan drv GlN] brilliant BLNGINSNA <45> [Blngintwei drv] glittering BLNGINTWEI <85> [JB MK] to glitter BLNGIS <41> [Blingis E 577] bream BLNGS aj <25> [blingo E 580 MK] shining, sparkling BLUSSA <45> [Bluskaym ON JG] flea BLUZN <53> [Blusne E 127] spleen BRADIS <40> [braydis E 650] moose BRASTAN n <35> [Balkombrastum ON VM] ford BR~TI <65> [bread E 173] brother BR~TRIJA <45> [bratrkai 89 MK] brotherhood BRATRKS dm <32> [bratrkai 89 drv] little brother, (my) dear brother BRENDEKRMENI <52> [105 brendekermnen drv] pregnant (heavy) BRENDUS aj <31> [105 VM brendekermnen] heavy BRENSTWEI <87> [105 VM brendekermnen] to put on weight, to mature BRSELI <52> [Brezel DIA MK] neck string of silver circlets BRESTWEI <87> [DIA VM braste] to wade BRETUN <111> [brewinnimai 31 VM] to give a shove forward, push smth, smb forward, BRETUN SI to wriggle ones way, squeeze (force) ones way through BREWNGI av [brewingi 35] beneficially (to), [Brewngis drv] comfortably, conveniently BREWNGIS aj <27> [brewingi 35 MK] beneficial, promotive, favourable, comfortable BREWNGISKU <49> [Brewngis drv] comfort, convenience BREWNSLI <52> [Brewntwei drv] chance, opportunity, reason BREWNTWEI <85> [brewinnimai 31] to promote BRIG~DI <52> [Brigade MK] brigade BRIG~DIS GENER~LS <32> [Brig`di, Gener`ls MK] brigadier general BRILLI <52> [Brille + bril MK] glasses (spectacles) 62

BRIZGILIN n <35> [Brisgelan E 450] bridle BRKAI nom pl m <32> [Broakay E 480] short trousers BRKASTS <58> [wrkost, brokastis MK] breakfast BRNZI <52> [Bronze GlN] bronze BRIRI <52> [Broschre MK] booklet BRKI <52> [Brke DIA MK] beet BRUKKIS <40> [Brokis E 165] stroke (blow) BRUKTUN <85> [Brokis E 165 VM] to strike (hit) BRNETA <45> [Bruneto E 769] hazel-hen BRUNNES nom pl f <50> [Brunyos E 419 + bruojums MK] armament, armour (suit of armour), cuirass BRNS aj <25> [Bruneto E 769 VM] brown BRNSI <52> [brunse E 573] roach fish BRUW nom sg f <51> [Wubri E 82] eyebrow BRUWKA nom sg f <45> [Wubri E 82 MK] eyelash BRZGAS nom sg m <32> [Brusgis E 315] whip (lash) BUCCAUTUN <143> [Butsch, butschen DIA + buiuoti + buot + busjac MK] to kiss, BUCCAUTUN SI [Buccautun drv] to kiss oneselves BUCCIS <40> [Butsch DIA, Buccautun MK] kiss BCMANS <32> [Bootsmann MK] boatswain BDA <45> [Bude DIA MK] kennel (doghouse), doghouse, sentry-box, box (cabin) BUDI Budtwei ps 3 bud 89 BDIS <40> [boadis E 164] prick (stab) BUDTWEI <134> [bud 89 VM] to be awake BUDNIKS Gl`uptini <32> [Budnik DK] mouldboard BUGGA <45> [Bugo E 445] saddle-bow, [Bugga MK] saddle (in mountains) BUKKAREISS <32> [Buccareisis E 593] beech acorn BUKKAWARNI <52> [Bucawarne E 723] jay BUKS <32> [Bucus E 592] beech BLAI Btwei cn 3 bolai 113 BULLATINS <32> [le bulletin > das Bulletin + ten biuletyn MK] bulletin BULWI <52> [Bulwe DIA MK] potato BULWINS aj <25> [Bulwi drv] potato attr BUMBARDSN~ <46> [Bumbardtun drv] bomb attack BUMBARDTUN <139> [bombardieren MK] to bombard BUMBENIKS <32> [Bomber MK] bomber 63

BUMBI <52> [bomb MK] bomb BUMBNS <32> [Bonbon MK] sweet, bon-bon BURKANS <32> [Burkan + burk`ns MK] carrot BURRI <50> [bur, bura MK] sail (sheet) BURTS <32> [burtas, burta MK] lot (lots) BRWALKAN Brwalks acc m burwalkan 41 BRWALKS <32> [burwalkan 41 drv] household BSEI Btwei op bosei 89 BSENIN Bsenis acc sg bosennien 1032 BSENINS Bsenis acc pl bousenniens 85 BSENIS <40> [bousennis 105] position, social estate, condition BSN~ <46> [Btwei drv MK] existence BUSTWEI <90> [etbaudinnons 45 drv MK] to wake up (become awake) BUTARIKS <39> [Butta (Rikians) 95 drv] houseowner BTEWINGI av [Btewingis drv] urgently, indispensably BTEWINGIS aj <27> [Btewis drv] indispensable BTEWINGISKU <49> [Btewingis drv] urgency, necessity BTEWIS aj <27> [Btwei drv, btinas MK] urgent, indispensable BTISKU <49> [Btwei drv MK] being BUTTAI av [Buttan + namie / enstesmu wirdai 97 MK] at home BUTTAN n <35> [buttan 35, E 193] home, house BUTTAS Buttan gen sg Buttas 85 BUTTASARGS <32> [Butsargs 87] house-watchman BUTTATAWS <32> [Butta (Tawas) 47] head of the family BUTTELI <52> [DIA Boddel MK] bottle BTWEI <115> [bot 41] to be BUWENS <32> [bwis drv, buvein, buvinti + suwens, buwntwei MK] abode, habitation BUWINNAITI Buwntwei ip 2 pl buwinanti 93 BUWNTAJAI pl tantum <32> [Buwntajs drv] population BUWNTAJS <32> [Buwntwei drv MK] resident, dweller BUWNTWEI <85> [buwinanti 93] to abode, inhabit BWIS <40> [btwei drv, bvys MK] inhabitant BWUNS Btwei pc pt ac bouns 67


CERTIFIK~TAN <35> [Zertifikat MK] certificate CHIRURGJA <45> [Chirurgie MK] surgery CHIRURGS <32> [Chirurg MK] surgeon CIKLAS, gen ciklas <32> [Zyklus MK] cycle CIPPERI <52> [Ziffer MK] digit CIRKELIS <40> [Zirkel + cyrkiel MK] circle CIRKULS <32> [Zirkel + Zircular MK] circle (society) CIRKUS <32> [Zirkus MK] circus CISTRNI <52> [Zisterne Nx] cistern CITRNI <52> [Zitrone MK] lemon CIWILISTI <52> [Ciwilists drv] civilian woman CIWILISTS <32> [Zivilist MK] civilian man CIWILIZACINI <52> [Zivilisation MK] civilization CIWILIZTUN <139> [zivilisieren MK] to civilize CIWILLISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [zivil MK] civilian CZIKS <32> [Czilix E 735] siskin CUKKERIS <40> [Zucker MK] sugar CULLIS <40> [Zoll MK] inch CUNFTI <52> [Zunft GlN] guild

DABBA <45> [Noadabe, Nadaps APN + daba MK] nature, character DABBER [dabber 41] still, yet DADANIS <40> [daddan, dastun + zdainis MK] baby DADDAN <35> [Dadan E 687] milk DADDAS PINTS <57> [Milchstrae, Droga mleczna, Piena ce MK] Milky Way DAGAGGAIDIS <40> [Dagagaydis E 260] spring wheat 65

DAG~UGIS <40> [Dagoaugis E 638] summer sprout DAGGIS <40> [vasaros, Cvetjot moj avgust, Osenj ne prila MK] August DAGS <32> [Dagis E 13] summer D~I D`twei pt 3 dai 753 D~IN~ <46> [daina + dejot MK] ritual roundalay dance with singing D~INAS pl tantum <46> [Dain` drv] rite D~INEWISKAS aj <25> [D`inas drv] ritualistic D~IS D`twei ip 2 sg dais 53 D~ITI D`twei ip 2 pl d`iti 93 D~ITS D`twei mod rel pt <118> [daits I 136] allegedly gave D~J~ <46> [D`iai 111] gift, present D~JAN Daj` acc sg D`ian 117 D~JANS Daj` acc pl D`ians 45 DAJ~TUN <132> [D`iai 111 drv MK] to give a present D~KI <52> [Doacke E 732] daw D~KTWEI <85> [Doacke E 732 VM] to twitter (as daws) DAL~ DALL~ DALBTUN <85> [Dalptan E 536 MK] to hollow, chisel D~LGS f <58> [Doalgis E 546] scythe DALKIS <40> [dalkis DIA] fishing rod DALL~ <46> [dalia, daa, dola MK] fate, share DALLAUTWEI sen acc <143> [dal` drv] to share with DALPTAN <35> [Dalptan E 536] chisel D~MA D`twei ps 1 sg Dam(thoi) Gr DAMRAWA <45> [Damerouwe ON GN] oakery D~NCAUTWEI <143> [D`ncis + dancot MK] to dance D~NCIS <32> [danz MK] dance DANG~ <46> [dongo E 403] bow (hoop), hoop, arc D~NGS <43> [Dangus E 3] sky; [Dangus E 95] palates D~NGUN D`ngus acc dangon 47 D~NGUNSUN av [TN VM dangonsuen] in skies, i.e. in Heaven D~NGUSKAIWI <52> [Himmelspferdchen DIA + laumirgis MK] dragon-fly D~NSKAN <35> [D`niskan mstan < Danzig MK] Gud`nits DANTIMAKS <32> [Dantimax E 93] gums DANTISTINI <50> [Dantists drv] dentist woman DANTISTS <32> [+ D`nts dentiste + dantistas, dentysta MK] dentist man 66

D~NTS m <57> [Dantis E 93] tooth DARGS aj <26> [Darge OPN VM] stable (firm) DARRI <50> [Darge, Darre DIA MK] spoon-bait D~SEI D`twei op d`sai 133 D~SEI D`twei ps 2 sg d`se 83 D~ST D`twei ps 3 d`st 53 DASTUN <87> [Dadan E 687 VM] to suckle D~TAN D`tun pc pt pa n d`ton 75 D~TAN <35> [Datum/ Data MK] date, data D~TANBAZI <52> [database MK] database D~TIWS <32> [Dativ MK] dative D~TS D`tun pc pt pa m d`ts 755 D~TS <25> pc / aj [D`tun drv] given, defined D~TUN <118> [daton 51] to give, D~TUN SI [d`tunsi 65, D`tun drv] to yield D~TWEI <118> dat + if [d`twei 33, D`tun drv] to let, allow D~UB~ <46> [Dambo E 29, dauben ON] ravine D~UDA <45> [daudyt, duda MK] trumpet D~USAS <46> [dausos MK] paradise D~WUNS D`twei pc pt ac d`uns 41 DEBBISKU <49> [Debs drv] majesty (grandeur) DEBFIRSTS <32> [large prince MK] Grand Duke DEBKS aj <25> [debkan 75] big, large DEBMISTRAS nom sg m <32> [Mistras drv] Great Master DEBS aj <26> [debks, didelis, didis MK] great (majestical) DEBS f <60> [debkan 75 VM] size (of clothes) DECMBERIS no nom sg m <40> [Dezember MK] December DEFICTAN <35> [Defizit MK] deficit DEFINTUN <139> [definieren MK] to define DEGGALS gen deglas <36> [JB MK] burn of derma DEGGINTUN <85> [Degtwei drv] to burn tr, incinerate DEGLIS <40> [(Pr`g)lis + Degtwei + deglis MK] wick, gas-stove burner DEGTWEI <85> [Dags MK] to burn i DEI Dis pn 3 encl nom pl m, f DEGISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [digiskan 83] generous (lavish), open-handed DEGTUN <75> [digiskan 83 VM] to crumble 67

DEKTAN n <35> [deicktan 125] place, [daiktas, point VM] point, spot, [deickton 99] anything, EN DEKTU gen instead of DEKTAN PERTREPTUN <85> [stellvertretend MK] to represent (on behalf) DEIKTAPERTREPPENIKS <32> [Stellvertreter MK] representative, deputy DEKTAS Dektan gen deicktas 103 DEKTISKAS <25> [Dekts drv MK] local DIN~ <45> [deinan 43 drv] day DEINAALGENKS <32> [Dein`algenikamans 95 drv] day-labourer DIN~I <36> [Dein`ina MK] the East DEINANA <45> [Deynayno E 5] morning star DEINANISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Deynayno E 5 + Dein`i MK] eastern DEIN~NAKTS <58> [diennakts, Tag und Nacht MK] day (civil, solar) DINANS Dein` acc pl your to 123 DEIN~PRUSIJA <45> [Dein`i + Ostpreussen MK] East Prussia DEINAPRUSNI <50> [Deinaprusns drv] East-Prussian woman DEINAPRUSNS <32> [Dein`prusija drv] East-Prussian man DININISKAI av [deineniskai 41] every day, daily DININISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [dineniskas 53] daily DININS aj <25> [deininan I 11 drv] daily DINISKAS <25> aj nom sg m [dein`i drv MK] easterly DIWA Diws voc Deiwa 67 DIWADEIWTISKAI av [Deiwa deiwtskai 133] in a godliest way DIWAN Diws acc sg Deiwan 279 DIWANS Diws acc pl Deiwans 27 DIWAS Diws gen sg m Deiwas 27 DIWISKAI av [Deiwiskai 51] divinely DIWISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Deiwiskai 51 drv] divine DIWISKU <49> [Diwiskas drv MK] divinity DIWISTA <45> [Kriks`nista + dievyst MK] divinity DIWS <36> [Deiws 37] God DIWTAI av [deiwtai 115] blissfully DEIWTISKAI av [Deiwutskai 99] blissfully DEIWTISKAN! [Deiwtiskas drv GlN] bye-bye! DEIWTISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Deiwtiskan 41 drv] blissful DEIWTISKU <49> [Deiwutiskai 75] blessedness, [Deiwtisku 75] bliss, blessedness 68

DEIWTISKU <49> [Deiwtisku MK] luck, PREI DEIWTISKWAN [zum Glck MK] fortunately DEIWTS aj <25> [Deiwuts 61] happy, blessed DEKALGS <32> [Dekalog MK] Decalogue DEKAN~TAN <35> [Dekanat MK] deanery DEK~NS <32> [Dekan MK] dean DEKLINACINI <52> [Deklination MK] declination DEKLINTUN <139> [deklinieren MK] to decline DELAGACINI <52> [Delegation MK] delegation DELAG~TS <32> [delegate MK] delegate no DELAGTUN <139> [delegieren MK] to delegate DLBTUN <75b> [Dalptan E 536 VM] to strike, beat DELKAN MTUN <71> n acc [teilnehmen MK] to participate DELKANS Delks acc pl dellkans 65 DELKASIMIKS <32> [Teilnehmer MK] participant DELKS <32> [Dellijcks 39] part DELS Deltun ip 2 sg dellieis 87 DELSN~ <46> [Deltun drv] division (arithmetical) DELTAJS <32> [Deltun drv MK] divisor DELTUN <139> [dellieis 87 VM] to divide tr, DELTUN SI n acc [Deltun drv] to divide i by DELIW~RST av [Delli 85 + ainaw`rst 6926 MK] several times DELLI [Delli 85] several DELNAN <35> [delnas + delna + d\on MK] hand (palm), palm DEMAGGIJA <45> [Demagogie MK] demagogy DEMAGGINI <50> [Demaggs drv] demagogue woman DEMAGGISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [demagogisch MK] demagogic DEMAGGS <32> [Demagog MK] demagogue man DEMKRATIJA <45> [Demokratie MK] democracy DEMKRATISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [demokratisch MK] democratic DEMKRATS <32> [Demokrat MK] democrat DENGININNIS aj pm <28> [Dengenennis 49] (that) celestial, (that) heavenly DENGINSIS aj pm Dengininnis Dengnennissis 79 DNGINISKANS Dnginiskas acc pl Dengniskans 117 DNGINISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Dengniskas 119 drv] celestial, heavenly DENGINNINISKAS <25> [Dengenneniskans 131] celestial, heavenly 69

DNGTUN <75> [dangus E 3 VM] to bend out DENUNCIACINI <52> [Denunziation MK] denunciation DENUNCI~NTS <56> [Denunziant MK] denunciator DERGI Dergtun ps 3 derg 37 DERGTUN <134> [derg 37 VM] to defile, pollute, hate DERGWUNS Dergi pc pt ac derguns 103 DRGTUN <75> [erdrkts 115 VM] to poison, foul DERIWACINI <52> [Derivation MK] derivation, word-formation DRW~ <46> [derva, darva, Teer/drev//d`ru,drzewo] pitch (tar), resin DESMTAN n <35> [Dessimton 27] a ten DESMTAN Desmts acc dessmton 87 DESMTANS Desmtan acc pl Dessimtons 67] tens DESMTS ord <26> [Dessmts 35] tenth DESKTPS <32> [desktop MK] desktop DESSIMTEREI <27> [Astnerei MK] ten (in group), (+ pl tantum) ten DESSIMTERINSUN [TN MK dangonsuen] to ten DESSIMTS f <60> [dessempts I 5] ten DESUMPTINI <52> [Dassumptin AB] tithe DET~ILIN <35a> [Detail MK] detail DET~NTI <52> [detente MK] detente DETNITWEI <138> [detonieren MK] to detonate DEZNIMAI av [kodesnimma I 15] often, frequently DEZNIMS, gen deznimmas, aj <25> [kodesnimma I 15 VM] multiple, multifold DEZNIS <40> [Deznims MK] frequency DEZNS aj <26> [kodesnimma I 15 VM] frequent DI pn 3 encl n <10> [di 6511] it, one DIAKNISI <52> [Diakonisse MK] deaconess DIAKNS <32> [Diakonus MK] deacon DIAKRTISKAS <25> [diakritisch MK] diacritical DIALGS <32> [Dialog MK] dialogue DGI [dgi 6518] also, too (also) DGNA <45> [Digno E 427] handle (grasp), sword grasp, grasp (handle) DL~ <46> [Diltwei MK] wane (waning moon) DLAGA <45> [Dlatwei + Karyago E 411 GlN] arrangement, deed, feat DLANTS pc ps ac <29> [dlants 87] working one, labourer 70

DLAPAGAPTS f <58> [dijlapagaptin 93 drv] tool, instrument DLAS Dlin gen sg dlas 89 DLASN~ <46> [Dlatwei drv] activities DLATAJS <32> [Dlatwei drv] worker in any special sphere DLATWEI <131> [dlants 87 VM] to be active, be engaged, to work DLAWINGIS <27> [Dlatwei drv] efficient (industriuous), industrious, of affairs (a person) DLIN n <35> [Dlan 79] work DLIN D las gen pl dijlan 125 DLINA Dlintun ps 3 Dlinai 61 DLINIKS <32> [Dliniks + Arbeiter MK] workman DLINIKS <32> [Dlnikans 95] worker DLINS Dlas acc pl dlans 33 DLINTUN <85> [Dlinai 61 VM] to affect (and cause) DILTWEI <97> [dilti, dilt, Delks, dzielic MK] to fray (become ground), wane DMENS <61> [Diemen DIA MK] heap of sheaves DIMSTIS <58> [JB MK] forecourt, porch DIN pn 3 encl acc sg m [din 89] him, pn 3 encl acc sg f [din 10117] her DINASTJA <45> [Dynastie MK] dynasty DNGEWIS aj (pri acc) <27> [Dngtwei drv] inclined (to) DNGSN~ (pri acc) <46> [Dngtwei drv] inclination (for, to) DNGTWEI (pri acc) <85> [podingai 79 VM, MK] to be inclined (to), sympathize (with) DNKA <45> [dnckun 131] thanks DNKAN Dnka acc dnckun 131 DNKAUSEGSN~ <46> [Dnkausegsnan 91 drv] thanksgiving DNKAUSN~ <46> [dinckausnan 53 drv] thanking DNKAUTS Dnkaut mod rel pt <143> [dnkauts 753] allegedly thanked DNKAUTWEI <143> [dnkaut 41] to thank DNKAWIMAI Dnkaut ps 1 pl dinkauimai 29 DNKAWINGIS <27> [dnckun 131 drv] thankful DNKAWINGISKU <49> [Dnkawingis drv] gratitude DNKUN [dnckun 131] owing to, thanks to, [dnckun 131] thanks DINS dis gen, dat, acc pl [dins 89] DIDI <52> [Diode Nx] diode DR~ <46> [Dirtwei drv MK] view (standpoint) 71

DRAN <35> [Dirtwei drv MK] look DIRIS Dirtwei ip 2 sg <134> [dereis 107] look! DIREKTRS <32> [Direktor MK] director DIREKTRSI <52> [Direktrice MK] directress DIRIGNTI <50> [Dirignt drv] conductor woman DIRIGNTS <56> [Dirigent MK] conductor man DIRSENIS <40> [dirtwei drv MK] attitude (towards), standpoint (aspect), approach (attitude) DIRTAJS <32> [Dirtwei drv] spectator, viewer DIRTWEI <134> (en acc) [dereis 107 drv] to look (at) DIRSENNIS <40> [drsus drv MK] valiant DRSINTUN <85> [drsus drv Nx MK] to embolden, encourage (hearten), DRSINTUN SI [Drsintun drv] to take heart to, dare, make bold to DRSUS aj <31> [Dirsos Gr] courageous, bold DRZALS, gen drzlas, aj <25> [drstlan 117 drv] hard, persistent DIS pn 3 encl m, f <10> [di 6511] he, she, that DISERTACINI <52> [Dissertation MK] thesis DISKUSINI <52> [Diskussion MK] discussion DISKUTTWEI (zrgi acc) <139> [diskutieren MK] to discuss DISPTINS aj <25> [disputabel MK] debatable DISPTS <32> [Disput MK] dispute DTUN <120> [Dastun VM] to suck DTUN <121> [audei`nsts 93, senditans 83 MK] to put (place) DWAN av [Dws drv] soon DWANS <32> [Dywans OPN VM] quick person DIWASP~RTISKU <49> [Dwasp`rts drv] agility, swiftness, intenseness DIWASP~RTS <26> [Dws + Sp`rts MK] smart, penetrating (pain) DWINTUN <85> [Dws MK] to accelerate DIWIZINI <52> [Division MK] division DWS aj <25> [Dywans OPN VM] quick, fast, rapid DIZNIKS <32> [Diztwei drv GlN] craftsman, handicraftsman DIZTAJS <32> [Diztwei drv] entrepreneur DIZTAWA <45> [Diztwei drv MK] enterprise DIZTISKU <49> [dseitiskan 87 drv] handicraft, trade DIZTWEI <139> [dseitiskan 87 VM] to earn living, to be occupied DZTUN <85> [dseitiskan 87 VM] to ram (tamp) 72

DCENTS <56> [Dozent MK] docent (lecturer) DOKTRATAN <35> [Doctorat MK] doctorate DOKTRS <32> [Doktor MK] doctor DRAGGES nom pl f <51> [Dragios E 386] yeast DR~KENS <32> [Drachen MK] dragon DR~MAN <35> [Drame MK] drama DR~NZI <52> [Droanse E 749] landrail DRASTUS <43> [Drastus E 130] thick belly, paunch DR~TS <32> [Draht + dr`ts MK] wire (pure metal) DR~UGAN av [dr`ugs MK] together DR~UGAUTWEI (sen acc) <143> [Dr`ugs drv] to associate (with smb.) DR~UGIDIL~NT f <29> [Dr`ugiwelds + dlatwei GlN] co-worker woman DR~UGIDIL~NTS m <29> [Dr`ugiweldns + dlatwei GlN] fellow, coworker man DR~UGIWELDNS <32> [117 draugiwaldnen drv] co-heir DR~UGS aj <26> [117 VM draugiwaldnen] common DR~UGS no <36> [Dr`ugs aj MK] associate, ally (associate), accomplice DRAW <53> [Drawine E 393 VM] hollow of a tree DRAWWINI <52> [Drawine E 393] hollow tub DRAZTUN <85> [Drastus E 130 VM] to rub, rive DR~ZTUN <85> [droti + dr`zt + draznic, <85>, *drztwei < pal`iktwei <85>, liktwei MK] to carve DRAZZINIS <40> [Draztun drv] eraser, rubber (eraser) DREBTUN <80b> [Drimbis E 483 VM, MK] to plonk DRUDEI Druditun pt 3 dri`udai 111 DRUDEITI Druditun ip 2 pl draudieiti 113 DRUDITUN <133> [dri`udai 111 MK] to forbid DREZTUN <71> [Drastus E 130 VM] to tear, rip, DREZTUN SI [Dreztun drv] to crack DREZZIKISKAS <25> [Drezziks drv] impudent DREZZIKS <32> [Dreztun drv + akipla, plsgs MK] impudent person DREZZISKU <49> [Drezziskas drv] impudence DRIBBINSN~ <46> [dirbinsnan 95 drv] tremble, quake DRIBBINSNAN Dribinsn` acc dirbinsnan 95 DRIBBINTUN <85> [dirbinsnan 95 VM] to shake smth, smb DRIBBINTWEI <85> [dirbinsnan 95 VM] to tremble 73

DRIBTWEI <89> [Drimbis E 483 VM] to flop down i DRMBIS <40> [Drimbis E 483] cover (cloth) DRIMMELIS <40> [Drimmel, Drimelis DIA MK] bumpkin, goof DRUGGINPELI <52> [Rohrweihe, nendrin ling, druggis + pel Nx] marsh harrier DRUGGIS <41> [Drogis E 285] reed DRUKENIKS <32> [Drukkawa drv] typographer DRUKENS <32> [Drukkautun drv] printing-house DRUKKAUSNA <52> [Drukkautun drv] printing, print DRUKKAUTUN <143> [+ drukowac MK prints] to print DRKTAI av [drktai 51] firmly DRKTAWINGISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [drctawingiskan 119 drv] strict DRKTS aj <25> [drktai 51 VM] firm, resistant DRSA <45> [Truso ON JG] Drausen, Truso DRUWI Druwtwei ps 1 sg druw 39 DRUWI Druwtwei ps 2 sg Druw 1273 DRUWI Druwtwei ps 3 druw 615 DRUWIMAI Druwtwei ps 1 pl druwmai 51 DRUWISEI Druwtwei ps 2 sg Druwse 7112 DRUWITI Druwtwei ps 2 pl druwtei 105 DRUWMINISKU <49> [Druwmins drv MK] probability DRUWMINISKWAS TERIJA <45> [Druwminisku, Terija drv] probability theory, theory of chances DRUWMINS <25> [Paklausmins + tiktinas MK] probable DRWIN Drwis acc drwien 4518 DRUWNGIMANS Druwngs dat pl Druwngimans 121 DRUWNGINS Druwngs acc pl druwngins 45 DRUWNGIS <27> [Druwngin 119 drv] believer DRWIS <40> [Druwis 39] faith DRUWTWEI (en acc) <134> [druwt 45] to believe DUBBELS <32> [Dubelis E 561] chub fish DUBBI <52> [dub MK] pit DUBNAS nom sg m <32> [dugnas + dibens + dno MK] bottom DUBTWEI <89> [Dambo E 29 VM] to sag (sink), cave in DUKKIS <40> [Dutkis E 669] hamster DUKTI <67> [Duckti 67] daughter 74

DUKTWEI <85> [Dutkis E 669 VM] to stink DUKTS <32> [Dukaten MK] ducat DULKAUSNA <45> [Dulkautun si MK] brawl DULKAUTUN SI <143> [Dulkus MK] to tussle i DULKUS, gen dulkas <32> [Dullaks, Dulks DIA MK] punch DULZIS <40> [Dulsis E 399] bung-hole DMAUTWEI. 1 <143> [Dms drv, dmuoti. dmot MK] to smoke DMAUTWEI. 2 <143> [rauchen MK] to smoke tobacco DMBUS, gen dmbas <32> [Dumpbis E 512] tannin rind DMS <32> [Dumis E 39] smoke DUMSL <53> [Dumsle E 134] bladder, bleb, bubble DUMTWEI <82> [Dumsle E 134, dumti VM] to blow, breeze DNTWEI <136> [dundti, dunt + dundulis, dundurs MK] to buzz, drone DRAI av [brai 93] cowardly DRANS <32> [Drs drv MK] coward DURTWEI <134> [brai 93 VM] to stick, lie doggo, protrude DRS aj <25> [drai 93 aj drv] cowardly DSAIZURGAWINGIS <40> [Dsaisurgawingi 87 VM] pastor DSI nom sg f <50> [Dusi E 153] soul DSIN Dsi acc Dsin 41 DUSLAKISKAS aj <25> [Duslaks drv] foolish DUSLAKS <32> [hybr. DIA Doslak, Dslak MK] fool DUSSINTUN <85> [Dustwei drv, dusinti] to suffocate tr DUSTWEI <91> [Dwestwei drv, dusti] to suffocate i DW~I crd acc du <23> [dwai 65] two DW~IGLASA <45> [Doppelglas MK] binoculars, field-glasses DW~INADESIMT [Anadesimt MK] twelve DWAINADESMTS ord <26> [Ainadesmts MK] twelfth DWAIW~RST [ainaw`rst 6926 MK] twice DWARARIKS <39> [Gutherr + Butariks MK] landlord (squire), squire (langlord) DWARENKS <32> [dwarniken DK MK] court (palace) milkman DWARRINI <52> [Dwarrins drv] lady-in-waiting DWARRINS <32> [Dwars drv] courtier DWARRIS nom pl f <60> [Dauris E 211] gate DWARS <32> [Dwarenks MK] estate, manor, court 75

DWASSAN <35> [Dwestwei drv, dvasa/dvasas MK] sigh, yawning DWASSAUSNA <45> [Dwassautwei drv] yawning, drowse, absent-mindedness DWASSENIKS <32> [Dwassan drv MK] gaper, fool DWASSILI <52> [DIA Dasel MK] bean (nob, napper) DWASSILISNA <45> [Dwassilitwei drv] doze DWASSILITWEI <133> [Dwassils drv, DIA duseln, dusseln, dsen, dsen] to doze, saunter, loaf DWASSILS <32> [DIA Dasel MK] fool DWASSINGIS <27> [Dwassan drv] sleepy, woolgathering, stupid DWASSINGISKU <49> [Dwassigis drv] somnolence, stupidity DWESUN av [dangonsuen TN MK] double, as a pair DWITA f <45> [Warto E 210 + dvejetas MK] two of, of two... DWEJ~I <26> [Dwej`i + dwoje MK] two (a pair), (+ pl tantum) [treji MK] two DWEJJINTUN <85> [Dw`i, dwej`i drv + dvejinti MK] to divide tr two ways, split tr two ways, DWEJJINTUN SI [Dwejjintun drv] to divide i into two parts, split i into two parts, fork, branch in two DWESN~ <46> [Dwestwei drv] breath, breathing DWESTWEI <80c> [n`dewisin 89 VM] to breathe DWIDDESIMTS f <60> [dvideimt + divdesmit + dwadziescia MK] twenty DWIDESMTS <26> [Dwiddesimts MK] twentieth DWIGUB~I Dwigub`t ps 3 dwigubb 77 DWIGUB~TWEI <132> [dwibugt 65] to doubt DWIGUBBINTUN <85> [Dwigubs drv] to duplicate tr, double tr, reduplicate DWIGUBS aj <25> [dwigubbus 87] double, binary DWNIS <40> [dvynys, dvnis MK] twin DWIPRESLISKAN <35> [Dwipresliskas drv] ambiguity DWIPRESLISKAS <25> aj [Presl + zweideutig, dviprasmis MK] ambiguous, equivocal (ambiguous) DWISSIMTA [Warto E 210 + dwiescie MK] two hundreds DWISSIMTS <26> [Dwissimta MK] two-hundredth


[di] palatal d

E [e, a] corresponds to a short back lingual vowel, which sounds as an open e at the beginning of the word; in other instances it palatalizes preceding consonants and sounds as a (cf. a); therefore it is spelled a after j, l which are always palatal. [, e] a long vowel, always accented EBAGTWEI <85> [Agtwei drv] to get overgrown (with) EBATUN <111> [Atun drv] to help smb to put on footwear, provide smb with footwear EBBAWAI <32> pl tantum [Ebatun drv + apavas, apavi MK] footwear EBDAJ~TUN <132> [Daj` MK] to award with presents EBDEIWTINTUN <85> [epdeiwtint 119] to make happy, blessed EBDIRTUN <134> [Dirtwei drv, apvelgti GlN] to look over, round EBDRIBBINTUN SI [dribbintun drv] to shake oneself EBITUN <116> [itwei + apeiti, apiet, obejsc, umgehen MK] to go round, to bypass, circumvent EBEW~RGINSENIS <40> [Ebew`rgintun Nx] insurance EBEW~RGINTUN <85> [Bew`rgingis, ubezpieczac Nx] to insure (property etc.) EBGLABTUN <80b> [Glabtun drv] to squeeze smth, jam smth EBGL~BTUN <85> [Abklopte MV VM] to pall, enshroud, enfold, cover from all sides EBGRNZTUN <71> [Grnztun drv] to turn round EBIMMA Ebmtun ps 3 ebimmai 65 EBMTAN <35> [Ebmtun drv MK] range EBMTUN <71> [ebimmai 65 drv] to embrace, cover (include)


EBJAD~TWEI <132> [Jad`twei drv] to go round smth, cruise smth EBKAND~TUN <132> [Kanstun + apkandioti MK] to bite everything round, bite all over EBKEKAN n <35> [epkieckan 55] abuse, reviling EBKEKTUN <85> [epkieckan 55 VM] to revile EBMNTIMAI Ebmntitun ps 1 pl ep mntimai 33 EBMNTITUN <138> [ep mntimai 33 drv] to slander, defame EBM IGLINSN~ <46> [Ebmiglintun drv] darkening, clouding EBM IGLINTUN <85> [Migl` drv MK] to shade (cloud), overcloud, blear EBMUSSITWEI <138> [Mussan drv] to get overgrown with moss EBPATTINTUN <85> [Pattintun drv] to marry tr EBPEIS~SENIS <40> [Ebpeis`tun drv] description EBPEIS~TUN <132> [Peis`tun + ebsentliuns 109 MK] to describe EBPLATSN~ <46> [Ebplattwei drv] payment EBPLATTWEI <137> [Plattwei drv] to pay EBRAZGTUN <139> [Razgtun MK] to web, mesh EBRTRNKSENIS <40> [Ebtrnktun drv] contusion (shell-shock) EBRTRNKTUN <97> [Trnktun drv, Pertrnktun + prellen, apsvaiginti MK] to bruise (contuse) EBSERGSN~ <46> [absergsnan 91 drv] protection, prevention EBSERGTUN <134> [absergsnan 91 drv] to protect, prevent EBSIRABLINTUN <85> [Sirablas drv] to silverplate EBSKRITS aj <26> [Skrits drv] rounded EBSPGTUN <92> [Spgtun drv] to spray, sprinkle EBSTEGTUN <80> [Steege E 235 VM] to cover EBLZISN~ <46> [Eblzitun drv] service (attendance) EBLZITUN (acc) <138> [lzitwei drv] to serve (smb) tr EBTARSN~ <46> [Ebtartun drv] discussion, plebiscite EBTARTUN <136> [Tartun MK] to discuss EBTIKEWNGIS aj <27> [Ebtiktun drv] accurate, well-aimed EBTIKTWEI (na acc) <89> [Tiktwei MK] to hit, catch (on), get (into), EBTIKTUN to meet, EBTIKTUN SI [Ebtiktwei drv] to meet oneselves, get together EBTULDTUN <139> [tuldsnan 89 drv GlN] to gladden, EBTULDTUN SI [Ebtuldtun drv] to be glad EBWAR <53> [epwarsnan 117 + War + uzvara MK] victory 78

EBWARSN~ <46> [epwarsnan 117 drv] overcoming, win EBWARTAJS <32> [Ebwartun drv] winner EBWARTUN <134> [epwarsnan 117 drv] to win, overcome, defeat EBW~RTAI av [Ebwartntun + Etw`rtai MK] upside-down EBWARTNSNA <45> [Ebwartntun MK] overturn, upheaval EBWARTNTUN <85> [wartint 35 MK] to turn over, upturn, overthrow EBWIJ~KLI <52> [Ebwij`tun drv + peis`lei 89 MK] wrapping, encasement EBWIJ~TUN <132> [Wij`tun drv] (en acc) to wrap (in), (zurgi acc) to wind (round), twine (round), EBWIJ~TUN SI (zurgi acc) [Ebwij`tun drv] to twine oneself (round) EBWLKTUN <97> (en acc) [Wlktun drv, apvilkti] to dress, EBWLKTUN SI [Ebwlktun drv, apsivilkti] to put on, (en acc) to dress oneself (in) EBWINTAI Ebwints av [(ni)ebwintei 103] in a way of accusation EBWINTASIS Ebwintun pc pt pa pnl <40> [(ni)ebwints 87 MK] indictee, accused EBWINTUN <113> [(ni)ebwints 87] to accuse of EBWRPS <25> [Pawrps drv MK] loose, arbitrary, random EBZENTLISENIS <40> [Ebzentlitun drv] note EBZENTLITUN <138> [ebsentliuns 109 drv] to mark, notice, designate, determine, EBZENTLITUN SI (pra acc) [Ebzentlitun drv] to distinguish itself (through) EBZENTLIWUNS Ebzentlitun pc pt ac ebsentliuns 109 EBZIGN~I Ebzign`tun pt 3 ebsgn`(dins) 113 EBZIGN~SEI Ebzign`tun op ebsign`si 133 EBZIGN~SN~ <46> [ebsign`snan 119 drv] benediction, blessing EBZIGN~TS Ebzign`tun pc pt pa nom sg <69> [ebsign`ts 105] blessed EBZIGN~TUN <132> [ebsgn`(dins) 113 drv] to bless EBZIGN~WUNS Ebzign`tun pc pt ac ebsign`uns 109 EBZRGINSN~ <46> [Ebzrgintun drv] encirclement, siege EBZRGINTUN <85> [umringen, otoczyc MK] to surround, encircle EBZRGISKU <49> [apk`rtne, apylink, okolica MK] environs EDITRS <32> [editor Nx] editor EFEKTS <32> [Effekt MK] effect IG~ <46> [Karyago E 411 + eismas MK] traffic ILAI itwei op (cn 3) ilai 121 ISEI itwei ps 2 sg isei 81 79

ESKINSN~ <46> [Eskintun drv] explanation, elucidation ESKINTUN <85> [Eskus drv] to explain EISKTWEI <139> [Eskus drv] to grow clear ESKU av [Eskus drv] clearly ESKUS aj <31> [Eyskittin 1350 ON, eikus JG, MK] clear IT itwei ps 3 it 29 ITUWIS <52> [itwei + Artwes E 413 MK] campaign, march ITWEI <116> [it 29 drv] to go, walk IZWA <45> [Eyswo E 159] wound IZWINTUN <85> [izwa drv] to wound EKONMIJA <45> [Okonomie MK] economy EKONMISTS <32> [economist MK] economist EKR~NS <32> [ecran MK] screen EKSPRTITUN <138> [exportieren Nx] to export EKSPRTS <32> [Export MK] export EKSTREMISMUS <32> [extremism MK] extremism EKSTREMISTS <32> [extremist MK] extremist EKWINKCIJAN <35> [quinoktium, aequinoctium MK] equinox EKZ~MENS <32> [Examen MK] exam ELAGJA <45> [Elegie MK] elegy ELAKTRENIKS <32> [Elektriker MK] electrician ELAKTRISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [elektrisch MK] electric ELAKTRISKU <49> [Elaktriskas drv] electricity ELAKTRNAN <35> [Elektron MK] electron ELAKTRNISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [elektronisch MK] electronic ELAMNTAN <35> [Element MK] element ELAP~NTS <32> [Elefant + JB MK] elephant LI <52> [Olje DIA + Olje > eli MK] vegetable oil ELIKPTERS <32> [helicopter, helikopters MK] helicopter ELIKSRAN <35> [Elixier MK] elixir ELIMINTUN <139> [eliminieren MK] to eliminate, remove, take away ELZIJAN <35> [Elysium MK] paradise LMAS SW~IKSTAN <35> [Elms light MK] glow (lights), northern lights, polar lights EMBADDUSS SI Embastun si pc pt ac nom pl r <68> [embaddusisi 113] been stuck in 80

EMBASTUN <87> (en ) [embaddusisi 113, boadis E 164 VM] to stick (in, into), EMBASTUN SI (en ) [embaddusisi 113 drv] to be stuck (in) EMELNA <45> [emelno E 646] mistletoe EMERTS <32> [Emerit MK] pensioner EMIGRACINI <52> [Emigration MK] emigration EMIGR~NTI <50> [Emigr`nts drv] emigrant woman EMIGR~NTS <56> [Emigrant MK] emigrant man EMMENS <62> [emmens I 9] name EMNIN Emmens acc emnen 29 EMPADNGAN av [Padngan + empolijgu 75 MK] bon appetit! EMPAKKINSENIS <40> [Empakkintun drv] luggage, [Empakkintun drv] set, suit, package EMPAKKINTUN <85> [luggage MK] to pack up EMPALGU av [empolijgu 75] similarly MPIRI (sen acc) av [emperri 107] together (with) EMPRINISKAI av [empijreisku 57 MK] generally, in general EMPRINISKU <49> [empijreisku 57] generality EMPRINT Emprintun pc pt pa n empijrint 115 EMPRINTS <69> BILTAJS <32> [Emprintun, Biltajs MK] common denominator EMPRINTUN <85> [empijrint 115 drv] to concentrate, generalize MPIRSDIRIS! MPIRSDIRITI! be cautious! MPIRSDIRNTEI av cautiously MPIRSDIRNTS <29> [mpirsin, dirtwei + vor-sichtig MK] cautious MPIRSDIRSN~ <46> [mpirsdirnts drv] precaution MPIRSIN av [Pirss + mpiri MK] forward, in advance, beforehand MPIRSIN GRDAUTUN <138> [vorsagen MK] to prompt (by a hint) MPIRSIN SADNTUN <85> [MK continues] to continue MPIRSIN TENSTUN <139> [vorziehen MK] to prefer MPIRSIN TREPPUNS <68> pcptac [fortgeschritten MK] advanced (in smth) MPIRSSERGTUN <134> [mpirs, sergtun + mpirsdirisn`, ostrzec MK] to warn MPIRZDAN av [Pirzdan + emprki MK] in front EMPJASENIS <40> [Empjatun drv] scotch, incision, snick EMPJASNA <46> [Empjatun drv] incising EMPJATUN <111> [Pjatun drv] to slice into, snick, incise 81

EMPR~BUTSKAN av [enpr`butskan 51, 85] eternally, forever EMPRKI av [emprki 8922] against, opposite EMPRKIBILNTS pc <29> [Emprkibiltwei drv] contradictory EMPRKIBILTWEI <134a> dat [emprijkin bille 125] to contradict, object EMPRKINIKS <32> [Emprki + opponent MK] opponent EMPRKISENTISMU Emprkisents dat emprkisentismu 117 EMPRKISENTS pc ps ac <29> [emprijkisins 115] present being EMPRKISKAI av [Emprkiskas drv] on the contrary, contrary to, nothing of the kind EMPRKISKAS aj <25> [Emprki drv] opposite EMPRKISTABILTWEI <134a> [emprkistalla 97 drv] to resist, oppose EMPRKISTAL~I Emprkistaltwei ps 3 emprkistalla 97 EMPRKISTALSN~ <46> [emprijki stallsnan 117 drv] resistance, opposition, antagonism EMPRKISTATINTUN <85> [emprkistalla 97 MK] to confront, set against, oppose (set against) N prp acc [n 6314] in (toward) acc, prp dat [n 6314] in (location) dat NAISS <32> [Ennoys E 158] fever EN~ISTWEI <95> [Ennoys E 158 VM] to heat up i, incandesce i ENARTUN <75> [Artun drv MK] to plough soil up ENB~LGNINTUN <85> [B`lgnan drv MK] to saddle up ENBEW~RGINTUN <85> [En + Bew`rgintun Nx] to make safe, secure (prevent), prevent (make safe) ENBUTTINTUN <85> [n + Buttan, udomowiac MK] to domesticate NDA <45> [dose, nuo-da-s + geben Gift+da+indeve, ieds inde MK] poison END~SNA <45> [End`tun drv] mission, assignment END~ST End`tun ps 3 end`st 123 END~TUN <118> [end`st 123 drv] to hand (deliver), charge with END~USINSN~ <46> [End`usintun drv] inspiration END~USINTUN <85> [* d`us VM drv] to inspire ENDEGSENIS <40> [Endegtun + Entzndung + zapalenie MK] inflammation disease ENDEGSN~ <46> [Endegtun drv] ignition, inflaming ENDEGTUN <85> [Dags MK] to fire (inflame), inflame (fire) ENDEGTWEI <85> [Dags MK] to inflame (flash on), flash on 82

ENDLBTUN <75b> [Dlbtun drv] to ram in, hammer in NDIJA <45> [Endtun drv MK] insert (liner), deposit, contribution ENDLINSN~ <46> [Endlintun drv] influence ENDLINTUN <85> [Dlinai 61 MK] to influence ENDIRI Endirtwei pt 3 endeir` 107 ENDIRIS Endirtwei ip 2 sg endirs 67 ENDIRSN~ <46> [endirisna 95 drv] viewpoint, standpoint, count ENDIRTUN <134> [endyrtwei 119] to notice (descry), discern, take into consideration ENDSENIS <40> [Endtwei drv] enclosure (within smth) ENDTUN <121> [audei`nsts 93, senditans 83 MK] to insert, enclose ENDTUN <120> [Dtun drv] to absorb ENDRWINTUN <85> [Druwtwei drv] to persuade, convince, ENDRWINTUN SI [Endrwintun drv] to ascertain, be persuaded, become (be) sure NDWEJAN av [entzwei + na dwoje MK] in two ENDWESTUN <80c> [Dwestwei drv] to inhale, breathe in NDWISIS <40> [Endwestun + Ndwisis MK] breath, whiff ENISENIS <40> [Eneissannien 123 drv] entrance ENITWEI <116> [Eneissannien 123 drv] to enter, come in, go in ENIZWINTUN <85> [izwa + ievainot MK] to wound, [verletzen + eisti MK] to offend, insult ENERGJA <45> [Energie MK] energy ENGARDAUTWEI <143> (en acc) [Gardautwei drv, gardiuotis MK] to enjoy (eating) ENGANE Engatun ps 3 engaunei 119 ENGATUN <111> [engaunai 133 drv] to obtain NGELS <32> [Engels 79] angel ENGRDAUS Engrdautun ip 2 sg engerdaus 69 ENGRDAUTUN <143> [engerdaus 69 drv] to say ENGILLINTUN SI <85> (en acc) [Gillintun drv] to go deep (into) ENGIMMUNS pc pt ac nom sg m [engemmons 121] Engmts ENGMTS <69> [Engimmuns drv] inborn NGLIJA <45> [England MK] England NGLINI <50> [nglis drv] Englishwoman NGLIS <40> [Plis MK] Englishman 83

NGLISKAN <35> [ngliskas + Englisch MK] English NGLISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [nglis drv] English ENGN~STUN <86> [Gn`stun drv] to knead (paste, dough), mix ENGNESTUN <76> [Gnestun drv + spausti, iespiest MK] to dent, impact (into), dint, stamp, impress (stamp) ENGRAUDS Engraudtwei ip 2 sg [engrauds 67] take a pity! ENGRAUDSN~ <46> [engraudsnas 115 drv] pity, mercy ENGRAUDTWEI (krsa acc) <139> [engrauds 67 drv] to take a pity ENGRAUDWINGIS aj <27> [Engraudwings 131] merciful ENGRUMTWEI <134> [Grumtwei drv] to begin to thunder NILGAN av, psp + gen [entlang + wzd\uz MK] along; lengthwise ENIMMEWINGI av [enimmewingi 57] acceptably ENIMMEWINGIS av <27> [enimmewingi 57] acceptable, admissible ENIMMEWINGISKU <49> [Enimmumnis + enimmewingi 57 MK] admissibility ENIMMIMAI Enmtun ps 1 pl enimmimai(sin) 111 ENIMMUMNI av [enimumne 91] pleasant(ly) ENIMMUMNIS aj <27> [enimumne 91] pleasant ENIMMUNS Enmtun pc pt ac enimmans 125 ENMTS Enmtun pc pt Pa enimts 115 ENMTUN <71> [enimt 117] to accept, assume; (+ acc) n sen [GlN] to take in itself ENINTERESSITUN <85> [Interessitun drv] to interest ENJUKSN~ <46> [Enjuktwei drv] skill ENJUKTWEI <89> [Juktwei drv] to acquire skills ENKABTAJS <32> [Kabtwei + Anhnger MK] adherent, follower ENKANINTUN <85> [Kana MK] to evaluate, estimate ENKAITNSENIS <40> [Enkaitntun drv] temptation ENKAITNSNA <45> [Enkaitntun drv] instigation, incitement ENKAITNTAJS <32> [Enkaitntun drv] instigator ENKAITNTUN <85> [enkaittai 73 drv] to instigate, tempt, excite, heat smth, smb up ENKAITTAI Enkaittwei pc pt pa nom pl m enkaittai 73 ENKAITTWEI <134> [enkaittai 73 drv] to heat up i, become excited ENKALTUN <85> [Kaltwei drv] to enchain ENKANSENIS <40> [Kanstun drv, kandimas] bite 84

ENKANSTUN <87> [Kanstun MK] to bite, sting NKAPS <32> [Enkaptun drv] funeral, burial NKAPTS Enkaptun pc pt Pa enkopts 43 ENKAPTUN <85> [enkopts 43 drv] to bury ENK~UPSN~ <46> [K`uptun drv] shopping ENK~UPTUN <75b> [K`uptun drv] to do shopping ENK~USINTUN <85> [enkausint 111] to touch and move ENKRMENINTS Enkrmenintun pc pt Pa enkrminints 131 ENKRMENINTUN <85> [enkrminints 131 drv] to embody, incarnate ENKNTWEI <97> [erknina 117 VM] to strain i, tense i, exert oneself ENKLATUN <144> [Klatun + switch MK on] to switch on ENKLIPTINTUN <85> [Kliptintun drv] to make smth secret, classify ENKONTRLITUN <138> [kontrlitun drv] to take under control ENKR~MPTINTUN <85> [Kr`mptis + nail MK] to nail (to) ENKRUWWINTUN <85> [Krauj` + kruvinti MK] to bloody ENL~IKATEI Enlaik`tun ps 2 pl enl`ikuti 97 ENLAIK~TUN <142> [enl`ikuti 97 drv] to support ENLAIPNTS pc pt pa <69> [enlaipints 111] commanded ENLAIPINTUN <85> [enlaipinne 99 drv] to desire, wish ENLAUKSN~ <46> [Enlauktun drv] research ENLAUKTAJA <45> [Enlauktajs drv] researecher woman ENLAUKTAJS <32> [Enlauktun MK] researcher man ENLAUKTUN <139> [laukt 69 MK] to research, examine, investigate ENLZTWEI <78> [Lztwei drv] to climb in, crowl in ENMIGGUNS Enmegtwei pc pt ac enmigguns 81 ENM IGTWEI <125> [enmigguns 81 drv] to fall asleep ENMINTUN <139> [Mintun drv] to memorize ENMRITWEI <138> [Mrit wei drv + tarti MK] to suspect ENNASELINTUN <85> [Naselis + dvasinti MK] to spiritualize, animate ENPALTWEI (en acc) <85> [aupallai 1076 + pulti, wpasc] to find oneself (in, smth) ENPEIS~SENIS <40> [Enpeis`tun drv] record ENPEIS~TUN <132> [Peis`tun drv] to inscribe, ENPEIS~TUN SI [sich einschreiben MK] to enlist ENPLATSN~ <46> [Enplattwei drv] payment ENPLATTWEI <137> [Plattwei drv] to pay in, tender 85

ENPR~BUTSKAN Empr`butskan av enpr`butskan 51, 85 NRANKI <52> [rankis + Abr`nki MK] device NRANKIS <40> [ierocis + rankis MK] weapon, arm (weapon) ENREGISTRTWEI <139> n acc [registrieren Nx] to report to ENRIKASN~ <46> (krsa acc) [Enrikatwei drv] rise to power ENRIKATWEI <144> (krsa acc) [Rikatwei drv] to rise to power ENRMBINSNA <45> [Enrmbintun drv] notch ENRMBINTUN <85> [Rmbus drv] to notch, hack ENSADINNUNS Ensadintun pc pt ac nom sg m ensaddinnons 119 ENSADNSNA <45> [ensadinsnan 111 drv] decree, law ENSADNTAN Ensadinuns pc pt pa nom sg n ensadinton 73 ENSADNTS Ensadinuns pc pt pa nom sg m ensadints 101 ENSADNTUN <85> [ensaddinnons 119 drv, ensadints 101 drv] to set, establish, ascertain ENSAKNINSN~ <46> [Ensaknintun drv] implantation, rooting ENSAKNINTUN / -TWEI <85> [n + Saknis, einwurzeln MK] to implant / take root ENS~LINTUN <85> [S`ls drv + einsalzen MK] to brine, pickle, corn (beef) ENSEGTUN <134> (acc sen acc) [Segtun drv] to employ, engage (smb with smth), provide with occupation, entertain (with) ENSKAJJINTUN <85> [ansiedeln, einquartieren + kelti, Etskajjintun MK] to settle smb down, ENSKAJJINTUN SI [Enskajjintun drv] to settle down (make ones home) ENSKATTINTUN <85> [skattwei caus] to launch (to start), start up ENSKL~WINTUN <85> [Skl`wi drv] to enslave, subjugate ENSMITTINTWEI <85> (en acc) [Smit drv] to whisk (into) ENSTATNTUN <85> [preistattinnimai 111 MK] to put in(to), fix in ENSTEBTWEI <89> [Stebtwei drv] to petrify NSTWENDAU av [Istwendau drv MK] (to) there ENTEIK~SENIS <40> [installation MK] institution ENTEIK~SN~ <46> [enteiksna 73] regulations, order, duties, obligation(s) ENTEIK~SNAN Enteikasn` acc sg enteiksnan 89 ENTEIK~SNANS Enteikasn` acc pl Enteiksnans 85 ENTEIK~TAN Enteik`tun pc pt pa nom sg n <69> [Enteikton 89] arranged (regulated) ENTEIK~TUN <132> [Enteikton 89 drv] to regulate, arrange 86

ENTEIK~WUNS Enteik`tun pc pt ac nom sg m enteikuns 109 ENTENSTAI Entenstun nom pl m entenstei 97 ENTENSTS Entenstun pc pt pa nom sg m <69> [entnsts 59] drawn into ENTENSTUN <139> [entnsts 59 drv] to draw into NTERPAN av [75 enterpen] useful NTERPISKAN av [anterpinsquan I 5] useful ENTIKNTUN <85> [Tikntun + dirbti MK] to cultivate ENT IKRINTUN <85> [Entikriskai MK] to straighten ENT IKRISKAI av [entickrikai 81] straight, [MK] namely, scilicet, exactly (scilicet), just (exactly), [Entikriskas drv] directly ENT IKSRISKAS <25> aj [Entikriskai, Tikriskas MK] direct ENTIKRMINTUN <85> [tickrmai 63 drv] to legitimize, legalize NTRAI [NTRAN drv] within NTRAN <35> [wntrze, wtroba + iekan + inside + bratrkai 89 MK] inside, interior NTREWINGIS aj <27> [ntran drv] inner, internal NTURS <32> [contents + Surturs E 326 MK] contents ENTUZIASMUS <32> [Enthusiasmus MK] enthusiasm NWADS <32> [Enwestun + introduction + vadas, ievads MK] introduction, preface ENWAIDINNUNS Enwaidintun pc pt ac [enwaidinnons 119] (one who has) shown ENWAIDNTUN <85> [enwaidinnons 119] to show, demonstrate ENWAIDNTUN <85> [Enwaidntun + rodyti MK] to prove ENWAITI Enwai`tun ps 3 enwaitia 101 ENWAI~TUN <132> [enwaitia 101] to address smb, start a conversation ENWAKI Enwaktun ps 3 enwack 85 ENWAKIMAI Enwaktun ps 1 pl enwackimai 29 ENWAKSENIS <40> [enwack 85 MK] appeal, proclamation ENWAKTUN <134> [enwack 85] to call, invoke ENWALDTUN <141> [Waldtun + valdyti drv MK] to take possession of, occupy NWANGAN av [enwangan 55] at last ENWANGISKAN av [enw`ngiskan 133 Pa] finally ENWANGISKAN av [enw`ngiskan 133] at last 87

ENWANGISKAS aj <25> [enw`ngiskan 133 Pa] final ENWARGTUN <134> [Wargtun, Enw`rgtwei drv + kranken] to hurt (to insult) ENW~RGSENIS <40> [Enw`rgtwei MK] disease, illness ENW~RGTWEI <92> [warg 69 + powargsennien 115 MK] to fall ill, get sick ENW~RGULIS <40> [Enw`rgtwei MK] patient, sick person ENW~RGULISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Enw`rgulis drv] sickly, ailing ENW~RGULISKU <49> [Enw`rguliskas drv] morbidity, sickliness ENW~RGUNS <68> [Enw`rgtwei MK] (one who has fallen) ill ENWARRINTUN <85> [War drv MK] to empower ENWARTINNEWINGI av [enwertinnewingi 37] divertibly (astray), astray ENWARTNTUN <85> [enwertinnewingi 37 VM] to divert ENWEISNTUN <85> [Wisis drv MK] fertilize (impregnate), pollinate ENWRBTUN <75b> [Arwarbs E 301 VM] to screw in(to) ENWESSELINSNA <45> [Enwesselintun drv] amusement, entertainment ENWESSELINSNAS aj gen attr [Enwesselinsna gen] amusing ENWESSELINTUN <85> [Wesselintun + ielksmin`t drv] to cheer up smb, entertain, ENWESSELINTUN SI [Enwesselintun drv] to cheer up (disport), disport ENWESTUN <73> [Westun drv] to introduce, bring in(to), take in(to) ENWIJ~TUN <132> (en acc) [Enwij`tun drv] to wrap (in) EPIF~NEJA <45> [epiphaneia, Epiphania MK] manifestation (divine) EPIGRAMMAN <35> [Epigramm MK] epigram EPKI <52> [Epoche MK] epoch EPTMANIS <40> [Hoefftmannin 91 MK] elder (mayor) R prp acc [it 51] (up) to, till, until ERAINESMU Erans dat erainesmu 91 ERANS <21> [erains 33] each, every, everyone, everybody ERAGTWEI <85> [Agtwei drv MK] to grow up (be grown up) ERAGUNS <68> [eragtwei drv + Erwachsene MK] adult RBI <52> [Erbe > herb MK] coat of arms ERBILTUN <134a> (acc per acc) [ernennen + pabiltun] to appoint ERCGINI <50> [Ercgs drv] duchess ERCGISTA <45> [Ercgs drv] dukedom, Grand Duchy ERCGS <32> [duke MK] Duke ERDRGTS Erdrdtun pc pt Pa erdrkts 115 ERDRGTUN <75> [erdrkts 115 VM] to soil, poison 88

RDIW [bis bald! GlN] bye-bye! ERGALNSNA <45> [Ergalntun drv] murder ERGALNTUN <85> [Galntun + ermorden MK] to murder RGI prp acc [ergi 37] up to, till, until ERKARESN~ <46> [Erkaretun drv] conquest ERKARETUN <144> [Karetwei drv] to conquer ERKNINA Erknintun ps 3 erknina 117 ERKNINTUN <85> [erknina 117 drv] to liberate by force, to extort ERL~IKA Erlaik`tun ps 3 erl`iku 45 ERLAIK~SN~ <46> [Erlaik`tun drv] preservation ERLAIK~T Erlaik`tun pc pt pa n <69> [erlaikt 117] preserved ERLAIK~TUN <142> [erlaikt 55] to preserve, ERLAIK~TUN SI [Erlaik`tun drv] to remain preserved, stand out, last out, persist ERLAIK~WUNS Erlaik`tun pc pt ac nom sg m it laikuns 45 ERL~NGE Erl`ngtun ps 3 erl`ngi 97 ERL~NGINIKS <32> [Erl`ngis drv] lift-man, lift-operator ERL~NGINTUN <85> [Erl`ngtun drv] to lift (repeatedly), raise (repeatedly) ERLANGS <38> [Gewins + Erl`ngtun drv] lift (elevator) ERL~NGTUN <75> [erl`ngi 97 drv] to lift (once), raise (once), elevate ERMATTAUSNA <45> [Ermattautun MK] dimension ERMATTAWINGIS <27> [Mats MK] dimension attr ERMRITUN <138> [ermrit 69] to invent, device ERNAUNNSNA <45> [ernaunsan 63 drv] renewal ERNAUNNTAJA <45> [Ernaunntajs drv] renewer woman ERNAUNNTAJS <32> [Ernaunntun drv] renewer man ERNAUNNTUN <85> [ernaunsan 63 drv] to renew ERNRSTWEI <76> [ernertimai 31 MK] to become angry ERNERTMAI Ernerttun ps 1 pl ernertimai 31 ERNERTMINS aj <25> [Ernerttun drv] revolting ERNERTSNA <45> [Ernerttun drv] indignation ERNERTTUN <139> [ernertimai 31 drv] to enrage, annoy, outrage ERNERTWUNS Ernerttun pc pt ac nom sg m ernertuns 694 ERJS <32> [Hero + herojs MK] hero ERLDS <32> [Herold MK] herald ERPILNINTUN <85> [erpilninaiti 105 drv] to fill ERPILNINAITI Erpilnintun ip 2 pl erpilninaiti 105 89

ERSW~IKSTINA Ersw`ikstintun ps 3 erschw`igstinai 45 ERSW~IKSTINSNA <45> [Ersw`ikstintun drv] education, enlightenment ERSW~IKSTINTUN <85> [erschw`igstinai 45 drv] to enlighten ERSW~IKSTINUNS Ersw`ikstintun pc pt ac erschw`istiuns 45 ERASN~ <46> [Eratun drv] shooting (penalty) ERATUN <144> [atun drv + erschieen MK] to shoot (smb for smth) ERTRMPTUN <75b> [Trmptun drv MK] to crush, fully tread underfoot ERTREPPA Ertreptun ps 3 ertreppa 39 ERTREPTUN <85> [ertreppa 39 drv] to overstep, transgress ERTWEI <80> [Artwes E 413 VM] to row ERZIN~SN~ <46> [Erzin`tun drv] recognizing, knowledge, cognition ERZIN~TUN <142> [ersinnat 53] to cognize, learn (of, about), get to know, ERZIN~TUN SI [Erzin`tun MK] to become acquainted with ERZINNATEI Erzin`tun ps 2 pl ersinnati 89 ERZINNIMAI Erzin`tun ps 1 pl ersinnimai 65 ESKETTERS, gen esketras <32> [Esketres E 567] sturgeon ST av [DIA st MK] almost ESTANTAUTA <45> [Estland MK] Estonia ESTTIKI <52> [sthetik MK] aesthetics ESTTISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [sthetisch MK] aesthetic ESTTS <32> [sthet MK] aesthete ESTINI <50> [Este drv] Estonian (woman) ESTISKAN <35> [Estiskas + Estnisch MK] Estonian language ESTISKAS <25> [Ests drv] Estonian ESTS <32> [Este + Estland MK] Estonian (man) ET~RI <52> [atbalss, odg\os, Et + T`ri MK] echo ETBARWI <52> [B`rwi drv + atspalvis, odcien MK] hue (nuance) ETBAUDINNUNS Etbaudintun pc pt ac etbaudinnons 45 ETBAUDNSNA <45> [Etbaudntun drv] awakening ETBAUDNTS Etbaudintun pc pt pa etbaudints 65 ETBAUDNTUN <85> [etbaudinnons 45 drv] to awake smb, wake smb up ETBILTWEI <134a> [entsprechen+billtwei 67, atbilst MK] to correspond to ETBIRBINTUN <85> [Birbintwei drv Nx] to play (a sound) ETBUSTWEI <90> [etbaudinnons 45 drv MK] to wake up i ETD~TUN <118> [daton 51 MK] to give away ETDWESSENIS <40> [Etdwestun si drv] rest (repose), repose 90

ETDWESTUN SI <80c> [Dwestwei + atsikvpti + atpsties MK] to repose, take rest ETDWISIS <40> [Etdwestun si + Ndwisis MK] respite, breathing-space, break (pause) ETGARB~SN~ <46> [Etgarb`tun drv] renunciation ETGARB~TUN ezze dat <132> [Etgrbtun drv] to renounce ETGATUN <111> [Etw`rtai gatun, atgauti, atgt MK] to regain ETGRBTUN <85> [Grbtun drv MK] to disown, repudiate ETGRDAUTWEI SI <143> [Grdautwei + atsisakyti, atteikties, odmowic si MK] to refuse ETGMSENIS <40> [117 etgimsannien drv] revival, rebirth ETGIWTWEI <141> [atgyventi MK] to outlive (become obsolte) ETGNESTUN <76> [Gnestun drv + atspausti, odcisnc MK] to dint, stamp, impress (stamp), ETGNESTUN SI [Etgnestun drv] to be impressed (be dinted, imprinted), be dinted, be left as impression, stick in mind ETGRNZTUN <71> [Grnztun drv] to turn back, turn on, screw off ETIKETTAN <35> [Etiket MK] label ETIKETTI <52> [Etikette MK] etiquette TIKI <52> [Ethik MK] ethics ETMSN~ <46> [Etmtun drv] subtraction ETMTUN <71> [mtun drv] to take away, deprive of (take away), subtract TISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [ethisch MK] ethical ETKADS aj <25> [Accodis E 214 VM] ajar, (what has) ripped (frayed) ETKEDTWEI <136> [Accodis E 214 + kedti VM MK] to rip i, fray i, come ajar ETKESTUN <87> [Accodis E 214] to outspread smth, unrip, disclose ETKLATUN <144> [Klatun drv] to unlock ETKMPIS <40> [Etkmps MK] backrest ETKMPITWEI (na acc) <138> [Etkmpis MK] to recline, lean back ETKMPS aj <26> [etkmps 55 VM] straightened out ETKMPS av [etkmps 55] again ETKMPTWEI <75b> [etkmps 55 VM] to straighten up, unbend ETL~IKA Etlaik`tun ps 3 etl`iku(sin) 99 ETL~IKA SI Etlaik`tun SI ps 3]etl`iku sin 99 ETLAIK~TUN <142> [etl`iku(sin) 99 drv] to keep from, hold in (keep back), restrain, ETLAIK~TUN SI [etl`iku sin 99 drv] to refrain from, contain (refrain from) 91

ETMERKTUN SI <71> [atsimerkti MK] to open ones eyes ETMESTUN <72> [Mestun drv] to throw aside, reject ETMINTUN <139> [Mintun MK] to remind, ETMINTUN SI [Etmintun drv] to recollect (recall) ETMNTUN SI <97> [atsiminti + menisnan I 15 MK] to recall (retrace) ETNSTIN Etnstis acc etnstin 41 ETNSTIS nom f <58> [etnstis 111 drv] grace (favour) ETNSTIS Etnstis gen f etnstis 111 ETNSTISLAIMS aj <25> [etnstislaims 63] gracious (full of grace) ETNTWEI <120> [etnstis VM] to settle down (thaw out), relent ETNWINGIS aj <27> [etnwings 518] gracious ETNWINGISKAI av [etnwingiskai 119] graciously ETNGRAFIJA <45> [Ethnographie MK] ethnography ETNGRAFISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [ethnographisch MK] ethnographic ETNGRAFS <32> [Ethnograph MK] ethnographer ETPRSKINTUN <85> [Prskas Nx] to refresh ETR~I Etr`twei ps 3 ettr`i 99 ETR~IS Etr`twei ip 2 sg Ettrais 27 8 ETR~ITI Etr`twei ip 2 pl Attr`iti 125 11 ETR~TWEI <132> [attr`twei 125] to answer, respond ETR~WINGIS aj <27> [Etr`twei drv] responsible ETR~WINGISKU <49> [Etr`twingis drv] responsibility ETRAZGTUN <139> [Razgtun Nx] to untangle ETRNKAMINS aj <25> [Etrnktun drv] choice (picked) attr ETRNKSNA <45> [Etrnktun drv] selection ETRNKTUN <85> [Rnktun drv] to select ETSKAJJINTUN <85> [etskmai 63 VM] to lift (smth up), rouse up, raise from the dead ETSKMAI Etsktwei ps 1 pl etskmai 63 ETSKSEI Etsktwei ps 2 sg etsksai 79 ETSKSN~ <46> [Atskisenna I 9] rising (standing up), Resurrection ETSKSNAN Etsksn` acc etsksnan 45 ETSKTWEI <120> [etskmai 63 drv] to get up, stand up, resurrect i ETSKWUNS Etsktwei pc pt ac etskuns 43 ETSPARA <45> [Spertwei MK] prop (support) ETSPAR~TUN <132> [Etspara MK] to prop smth, smb up, support, ETSPAR~TUN SI (na acc) [Etspar`tun drv] to lean (upon, against) 92

ETSPARNGIS aj <27> [Etspara drv] resistant ETSPARNGISKU <49> [Etsparngs drv] resistance (hardiness) ETSPERTWEI <80> (en acc) [Spertlan E 150 VM] to set (rest) with feet (against) ETSPERTWEI SI <80> [Etspertwei + atsispirti (came) MK] to withstand ETSW~IKSTISENIS <40> [Etsw`ikstitun drv] reflex (gleam, reflection) ETSW~IKSTISN~ <46> [Etsw`ikstitun drv] reflection ETSW~IKSTITUN <138> [Sw`ikstitwei drv] to reflect, ETSW~IKSTITUN SI [Etsw`ikstitun drv] to be reflected ETSWARS <36> [Etswrtun MK] counterweight, weight (for weighing, balance) ETSWRTUN <80> [Swrtun + atsverti, atsvrt MK] to counterbalance ETTAPSN~ <46> [Ettaptwei drv] thaw no ETTAPTWEI <134> [Taptwei drv] to thaw ETTEIK~SN~ <46> [Etteik`tun drv] re-creation ETTEIK~TUN <132> [Teik`tun drv] to re-create ETT IKRINSN~ <46> [Ettikrintun drv] recompense, compensation ETT IKRINTUN <85> [Entikrintun MK] to recompense, compensate ETTREPSN~ <46> [Ettreptwei drv] withdrawal, retreat ETTREPTWEI <85> [Treptwei drv] to step back, withdraw, retreat ETTRAPAN <35> [ettreptwei drv + trapt 83 + odstp + Abstand MK] gap, interval ETWAIDNSNA <45> [Etwaidntun drv] performance (play) ETWAIDNTUN <85> [Waidntun drv] to play (perform), perform (play) ETW~RTAI [wartint 35 MK] back ETW~RTAI WARTNTUN [Etw`rtai + W`rtintun MK] to turn smb back, send back, return smth ETWARTEWNGIS aj <27> [wartint 35 MK] backward, reverse (astern) ETWARTNSENIS <40> (en acc) [Ebwartntun MK] recurrence (into confession) ETWARTNSNA <45> [Etwartntun si drv] recurrence (return) , (en acc) [Ebwartntun MK] convertion (into confession) ETWARTNTUN <85> (en acc) [wartint 35 MK] to convert smb (into confession), ETWARTNTUN SI [Etwartntun drv] to come back, return, (en acc) to return (to, to the fold), convert (into confession) ETW~RTPENINGAI <32> [MK] change (odd money) ETWRPIMAI Etwrptun ps 1 pl etwrpimai 53 93

ETWRPJA Etwrptun ps 1 sg etwerpe 71 ETWRPJA Etwrptun ps 3 etwirpei 45 ETWRPJAIS Etwrptun ip 2 sg etwerpeis 53 ETWRPSENIS <40> [etwerpsennian 45drv] pardon, absolution, excuse, forgiveness, [Etwrptun 2 drv] resolution, solution (resolution) ETWRPSN~ <46> [etwerpsn` 7519] pardon, absolution, excuse, forgiveness ETWRPSNAN Etwrpsn` acc Etwerpsannan I 9 ETWRPTAN Etwrptun pc pt pa nom sg n <69> [etwierpton 65] forgiven ETWRPTUN 1 <75b> [etwrpt 117] to forgive, loose; 2 [Etwrptun 1, Wrptun MK] to solve ETWRPUNS Etwrptun pc pt ac nom sg m etwirpons 129 ETWERRE Etwertun ps 2 sg, ps 3 etwre 83 ETWERREIS Etwertun ip 2 sg etwerreis 117 ETWERTUN <80> [etwre 83 drv] to open ETWIJ~SN~ <46> [Etwij`tun drv] development ETWIJ~TUN <132> [Wtun + develop MK] to develop smth, smb, ETWIJ~TUN SI [Etwij`tun drv] to develop i ETWINTUN <113> [etwint 35] to excuse, pardon, ETWINTUN SI [Etwintun drv GlN] to apologize ETWIRINGI av [Etwiringis drv] frankly ETWIRINGIS aj <27> [Etwirs drv] frank ETWIRINGISKU <49> [Etwiringis drv] frankness ETWIRTUN <139> [etwiriuns 117] to open (repeatedly) ETWIRWUNS Etwirtun pc pt ac etwiriuns 117 ETWIRS aj <26> [etwre 83 + etkmps 55 VM + atviras MK] open EURPA <45> [Europe MK] Europe EURPINS <32> [Eurpan drv] a European EURPISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Eurpan drv] European EWANGLIJAN <35> [Euangelion 45] Gospel EWANGELISTS <32> [Euangelistai 73 drv] evangelist EWLUCINI <52> [Evolution MK] evolution EZTEIN [Esteinu 123] henceforth EZZE prp dat [esse 4123] from, prp acc [esse 353] about, [dl, betreffs MK] concerning EZZE RKISNAI av [Rkisna drv MK] from behind 94

F [f] only in new borrowings FABRKI <52> [Fabrik MK] factory FAKTAN <35> [Faktum MK] fact FALSIFIK~TAN <35> [Falsifikat MK] fake (falsification) FAISMUS <32> [Faschismus MK] fascism FEBRU~RS <32> [Februar MK] February FENMENAN <35> [Phanomen MK] phenomenon FEUDALISMUS <32> [Feudalismus MK] feudalism FEUDALRIKS <39> [Feudalherr, feudal lord MK] feudal lord FEUD~LS aj <25> [feudal MK] feudal FIGRI <52> [Figur MK] figure FIKCINI <52> [Fiktion GlN] fiction FIKSTUN <139> [fixieren Mk] to fix, fixate (fix) FILMS <32> [film Nx] film, movie FILOLGIJA <45> [Philologie MK] philology FILOLGISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [philologisch MK] philological FILOLGS <32> [Philolog MK] philologist FILOZFIJA <45> [Philosophie MK] philosophy FILOZFISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [philosophisch MK] philosophical FILOZFS <32> [Philosoph MK] philosopher FILTRTUN <139> [filtrieren MK] to filter FIN~NCI <52> [Finanz MK] finance FIN~NCISKAS <25> [Fin`nci drv] financial FIN~NCISTS <32> [finansista, finansists MK] financier FRMA <45> [Firma MK] firm FIRMAMNTAN <35> [Firmament MK] firmament FIRSTISTA <45> [Frstentum MK] principality FISKUS <32> [Fiskus MK] treasury FIZKENIKS <32> [Physiker MK] physicist FIZKI <52> [Physik MK] physics FLAKSINI <52> [Flexion MK] inflection FLUTTI <52> [Flotte MK] fleet FLDERIS <40> [folder MK] folder 95

FOLKLRI <52> [Folklore MK] folklore FOLKLRISTIKI <32> [Folkloristik MK] folklore studies FOLKLRISTS <32> [Folklorist MK] folklorist FNETIKI <52> [Phonetik MK] phonetics FNETISKAS aj <25> [Fnetiki drv] phonetically FRMATAN <35> [format MK] format FRMI <52> [Form MK] form FRMULARAN <35> [Formular MK] (blank) form FOTGRAFIJA <45> [Photographie MK] photography FOTGRAFS <32> [Photograph MK] photographer FREGATTI <52> [Fregatte MK] frigate FURNRAN <35> [Furnier MK] plywood

GABBAWA <45> [Gabawo E 779] toad GABBAWS aj <25> [Gabawo E 779 VM] warty, blistered GABBU <44> [Gabawo E 779 VM] wart (on the skin) GABTAN <35> [Gabtun + gabalas, gabals MK] piece GABTUN <80b> [gobuns I 9 + Pagaptis E 362 VM] to grip on (to), grap, catch GADDAN <35> [pogadint 109 VM] defect, vice GADDINGI <40> [Gading DIA + gatunek MK] sort, genus GADNSENIS <40> [gadntun drv] spoilage, corruption (failure), breakdown GADNTUN <85> [Pagadntun drv] to damage, harm, worsen, disimprove, GADNTUN SI [pogadint 109 MK] to spoil i, break down, go wrong G~IDIS <41> [Gaydis E 259] wheat GAIL~GEITS <58> [Gals, Gets + Weibrot WE] white bread GAILARKINS aj <29> [G`ils, Rkai drv] white-dressed GALAUTWEI <143> [gals drv] to show white, loom as smth white GALAWINGIS <27> [Gals drv Nx] whitish GALAWINS <32> [Gals, Wns + Weiwein WE] white wine GALISKU <49> [G`ils drv] whiteness GALS aj <26> [Gaylis E 459] white 96

GAILUKS <32> [Gaylux E 661] ermine GAIWNTUN <85> [gijwans 43 + geits 53 + gaivinti MK] to reanimate, vitalize GALARJA <45> [Galerie MK] gallery GALBIMAI Galbtwei ps 1 pl galbimai 31 GALBSEI Galbtwei op Galbsai 81 GALBTWEI <85> [galbimai 31 drv] to help GALD~ <46> [Galdo E 365] trough GALDAPI <52> [Goldap VM] Goldap G~LGIS <40> [Galgen MK] gallows GALMBAWINGIS <27> [Galmbs drv] bluish GALMBS aj <25> [Golimban E 462 drv] sky-blue GALINDA <45> [Galindo DK] Galindia GALINDINI <50> [Galindis drv] Galindian woman GALINDIS <40> [Galinda drv] Galindian man GALNGIS <27> [Gals drv MK] mortal GALINNIBAS <45> [Galntun drv] massacre GALNSNA <45> [Galntun drv] murder GALNTAJA <45> [Galntajs drv] murderer woman GALNTAJS <32> [Galntun drv] murderer man GALNTUN <85> [gallintwei 31] to kill, murder GALLIN Gals acc sg gallan 433 GALLINS Gals acc pl Gallans 65 GALLU <44> [Dolu E 135] gall GALS <36> [Golis E 168] death GALW~ <46> [gall 103] head; [Galwo E 504] head of a shoe GALWAS gen attr main GALWASDELKS <32> [Galwasdellks 77] main point, essence (main point) GALWASMISTAN <35> [capital MK] capital G~NCAI av [gantzei 133] quite, entirely, completely G~NDARS gen g`ndras <36> [Gandams E 716] stork GAR~ <46> [Goro E 42] ashes pit, coal pit GARANTTUN <139> [garantieren MK] to ensure GARAWNGI av [garrewingi 121] hottly G~RB~ <46> [Grbtun drv] sentence G~RBANS SPENSTUN <73> [vrpele GKS MK] to tell fairy-tales G~RBAPELLAKS <32> [G`rbs + pellaks + kalnagbris MK] mountain range 97

G~RBIKAS <46> pl [Garb` drv + [grmikan 79] MK] tale (fairy-tale), fairy-tale G~RBS <36> [Grabis E 28] mountain GARDAUTUN <143> [Gardus MK] to taste tr GARDUS <31> [gardus + gards MK] tasty GARKTI nom sg f <50> [Garkity E 269] mustard G~RM <53> [Gorme E 41] heat, glow (heat) GARNIZNI <52> [Garnison MK] garrison GARRAWS aj <25> [garrewingi 121 VM] hot GARREWILNA <45> [cotton MK] cotton GARRIN n <37> [Garian E 628, garrin 105] tree GARRINI <50> [Garrin + Stabs, Stabn MK] wood (material) GASNTUN <85> [Gestwei + etbaudinnons MK] to extinguish (put fire out) GAST~ <46> [Gasto E 238] plot of land GATTAWINTUN <85> (pri acc) [pogattawint 7711] to prepare (for), GATTAWINTUN SI [Gattawintun drv] to prepare oneself GATTAWS aj <25> [pogattawint 7711 VM] ready GATWI <52> [Hundegat + gatv + gatve MK] street GADARS, gen gadras <26> [gudrus/gudras, gudrs MK] wise GADRAN <35> [Gadars drv] wisdom GATUN <111> [gauuns 89 drv] to receive, get, obtain GAWUNS Gatun pc pt ac gauuns 89 GAZZAN <35> [Gas MK] gas GAZZASGARA <46> [Gazzan + Gar` + gas cooker MK] gas-stove GEGGALS <36> [Gegalis E 759] diver (little loon) GEGUZZI <52> [Geguse E 731] cuckoo GIDARS, gen gidras <26> [dzidrs + giedras, dziedrs MK] clear (transparent), transparent GIDE Gistwei ps 3 gide 85 GISI <52> [Geeyse E 718] heron GISTWEI <77> (na acc) [gide 85 drv] to wait (for), expect GETIN Gets acc geitin 73 GETKA <45> [geytko Gr] bread GETS f <58> [geits 53] bread GELTANAWINGIS <27> [Geltans drv] yellowish GELTANS aj <25> [Gelatynan E 464 drv] yellow GELZ~ <46> [gelso E 522] iron 98

GELZANS <25> [Gelz` drv] iron (irony) GELZ~PINTISDWARS <32> [Gelz`pints + Dwars + station MK] railway station GELZ~PINTS m <57> [Eisenbahn + Pints MK] railway GEN~ <46> [Genno E 188] woman, wife GEN~MANS Gen` dat pl (Sallbi)genn`mans 93 GENERACINI <52> [Generation MK] generation GENERALIT~TI <52> [Generalitt MK] the Generals GENER~LS aj <25> [ener`ls MK] general aj GENER~LS no <32> [General MK] general no GNERIN <37> [genus MK] gender GENIKS <32> [Genix E 742] woodpecker GNITIWS <32> [genitive MK] genitive GENNAI Gen` nom pl Gennai 93 GENNAN Gen` acc sg gennan 37 GENNANS Gen` acc pl gennans 93 GENNAS Gen` gen sg gennas 87 GENNASWILNIS <40> [Gen` + Wilnis + Frauenrock MK] skirt (womans kirtle) GENNENISKAN Genneniskas aj genneniskan 93 GENNENISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [genneniskan 93 drv] female GENNIKA Gen` <45> [Gannikan 105 drv] female GENNISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Gen` drv] womanly GENNISKU <49> [Genniskas drv] femininity GENCIDI <52> [Genozide MK] genocide GEGRAFIJA <45> [Geographie MK] geography GEMETRIJA <45> [Geometrie MK] geometry GEMETRISKAS <25> [Gemetrija drv] geometric GERGIJA <45> [Georgien] Georgia GERGINI <50> [Gergis drv] Georgian (man) GERGIS <40> [Georgier MK] Georgian (woman) GERGISKAN <35> [Gergiskas + Georgisch MK] Georgian language GERGISKAS <25> [Gergis drv] Georgian GEPR~ITERIS <40> [Gefreiter MK] lance corporal GRB~ <46> [Grbtun drv MK] legend (story) GRBAIS Grbtun ip 2 sg Gerbais 107 99

GRBAITI Grbtun ip 2 pl Gerbaiti 121 GRBSENIS <40> [Grbtun drv] story (tale) GRBTUN <85> [grbt 121] to narrate, tell GRDAUI Grdautun ps 1 sg, ps 3 gerdawi 113 GRDAUS Grdautun ip 2 sg Gerdaus 67 GRDAUTUN <143> [gerdant 99] to say GRDS <32> [gerdawi 113 VM] a sound, [Grds MK] rumor GERSENIS <40> [Gertun drv] gulp, (one) swallow GERT~ <46> [Gerto E 764] hen GERT~WANAGS <32> [Gertoanax E 713] hawk GERTKS <32> [cock + gaidukas MK] trigger (of a gun) GERTIS <40> [Gertis E 763] cock, [Gertis E 203] weathercock GERTISTIN n <37> [Gertistian E 765] chicken GERTUN <80> [Pregora + pragaras, gerti, dzert, rati MK] to swallow, devour GRWI <52> [Gerwe E 715] crane GESTI <52> [Geste MK] gesture GESTWEI <88> [Gasto E 238 VM MK] to become extinguished GESTWEI <90> [pogadint 109 VM] to decay, deteriorate GURIS <40> [Geauris E 757] coot GEWINJA <45> [Gewins drv] (unskilled) labourer woman GEWINS <38> [Gewineis E 191] (unskilled) labourer man GEWINNA Gewintwei ps 3 gewinna 87 GEWNTWEI <85> [gewinna 87 drv] to toil, work hard GEZIRAS <45> [Geseier, Geseirs DIA MK] rubbish (absurdity), nonsense GEZIRISKAS aj <25> [Geziras drv] idiotic, absurd GI encl [k`igi 17 + gi, ze MK] however; certainly GDA <45> [gdan 55 drv] shame, dishonor GDINTUN <85> [Gda, gdinti MK] to shame, GDINTUN SI [Gdintun drv] to be ashamed GIG~NTISKAS aj <25> [Gig`nts drv] enormous, gigantic GIG~NTS <56> [Gig`nts drv] giant GILLI <52> [Gile E 591] acorn GILLINTUN <85> [Gillus drv] to deepen GILLISKU <49> [Gillus drv] profundity GILLUS aj <31> [gillin 101 drv] deep GILLUW~ <46> [Gillus drv] depth 100

GILLUWAS pl tantum <46> [Giluw` drv] bowels of earth GIMMUNS Gmtwei pc pt AC gemmons 4313 GIMN~ZIJAN <35> [Gymnasium MK] high school GMSENIS <40> [gimsenin 63 drv] birth GMTAN <35> [dzimta / dzimte, dzimums MK] sex, gender (sex) GMTS <69> [Engmts + gimtas, dzimtais MK] native GMTWEI <97> [gimton 105] to be born GINEWNGIS aj <27> [ginnewings 85] friendly GINEWNGISKAN av [ginnewngiskan 113] friendly GINS <38> [Gntun + Gewineis E 191, gynjas MK] defender GINTI dm voc sg m [gnigethe MBS] (dear) friend GINNI nom sg m <54> f <52> [ginnis 113 drv] friend GINNIJA <45> [Ginni drv] fellowship GINNINS Ginni acc pl ginnins 53 GINNIS Ginni nom pl m ginnis 113 GINNISKAN Ginnisku GINNISKU <49> [ginniskan 125 drv] friendship GNSNA <45> [Gntun drv] defense GNTARS <36> [gentar DK] amber amulet GINTAWS <25> [Gintu drv] cognate, kindred, related (intermarried) GINTU <44> [ginthos Gr VM] tribe GNTUN <71> [Gynneboth, Ginthawte, Tawtegynne APN, guntwei 87 VM] to defend GINTUS <43> [ginthos Gr] a relative GRBAUTUN <143> [Grbis + Grdautun MK] to count GRBIS <40> [grbin 121 drv] number (quantity, numeral) GRBJASWIRDS <36> [Zahlwort, skaitvardis, skaitav`rds MK] numeral no GRNAWIS <52> [Girnoywis E 317] quern GIRRIMAI Girtun ps 1 pl girrimai 29 GIRSN~ <46> [girsnan 35 drv] praise, praising GIRTUN <75> [girtwei 41] to praise GSLA <45> [Pettegislo E 108 VM] sinew, vein GSNIS <40> [Geasnis E 753] snipe GWA Giwtwei ps 2 sg Gwu 85, ps 3 giwa 43 GWAMAI Giwtwei ps 1 pl giwammai 33 GWAN n <35> [gijwan 75] life (vitality) 101

GWANS Gws aj acc pl gijwans 43 GIW~NTEI Giwtwei pc ps ac av [giw`ntei 97] living GWAS Gwan gen sg gwas 41 GWASEI Giwtwei ps 2 sg gwasi 95 GWATA <45> [Giwato E 152] life GW <53> [giwei 75] life GWIN Giw acc f gijwin 113 GWIS Giw gen gijwis 123 GWTWEI <141> [giwt 43] to live GWS <26> [gijwans 43 drv] alive, living GLAB~NI <52> [Glab`tun drv] caress GLAB~SNAS pl <45> [Glab`tun drv] embrace(s) GLAB~TUN <132> [Pogl`bu VM] to embrace (repeatedly), GLAB~TUN SI [Glab`tun drv] to embrace each other (repeatedly) GLABTUN <80b> [Pogl`bu VM] to clutch smth round GL~BTUN <75b> [Pogl`bu VM] to embrace, GL~BTUN SI [Gl`btun drv] to embrace each other GLAMIS <40> [gliemeys, gliemezis + slimak MK] snail GL~IZAN <35> [Gleis MK] railing, railway track GLANDAWNGI av [glandewingei 47] consolably GLANDNTUN <85> [glandint 73] to console, comfort GLANDS <32> [Glands 105] consolation GLASSA <45> [glasso Gr] glass, glass (tumbler) GL~ST~ <46> [Glosto E 373] whetstone GL~STUN <87> [Glosto E 373 VM] to whet, sharpen (whet) GLAUB~LI <52> [Glaub`tun drv] draft (drawing), drawing GL~UBAN <35> [Gl`ubtun drv, Zug, cecha MK] scratch, line, peculiarity GLAUB~TUN <132> [Gl`ubtun MK] to draw GL~UBTUN <75b> [Gl`uptene E 247 VM] to scratch GLAD~ <32> [gliauda JB MK] prank, joke (trick) GLAUD~TWEI <138> [Gliaudoti JB MK] to joke, play tricks GL~UPTINI <52> [Glenptene E 247] mouldboard GLSIS <40> [glaesum DK] amber GLITTU <44> [Glittus drv] mucus, slime GLITTUS aj <31> [Glitteynen ON JG] slimy, viscous (glutinous), sticky GLITUKET~ <46> [Glittu + Keut` + Schleimhaut MK] mucous membrane 102

GLBALS <25> [global MK] global GLSANA <45> [Glosano E 788] slow-worm GLSIS <40> [Glossis E 604] willow GLUMBI <52> [Glumbe E 652] doe GLUMBS aj <25> [Glumbe E 652 VM] hornless GLUMS <32> [Glummas DIA MK] sullen person GLPS aj <25> [glps Kr.Donelaitis MK] silly GN~STUN <86> [Gnode E 338 VM] to knead GN~TI <52> [Gnode E 338] kneading trough GNESN~ <46> [Gnestun MK] pressure GNESTUN <76> [Gnode E 338 VM] to press, weigh down, [Gnode E 338 VM MK] to oppress GNETTAN <35> [Gnestun MK] load, burden GNETTIKS <32> [Gnestun MK] oppressor GRABIKS <32> [Gr`btun drv] robber GR~BS <32> [Grobis E 129] gut (intestine), intestine GR~BSNA <45> [Gr`btun drv] robbery GR~BTUN <75b> [grobti + gr`bt + grabic] to rob, plunder GR~DS <32> [Grad + gr`ds MK] degree GR~FISKAS <25> aj [grafisks Nx] graphic GR~ISS <32> [Grosis E 58] hoarfrost GR~MBINTUN <85> [Gramboale E 781 VM MK] to scrape GR~MBINTUN SI <85> [Gr`mbintun drv] to scratch GRAMBLI <52> [Gramboale E 781] beetle GRAN~TI <52> [Granate MK] grenade GR~NDIKA <45> [Grandico E 632] plank (board) GR~NDS <32> [Grandan 107 drv] spouse GR~NDS f <60> [Grandis E 251] chain link GR~NSTIS nom sg f <60> [Granstis E 535] borer (drill) GR~NZTUN <85> [Granstis E 535 drv] to bore, drill GRATIS [gratis MK] for free, gratis GRADENEI nom pl <61> [GraudenDIA VM] forest (old and dense) GRAUDNSNAS <45> pl [Graudntun drv] complaint GRAUDNTUN <85> [Gr`udus drv] to touch (grieve), move (grieve), GRAUDNTUN SI ezze acc [Graudntun drv] to complain (of) GRAUDTWEI <134> [engrauds 67 MK] to grieve, be sad, be gloomy 103

GR~UDU av [engrauds 67 MK] unfortunately GR~UDUS aj <31> [engrauds 67 MK] sad GRASTUN <77> [Grauden DIA VM] to demolish GRAZINTUN <85> [Greztun si drv MK] to hound (at) GRAWS <32> [Grauwus E 120] side (flank), [Grauwus E 120 VM] slope GRAWWI <50> [Grabwe E 121] rib GRAWWIKALIN Grawwi Greiwakaulin 101 GRAWWINI <52> [Grawyne E 304] side-board; [Grawwini MK] side (geometric) GRAWWINIS aj <28> [Grawyne E 304 VM] side attr, lateral GRAZINTINNI <52> [Grazzus drv MK] adornment, decoration GRAZNAN <35> [grono < * grozno MK] bunch (bunch of grapes) GRAZLI <52> [Grazlis drv] a beauty (beautiful woman) GRAZLIS <40> [Grazzus + Gramboale E 781 + grauolis GlN] good-looker (Adonis) GRAZZINTUN <85> [Grazzus drv] to adorn, decorate GRAZZUS aj <31> [Grasuthe OPN VM] beautiful GRILI <52> [Gritun MK] cream (of milk) GRITUN <106> [grieti MK] to skim (cream) GREIWAKAULIN Kriwakaulin Greiwakaulin 101 VM GRKANTAUTA <45> [Grks + Greece MK] Greece GRKINI <50> [Grks drv] Greek woman GRKISKAN <35> [Grkiskas + Greek MK] Greek language GRKISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Grks drv] Greek GRKS <32> [Greek - Grks MK] Greek man GREMTUN <80b> [grmikan 79 VM] to sing, chant GREMZD <53> [Gremsde E 87] cartilage GRNZTI <52> [Greauste E 305] twig tie (twig rope) GRNZTUN <71> [Greauste E 305 VM] to twist (a rope) GREUZNGIS aj <27> [grnsings 87] mordant, virulent GREZTUN <71> [grnsings 87 VM] to gnaw GREZTUN SI <71> [Greztun drv MK] to scrap (fight) GRWI <54> [grve MK] Count GRWINI <50> [Grwi drv] Countess GRKAI Grks nom pl m grekoy Gr GRKAN Grks acc sg grkan 7915, gen pl grecon I 9 104

GRKANS Grks acc pl grkans 37 GRKAS Grks gen sg grkas 1179 GRIKASN~ <46> [Grikausna 657] a confessional GRIKASNAN Grikausn` acc Grikausnan 67 GRIKATWEI <144> [Grikaut 65] to confess sins GRKENIKAN Grkeniks acc Grkenikan 71 GRKENIKS <32> [Grkenix 67] sinner GRKI SI Grkitwei ps 3 r grkisi 55 GRKIMAI Grkitwei ps 1 pl grkimai 55 GRKITWEI <138> [grkimai 55 drv] to sin GRKS <32> [grkas 1179 drv] sin GRKU Grks dat grku 115 GRMA <45> [grmikan 79 VM] song, hymn GRMAWINGIS <27> [grma drv MK] songful, melodious GRMIKA <45> [grmikan 79 drv] chant, [grmikan 79 VM] canticle GRMUNS Gremtun pc pt ac <68> [grmons 79] (one who has) sung GRNDAS nom pl f <46> [Grindos ON VM] floor boards of a bridge GRNSLI <52> [Grnstun + Peis`li MK] roadway, carriage-way GRNSTUN <97> [Grindos ON, Grandico E 632 VM] to cobble (pave), pave GRWA <45> [grva + grzywa + grv` MK] mane GRUNDALS <36> [Grundalis E 578] gudgeon GRUMSN~ <46> [Grumtwei drv] pounding, bang, thunder (pounding) GRUMTWEI <134> [Grumins E 51 VM] to thunder GRUMMINS <32> [Grumins E 51] thunder GRUNTAUKTIMMIS <40> [gruntan 111 + Aucktimmien 91 MK] head (chief), chief GRUNTINIKINI <50> [Gruntintun MK] foundress GRUNTINIKS <32> [Gruntintun MK] founder GRUNTINTAJS <32> [Gruntintun drv] founder GRUNTINTUN <85> [gruntan 111 + grnden MK] to found, establish GRUNTISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [gruntan 111 MK] fundamental, main GRUNTS <32> [gruntan 111 drv] foundation, base GRUPPAUTWEI <143> [Gruppi drv] to group i GRUPPI <52> [Gruppe MK] group GRUPPINTUN <85> [Gruppi drv] to group tr GRSTS <60> [engrauds 67 VM, grdia, grstis MK] sadness, melancholy 105

GBI itwei, giving doing pt 3 GBUNS itwei pc pt ac gbans 127 GUD~NITS <32> [Gyddanyzs 997 MK] Gdansk (Danzig) GUDDI <52> [Gudde E 586] bush GUDDIJA <45> [Guds drv] Russia GUDDINI <50> [Guds drv] Russian woman GUDDISKAN <35> [Guddiskas + Russian MK] Russian language GUDDISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Guds drv] Russian GUDS <32> [gudas MK] Russian man GLBS <58> [Gulbis E 717] swan GULSENIS <40> [Gulsennien 105] pain GULTWEI <75a> [Gulsennin 105 VM] to ache, hurt (ache) GUN~TUN <132> [Guntnu drv] to drive smb there and back GUNNIMAI Gntun ps 1 pl gunnimai 29 GNTUN <71> [guntwei 87] to drive away GNZIKS <32> [Gunsix E 162] swelling (bump), bump GNZIS <40> [Gunsix E 162 VM] bump, swelling GURNAI Gurns nom pl gurijnai 113 GURNANS Gurns acc pl gurnans 115 GURNISKU <49> [gurns drv] poverty GURNS aj <25> [gurns 67] poor GURKI <52> [cucumber MK] cucumber GRKL <53> [Gurcle E 97] throat GRKL <53> [Gurcle E 97] throat, maw (jaw), muzzle (maw) GURTWEI <92> [gurns 67 VM] to get tired GUWERNEMNTI <50> [Gouvernement MK] territory government GZI <52> [Gosen Gr VM] trash, rubbish, garbage GZIS <52> [Gosen Gr] muck, excrement, dung, shit, manure GZTUN <71> [Gosen Gr VM] to pour out, throw out


[gi] palatal g

H [h] only in foreign words HERALDIKI <52> [Heraldik MK] heraldry HIPTEZI <52> [Hypothese MK] hypothesis HNORARS <32> [Honorar MK] honorarium HTELS <32> [Hotel MK] hotel HUM~NISKAS aj <25> [humanisch MK] humane, humanitarian HUM~NISKU <25> [Hum`niskas drv] humanity HUMANISMUS <32> [Humanismus MK] humanism HUMANISTS <32> [Humanist MK] humanist HUMANIT~RS aj <25> [humanitr MK] of arts

[, i] a long vowel, always accented I [i] a short vowel DA <45> [dai 75] meal DAMINS <25> aj [Paklausmins MK] edible DEITI stwei ip 2 pl edeitte I 13 IDENTIFICTUN <139> [identifizieren MK] to identify DIN dis acc eden I 132 DIS <40> [dis 75] food, dish (food) DUNS stwei pc pt ac duns 105 IGNRITUN <138> [ignorieren MK] to ignore IK [Eg BPT] if IK~I [ikai 55] although IK~IGI [ikai 55 + niqueigi 107 + as if MK] as if IKKAI [ickai 99] if, as long as, while IKR~I nom pl m <36> [Yccroy E 142] shins (calves) IK TER MAZZAIS [nebent + ja tikai MK] unless, if only


LA <45> [ylo E 510] awl ILGAI av [ilga 95] long ILGAN <35> [Ilgs drv] length ILGIMAI av [(ku)ilgimai 10512] long ILGIMS aj <25> [(ku)ilgimai 10512 drv] long ILGISN~ <46> [Ilgitun si drv] longing ILGITUN SI <135> (gen) [Ilgs + ilgtis, ilgoties, to be longing MK] to be longing (for) ILGS aj <26> [Ilgenpelke ON, ilga 95 drv] long LMS <32> [Ilmis E 234] shed (hayloft) ILZI <52> [Hlse MK] cartridge-case IMIGRACINI <52> [immigration MK] immigration IMIGR~NTI <50> [Imigr`nts drv] immigrant woman IMIGR~NTS <56> [immigrant MK] immigrant man MLAI mtun cn 3 imlai 57 IMMA mtun ps 1 sg imma 10715, pt 3 imma 75 IMMAIS mtun ip 2 sg immais 117 IMMAITI mtun ip 2 pl immaiti 754 IMMATEI mtun ps 2 pl immati 115 IMMIMAI mtun ps 1 pl immimai 33 IMMITS mtun mod rel pt ymmeits II 13 IMMUSIS mtun pc pt ac nom pl m immusis 117 IMPLAMENTTUN <139> [to implement + -ieren MK] to implement IMPRTITUN <138> [importieren Nx] to import IMPRTS <32> [Import MK] import IMT~ mtun pc pt pa nom sg f imt` 10121 MTUN <71> [mt 99] to take INDI~NINI <50> [Indi`nis drv] American Indian woman INDI~NIS <40> [Indianer MK] American Indian man INDI~NISKAS <25> [Indi`nis drv] American Indian NDIJA <45> [Indien MK] India NDISKAS <25> [ndus drv] Indian INDNEZIJA <45> [Indien MK] Indonesia INDNEZNINI <50> [Indnezins drv] Indonesian woman INDNEZINS <32> [Indnezija drv] Indonesian man NDUINI <50> [ndus drv] Hindu woman 108

INDU ISMUS <32> [Hinduismus MK] Hinduism INDU ISTISKAS <25> [hinduistisch MK] Hindu aj INDU ISTS <32> [Hinduist MK] adherent of Hinduism NDUS <43> pl ndai <32> [Hindus MK] Hindu man INDUST~NS <32> [Hindustan MK] Hindustan INDUSTRI~LANIKS <32> [Industrieller MK] industrialist INDUSTRI~LIZISN~ <46> [Industrialisierung MK] industrialization INDUSTRI~LS aj <25> [industriell MK] industrial INDUSTRJA <45> [Industrie MK] industry INFANTILISMUS <32> [Infantilismus] infantilism INFANTLS <25> [infantil MK] infantile INFANTR ISTS <32> [Infanterist MK] infantryman INFANTRJA <45> [Infanterie MK] infantry INFRMACINI <52> [information MK] information INFRMISENIS <40> [Infrmitun drv] information (communication) INFRMITUN <138> [informieren MK] to inform INJAKCINI <52> [Injektion MK] injection INKSTI <52> [Inxcze E 128] kidney NSAN <35> [nss drv] shortness NSAN nss acc nsan 67 NSINSN~ <46> [nsintun drv] shortening NSINTUN <85> [nss drv] to shorten NSS aj <26> [nsan 67 drv] short, brief NSTIKS <32> [Instixs E 114] thumb INSTITTAN <35> [Institut MK] institute INSTRAN n <35> [Instran E 133] grease, fat (grease) INSTRUMENT~LS <32> [Instrumental MK] instrumental INSTRUMNTI <52> [Instrument MK] tool, instrument INTERESSANTI av [interessant + arwi MK] interesting INTERESSANTS aj <25> [interessant MK] interesting INTERESSIN <35> [Interesse MK] interest INTERESSITUN <85> [interessieren MK] to interest INTERF~CAN <35> [interface MK] interface INTERNACINALS aj <25> [International MK] international INTERNETTAN <35> [internet + Internetz MK] internet INTERWALLIN <35a> [Intervall Nx] interval 109

INTUICINI <52> [Intuition MK] intuition INZUWS m <56> [Insuwis E 94] tongue R [ir 49] even, too (even also), even also, even the very RISTIN n <37> [Eristian E 681] lamb IRMA <45> [Irmo E 109] arm IRTWEI <92> [irti, irt, oriti MK] to decay, disintegrate, decompose, collapse, erode away ISKWENDAU av [isquendau 43] from where ISL~MS <32> [Islam MK] Islam ISRALS <32> [Israel MK] Israel STA <45> [stai 77] food ISTRIJA <45> [Historie MK] history ISTRINIKS <32> [Historiker MK] historian ISTRISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [historisch MK] historic(al) STUN <117> [istwei 105] to eat ISTURITA <45> [Estureyto E 776] lizard ISTWENDAU av [isstwendan 113] from there WAGARIN <37> [Iwogarge GN, ON] owls tree IWS <32> [Iuwis E 599] yew-tree WS <32> [Iwogarge GN, ON VM] eagle-owl, owl IZ prp acc [is 41] out of, from IZARWI av [isarwi 67] truly IZARWIS aj <27> [isarwis 67] true IZARWISKAI av [isarwiskai 133] surely, authentically, really IZARWISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [isarwiskas 43] true, genuine, authentic IZAGTWEI <85> [Agtwei drv] to grow up IZBAND~SENIS <40> [Band`twei + ibandyti MK] experiment IZBAND~SN~ <46> [perband`snan 55 MK] experimentation IZBAND~TUN <142> [perband`snan 55 MK] to prove (examine), verify IZBAND~WINGIS aj <27> [Izband`senis drv] experimental IZBILSN~ <46> [Izbiltun drv] expression IZBILTUN <134a> [Biltwei drv] to express IZBILWNGI av [Izbilwingis drv] expressively, eloquently IZBILWNGIS aj <27> [Izbiltun drv] expressive, eloquent IZD~TUN SI <118> (per acc) [sich ausgeben fr MK] to pass oneself (for, as) IZDTUN <121> [Sendtun MK] to take apart, dismantle (disassemble) 110

IZDRESN~ <46> [Izdreztun drv] laceration (to pieces) IZDREZTUN <71> [Dreztun drv] to tear up, to tear to pieces IZDRUKKAUTUN <143> [Drukkautun drv] to print (entirely) IZDUMTUN <82> [Dumtwei drv] to blow up (exaggerate), exaggerate IZDWESTUN <80c> [Dwestwei drv] to breathe out, exhale IZDWISIS <40> [Izdwestun + Ndwisis MK] expiration (breathing out) IZISENIS <40> [iseisennien 123 drv] exit IZESKINTUN <85> [Eskintun drv] to clear up (unriddle), find out IZITWEI <116> [123 iseisennien drv] to go out IZGL~UBTUN <75b> [Gl`ubtun drv MK] to cross out, strike off IZGR~BSNA <45> [Izgr`btun drv] robbery IZGR~BTUN <75b> [Gr`btun drv, igrobti, plunder MK] to rob (entirely), plunder (entirely) IZGRASENIS <40> [Izgrastun drv] ruination, demolition IZGRASTUN <77> [Grastun MK] to demolish (entirely) IZGNTINIS <40> [Izgntun drv] expellee IZGNTUN <71> [Gntun drv] to drive out, banish, expel IZGZTUN <71> [Gztun drv + imatos, izmetumi MK] to spout out IZGZTWEI <71> [Gztun drv + Gozen Gr, imatos, izmetumi MK] to void (evacuate), evacuate (excrements) IZJ~SENIS <40> [Izj`twei drv] departure IZJ~SN~ <46> [Izj`twei drv] departing IZJ~TWEI <119> [J`twei drv] to depart, leave (for) IZKNINSNA <45> [izknintun drv] demand IZKNINTUN <85> [Knintun + wymagac drv MK] to demand IZKL IPTINTUN <85> [Kliptintun drv] to cancel a concealment (classifying), allow publicity IZKLATUN <144> [Klatun + ausschalten MK] to switch off IZKMPINTUN <85> [Kmpintun drv] to oust IZL~IKA Izlaik`tun ps 3 Isl`ika 41 IZLAIK~TUN <142> [Isl`ika 41 drv] to maintain IZLAIK~WUNS Izlaik`tun pc pt ac islaikuns 119 IZL~IKTWEI <85> [pol`ikt 115] to survive IZLASTUN 1 <77> [Palastun drv + ileisti MK] to emit IZLASTUN 2 <77> [Lastun drv] to spend IZLATUN <106> [isluns 63 drv] to pour out 111

IZLAUKSN~ <46> [Enlauktun drv] inquisition (inquiry) IZLAUKTAJA <45> [Enlauktajs drv] investigator (interrogator) woman IZLAUKTAJS <32> [Enlauktun MK] investigator (interrogator) man IZLAUKTINS aj <25> [Izlauktun drv] person on remand IZLAUKTUN <139> [laukt 69 + izmeklt MK] to examine (investigate) IZLGINTUN <85> [Perlgintun MK] to smooth out, to even, align tr, IZLGINTUN SI (na acc) [Izlgintun MK] to allign (with) i IZLIJA <45> [Ausgu + izlietne + zlew MK] sink (of a water-supply) IZLNKTWEI <92> [Lnktwei drv] to curve IZLSTWEI <94> [Lstwei drv] to slip out, slide out IZLWUNS Izlatun pc pt ac isluns 63 IZM~ITINT Izm`itintun pc pt pa n ismaitint 113 <69> [ismaitint 113] lost IZM~ITINTAN Izm`itintun pc pt pa acc Ismaitinton 43 IZM~ITINTUN <85> [ismaitint 113] to ruin IZMIGI Izmigtei pt 3 ismig 101 IZMIGTWEI <136> [ismig 101 drv] to fall asleep IZMRSTUN <95> [Mrstun drv] to forget (completely) IZMUKNTUN <85> [ismukint 17] to train up, IZMUKNTUN SI acc [Izmukntun drv] to learn acc IZNKTWEI <92> [Nktwei + inykti, iznkt MK] to disappear IZNIRTWEI <92> [Nirtwei drv] to dive out, surface, emerge IZPALAWNGIS aj <27> [Izpaltwei MK] successful IZPALSENIS <40> [Izpaltwei drv] success (concrete) IZPALSN~ <49> [Izpaltwei drv] success (as a conception) IZPALTWEI <85> [aupallai 1076 + Fall + wypadac MK] to be a success IZP~USTINTUN <85> [P`usts drv + ituttinti, iztukot, entleeren, oproznic MK] to empty IZPILNEWINGIS <27> [Izpilnintun drv] executive IZPILNINAMINS <27> aj [Paklausmins MK] executable IZPILNINSN~ <46> [Izpilnintun drv] performance (fulfilment), execution (fulfilment), fulfilment IZPILNINTAJS <32> [Izpilnintun drv] performer (executor) IZPILNINTUN <85> [erpilninaiti 105 + erfllen, ausfllen + wype\nic + ipildyti, izpild+t MK] to carry out, fulfil IZPRESN~ <46> [isspresnan 101 drv] perception, understanding 112

IZPRESSENIS <40> [Isspresennien 77 drv] mind (intelligence), sense (intelligence), intelligence (nous), nous IZPRESTUN <93> [issprestun 113] to understand IZPRETEWNGI av [Izpretewngis drv] intelligently, reasonably, prudently IZPRETEWNGIS aj <27> [Izprestun drv] sensible (prudent), reasonable (prudent), prudent (prudential), intelligent IZPRETNGI av [issprettngi 75] of course, naturally IZPRETTEWIS <40> [isprestun + Mukinnewis MK] sage (man of wisdom) IZPRETTEWISKU <49> [Izprettewis drv MK] wisdom IZRANKIJJA Izranktun ps 3 IZRANKLAI Izranktun cn 3 isr`ikilai 57 IZRANKINNA Izrankijja isrankinna 61 IZRANKS Izranktun ip 2 sg isrankeis 57 IZRANKSN~ <46> [Israncksnan 41 drv] salvation, rescue IZRANKT Izranktun pc pt pa n <69> [isrankt 113] rescued, saved IZRANKTAJS <32> [Izranktun drv] rescuer IZRANKTUN <139> [isrankt 113 drv] to rescue, save (to rescue) IZRANKWUNS Izranktun pc pt ac isrankuns 43 IZRATUN <111> [Ratun drv] to root out IZREIZAN av [Iz + Rizan + od razu, i karto MK] immediately IZS~KTWEI <85> [S`ktwei drv] to jump out IZSKAJJINSN~ <46> [Izskajjintun drv] eviction IZSKAJJINTUN <85> [Etskajjintun MK] to evict IZSKSENIKS <32> [Izsktwei drv MK] anchoret, hermit IZSKSN~ <46> [Atskisenna I 9] removal (from former dwelling-place) IZSKTWEI <120> [etskmai 63 drv] to move out (migrate), migrate IZSKLAITNTS Izlaitintun pc pt Pa isklaitints 121 IZSKR~ISENIS <40> [Izskr`istwei drv] departure (of an aicraft) IZSKR~ISN~ <46> [Izskr`istwei drv] flying (out) IZSKR~ISTWEI <87> [Skr`istwei drv] to fly (out) IZSPLTUN <97> [Spltun drv] to smash (to splinter), break (smash) IZSTALTUN <134a> [isstallt 123] to withstand IZSTALWINGI av [Izstalwingis drv] toughly IZSTALWINGIS aj <27> [Izstaltun drv] tough, wiry (tough), staunch (tough) IZSTALWINGISKU <49> [Izstalwingis drv] tenacity (endurance), endurance 113

IZSUPTUN <75b> [Suptun drv] to scatter (spill, pour out), IZSUPTUN SI [Izsuptun drv] to scatter (fall, pour out) i IZATUN <144> [atun MK] to hurl (once), shoot (once) IZENDAU av [isstwendan 113 + `i MK] from here IZLAITNTUN <85> [isklaitints 121 drv] to secrete (discharge), exude smth, separate IZTARSN~ <46> [Iztartun drv] pronunciation IZTARTUN <136> [Tartun drv] to pronounce IZTENGNTUN <85> [Tengntun drv] to send off (send out), send out (send off) IZTNSTUN <79> [Tnstun drv] to stretch smth, IZTNSTUN SI [Iztnstun drv] to stretch i IZTIKNSNA <45> [Ausbildung MK] education IZTULKAUTUN <143> [Tulkautwei drv] to translate ZUS <42> [Isus II 11] Jesus IZWAKTUN <134> [Waktun drv] to call out, challenge, cause IZW~NDRAUTWEI <143> [W`ndrautwei drv] to emigrate IZW~NDRAWENIKI <52> [Izw`ndraweniks drv] emigrant woman IZW~NDRAWENIKS <32> [Izw`ndrautwei drv] emigrant man IZWANGINEWNGI av [Izwanginewngis drv] perfectly IZWANGINEWNGIS <85> [Izwangintun drv] perfect IZWANGINEWNGISKU <49> [Izwanginewngis drv] perfection IZWANGINSN~ <46> [Izwangintun drv] edification IZWANGINTUN <85> [Wangintun drv + ibaigti = pilngi pabeigt, pilnveidot = vervoll-kommen, vollenden, Vollendung = doskonalic MK] to perfect IZWEKTUN <75> [Wektwei drv] to exclaim; > izwaktun IZWRPSN~ <45> [Izwrptun drv] spend, expenses, expenditure, consumption IZWRPTUN <75b> [Wrptun drv MK] to spend, to dissolve (parliament), deprave, IZWRPTUN SI [Izwrptun drv] to become dissolute IZWEZTUN <71> [Weztun drv] to ferry away, bring away (with a transport), transport away IZWIDDAUTUN <143> [haftowac + izt MK] to embroider IZWLKTUN <97> [Wlktun MK] to pull (out), draw out (to pull out) IZWINANDAU [iswinadu 77] from without IZWNGTWEI <97> (iz acc) [Wngtwei MK] to evade (shirk)


J [j, i] a palatal resonant, after which e cannot be pronounced, but a is spelled; the letter j is spelled before vowels after palatal b, p, w, f, m (cf. a) J~ [ia 99] yes JACHTI <52> [Jacht MK] yacht JAD~TWEI <132> [J`twei drv] to drive (around, repetedly), ride (around, repetedly), be on the move J~INTS <29> J`twei pc ps ac nom sg m JAS itwei ip 2 sg Jeis 71 JATI itwei ip 2 pl Jeiti 59 JAKN~ <45> [Lagno E 125] liver J~LIJA <45> [J`ls drv MK] raw material J~LS aj <25> [jls, jalov] raw J~NTS <29> itwei pc ps ac nom sg m JANW~RS <32> [Januar MK] January JAP~NIJA <45> [p`nija + Jap`nis drv] Japan JAP~NINI <50> [Jap`nis drv] Japanese woman JAP~NIS <40> [Japaner MK] Japanese man JAP~NISKAN <35> [Jap`niskas + Japanisch MK] Japanese language JAP~NISKAS <25> [Jap`nis drv] Japanese JARZALAMS <32> [Jerusalem MK] Jerusalem J~STUN <125> [juosmi, josta, opasac, MK] to gird(le), engirdle J~TAWA <45> [VM] Yatvingia (Sudovia) J~TAWIS <40> [VM] Yatvingian man J~TUWIS <52> [J`twei + Artwes E 413 MK] drive (trip) J~TWAISIS <40> [J`tuwis + W`isis + Fahrgast MK] (riding) passenger J~TWEI <119> [perioth MBS] to drive, ride J~U [iau 63] already JAJA <45> [Jauge DIA MK] (crops) barn JAUKNTUN <85> [iaukint 17] to tame (domesticate), accustom J~UKU av [J`ukus aj n] usually J~UKUS aj <31> [iaukint 17 MK] usual, common (usual) JDAN <35> [Jod MK] iodine JDI <54> [Jude MK] Jew 115

JDINI <50> [Jdi drv] Jewish woman JDISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Jdi drv] Jewish JUGGAN <35> [jungas + jgs + igo MK] yoke JUKSENIS <40> [Juktwei drv MK] habit JUKTWEI <89> (pri acc) [iaukint 77 + prijunkti MK] to get accustomed (to) JLIJS <32> [Juli MK] July JMANS Js dat Jomans 69 JMAS Js dat iomas 123 JUMPRAWA <45> [Jumprawan 41 drv] Virgin JNIJS <32> [Juni MK] June JURD~NS <32> [Jord`nen 119 drv] Jordan JREI Jris nom pl Luriay E 66 JRES ARELLIS [jrinis erelis, Seeadler Nx] white-tailed eagle JRINIKS <32> [Seemann MK] sailor JRIS <40> [irin 107] sea JURISPRUDNCI <52> [jurisprudence MK] law JS pn 2 nom pl <7> [ios 895] you JUS~ Jss nom sg f ious` 939 JSAN Js gen pl iosan 10519, Jss acc sg, nom - acc n JSANS Jss acc pl iosans 935 JSE Jss gen sg iousai 9510 JSI <52> [Juse E 377] bouillon JSMU Jss dat sg iosmu 9323 JUSN~ <46> [justun drv] sensation (physiological characteristic) JSS pn po 2 pl nom sg m [ios 10520] your(s) JUSSENIS <40> [Justun drv] sensation (of smth concretely) JUSTUN <84> [jausti + jaust + MK] to feel JTAN <35> [Justun + jtas MK] sensation (sense) JUWELRS <32> [Juwelier MK] juveller


KA Kas nom sg n ka 17 KABNTUN <85> [Kabtwei drv] KABTWEI <136> [kabuns 101 drv] hang KABWUNS Kabtwei pc pt ac kabuns 101 KAD~I [kaidaise MK] KADDAN [kadan I 13] as (if), when KADDAN [kai 1057] as (during), during (as) KADDEGS <36> [Kadegis E 608] wacholder KAFBUTAN <35> [coffee house MK] Cafe, coffee house KAFJS <32> [coffee + Tjs MK] coffee K~I cj [k`i 12315] that cj, in order to, [kai 496] how (beginning interrogative clauses only), as (during) K~IGI pcl [k`igi 17] (like) as, how, K~IGI, TT DGI [k`gi Endangon tijt digi nosemien 51] ..., as (well as) K~IKAN n <35> [Paustocaic^a E 654 VM] jade (hack) KALS [kails MBS] hello! KALS aj <25> [kails MBS + ca\y, sveiks MK] sound (intact) KALS ANKSTENAI [Kals + Anstenai MK] good morning KALS PAS KALS ANS PER ~NTRAN [MBS MK] prosit! KAILSTINTWEI <85> [Kailsts drv Nx] to convalesce, recover, get better KAILSTISKU <49> [Kailstiskun 53 drv] health KAILSTS aj <25> [Kailstiskun 53 VM] healthy K~IMALUKEI K`imalukitun ps 3 k`imaluke 37 K~IMALUKITUN <133> [k`imaluke 37 drv] to visit K~IMAWARTINTUN SI <85> [wartint 35 + k`imaluke 37 + heimkehren MK] to return home K~IMENI <52> [K`ims > kaimas, kaimen + Wisseni MK] herd, flock KAIMNANS Kaimns acc pl kaimnans 53 KAIMNINI <50> [Kaimns drv] neighbour woman KAIMNISKU <49> [Kaimns drv] neighbourhood KAIMNS <32> [kaimnan 69 drv] neighbour man K~IMS <32> [Caymis E 797] village


KANA <45> [kaina + cena MK] price KAIR~TS <32> [Kayroth APN MK] left-hander K~IR <53> [K`irs + Tikrmi + kair MK] left (side) K~IRS aj <26> [Kayroth APN VT] left K~ISNIS <58> [Coysnis E 557] comb K~ISTUN <88> [Coysnis E 557 VM] to comb K~ISTWI <52> [Coestue E 559] brush (for cleaning, combing etc.), ripple (brush) K~ITAN <35> [K`its MK] glow (heat), heat KAITNTUN <85> [enkaittai 73 drv] to heat smth up KAITTWEI <134> [enkaittai 73 drv] to heat up i K~ITS aj <25> [Kaittwei MK] hot KAWI <50> [Kaywe E 433] mare (horse) KAKINNAIS Kakntun ip 2 sg kackinnais 117 KAKNSLI <52> [Kakntun MK] aim, goal KAKNSLINTWEI <52> (en acc) [Kaknsli + zielen MK] to aim KAKNTUN <85> [kaknt 101] to reach, let smb to have smth KAKT~ <46> [Cacto E 77] forehead KALABIJJAN n <35> [Kalabian E 424] sword KAL~NDAS pl tantum <45> [kolda, Kaldos MK] Christmas KAL~PEILIS <40> [Kalopeilis E 369] chopper (knife) KAL~TUN <132> [Kal`peilis MK] to hew, hack KALB~ <46> [Kalbtwei MK] contension KALBTWEI <136> [DIA MK kalbken] to quarrel (argue) KALKNS <32> [Kalkun DIA MK] turkey KALLANI <52> [Calene E 231] barn KALLI <52> [Kalle DIA MK] fiancee KALMUS, gen kalmas <36> [Kalmus E 633] stub (stump) KALPENI <52> [Kalpus + kalpenis, Drawwini MK] loop KALPUS, gen kalpas <32> [Kalpus E 302] cross-beam over axle of a cart KALS <32> [Calene E 231 VM] stake (picket) KALS <32> [Kalis E 569] sheatfish KALS~ <46> [Kalso E 345] pancake KALS~I Kals`twei ps 3 kaltz` 77 KALSAN <35> [Kals`twei drv + zwans, dzwon MK] bell (toller) KALS~TWEI <132> [kaltz` 77 drv] to sound (ring), ring (sound) 118

K~LSTWEI <136> [kaltzwingiskai 49 VM] to sound (ring), ring (sound) KALSWINGAI WAI~TAJS <32> [Lautsprecher MK] speaker (device) KALSWINGISKAI av [kaltzwingiskai 49] loudly KALSWINGISKAN Kalswingiskas acc kalswingiskan 41 KALSWINGISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [kalswingiskan 41 drv] loud KALTAN <35> [Caltestisklok ` E 656 VM] block-hive KALTI <52> [cold Gr] coin KALTISKIS aj <28> [Caltestis(klok `) E 656] block-hive (bear) attr KALTUN <85> [kalte Gr ] to beat out (incuse) KALTUWI <52> [Kaltwei + Romestue E 532 + kaltuve MK] mint (coins mint) KALUPPI <52> [Kaluppe DIA MK] old ramshackle farmhouse KALZA <45> [Kaluse DIA MK] prison KALZENIKS <32> [Kaluseningker DIA MK] prisoner K~LWARNIS <40> [Colwarnis E 726] rook (a bird) KALWNIJA <45> [Kalfnje DIA MK] rosin KAM~ISS <32> [Caymoys E 105] shoulder-joint KAMATRA <45> [Kamatters + kmotra, sestr` MK] godmother KAMATTERS, gen kamatras <32> [Komaters E 183] godfather KAMLIN <35a> [Kamel + kamielis MK] camel K~MERA <45> [Camera MK] camera KAMISTENI <52> [Kamistin + Warreni + avene, aviet MK] raspberry KAMISTIN n <37> [Camstian E 678] sheep KAMMANAS <45> [kampnit Gr VM] bit of a bridle KAMMATA <45> [Kamato E 267] dill KAMMERKA <45> [Kamerco E 208] boxroom KAMMINS <32> [Kamenis E 222] chimney (flue) KAMMINS <32> [Kamenis E 515] forging furnace KAMNTIS <40> [kampnit Gr] horse (bridle-horse) K~MP~ <46> [Campolaukis ON, Kampe DIA MK] island (reedy island in a delta) K~MPUS <32> [Kampen DIA MK] slab of bread KAMS <43> [Camus E 788] bumblebee KAMS av <26> [Camstian E 678 VM] blunt, hornless K~MSTIS nom sg f <58> [K`mstus drv] density, consistence (thickness) K~MSTU <44> [K`mstus drv] the thick, dregs (of coffee) K~MSTUS <30> [kamtis, czsty MK] dense, soupy, viscous 119

KAMUTTIS <40> [Kams, Naguttis + kamuolys + kams + , MK] clew, bowl (clew) KAN Kas acc kan 55 KANALIZACINI <52> [Kanalisation MK] drains (sewerage) KANAPJAS nom pl f <50> [Knapios E 268] hemp KANAPSIMEN n <63> [gnapsem Gr] hemp seed KANCL~JA <45> [Kanzlei MK] office K~NUKS <32> [Kantschuck DIA MK] beater for whisking dust KAND~TUN <132> [Kanstun + kandioti MK] to bite (repeatedly), gnaw round, nibble KANLS <32> [Kanl DIA MK] cinnamon KANIB~LAUTWEI <143> [Kanib`li drv] to live on a cannibalism KANIB~LI <54> [Kannibale MK] cannibal KANIB~LISMUS <32> [Kanib`li drv, Kannibalism] cannibalism KA NIKA [kas ne kas, kas nekas MK] something K~NKLIS <52> pl f [kankls, kokles, kantele MK] Baltic harp K~NKSTA K`nksts aj nom sg f kanxta 77 K~NKSTAI av [k`nxtai 83] decently K~NKSTAS aj <25> [kanxta 77] decent K~NKST <53> [K`nxtin 53 drv] decency K~NKSTIN Kankst acc K`nxtin 53 K~NKSTINSNA <45> [kanxtinsna 77] breeding (savoir-faire) K~NKSTINTAJS <32> [K`nkstintun drv MK] mentor K~NKSTINTUN <85> [kanxtinsna 77 VM] to discipline, breed (educate) K~NKSTISKU <49> [Kanxtisku 93] discipline (self-control), order (trim) K~NKTUN <75> [kanxta 77 VM] to straiten, constrict (straiten), restrict KANNAWI <52> [Kanowe E 397] barrel (cask) KANNENIKS <32> [Kanonier MK] artilleryman KANNI <52> [Kanone MK] cannon KANS Kas acc pl kans 65 KANSTUN <87> [ksti + ksac MK] to bite, sting (bite) KANT~ <46> [Wissekant, Cantemynne + pakanta MK] patience KANTARS, gen kantras, aj <25> [Kant` drv, tickars 47, Canthyr + kantrus MK] patient KAPELLI <52> [Kapelle MK] chapel KAPELMAISTERIS <40> [Kapellmeister MK] conductor (of an orchestra) 120

KAPIT~LIN <35a> [Kapital MK] capital (means) KAPITALISMUS <32> [Kapitalismus GlN] capitalism KAPITALISTISKAS aj <25> [Kapitalists drv] capitalist KAPITALISTS <32> [Kapitalist GlN] capitalist KAPIT~NS <32> [Kapitan MK] captain KAPL~NS <32> [Kaplan MK] chaplain KAPS <36> [wosgows cappis DK] hill, grave hill, grave KAPTUN <85> [enkopts 43 + kapti MK] to peck (with a beak) KAPTUN <85> [enkopts 43 + kapti VM] to dig, chop KAPURNA <45> [Caporne ON VM] hill, barrow (ancient grave hill), cemetery K~RBIJA <45> [Carbio E 325] quern box K~RBS <32> [Torbis E 306] cord-knitted bag K~RCEM~ <46> [Karczemo E 382] tavern K~RDA <45> [Aclocordo E 313 MK] leash K~RDINALS <25> [kardinal MK] cardinal KARENGUS <42> [cinyangus E 417] flag KARESN~ <46> [kariausnan 123 drv] war KARESNIKS <32> [krieger + Kareusn`] warrior KARETWEI <144> [kariausnan 123 drv] to war, be at war KAREW~ITIS <40> [Cariawoytis E 416] council of war KARGI <45> [Karige E 610] rowan KARGS aj <25> [Karige E 610 VM] rancid KARMEN~DI <52> [Karmenade DIA MK] cutlet KARREGA <45> [Karyago E 411] military campaign KARRIS <41> [Kragis E 410] army KARRISKAS <25> [Karris drv + wojskowy MK] military K~RTAI K`rts aj nom pl m k`rtai 93 KARTANA <45> [Kartano E 636] perch (pole) K~RTI <52> [Karten(spiel) MK] card (game card) K~RTS <56> [Birgakarkis E 358] laddle (dipper) K~RTS aj <26> [k`rtai 93 drv] bitter KARSIS <40> [Karusze DIA MK] crucian KARWAN <35> [karwan DK] storehouse KARWAKS <32> [Karwauchs DIA MK] row (affray), roughhouse KARWATWEI <144> [karwauen DIA MK] to row (make a noise) KARWINTUN <85> [Karwan drv Nx] to store 121

KAS pn nom sg m <9> [kas 37] who KAS~JS <32> [Cassoye E 526] brass KASTAJA <45> [Kastajs drv] cashier woman KASTAJS <32> [Kastun drv + Kassierer MK] cashier man KASTUN <139> [kassieren MK] to cash up, debit KASMU Kas dat sg kasmu 91 KASSE PAGGAN [Stesse paggan 39] why KASSI <52> [Kasse MK] till (cash), cash register KASSIN Kassi acc, Kassis acc kassin 91 KASSIS <40> [kasschis 91] tribute KASTENS <32> [Kasten, kaste MK] box KATTWEI <113> [etwint 35 + katuoti MK] cost KATALGS <32> [Katalog MK] catalogue KATDERIN <37> [Katheder MK] chair (university department) KATEKISMUS <32> [Katechismus MK] catechism KA TR av [k tik, tikko, tylko co MK] just (only just, but just) KATLICISMUS <32> [Katholizismus MK] catholicism KATLIS <40> [katolis MK] catholic KATTA <45> [(Pausto)catto E 665] cat KATTILS <36> [Catils E 355] boiler (kettle) K~UBRI <52> [ka`ubri 105] thorn, thistle KAKS <32> [Cawx E 11] devil K~UKTWEI <75> [kaukti/aukti + kaukt + kukac/sowa MK] to howl, yowl KALAI Kalin nom pl kaulei 101 KALIN n <35> [Caulan E 155] bone KALINS Kalin acc pl kalins 101 K~ULIS nom pl f <52> [Kaules E 609] prickles K~UNI <52> [Caune E 663] marten K~UNINTWEI <85> iz [K`uns drv] to mock, jeer at, scoff at K~UNS <32> [kauns, Hohn, hauns, kvtis MK] jeer, scoff (jeer), mockery K~UPABUTAN <35> [Kaufhaus MK] shop, supermarket K~UPAN <35> [K`uptun + gijwan 75 MK] market KAUPATWEI <144> [K`upan MK] to deal (merchandise), handle (trade) K~UPENIKI <52> [K`upeniks drv] buyer woman K~UPENIKS <32> [K`uptun drv] purchaser, buyer man KAUPIKKI <52> [K`upiks drv] tradeswoman 122

KAUPIKS <32> [k`upiskan 33 + buyer + kupiec MK] dealer (trader) K~UPISKAN K`upisku acc k`upiskan 33 K~UPISKU <49> [k`upiskan 33 drv] trade (commerce), commerce K~UPL <53> [K`uptun + peis`lei 89 MK] a purchase K~UPLIS <53> [Kaupl nom pl] shopping (purchased) K~UPSN~ <46> [K`uptun drv] purchase (purchasing) K~UPTUN <75b> [k`upiskan 33 MK] to buy, purchase K~USINTUN <85> [enkausint 111] to touch KAWALARJA <45> [Kavalerie MK] cavalry KAWALARISTS <32> [Kavallerist MK] cavalryman KAWDA Kawds nom sg f kawida 97 KAWDAI Kawds nom pl m Kawdai 61 KAWDAN Kawds acc sg kawdan 63 KAWDAN Kawds nom sg n Kawijdan 59 KAWDANS Kawds acc pl kawdans 83 KAWDISKU <49> [jakosc, kokyb MK] quality KAWDS nom sg m <19> [kawds 87] which, what a KAWDSE Kawds gen sg kawijdsa 93 KAWDSEI Kawds dat sg f kawijdsei 113 KAWDSMU Kawds dat sg kawdsmu 1058 K~ZUS <42> [Kasus MK] case KEDTWEI <136> [Accodis E 214 + kedti VM MK] to rip i, come unstitched, disintegrate KITAR~ <46> [Keytaro E 54] hail (fall) KIZERINI <50> [Kizeris drv] Empress KIZERIS <40> [Keiserin 91 drv] Emperor KEKKERS <32> [Keckers E 264] pea KEKKI <52> [kek MK] bunch (bunch of grapes) KEKKULS <36> [Kekulis E 495] bath-towel KEKST nom sg f <51> [Kexti E 70] braid (plait) KEKTWEI <85> [epkieckan 55 MK] to curse (rail), blackguard KELAR~NKA <45> [Keleranco E 303] stanchion of carts rail side KLKAN Klks acc kelkan I 13 KLKS <32> [kelks 75] goblet (chalice) KELLAGZDI <52> [Kellaxde E 423] pikestaff KELLAWEZIS <40> [Kellewesze MBS] carter 123

KELLI [VM] how much KELLIN n <35> [Kelan E 295] wheel KELLIN n <37> [Kelian E 422] lance KELLISKU <49> [Kelli drv MK] amount KLMS <32> [Kelmis E 474] cap (hat) KENNA Kntwei ps KEPS <42> [kiepus MK] hat KEPTUN <71> [kepti + cept + piec MK] bake, roast KRBERZI <52> [Kerberse E 614] shrubby birch (Betula nana) KRD~ <46> [krdan 97 VM] time, tense (grammatical) KRDAN Kerd` acc krdan 97 KRDASETRAPAN <35> [Zeitraum + laikotarpis MK] period KRKA <45> [Kerko E 758] diver (bird) KRMENENISKAN av [krmeneniskan 77] bodily, carnally KRMENENISKAN Krmeniskas acc sg krmeneniskan 77 KRMENENISKANS Krmenen iskas acc pl kermeneniskans 95 KRMENENISKAS aj <25> [krmeneniskan 77 drv] bodily, carnal KRMENES Krmens gen kermenes 41 KRMENIN Krmens acc krmenen 103 KRMENISKA Krmeniskas nom sg f Krmeniskai 75 KRMENISKANS Krmeniskas acc pl kermeniskans 31 KRMENISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [krmeneniskan 77 drv] bodily, carnal KRMENS <61> [krmens 73] body KRPETLI <52> [Kerpetis E 72 + erepok + Wayklis E 190 MK] splinter (shiver), shiver KRPETS f <58> [Kerpetis E 72] skull KRSL <53> [Kersle E 534] pick, two-edged axe KRSL <53> [Kersle E 549] mattock, hoe, hiller KRAN Kra krschan 11718 KESTUN <87> [Accodis E 214] to part (move apart) KETTURDESIMTS <58> [Ketturei MK] forty KETTUREI crd <41> [Kettwirts 29 VM] four KETTURNADESIMT crd [Anadesimt, Ketturei MK] fourteen KETTURSIMTA [Warto E 210, Ketwerta MK] four hundreds KETURDESMTS ord <26> [Ketturdesimts drv] fortieth KETURNADESMTS ord <26> [Ketturnadesimt drv] fourteenth 124

KETURSMTS ord <26> [Kettursimta drv] four hundredth KETURW~RST [ainaw`rst 6926 MK] four times KETWEREI <27> [Ketwerei + czworo MK] four (as a group), (+ pl tantum) [ketveri MK] four KETWERINSUN [TN MK dangonsuen] to four, four (persons) together KETWERTA <45> [Warto E 210 + ketvertas MK] four of, of four ... KETWIRT~ Ketwirts nom sg f Ketwirta 51 KETWIRTADELKS <32> [ketvirtadalis, ceturtdaiea MK] quarter KETWIRTAN Ketwirts acc ketwirtin 37 KETWIRTIKS <32> [Ketwirtire E 21] Thursday KETWIRTS ord nom sg m <69> [chaining host 29] fourth KETWIRTSMU Ketwirts dat Ketwirtsmu 63 KUKARS <32> [Keutaris E 762] wood-pigeon KET~ <46> [Kento E 156] skin; [Keuto E 497] leather (shoe leather) KKS <32> [Kkas DIA MK] bridesman KLA <45> [Kylo E 771] wagtail KIL [Kilo MK] kilogramme KILMETRAS nom sg m <32> [Kilometer MK] kilometre KMDAS sg masc <32> [cimds, kinnas K.Bga MK] mitten KNA <45> [erknina 117 MK] strain, tension, competition, match (contest) KNENIKS <32> [Kna MK] rival, competitioner, contestant KNINTUN <85> [erknina 117 VM] gain by force KNINTUN SI <85> [erknina 117 VM] to tighten i, tighten a belt, (paggan psp gen) [Knintun MK] to bargain (chaffer) (for), (per acc) to compete, contend (for) KNSENIS <40> [Kntwei drv] gust of wind KNSN~ <46> [Kntwei drv] dash (straining), thrust (dash) KINSTWEI <93> [Tulekinste MK] to endure (to be patient) KINTUPS <32> [Kintopp DIA] cinema KNTWEI <97> [erknina 117 VM] to dash (strain), (prei acc) to strain (after) KRDIMAI Kirdtun ps 1 pl krdimai 113 KIRDSN~ <46> [Kirdtun drv] hearing KRDITI Kirdtun ip 2 pl krdeiti 101 KIRDTLA <45> [kirdtwei drv Nx] headphone, ear-piece KIRDTUN <137> [kirdtwei 67] to hear KRKI <52> [krkis 17 drv] Church 125

KRKIN Krki acc kirken II 9 KRKIS Krki gen sg krkis 17 KRMS m <57> [Girmis E 786] worm KRNA <45> [Kirno E 637] shrub (bush), bush (shrub) KRPTUN <97> [Kerpetis E 72 VM MK] to slash (nick, indent) KRSA prp (av) acc [kirsa 8918 VM] across, over (across), above KRSA PRATREPTUN <85> [Pratreptun + ubertreffen MK] to exceed KIRS~I av [Krsa + skersai MK] across KRSAN Krsa kirschan 11718 KRSAN <35> [kirsa 8918 drv] crossing, spar (traverse) KRSAWS aj <25> [Krsa + Garraws MK] transversal, crosscut KRSL <53> [Krsa, Krsan + rslis MK] obstacle, hindrance KRSLINTUN <85> [Kirsl drv] to hinder KIRSN~GEITS <58> [Krsnas, Gets + Schwarzbrot WE] brown bread KRSNAS aj nom sg m <26> [Kirsnan E 460] black KRSNAUTWEI <143> [Krsnas drv MK] to show black, loom as smth black KIRSNAWNGIS <27> [Krsnas drv] blackish KRSTUN <86> [kyrteis Gr] to strike (a blow), hit (to strike) KRA Krsa kirscha 279 KRTAIS Krstun ip 2 sg [kyrteis Gr] strike! KRTIS <40> [Kirtis E 163] a strike (blow), a blow (strike) KISLS <32> [Kissl DIA MK] drinkable fruit jelly KSMAN Ksmus acc (stan) ksman 131 KSMINGISKAI av [ksmingiskai 51] temporarily KSMINGISKAS aj <25> [ksmingiskai + Ksmus drv] temporary KSMUS, gen ksmas <32> [(stan) ksman 131 drv] while (time), time (while) KITAKWI av [kits + Wiskwi MK] elsewhere KITAWDAI av [kittewidei 49] differently KITAWDI av [kittawidin 115] differently KITAWDINTUN <85> [kitawidintun(sin) 99] to change (modify) KITAWDISKAI av [kittewidiskai 129] differently KITAWDS <25> [kittawidin 115 VM] different, of another kind KITS <18> [kittan 55] other, another KITTAN Kits acc sg kittan 55 KITTANS Kits acc pl kittans 27 KIZZIS nom pl f <52> [Kisses E 478] fur coat 126

KL~D~TS <25> [Kl`ds drv + Mais`ts MK] flaky, laminar KL~DS <32> [klodas, kloti + kl`t + pok\ad MK] layer KL~IWIJA <45> [Claywio E 375] flank (meat) KL~IWS aj <26> [Claywio E 375 VM] oblique (skew), skew, slanting KL~KIS <41> [Clokis E 655] a bear KLAKST~ <46> [Klexto E 333] besom, broom KLAMMERS, gen kl`mras <32> [Klammer + klamra MK] clamp KL~MRAI <32> [Klammers drv + klamry MK] brackets KL~NTAMAI Klanttun, Klanttwei ps 1 pl klantemmai 29 KL~NTAN <35> [Klanttwei drv MK] oath KL~NTEWINGI av [Kl`ntan drv] under oath KLANTI <52> [Klente E 673] cow KLANTSENIS <40> [Klanttun drv MK] spell (incantation) KLANTSN~ <46> [klantsnan 69 drv] reviling KLANTSNAN Klantisn` acc klantsnan 69 KLANTTUN <136> [klantwuns 695 drv] to scold (miscall) smb, revile smb KLANTTWEI <136> [klantemmai 29 drv] to swear (take an oath) KLANTWUNS Klanttun pc pt ac klantwuns 695 KLAPS ij [Klops DIA MK] bang! crack! KLAPSS <32> [Klops DIA MK] mince-meat ball KLASSI <52> [Klasse MK] class KLASSISKAS <25> aj [klassisch MK] classic KLATRAN <35> [Klaschtr DIA MK] monastery KLATTAI nom pl m <32> [Clattoy E 292] burdock KLAUSIMAI Klaustun ps 1 pl klausmai 29 KLAUSITI Klaustun ip 2 pl Klausieiti 89 KLAUSTLA <45> [~ukla + Klaustun JS] receiver (telephone) KLAUSTUN <134> [klausiton 57] to listen, obey KLAUSWENIKS <32> [Klausweniki 71 drv] confessor (priest) KLAUSWENIKU Klausweniks dat Klausweniki 71 KLAUSWINGIN Klauswings acc sg klauswingin 65 KLAUSWINGIS m <40> [Klauswings 73] confessor (priest) KLAUSWUNS Klaustun pc pt ac klausiuns 105 KLATALS <32> [Klatun MK] key KLATUN <144> [kliauti + kieaut + klucz MK] to lock KLAWIKS <32> [Klatun + switch MK] switch (toggle) 127

KLAWIATRI <52> [Klaviatur Nx] keyboard KLNAN <35> [Clenan E 194] granary KLNIKI <52> [Klinik MK] clinic KLNIKISKAS <25> [Klniki drv] clinical KLNIS nom pl f <52> [Clines E 336] bran KL IPTAN <35> [Kliptun drv MK] secret KL IPTAUTWEI <143> [Kliptan drv MK] to behave secretive KL IPTAWA <45> [Kliptun drv MK] hideout, shelter (cache), cache (shelter) KL IPTINAN! av [Kliptins drv] classified! KL IPTINNIS <27> [Kliptan drv MK] mysterious, cryptic KL IPTINS aj <25> [Kliptan drv MK] secret (hidden) KL IPTINTUN <85> [Kliptan drv] to keep secret KLIPTUN <97> [auklipts 123 drv] to hide, KLIPTUN SI [Kliptun drv] hide oneself KLTS f <58> [Clenan E 194 VM] garner (small granary with a dwelling storeroom) KLUBS <26> [lubas, Klmbtwei MK] lame (limping) KLMBINSENIS <40> [Klmbintun drv] bodily harm KLMBINTUN <85> [Klmbis drv] to mutilate (to lame), lame (to mutilate) KLMBIS <40> [Klumbtwei drv + klumbys MK] lame (person), cripple (gimp) KLUMBSN~ <46> [Klumbtwei drv MK] limp (gimp) KLUMBTWEI <134> [Klumbtwei drv MK] to cripple (limp), limp KLMBTWEI <85> [klmpis VM] to bend i rectangular, to stumble (step short) KLMPIS <40> [Clumpis E 216] chair KLUMSTINA Klumstintwei ps 3 klumstinai 119 KLUMSTINAITI Klumstintwei ip 2 pl klumstinaitai 117 KLUMSTINTWEI <85> [klumstinai 119 drv] to knock (at) KLUPSTIS nom sg f <58> [Klupstis E 140] knee KN~ISTIS f <68> [Knaistis E 36] fuse (for burning) KNIPJA Kniptun ps 3 kniipe 107 KNIPTUN <75b> [kniipe 107 drv] to draw (scoop up) KNIPTWEI <89> [Knipaw ON, kniipe 107 VM] to be flooded, be inundated KNUPLKS <32> [Knuflk + Knobloch DIA + iploks MK] garlic KNUPS <32> [DIA Knups MK] button, push-button, thumbtack KDIKS <32> [Kodex, -dizes, codex MK] codex KLAGI <54> [Kollege MK] colleague man 128

KLAGIJAN <35> [Kollegium MK] board (committee) KLAGINI <50> [Klagi drv] colleague woman KLUNI <52> [Kolonne MK] column KMEDIJA <45> [Komdie MK] comedy KMPAKTS <25> aj [compact MK] compact KMPLICITAN av [Kmplicitun drv] complicatedly KMPLICITS <69> [Kmplicitun drv, kompliziert MK] complicated KMPLICITUN <138> [komplizieren , komplict MK] to complicate KOMPNISTI <52> [Kompnists drv] composer woman KOMPNISTS <32> [composer MK] composer man KMPUNNTI <50> [Komponente MK] compoment KMPUTERIS <40> [computer] computer KMUNIKAUTWEI <143> [communicate + dr`ugautwei MK] to communicate KNCERTAN <35> [concert MK] concert KNFERENCI <52> [Konferenz MK] conference KNFESINI <52> [Konfession MK] confessional denomination KNFIGURITUN <138> [configuration, konfigurowac MK] to shape KNFISCITUN <138> [konfiszieren MK] to confiscate KNFISKACINI <52> [Konfiskation] confiscation KNFITIRI <52> [Konfitre + konfitury MK] confiture, jam (confiture) KNFLIKTITWEI <138> (sen acc) [MK konfliktieren] to feud (with) KNFLIKTS <32> [Konflikt MK] conflict KNKRETAI av [Konkrets drv] concrete (specifically) KNKRETS aj <25> [konkret MK] concrete (specific) KNKURENCI <52> [Konkurrenz MK] competition KNKURENTS <56> [Konkurrent MK] rival, competitor KNKURSS <32> [Konkurs MK] contest (competition) KONSNANTS <61> [Konsonant MK] consonant KNTAINERIS <40> [container MK] container, skip, dumpster KNTAKTITWEI <138> sen (acc) [Kntakts drv] to keep in touch with KNTAKTS <32> [Kontakt MK] contact KONTRLI <52> [Kontrolle, kontrole MK] control KONTRLITAJS <32> [Kontrlitun drv] controller (checker) KONTRLITUN <138> [kontrollieren MK] to control KNTURI <52> [Kontur MK] contour, outline (contour) 129

KNWERTITUN <138> [konvertieren Nx] to convert KPIJA <45> [Kopie MK] copy KPITUN <138> [kopieren MK] to copy KRALS <32> [Choral MK] Choral KRS <32> [Chor MK] choir KSMISKAS aj <25> [Ksmus drv] cosmic, spatial (cosmic) KSMUS <32> [cosmos MK] space (cosmos), cosmos KRAGS <32> [Kragis E 400] jug (cruse), pitcher (jug) KRASAWIZI <52> [craysewesen DK] hay oats KRAS <50> [Craysi E 275] piece of straw, stem (footstalk, scape) KRASS <32> [Crays E 289] hay KRAKSTS <36> [Kraxtoye BiolikPregMem MK] edge, brim KRAKT~ <46> [Kracto E 744] black woodpecker KR~KTWEI <75> [Crocow JG + kriokti, kr`kt MK] to snoore, rattle KR~MPTIS <40> [Cramptis E 538] nail (iron nail) KR~MS <32> [Kr`m (Sachen) DIA MK] furniture KR~MSTUN <86> [Cramptis E 538 VM] to chew KR~NS <32> [Kran MK] crane (jenny) KR~NTS <36> [krantas + Kranz MK] coast, bank (waterside) KR~UJ~ <46> [Crauyo E 160] blood KR~UJAI Krauj` dat kraeuwiey II 13 KRAUJAKWAITNGIS <27> [Krauj`, Kw`its drv] bloodthirsty KR~UJAN Krauj` acc krawian 43 KRAUJ~WIRPS <32> [Crauyawirps E 551] bleeder KRALI <52> [Kratun drv] load (lading, consignment) KR~US nom sg f <50> [Crausy E 617] pear-tree KR~UAS nom pl f <50> [Crausios E 618] pears KRATUN <111> [krauti + kraut + kryc MK] to lade (stow, load), load KRAWAN <35> [krva + Kratun drv MK] heap KRAWATTI <52> [Krawatte MK] tie (necktie) KRIWA <45> [Kriwis drv] Byelorussia, Belarus KRIWAKALIN acc Grawwi KRIWINI <50> [Kriws drv] Byelorussian woman KRIWIS <40> [krievis, ] Byelorussian man KRIWISKAN <35> [Kriwiskas drv] Byelorussian language KRIWISKAS <25> aj nom sg m [Kriwis drv] Byelorussian 130

KRIWS aj <26> [Greiwakaulin 101 VM] splay (skew-whiff) KREKKULS <36> [krekulas-kreulas, krekti-kreti + krect + krzek; Weduls MK] clot (blood clot) KREKLIN n <35> [Kraclan E 118] breast KREKTWEI <89> [krekti, kreti + krect + krzek MK] to curdle, clot KREPI <52> [Krepsche DIA MK] shopping-bag, basket KRIKATAS nom pl f <45> [Crichaytos E 621] bitter plums KR IKSTENIKS <32> [Crixtnix 111] baptizer KRIKSTIJJA Kriksttun ps 1 sg Crixtia 129 KRIKSTNA <45> [Krixtieno E 741] earth-swallow KRIKSTSENIN Krikstsenis acc Crixtissennien 131 KRIKSTSENIS <40> [Crixtissennien 131 drv] baptism KRIKSTSN~ <46> [Crixtisn` 6121] baptizing, christening KRIKSTISN~LAISKAS nom sg m <32> [Crixtisn`laiskas 17] baptizing book KRIKSTSNAN Krikstisn` acc crixtisnan 59 2 KRIKSTSNAS Krikstisn` gen Crixtisnas 111 KRIKSTTI Kriksttun ip 2 pl Crixteiti 59 KRIKSTTS Kriksttun pc pt Pa crixteits II 11 KRIKSTTUN <139> [Crixtitwi 111] to baptize KRKSTWEI <87> [Krixtieno E 741 VM] to shout emotionally KRIKS~NAI Kriks`ns nom pl m Crixtianai 87 KRIKS~NANS Kriks`ns acc pl m Crixti`nans 73 KRIKS~NIMANS Kriks`ns dat pl Crixti`nimans 123 KRIKS~NISKAN Kriks`niskas acc sg Crixti`niskan 99 8 KRIKS~NISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Cristi`niskas 39] Christian KRIKS~NISKU <49> [Crixti`niskun 121 drv] Christianity KRIKS~NISKWAN Kriks`nisku no acc sg Crixti`niskun 121 KRIKS~NISTA <45> [Cristionisto E 794] Christianity KRIKS~NS <32> [Crixtianai 87] Christian KRIMINALISTS <32> [Kriminalist MK] criminalist KRIMINALKDIKS <32> [Krimin`ls + Kdiks MK] penal code KRIMIN~LS aj <25> [kriminal MK] criminal KRIMMA <45> [Crymithen 1421 ON, krimeles JG] fungus, mushroom KRSAMETTELAI <32> nom pl n [kresze, krysze, metle VT, mettan MK] New Year Kresan festival 131

KRSLIN n <35> [Creslan E 217] armchair KRISTALLIN <35a> n [Kristall MK] crystal (cut-glass) KRISTALLISKAS <25> [Kristallin drv] crystal aj KRIST~LS, gen kristallas <32> m [Kristall MK] crystal (1 piece) KRISTU Krists dat Christu 117 KRISTUN Kristus acc Christon 45 KRISTUS nom sg m <42> [Christs 59] Christ KRITKERINI <50> [Kritkeris drv] critic woman KRITKERIS <40> [Kritiker + Kritki MK] critic man KRITKI <52> [Kritik MK] criticism KRTISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [critically MK] critical KRITIZTUN <139> [kritisieren MK] to criticize KRIWATIS <40> [Criwayto DK] son of a Kriwe, subordinated Kriwe KRIWWI <52> [Criwe DK VM] Kriwes staff, staff of a mayor of a village KRIWWIS <52> [Criwe DK] Kriwe KRICERS <32> [Kreuzer MK] cruiser (armoured cruiser) KRNI <52> [Krone + kronis, kroon/i MK] crown KRGS <32> [Krg (Gassttte) DIA MK] inn KRMPSTIS f <58> [Trumpstis E 361] poker (rake) KRMSTUS <43> [Krumstus E 116] knuckle KRUPELI <52> [Trupeyle E 780] frog KRTWEI <113> [krt 101] to fall KRWIS <40> [Kruwis E 167] fall (down), downfall KRUWWINS <25> [Krauj` drv + Dein`, Dinins, kruvinas MK] bloody KU Kas instr. sg n ko(desnimma) I 15 KUBBUS <42> [Kubus MK] cube KUDEZNIMAI av [kodesnimma I 15] how often, so often as, as often KDS <32> [Accodis E 214 MK] reek, fumes KGELIS <40> [Kgis + ball MK] bullet (rifle bullet) KUGGIS <40> [Kogge MK] ship (large) KGIS <40> [Kugis E 426] bulb (bulge, knob) KILIS <40> [Tuylis E 683] boar KJS <32> [Cugis E 518] hammer KUKS <32> [Cucenbrast ON] devil KUKS aj <25> [Cucan E 465] brownish, tawny KUKRI <52> [Kukore E 348] kitchen; cooking wooman 132

KUKRIS <40> [Kukore E 348 VM] cook KUKURISGARR~ <46> [Kuk`ri + Gar` + Kchenherd MK] kitchen-range KULIKS <32> [Kuliks E 487] purse, wallet KULIKS <32> [Kuliks E 487] small pouch KULLIS <40> [Kuliks E 487 VM] pouch KLNS f <60> [Kulnis E 143] ankle-bone KULS nom sg f <50> [Culczi E 138] hip (haunch), thigh KULTRI <52> [Kultur MK] culture KUM~NDAN <35> [Kommando MK] command (order), detachment KUM~NDANTS <56> [Kommandant MK] commandant KUMENT~RS <32> [Kommentar MK] comment KUMMETIS <40> [Kumetis E 409] peasant KUMMUNISMUS <32> [communism MK] communism KUMMUNISTISKAS aj <25> [Kummunists drv] communist KUMMUNISTS <32> [communist MK] communist KMPAN <35> [kumpint 109 + sakumpt MK] hump (hunchback) KMPELIS <40> [Kmpan + kuprelis, kuprtis MK] humpback (person) KMPINA Kmpintun ps 3 kmpinna 51 KMPINSNA <45> [Kmpintun (si) drv] hindering, disorder, confusion (disorder) KMPINTUN <85> [kumpint 109] push away, hinder, KMPINTUN SI [Kmpintun drv] to get disturbed (deranged) KMPIS <40> [kumpis + kumpis, kp MK] ham KMPL <53> [kumpint 109 MK] obstacle, hindrance KMPS aj <26> [etkmps 55 + kumpas + kumps MK] hooked (curved), curved (nose) KMPS aj <26> [Kmpan MK] humped KMPTWEI <75b> [etkmps 55 MK] to hog the back, to hump KUNEGIKS <32> [Konegycke APN VM] prince KNKALIS <32> [Tunclis E 272] corn-cockle KUNNEGINI <50> [Kunnegs drv] queen KUNNEGISTA <45> [Kunnegs drv] Kingdom KUNNEGS <32> [Konagis E 405] king KUNNEGSGARBS <32> [Knigsberg MK] Knigsberg KUNSTA <45> [Kunst, JB MK] art KUNSTENIKS <32> [Kunsta drv] artist 133

KUNSTISKAS aj <25> [Kunsta drv] artificial KNSTUN <76> [knti 103 drv] to protect, look after KNTE Knstun ps 3 knti 103 KUNTIS f <58> [Kuntis E 113] fist KPA <45> [kopa, k`pa MK] dune KPAS <45> [Kapes DIA MK] Curonian Spit KPENIKS <32> [Kapeninker DIA MK] inhabitant of the dunes KUPPULA <45> [kopu\a, cupola MK] cupola (dome) KUPSNISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Kupsns drv] misty, nebulous KUPSNS <32> [Kupsins E 46] mist, brume KUPSTAS <32> [Keps(te - pl), Kupst DIA MK] stack (stook), shock (stack) KRA Krtun pt 3 kra 101 KUR~NS <32> [Quran MK] Koran KRINGIS aj <27> [Kris drv] honeycomb KRIS <40> [korys, k`re MK] honeycomb, cell (biological) KURKA <45> [Kurcho DK VM] (grain crops) sheaf KURPELIS <40> [Turpelis E 509] shoe-tree KURPI <52> [Kurpe E 500] shoe KURPINS Kurpi acc pl kurpins 41 KURPIS <40> [kurpis E 519] log-bed under an anvil KURSINI <50> [Kursis drv] Curonian woman KURSINMARI <50> [Kursis, Marri MK] Curonian Lagoon KURSIS <40> [kuris, kursis MK] Curonian man KURSRS <32> [cursor MK] cursor KURSS <32> [course MK] course KRSTWEI <93> [kurteiti 87 VM] grow deaf KRT~ <46> [Korto E 698] barrier (enclosure) KURTITI Kurttwei ip 2 pl kurteiti 87 KURTTWEI <134> [kurteiti 87 VM] to err, be mistaken (wrong) KURTS <32> [Kurtis E 700] greyhound KRTS <26> [kutras, kurls + kurteiti 87 VM] deaf KURTUN <85> [kra 101 drv] to create KURWAN Cure which acc sg kurwan 89 KURWAS nom sg m <32> [kurwis E 672] ox KS nom sg f <51> [Cosy E 96] windpipe KSISN~ <46> [Ksitwei drv] cough 134

KSITWEI <133> [Cosy E 96 MK] to cough KUSLAISIN Kuslaisis acc kuslaisin 93 KUSLAISIS Kussals cp <28> [kuslaisin 93 drv] weaker KUSSALS, gen kuslas, aj <26> [kuslaisin 93 drv] weak KUSSIS <40> [Tussis E 783] gnat (mosquito) KT <53> [Kote E 724] (jack)daw KUZNS <32> [Cousen + kuzyn MK] cousin KWADR~NTS <56> [Quadrant Ma] quadrant KWADR~TAN <35> [Quadrat MK] quadrat(e), square (tetragon), tetragon KW~I ps 1 sg [quoi 69] I want, ps 2 sg [Quoi 99] thou wantest, ps 3 [quoi 47] wants KW~I Kas nom pl m quai 37 KW~I Kas nom sg f quai 119 KWAIT~I ps 3 Kwaiti quoit` 51 KWAIT~IMAI Kwait`i ps 1 pl quoit`mai 55 KWAITAWNGIS <27> [Kw`its, Nx] greedy KWAITI Kwaittun ps 3 quoit 57, BPT koyte KWAITITEI Kwaittun ps 2 pl quoitti 115 KWAITLAI Kwaittun op (cn 3), op (cn 1, 2 sg) quoitijlai 117 KWAITLAISEI Kwaitlai op (cn 2 sg) quoitlaisi 79 KWAITLITEI Kwaittun op (cn 2 pl) quoitlaiti 117 KW~ITIN Kw`its acc qu`itin 95 KW~ITINGIS aj m <27> [(ni)qu`itings 113] whimsical KWAITSN~ <46> [Kwaittun drv] wishes (compliments) KWAITSN~ <46> [(labbai)quoitsnan 97] desire KWAITSNAN Kwaitisn` acc (labbai)quoitsnan 97 KWAITTUN <134> [quoit 57 + wnschen GKS] to wish smb smth (to compliment) KWAITTUN <134> [quoit 57 drv] to want KW~ITS <32> [qu`its 518] will (volition) KWI [quei 75] where KWEIT~TWEI <132> [Kwistwei drv] to flower KWITIKS <32> [Kwitis dm] (small and nice) flower KWITIS <41> [Kwistwei + kvietys MK] flower KWKI <52> [Queke E 635] fence-pole KWISTWEI <100> [kvitt + kvietys + kwisc MK] to come into bloom, effloresce 135

[ki] palatal k ~SI nom sg f <50> [Kiosi E 402] goblet

L [l], a palatal resonant, after which e is never written, however a is spelled instead of e (see A) LABADNGEWIS <25> [Dngewis, Labapadngausna MK] benevolent LABAPADNGAUSNA <45> [labbapodingausnan 83 drv] benevolence (benevolent inclination) LABAPADNGAUSNAN Labapadngausna acc labbapodingausnan 83 LABASEGSN~ <46> [labbasegsnan 85 drv] beneficence LABASEGSNAN Labasegisn` acc labbasegsnan 85 LABATNGINS Labatngs acc pl labbatngins 97 LABATNGIS <27> [labbatngins 97 drv] haughty LABBAI av [labbai 49] well LABBAN Lab n (av) labban 2918] good, well LABBAN Labs acc labban 5314 LABBAN no n <35> [labban 83] goods (belonging); [Labbas 53 drv] Good, Well LABBANS Labban acc pl labbans 41 LABBANS Labs acc pl labbans 93 LABBAS Labban no gen sg n Labbas 53 LABBAS Labs gen labbas 35 LABBAT~ <46> [labbatngins 97 VM] pride LABBISKU <49> [labbisku 852] kindness LABNGIS aj <27> [labbngs 51] kind (good) LABS aj <26> [lab 51] good LAD~I pl <36> [ice + ledai, lody MK] ice-cream


LADDAAPPAN <35> [Lads + appan + refrigerator, ledusskapis MK] cooler, refrigerator LADDINGIS aj <27> [leddig DIA MK] single (unmarried), unmarried LADS <36> [Ladis E 56] ice LAG~LS <25> [legal MK] legal LAGISLATWS <25> [legislativ MK] legislative LAGZD <53> [Laxde E 607] hazel-bush; [Kellaxde E 423 VM] stick LAIBTWEI <134> [Labs drv] to lose flesh LABS <26> [laibas, laibs, MK] lean (thin), thin (lean) L~IDES TALS <42> [Talus E 207] dirt floor (loam floor) L~IDIGELZA <45> [Bgeleisen + gluddzelzs + zelazko MK] iron (smoothingiron) L~IDILUBA <45> [Plttbrett MK] ironing-board L~IDIS <41> [Laydis E 25] clay (loam) L~IDITUN <133> [MK smoothes] to iron (to press) L~IDS aj <26> [Laydis E 26 VM] slippery (glassy) L~IKA Laik`tun ps 3 l`iku 37 L~IKAITI Laik`tun ip 2 pl l`ikutei 87 L~IKAMAI Laik`tun ps 1 pl l`ikumai 29 LAIK~SENIS <40> [Laik`tun si drv] behaviour LAIK~TS Laik`tun pc pt pa laikts 17 LAIK~TUN <142> [laikt 107] to carry out, hold, (per acc) to consider smb, smth to be ..., LAIK~TUN SI [laikytis, uzturties, trzymac si MK] to behave, pri (acc) [sich halten an, laikytis ko MK] to keep to, stick to LAKNAN n <35> [Laygnan E 98] cheek L~ILINTAJA <45> [L`ilintajs drv] torturer woman L~ILINTAJS <32> [L`ilintun drv] tormentor, torturer man L~ILINTUN <85> [Lailtwei MK ] to torment, torture, thin smth, L~ILINTUN SI [L`ilintun drv] to suffer LAILSN~ <46> [lailsnan 69 drv] torment LAILSNAN Lailisn` acc lailsnan 69 LAILSNIKS <32> [Lailtwei drv] martyr LAILTWEI <134a> [lailsnan 69 VM] to grow thinner, torment oneself, be in torment L~ILS aj <26> [lailsnan 69 VM] thin 137

L~IMAN <35> [L`ims drv] wealth L~IMINTISKAI av [laimintiskai 45] plentifully L~IMISKAI av [Laimiskai 41] plentifully L~IMISKAN L`imiskas acc laimiskan 119 L~IMISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [laimiskan 119] plentiful, abundant L~IMISKU <49> [L`imiskas drv] abundance L~IMITWEI <134> [laimiskan 119] to get rich L~IMS aj <25> [laeims I 9] rich LAIPINNA Laipintwei pt 1 sg laipinna 105 LAIPINNUNS Laipintwei pc pt AC laipinnons 67 LAIPNTWEI <85> [laipinna 105 drv] to order (command), command L~IPT~ <46> [Laipto E 248] plough-tail L~IS~ <46> [Layso E 27] alumina L~ISINIS <40> [Lais` drv] lump, clod L~ISKAN l`iskas acc laisken 101 L~ISKAS nom sg m <36> [(Crixti)L`iskas 111] book LAISKENS <32> [L`iskas drv] bookshop L~ISTAN <35> [L`istun MK] putty cement, lute L~ISTUN <87> [L`ids MK] to putty, lute, daub LASTUN <77> [polayde DK + Palastun MK] to admit to, let go (from hands), let through (pass) LATAWA <45> [Lietuva + J`twa MK] Lithuania LATAWIBI <52> [Latawis drv] Lithuanian features LATAWINI <50> [Latawis drv] Lithuanian woman LATAWIS <40> [Latawa drv] Lithuanian man LATAWISKAN <35> [Latawiskas + Litauisch MK] Lithuanian language LATAWISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Latawa drv] Lithuanian LATIKS dm <32> [Leitike APN VT] Lithuanian man dm L~ITIN n <37> [Laitian E 381] sausage LATUN <106> [pralieiton 75 drv] to pour LAWAN <35> [hlaiw + lavas + lava MK] ship LAWANPLUSN~ <46> [Lawan, pltwei MK] navigation L~IZITUN <138> [pomeleis Gr VM] to lick LAJJA <45> [Sloyo E 379] tallow LAKCINI <52> [lesson MK] lecture LAKN~ <46> [Lagno E 481] trousers 138

LAKTRS <32> [lector MK] lecturer LAKTS f <60> [Lactye E 476] a short fur coat LAMLAI Lemtwei op (cn 3) lemlai 51 LAMMAN <35> [Lamtun drv] crowbar, scrap-iron L~MPI <52> [lamp MK] lamp L~MPIKA <45> [lamp + lemput MK] electric bulb LAMSENIS <40> [Lamtun drv] collapse LAMTUN <80b> [lembtwey I 5] to break L~NDAN acc sg f <35> [landan 83] nourishment, pabulum LANDMS, gen landimmas, aj <25> [lindan 57 VM] glade attr L~NDIS <40> [lindan 57 VM] clearing (glade), glade L~NGEWINGSKAI av [(uckce)l`ngewingiskai 59] trustfully L~NGEWINGSKAN av [(uka)l`ngewingisk`n 73] trustfully L~NGINTUN <85> [L`ngus drv] to lighten (ease) L~NGISEILINGINS L`ngiseilingis acc pl L`ngiseilingins 17 L~NGISEILINGIS <27> [L`ngiseilingins 17 drv] trustful, simple-minded L~NGISEILISKU <49> [L`ngiseiliskan 95 drv] trustfulness, simplicity LANGTWEI <139> [langyti JB MK] float LANGST~ <46> [Lanxto E 213] window L~NGUS <31> [L`ngiseiliskan 95 VM] light (not heavy), easy L~NIKS <32> [Lonix E 671] bull L~NKEWINGIS <27> [L`nktun drv MK] flexible, elastic, versatile L~NKINAN L`nkins aj acc L`nkinan 29 L~NKINS aj <26> [L`nkinan 29 drv] festive L~NKTS f <60> [Lanctis E 360] oven prongs L~NKTUN <75> [perl`nkei 53 VM] to bend, crook, bow smth, L~NKTUN SI [perl`nkei 53 VM] to bow i LANZTWEI <136> [Sindtwei MK] to lie (in bed etc.) L~PA <45> [lopa + l`pa + \apa MK] paw L~PAUTWEI <143> [L`ps drv, liesmot MK] to flame LAPENS <32> [Lappan + palapin MK] arbour L~PI <52> [L`ps drv + lop, l`pa MK] torch LAPIWARTA <45> [Lapiwarto E 212] wicket-gate LAPKRTIS <40> [lapkritis, listopad MK] November LAPPAN <35> [Lapinis E 359 VM] leaf , [Lappan MK] sheet (of paper, metal) LAPPI <52> [Lape E 658] fox 139

LAPPINIS <40> [Lapinis E 359] spoon LAPRA <45> [Lepra MK] leprosy LAPRZS aj <32> [lepros MK] leprous L~PS <32> [Lopis E 44] flame L~PT~ <46> [Lopto E 548] spade LARKI <52> [Lrche, lerche, larix MK] larch LARWI <52> [Larve + lerva, larwa MK] grub (larva), maggot (larva), larva, gentle (larva) L~S~ <46> [laas, l`se, D MK] drop LASASSA <45> [Lalasso E 563] salmon LAS~TLA <45> [las`tun MK] browser LAS~TUN <132> [lasioti, last, (auf)lesen MK] to pick (off, up; to pluck; to select), browse LASNTUN <85> [Las` drv] to instill (a drop) LASTWAN <35> [Lastwei drv] a drip (for instilling) LASTWEI <134> [Las` drv, lati, l`st] to drop (trickle), trickle LATRNI <52> [Laterne MK] lantern LATTAKA <45> [Lattako E 543] horseshoe LATTAWA <45> [Latawa + Lietava, J ` twa MK] Latvia LATTAWIBI <52> [Lattawis drv] Latvian features LATTAWINI <50> [Lattawis drv] Latvian woman LATTAWIS <40> [Lattawa drv] Latvian man LATTAWISKAN <35> [Lattawiskas + Lettisch MK] Latvian language LATTAWISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Lattawa drv] Latvian L~TWEI <119> [loti + l`t + \ajac MK] to bark LAUKAGERTA <45> [Laucagerto E 768] partridge L~UKAN L`uks acc laukan 105 13 LAUKINKS <32> [Laukinikis E 407] landowner, landholder of the German Order LAUKTI Lauktun ip 2 pl Laukijti 117 LAUKTUN <139> [laukt 69] to search, look for LAKS <32> [laucks 10510] field L~UKS aj <26> [Laukappe ON VM] bright L~UKSN~ <46> [L`uksnas drv] star L~UKSNAS <46> nom pl f [Lauxnos E 4] constellations, stars L~UKSNATS aj <25> [L`uksnas drv] starry 140

LAUKSTTS aj [Lochstete ON VM] radiant LAUKSTTWEI <134> [Lochstete ON VM] to beam, glare LAMA <45> [Laumygarbis ON VM] Lauma (Nymphe) L~USTINAITI SI L`ustintun si ip 2 pl laustineiti wans 97 L~USTINGINS L`ustingis acc pl L`ustingins 97 5 L~USTINGINSN~ <46> [L`ustingintun drv] restraining, taming, suppression L~USTINGINTUN <85> [L`ustingis drv] to restrain, tame, quell L~USTINGIS aj <27> [L`ustingins 975 drv] humble L~USTINGISKU acc <49> [l`ustngiskan 973 drv] humility L~USTINSN~ <46> [L`ustintun drv] humiliation L~USTINTUN <85> [laustineiti wans 97 drv] to humiliate, L~USTINTUN SI [L`ustintun drv] to humiliate oneself L~UTI <52> [lauta, Laute MK] lute (instrument) LAWS <32> [louwe MK] lion L~ZI <45> [Loase E 493] blanket (coverlet) LAZINNA Lazntun pt 3 lasinna 113 LAZINNUNS Lazin` pc pt ac lassnnuns 103 LAZNTUN <85> [lasinna 113 drv] to lay, lay on (over) LAZT~ <46> [Lasto E 209, 492] bed LAZTAN Lazt` acc lastan 81 LAZTWEI <89> [Lasto E 209, 492 MK] to lie down, kip down LIBERALISMUS <32> [Liberalismus MK] liberalism LICNTS <56> [Lizent DIA MK] customs-house LDERIS <40> [leader MK] leader LDI <45> [Liede E 561] pike LGAN <35> [lgan 119] (judicial) court, (judicial) trial LGINTAJA <52> [Lgintun drv] judge woman LGINTAJS <32> [Lgintun drv] judge man LGINTINS aj <25> [Lgintun drv] defendant LGINTUN <85> [leygenton II 9] arrange (in the court) LGMENS <61> [lygis, lygmens, lmenis + krmens GlN] level LGU av [Lgus drv] equivalently, evenly, equally LGU no n <44> [Lgus drv MK] evenness, equality LGUS aj nom sg m <31> [Ligopanie ON VM] even (smooth), smooth (even), equal LGUWA <45> [Lgus drv MK] plain (even Earth surface), even surface 141

LIGZDAN <35> [lizdas, ligzda Ma] nest LIKKEWINGIS aj <27> [Likkis drv] residual (remnant) LIKKIS <40> [Paliktwei drv] remnant LIKTI <52> [lickte Gr] candle, light (lamp) LKUTINSNA <45> [Lkutintun drv] derogation, underestimation LKUTINTUN <85> [Lkuts drv] belittle, depreciate (derogate), underestimate LKUTKEKERS <32> [Lituckekers E 271] lentil LKUTS aj <25> [Likuts 17] small, little (small) LIKWIDACINI <52> [Liquidation MK] liquidation LIKWIDTUN <139> [liquidieren MK] to liquidate LMATS Lemtwei mod rel pt lmauts 75 LMITAN <35> [Limitum Nx] limit LND~ <46> [lindan 57 VM] valley LNDAN Lnda acc lindan 57 LNG~ <46> [Lingo E 447] stirrup LINGAS~ITAN n <35> [Largasaytan E 446] stirrups leather LINGWISTIKI <52> [Linguistik MK] linguistics LINGWISTISKAS aj <25> [Lingwists drv] linguistical LINGWISTS <32> [Linguist MK] linguist LNI <52> [Ln DIA + lina, lynas Nx] rope (special) LNIJA <45> [Linie MK] line (geometrical) LNIJAS KRICERIS <32> [Linienschiff MK] battleship LNKATWEI <131> (sen galwan) [Lnktwei drv MK] to nod (to) LNKIS <40> [Lnktwei + kryptis MK] direction LNKSN~ <46> (prei acc) [Lnktwei drv] inclination (for, to), leaning (towards) LNKTWEI <92> [perl`nkei 53 MK] to bend i, (prei acc) to incline (to) LNKU av (gen) [Lnkus drv] towards LNKUNS pc <68> prei (acc) [Lnktwei + links MK] inclined (to) LNKUS aj <30> prei (acc) [Lgus + linkui MK] inclinable (towards) LINN~ col <46> [lino Gr VM] flax LINNAN n <35> [lino Gr VM] flax LNS <36> [Linis E 571] tench LNS aj <26> [lns + len MK] slow LINTI <52> [Lint DIA + linte, MK] ribbon, strip (ribbon) LPA <45> [Lipe E 601, Lipa ON VM] lime tree, [liepa, liepu, lipiec MK] July LIPNTUN <85> prei (acc) [Liptwei drv] to stick (paste) to, paste to 142

LIPTWEI <89> prei (acc) [laipinna 105 VM] to stick (adhere) to LSA <45> [Lyso E 242] garden-bed LISTES nom pl f <50> [Lisytyos E 545] narrow stable box LISKAS nom sg m <32> [Liscis E 412] camp, encampment LISL <53> [Listun MK] shaped (clay, stucco) model LISTI <52> [Liste, lista MK] list LISTUN <101a> [Layso E 27 MK] to model (in clay) LSTWEI <94> [L`ids MK ] to slide, PAG~R LSTUN <94> [begleiten MK] to accompany LIKI <52> [Lischke DIA MK] basket LITER~RS aj <25> [literarisch + liter`rs MK] literary LITER~TS <32> [Literat MK] man of letters LITERATRI <52> [Literatur MK] literature LTS <26> [lts, ltas MK] cheap LITTAN <35> [Litt DIA MK] counter (stall) LITTERA <45> [litera + littera MK] letter LTWEI <120> [II 13 MK praliten] flow LZJA Lztwei ps 3 lse 107 LZTWEI <78> [lse 107 drv] to creep LZUNS Lztwei pc pt ac lsuns 127 LKALI <52> [restaurants MK] restaurant (cookshop) LKALIZITUN <138> [lokalisieren MK] to localize LKATIWS <32> [Lokativ MK] locative case LOKOMTIWI <52> [Lokomotive MK] steam-engine LOKOMTWEDIKS <32> [Lokomotivfhrer MK] engine-driver LNDUNS <32> [London MK] London LUB~ <46> [Lubbo E 206] board of a ceiling LBENIKS <32> [Lbeniks 99] person (priest) uniting a couple in marriage LDINI nom sg f <50> [Ludini E 186] housewife LDIS m <40> [Ludis E 185] master of the house LGIS <40> [Lugis E 341] cake LUTNANTS <56> [Leutnants MK] lieutenant LUKS <32> [Luk ON] E\k (Lyck) LUKS m <57> [Luckis E 640] billet (firewood), chip (spill, splinter) LUKUTTIS <40> [Locutis E 562] bream LULKI <52> [Lullke DIA MK] tobacco-pipe 143

LUNKAN n <35> [Lunkan E 644] bast LUNKI nom sg f <50> [Lonki E 800] path LUNKS m <57> [Lunkis E 199] corner LSIS f <58> [Luselauke ON VM] lynx LUTERANISMUS <32> [luter`nisms MK] Lutheranism LUTER~NS <32> [luter`nis, Lutheraner MK] Lutheran no LZIS <40> [Luse DIA] break, breaking, fracture, refraction

MACK~LIJA <45> pejoratws [Mack`lis drv] Russia MACK~LINI <50> [Mack`lis drv + mack`lien] Russian woman MACK~LIS <32> [mack`lis] Russian man MACK~LISKAS <25> aj nom sg m [Mack`lis drv] Russian MADLA <45> [Maddla 47] prayer, request MADLAS Madla nom pl madlas 5716 MADLI [madli 117 MK] ask MADLI Madlitun ps 1 sg madli 67 MADLI Madlitun ps 3 madli 11721 madli 11729 MADLIKA dm <45> [madlikan 79 drv] small prayer MADLIKAN Madlika acc madlikan 79 MADLIMAI Madlitun ps 1 pl madlimai 492 MADLIN Madla acc madlan 4917, madlin 492 MADLSN~ <46> [madlisna 93] praying, prayer MADLTI Madlitun ip 2 pl Madliti 11724 MADLTUN <140> [madlitwei 5718] pray, [madliton 1174] ask M~GIJA <45> [Magie MK] magic M~GIKS <40> [Magiker MK] wizard M~GISKAI av <25> [M`giskas drv] magically M~GISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [M`gija + magically MK] magic(al) MAGISTRAS nom sg m <32> [Magister MK] master (a degree) M~GS <32> [Magen + m`ga MK] stomach M~IG~ <46> [maiggun 101 drv] sleep 144

M~IGAN Maig` acc maiggun 101 MAIGNTUN <85> [migtwei drv] tr to drowse MAJS <32> [May MK] May M~IM As dat m`im 7919 M~IN~ <46> [Main`tun drv] exchange MAIN~TUN <132> [mainyti + maint + mieniac MK] to exchange MAIS~LI <52> [Mays`tun drv] mixture MAIS~TS aj <25> [Maysotan E 466 drv] motley, mixed MAIS~TUN <132> [Maysotan E 466] to mix M~ISE As (Majs) gen maisei 69 M~ISS <36> [moasis E 516] bellows M~ISTERIS <40> [Meister MK] master (dab hand) MAIT~I Mait`tun ps 3 mait` 103 M~ITARS <36> [Maiters Gr] scoundrel, rascal MAIT~SN~ <46> [mait`snan 33] feeding MAIT~TUN <132> [mait` 103 drv] to feed tr, MAIT~TUN SI [mait`tunsin 87] to feed i M~IZIS <40> [moasis E 261] barley MAJ~ Majs nom sg f maia 71 MAJASMU Majs dat sg m mai`smu 67 MAJJAI Majs dat sg f mayiey II 13 18 MAJJAN Majs acc sg maian 41 MAJJANS Majs acc pl maians 37 MAJS, gen m`ise, pn po 1 sg nom sg m <20> [mais 75] my, mine MAKS <32> [Dantimax E 93] sheath MAKSIM~LS <25> aj [maximal Nx] maximal M~LARAUSNA <45> [M`larautun drv] painting M~LARAUTUN <143> [M`lars MK] to paint (paintings) MAL~RIJA <45> [Malarie MK] malaria M~LARINI <50> [M`lars drv] painter woman M~LARS <32> [painter MK] painter man MALD~I M`lds nom pl m Maldai 97 M~LDAISIMANS M`ldaisis dat pl m maldaisimans 75 M~LDAISIN M`ldaisis acc sg maldaisin 45 M~LDAISINS M`ldaisis acc pl m maldaisins I 11 M~LDAISIS M`lds cp maldaisin 45 145

M~LDAISIS <40> [maldaisimans 75 drv] pupil, younger M~LDAIAI M`ldaisis nom pl m maldaisei 111 M~LDANS M`lds acc pl maldans 85 MALDENKS Malnks Maldenikis E 189 M~LDIN n <37> [Maldian E 438] foal M~LDS aj <26> [Maldai 97 drv] young MALDNI <50> [Maldnin 17 VM] youth (young people) MALDNIN Maldni acc f Maldnin 17 MALDNS <32> [Maldnin 17 MK] youth (young man) MALKA <45> [Malko Gr] firewood MALKAN <35> [Malks drv] triffle(s), minnow MALKKS aj <25> [Malks drv] tiny MALKIS <40> [Malkis E 579] smelt (sparling) MALKPENINGS <32> [change MK] change (odd money), doit MALKS aj <26> [Malkis E 579 VM] petty MALNKAI Malnks nom pl malnijkai 47 MALNKAN Malnks acc sg malnijkan 133 MALNKANS Malnks acc pl malnijkans 37 MALNKAS Malnks gen sg malnijkas 115 MALNKIKAI Malnkiks nom pl malnijkikai 11114 MALNKIKAMANS Malnkiks dat pl malnijkikamans 1158 MALNKIKAN Malnkiks acc sg malnijkikan 131 MALNKIKANS Malnkiks acc pl malnijkikans 11118 MALNKIKS <32> [malnijkiks 11521] baby MALNKISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Malnks drv] childlike, child attr MALNKISKU <49> [Malnkiskas drv] puerility, infantility MALNKISTA <45> [Malnks drv] childhood MALNKS <32> [malnijks 115] kid (child) MALNKU Malnks dat sg Malnku 131 MALTUN <85> [malunis E 316 VM] to mill (grind) MALNAKELIN n <35> [Malu akela E 321] mill-wheel MALNASTABS <32> [Malunasta b E 319] millstone MALNS <32> [mark universities E 316] mill MANDWELIS <40> [Mandiwelis E 318] millstone handle MANGA <45> [Manga Gr] whore MANGAS Mang` gen Mangos Gr 146

MANIFESTACINI <52> [manifestation MK] manifestation (feature) MANS Mes acc mans 33 M~NTA <45> [Monte APN + manta MK] treasure MANTELS <32> [Mantel MK] coat MAPPI <52> [Mappe MK] bag (portfolio) MARANGAN n <35> [Morungen ON VM] Morg (Mohrungen) M~RGS <32> [Moargis E 239] acre (a measure) MARJA <45> [Maran 41] Maria MARNI <52> [Marine MK] navy M~RKS <32> [Marx 111] Marcus M~RKS aj <25> [Markelauke ON VM] wet MARRI nom sg f <50> [Mary E 65] bay M~RALS <32> [Marschall MK] marshal M~RS <32> [Marsch MK] (musical) march M~RT <51> [M`rtin 107 drv] daughter-in-law, bride M~RTIN Mart acc M`rtin 107 M~RTS <32> [March MK] March MASKWA <45> [Moskowiter MK] Moscow MASKWITISKAN <35> [Maskwitiskas drv] Russian language MASKWITISKAS <25> [Maskwits drv] Moscow attr MASKWITS <32> [Moskowite DK] Muscovite MASTS <32> [Mast MK] mast MANI <52> [Maschine MK] machine MANISPLINTI <52> [Maschinengewehr MK] machine-gun MANISPLINTISTS <32> [Manisplinti + kaemista MK] machine-gunner MATEM~TIKERIS <40> [Mathematiker + Predickerins 17 MK] mathematician MATEM~TIKI <52> [Mathematik MK] mathematics MATEM~TISKAS aj <25> [Matem`tiki drv] mathematical MATRZI <54> [Matrose MK] mariner MATS <32> [mattei 115 VM] measure, scale, degree (scale), quantity, size (measure) MATTAI loc sg (av) [(en) mattei 115] on a scale MATTAUTUN <143> [Mats drv + matuoti MK] to measure MATTAWINGIS <27> [Mats drv + nuosaikus, mrens, gemaigt MK] restrained, moderate 147

M~UKTUN <75> na acc [maukti + maukt + wymknc MK] to put on (on head, hand) MAZGENA <45> [Mulgeno E 74] brain MAZKS aj <25> [massais 115 + maiukas MK] tiny MAZLAI Maztwei cn 3 muslai 121 MAZNGI av [musngin 71] possibly MAZNGIS aj <27> [musngin 71] possible, probable (possible) MAZNGISKU <49> [Mazngis drv] possibility MAZTWEI <137> [muslai 121 drv] to can, be able, be possible MAZUKKA <45> [Mosuco E 662] weasel MAZZAIS av [massais 115] less, [wenigstens, vismaz MK] at least MAZZAN aj n (av) [massais 115 MK] few aj pl; little av MAZZAWA <45> [Masovia, Masau MK] Masovia MAZZI Maztwei id ps 1 sg massi 45, id ps 2 sg massi 79, id ps 3 massi 17 MAZZIMAI Maztwei id ps 1 pl massimai 91 MECNINI <50> [Mecns drv] Maecenas woman MECNS <32> [Maezen MK] Maecenas man MEDDIN n <37> [median E 586] forest MEDDU n <44> [Meddo E 391] honey MEDENKIJA <45> [Meddenks drv GlN] forestry (district) MEDENKS <32> [Medenixtaurw E 766 VM] woodman MEDENKS TATTARWAS nom sg m <36> [Medenixtaurw E 766] capercaillie MEDICNI <52> [medicine MK] medicine MEDINTI <52> [Medinice E 357] copper basin (a dish) MEDS <38> [Medies E 696] hunter ME~NI <52> [Medione E 699] hunt(ing) MEK~NIKI <52> [Mechanik MK] mechanics MEK~NISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [mechanisch MK] mechanical MEK~NISMUS <32> [Mechanismus MK] mechanism MELATTA <45> [Melato E 743] green woodpecker MLDI <45> [Mealde E 52] lightning MELDIJA <45> [Melodie MK] melody MEN As acc mien 27 MENNEI As dat mennei 41 MNSA nom sg f <45> [Menso E 374] meat, [mens` 10119] body (meat), flesh 148

MNSAN Mnsa acc sg mensan 10115 MNSAS Mnsa gen sg mensas 45 MNSTUN <76> [ [mntimai 29]: msti + mieturis + mtny MK] to puddle (muddy) MNSUN Mnsa gen pl menschon I 9 MNTALS <32> [ [passalis E 57], Mzals MK] dregs (feculence), feculence MNTIMAI Mntitun ps 1 pl mntimai 29 MNTITUN <138> [mntimai 29 drv, Mnstun drv MK] to lie (deceive), misinform, disorientate, mislead MNTITUN SI <138> + mod rel [Mntitun drv + izlikties MK] to simulate (feign), pretend to be MNTS <25> [Mnstun drv + mtny MK] muddy, matted, dull (smoky) MRG~ <46> [Mergo E 192] girl (maiden); [Mergu 67] maid, maidservant MERG~MANS Merg` dat pl Mergmans MRGAN Merg` acc sg Mrgan 35 MERGKA dm <45> [Mergo E 192 + bratrkai 89] (small) girl MRGISTA <45> [Merg` + Gennista + mergyst MK] maidenhood MERGUZZI <52> [merguss Gr] farm servant, maid MERSTUN <134> [meri MK] to forget (to have no reminiscence of) MES pn 1 nom pl <6> [mes 291] we MESTUN <72> [pomests 105 VM] to throw METTUN <134> [Mestun drv] to throw about (around) MTRAS nom sg m <32> [Meter MK] metre METSIMTAN <35> [Jahrhundert + gadsimts MK] century METTAN n <35> [Mettan E 12] year MI encl As dat, acc [Ti MK] MIGTWEI <136> [ismig 101 drv] to sleep MIGL~ <46> [migla + migla + mg\a MK] twilight MIGRACINI <52> [migration MK] migration MIGTWEI <125> [enmigguns 81 + Gr meicte] to doze (drowse) MIKSA <47> [Mikstwei drv + miksa MK] stutterer (stammerer) MIKSI <52> [Miksis drv] German woman MIKSINTUN <85> [Miksis drv] to germanize MIKSIS <40> [Mixkai 17 VM] German man MIKSISKAI av [Mixkai 17] in German MIKSISKAN <35> [Miksiskas + German MK] German language 149

MIKSISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Mixkai 17 VM] German MIKSTWEI <134> [Mixkai 17 + miksti + niemy, Niemiec MK] to stutter MIKSKAI Miksiskai MIKSK~TAUTA <45> [Miksis + Taut` + Germany MK] Germany MIKSKIBI <52> [Mikskai + Miksk`tauta MK] German features MIL~I Mil t ps 3 mil 37 MLAI Mls nom pl mlai 89 MLAS Mls gen sg m mijlas 109, nom pl f Mijlas 1139 MLI <52> [mijlin 125 drv] love MILI~RDARS <32> [Milliardr + Milinars MK] billionaire MILI~RDI crd <52> [Milliarde MK] billion MILI~RDINS ord <25> [Mili`rdi drv] billionth MILCI <52> [Miliz MK] militia MLIN Mls n (av) [mijlan 27] amiably (with love) MLIN n <35> [mijlan 11518] love MLIN Mli acc f mijlin 125 MLIN Mls acc sg mlan 79 MLINAN <35> [mlinan 103] blot, spot (stain) MLINGIS aj <27> [mlings (sanft, angenehm) DIA MK] tender (gentle) MLINI <52> [Melne E 161] bruise MLINS aj <25> [mlinan 103 VM] dirty MILINARS <32> [Millionr MK] millionaire MILININS ord <25> [Milins drv] millionth MILINS crd <32> [Million MK] million MLIS av cp [mijls 89] rather (than), more kindly MLIS Miltun ip 2 sg Mijlis 97 MILTAI Miltun pc pt pa nom pl m milijtai 131 MILIT~NTS <56> [Miliz + rkestrants + militant MK] volunteer (a militant) MILIT~RISKAS <25> [militarisch MK] military MILIT~RS <32> [Militr MK] military man MILTASIS <25> aj subst [Miltun drv MK] favourite MLITI Mlis, Miltun ip 2 pl milijti 1036 MLTUN <137a> [milijt 291] to love MILWUNS Miltun pc pt ac nom sg m milijuns 1037 MILLIN <35a> [milan E 455] rough woollen cloth MLS aj <25> [mijls 49] lovely, beloved, dear (beloved) 150

MILTAN n <35> [Meltan E 335] meal (flour), flour (meal) MMELI <52> [Memel MK Kstutis Demereckas] Memel MMS aj <26> [mms, Mmele, Nemunas/Memel? niemy MK] mute, dumb MINER~LIN <35a> [Mineral MK] mineral no MINER~LISKAS <25> [Miner`ls drv] mineral aj MINIKS <32> [mynix E 511] tanner (currier) MNIKS <32> [Menig E 8] moon MINIMALIZTUN <139> [Nx] to minimize MINIM~LS <25> aj [minimal Nx] minimal MINSN~ <46> [minisnan II 15 drv] memory MINSNAN Minisn` acc minisnan II 15 MINISTRIJAN <35> [Ministerium MK] ministry MINISTERIS <40> [Minister MK] minister MINISTERIW~ITIN n <37> [Ministeris + W`itin MK] Council of Ministers MINTUN <139> [menisnan I 15] to remember (retain), have in mind MINKSTAS aj <26> [minktas + mksts + soft MK] soft MINKUS <32> [mynkus Gr] monk MINSA <45> [Mynsowe E 364, refectory VM] dining-table MINS~WI <52> [Mynsowe E 364] basin (dish) MNSS <61> [Menig E 8 MK] month MNTA <45> [go. *minta MK] mint (Mentha) MNUS [minus MK] minus MNUSAN <35> [Minus MK] minus MINTI <52> [Minute MK] minute MRITWEI. 1 <138> [mierzyc, mrt VM MK] to measure MRITWEI. 2 <138> [ermrit 69 VM] to think, be of opinion, guess MI R KINTWEI <85> [mirkioti, mirkin`t, mruga c MK] to blink, MIRKINTUN SI <85> [mirkintwei drv] to wink MIRKLNI <52> [Mercline E 48] mildew (blight) MRSTUN <95> [pamirti + + Merstun MK aizmirst] to forget (often, various things) MS MS ij [ms DIA MK] (call of a cat) MSTAN n <35> [Mestan E 796] city MISTRIJAN <35> [Mysterium MK] mystery MSTIKERINI <50> [Mstikeris drv] mystic woman MSTIKERIS <40> [Mystiker MK] mystic man 151

MSTIKI <52> [Mystik MK] mystique MSTISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [mystisch MK] mystic MISTRAN Muck-race acc Mistran 91 MISTRAS nom sg m <32> [Mistran 91] (Great) Master, prince, leader MIMAS <32> [mixing machine GlN] vegetable salad, jumble (muddle), muddle MIT~TUN <132> [Mtis drv + mt`t MK] to throw constantly, MIT~TUN SI [Mit`tun drv] to toss (flounce) about, tear oneself (flouce) MTIS <40> [Metis E 166] a throw MZALS <36> [Mztwei drv + mzali MK] urine MZTWEI <89> [myti + mzt + miazga MK] to urinate MDULIN <35a> [Modul MK] module MMENTAN <35> [Moment MK] moment MMENTISKAS <25> [Mments drv] momentary MNSTERISKAS aj <25> [Mnstran drv] enormous, savage MNSTRAN <35> [Monstrum MK] monster MRALI <52> [Moral MK] morality, moral (morality) MRALISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Mrali drv] moral MORFLOGIJA <45> [Morphologie MK] morphology MORFLOGISKAS aj <25> [MK] morphologic MOTRKELIN <35a> [Motrs + Kellin MK] motorcycle MOTRS <32> [engine MK] engine MISESAN Misess acc muisieson 69 MISESINTUN <85> [Misess drv] to increase MISESS aj cp Debks <25> [muisieson 69] bigger, larger MISISKAN av [Misess MK] mostly MISISKU <49> [Misess MK] majority MKI <52> [Moke E 265] poppy MUKINNA M`knt ps 3 mukinna 499 MUKINNAITI M`knt ip 2 pl mukinaiti 59 MUKINNEWAUSNA <45> [Mukinnewautwei drv] being engaged as a teacher MUKINNEWAUTWEI <143> [weydikausnan II 5 + mokytojauti MK] to be engaged as a teacher MUKINNEWI <50> [Mukinnewis drv] schoolmistress MUKINNEWINGINS Mukinnewingis acc pl 152

MUKINNEWINGIS Mukinnewis MUKINNEWINS Mukinnewis acc pl mukinnewins 89 MUKINNEWIS <40> [Mukinewis 873] teacher MUKINNIMAI Mukntun ps 1 pl mukinnimai 29 MUKINNUNS Mukntun pc pt ac mukinnons 121 MUKNSEI SI Mukntun si op r mukinsusin 9720 MUKNSNA <45> [muknsnan 85 drv] teaching MUKNSNAN Muknsna acc muknsnan 85 MUKNTS Mukntun pc pt pa mukints 49 MUKNTUN <85> [mukint 65] to teach, MUKNTUN SI [mukint 65 drv] to learn MUKTUN <136> [wyssen mukis II 9 + mokti + m`ct VM] to wit (understand), know (how) MUKTWEI <89> [maukti, smukti + maukt + wymknc MK] to slip down MURRAUTWEI <143> [murrawuns 69 drv] to murmur MURRAWINGIS aj <27> [Murrautwei drv] peevish, grumbling MURRAWUNS Murrautwei pc pt ac murrawuns 69 MRS <32> [mr, mras MK] brickwork, masonry MSA.1 <45> [muso E 782] fly (an insect) MSA.2 <45> [Moazo E 178] aunt MUSANS aj <25> [Mussan + Geltans MK] mossy MUSANKRIMMA <45> [Msa+Krimma, muchomor, fliegenpilz, fly-agaric Nx] fly-agaric, fly-bane MSLIN n <35> [mosla Gr] glue MSLINTUN <85> [Mslin drv] to paste (glue), gum (glue) MUSSAN <35> [musos, mech MK] moss MUSSITS aj <25> [Ebmussitwei drv] moss-grown MTERI <52> [moter MK] county MTERISTA <45> [Cristionisto E 794 + motinyst] motherhood MTI <66> [Mothe E 170] mother MTIN Mti acc f Mtien 29 MUTISKRMENS <61> [Mti + Krmens + Mutterleib MK] womb, venter MTUN <113> [aumsnan drv] to wash MUZJAN <35> [museum MK] museum MUZIK~NTI <50> [Muzik`nts drv] musician woman MUZIK~NTS <56> [musikant MK] musician man 153

MUZKI <52> [music MK] music MUZIKTWEI <139> [musizieren + muzict, muzikuoti MK] to play music

NA prp acc [(seggt)na 39] on, upon NA ~UAUTIN [~uauts + auf Borg MK] on loan NABBIS <40> [Nabis E 123] navel ; [Nabis E 297] hub (nave), nave (hub) NABETTA <45> [Nawetto E 323] hub-shaft NABWIS <40> [Aufbau + virsbve + antstatas MK] superstructure, additional storey NAD~SN~ <46> [Nad`tun drv] proposal NAD~TUN <118> [anbieten + pied`v`t + D`twei MK] to propose NADLI <52> [Nadele E 17] Sunday NADIRSN~ <46> (krsa acc) [Nadirtwei drv] supervision, surveillance, watchout NADIRTAJS <32> [Nadirtwei drv] warder, supervisor NADIRTWEI <134> (krsa acc) [Dirtwei + look up MK] to supervise NADRUWSN~ <46> [nadruwsnan 63 drv] hope NADRUWSNAN Nadruwisn` acc nadruwsnan 63 NADRUWTWEI <134> (na acc) [Nadruwisn` MK] to hope (for) NADWESTWEI <80c> [n`dewisin 89 VM, MK] to sigh NAFTA <45> [Nafta MK] oil (petroleum), petroleum NAFTAS gen attr petroleum attr NAG <53> [gnaw E 145] leg NAGPIRSTIS <40> [Nagepristis E 149] toe N~GNAN n <35> [Nognan E 498] leather NAGS 1 <32> [Nagis E 371 + nagutis E 117, nagos VM MK] hoof, claw NAGS 2 <36> [Nagis E 371] flint N~GS aj <26> [Nognan E 498 VM] naked NAGTIS <40> [Nagotis E 349] cauldron with legs NAGUTTIS <40> [Nagutis E 117] fingernail 154

NAIKNTUN <85> [Nktwei drv + naikinti + nicin`t, ncin`t MK] to liquidate, abolish, cancel, deny, negate NAKTAUTWEI <143> [Nakts drv MK] to spend the night, stay overnight NAKTIN Naktis acc nacktin 81 NAKTS f <58> [nackt Gr] night NALAZNTUN <85> [Lazntun present drv] to impose, superimpose, put upon NAMS <36> [namas + nams MK] Chamber (an institution) NAREWNGIS aj <27> [N`rs drv] brave, courageous NARRIKIS <41> [Naricie E 664] polecat N~RS <32> [Narioth + noras, narsa + nrav MK] courage NARWIS <56> nom sg m [Narew, Naura MK] Narev NASELAS Naselis gen Naseilis I 11 NASELIN Naselis acc naseilen I 7 NASELIS <40> [Naseilis I 11 drv] spirit (ghost), ghost N~S <50> [Nozy E 85] nose NASIPR~LI nom sg f <52> [Noseproly E 86] nostril NATALLIS <40> [Talus E 207 VM + n`dewisin 89 MK] ceiling N~TANGA <45> [Notangia, Natangen VM] Natangia N~TANGIS <40> [N`tanga drv VM] Natangian N~TS f <58> [Noatis E 291] nettle NAD~ <46> [nauda + nauda MK] income, profit(s) NAUDNGIS <27> [naud` drv] profitable, lucrative NAUJRKS <32> [New York, Nowy Jork MK] New York N~UNAGIMMUNS pc pt ac <68> [naunagemmans 131] a newborn N~UNAGMTAN Naunagmts acc naunagimton 115 NAUNAGMTS pc pt pa N`unagimmuns N~UNAN N`uns acc nawnan 65 NAUNNGIS m <40> [naunngs 87] beginner N~UNS aj <26> [nauns 63] new NATEI Nats dat sg f nautei 29 NATIN Nats acc sg nautin 91 NAUTINS Nats acc pl nautins 31 NATS f <58> [nautei 29 drv] trouble (misery) NAWAPRSISKAN <35> [Prsiskan + Naws MK] Neoprussian language NAWS aj <25> [nawans I 13] new 155

N~WS f <58> [Novis E 151] corpse NAWWAN Naws aj n nawans I 13 NAWWANIN NAWAN pnl neuwenen II 13 NAWWIBI <52> [Pilnibi MK] new moon NAWWINISKU <49> [Naws drv MK] novelty, innovation, news NEGGI [neggi 31] nor, neither, NEGGI..., NEGGI... neither..., nor... NEIKASN~ <46> [Neikatwei drv] promenade, walk NEIKATWEI <144> [neikaut 65] to (take a) walk NEPTINI <50> [Nepts MK] granddaughter, grandchild NEPTS <57> [JB MK] grandson, grandchild NRSTWEI <76> [ernertimai 31 MK] to be angry, rage NRTES Nrti gen sg nierties 115 NRTI <50> [nierties 115 drv] anger NRTIN Nrti acc sg nertien 39 NRTINGIS aj <27> [Nrti drv + nirtingas MK] fierce, raging, angry NRWITUN <138> [Nrws MK] to annoy NRWS [Nerv MK] nerve NUTRALIT~TI <52> [Neutralitt MK] neutrality NUTRALIZTUN <139> [neutralisieren MK] to neutralize NEUTR~LS aj <25> [neutral MK] neutral NUTRAN <35> [Neutrum MK] neuter gender NEUTRNAN <35> [Neutron MK] neutron NEWNADESIMT crd [Anadesimt, Newnei MK] nineteen NEWINADESMTS ord <26> [Newnadesimt drv] nineteenth NEWNDESIMTS <58> [Newnei MK] ninety NEWINDESMTS ord <26> [Newndesimts drv] ninetieth NEWNEI crd <27> [Newnts 35 + nine + devyni MK] nine NEWNEREI <27> [Newnerei + dziewicioro MK] nine (as a group), (+ pl tantum) [devyneri MK] nine NEWNERINSUN [TN MK dangonsuen] to nine, nine persons together NEWNETA <45> [Warto E 210 + devynetas MK] nine of, of nine... NEWNSIMTA [Warto E 210, Newneta MK] nine hundreds NEWINSMTS ord <26> [Newnsimta drv] nine hundredth NEWNTS ord <26> [Newnts 35] ninth NI [ni 29] no, not NI ANGA [chyba nie MK] hardly (doubtfully) 156

NIAIN~ Nians niain` 6120 NIANAN Nians acc niainan 711 NIANESE Nians gen neainessa 555 NIANS nom sg m <21> [niains 109] no one, not any, none NIANUNTAN Nianunts acc niainonton 55 NIANUNTS pn m, f <19> [niainonts 103] nobody NIAUBILNTS pc <29> [gen niaubillntis 125] speechless, dumb (thing) NIAUMADLIMINAI av [Niaumadlimins drv GlN] inexorably NIAUMADLIMINS aj <25> [Aumadlitun drv GlN] inexorable NIAUMENEWNGIS aj <27> [Aumenewngis drv] unconscious NIAUMENEWNGISKU <49> [Aumenewngisku drv] unconsciousness NIBL~NDEWINGI av [Bl`ndewingi drv] unerringly NIBL~NDEWINGIS aj <27> [Bl`ndewingis drv] infallible, unerring NIDIWISKU <49> [nideiwiskan 29 drv] atheism, godlessness NIDEIWTISKU <49> [Deiwtisku drv, nelaim, nelaime, Ungluck, nieszczscie MK] disaster, misfortune NIDNKAWINGIS aj <27> [Dnkawingis drv] ungrateful NIDNKAWINGISKU <49> [Dnkawingisku drv] ingratitude NIDRWIN Nidrwis acc nidruwien 55 NIDRUWNGEI Nidruwngs nom pl m nidruwngi 101 NIDRUWNGIN Nidruwngs gen pl nidruwngin 121 NIDRUWNGIS aj <27> [nidruwngi 101 drv] irreligious, infidel NIDRUWNTIN Nidruwnts acc nidruwntin 119 NIDRUWNTS Druwt pc ps ac <29> [nidruwntin 119 drv] unbelieving, irreligious, infidel NIDRWIS <40> [nidruwien 55 drv] infidelity NI ENB~NDAN [ni enb`ndan 27] useless, vainly NIENIMMEWINGIS aj <27> [Enimmewingis drv] inadmissible, unacceptable NIETNSTIS Nietnstis gen f nietestis 115 NIETNSTIS <58> [nietestis 115 drv] disgrace, disfavour NIETR~WINGIS aj <27> [Etr`twingis drv] irresponsible, unaccountable NIETR~WINGISKU <49> [Nietr`twingis drv] irresponsibility NIETTREPEWNGIS aj <49> [Ettrptwei drv GlN] incessant NIETTREPEWNGISKU <49> [Niettrepewngis drv] incessantness NIGGEISTAI av [Gistun drv + nelauktai MK] unexpectedly, suddenly 157

NIGGEISTAS aj [Gistun drv + niespodziewany MK] unexpected, sudden NIGDINGIS aj <27> [nigdings 69] shameless NIGIWTS <69> aj [Giwtwei drv MK] uninhabited (desert) NIJ~U [neaw BPT] no more NIKA pn n <9> [Ni + Ka MK] nothing NIK~I cj cp [nikai 49] than NIK~NKSTAS aj <25> [nikanxts 69] indecent NKEWINGIS aj <27> [Nktwei drv] ruinous, disastrous, pernicious, calamitous NIKLAUKAI <32> [Nicklawken ON] Mikolajki (Nikolaiken) NKSNA <45> [Nktwei drv] ruin (bane), decline, perdition NKTWEI <92> [nykti + nkt + niknc MK] to decline (perish), perish NIKWI [niquei 65] nowhere NIKWIGI [niqueigi 107] never, nowhere NILAG~LS aj <25> [Lag`ls drv] illegal NILGIBI <52> [Lgibi drv] inequality (mathematical) NIMAIN~IMINS aj <25> [Main`tun + Paklausmins MK] indispensable (irreplaceable), irreplaceable NIPAGATTAWINTS pc pt pa <69> [nipogattawints 77] unprepared NIPAKLUSMINGIS aj <27> [nipoklusmings 67] disobedient NIP~USISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [P`usan MK] impartial NIP~USISKU <49> [Nip`usiskas drv] impartiality NIPEIS~LINGIS aj <27> [Peis`lingis drv] illiterate NIPEIS~LINGISKU <49> [Peis`lisku drv] illiteracy NIPERL~NKSN~ <46> (ezze acc) [Perlanksn` drv] independence (from) NIPERL~NKUS aj <31> (ezze acc) [Perl`nkus drv] independently (from) NIRNKAWINGIS aj <27> [Rnkautwei drv MK] unpretentious NIRNKAWINGISKU <49> [Rnkawingis drv] unpretentiousness NIRTAJS <32> [Nirtwei drv] diver NIRTWEI <92> [nirti, nirt, nurzac MK] to dive, dip (dive) NIS~TAUSN~ <46> [Nis`tautwei drv] lack, shortage NIS~TAUTWEI <143> [S`tautwei drv MK] to lack NIS~TWINEWINGIS <27> [S`twintun drv] insatiable NIS~TWINISKU <49> [Nis`twins drv] insufficiency NIS~TWINS <25> [S`twins drv] insufficient NISKSTISKU <49> [Skstisku + nideiwiskan 29 MK] dirt 158

NISTANNTS <29> [St`twei drv] uninterrupted, sustained NITEISNGISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [niteisngiskan 87] dishonourable NIWASTS <69> aj [wastun MK] unknown NIW~RGINGENIKS <25> [bezpiecznik Nx] safety-catch, cutout, safety-fuse, protector (cutout), safety-valve NIW~RGINGIS <27> aj [W`rgingis drv Nx] safe NIW~RGINGISKU <49> [Niw`rgingis drv] security, safety NIWINTAN Niwints acc niwinton 43 NIWINTISKU <49> [niwintiskau 43 drv] innocence NIWINTS aj <69> [niwinton 43 drv] innocent N prp acc [no 17] on, upon NBUWIS <40> [Stock + Aufstockung, Aufbau + Rklis MK] storey NDA <45> [dmesys + uz-manba, Auf-merksamkeit MK] attention NDEWINGI av [Nda drv] attentively NDEWINGIS aj <27> [Nda drv] attentive NDWISIN Ndvisis acc sg n`dewisin 89 NDWISIS <40> [n`dewisin 89 drv] sigh NLINGA <45> [Nolingo E 453] rein NMA <45> [andanm K.Bga MK] lease, rent, tenancy NMADS <32> [Nomade MK] nomad NMAIMINS aj <25> [nmatun drv] hired, pay attr NMAITS <32> [Nomaytis E 684] fatling hog (pig) NMATUN <132> [nma drv] to rent, lease out, hire NMEN <63> [Nomen + nomens MK] noun NMINATIWS <32> [Nominativ MK] nominative case NPALIS <40> [Au-paltwei + Angriff, napasc MK] attack, assault, paroxysm NPEISAN <35> [uraas, uzraksts, napis drv] inscription NPIDAN <35> [Auftrag MK] task NPLASS <32> [Noploz E 396] mangle NRMI <52> [Norm MK] norm NSEILANIKS <32> [clergyman MK] priest NSEILAS Nseilis gen Noseilis 109 NSEILAWINGISKAN Nseilawingiskas aj acc Noseilewingiskan 123 NSEILAWINGISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Noseilewingiskan 123] spiritual NSEILIN Nseilis acc Noseilien 41 NSEILIS Naselis 159

NWAITESNA <45> [Nwaitetun drv] calumniation NWAITETUN <131> [nowaiti`uns 69] to calumniate NWAITETWEI <131> [nowaiti`uns 69] to slander (by gossip) NWAITEWINGIS <27> [Nwaitetwei drv] slanderous NWAITEWUNS Nwaitetun pc pt ac nom sg m nowaiti`uns 69 N [na, nu, n(n), n, nun MK] now (well) NU~NCI <52> [Nuance MK] nuance NDELIS pl <52> [Nudeln, ndeles MK] noodles NMANS Mes dat pl nomans 4910 NMAS Mes dat pl nomas 39 NUMMERI <52> [Nummer MK] number (issue, sign), issue (of a periodical) NNTWEI <136> [Duntwei + niuniuoti MK] to croon NURTW <53> [Nurtue E 479] shirt NUS~ Nss pn po 1 pl nom sg f nous` 55 NSAN Mes gen Nosan 131 NSAN Nss acc sg Nusan I 9 NSANS Nss acc pl nosons 31 NSESMU Nsmu nosesmu 31 NUSKILS [nuskils E 299] tyre (of a wheel) NSMU Nss dat sg m nosmu 35 NSS pn po 1 pl nom sg m <18> [nous` 55] our NSUN Mes gen nusun I 7 NUWMBERIS <40> [November MK] November

[ni] palatal n


O [o], a short o, which occurs only in internationalisms and is pronounced as a (cf. A) [, o], a long always accented vowel; in borrowings it draws an accent on itself [O 83] oh HH [hoho MBS] oh AZI <52> [Oase MK] oasis BERSTS <32> [Oberst MK] colonel BJAKTAN <35> [object MK] object BJAKTISKAS aj <25> [bjaktan drv] object attr BJAKTIWS <32> [objective MK] objective BJAKTIWS aj <25> [bjaktan + Subjektws MK] objective BSERWATRIJAN <35> [Observatorium MK] observatory CEANS <32> [ocean MK] ocean KINI <52> [ks + Drawwini MK] stand (hallstand), hallstand, coatrack KS <32> [hk DIA + okas, `is, huk MK] peg (crook), hook (peg), hanger (coathanger) OKUPACINI <52> [Okkupation MK] occupation (of a territory) OKUPACINISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Okupacini drv] occupation attr KUPANTI <50> [kupants drv] invader (occupant) woman KUPANTS <56> [Okkupant MK] invader (occupant) man KUPATUN <131> [okkupieren + kupants MK] to occupy (invade) LIWA <45> [Olive + oliva MK] olive no LIWISKAI ZALLIS aj <27> [olivgrn MK] olive (colour) adj OPCINALS <25> aj [optional MK] optional PERETI <52> [Operette MK] musical, operetta PERI <52> [Oper MK] opera POZICINI <52> [Opposition MK] opposition RANINS aj <25> [orange MK] orange RDINALS <25> [Ordinal- MK] ordinal RGANIZACINI <52> [Organisation MK] organization RGANIZTUN <139> [organisieren MK] to organize RIGIN~LIN <35a> [Original MK] (smth) original RKESTRAN <35> [Orchester MK] orchestra 161

RKESTRANTI <50> [rkestran + Muzik`nti MK] orchestral player woman RKESTRANTS <56> [rkestran + Muzik`nts MK] orchestral player man ORTDOKSIJA <45> [Orthodoxie MK] orthodoxy ORTDOKSIS <40> [Orthodoxe MK] orthodox ORTGRAFIJA <45> [Orthographie MK] spelling, orthography ORTGRAFISKAS <25> [Ortgrafija drv] orthographic SNA <45> [stun drv] nose (flair) STUN <79> [uosti + east + b-adac MK] to smell (sniff), nose (sniff), scent (sniff)

Pa prp acc [po 83] after PAS, prp acc [po 99] after (in accordance with), in accordance with, prp dat [po 41] under PA~NTRINSENIS <40> [Paantrintun MK] repetition PA~NTRINSENISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Paantrinsna drv] repeated PA~NTRINSNA <45> [Paantrintun MK] repetition PA~NTRINTUN <85> [wtorzyc MK] to repeat smth, PA~NTRINTUN SI [wtorzyc MK] to repeat i PAAUGINNAITI Paaugntun ip 2 pl poauginneiti 93 PAAUGNTS Paaugntun pc pt pa poaugints 133 PAAUGNTUN <85> [poaugints 133 drv] to breed, grow (breed), bring up (breed) PABAJJINTUN <85> [pobaiint 87] to punish PAB~LZA <45> [Pobalso E 489] mattress PABANGINNUNS Pabangntun pc pt ac pobanginnons 69 PABANGNTUN <85> [pobanginnons 69 drv] to move PABELZTWEI <71> [Pobalso E 489 VM] to swell, blow up i PABILSN~ <46> [Pabiltun drv] denomination (name), appelative, entitlement (name) PABILTUN (per acc) <134a> [Biltun drv + designate MK] to denominate (name), name (denominate), call (name) PABRANDNSN~ <46> [pobrandisnan 73 drv] burdening 162

PABRANDNSNAN Pabrandinsn` acc pobrandisnan 73 PABRANDNTS Pabrandntun pc pt pa pobrendints 69 PABRANDNTUN <85> [pobrendints 69 drv] to burden PAD~ST SI Pad`tun si ps 3 sien pod`st 123 PAD~TAN Pad`tun pc pt pa n pod`ton 77 PAD~TUN <118> [pod`ton 77 drv] to deliver (give) over, up, give away, PAD~TUN SI dat [sien pod`st 123 drv] to give oneself (over, up) to PAD~WINGI av [Pad`wingis drv] faithfully PAD~WINGIS aj <26> [Pad`tun si MK] faithful PAD~WINGISKU <49> [Pad`wingis drv] fidelity (faithfulness) PAD~WUNS SI Pad`tun si pc pt ac wans pod`uns 103 PADDAUBIS <40> [Pandaubis E 30] valley PADDIS <40> [Paddis E 312] horde-collar PADDUBNIS <52> nom pl f [Dubnas + padugns, padibenes MK] dregs (ragtag) PADELTUN <139> (sirzdau acc) [Deltun drv] to divide (partition) up (among) PADNGA Padngtwei ps 3 podingai 79 PADNGAN n <35> [podngan 855] pleasure PADNGAUSNA <45> [podingausnan 856 drv] luxury (delight) PADNGAUSNAN Padngausna acc podingausnan 856 PADNGAUTUN <143> (acc) [podingausnan 856 drv] to take a liking to PADNGAUTUN SI <143> (sen acc) [Padngautun drv] to enjoy PADNGTWEI <85> [podingai 79 drv] to be liked by (to like) PADRKTINA Padrktintun ps 1 sg Podrktinai 107 PADRKTINTUN <85> [Podrktinai 107 drv] to confirm PADRUWSN~ <46> [podruwsnan 121 drv] confidence PADRUWSNAN Padruwisn` acc podruwsnan 121 PADUKRI <52> [Poducre E 182] stepdaughter PADWARRIS <40> [Dwarris + dvaras + podworze MK] yard, backyard PAGABTUN <80b> [Gabtun drv] to overrun (usurp), seize, capture PAGADDINGI <52> [Gaddingi drv], subspecies PAGADNTUN <85> [pogadint 109] to spoil PAGALBA <45> [pogalban 101 drv] assistance, help; assistant (helper), helper PAGALBAN Pagalba acc pogalban 101 PAGALBENIKAN Pagalbeniks acc pog`lbenikan 91 PAGALBENIKS <32> [pogalbenix 103] helper, Saviour 163

PAGALBSENIS <40> [pogalbenix 103 + pogalbton 115 MK] salvation PAGALBTAN Pagalbtwei pc pt pa n [pogalbton 115] helped PAGALBTWEI <85> [pogalbton 115] to help PAGAPTS f <58> [dijlapagaptin 93 VM] tool, instrument PAGAPTS f <58> [Pagaptis E 362] grab (catcher) PAG~R prp acc [pag`r 27] beside, by smbs side, side by side PAGARBA <45> [Grbtun drv MK] byword (saying) PAG~R LSTUN <94> [begleiten MK] to accompany PAGATTAWINLAI Pagattawintun op (cn 3) pogattewinlai 103 PAGATTAWINTS Pagattawintun pc pt pa pogattawints 7713 PAGATTAWINTUN <85> [pogattawint 7711] to prepare PAGANA Pagane pogaunai 77 PAGANE Pagatun ps 3 pogauni 113 PAGANIMAI Pa gatun ps 1 pl pogaunimai 111 PAGASENIS <40> [Pagatun drv MK] beginning, PRI PAGASENIN [zu Anfang MK] first (at first), at first, at the beginning PAGATAI Pagatun pc pt pa nom pl m pogautei 113 PAGATAN Pagatun pc pt pa acc sg pogauton 133 PAGATS Pagatun pc pt pa nom sg m pagauts II 7 PAGATUN <111> [pogat 53] to get, start, begin PAGAWENIKS <32> [Pagatun drv] initiator (founder), pioneer PAGAWUNS Pagatun pc pt ac nom sg m pogauuns 95 PAGRDAUI Pagrdautun ps 3 ] pogerdawie 87 PAGRDAUJA ps 3 [pogerdawie 87] preaches PAGRDAUTUN <143> [pogerdawie 87 drv] to preach, announce PAGGAN psp [paggan 313] because of, for (some reason), through (some circumstances) PAGGERDS <32> [Passuns + Grds MK] reverberation, subtone PAGIRRI <52> [Pogirrien 133 drv] praise PAGIRRIN Pagirri acc f Pogirrien 133 PAGIRSN~ <46> [pogirsnan 13115 drv] praise PAGIRSNAN Pagirsn` acc pogirsnan 131 15 PAGIRTUN <75> [pogirsnan 13115 drv] to praise PAGLAB~I Paglab`tun pt 3 poglab(dins) 113 PAGLAB~TUN <132> [poglab(dins) 113 drv] to fondle PAGLAUB~TUN <132> [Glaub`tun + underline MK] to underline 164

PAGNESTUN <76> [Gnestun drv] to press (on) PAGRUNTINSNA <45> [Pagruntintun drv] grounding PAGRUNTINTUN <85> [Gruntintun + justify MK] to ground PAGUDDI <52> [Pogusania DK 1287, *Pagud VM] Pogesania PAGNANS Pagns acc pl poganans I 11 PAGNIBI <52> [Pagonbe E 795] paganism, heathenism PAGNS <32> [poganans I 11 drv] heathen, pagan PAGRNIS <40> [Pagrimis E 442] breast-leather for a horse P~IKAMAI Paiktun ps 1 pl paikemmai 29 PAIKTUN <136> [paikemmai 29 drv] to deceive PAMENS <61> [payme-copo DK GN + piemuo, poimn MK] shepherd, herdsman P~ITA <45> [Paytoran E 6 VM] swarm P~ITARAN n <35> [Paycoran E 6] Pleiades PAJUKSMA <45> [J`ukus + Juktwei + paprotys MK] custom (tradition) PAKAWNGI av [packawingi 89] peacefully PAKAWNGIS aj <27> [packawingi 89 drv] peaceful PAKWINGISKAN Pakwingiskas aj acc packwingiskan 91 PAKWINGISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [packwingiskan 91] peaceful PAKWINTAJS <32> [Pakwintun drv] comforter PAKWINTUN <85> [packwingiskan 91 MK] to comfort, console PAKKAJAN Pakkajs acc packaien 133 PAKKAJS <32> [133 packaien drv] peace PAKKAN Pakkajan Packan 71 PAKKARS <36> [Paccaris E 502] leather strap of a top-boot PAKLAUSMINAS Paklausmins nom pl f poklausmanas 57 PAKLAUSMINS aj <25> [poklausmanas 57 drv] listenable PAKLAUSSN~ <46> [poklausijsnan 121 drv] hearing out PAKLAUSSNAN Paklausisn` acc poklausijsnan 121 PAKLAUSTUN <134> [poklausijsnan 121 drv] to hear out PAKLUSMA Paklsmas nom sg f poklsmai 9313 PAKLUSMAI av [poklusmai 31] obediently PAKLUSMAN Paklusmas n (av) [poklusman 41] obediently PAKLUSMANS Paklusmas acc pl m boklusmans 87 PAKLUSMAS aj nom sg m <25> [poklsmai 9313 drv] obedient PAKLUSMINGI av [poklsmingi 9312] obediently 165

PAKLUSMINGINS Paklusmings aj acc pl Poklusmingins 91 PAKLUSMINGIS aj <27> [Poklusmingins 91 drv + poklsmingi 9312] obedient PAKLUSMINGISKAN aj n (av) [poklusmingiskan 133 + poklsmingi 9312] obediently PAKLUSMINGISKU <49> [Paklusmingiskan drv] obedience PAKLUSTWEI <95> dat [Paklusman + paklusti MK] to submit, obey PAKRAKSTS <36> [Kraksts drv] outskirts PAKS <32> [luggage, luggage + paczka MK] package (parcel) PAKNSEI Paknstun op poknsi 133 PAKNSTUN <76> [paknst 7915] to protect, preserve PAKNTE Paknstun ps 3 poknti 41 PAKNTEIS Paknstun ip 2 sg pokuntieis 49 PAKNTUNS Paknstun pc pt ac pokntuns 7914 PAKRTA <45> [Pocorto E 195] threshold, doorstep PAKWAITITS Pakwaittun mod rel ps [poquoitts 117] as if desires PAKWAITSN~ <46> [poquoitsnau 63 drv] lust, desire PAKWAITSNAN Pakwaitisn` acc poquoitsnau 63 PAKWAITTAN Pakwaittun pc pt pa nom sg n poquoitton 111 PAKWAITTUN <46> [poquoitsnau 63 drv] to lust, desire PAKWAITWUNS Pakwaittun pc pt ac nom sg m poquoituns 117 PAKWLPTAN Pakwlptwei pc pt pa n (av) poquelbton 79 PAKWLPTWEI <92> [poquelbton 79 drv] to kneel PALAD~ <46> [polayde DK] inheritance, heritage PAL~IKA Palaik`tun ps 3 pol`iku 51 PAL~IKAMAI Palaik`tun ps 1 pl pol`ikumai 55 PALAIK~TS Palaik`tun pc pt pa polaikts 121 PALAIK~TUN <142> [polaikt 35] to maintain, keep, retain PAL~IKTWEI <85> [pol`ikt 115] to remain PALAIPINNA Palaipntwei ps 1 sg polaipinna 79 PALAIPINNUNS Palaipntwei pc pt ac nom sg m polaipinnons 87 PALAIPNSNA <45> [polaipnsnan 71 drv] instruction (commandment), commandment, order (command) PALAIPNSNAN Palaipnsna acc polaipnsnan 71 PALAIPNTAN Palaipntwei pc pt pa n polaipinton 131 PALAIPNTWEI <85> [polaipinna 79 drv] to command, order (to command), commission, entrust 166

PALAIPS~I Pal`ipss nom pl Pallapsaey I, II 5 PAL~IPSAN Pal`ipss acc sg pallaipsan 59 PAL~IPSANS Pal`ipss acc pl pallaipsans 79 PALAIPSI Pal`ipstwei ps 3 Pallapse 99 PALAIPSTUN <134> [Pallaipstwei 356] to lust, desire PAL~IPSS <36> [pallaips 95] commandment PALASTUN 1 <77> [Palaid` drv MK] to leave tr (to let smth remain) PALASTUN 2 <77> [Palada + paleisti MK] to free, dissolve tr, discharge PAL~ITAN Pal`itun pc pt pa n palletan I 13 PAL~ITUN <106> [palletan I 13 drv] to pour PAL~IZITUN <138> [pomeleis Gr VM] to kiss PALASASSIS <40> [Palasallis E 574] trout PALAZNSNA <45> [polasnsnan 634 drv] chapter (section) PALAZNSNAN Palaznsna acc polasnsnan 634 PALGINTUN <85> [polgu 119 MK] to compare PALGISKU <49> [polgun 69 MK] likeness PALGU Palgusmu (em)polijgu 115 PALGU aj n (av) [polgu 119] similarly PALGUN Palgus aj acc sg m polgun 69 PALGUS aj <31> [polgun 69 drv] similar PALGUSMU Palgus dat sg m (em)polijgu 115 MK PALKI Palkitun ps 3 polijcki 57 PALKISNA <45> [Palkitun drv] allotment, dedication PALKITUN <135> [polijcki 57 drv] to allot, dedicate PALKIWUNS Palkitun pc pt ac polkins 131 PALIKKINI <50> [Palikkis MK] descendant woman PALIKKIS <40> [JB MK] descendant man PALIKTWEI <89> [polnka 97 drv] to remain PALNKA Paliktwei ps 3 polnka 97 PALSTWEI <94> [Lstwei + Pa-slysti, Pa-sldt, po-slizgnc si] to slide (once) PALKS <32> [Valks 711] falcon P~LWI <52> [Palwe ON] heath (moor) PAMAIT~TUN <132> [pomaitat 105] to feed (for some time) PAMATS <36> [Pamatis E 146] sole (of the foot); [Pamatis E 505] sole (of a shoe) 167

PAMEDDI <52> [Pomesania DK, *Pamed VM] Pomesania PAMESTAN Pamests n (av) [pomeston 103] subjectedly PAMESTS pc pt pa nom sg m <69> [pomests 105] subject (to), subjected PAMESTUN <72> [Mestun + pomests 105] to subject (subordinate), subordinate PAMETTUN <134> [Mettun drv] to pass smth by throwing PAMETTEWINGI av [pomettewingi 105] subordinately PAMETTEWIS <40> [pomettewingi 105 + Mukinnewis MK] subordinate no PAMIL~IZIS Pal`izitun ip 2 sg [pomeleis Gr VM] kiss me! kiss me a ...! PAMINSN~ <46> [pominsnan 75 drv] memory (of smb, smth concrete) PAMINSNAN Paminisn` acc pominsnan 75 PAMINTUN <139> [pominsnan 75 drv] to recollect, recall (recollect), commemorate, mention PAMNSENIS <40> [Pamntun + Isspresennien 77 MK] memory PAMNSN~ <46> [Pamntun + MK] memory PAMNTLIN <35a> [Pamntun + Spertlan E 150 + paminklas MK] monument PAMNTUN <97> [pominsnan 75 + minti MK] to recall (recollect) (at a moment) PAMRISNA <45> [pomijrisnans 33 drv] thought (idea) PAMRISNANS Pamrisna acc pl pomijrisnans 33 PAMRITWEI <138> [pomrit 95] to think PAMUKNTS Pamukntun pc pt pa pomukints 87 PAMUKNTUN <85> [pomukints 87 drv] to instruct PAMTRI <52> [Pomatre E 180] stepmother PANADLI <52> [Ponadele E 18] Monday PANARTIS <40> [Ponarthen ON VM] Ponarth PANASSI <52> [Ponasse E 90] upper lip, (place) under nose PANUKA <45> [Pantwcko E 352] pan, frying-pan PANIRTWEI <92> [einsenken + panirt MK] to subside (sag), sag (subside) PANNIKAN n <35> [Pannike MBS] fire dm, small fire PANNIN <37> [Pa^nean E 288] marsh with trees or bushes PANNISKAN <35> [Panniskas drv, ognisko MK] bonfire PANNISKAS aj <25> [Pannu drv] fire attr, igneous, fiery PANNU n <44> [Panno E 33] fire PANNUSTAKLIN n <35> [Panustaclan E 370] steel fire striker, [Panustaklin + iltavas MK] cigarette lighter PANNUTAKISS <32> [firewall, Pannu, Takkiss + Pannustaklin Nx] firewall PANTA <45> [Panto E 542] fetter 168

PANZDAU av [pansdau 69] then, afterwards, later on PANZDAUMANIN Panzdaumanis acc pansdaumannien 61 PANZDAUMANIS aj pnl <27> [pansdaumannien 61] latter, the last PANZDAUMS aj <25> [pansdaumannien 61 MK] last PAPAGAJS <32> [papagailis < papagajs, Papagei MK] parrot, AUBILNTS <29> PAPAGAJS <32> [niaubillntis 125] talking parrot PAP~IKA Papaiktun ps 3 popaik` 55 PAP~IKAN <35> [Papaiktun drv] fraud PAP~IKTUN <136> [popaik` 55 drv] to deceive PAPALTWEI <85> [aupallai 1076 + Preipaltwei + zufallen MK] to have to, have smth fallen on lot (to fall on lot) PAPARTIS <40> [Paparthen ON VM] fern PAPEIS~SENIS <40> [Papeis`tun si drv] signature PAPEIS~TAN Papeis`tun pc pt pa nom sg n Popeis`ton 73 PAPEIS~TUN <132> [popeisauns 111] to write (smth concrete) PAPEIS~TUN SI <132> [pasirayti, parakstties MK] to sign (up) PAPEIS~WUNS Papeis`tun pc pt ac nom sg m popeisauns 111 PAPEK~I Papek`tun ps 3 popeckuwi 41 PAPEK~TAJS <32> [Papek`tun drv] patron (trustee) PAPEK~TUN <132> [popekt 81] to look after, take care of, be warden to PAPRGIMI <52> [Prgimi drv] subspecies PAPDIS <40> [Papmpis + Pda + papd] foot (pedestal, base), pedestal PAPILNIMINIS aj <25> [Papilnintun drv, Paklausminis MK] additional PAPILNINSNA <45> [Papilnintun drv] replenishment PAPILNINTUN <85> [Pilns drv GlN] to add, supplement, replemish PAPMPIS <40> [Papinipis E 444] saddle-rug PAPRAN <35> [paper MK] paper PAPRAS gen attr [Papran drv] paper attr PAPRIKAN dm <35> [Papran drv] paper dm PAPLATTINTUN <85> [Plattintun drv] to spread smth (disseminate) tr, PAPLATTINTUN SI [Paplattintun drv] to spread i PAPPANS Paps acc pl Pappans 85 PAPRESN~ <46> [Paprestwei drv] resolution PAPRESTAMAI ps 1 pl [poprestemmai 65] we understand PAPRESTUN <93> [poprestemmai 65] to understand, decide, resolve PAPS <32> [Paps 111] parson, church rector 169

PARADZAN <35> [Paradies MK] paradise PARALLALS <25> [parallel MK] parallel PAR~METERIS <40> [Parameter MK] parameter PA R~NKAI av [MK] at hand PARIS~ <45> [Parske DIA + Ristun + perrist 89 MK] sandal, slingback PARISEI op [Pareysey II 9] let come PARISKA <45> [Parisa + Parske DIA MK] bast-shoe PARITWEI Pertwei Pareysey II 9 PAREJNGISKAI Perejngiskai pareingiskai 119 PARZI <52> [Pariser MK] Paris PARLAMENTARISMUS <32> [Parlamentarismus MK] parliamentary system PARLAMENT~RS <32> [parlamentaras MK] member of the parliament (MP) PARLAMNTI <52> [parlament MK] parliament P~RPALS <32> [Prapolis E 747] hoopoe P~RSISTIN n <37> [Prastian E 686] piglet P~RTIJA <45> [Partie DIA MK] party PARTKELI <52> [Partikel MK] particle PARTIZ~NTS <56> [Partisan, partyzant MK] guerilla PAS prp acc [poskails MBS MK] after (behind), behind PASALLINTUN <85> [Pasaltwei drv MK] to freeze tr PASALTWEI <89> [Passals, saltwei drv MK] to freeze over, up PASEGWINGI av [poseggwingi 91] subordinately PASERRIJA <45> [Passeria, Serija DK, *Serija VM] Paseria (Pas\ka) PASWAN <35> [Passive MK] passive voice PASIWIT~TI <52> [Passivitt MK] passivity PASIWTWEI <134> [Siwtwei drv] to turn grey (to grizzle) PASWS aj <25> [passively MK] passive PASKI <52> [Pach DIA MK] Easter PASKUL~I Paskultun ps 3 paskoll 91 PASKUL~IS Pasku ltun ip 2 sg Poskuleis 91 PASKULTUN <134a> [paskulton 87] to admonish, exhort PASP~RTINTUN <85> [pospartint 119] to strengthen PASPTUN tr <120> [Sptwei MK] to overtake, run down, catch up with, PASPTWEI i to catch (be in time), be in time, have time (to, for) PASS <32> [Pass MK] passport PASSALS <32> [Passalis E 57] frost 170

PASSUNS <32> [Passons E 181] stepson PAST~ <46> [Pasto E 494] shawl PASTAGGIS <40> [Pastagis E 443] crupper (a harness) PAST~I Past`twei pt 3 post`i 75 PAST~NA Past`twei ps 3 post`nai 49 PASTANGA <45> [Stengtun MK] effort PAST~NIMAI Past`twei ps 1 pl post`nimai 113 21 PAST~SEI Past`twei ps 2 sg post`sei 105 3 PASTATNSNA <45> [Pastatntun drv] order (booking) PASTATNTUN <85> [Statntun + bestellen MK] to order (to place an order) PAST~TWEI <110> [post`twei 63] to become PASTATWEI <144> [Pastauton 77] to fast (keep the fast) PAST~WS <32> [Pastowis E 456] woollen cloth PAST~WUNS Past`twei pc pt ac post`uns 131 PASTENKS <32> [Pastenick Gr] fast PASTIPPAN av (aj n) [postippan 71] entirely, completely PASTIPS aj <25> [postippin 45] entire, whole PASUPRIS nom pl f <52> [Passupres E 225] shelf (board, rack) PASUPTWEI <85> [Passupres E 225 VM] to rock (sway) PASW~IKSTINA Pasw`ikstintwei ps 3 posw`igstinai 133 PASW~IKSTINTWEI <85> [posw`igstinai 133] to shine (for a while) PAT [pat MK] namely, same PATABBELIS <40> [Potabel, Pa + Tabelle, Tappali MK] sacristan (sexton in Lithuania Minor up to 1724) PATALS <32> [Patols DK VM] Potollo PATAUKINNUNS Pataukntun pc pt ac nom sg m potaukinnons 115 PATAUKNSNA <45> [potaukinsnas 12111] promise PATAUKNSNAN Patauknsna acc sg potauksnan 95 PATAUKNSNAS Patauknsna gen sg potaukinsnas 12111 PATAUKNTAN Pataukntun pc pt pa acc potaukinton 119 PATAUKNTUN <85> [potaukinnons 115] to promise PAT~WELIS <40> [Patowelis E 179] stepfather PATEIK~TUN <132> [poteikuns 121] to create PATEIK~WUNS Pateik`tun pc pt ac poteikuns 121 PATESI <52> [Tesi + pagarba MK] respect, reverence PATIK~TS pc pt pa <69> [patickots I 7] produced 171

PATIKINNUNS Patikntun pc pt ac potickinnuns 115 PATIKNTUN <85> [potickinnuns 115] to make (produce), produce PAT IKRINSN~ <46> [Patikrintun drv] specification (itemizing) PAT IKRINTUN <85> [Tikrintun drv] to specify (itemize) PATRIARCH~TAN <35> [Patriarchat MK] patriarchate PATRI~RCHIS <32> [Patriarch MK] patriarch PATRMPUS <32> [Potrympo VT VM] Patrimp (deity of streaming water) PATRNI <52> [cartridge MK] (rifle) cartridge PATRILI <52> [Patrouille MK] patrol PATTINISKU <49> [pattiniskun I 5] marriage PATTINISKWAN Pattinisku acc pattiniskun I 5 PATTINTUN <85> [pattiniskun I 5 drv MK] to marry PATTINUNS <68> SI [verheiratet] married m PATTINUSI <68> SI f [Pattintun si drv] married f P~ULI nom sg m <54> [Pauli 633] Paul PAUPICRS <32> [Unteroffizier MK] sergeant, corporal P~USAINS aj <25> [P`usan drv] half (consisting of halves), half-and-half (inconsequent) P~USAN n <35> [pausan 115] side, [MK] page P~USEWINGIS aj <27> [P`usan drv] side attr, secondary, subordinate P~USISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [P`usan MK] partial (one-sided) P~USISKU <49> [P`usiskas MK] partiality (inequity) PAUSTAK~IKAN n <35> [Paustocaic^a E 654] wild horse PAUST~KATA <45> [Paustocatto E 665] wildcat PAUSTAKILIS <40> [Paustak`ikan drv + Wildschwein, meakuilis] wild boar P~USTAN <35> [P`usts drv MK] emptiness P~USTAUSN~ <46> [P`ustautwei drv] poaching P~USTAUTAJS <32> [P`ustautwei drv] poacher P~USTAUTWEI <143> [wildern MK] to poach P~USTISKAS aj <25> [P`usts drv] wild P~USTISKU <49> [P`ustiskas drv] ferity P~USTRI <52> [Paustre E 624] wilderness, desert P~USTRINIKS <32> [P`ustri drv GlN] hermit, loner, recluse (loner) P~USTS aj <26> [Pausto(catto) E 665 VM] wild, empty P~UTS <32> [paute Gr] egg 172

PAWAIDINNA Pawaidntun ps 3 powaidinne 6314 PAWAIDINNAITI Pawaidntun ip 2 pl powaidinneiti 97 PAWAIDNTUN <85> [Powaidint 17] to show, point to, demonstrate PAWASENIN Pawasenis acc powaisemnen 73 PAWASENIS <40> [Powaisennis 91] conscience PAWASENISKAS <25> [Pawasenis drv] conscientious PAWAI~TAJS <32> [Pawai`twei drv] adviser PAWAI~TWEI <132> [Wai`tun + patarti MK] advise PAWAKSN~ <46> [Powacksna 99] banns, declaration PAWAKTUN <134> [Powacksna 99 drv] to announce, declare PAW~RGAUSN~ <46> [Paw`rgautwei drv] regret PAW~RGAUTWEI <143> [pawargan 63 MK] to repent (regret), regret PAW~RGEWINGISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [powargewingiskan 57] miserable, hard (difficult) PAW~RGS <32> [pawargan 63] regret PAW~RGSENIS <40> [powargsennien 115] tiredness, fatigue PAW~RGTWEI <85> [W`rgtwei + pawargan 63 MK] to grieve, sorrow PAWARTNTUN <85> [Wartntun drv] to turn tr, PAWARTNTUN SI [Pawartntun drv] to turn i PAWARTSN~ <46> [powartsnan 63] conversion (mending) PAWARTS <32> [Pawartntun + powrot MK] turn (turning-point), turn-off PAWRPJAITI Pawrptun ip 2 pl powirptei 95 PAWRPTUN <75b> [powirpt 107] to abandon PAWRPUNS Pawrptun pc pt ac powirpuns 101 PAWRTINTUN <85> [Wrts + bewerten MK] to appreciate PAWDA <45> [Wid`tun drv] view (prospect) PAWRPAN Pawrps acc (grunt)powrpun 118 PAWRPINGIS aj <27> [powrpingin 109] free PAWRPINGISKU <49> [Pawrpingis drv] liberty, freedom PAWRPINTAJS <32> [Pawrpintun drv] liberator PAWRPINTUN <85> [Pawrps drv] to liberate PAWRPS aj <25> [powrps 95] free PAWSTINS Pawsts acc pl poweistins 103 PAWSTS nom sg f <58> [powijstin 27] thing PAWUNDISKAS aj <25> [Undan drv, Powunden ON MK] underwater PAZ~RTS nom sg f <58> [Passortis E 334] poker (rake) 173

PAZENTLIN <35a> [Zentlin + poymis MK] feature, mark (feature) PAZENTLITUN <138> [Zentlitun drv MK] to mark (to put a sign), sign (to mark) PAZIN~TS Pazin`tun pc pt pa posinn`ts 125 PAZIN~TUN <85> [posinnat 6521] to recognize, acknowledge PAZINNA Pazin`tun ps 1 sg posinna 67 18 PAZINNIMAI Pazin`tun ps 1 pl Posinnimai 29 PAZZULS nom sg f <58> [Passoles E 79] nape of the neck PEDAGGIKI <52> [Pdagogik MK] pedagogy PEDAGGINI <50> [Pedaggs drv] educationist woman PEDAGGISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [pdagogisch MK] educational, pedagogic PEDAGGS <32> [Pdagog MK] educationist man PILIS <40> [peile Gr] knife PEIS~I Peis`tun ps 3 peis`i 73 PEIS~IMANI <52> [Schreibmaschine MK] typewriter PEIS~IMINS aj <25> [Peis`tun + Paklausmins MK] writing, written PEIS~ISTALS <36> [Peis`imani + Schreibtisch, rakst`mgalds WE] desk (writing desk) PEIS~LANIKS <32> [Peis`li drv] clerk, scribe (clerk), copyist PEIS~LI <52> [peis`lei 89] Script, official letter, official paper, note (small written letter) PEIS~LIN Peis`li acc peis`lin 111 PEIS~LINGIS aj <27> [Peis`li drv] literate PEIS~LINGISKU <49> [Peis`li drv] literacy PEIS~LISTA <45> [Peis`li MK] writings (all documents of a written language) PEIS~TAJS <32> [Peis`tun drv] writer PEIS~TAN Peis`tun pc pt pa n peis`ton 105 PEIS~TUN <132> [peis`i 73] to write PISMEN <63> [peis`i 73 + pisac: pismo, pismena MK, GK] letter PEKKU Pekku dat sg n Pecku 85 PEKKU n <44> [Pecku 41] cattle PEKRI <52> [Peccore E 329] baker f PEKRIS <40> [Peccore E 329 + Tukris drv] baker m PELANNA <45> [Pelanno E 223] hearth PELANNI <52> [Pelanne E 37] ash 174

PELDTUN <134> [pelduns 43] to acquire PELDWUNS Peldtun pc pt ac pelduns 43 PEL <53> [Pele E 710] hen-harrier (ring-tail) PEL <53> [Pelemaygis E 712 VM] mouse PELJAN <35> [Peltwei + peljai MK] mould PELMAIGIS <40> [Pelemaygis E 712] windhover (kestrel) PELTS aj <25> [Peltwei + Salits, verschimmel-t MK] mouldy PELTWEI <134a> [pelti + pelt + plesn MK] to mould PELKI <50> [Pelky E 287] swamp, marsh PELKIS <40> [Pelkis E 475] coarse overcoat PELKS aj <36> [Pelkis E 475 VM] ashen, ashy PELLAKS <32> [Pellekis E 202] gable, roof-ridge PELLIS nom pl f <53> [Peles E 111] muscles of the upper arm PLW~ <46> [Pelwo E 279] chaff PMP <53> [Peempe E 751] peewit PNKDESIMTS <58> [Pnkei MK] fifty PENKDESMTS ord <26> [Pnkdesimts drv] fiftieth PNKEI crd <27> [Pincts 31 VM] five PNKEREI <27> [Pnkerei + picioro MK] five (as a group), (+ pl tantum) [penkeri MK] five PNKERINSUN [TN MK dangonsuen] to five, five persons together PNKETA <45> [Warto E 210 + penketas MK] five of, of five... PNKNADESIMT crd [Anadesimt, Pnkei MK] fifteen PENKNADESMTS ord <26> [Pnknadesimt drv] fifteenth PNKSIMTA [Warto E 210, Pnketa MK] five hundreds PENKSMTS ord <26> [Pnksimta drv] five hundredth PENKT~ Pnkts nom sg f Pienckt` 53 PNKTS ord nom sg m <69> [Pincts 31] fifth PENNINGA Pennings ptv penega BPT PENNING~I <36> [penningans 33 drv] money PENNINGS <32> [penega BPT] penny (Pfennig) PNPALA <45> [Penpalo E 770] quail PENSN, gen sg pensnes, nom, dat, acc sg/pl pensn [Pincenez MK] pincenez PNTNIKS <32> [Pentinx E 22] Friday PENTS f <58> [Pentis E 147] heel PR pcl [by 69] too 175

PR prp acc [per 39, pr(stans) 73] for, [Perlauken ON] behind, [per(ainan) 117] to be (become) smb, smth PERANINTUN <85> [vereinigen MK] to unite smb, smth tr, PERANINTUN SI [Peranintun drv] to unite i PERARWI av [Perarwi 113] certainly, indeed PERARWISKAI av [perarwiskai 43] certainly, indeed PERAGTWEI <85> [Agtwei + [pertraki 101] MK] to grow over PERB~NDA <45> [perbandan I 11 drv] temptation, [MK] test, probation PERB~NDA Perband`tun ps 3 perb`nda 55 PERB~NDAN Perb`nda acc f perbandan I 11 PERBAND~SN~ <46> [Perband`tun drv] temptation, testing, examination PERBAND~SNAN Perbandasn` acc perband`snan 55 PERBAND~TUN <142> [perband`snan 55, perb`nda 55] to test, examine, check up PERBILSN~ <46> [Perbiltun drv] refusal; dissuasion PERBILTUN <134a> [Perbillton 55] to reject, repudiate; to dissuade, PERBILTUN SI [Perbiltun drv] to runaround, excuse oneself (runaround) PRD~ <46> [prdin 85 VM] fodder PRDAN Perd` acc sg f prdin 85 PERD~S~ <46> [perd`sai 33] wares, commodity PERD~SAN Perdas` acc perd`isan 6917 PERD~SN~ <46> [Perd`tun drv] sale PERD~TAJA <45> [Perd`tun drv] saleswoman PERD~TAJS <32> [Perd`tun drv] salesman, seller PERD~TUN <118> [perdauns 6916 drv] to sell PERD~WUNS Perd`tun pc pt ac perdauns 6916 PERDWIGUB~SN~ <46> [perdwibugsnan 55 drv] despodency, dejection PERDWIGUB~SNAN Perdwigubasn` acc perdwibugsnan 55 PERDWIGUB~TWEI <132> [perdwibugsnan 55] to despond PERILAI Peritwei op (cn 3) perelai 4918 PERIMAI Peritwei ps 1 pl perimai 63 PERIT Peritwei ps 3 perit 57 PERITWEI <116> [perit 45] to come PEREJNGIS aj <27> [pareingiskai 119 VM] future PEREJNGISKAI av [pareingiskai 119] prospectively, for the future 176

PEREJNGISKU <49> [pareingiskai 119 MK] future PERFEKTAN no <35> [Perfekt MK] perfect tense PERGABSN~ <46> [Pergabtun drv] captivity PERGABTINIKS <32> [Pergabtun drv] captive, prisoner of war PERGABTUN <80b> [Gabtun drv MK] to take smb prisoner PRGALWIS <40> [Pergalwis E 78] occiput, back of the head PERGRBTUN <85> [Grbtun drv] to retell PRGIMANS Prgims acc pl m prgimmans 41 PRGIMEI Prgims dat sg prgimie PRGIMI <52> [prgimnis 11522 MK] kind (sort), race (animal race), species, breed PRGIMIS Prgimi gen sg f prgimnis 11522 PRGIMS m <32> [prgimmans 41] creature PERGRNZTUN <71> [Grnztun drv] to screw (tighten), twist (smth), (n acc) to turn in (at), run (turn) in (at) PERGRNZTUN 1 <71> [Grnztun drv] to screw (tighten), twist (smth) PERGRNZTUN 2 <71> (n, pri acc) [Grnztun drv] to turn in (at), run (turn) in (at) PERGS <32> [pergas, prog MK] boat gouged out of a log PERGBUNS Peritwei pc pt ac pergbons 43 PERIDI <52> [Periode MK] period PERJAIS Peritwei ip 2 sg Pergeis I 9 PERJ~SENIS <40> [Perj`twei drv] arrival (of / by bus, train or riding ahorse) PERJ~SN~ <46> [Perj`twei drv] coming back (by bus, train or riding ahorse) PERJ~T Perj`twei ps 3 perioth MBS PERJ~TWEI <119> [perioth MBS] to drive home, ride back, arrive PERKL~NTAMAI Perklanttun ps 1 pl perklantemmai 35 PERKLANTSN~ <46> [perklantsnan 1156 drv] condemnation, damnation, malediction PERKLANTSNAN Perklantisn` acc perklantsnan 1156 PERKLANTT Perklanttun pc pt pa n perklantt 113] condemned, cursed PERKLANTTAN Perklantts acc perklantton 43 PERKLANTTS Perklanttun pc pt pa nom sg m perklantts 61 PERKLANTTUN <136> [perklantemmai 35] to betray PERKLANTTUN <136> [perklantsnan 1156 drv] to condemn PERKLANTWUNS Perklanttun pc pt ac nom sg m perklantuns 119 177

PERKNIJA coll <45> [Perkms drv + perknija, Prkona negaiss MK] thunderstorm PERKNS <32> [Percunis E 50] thunder, [Perkuno DK] Perkuno (Thunder God) PERLASTUN <77> [Palada + perleisti MK] to transmit PERLAMSENIS <40> [Perlamtun + Verbrechen MK] crime PERLAMTUN <81b> [Lamtun drv + verbrechen MK] to transgress (infringe), trespass PERL~NKE Perl`nktwei ps 3 perl`nkei 53 PERL~NKIS <40> [perlencke DIA VM] levy of money PERL~NKSN~ <46> (ezze acc) [Perl`nktwei drv] dependence (on); (prei acc) belonging (to), being in possession (of) PERL~NKTWEI <75> (ezze acc) [perl`nkei 53] to depend (on); (prei acc) to belong (to) PERL~NKUS aj <31> (ezze acc) [Perl`nktwei MK] dependently (on) PERLAZNSNA <45> [Perlazntun drv] edition PERLAZNTAJS <32> [Perlazntun drv] publisher PERLAZNTUN <85> [Lazntun + verlegen MK] to publish PERLAZNTWI <52> [Perlazntun drv] publishing house, publishers PERLGINTUN <85> [leygenton II 9 + vergleichen MK] to compare PERLIMS <38> [Perlamtun drv MK] criminal PERLBA <45> [Salba + Ver-lob- MK] betrothal PERLBITUN <138> [Perlba drv] to betroth PERMAIS~TUN <132> [Mais`tun + vermischen MK] to mix entirely PERMERKTUN <71> akkins [umerkti akis, aizvrt acis, zamknc oczy MK] to close ones eyes PRNAI av [Prns drv] last year PERNAIKNTUN <85> [Naikntun + perbillton 55 + vernichten MK] to annihilate, exterminate PERNAIKNTUN <85> [Naikntun drv + perbillton 55 + vernichten MK] to exterminate, annihilate, destruct PRNS aj <25> [pernai + prns + fairns MK] last years, of last year PERNEWINGIS aj <27> [Perni drv] public, social PERNI <52> [perni 103] community, company, [MK] society PERNISKA Perniskas aj nom sg f pernisku 73 PERNISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [pernisku 73 drv] common, communal 178

PERNISKU no nom sg f <49> [perniskan 45] belonging, intercommunity; [Pernisku drv] association PERNISKWAN Pernisku acc perniskan 45 PERPNDIKELS <32> [Perpendikel + perpendikuls MK] perpendicular PERPETTAS av [perpettas 35] behind (smbs) back PERPDA Perpstun ps 3 perpdai 115, pt 3 perpdai 11120 PERPILNISKU <49> [Prpilns drv] redundancy PERPILNS aj <26> [Pr + Pilns + p`rpilns MK] redundant PERPSTS Perpstun pc pt pa perpsts 111 PERPSTUN <87> [perpsts 111] to bring PRPUSIN av [Pr + Pussis + perpus MK] by half, in half, half-and-half PERRISTUN <102> [perrist 89] to tie up PERRPTAJS <32> [Perrptun drv] pursuer PERRPTUN <75b> [Rptwei + verfolgen MK] to pursue PERS~TWINTUN <85> [S`twintun drv, vergngen MK] to surfeit (glut) smb, smth PERSIRZDAUTWEI <143> [vermitteln, posredniczyc MK] to intermediate PERSKAJJINTUN <85> [Etskajjintun MK] to settle a newcomer PERSKTWEI <120> [etskmai 63 drv] to move in having come from another place PERSKR~ISENIS <40> [Perskr`istwei drv] arrival (by air) PERSKR~ISN~ <46> [Perskr`istwei drv] coming flying, arriving by air PERSKR~ISTWEI <87> [Skr`istwei drv] to fly here, arrive by air, fly in PERSNA <45> [persona, Person MK] person PERSNIBI <52> [Persnlichkeit + Pagonbe E 795 + asmenyb, personba E 795] personality PERSNISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [personally MK] personal PERSNISKU <49> [Persniskas drv] personalism, features of personality PERSPTUN <120> [Sptwei MK] to outrun, excel, surpass PERSTAL~I Persta ltwei ps 3 perstall 877 PERSTALSN~ <46> [perstallsnas 85] guidance, leadership PERSTALSNAS Perstalisn` gen sg f perstallsnas 85 PERSTALTWEI <134a> [perstall 877 drv] to conduct, lead (conduct), head (manage) PERLZIMAI Perlzitun ps 1 pl perschlsimai 559 PERLZISNA <45> [perschlsisnan 41] merit 179

PERLZISNAN Perlzisna acc perschlsisnan 41 PERLZITUN <138> [perschlsisnan 41 drv] to deserve PERLZIWUNS Perlzitun pc pt ac perschlsiuns 556 PERTENGINNUNS Pertengntun pc pt ac pertengginnons 115 PERTENGNTAN Pertengntun pc pt pa pertengninton 93 PERTENGNTUN <85> [pertengginnons 115] to send here PERTENTWEI <134> [pertennuns 67 drv] to linger, retard (linger), be late PERTENWUNS Pertentwei pc pt ac pertennuns 67 PERTIKSN~ <46> [Pertiktwei drv, Herkunft MK] origin PERTIKTWEI <89> ezze acc [Tiktwei drv] to descend from, originate from PERTRAKI Pertraktun pt 3 pertraki 101 PERTRAKTUN <75> [pertraki 101] to stretch on (cover), pull on (cover) PERTREPPENIKS <32> [Pertreptun drv] representative PERTREPTUN <85> [vertreten MK] to represent PERTRNKTS <69> [pertrinctan 119] stubborn PERTRNKTUN <97> [pertrinctan 119 VM] to knock down PERWAIDINNAS [Perwaidntun si drv] it seems (as if) PERWAIDNSNA <45> [perwaidinsnans 69] example; for example PREI PERWAIDNSNAN = p.p. [zum Beispiel MK] PERWAIDNSNANS Perwaidnsna acc pl perwaidinsnans 69 PERWAIDNTUN SI <45> [perwaidinsnans 69 VM] to appear, seem (to be) PERWAIDNTWEI <45> [perwaidinsnans 69 VM] to seem, look (as) PERWALDSN~ <46> [Perwaldtun drv] administration PERWALDTAJS <32> [Perwaldtun drv] steward, administrator PERWALDTUN <141> [Waldtun drv + verwalten MK] to administer PERW~NDRAUTWEI <143> [W`ndrautwei drv] to immigrate PERW~NDRAWENIKI <52> [Perw`ndraweniks drv] asylant woman PERW~NDRAWENIKS <32> [W`ndrautwei drv] asylant man PERWARTNTUN <85> (en acc) [wartint 35 MK] to transform smth (into) PERWED~I Perwed`tun ps 3 perwedd` 55 PERWED~TAJS <32> [Perwed`tun drv] seducer PERWED~TUN <132> [perwedd` 55] to seduce PERWEKKAMAI Perwektun ps 1 pl perweckammai 29 PERWEKTUN <85> [perweckammai 29 drv] to scorn PERWESTUN <73> [Westun drv] to bring smb here by foot PERWEZTUN <71> [Weztun drv] to transport smb, smth here 180

PERWID~NTS <29> [Perwid`twei drv] envious, jealous PERWID~SN~ <46> [Perwid`twei drv] envy, jealousy PERWID~TAJS <32> [Perwid`twei drv MK] envier PERWD~TWEI <142> [Wid`tun drv + za-wisc/-z(d)rosc MK] to envy PRWIJAS nom pl f <45> [Perwios E 281] chaff (after winnowing) PERWKAUSN~ <46> [Perwkautun drv] invitation PERWKAUTUN <143> [perwkauns 45 drv] to call smb here, to invite PERWKAWUNS Perwkautwei pc pt ac perwkauns 45 PERZRGAUI Perzrgautun ps 3 persurgaui 41 PERZRGAUTUN <143> [persurgaui 41] to supply, provide PET <53> [Pette E 104] shoulder PETGISLA <45> [Pettegislo E 108] shoulder artery PETS f <60> [Pettis E 104] shoulder-blade; [Pectis E 332] oven peel PETTALKA <45> [petelik, Pippelka] butterfly PBELI <52> Bbelis PDA Pstun ps 3 pdai 89 PDAN n <35> [Pedan E 245] ploughshare PDEI nom pl m <40> [Peadey E 482] socks PDIMAI Pstun ps 1 pl pdimai 35 PDIS nom pl f <52> [Pede DIA] yoke (shoulder-litter) PKLI <52> [Picle E 730] field-thrush PKTWEI <75> [Picle E VM] to peep (beep) PIKULLAI Pikuls 1 nom pl peckolle MBS PIKULLAS Pikuls 1 gen sg pickullas 51 PIKULLIN Pikuls 1 acc sg pickullan 61 PIKULLIN Pikuls 2 acc sg Pickullien 43 PIKULS 1 <32> [Pickls 55] devil PIKULS 2 <32> [Pyculs E 10] hell PILNS <32> [Brger + Pils + Kaimns MK] citizen PILLIGARBS <36> [piliakalnis, pilskalns MK] hill fort PILLIN <35a> [pilti, ampalas, pilt, pili, pilas, Piltwei drv MK] flood, flow (rising tide) PILNAN Pilns acc sg pilnan 69 PILNIBI <52> [Pagnibi MK] full moon PILNINTUN <85> [erpilninaiti 105 drv] to fill PILNS aj <26> [pilnan 69] full 181

PILS f <60> [Sassenpile ON VM] castle, fortress PILTWEI <81a> [pilti, ampalas, pilt MK] to overflow PMPA <45> [Papinipis E VM] penis PINTEGA <45> [Pints MK] journey, travel, trip PINTEGANIKS <32> [Pintegatwei drv] traveller, wanderer PINTEGASN~ <46> [Pintegatwei drv] wandering PINTEGATWEI <144> [Pintega MK] to travel, wander PINTS f <58> [Pintys E 372] tinder, sponge PINTS m <57> [Pintis E 799] way PIPPELINS Pippelis acc pl Pippalins 107 PIPPELIS <40> [Pepelis E 706] bird PIPPELKA dm <45> [Pipelko Gr] small bird PR~ <46> [pijrin 103 VM] community PIR~ <46> [Prio E 414] defence fencing PIRAMDI <52> [Pyramide Nx] pyramid PRGALS <32> [Pirgel DIA MK] whisky PIRM~I Pirmas f pnl Pirmoi 47 PIRM~IS Pirmas pnl Pirmois 27 PIRMANIN Pirmas acc pnl pirmannien 101 7 PIRMANIS Pirmas pnl pirmonnis 95 PIRMAS ord <26> [Pirmas I 5] first, PREI PIRMAN [zum ersten MK] first av PIRMINISKU <49> [Pirmins drv MK] preference, priority PIRMINS <25> [Pirms drv + pirminis MK] primary PIRSIDRMBIS <40> [Vorhang, Drmbis MK] curtain PIRSS nom sg f <58> [pirsdau 63 VM] front, front part PRSTAN n <35> [Pirsten E 115] finger PRSTINI <52> [Prstan + Grawyne E 304 + pirtin MK] glove PRTS <58> [Pirt DIA MK] baths, bathhouse PIRZDAMISTAN <35> [Vorstadt, przedmiescie, priekpilsta MK] suburb PIRZDAS aj nom sg m <25> [Perstlanstan E 215 VM MK] front PIRZDAU prp acc [pirsdau 63] before, in front of, opposite PIRZDAU av [Pirzdau MK] formerly, aforetime PIRZDAUMANIS aj pnl <27> [Pirzdau + Panzdaumanis MK] previous, the former PIRZDAUMS aj <25> [Pirzdau + Panzdaums MK] previous, former PIRZDAUNKS <32> [przod(ek, Crixt)nix MK] ancestor 182

PIRZDAUSNDANTS <29> [Vorsitzender MK] chairman, president PIRZDAWIRDS <32> [Vorwort + priekv`rds MK] preface PIRZDBITAI av [Pirzdas + Btai, Pirzdlangstan MK] the day before yesterday PIRZDLANGSTAN n <35> [Perstlanstan E 215] shutter PIRZDPANZDAUMS aj <25> [Panzdaums + Pirzdlangstan MK] last but one, next to last PIRZDPERNAI av [Pirzdas + Prnai, Pirzdlangstan MK] the year before last PISS <32> [Pistwis E 784 VM] dog PISSEWIS <40> [Pistwis E 784] dogs fly (insect) PISTUN 1 <102> [peisda Gr + Sompisinis E 340 MK] to grind (pound up), pound up PISTUN 2 <102> [peisda Gr + Sompisinis E 340 MK] to fuck smb PSTUN <73> [pijst 105] to carry PWAMALTAN n <35> [Piwamaltan E 384] malt PIWENKS <32> [Piwenitis E 385] malt draff PWS <32> [Piwis E 383] beer PZD~ <46> [peisda Gr] vagina PJ~US <53> [Peuse E 597] pine-tree PJATUN <111> [Piuclan E 547 + Gertepeawne ON VM MK] to cut, reap, mow PJAWA <45> [Pjatun drv + pauja MK] harvest (reaping) PJKLIN n <35> [Piuclan E 547] sickle PLACCIS <32> [Platz, plac PA] square (city plaza) PLANS <32> [Playnis E 521] steel PLAKKAI <32> pl [Fleck, flaki GlN] sausage: entrails sausage PLAKKAWINGI [Plack, Handplack DIA MK] suddenly PLANDTWEI <134> [plandt MK] to flutter (flitter), flitter, PLANDTUN SI [plandties MK] to fly (flutter), flutter (sway), sway (swing) PLANNAUTUN <143> [plans MK] to plan, glide PLANS <32> [plan MK] plan PL~NS <32> [plonis E 233] threshing-floor PLASMENA <45> [Plasmeno E 148] resting base (flat) of the foots sole PLASS <25> [plasmeno < ples- VM] flat aj PLASSAN <35> [Plass drv] facet, plane PL~STERIS <40> [Pl`ster DIA MK] milk skin PL~STI <52> [Ploaste E 491] bed-sheet, linen-sheet 183

PLATSN~ <46> [Plattwei drv] payment PLATTWEI <137> [plateis Gr] to pay PLATTI <52> [plate MK] plate (panel), slab (panel) PLATTIBI <52> [Plattus drv GlN] space (area) PLATTINTUN <85> [Plattus drv] to widen smth tr, PLATTINTUN SI <85> [Plattintun drv] to widen (broaden) i, broaden i PLATTIS Plattitwei ip 2 sg plateis Gr PLATTISKU <49> [Plattus drv] area (dimensions) PLATTU <44> [Plattus drv MK] width PLATTUS aj <31> [platus + plas + Gr. platus + p\aski MK] broad, wide PLADAN <35> [Plauden + pldi JG MK] deluge PL~UGZDA <45> [Plauxdine E 488 VM] feather, plume (feather) PL~UGZDINI <52> [Plauxdine E 488] feather-bed PL~UTEI <40> [Plauti E 126 MK] lungs PLIKKAUTAJS <32> [Plikkautwei drv + Plikauter MK] pauper PLIKKAUTWEI <143> [Pliks + Plikauer DIA MK] to live in poverty PLIKS aj <25> [Plicka Bartha DK] bald PLNKSNI <52> [Plinxne E 342] scone PLNS 1 f <60> [Plieynis E 38] flake-ashes PLNS 2 f <60> [Pleynis E 75] meninx PLINTI <52> [gun + flinta MK] rifle PLIPS <32> [Flibb, Phlipp DIA MK] flibb (hot beer with egg and lemon) PLSK <53> [Pleske E 253] breast-piece (a harness) PLGS <32> [Plugis E 243] plough PLS [plus MK] plus PLSAN <35> [Plus MK] plus PLSTUN <94> [plsti, plst, Plauden MK] to deluge, flood PLUKTWEI <136> [pluschen DIA + pliukti MK] to chat PLTWAN <35> [Pltwei, twan + p\etwa MK] fin PLTWEI <113> [plyti, plauti MK] to swim PLUWIKS <32> [pltwei drv, uwiks, Schwimmer MK] swimmer, float (swimmer) PEMAN <35> [Poem MK] poem PETESI <52> [Poet + Prinzessin MK] poetess PETS <32> [poet MK] poet PEZIJA <45> [Poesie MK] poetry 184

PLI <52> [Polen MK] Poland PLIBI <52> [Plis drv] Polish features PLICAJA <45> [Polizei MK] police PLICISKAS nom sg m <25> [polizeilich MK] police attr PLICISTS <32> [Polizist MK] policeman PLINI <50> [Plis drv] Pole woman PLIS <40> [Pole MK] Pole man PLISKAN <35> [Pliskas + Polisch MK] Polish language PLISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Plis drv] Polish PLITIKERINI <50> [Plitikeris drv] politician woman PLITIKERIS <40> [Politiker MK] politician man PLITIKI <52> [Politik MK] politics, policy PLITISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [politisch MK] political PRTS <42> [lat. portus, s MK] port (computer) POSTPZICINI <52> [Postposition MK] postposition PTENCIALIN <35a> [Potential MK] potential PZEWS <32> [Posew DIA MK] reprimand, reprehension PZICINI <52> [position MK] position p.p. = PREI PERWAIDNSNAN [zum Beispiel MK] for example PRA prp acc [pra 51] through PRABILSENIS <40> [Prabiltun drv] nickname, name of an animal PRABILTUN <134a> per (acc) [Biltun drv GlN] to dub (give a name), give a (nick)name PR~BUTISKAI av [pr`butskai 63] eternally PR~BUTISKAI Pr`butiskas dat sg f prabuskai 43 PR~BUTISKAN Pr`butiskas acc sg pr`butskan 45 6 PR~BUTISKAS aj nom sg m [Pr`butskas 11716] eternal PR~BUTISKAS Pr`butiskas gen sg prabutskas 1177 PR~BUTISKU no nom sg f <49> [pr`butskan 4311] eternity PR~BUTISKWAN Pr`butisku acc pr`butskan 4311 PRAISENIS <40> [Enisenis MK] passage, transition PRAITWEI <116> [itwei + Praisenis MK] to go through, pass PRAIWINGISKAS <25> [Praitwei drv MK] transient PRAGERTUN <80> [Pragertun drv] to eat up, consume PR~GLIS <41> [Proglis E 224] kindling-wood PRAGBINGISKU <49> [Parejngisku + pergbons 43 + przesz\osc MK] past 185

PRAILGINTAJS <32> [Prailgintun drv] prolongerer PRAILGINTUN <85> [ilgs drv] to prolong PRAMTUN <71> [mt 99] to pierce PR~IZUS <32> [Preis MK] prize PRAJ~TENIKS <32> [Praj`ts drv] matchmaker PRAJ~TS <32> [Freite DIA, frij`de MK] matchmaking PRAJ~TUN <132> [Praj`ts MK] to match (propose smb as a spouse) PRAK~ISN~ <46> [prak`isnan 105] sweat PRAK~ISNAN Prakaisn` acc prak`isnan 105 PRAK~RTS <32> [Pracartis E 230] trough PRAKRSTUN <86> [Krstun drv, prakirsti] to hew through, hack through, rupture tr (stave in), beat in PRAKSENIKS <32> [Praksis MK] practician PRAKSIS nom sg f <58> [practice MK] practice PRAKTISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [practically MK] practical PRALATAN Pral`itun pc pt pa n pralieiton 75 PRALATUN <106> [pralieiton 75 drv] to shed (effuse), spill (shed) PRALAWNGIS aj <27> [Pr`li drv] holey PR~L nom sg f <51> [Noseproly E 86 VM] hole PRALNI <52> [Praline MK] chocolate (1 piece of chocolates) PR~LISKAI av <25> [Pr`liskas drv] all through PR~LISKAS aj <25> [Pr`li drv] perforating, in-and-out, leading (going) through PRALZTWEI <78> [Lztwei drv] (krsa acc) to get (climb) (over), (pra acc) to get (creep) (through) PRAMADLIN n <35> [Pra madlin 91] intercession PRAMADLTUN <140> (per acc) [Pra madlin 91] to intercede (for) PRANAKTAUTWEI <143> [Naktautwei] to spend the night, stay overnight PRANCZINI <50> [Pranczis drv] Frenchwoman PRANCZIS <40> [Franzose + Matrzi MK] Frenchman PRANCZISKAN <35> [Prancziskas drv + Franzsisch] French language PRANCZISKAS <25> [Pranczis drv] French PRANKRKI <52> [Frankreich + Rki MK] France PRAPALSN~ <46> [Prapaltwei drv] fading, disappearing PRAPALTWEI <85> [aupallai 107, prapulti, przepasc MK] to disappear, get lost, fade away PRAPTUN <113> [Ptun drv] to drink (property, etc.), drink away 186

PRASSENIS <40> [Prstun drv] question PRASTUN <139> [prayti + prast + prosic MK] to ask PRASKAJJINTUN <85> [Etskajjintun MK] to resettle smb PRASKATTWEI <142> [Skattwei drv] to advance, move further i PRASKTWEI <120> [etskmai 63 drv] to resettle i PRASPLISNA <45> [Prasplitun drv] defeat (loss) PRASPLITAJS <32> [Prasplitun drv] loser PRASPLITUN <133> [verspielen MK] to lose (be defeated) PRASSAN n <35> [Prassan E 266] millet PRASSELI <52> [Prassel DIA MK] garden strawberry PRASTS aj <25> [prasts, prastas < prosty MK] simple PRASW~IKSTISTA <45> [Durchlaucht + prakilnyb MK] Serene Highness PR~TAN Pr`ts acc sg m pr`tin 51 PRAT~RTWEI <92> [T`rin 105, pratarti MK] to get into conversation, begin to speak PRATENNIS <40> [*Prtens < prts/ pr`ts ? MK] Brodeno PRATREPTUN <85> (krsa acc) [Treptwei + prawedduns 119 MK] to overpass (overstep) PR~TS <57> [pr`tin 51 drv] decision, idea, [pr`tin 51 MK] conception PRAWEDDUNS Prawestun pc pt ac prawedduns 119 PRAWERI imp pt [prewerngiskan 41 MK] it was necessary to PRAWERNGIS aj <27> [prewerngiskan 41 VM] necessary, needful, useful PRAWERNGISKU no nom sg f <49> [prewerngiskan 41 drv] necessity, usefulness PRAWERNGISKWAN Prawerngisku acc prewerngiskan 41 PRAWERSN~ <46> [prewersnan 53] necessaries, needs PRAWERSNAN Prawerisn` acc prewersnan 53 PRAWERTWEI <134> [prewersnan 53 VM] to be necessary to, imp to be to PRAWERRU av [prewerngiskan 41 MK] necessarily PRAWERRU imp ps [prewerngiskan 41 MK] is is necessary to, one should ... PRAWERRUS aj <31> [prewerngiskan 41 VM] necessary, needful, useful PRAWESTUN <73> [prawedduns 119 MK] to transfer, carry over, (pra acc) [prawedduns 119 drv] to take smb across smth PRAWD~TUN <141> [Wid`tun drv] to foresee PRAWDEUTUN <143> [Prawdis drv] to prophesy PRAWDIS <40> [Prophet + pravietis + Pra + Wid`tun MK] prophet 187

PRAWDISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Prawds drv] prophetic PRAWILLA Prawiltun pt 3 prowela(din) I 13 PRAWILLANIKS <32> [Prawilsn` drv] traitor PRAWILSN~ <46> [Prawiltun drv] betrayal PRAWILTS Prawiltun pc pt pa prawilts 75 PRAWILTUN <126> [prowela(din) I 13] to betray, disappoint, PRAWILTUN SI (n dat) [Prawiltun drv] to be disappointed (in) PRAWRISKU <49> [Wriskas drv] antiquity PRAWRS aj <26> [Prosenov + Wrs MK] ancient PREDDIKAUSNA <45> [preddikausnan 29] sermon, preachment PREDDIKAUSNAN Preddikausna acc preddikausnan 29 PREDDIKAUTWEI <143> [preddikausnan 29 drv] to preach PREDDIKERINS Preddikeris acc pl Predickerins 17 PREDDIKERIS <40> [Predickerins 17] preacher PREDIK~TAN <35> [Prdikat MK] predicate PREFIKSAN [Prfix MK] prefix PRI prp acc [prei 45] at, by (near), beside (near), [prei 79] to PREIARTUWI <52> [Preartue E 249] plough-knife PREIBILSN~ <46> [preibillsn` 617] promise PREIBILSNAS Preibilisn` nom pl f preibillsnai 616 PREIBILTUN <134a> [preibillsn` 617 drv] to promise PREIBWITAN <35> [Bwitan + piebve + priestatas MK] penthouse (annex), out-house PRID~ <46> [Preid`tun + Sando E 200 MK] supplement, appendix PREID~SN~ <46> [Preid`tun drv] addition PREID~TUN <118> (prei acc) [send`uns 109 + prijungti MK] to add (to), attach (to), annex (to), supplement (to), append (to), PREID~TUN SI (prei acc) [Preid`tun drv] to join i PREIDRKTINTUN <85> (prei acc) [drkts drv] to fix (to), fasten (to) PREIIMININTUN <85> [preiimins drv Nx] to make accessible PREIIMINISKU <49> [Preiimins drv] accessibility PREIIMINS aj <25> [Preiitwei + enimumne 91 + poklausmanas 57 MK] accessible PREIISENIS <40> [Preiitwei + Zutritt MK] access PREIITWEI <116> [itwei drv] to approach PREIGRBTWEI <75b> [preigrbt 27] to recount smth to be learnt 188

PREIGRDAUI Preigrdautun ps 3 preigerdawi 39 PREIGRDAUTUN <143> [preigerdawi 39] to promise PRIGIMI <52> [prigimnis 11521 VM] nature (character) PRIGIMIS Prigimi gen prigimnis 11521 PREIGLABTUN <80b> [Glabtun drv] to press (to), cuddle tr (to), PREIGLABTUN SI [Preiglabtun drv] to press oneself (to), cuddle i (to) PREIILGEWINGIS <27> [Preiilgintwei <85>] dull (bore), bore (dull) PREIILGEWINGISKU <49> [Preilgewingis drv] boredom, tedium PREIILGINAUTWEI <143> [Preiilgintun drv] to have a tedious time PREIILGINTWEI <85> [Ilgs drv + prailgt, langweilen, garlaicgs MK] to bore (make smb bored of), bother PREI K~IRAI av [K`irs + preitickray I 9 MK] at the left, the left PREIKAKNTUN SI <85> (pri acc) [Kakntun drv] to get (to) PRIKALS <32> [Preitalis E 517] anvil PREIKALTUN <85> [Kaltwei drv] to nail down (to), nail up (to) PREIKANSTUN <87> [Kanstun MK] to bite ones tongue, have a bite (snack) PREIK~USINTUN SI <85> (pri acc) [K`usintun drv] to touch PRIKENI <52> [Freiken DIA MK] princess PREKIN av [I 5 preiken] against (contra), contra PRI KITAN [GlN] besides, by the way PREIKLATUN <144> [Klatun + lock MK] to lock up PREILAIK~TUN <142> [preilaikt 47] to set forth (instructing) PREIL~NGUS aj nom sg m <31> [preitl`ngus 87] gentle, polite PRILIGA <45> [Preilgintun drv] parabola (simile) PREILGINSNA <45> [Preilgintun drv] equation, likening PREILGINTUN <85> [Perlgintun MK] to parallel, equate, liken PREILIPNTUN <85> (prei acc) [Liptwei drv] to stick (glue) smth (to) PREIMESTUN <72> [vorwerfen + p`rmest + primesti MK] to reproach PREIMINTUN <139> (ezze acc) [pominsnan 75 drv] remind (admonish) (of) PRIMISTAN <35> [priemiestis, piepilsta GlN] suburb PREIMSLINTUN (prei acc) <85> [Mslintun drv] to glue smth (to) PREIPALSENISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Preipalsn` drv] incidental (contingent), accidental (contingent) PREIPALSN~ <46> [Senpaltwei, coincidence MK] contingency PRIPALINGI av [Pripalingis drv] accidentally PRIPALINGIS aj <27> [Pripalis drv] incidental (contingent), accidental 189

PRIPALIS <40> [Senpaltwei, Zufall + priepuolis MK] accident, instance, case PREIPALTWEI <85> [aupallai 1076 + Senpaltwei, Zufall MK] to happen PRIPAUS av [preipaus 71] away PRIPAUS BGTWEI <85> [Bgtwei MK] to run away PRIPAUSINS aj <25> [Pripaus MK] strange (extraneous) PRIPAUSINTUN <85> [Pripaus + eliminate MK] to remove PREIPEIS~TUN <138> [prirayti MK] to prescribe PREI PERWAIDNSNAN = p.p. [zum Beispiel MK] for example PRIPIRSTANS Pripirstas acc pl priprstans 107 PRIPIRSTS <32> [priprstans 107] finger ring, wedding ring PREIPSTUN <87> [preipst 117] to bring PRISIKAN Prisiks acc prisiki 117 PRISIKS <32> [prisiks 79] enemy PREISKR~ISTWEI <87> [Skr`istwei drv] to fly up (to), fly in in large number PREISP~RTAUTUN <143> [Sp`rts drv] to commit violence to, rape PREISP~RTINTUN <85> [sp`rts drv] to compel, force PREISTALTWEI <134a> [preistallwingi 93 VM] to pertain, suit PREISTALWINGI av [preistallwingi 93] decently, properly PREISTALWINGIS aj <27> [preistallwingi 93 MK] proper, suitable PREISTALWINGISKU <49> [preistallwingi 93 MK] decency PREISTATINNIMAI Preistatntun ps 1 pl preistattinnimai 111 PREISTATNTUN <85> [preistattinnimai 111] to deliver, introduce, PREISTATNTUN SI [Preistatntun drv, sich vorstellen MK] to introduce oneself, to imagine PREITARNGIS aj <27> (prei acc) [Preitartwei drv GlN] content (consentaneous) PREITARTWEI <136> (dat prei acc) [zustimmen + tartun + pritarti MK] to assent (to), consent (to) PREITEKINNIS <40> [Preitekynne ON JG] tributary PREI TIKRAI av [preitickray I 9] at the right, to the right PREIWAKI Preiwaktun ps 3 preiwack 45 PREIWAKSENIS <40> [preiwack 45 MK] vocation (mission) PREIWAKSN~ <46> [preiwack 45 MK] summons, call-up PREIWAKTUN <134> [preiwack 45] to call (invite) smb, call in PREIZENTLISN~ <46> [Preizentlitun drv] hint PREIZENTLITUN <138> prei [an-deuten + zentlitun MK] to hint (to drop a hint) at 190

PREPZICINI <52> [Prposition MK] preposition PRESKARS <32> [Prestors E 707] wren PRESKTWEI <134> [Prestors E 707 VM] to crack(le) PRESL <53> [Prestun + peis`lei 89 MK] sense (meaning) PRESNAS pl <46> [Prestun MK] consideration, opinion PRESSENIS <40> [Prestun drv MK] concept (intension), intension (concept) PRESSI <52> [Presse MK] press PRESTUN <93> [pr`tin 51 MK] to consider, decide PRETENZINI <52> [Pratension MK] claim, pretension PRETRITAN <35> [Prteritum MK] past tense PREZNTI <52> [Prsens, Prsentis MK] present tense PRICKUS <42> [Hei, Frtschke, noch hnmahl! DIA + Prikus MK] waiter, doorkeeper PRKI prp acc [prki 39] against (contra), contra PRKIN prp acc [prkin 95] against (contra), contra PRINCPAN <35> [Prinzip MK] principle PRINCIS <32> [Prinz MK] prince PRSKAS aj nom sg m <25> [prskas + (rieska) + przasny MK] saltless, fresh PRSKINTUN <85> [prskas Ma] to freshen PRIW~TS aj <25> [privately MK] private PRIZRIS <40> [Friseur + frizieris + fryzjer MK] hairdresser man, barber PRIZZI <50> [Friseuse + Prizrs MK] hairdresser woman PRIZRI <52> [Frisur + frizra + fryzura MK] haircut, coiffure PR prp acc [pro(ston) 11710] through PRBLAMAN <35> [problem of MK] problem PROFESRS <32> [Professor MK] professor PRGRESS <32> [Progress MK] progress PRJAKTAN <35> [Projekt MK] project PRJAKTITUN <138> [projektieren MK] to project PRKLANTITS pc pt pa <69> [proklantitz I 11] condemned, doomed, damned PRNEPUTS <57> [Nepts drv] great-grandson PRNOMEN <63> [Pronomen + pronomens MK] pronoun PRPAGANDA <45> [Propaganda MK] propaganda PRPAUS av [Pripaus + Pr MK] past (missed) smth PRPORCINALS <25> [proportional MK] proportional 191

PRPORCINI <52> [Proportion MK] proportion, ratio (proportion) PRSIRZDIS <40> [Sirzdau + protarpis + MK] interspace PRTESTANTISMUS <32> [Protestantismus MK] Protestantism PRTESTANTS <56> [Protestant MK] Protestant PRTITIS <40> [prosenelis, pradziadek MK] great-grandfather PRTOKULIN <35a> [Protokoll MK] protocol PROTNAN <35> [Proton MK] proton PRWINCI <52> [Provinz MK] province PRSA <45> [pruzza, Prusa DK VM] Baltic Prussia (Prussia without Brandenburg and Pommerania) PRSIBI <52> [Prss drv] Baltic Prussian features PRSIJA <45> [Prussia MK] Prussia (a German state) PRSINI <50> [Prss drv] Baltic Prussian woman, Old Prussian woman PRUSNINI <50> [Prusns drv] woman member of the Brotherhood Prsa PRUSNS <32> [Prsa drv MK] man member of the Brotherhood Prsa PRSISKAI av [Prsiskai 17] in Baltic Prussian, in Old Prussian PRSISKAN <35> [Prsiskas + (Alt)preussisch MK] New / Old Prussian language PRSISKAN Prsiskas acc Prsiskan 17 PRSISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Prsiskan 17] Prussian PRUSNA <45> [prusnas 10523] face, appearance PRUSNAN Prusna acc prusnan 105 22 PRUSNAS Prusna gen sg f prusnas 105 23 PRSS <32> [Prsiskan 17 VM] Baltic Prussian man, Old Prussian man PSICHIATRJA <45> [Psychiatrie MK] psychiatry PSICHI~TRIS <32> gen psichi`tras [Psychiater MK] psychiatrist PUBLICSTIKI <52> [Publizistik MK] journalism PUBLICISTISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [publizistisch MK] publicistic PUBLICTUN <139> [publizieren MK] to publish PUBLIKACINI <52> [Publikation MK] publication PUDALLIS <40> [Podalis E 351] a rustic pot PDATUN <131> [pdauns 115 VM] to carry (repeatedly) PDAWUNS Pdatun pc pt ac pdauns 115 PDENIKS <32> [Pds drv, puodininkas MK] potter (ceramicist) PDS <32> [Podalis E 351, puodas, pods MK] pot PJ~ <46> [Ptwei drv + puota MK] feast 192

PJAIS Ptun ip 2 sg pogeys Gr PJAITI Ptun ip 2 pl pugeitty I 13 PJAMINS <25> aj [Paklausmins MK] drinkable PJATI Ptun ps 2 pl puietti II 11 PKI <52> [pce MK] owl PKIS <40> [pis MK] sprite (puck), goblin, brownie PUKNI <52> [pukn JB + Pelsa MK] pimple (blotch), pustule (pimple) PLA <45> [Ptwei drv, pliai, pi MK] pus PLIS <40> [Poalis E 761] pigeon, [Plis + balandis, balou] March PULKA <45> [polca DK] local district (ward), ward (district) PULKENIKS <32> [Pulka drv MK] official no PULKS <36> [folc > pu\k > pulkas MK] platoon, section (platoon), troop (platoon) PUNNINAN n <35> [Pomnan E 137] buttocks PRAN <35> [Paar, DIA pr] pair PRAUSNA <45> [Pran drv MK] pairing PR <53> [pore E 40] steam PURKUGIS <40> [Pur + Kuggis + Dampfboot MK] steamer (ship) PRI <52> [pure E 273] brome grass PRIS <40> [Poaris E 777] mole-cricket PUS~NTRAS crd [pusantro + anderthalb MK] one and a half PUSASMAS crd [pusatunto MK] seven and a half PUSBARIKS <32> [Bariks drv MK] half-witted no PUSIDEIN~DEIN~I <36> [Sdosten MK] southeast PUSIDEINATWEI <144> [Pussidein` drv, po\udniowac, MK] to dine (have dinner) PUSIDEIN~WAKAR~I <36> [Sdwesten MK] southwest PUSIDESMTAS crd [pusdeimto MK] nine and a half PUSIKETWIRTAS crd [pusketvirto MK] three and a half PUSINAKTS f <58> [Nakts drv] midnight PUSINEWNTAS crd [pusdevinto MK] eight and a half PUSIPNKTAS crd [puspenkto MK] four and a half PUSISEPTMAS crd [pusseptinto MK] six and a half PUSITRTAS crd [pustreio MK] two and a half PUSLANS aj <25> [Pusl drv] dusty PSL <53> [Pstun drv] dust, speck of dust PUSLINDTAJS <32> [Staubsauger MK] vacuum-cleaner 193

PUSN <53> [Pusne E 499] high boot PUSSIDEIN~ <46> [Pussinakts, po\udniowac, poldnik MK] noon, dinner PUSSIDEIN~I <36> [po\udnie + dienvidi MK] south PUSSIDEINISKAS <25> aj nom sg m [Pussidein`i drv MK] southern PUSSIGRAWWINI <52> [Puss + Grawwini MK] median PUSSILUNKINNI <52> [Puss + Lunks MK] bisector (of an angle) PUSSINAKTS <58> f [Nakts drv] midnight PUSSIS f <58> [Possissawaite E VM] half PUSSISAWAITI <52> [Possissawaite E 20] Wednesday PUSTI <52> [Post MK] post (mail, post-office) PST nom sg f <51> [Posty E 801] pasture (pasture place) PUSTIKASTENS <32> [Pusti + Kastens, Briefkasten MK] mailbox PSTUN <76> [Bangputtis? psti, pst, py \, pyl] to fan (blow) PSTUN <79> [Posty E 801, pasc VM] to pasture tr PUSUTAS crd [puseto MK] five and a half PTAMINAN n <35> [Poadamynan E 695] fresh milk PUTTERA <45> [putra, putera MK] porridge PTUN / - WEI <112> [pti, pt, faul MK] to rot (putrefy), putrefy PTUN <113> [poutwei 73] to drink PWINTUN <85> [Ptun drv] to water (animals), give to drink PWIS <40> [pois 75] drink (beverage), beverage PWS <32> [Powis E 773] peafowl

Q [q, k] only in foreign names


RACINALISMUS <32> [Rationalismus MK] rationalism R~DA <45> [roda JB MK] advice RADIKALISMUS <32> [radicalism MK] radicalism RADIK~LS <25> aj [radikal MK] radical aj RADIK~LS <32> no [Radik`ls drv] radical no R~DITWEI <138> [R`da drv] to advise R~DS <32> [R`da + Rat MK] adviser, councellor RAGNGIS m <40> [Ragingis E 651] deer RAGS <36> [Ragis E 705] horn, [ragas, Hornungmonat MK] January RAGSTA <45> [Ragusto E 552] cupping-horn R~IBAN R`ibs n (av) Roaban E 467 R~IBS aj [Roaban E 467] striped (stripy), speckled R~IKITUN <138> [Rikisnan E 107 VM] slice (off) (repetedly), cut (repetedly) R~ISTAN n <35> [Raystopelk ON VM] marsh with trees and brushwood R~KS <32> [Rokis E 584] crayfish R~MAWA <45> [Romow DK] a pagan Romowe sanctuary R~MAWAN n <35> [Romow DK VM] a pagan holy forest RAMESTUWI <52> [Romestue E 532] wide-bladed axe R~MISKU <49> [R`ms drv] morality R~MS aj <26> [R`ms 87] meek, moral, fair (honest) R~NGSN~ <46> [R`ngtun drv] theft R~NGTUN <85> [R`nctwei 33] to steal R~NGUNS R`ngtwei pc pt ac nom sg m ranguns 67 R~NK~ <45> [ranco Gr] hand R~NKAN Rank` acc sg r`nkan 97 R~NKANS Rank` acc pl r`nkans 79 R~NKAS gen attr [MK] handy RANKASL~ISKAS <36> [Handbuch MK] handbook R~NKISKAI av [Rank` drv] manually R~PI <52> [rop + rzepa MK] turnip RAPLIS nom pl f <52> [Raples E 520] tongs, pliers RAPPENA <45> [Rapeno E 435] young black mare RAPPIS <40> [Rapis E 563] Caspian asp, Aral asp 195

RAPS <32> [Rapa E 2 VM] guardian RAPSS <32> [Raps MK] rape (colza) RAS~ <46> [rasa + rasa + pink MK] dew RASANS <25> [Ras` drv] dewy RASSI <52> [Rasse Nx] RATNZIS <40> [Ratinsis E 368,540] chain R~UD~ <46> [Raud`twei + rauda MK] weep, lament RAUD~TWEI <132> [raudoti + raud`t + rydati MK] to weep (cry) RAUGNTUN <85> [Rgtwei drv + rauginti MK] to sour tr RAGS <32> [Raugus E 691] leaven got from gastric ferment of a calf RATUN <111> [rauti + raut + ryc, rwac MK] to pull (tear) up RAWS <32> [Rawys E 31] ditch RAZGTUN <139> [regzti, rezga, rezg, razgyti, ret, rozga MK] to tangle REALIT~TI <52> [Realitt MK] reality REDDAN <35> [Reds drv] wrong, lie REDDAN Reds aj n (av) reddau 69 REDDAWINGI av [reddewingi 3320] wrongly REDDI av [reddi II 5] deceptively, wrongly REDDISKAI Reddiskas dat sg f reddisku 3310 REDDISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [reddisku 3310 MK] deceptive, wrong REDIGTUN <139> [redigieren MK] to edit REDS aj <25> [reddau 69] deceptive, false (deceptive), wrong REFER~TAN <35> [Referat MK] report (at a conference) REFORMACINI <52> [Reformation MK] reformation REFRMI <52> [Reform MK] reform REFRMITUN <138> [reformieren MK] to reform REGIMNTS <56> [Regiment MK] regiment REGINI <52> [Region MK] region REGISTERIN <37> [Register MK] register REGISTRACINI <52> [registration MK] registration REGISTRACINIS gen attr [Registracini drv] registration aj REGISTRTUN <139> [registrieren Nx] to register REGRESS <32> [Regress MK] regress REGUL~RS <25> [regular MK] regular REGUL~RS TLILUNKS <57> [Regul`rs, Tlilunks MK] regular polygon REGULSN~ <46> [Regultun drv] regulation 196

REGULTUN <139> [regulieren MK] to regulate RIDE av [reide 29] willingly RIDEWAISINS <38> [Reidewaisines 87] hospitable RIDINTUN <85> [Ride Nx] to spur, stimulate (incite), envice RESS <36> [Buccareisis E 593 VM] nut RIZAN acc [reisan 69] once Rizus RIZINSNA <45> [Rizintun drv] multiplication (in arithmetic) RIZINSNAS TAPPALI <52> [Rizinsna, Tappali MK] multiplication table RIZINTUN <85> [Rizus drv + Einmaleins, reizin`t MK] to multiply (mathematically) RIZUS <32> [reisan 69 drv] occasion (time), time (occasion), av RIZAN [kart, raz, einmal GlN] once, EN RIZANS [tarpais, kartais MK] sometimes REKKENAUSNA <45> [reckenausnan 89] accounting REKKENAUSNAN Rekenausn` acc reckenausnan 89 REKKENAUTWEI <143> [reckenausnan 89 MK] to account, pay scores REKKENS <32> [reckenausnan 89 MK] account REKNSTRUITUN <139> [rekonstruieren MK] to reconstruct REKONSTRUKCINI <52> [Rekonstruktion MK] reconstruction RELAKSAUTWEI <143> [to relax MK] to relax RELATWAI av [relativ MK] relatively, comparatively RELIGINI <52> [Religion MK] religion RELIGIZS aj <25> [religis MK] religious RMS <32> [Ram MK] frame RENTI <52> [Rente MK] pension REPARACINI <52> [Reparation MK] reparation REPARATRI <52> [Raparatur MK] repair REPARTUN <139> [reparieren MK] to repair REPLKI <52> [Replik MK] replication, remark (replication) REPRTS <32> [Report MK] report REPREZENTTUN <139> [reprsentieren MK] to represent RESTAUR~NTS <56> [Restaurant MK] restaurant RESRSAI <32> nom pl m [resursi + resources MK] resources RETAWNGIS aj <25> [selt-sam MK] strange RETAWNGISKU <49> [Retawngis drv] oddity, eccentricity RETENKAN Retenks acc Retenkan 63 197

RETENKS <32> [Retenkan 63] Saviour RETWENISKAN Retweniskas acc Rettweniskan 87 RETWENISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Rettweniskan 87] salutary, saving RETWINGISKAN Retwingiskas acc rettwingiskan 121 RETWINGISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [rettwingiskan 121] salutary, saving RETS aj nom sg m <26> [Reteynen ON JG] rare, thin (rare) RETTAWI <50> [Rettawis drv] oddity woman RETTAWIS <40> [Retawngis + Mukinewis 873 MK] oddity man REWELACINI <52> [revelatio MK] revelation REWIDTAJS <32> [Rewidtun drv] auditor, inspector REWIDTUN <139> [revidieren MK] to revise REWIZINI <52> [Revision MK] audit, inspection REWLUCINARS <25> aj [revolutionar MK] revolutionary aj REWLUCINARS <32> no [Revolutionar MK] revolutionary no REWLUCINI <52> [Revolution MK] revolution REZRWI <52> [Reserve MK] reserve REZULT~TAN <35> [Resultat MK] result RD~ <46> [Redo E 240] furrow RIK~ITA <45> [Rickoyto + Wangayten, Lycoyte MK] Rickoyto RIKAITI Rikatwei ip 2 pl rikauite 107 RIKAJA Rikatwei Ps 3 rickawie 43 RIKASN~ <46> [rickasnan 53] government, reign, dominion, authorities RIKASNAN Rikausn` acc rickasnan 53 RIKATWEI <144> (krsa acc) [rickasnan 53] to govern, rule, reign RKEWINGIS aj <27> [(ni)rgewings 87] shrewish RKI <52> [Rki 113] realm, kingdom RIKIJJAI Riks nom pl Rikijai 95 RIKIJJAN Riks acc sg Rikijan 29 RIKIJJANS Riks acc pl Rikijans 31 RIKIJJAS Riks gen sg Rikijas 73 RKIN Rki acc rkin 43 RIKS <39> [Rikis E 404] lord RKISNA <45> [Rikisnan E 107 VM] back, dorsum, EZZE RKISNAI av [Rkisna drv MK] from behind RKISNAI av gen [Rkisna drv MK] behind RKISNAS gen attr [Rkisna drv] spinal, dorsal 198

RKISNASGRUNTS <32> [Hintergrund MK] background RKISNASULS <36> [Rkisna, Sls MK] spinal column RKISNAZAKS <32> [Rucksack MK] Rucksack RKISNISKAS aj <25> [Rkisna drv] rear(ward), posterior RIKWISKA Rikwiskas aj nom sg f Rikijiskai 103 RIKWISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Rikijiskai 103] excellent RIKWISKU nom sg f <49> [Rikijwiskan 65] majesty RIKWISKWAN Rikwisku acc Rikijwiskan 65 RKLIS <40> [Riclis E 205] loft RKS <32> [rykas JB, rks MK] dish, vessel, utensil RKSN~ <46> [Rktwei drv] quarrel RKTWEI <85> [rgewings 87 VM] to quarrel RMS <32> [rm > rme, rym > rimas MK] rhyme RNDA <45> [Rindo E 227] fodder crib RND~ <46> [curonism MK] row, line (row) RINDEWNGIS aj <27> [Rind` drv] ordinary RINGA <45> [Rga MK] Riga RNKAUSN~ <46> [Rnkautwei drv] being choosey, being fastidious (fussy) RNKAUTWEI <143> [Rnktun drv MK] to behave in a choosey way, behave in a fastidious (fussy) way RNKAWAS <46> [Rnktun drv MK] election (poll) RNKAWINGIS aj <27> [Rnkautwei drv MK] choosey, fastidious (fussy) RNKIS <40> [rink + rinis MK] ring of a gas-stove burner RNKSENIS <40> [Rnktun drv MK] collection (fee), gathering means (fundraising), fund-raising RNKTUN <85> [senrnka 45] to gather smth, smb RPAWISKU <49> [Rptwei MK] sequence RPINTIN Rptwei pc ps ac acc sg rpintin 85 RPINTININ Rpintin pnl rpintinton 83 RPINTS <29> pc [rpintin 85] following, next RPJAITI Rptwei ip 2 pl rpaiti 89 RPL <53> [Rptwei drv] consequence (result) RPTWEI <75b> (pas acc) [rpaiti 89 MK] to follow RSS <32> [rs MK] rice RSTI <52> [Riste E 639] birch (switch), switch (rod) RISTUN <102> [senrists 59] to bind, tie (bind) 199

RITTUS pl tantum <42> [Ritus MK] ritual, rite RZIKITWEI <138> [Rziku drv] risk, dare (risk) RZIKU <44> [Risiko MK] risk RMA <45> [Roma MK] Rome RMANCI <52> [Romanze MK] romance RMANISTINI <50> [Rmanists drv] novelist woman RMANISTS <32> [Roman + Kommunist + romanista MK] novelist man RMANS <32> [Roman MK] novel RMANTIKENKI <52> [Rmantikenks drv] romanticist woman RMANTIKENKS <32> [Romantiker MK] romanticist man RMANTIKI <52> [Romantik MK] romanticism RMANTISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [romantisch MK] romantic RMININI <50> [Rmins drv] Roman woman RMINS <32> [Rma drv] Roman man RRAN <35> [Rohr + rura MK] pipe RZI <52> [Rose MK] rose RZINI <52> [Rosine MK] raisin (one piece) RZINIS pl <52> [Rzini pl] raisin RUGGIGEITS <58> [Ruggis, Gets + Roggenbrot WE] rye-bread RUGGIS m <40> [Rugis E 258] rye RGTADADAN n <35> [Ructandadan E 690] sour milk RUGT~GREILI <52> [Rgtadadan + Grili + saure Sahne MK] sour cream RGTS aj <26> [Ructandadan E 690 drv] sour RGTWEI <92> [Rgtadadan MK] to sour i RKAI nom pl m <32> [Rkai 53] garments, dress (clothes), clothes (dress) RKANS Rk`i acc pl rkans 41 RKAUSNA <45> [Rkautwei drv] roar RKAUTWEI <143> [rkauti, rkti + rkt + ryk MK] to roar RMBITS <69> [Rmbitun drv] notched, jaggy, serrate RMBITUN <138> [rumbas, robt, rbac MK] to notch RMBUS <32> [Rmbitun + rumbas MK] notch, nick, scar, wale RMS <32> [rm + rmas, rme MK] palace RUNDLS <32> [rundijls 87] drunkard RNKELI <32> [Runkel MK] beet RUS <51> [Russe DK] Russia RSIS <41> [Rusemoter JG MK] cellar 200

RUSTWEI <134> [MK wluntarismus pa DIA ruseln (rascheln) + rausyti, raustis] to rustle RUSS <32> [Russis E 429] horse (charger) RUSSAS Russ gen sg russas 85

[ri] palatal r

SABATTIKA <45> [Sabatico E 23] Saturday SADELLIS <40> [Saddel ON JG + sodelis, Woikello Gr MK] farmstead SADINNA Sadntun ps 3 sadinna 97 SADNTUN <85> [sadinna 97] to put, set, seat SADS <32> [sadinna 97 + Saddel ON JG MK] garden SAGS <36> [Sagis E 486] buckle (clasp), clasp (buckle); [Sagis E 544] hobnail for hooves SATAN n <35> [baytan E 346] sieve (bolter), bolter (sieve) S~ITAN n <35> [Lingasaitan E 446 drv] bind, connection S~IW~ <46> [eiva + cewa MK] quill (bobbin) SAIW~GARIN <37> [eivamedis MK] elder (tree) S~KIS <41> [Soakis E 750] whitethroat SAKKI <52> [ak, aka + saka + socha MK] fork, pl SAKKIS <52> [Sakki + aks MK] pitchfork SAKKIS <40> [sulos, sulu MK] April SAKNINSADS <32> [Saknis + Sads + Gemsegarten MK] kitchen-garden SAKNIS nom sg f <60> [Sagnis E 629] root, nom pl f [saknes MK] vegetables SAKNTWEI <139> [Saknis drv MK] to strike root, to root 201

SAKRAMNTAN Sakramnts acc Sacramentan 779 SAKRAMNTS <32> [Sacramnts 7313] sakrament SAKS <36> [Sackis E 598] resin S~KSENIS <40> [S`ktwei drv] jump (leap) SAKST~ <46> [Saxsto E 631] timber (log) SAKSTIS nom sg f <60> [Saxtis E 643] bark (cortex), rind S~KTWEI <85> [Soakis E 750 VM] to jump (leap), leap SAL~ SALL~ SALDANS aj <25> [Salds drv] sweetish SALDS aj <26> [saldus + salds + s\odki MK] sweet SALL~ <46> [sala, sala, Nasaliten ON JG] island SALLAWIS <41> [Salowis E 727] nightingale SALLAWS <32> [Salts + ziemas, zimny MK] December SALLINTUN <85> [Saltwei drv MK] to cool i, refrigerate SALM~ <46> [Salme Gr] straw SALMS <32> [Salmis E 420] helmet SALNS <32> [Salon MK] salon SALS <42> [Salus E 63] brook (rill) S~LS f <60> [Sali Gr] salt SALTAN aj n (av) [Salta Gr] cold(ly) SALTAN n <35> [Saltan E 376] flitch S~LT <53> [Solthe E 344] wheat bread SALTS aj <26> [Salta Gr] cold SALTWEI <89> [Passals + Salts + alti, salt MK] to freeze i, be chilled SALB~ <46> [Salabai (bosennien) 103] marriage SALBA no m <47> [sallban 33] husband, f <45> [sallban 33] wife SALB~GANA <45> [Salabaigannan 107] wife SALB~GANAN Salbagana acc Salabaigannan 107 SALBAN Salba acc sallban 33, Salub` acc Salban 101 SALBAWRANS Salbawrs acc pl Sallbaiwrins 93 SALBAWRS <32> [Sallbaiwrins 93] husband SALBIS <40> [Sallbs 991] wedding ceremony SALBISKAI av [Salbiskai 10724] conjugally SALBISKAN Salbiskas acc Sallbiskan 10720 SALBISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Sallbiskan 10720] conjugal SALBISKU no nom sg f <49> [sallabiskan 109] matrimony 202

SALBISKWAN Salbisku acc sallabiskan 109 SALBISNA <45> [Salbsna 9916] wedding ceremony SALBITUN <138> [Salbsna 9916 drv] to marry smb S~LWI <52> [Salve, zalve, salv, salwa MK] volley SAMPISSINIS <40> [Sompisinis E 340] bread of coarse-ground flour SAND~ <46> [Sando E 200] beam (joist), joist SANDI ij [Sanday Gr] adieu SANDNGA <45> [Sendngtwei drv] concord(ance) SANLGA <45> [MK] levelling equalization SANT~LKA <45> [Sentlktwei drv] collision, percussion, foul (smash) SARG~SEI Sarg`tun op Warbo Say (dit) Gr SARG~TUN <132> [Warbo Say (dit) Gr] to guard SARGS <36> [Butsargs 87 VM] watchman S~RGUS <31> [Sarg`tun drv + sargus, saugus MK] secure, safe (secure) SARKI <52> [Sarke E 725] magpie S~RKSTIS nom pl f <60> [Sarxtes E 425] scabbard SARPS <41> [Sarpis E 746] nut-cracker bird SARWAS nom sg m <36> [Sarwis E 418] armour (suit of armour) SASNIS <57> [Sasnis E 659] hare SASNITINKLA <45> [Sasintinklo E 697] noose for hare-hunting S~ST~ <46> [Sosto E 218] bench S~TAUTWEI <143> [S`tus drv MK] to suffice S~TUS aj <30> [s`tuinei 83 VM] satiate, full up S~TWINEI S`twintun ps 2 sg s`tuinei 83 S~TWINS <25> [S`tus drv MK] sufficient S~TWINSNA <45> [S`twintun drv] satisfaction S~TWINTUN <85> [s`tuinei 83] to satiate (sate), satisfy SALI <52> [Saule E 7] sun S~ULISSTALSN~ <46> [solstitium, solstycja, solsticija MK] solstice SAULISTIMRAN <35> [Sali, Timran + Sonnenfinsternis MK] solar eclipse SAULISW~RSTAN <25> [Sonnenwende, saulgra, saulgriei MK] solstice SALITS aj <25> [Sali drv] sunny S~USAI av [sausai 121] dry S~USAN aj n (av) [saus` 119] dry S~USAW~ <46> [S`uss drv, sausuma, sauszeme MK] dry (land) S~USINTUN <85> [S`uss, Sustwei drv MK] to dry tr, drain 203

S~USIS <40> [sausis JB MK] smallpox S~USS aj <25> [saus` 119 drv] dry SAWATI <52> [Sawayte E 16] week SAWATIS <40> [Sawayte E 16 VM + Sanwai`twei MK] treaty, contract, agreement (treaty) SAWINZLI <52> [Saninsle E 485] belt, girdle SEBBEI Sw`ise dat sebbei 103 SEBEWNGIS aj <27> [Subs drv MK] selfish SEDLIN <35a> [Sdons 43 + segli, siod\o, sitls MK] seat (bottom) SFIS <40> [safe, Safe MK] safe SEGI Segtun ps 1 sg segge 3718 SEGI Segtun ps 3 seg 99 SEGIMAI Segtun ps 1 pl seggmai 31 SEGISEI Segtun ps 2 sg seggsei 71 SEGITEI Segtun ps 2 pl seggti 9315 SEGITI Segtun ip 2 pl seggtei 756 SEGNTINS Segtun pc ps ac acc pl (wargu)seggentins 931 SEGSENIS <40> [Segtun drv] action, act SEGSN~ <46> [segisna 79] activities SEGSNANS Segisn` acc pl seggsnans 6914 SEGTUN <134> [seggt 87] to do, act SEGWUNS Segtun pc pt ac segguns 676 SEGMNTI <52> [Segment MK] segment (geometric) SELASN~ <46> [Selatun si drv] excitement SELATUN SI <132> [Seli + sielotis MK] to get excited, excite oneself SELAWINGIS aj <27> [(ni)seilewingis 67] sensitive, diligent SELAWINGISKU <49> [Selawingis drv] sensitivity, diligence (assiduity) SELI <52> [seilin 115 drv] feeling, diligence (assiduity) SELIN Seli acc sg f seilin 115 SELINS Seli acc pl seilins 41 SELISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Seilisku 79 MK] devout, pious SELISKU <49> [Seilisku 79] devoutness, piety SIM <51> [Seimns 834 MK] family SEIMNAN Seimns acc seimnan 27 SEIMNS <32> [Seimns 834] family together with servants SIMISEMENS <62> [Familienname MK] surname 204

SINITSTABS <32> [Seynicz ON 1321, *Seints JG, Sensburg MK] Sensburg SEIRINKS <32> [Siris drv + nalys > nalaitis] orphan SIRIS <40> [eirys JB + sierota MK] widower SESEI Btwei op is 719 SISN~ <46> [Sitwei drv, Bindung MK] connection, communication(s) SISNAS <46> pl [Seisn` drv MK] relations SETI Btwei ip 2 pl seti 898 SITUN, SITWEI <108> [Lingasaitan E 446, sieti, s^et] to bind, associate SEKTI <52> [Sekte Nx] sect SEKNDI <52> [Sekunde MK] second (sec) SELPIS <40> [Zelp, Zolp DIA MK] hank (lock), lock (hair lock) SEMBA <45> [Samblandia DK VM] Samland SEN Sin sien 491 SN prp acc [sn 61] with SENANZITUN SI <138> [sich einengen MK] to squeeze up SENAGTWEI <85> [Agtwei drv] to accrete (into one) SENDARINTUN <85> [sudairinti JB MK] to reconcile SEND~TUN <118> [send`uns 109] to join smb, smth together SEND~WUNS Send`tun pc pt ac send`uns 109 SENDLI <52> [Sendtun + peis`lei 89 MK] composition (consist) SENDMINIS aj <40> [Sendtun drv] folding (collapsible), gateleg SENDNGTWEI <85> [Dngtwei drv MK] to live in concord, understand one another SENDTANS Sendtun pc pt pa acc pl senditans 8319 SENDTIMAI Sendtims dat sg f senditmai 835 SENDTIMS aj <25> [senditmai 835] compound, folded SENDTUN <121> [senditans 83 19 ] to fold, [MK] to assemble tr, SENDTUN SI iz (acc) [Sendtun + susidti + sk\adac si MK] to be comprised of, consist of SENDR~UGI av [sendraugiwldnikai 93] together SENDRAUGIDLATWEI <131> [Dlatwei drv] to cooperate SENDR~UGINTUN <85> [Sendr`ugi drv MK] to associate SENDRAUGIWLDNIKAI Sendraugiwldniks nom pl m sendraugiwldnikai 93 SENDRAUGIWLDNIKS <32> [sendraugiwldnikai 93] coheir SENGDAUTUN <143> [sengidaut 121] to get smth awaited, obtain smth awaited, gain smth awaited 205

SENGR~MBINTUN <85> [Gr`mbintun drv] to scrape up SENKALSSN~ <46> [Senkalstun si drv] grammatical agreement SENKALSSNAS <46> pl [Senkalstun si drv + sarunas, derybos, Verhandlungen etc. MK] negotiations SENK~LSTUN <136> [Kalstun + saskanot MK] to coordinate, conform, tune up, attune, SENK~LSTUN SI [Senkalstun drv] to agree with (to correspond to) one another; to negotiate SENKALT~TUN <132> [Kaltun drv, kaustyti MK] to chain together, root (be rooted by fear) SENKRSTUN <86> [Krstun drv+sacirst, senpistun MK] to chop, hack to pieces SENLAUKSENIS <40> [Senlauktun drv] invention SENLAUKTAJS <32> [Senlauktun drv] inventor SENLAUKTUN <139> [laukt 69 + erfinden + suiekoti MK] to invent SENLGINTUN <85> [Perlgintun MK] to level, even tr, SENLGINTUN SI [Senlgintun drv] to even i, become even SEN PAKKAI av [senpackai 121] peacefully, securely SENPALSENIS <40> [Senpaltwei drv] coincidence SENPALTWEI <85> [aupallai 19 + zusammenfallen MK] to coincide SENPISTUN <102> [Sompisinis E 340 VM] to pound up completely SENRAZGTUN <139> [Razgtun Nx] to entangle SENRNKA Senrnktun ps 3 senrnka 45 SENRNKAMINIS aj <40> [Senrnktun drv] select, picked SENRNKSENIS <40> [Senrnktun si drv] meeting SENRNKTUN <85> [senrnka 45] to collect, gather (all together) tr, assemle tr, SENRNKTUN SI [Senrnktun drv] to get together, assemle i SNRISTS Senristun pc pt pa senrists 59 SENRISTUN <102> [senrists 59] to connect, bind (connect) SENSACINI <52> [Sensation MK] sensation (smth sensational) SENSITWEI <108> (sen acc, sirzdau acc) [Sitwei drv] to communicate (with, withing, between, among), contact, get into contact) SENSKSENIKS <32> [Senskisn` drv] rebel SENSKSN~ <46> [Sensktwei drv] rebellion, uprising SENSKTWEI <120> (prki acc) [Sktwei+su-kilti+sa-celties] to revolt (against) SENSKR~ISNA <45> [Senskr`istwei drv] coming together by flying, rally (meeting) SENSKR~ISTWEI <87> [Skr`istwei drv] to fly together, come flying 206

SENSKREMPSN~ acc <46> [senskrempsnan 10312] puckering (creasing) SENSKREMPSNAN Senskrempusn` acc senskrempsnan 10312 SENSKRZINSENIS <40> [Skrzis] crossroad, crossing SEN SWAJJANS [sen wissan swaieis 11915] with own people SENTAWINTUN <85> [Taws drv, suartinti, satuvin`t MK] to draw together (make people near, make standpoints close) SENTLKTUN <75> [Tlktun drv MK] to make to collide, push together (one against other), SENTLKTUN SI [Sentlktun drv MK ] to collide SENTNSN~ <46> [sentnstun drv] summary SENTNSTAS nom sg m <69> [sentnstun drv] brief SENTNSTUN <79> [tinstwei 73 MK] to summarize (abstract) SENTWEI <92> [senti, sens, seneo MK] to grow old SENWAI~SENIKI <52> [Senwai`seniks drv] conspiratress SENWAI~SENIKS <32> [Senwai`senis drv] conspirator SENWAI~SENIS <40> [Senwai`tun drv] conspiracy (plot) SENWAI~SN~ <46> [Senwaiti`tun drv] accommodation (coordination), agreement SENWAI~TUN <132> [Waiti`tun drv] to coordinate, SENWAI~TUN SI [Senwaiti`tun drv] to come to an understanding SENWAI~TWEI <132> [Waiti`tun drv] to agree about SENWAKSN~ <46> [Senwaktun MK] convocation, summoning SENWAKTUN <134> [enwack 85 + suaukti, sasaukt MK] to summon, convoke SENWIJ~TUN <132> [Wij`tun drv] to wind smth (up, around) completely SENWINZTUN <97> [Saninsle E 485 VM] to knit (knit wool) SEPTMBERIS <40> [September MK] September SEPTINADESMTS ord <26> [Septinnadesimt drv] seventeenth SEPTNDESIMTS <58> [Septinnei MK] seventy SEPTINDESMTS ord <26> [Septndesimts drv] seventieth SEPTINNADESIMT crd [Anadesimt, Septinnei MK] seventeen SEPTINNEI crd <27> [Septmas 33 + sekmas + septini + Newnei MK] seven SEPTINNEREI <27> [Septinnerei + siedmioro MK] seven (as a group), (+ pl tantum) [septyneri MK] seven SEPTINNERINSUN [TN MK dangonsuen] to seven, seven persons together SEPTINNETA <45> [Warto E 210 + septynetas MK] seven of, of seven... 207

SEPTNSIMTA [Warto E 210, Septinneta MK] seven hundreds SEPTINSMTS ord <26> [Septnsimta drv] seven hundredth SEPTMA Septmas nom sg f Septmai 57 SEPTMAS ord nom sg m <26> [Septmas 33] seventh SERDS <60> [sirsdau 49 VM] core SERGTUN <134> [absergsnan 91 drv] to watch (to guard), preserve, SERGTUN SI <134> [Sergtun drv + saugotis MK] to beware SERIZS <25> [serios MK] serious SERPTAN (SERRPTAN) <35> [serptun Ma] experience SRMENIS nom pl f <52> [sirmen DIA, Zrm DIA GN MK] funeral repast SERRPIMAI Serrptun ps 1 pl serrpimai 113 SERRPTUN <75b> [serrpimai 113] to trace (learn), detect SRWERIS <40> [server MK] server SESTR~ <46> [Swestro E 174] sister SESTRKI <52> [m`sca + seseria + kuzynka + schlsnikin 11718 MK] cousin SI encl Sw`ise dat, acc SI pcl r [(grki)si 55] pcl r SDUNS Sestwei pc pt ac Sdons 43 SIGN~LIN <35a> [Signal MK] signal SJA <45> [stun drv + sja, sja GlN] sowing SIKSN~ <46> [ikna, siksna, hihna MK] tanned leather SIKSN~SKREILIS <40> [iknosparnis, siksp`rnis MK] flitter-mouse SIL~ <46> [Sylo E 589] waste land SLKASDRIMBIS <40> [Silkasdru b E 484] silk cover, silk pall SLKS nom sg m <36> [Silkasdru b E 484 drv] silk SILLIKI <52> [Sylecke E 575] herring SILLINS <32> [ilinis, wrzesien MK] September SILWESTRISKAS aj <25> [Silvester MK] Silvester attr SIMBLIKI <52> [Symbolik MK] symbolics SIMBLIN <35a> [Symbol MK] symbol SIMBLISKAS <25> [Simblin drv] symbolic SIMBLIZTUN <139> [symbolisieren] to symbolise SMEN n <63> [Semen E 256] seed SMENA <45> [Semeno E 752] plover SMENIS <40> [smenis, ziedu MK] June SIMETRJA <45> [Symmetrie MK] symmetry 208

SIMETRISKAS <25> [symmetrisch MK] symmetric SMTAN crd <35> [imtas + simts + sto + Dessimton 27 MK] one hundred SIN Sw`ise acc, Si [sin 101] SINAGGI <52> [Synagoge MK] synagogue SNDANTS Sindtwei pc ps ac Sindats I 9 SNDTWEI <136> [Sindats I 9 MK] to be sitting, sit (be sitting) SNDS <32> [Sidis E 613] dogwood SNIKA <45> [Sineco E 738] tit (titmouse) SNTAI <32> [Sinthen, Szynthen, Zcingten, Zinthen JG Sintautai MK] Zinten SNTAKSI <52> [Syntax MK] syntax SNTAKSISKAS aj <25> [Sntaksi drv] syntactic SIPPELI <52> [Zippel DIA MK] onion SR n [Seyr E 124] heart SIRABLAS nom sg m <32> [Siraplis E 524] silver no SIRABLIN Sirablas acc Sirablan 43 SIRABLISKAS <25> [Sirablas drv] silver aj, silvery SRAN n <35> [sijran 65] heart SRANS Sran acc pl sirans 77 SRAS Sran gen sg siras 9510 SIRDAMETSIMTAI <35> [Sirds, Metsimtan + Mittelalter MK] Middle Ages SIRDAN <35> [sirsdau 49 MK] middle SIRDAWA <45> [Sirdan drv + Mittel, srodek MK] means (implement) SIRDAWISKU <49> [Sirdan drv + srodowisko MK] medium SIRDS aj <26> [Sirdan MK] middle, mid SRGTWEI <97> (na acc) [absergsnan 91 VM] to be ill (down) (with) SRISKAI av [srisku 55] cordially SIRMUS sg <36> [Sirmes E 554] lye SIRSILS , gen sirsilas <36> [Sirsilis E 790] hornet SRU Sran dat sg siru 115 SIRWIS f <58> [Sirwis E 653] roe-deer SIRZDAI (gen) [sirsdau 49 MK] in the middle (of) SIRZDAN <35> [sirsdau 49 MK] middle, centre SIRZDAU prp acc [sirsdau 49] among, between, amid SIRZDAU KITTAN av [tarp kitko GlN] by the way SIRZDAWENIKS <32> [Mittelsmann, tarpininkas, starpnieks, Sirzdau + -enik MK] intercessor, middleman 209

SIRZDS aj <26> [Sirzdan MK] middle SS <53> [Seese E 729] blackbird SSENIS <40> [Stun + sjums MK] crop (land under crop) SISTMAN <35> [System MK] system SSTWEI <128> [Sdons 43 MK] to sit down STUN <120> [sti + st + siac MK] to sow (seed) SWAN Sws n (av) Sywan E 461 SIWASKEBBELINGIS aj <27> [grauhaarig + ilaplaukis MK] grey-haired SIWTWEI <134> [Sws drv] to turn grey SWS aj <26> [Sywan E 461] grey SK~BERWIS <40> [Stoberwis E 594] hornbeam SKADI <50> [Staydy E 311] shaft of a cart SK~ISTAN <35> [Sk`ists + gijwan 75 MK] liquid SK~ISTS aj <26> [x: x - skystas, Sksts - skaistus MK] liquid (fluid) SKATAN n <35> [Staytan E 421] shield SKAIT~TAJS <32> [Skait`tun drv] reader SKAIT~TUN <132> [skaityti + skaitt + czytac MK] to read SKALANKS <32> [Scalenix E 702] hound, beagle SKALSN~ <46> [skallsnan 10710] obligation SKALSNAN Skalisn` acc skallsnan 10710 SKALLAWA <45> [Scalowia DK] Schalauen SKALS <32> [Scalus E 99] chin SK~LWA <45> [Stolwo E 641] chip (splinter) SKANTUN <139> [Nx] to scan SKANNULUNKS <32> [Stanulonx E 623] mezeren SKANS <42> [Stanulonx E 623 VM] pup (doggy) SKAPS <32> [Stabs E 680] wether SK~RD~ <46> [Stordo E 71] skin with hairs SK~RSTIS <57> [Starstis E 528] tin metal SKATSN~ <46> [Skattwei drv] movement SKATTWEI <136> [skasti + atati + judti MK] to move SKATTAUKASTENS <32> [Schubkasten MK] drawer (of a desk etc.) SKATTAWS aj <26> [Skattwei drv MK] movable, agile SKEBBELIS <41> [Scebelis E 69] hair SKEL~NTEI Skel`tun pc ps ac nom pl m skell`ntei 37 SKEL~NTS pc ps ac <29> [skell`nts 65] owing (indebted), indebted 210

SKELTUN <136> [skell`nts 65 + skelti MK] to owe SKENNITWEI <138> [Stanulonx E 623 VM] to yelp SKNSTWEI <87> [auskindlai 121 drv] to sink SKRAPARATS <32> [Rasierapparat MK] safety-razor SKRTUN <71> [schern MK] to shave tr, SKRTWEI to shave i SKURI <52> [Skewre E 685] swine, sow (swine) SKNKIS <40> [Scinkis E 388] watery beer SKRPTUS sg <32> [Skerptus E 626] elm SKSTAI av [skstai 33] cleanly, purely, chastely SKSTAN Sksts acc skijstan 127 SKSTAN av [skijstan 49] cleanly, purely, chastely SKISTINNUNS Skistntun pc pt ac Skijstinnons 103 SKSTNTS Skistntuns pc pt Pa (ni)skijstints 115 SKISTNTUN <85> [Skijstinnons 103] to clean, purify tr SKSTISKU <49> [skstieskan 63] cleanness, chastity SKSTISKWAN Skstisku acc skstieskan 63 SKSTS aj <26> [skijstan 127] clean, pure, chaste SKL~IT l`it SKLARZI <52> [Sklerose MK] sklerosis SKL~WI <54> [Sklave MK] slave man SKL~WIBI <52> [Skl`wi drv] slavery SKL~WINI <50> [Skl`wi drv] slave woman SKR~IDLAPPAN <35> [Flugblatt, Skr`istwei, Lappan MK] leaflet SKR~ISLI <52> [Stroysles E 582] flounder, plaice SKR~ISLIS Skr`isli nom pl Stroysles E 582 SKR~ISTAUSTIN <37> [Flughafen MK] airport SKR~ISTUWIS <52> [Skr`istwei + Artwes E 413 MK] flight SKR~ISTWAISIS <40> [Skr`istuwis + W`isis + Fluggast MK] air passenger SKR~ISTWEI <87> [Stroysles E 582 VM + pol`ikt 115 MK] to fly SKRELIS <40> [Skrelle DIA, skrielis JB MK] wing SKREJJAWINGIS aj <27> [Skrtwei drv] flying SKRMP~ <46> [senskrempsnan 103 VM] wrinkle (pucker) SKRITALI <52> [Scritayle E 296] rim; [Scritayle E 296 MK] circle line SKRITS aj <26> [Scritayle MK] round SKRITS nom sg f <60> [Scritayle + sritis MK] area SKRITTAN <35> [Skrits drv] circle 211

SKRTWEI <123> [Skrelle DIA MK] to circle (fly) SKRZIN Skrzis acc Scrijsien 81 SKRZIS <40> [Scrijsien 81] cross SKRZITS Skrzitun pc pt pa Skrsits 43 SKRZITUN <138> [Skrsits 43] to crucify SKRUNDAS nom pl f <45> [Scrundos E 558] scissors SKRTELI nom sg m <54> [Scrutele E 473] tailor SKRWI <52> [schrve MK] male screw, screw-bolt SKRWINMUTI <52> [Schraubenmutter MK] female screw SKRWINTUN <85> [Skrwi MK] to thread (screw-threads) SKUJJ~ <46> [skuja, skuja, choja MK] needles (of coniferous trees) SKUJJAN <35> [skuja, skuja, choja MK] needle (of a coniferous tree) SKUJJISKAS aj <25> [Skuj` drv] coniferous SKLANIKS <32> [Skli drv] pupil SKLI <52> [schle MK] school SKNI <52> [skuna Gr] mow (barn) SKRDIS <40> [Sturdis E 324] tool to dent millstones SKRSTUN <73> [Scrundos E 558 + Sturdis E 324 VM MK] to cut (clip), clip SKUSTUN <86> [Stuckis E 595 VM] to scrape, peel, pare (scrape) SKUTTIS <40> [Stuckis E 595] maple SLADS <36> [Slstwei drv, Slidenikis, sliede, slad] trace, spoor SLAKS <36> [Slayx E 785] earthworm SLAJJA <45> [Slayo E 307] sledge, sleigh SLAJJAN n <35> [Slayan E 309] runner of a sleigh SL~NKI <52> [Slanke E 754] woodcock SL~UNI <52> [Slaune E 300] arms of the carts pole SL~UNS f <60> [Slaunis E 139] thigh, hip (thigh) SLIDENKS <40> [Slidenikis E 701] pointer dog SLSTWEI <94> [Slidenikis VM] to shift ones place (move a little), track (trace) SLIWATAS nom pl f <45> [Sliwaytos E 619] plums SM~RDI <52> [Smorde E 612] bird-cherry SM~RDS <52> [Smorde E 612 VM] smell (odour), scent, stench, stink (stench) SM~RSAS nom sg m <32> [mynsis E 380 VM] grease for oiling SMETUN SI <106> [smieties + smiac si MK] to laugh SMEJJAN <35> [Smetun si MK] laugh(ter) 212

SMEJJAWINGIS aj <27> [Smetun drv] fond of laughter SMEJJINS aj <25> [Smejjan drv] funny (comic) SMRLINGS f <58> [Smerlingis E 568] loach SMIJ~NI <52> [Smij`tun si drv] smile SMIJ~TUN SI <132> [Smetun si drv + MK smaidt] to smile SMIJ~WINGIS aj <27> [Smij`tun si drv] fond of smiling SMRDTWEI <136> [Smorde E 612 MK] to smell (smack) SMIT ij [Smicuto E 740 VM] ij to convey whisking out or in SMITTUKA <45> [Smicuto E 740] swallow SN~IGEGA <45> [Wnega MK] snowflake SN~IGS <36> [Snaygis E 55] snow SN~KSTIS f <60> [Snoxtis E 88] snot of nose SN~KSTWEI <87> [Snoxtis E 88 VM] to snort, hiss, blow ones nose SNAPS <36> [snapas, snaps MK] beak SNIGTWEI <124> [Snaygis E 55 + snigti, sniegt VM MK] to snow SCIALISMUS <32> [Sozialismus MK] socialism SCIALISTISKAS aj <25> [Scialists drv] socialist SCIALISTS <32> [Sozialist MK] socialist SP~CIJA <45> [space, spacja MK] space bar, space key SP~INA <45> [Spoayno E 387] foam SP~INAUTWEI <143> [sp`ina drv] to foam, spume SPAKT~ <46> [spagtas 1194] bath (bathing) SPAKTAN Spakt` acc spagtan 103 SPAKTAS Spakt` gen spagtas 1194 SPAKT~STUBA <45> [bathroom MK] bathroom SPALLINS <32> [spalis, pazdziernik MK] October SP~NGINTUN <85> [Sp`ngs drv] to blind, dazzle SP~NGS aj <26> [spangas + Sp`nksti MK] blind SP~NKSTI nom sg f <50> [Soanxti E 35] spark SPANSTAN <35> [Spanstan E 322] millstone spindle, [VM] spindle SP~RS <32> [Sparis E 201] rafter (truss) SP~RTIN Sp`rtis acc sg f spartin 45 SP~RTINA Sp`rtintun ps 3 spartina 71 SP~RTINTUN <85> [spartint 117] to strengthen SP~RTISKU <49> [spartisku 85] strength SP~RTS aj <26> [sparts 87] strong 213

SP~RTS av <26> [sparts 107] very SP~RTS no <60> [spartin 45] force, strength SPAS <42> [Sparyus E 798] pasture SPECI~LS <25> [speziell + tradicinals MK] special SPELLAUKSTIS f <58> [Spelanxtis E 642] shiver (splinter), splinter SPELLAUTUN <144> [Spelanxtis E 642 VM] to chop (repeatedly), split (into pieces or repeatedly) SPENDIKKI <52> [Spenstun drv] spinner (woman) SPENDIKS <32> [Spenstun + Spinne MK] spider SPENNIS <41> [Spenis E 119] nipple (teat), teat SPENSTUN <73> [Spanstan E 322 VM] to spin (a yarn) tr SPERTLIN n <35> [Spertlan E 150] ball of the toe SPERTUN tr <80> [Spertlan E 150 VM] to kick, SPERTWEI i to set with feet against a prop SPGELIS <40> [spegel MK] mirror SPGSN~ <46> [Spigsn` 632] bath (bathing) SPGSNAN Spigsn` acc Spgsnan 634 SPGTUN tr <92> [Spigsn` 632 VM] to sprinkle (moisten), SPGTWEI i [MK] to squirt i SPJAS <45> [Sptwei MK] race (competition) SPJAUSN~ <46> [Spjautwei drv] contest (game) SPJAUTWEI <143> [Spjas drv] to race (emulate) SPJAWINGIS aj <27> [Sptwei MK] instant (exigent), urgent (exigent) SPJINTUN <85> [Sptwei drv] to hurry (precipitate), hasten (precipitate) SPKT <53> [Specte E 555] bath (bathing) SPLANIKS <32> [Spielmann, Spieler MK] player SPLI <52> [spele MK] play, game SPLISPAGAPTS f <58> [Spielzeug + Dlapagaptis MK] toy SPLITUN <133> [spelen MK] to play SPLTAN <35> [Spltun MK] crack (rip), split (rip) SPLTS pc pt pa nom sg m <69> [Spltun drv] split attr SPLTUN <97> [Spelanxtis E 642 VM] to split smth tr, SPLTUN SI [Spltun drv] to split i SPINNINGIS <40> [spinning MK] spinning (fishing spinning) SPNTAN <35> [Spind DIA MK] wardrobe (place for clothes) SPINAZI <52> [Spionage MK] espionage 214

SPINS <32> [Spion MK] spy SPSENIS <40> [Sptwei drv] hurry SPTWEI <120> [spti + spt + spiac MK] to hurry, (pas acc) to chase (run after) SPJATWEI <144> [spjauti, pluc, vamiti, wimbmis Gr spieaut, vemti MK] to vomit SPJAWAN <35> [Spjatwei drv MK] vomit SPJAWINS aj <25> [Spjawan drv] vomit, vomitory SPRTS <32> [Sport MK] sport SPR~GAN <35> [Spr`gtwei drv] burst, explosion SPRAGNTUN <85> [Spr`gtwei drv] to blow up, blast, burst tr, explode tr SPR~GTWEI <92> [sprogti + spr`gt + pragnc, MK] to burst i, explode i, crack SPRAKST! ij [Spr`gtwei drv + spragt! sprak! MK] bang! thud! SPRAKSTINTWEI <85> [Sprakst drv] to fillip, snap, flick, click SPRTWEI <112> [spraut, spraukties + sprausti + prytnc, MK] to penetrate SPURGLAS nom sg m <36> [Spurglis E 739] sparrow SPURGLAWANNAGS <36> [Sperglawanag E 714] sparrow-hawk STA Stas n subst sta 278 ST~ Stas nom sg f st` 657 STABASKRIMMA <45> [Steinpilz + cietene MK] edible boletus, boletus STABILIZTUN <139> [stabilisieren MK] to stabilize STABN nom sg f <51> [Stabni E 221] stove, oven STABS <36> [Stabis E 32] stone STACINI <52> [statio MK] station of the Cross STADDAN av [kadan I 13 MK] then STADI~LS aj <25> [stadial MK] phasic ST~DIJAN <35> [Stadium MK] stage (phase) STAGATGELI <52> [Dachziegel MK] roofing tile STAGS <32> [Pastagis E 443 VM] tail ST~GS <36> [Stogis E 204] roof ST~I Stas nom pl m st`i 91 7, nom pl f Stai 93 12 STAKAMESSERIS <40> [Stakamecczer ` E 428] dagger STAKLI <52> [Stacle E 197] support (abutment) STAKLIN n <35> [Panustaclan E VM] steel 215

STAL~I Staltwei ps 3 stall 772 STAL~IMAI Staltwei ps 1 pl stallmai 35 STAL~ITEI Staltwei ps 2 pl stallti 125 STALANKS <32> [Tischler MK] carpenter STALDAS nom sg m <32> [Staldis E 226] cattle-shed STALNTUN <85> [Staltwei drv] to stop smb, smth STALSN~ <46> [stallsnan 117] standing STALSNAN Stalisn` acc stallsnan 117 STALTWEI <134a> [stallit 83] to stand STALWUNS Staltwei pc pt ac stalliuns 97 STALLIN Stals acc stallan 83 STALS <36> [Stalis E 219] table ST~MENINIS <40> [St`mens drv + liemen MK] doublet (waistcoat), waistcoat ST~MENS <61> [stuomuo, st`vs MK] body (trunk) ST~MINADEKTAN <35> [Haltestelle MK] stop, stopping place STAN Stas n Stan II 9, acc sg stan 1715 ST~NDARDS <32> [standard, Standard MK] standard ST~NDAS nom sg m <32> [Standis E 394] tub (cone-shaped vat) STANG~ <46> [Stengti + stanga MK] cramp (spasm) STANGAS <46> [Stang` MK] convulsions, agony STANGSNA <45> [Stengtun + struna + L`uksna MK] string STANGUS aj nom sg m <31> [Stengti MK] tense (strained) ST~NI <52> [Umstand+past`twei, staltwei+stan+Medione E 699 MK] circumstance ST~NINTEI av [st`nintei 79] standing ST~NINTI pc ps ac n (av) [st`ninti 81] standing STANKSMAN av [Stanksman 1011] meanwhile, (at) that time STANKSMISKAS <25> [stanksman drv + damalig, tuometinis MK] then (contemporary) aj STANS Stas acc pl stans 1713 ST~RAN <35> [St`rs drv] thickness ST~RKS <32> [Starkis E 564] zander, pike-perch STARNTI <52> [Stamite E 760] tern (mew) ST~RS aj <26> [storas + stary MK] thick STAS pn nom sg m <11> [Stas 1712] that ST~SENIS <40> [St`twei drv MK] billeting, quartering (billeting) ST~SN~ <46> [St`twei drv MK] outage (downtime) 216

ST~TAWA <45> [St`twei drv MK] parking place, taxi-stand, anchorage STATNTUN <85> [preistattinnimai 111 MK] to stand (put, set) smb, smth, place smth (vertically) STATTAN <35> [Statut MK] statute, regulations ST~TUWA <45> [Statue + statua MK] statue ST~TWEI <119> [st`nintei 79 MK] to stand up i, stop i STAWDAN Stawds n Stawdan 755, acc sg stawdan 7524 STAWDANS Stawds acc pl stawdans 394 STAWDAS Stawds nom pl f stawdas 5715 STAWDISKAI av [Stawds drv] in such a way STAWDS pn nom sg m <19> [stawds 7514] such STAWDSMU Stawds dat sg stawdsmu 478 ST cj [ste 898] the + av cp STEBBULIN <35> [Stebbuls drv] miracle STEBBULS aj <25> [stebulas JB MK] wondrous (surprising), surprising STEBEKLIS <40> [Sbeclis E 539 + stebuklas MK] miracle STEBTWEI <89> [Stabs + stebti MK] to petrify i STEGTUN <80> [Steege E 235 VM] to cover STIMANS Stas dat pl stimans 315 STISAN Stas gen pl stisan 11925, acc swords stisan 1178 STENGTUN <75> [Stange PN + stangti, stengti + tgi] to strain smth, tense (up) smth tr, STENGTUN SI [Stengtun drv] to strain oneself, exert oneself, endeavour, attempt STNSENIN Stnsenis acc Stinsennien 43 STNSENIS <40> [Stinsennien 43] suffering, anguish STNSENISKAS aj <25> [Stnsenisku, Stensn`, Stnsenis, Leidenschaft MK] passionate STNSENISKU <49> [Stnseniskas drv + Stensn`, Stnsenis, Leidenschaft MK] passion STNSN~ <46> [Stntwei drv] suffering STNTWEI <80> [Stenuns I 7] to suffer STESMU Stas dat sg m stesmu 1715, sg n dat stesmu 1719 STESSE Stas gen sg m stesse 634, gen sg n stesse 938 STESSEI Stas dat sg f stessei 855 STESSE PAGGAN [Stesse paggan 39] therefore STESSES Stas gen sg f stesses 11116 217

STIBBAN <35> [Stibbins + Krasi, stumbrs + stibis, stiba, stieblys + zdzieb\o MK] stem (trunk), trunk (stem) STIBBINS <36> [Stibinis E 310] a girder binding the sledge STG <53> [Steege E 235] shed (mow) STIKL~ <46> [Sticlo E 401] glass STIKLANS <25> [Stikl` drv MK] glass attr STLS <32> [Stil MK] style STNUNS Stntwei pc pt ac Stenuns I 7 STIPTWEI <89> [Steypata ON JG] to stiffen (congeal) i, solidify i STRAIKBRCHERIS <40> [Streikbrecher MK] strikebreaker STR~IKENIKS <32> [Str`iks drv] striker STR~IKS <32> [strike, Streik MK] strike (action) STR~MB~ <46> [Strambo E 274] stubble (in field) STRANNAI nom pl <32> [Straunay E 136] loins STREPSTAN Strepstus acc sg streipstan 3716 STREPSTANS Strepstus acc pl streipstans 3719 STREPSTUS sg <32> [streipstan 3716] limb of the body, member [, generation] STRIGGENA <45> [Strigeno E 73] marrow (bone-marrow) STRIGL <53> [strigli 105] thistle STRIGTWEI <89> [strigli 105 VM] to stick fast (in smth) STRKS <32> [strk + strykas MK] bow (fiddlestick), fiddlestick (string bow) STRLA <45> [strl + strle + strza\a MK] arrow; [Strla + Strahl + str`la MK] beam (ray), ray STRUJ~ <46> [Stroio E 103] neck artery STRUTTAN <35> [Strutkeim ON + srutos + strauts MK] rivulet, stream, torrent, current (torrent) STRTWEI <112> [Stroio E 103 VM] to stream STU cj Stas instr. sg n [stu 105] the + av cp STUBBA <45> [Stubo E 220] room STUBENKS <32> [Stubonikis E 550] barber-surgeon STUDNTINI <50> [Studentin MK] student woman STUDNTS <56> [Student MK] student man STUDSN~ <46> [Studtun drv] study STUDTUN <139> [studieren MK] to study smth tr STUDTWEI <139> [MK studies] to study (learn) i STNDI <52> [stndicks 57 VM] hour 218

STNDIKA dm <45> [stndicks 57] moment ,while (a short period of time) STRNAWINGISKAI av [strnawingisku 115] seriously STRNAWISKU <49> [strnawiskan 117] seriousness STRNAWISKWAN Strnawisku acc strnawiskan 117 STRNAWS aj <26> [strnawiskan 117 VM] earnest (zealous), rigid STRNITIKRMS aj <25> [Strintickrms 37] rigorous STRNS aj <26> [Strintickrms 37 VM] stiff, rigid STWEN av [stwen 51] there STWI av [stwi 51] here, there (it is, etc.); pcl [Stwi 111] here (is, are), behold SUB~ Subs nom sg f subbai 49 16 SUBBAN Subs n subban 117 1, acc sg subban 47 SUBBANS Subs acc pl m (stans)subbans 37 6 SUBBAWINGI av [Substalwingi MK] self-dependently SUBBAWINGIS aj <27> [Substalwingis MK] self-dependent SUBBAWINGISKU <49> [Substalwingisku MK] self-dependence SUBBEIG~ <46> [Subs, Eig`, savieiga MK] drift (a self-contained process) SUBGALNSNA <45> [suicide MK] suicide SUBGALNTAJA <45> [Subgalntajs drv] self-murderer woman SUBGALNTAJS <32> [Subgalnsna + Galntajs MK] self-murderer man SUBJAKTAN <35> [subject MK] subject SUBJAKTISKAS aj <25> [Subjaktan drv] subject attr SUBJAKTWS aj <25> [subjectively MK] subjective SUBS pn nom sg m <16> [subs 1720] self SUBSE Subs gen sg m supsei 87 SUBSEI Subs dat sg f supsai 45 SUBSMU Subs dat sg m subbsmu 9510 SUBSTALWINGI av [Substalwingis drv] self-dependently SUBSTALWINGIS aj <27> [preistallwingi 93 + selbstndig, patst`vgs MK] self-dependent SUBSTALWINGISKU <49> [Substalwingis drv] self-dependence SUBSTANTWAN <35> [Substantiv MK] substantive SDAWA <45> [Zudua DK] Sudovia SUFFIKSAN [suffix MK] suffix SISARGS <32> [Sji + Regenschirm + Buttasargs MK] umbrella SIT av [zuit 69] enough SITENIKAUTWEI <143> [Siteniks drv] to belittle oneself, behave modestly 219

SITENIKISKAS aj <25> [Siteniks drv] modest SITENIKISKU <49> [Sitenikiskas drv] modesty SITENIKS <32> [Sit drv + pieticgs MK] modest person SJI <52> [Suge E 47] rain SUKNI <50> [suckenie + suknia MK] womans dress, gown SULL~ <46> [Sulo E 693] curdled milk SLS, gen sullas <36> [Sulis E 196] post (pole of a hut), pole (post, pillar) SNAWIS <41> [Sunaybis E 175] nephew SNDAN Sndas acc sndan 55 SNDAS Sndus gen sg sndis 91 SNDITUN <138> [snndintwti 39] to inflict a penalty, punish SNDUS sg <32> [sndis 91] penalty, punishment SUNNIS <40> [Sunis E 703] dog SNS nom <43> [Sons 67] son SNUN Sns acc Sunun I 7 SNUS Sns gen Sunos I 11 SUPNAS <36> [sapnas + sapnis + sen, son + svapna-, hypnos MK] dream SUPNATUN <144> [Supnas drv] to dream SUPPINTUN <85> [Suptwei drv] to sway smth tr, to rock smb tr SUPPIS <40> [Suppis E 327] embankment (fill), rampart SUPRINIS <40> [Passupres E 225 VM MK] cradle SUPTUN <75b> [Suppis E 327 VM] to strew (scatter), scatter, SUPTUN SI [Suptun drv] to spill out i SUPTWEI <85> [Passupres E 225 VM] to rock i, swing i SUPLI <52> [Suptwei drv] pendulum SRAN <35> [Suris E 688 VM] salnity SRINTUN <85> [srs drv MK] to salt SRIS <40> [Suris E 688] cheese SURISTI <50> [Sutristio E 692] whey SRS <31> aj [Sris + srus VM] salty, salt (salty) SUSTWEI <91> [S`usan + susin`t, susti, schnc MK] to dry i STWEI <113> [Suge E 47 VM] to rain SUWENS <32> [Seweynis E 229] piggery, sty (piggery) SWAIGNTUN <85> [Swigtwei drv + svaiginti MK] to dizzy, make dizzy, stun SW~IKSTAN n <35> [sw`igstan 35] light SW~IKSTASTRLA <45> [Strla + jet + str`la MK] beam (ray) 220

SW~IKSTASTURMUS <32> [Leuchtturm MK] lighthouse SW~IKSTIKS <32> [Suaixtix DK VM] god Swaixtix SW~IKSTITWEI <138> [erschw`istiuns 45 VM] to shine (beam) i SW~IMANS Sw`js dat pl sw`imans 8713 SW~ISE Swajs gen sg m swaise 10113 SWAJ~ Swajs nom sg f swaia 852 SWAJ~SEI Swajs dat sg f swai`smu 4317 SWAJASMU Swajs dat sg m swaiasmu 43 18, sg n dat swai`smu 876 SWAJAWDISKU <49> [Swajawds drv] characteristic SWAJAWDS aj <32> [eigenartig + ainawydan 43 MK] peculiar SWAJNGIS aj <25> [Swajs drv MK] specific to, characteristic of, appropriate (typical) SWAJJAI Swajs dat sg f swaiai 1152 SWAJJAN Swajs acc sg swaian 2913 SWAJJANS Swajs acc pl swaians 4513 SWAJJAS Swajs gen sg f swaias 11521 SWAJJISTA <45> [Cristionisto E 794 + savyb, svojstvo GlN] (specific) feature SWAJS, gen sw`ise pn po r nom sg m <20> [swais 5120] own, ones own SWALLINTUN <85> [Swiltwei drv + Swalmen JG MK] to scorch, singe tr SWAREWNGIS <27> [Swars MK] important SW~RKAI <32> [varkai + sv`rki + srajca MK] smock-frock SWARS <32> [Swrtwei + svaras, svars MK] weight SWARSTIS <58> [Swrtwei + Krmpstis MK] weighing-machine SWARTAN <35> [Etswrtwei + svertas MK] lever (prise) SWASRI <51> [euras, MK] mother-in-law (husbands mother) SWASSURS <32> [euras, MK] father-in-law (husbands father) SWIKIS <40> [Sweykis E 432] ploughing horse SWEPPILINIS <40> [Sweppils drv] safety-match SWEPPILS <32> [sweebel MK] sulfur SWERREPS <40> [Sweriapis E 431] stallion for tourneys SWRTUN tr <80> [sverti + svrt + osver MK] to weigh smth tr, i SWRTWEI [sverti + svrt + osver MK] to weigh i SWETTIS aj <27> [Swajs + sveias + sves + swat MK] strange (alien), alien SWIGTWEI <99> [svaigti + svaigslgs + MK] to feel dizzy, feel giddy, swim (head swims) SWLTWEI <85> [Swalmen JG + svilti, svilt MK] to singe i 221

SWINJANA <45> [Swinnistin + kiauliena, wieprzowina MK] pork SWINNISTIN n <37> [Swintian E 682] swine SWINTAI av [Swintai 10313] sacredly SWINTAI Swints nom pl m Swintai 49 6 SWINTA LNDA <45> [Heiligelinde ON MK] Swita Lipka (Heilige Linde) SWINTAN Swints acc sg swintan 51, gen pl Swintan 45 5 SWINTANS Swints acc pl Swintans 85 SWINTAS Swints gen sg m swyntas II 11 SWINTIKAI pl tantum <32> [Swints drv, switek switki MK] holiday, festival SWINTIKANS Swintiks acc pl Swintickens 133 SWINTIKS <32> [Swintickens 133] a saint SWINTINA Swintintun ps 3 Swintina 4517 SWINTINTS Swintintun pc pt Pa Swintints 47 SWINTINTUN <85> [swintintwey I 5] to hallow, sanctify, celebrate SWINTINUNS Swintintun pc pt ac Swintinons 4514 SWINTISKU <49> [Swintiskan 45] sanctity, holiness SWINTISKWAN Swintisku acc Swintiskan 45 SWINTS aj <25> [swints 7919] saint, holy, sacred SWIRRINTUN /-TWEI <92> [Swirtwei drv] to shake loose (make rickety); to be shaky, be rickety, to stagger (being rickety) SWIRTWEI <92> [svirti, svrties MK] to slope (nod, tilt), nod (tilt) SWT~I nom pl <35> [switai 55] world SWTAN n <35> [Swetan E 792] secular world SWTAS Swtan gen sg Swtas 51 SWTEWISKAN Swtewiskas aj acc Swtewiskan 89 SWTEWISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Swtewiskan 89] laily, secular, worldly


[sch], voiceless fricative spirant, originally palatal, which have caused neutralization of a following e and a as a; no short e, but only a is spelled after in Prussian words (see A) ~I is nom pl m schai 7516

~I av [schai 115] here ANS <25> [`i drv, ejienietis MK] indigene ~ISENTS <29> pc ps ac [emprijkisins 115] here present ~KS <32> [Schokis E 283] freshly mown grass AN is acc sg schan 4917 AN av [schan 6722] here ~NCI <52> [Schanze DIA MK] (fair) chance ~NCIS <52> pl [Schanzen MK] trench, entrenchment ANDAU av [an 6722 + stwendau MK] to here ANDINAN av [schindeinan I 11] today ANS is acc pl schans 77 APPAN <35> [Schapp DIA MK] dresser, bookcase, cupboard AL <53> [Gescho + atun + peis`lei 89 + `vi MK] shell (projectile) ASMAS pl tantum <46> [ausmas MK] horror ATUN <144> [`uschautins 53 + auti + aut MK] to shove (onto, into), pitch (throw), fling (throw), shoot AWS <38> [Gewineis E 191 + `vjs MK] shooter (rifleman), rifleman ISAN is gen pl schiison 111 INS is acc pl m schins 37 IS pn nom sg m <15> [Schis 75] this ISMU is sg m, n dat schismu 113 ISSE is gen sg m schisses 1253 ISSEI is sg f dat schissai 1253 IELS <38> [ielitwei drv MK] inspirer IKI <52> [Schischke DIA MK] conifers cone IELITWEI <133> [schischeln DIA MK] to whisper IZFRENIJA <45> [Schizophrenie] schizophrenia IZFRENS <32> [Schizophrene MK] schizophrenic no KEL~NTS Skel`nts schkell`nts 41] owing (indebted), indebted KELATTAN <35> [Skelett MK] skeleton KWI <52> [Schwe DIA MK] plate (dish), sporting puck KDA <45> [schkdan 67] damage KDAN kda acc sg f schkdan 67 KDINSNA <45> [kdintun drv] sabotage KDINTAJS <32> [kdintun drv] saboteur, wrecker KDINTUN <85> [kda drv] to wreck (sabotage) 223

KURS <32> [< szczur > iurk, urka MK] rat L~IT cj [schl`it 2914] however; prp acc [schl`it 519] except, without LAITAWDISKU <49> [laitawds drv] variety, diversity LAITAWDS aj <25> [l`its + kitawds MK] various, diverse L~ITEWINGI av [l`itewingiskas MK] especially, particularly L~ITEWINGISKAN l`itewingiskas acc schkl`itewingiskan 113 L~ITEWINGISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [schkl`itewingiskan 113] special, particular LAITNSENIS <40> [laitnsna drv MK] department, division (department), section (department) LAITNSNA <45> [sklaitinsnan 101] chapter, section LAITNSNAN Sklaitnsna acc sklaitinsnan 101 LAITNTAN <35> [laitntun + Gwan MK] difference LAITNTUN <85> [sklaitint 109] to separate, part (separate), disjoin, LAITNTUN SI (ezze dat) [laitntun drv] to differ (from) L~ITISKAI av [schl`itiskai 71] separately L~ITISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [schl`itiskai 71] separate L~ITISKU <49> [schlatiskai 67] distinctibility, peculiarity L~ITISKWAI l`itisku dat sg schlatiskai 67 L~ITISKWAN l`itisku acc sg schl`itiskan 69 10 L~ITS prp acc [schl`its 6119] except, without; cj [schl`its 3114] but L~ITS av [schkl`its 113] especially, particularly L~ITS aj <25> [schkl`its 59] special, especial, particular LAMSN~ <46> [lamtwei drv] rustle LAMTWEI <134> [lamti MK] to rustle LZENIKAI lzeniks nom pl m schlsinikai 91 LZENIKI <52> [schlsnikin 11718] servant (maid), maid LZENIKIN lzeniki acc sg f schlsnikin 11718 LZENIKS <32> [schlsinikai 91] servant, employee LZI lzitwei ps 3 schlsi(ni) 6722 LZI <52> [schlusien 95] service (a concrete institution) LZILAI lzitwei cn 1 sg schlusilai 43, cn 3 schlsilai 121 LZIMAI lzitwei 1 pl schlsimai 31 LZIMS <40> [Slusim DK] military-service tax LZIN lzi acc sg f schlusien 95 LZINGISKAI av [schlusingisku 35] serviceably 224

LZINGISKAN <35> [lzingiskai drv MK] service LZISNA <45> [schlusisnas 85] service (serving) LZISNAS lzisna gen schlusisnas 85 LZITEI lzitwei ps 2 pl schlsiti 95 LZITWEI <138> [schlsitwei 41] to serve MAWS <33> [Schmaus MK] banquet, dinner-party MNKA <45> [vulg > literat Schminke < smigma MK] make-up MNKINTUN <85> tr [mnka drv] to make up tr, MNKINTWEI i to make up i OKLADI <52> [Schockolade MK] chocolate OKLADISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [okladi drv] chockolate attr S <53> [Chaussee MK] highway P~NIJA <45> [Spanien MK] Spain P~NINI <50> [p`nis drv] Spainyard woman P~NIS <40> [Spanier MK] Spainyard man P~NISKAN <35> [p`niskas + Spanisch MK] Spain language P~NISKAS aj <25> [p`nis drv] Spain PITLIN <37> [Spittel DK] hospital RAPNELLIN <35a> [Schrapnell] shrapnel T~BS <32> [Stab MK] Staff TRI <52> [stre MK] driving wheel, rudder TRITUN <133> [MK stueren] to steer (a car, ship etc.) TRMANS <32> [strman MK] steersman TR~PI <52> [Strafe MK] penalty TRMAWIS <40> [Sturmbock MK] battering-ram TRMITUN <133> [strmen MK] to storm TRMUS <32> [Sturm MK] assault (storm) MENA <45> [Schumeno E 507] wax-end TUN <113> [twan + siti + t + szyc MK] to sew (to needle) TWAN n <35> [Schutuan E 471] twisted yarn, thread (twisted yarn) UWIKS <32> [Schuwikis E 496] shoemaker, bootmaker WICERINI <50> [wicers drv] Swiss woman WICERIS <40> [Swiss + Szwajcar MK] Swiss man WICERISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [wicers drv] Swiss WICI <52> [Switzerland MK] Switzerland


TABERN~KULIN <35a> [tabernaculum MK] tabernacle TAKTUN <136> [Tackelis E 530 VM] to grind (whet), whet (grind) TAKKELIS <40> [Tackelis E 530] grindstone TAKKISS <32> [Takes E 328] weir, dam T~LARIS <40> [Taller MK] thaler T~LGLASA <45> [Fernglas MK] spyglass T~LI av [t`ls + toli MK] far T~LINTUN <85> [T`ls drv MK] to make remote, distance tr (from), T~LINTUN SI [T`lintun drv] to distance i (from) T~LIS av cp [t`lis 119] further T~LISKU <49> [T`ls drv] distance TALTUN <134a> [Patols DK VM] to quiet T~LIWIDASNA <45> [Fernsehen + t`li + wid`tun MK] television T~LK~ <46> [Tuoka, Talko DIA MK] collective working assistance T~LKA Talk`tun ps 3 tl`ku 89 T~LK~TUN <132> [tl`ku 89] to push repeatedly, flog, thresh, T~LK~TUN PA PDAMANS [VM] to trample down, crush under foot TALKINKS <32> [Tallokinikis E 408] collective helper, free farmer TALLIJA <45> [Taill MK] waist (loins) TALS <42> [Talus E 207] floor T~LS aj <26> [t`lis 119] far T~NS pn nom sg m <12> [t`ns 436] he TAPTUN tr <139> [Tappis MK] to warm smth tr, i [Tappis drv MK] to warm i, get warm TAPJAWA <45> [Tapiow ON VM] Tapiau TAPPALI <52> [Tapali 85] board (tablet), table (tablet) TAPPINSN~ <46> [Tappintun drv] heating TAPPINTUN <85> [Tappis drv] to heat smth (a house etc.) tr TAPPIS aj <40> [Tapiow ON VM] warm T~RI <52> [t`rin 105 VM] voice T~RIN T`ri acc sg f t`rin 105 TARSNAS pl <46> [Tartun drv] polling TARTUN <136> [t`rin 105 VM] to speak out, express own opinion, [MK] to poll (ballot) 226

TARKINI <52> [Tarkue E 449] binding strap, strap (binding thong) TASSI <52> [Tasse + tase MK] cup TASTI <52> [Taste MK] key (keyboards key) T~I <52> [Tasche + ta MK] pocket T~ISLAMPI <52> [Taschenlampe MK] pocket flashlight T~ISPASTAWS <32> [Taschentuch MK] handkerchief T~ISWAGIS m <41> [Taschendieb MK] pickpocket TATTARWAS nom sg m <36> [Tatarwis E 767] black grouse TA Tawu TAUKINNA Taukintun ps 1 sg 10716 TAUKINNUS Taukinna pc pt ac taukinnons 57 TAUKINTUN <85> [10716] to promise TAKS <36> [tankis E 378] grease (fat) TAUPTUN <141> [taupyti, taupt, MK] to save (money) T~URS <36> [Tauris E 649] aurochs T~UT~ <46> [Tauto E 793] country (land), land (country) T~UTAN Taut` acc tautan 1714 T~UTASKARTI <52> [Landkarte MK] map TAUT~SPIRA <45> [Landsmannschaft MK] association of countrymen TAWINTUN <85> [Taws drv, tuvin`t MK] to draw nearer, draw together, bring nearer, TAWINTUN SI [Tawintun drv] to approach TAWISIS aj <28> [tauwyschies II 75] neighbour (a near one, a fellow) TAWISKU <49> [Taws drv] Proximity TAWIAN Tawisis acc tauwyschen II 5 TAWIAS Tawisis gen sg m tauwyschies II 75 TAWS aj <25> [tauwyschies II 75] near, close (near) TAWU av [Taws drv] near(ly), close (nearly) T~WA T`ws voc T`wa 47 1 TAW~I T`ws nom pl Tawai 93 T~WAN T`ws acc sg t`wan 127 3 T~WANS T`ws acc pl t`wans 37 T~WAS T`ws gen sg T`was 59 TAWENS <32> [Suwens + Vaterland MK] fatherland, motherland T~WISKAN T`wiskas acc Tawiskan 41 T~WISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Tawiskan 41] fatherly, paternal T~WISTA <45> [Cristionisto E 794 + tvyst MK] paternity 227

T~WS nom sg <36> [Taws 498] father TE~TERIS <40> [Theater MK] theatre TE~TERISKAS aj <25> [Te`teris drv] theatrical, dramatic (theatrical) TE~TERISKU <49> [Te`teriskas drv] theatrical (dramatic) features TE~TERNIKS <32> [Te`teris drv] theatre fan TEBBEI T dat tebbei 719 TIK~ <46> [teickut 105 MK] creative work, creative activities TEIK~I Teik`tun pt 3 teik 10522 TEIK~SN~ <46> [Teiksn` 39] creation (creating), [teiksnan 109] creatured world, [teiksnan 17] arrangement TEIK~SNAN Teikasn` acc teiksnan 109 TEIK~TUN <132> [teickut 105] to create (various objects or many times); [teiksnan 17 MK] to arrange, bring in order, [teickut 105 MK] to form TEIK~WUNS Teik`tun pc pt ac teikuns 39 TEIKIKS <32> [Tektun drv MK] creator TEKS Tektun ip 2 sg Teks 67 TEKTUN <75> [Teks 67] to create (once) TENAN <35> [Teni MK] gulf TENI <52> [Allenstein ON + tien VM] bay (oxbow) TEIN av [tein 133] now TESI <52> [teisi 9111] honour TESIN Tesi acc Teisin 57 TEISNGI av [teisngi 31] honourably, respectfully TEISNGIS aj <27> [teisngi 31] respectful TEISNGISKAN Teisngiskas aj acc sg (ni)teisngiskan 87 TEISNGISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [(ni)teisngiskan 87] honourable TESINTUN <85> [teisint 33] to honour, respect TESIS Tesi gen teisis 87 TESISKU <49> [Teisiskan 91] dignity (honour), respectfulness TESISKWAN Tesisku acc Teisiskan 91 TEISWINGINS Teiswingis acc pl (ni)teiswingins 69 TEISWINGIS aj <27> [(ni)teiswingins 69] honourable TEISWINGISKU <49> [teiswingiskan 87] respectability, honesty TEISWINGISKWAN Teiswingisku acc teiswingiskan 87 TJS <32> [Tee + tja MK] tea TEKNIKI <52> [Technik MK] technology 228

TEKNISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [technisch MK] technical TEKTWEI <89> [Takes E 328 VM MK] to flow, rise (in the sky) TELAFNITWEI <138> [telephonieren MK] to ring up, phone TELAFNS <32> [Telephon MK] telephone TELAGRAFTUN <139> [telegraphieren MK] telegraph TELAGR~FS <32> [Telegraph MK] telegraph TELAGRAMMAN <35> [Telegramm MK] telegram TELASKPAN <35> [Teleskop MK] telescope TELAWIZRS <32> [televisor MK] televisor TLKSENIS <40> [Tlktun drv] incentive, stimulus TLKTUN <75> [tl`ku 89 VM MK] to push, stumulate, induce (stimulate) TELLI [delli 85 VM] so much, so many TELLI PAT as much (as), as many (as), ditto TMPARS, gen tmpras, aj <26> [tmpran 43] expensive, dear TMPRAI av [tmprai 69] expensively, dear(ly) TMPRAN Tmpars aj acc tmpran 43 TEN T gen tien 792 TEN~ T`ns nom sg f tenn` 1214 TENI T`ns nom pl m tennei 376 TENIMANS T`ns dat pl tennimans 8911 TENISAN T`ns gen pl tenneison 1717 TENESMU T`ns dat sg m tennesmu 1212 TENESSE T`ns gen sg m is 398 TENGNTINIS <40> [Tengntun drv] envoy, courier, emissary (courier), messenger TENGNTINISTA <45> [Tengntinis MK] legation, embassy TENGNTUN <85> [pertengginnons 115] to send TENTWEI <134> [pertennuns 67 drv] to last (continue, endure) TENNAN T`ns acc sg tennan 47 12 TENNANS T`ns acc pl tennans 59 15 TNSEITI Tnstun ip 2 pl tenseiti 93 TENSLIS <40> [Tenstun MK] train TNSIS <40> [Teausis E 254] pole of a cart TENSSN~ <46> [tenstun drv] attraction TENSTUN <139> [entnsts 59 drv] to drag (repetedly), pull (repeatedly), tug (repeatedly) 229

TNSTUN <79> [tinstwei 73 to drag (once), pull (once), tug (once), draw (tug) TNTI av [tnti 17] now TNTISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [pareingiskai 119 MK] modern TNTISKU <49> [Tntiskas+Parejngisku+Pergbisku+dabartis MK] (the) present TEKRATIJA <45> [Theokratie MK] theocracy TEREMAN <35> [Theorem MK] theorem TERETISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [theoretisch MK] theoretic TERETNIKS <32> [Theoretiker MK] theoretician TERIJA <45> [Theorie MK] theory TEPPIKS <32> [Teppich + tepich MK] carpet TR av [ter 115] only (mere) TERAPUTS <32> [Therapeut MK] therapeutist TERAPJA <45> [Therapie MK] therapeutics TERITRIJAN <35> [Territorium MK] territory TERMNS <32> [Termin MK] term, date TERRISMUS <32> [terrorism MK] terrorism TERRISTINI <50> [Terrists drv] she terrorist TERRISTS <32> [terrorist MK] terrorist TERRS <32> [terror MK] terror TRPA <45> [enterpon 17 VM] use, profit, advantage (use) TRPAUTUN <143> [Trpa drv] to use, make use of TRPINS aj <25> [anterpinsquan I 5 VM] useful TRPTWEI <85> [enterpon 17 VM] to thrive (prosper), prosper, flourish TESTAMNTAN n <35> [testamentan I 13] testament TESTS <32> [test, Test MK] test TEULGIJA <45> [Theologie MK] theology TZI <52> [These MK] thesis TI encl T dat, acc Warbo thi Dewes Gr TGELI <52> [tegel + ieelis MK] brick TGELIKA <45> [Tgeli drv MK] glazed tile TGERIS <40> [Tiger MK] tiger TIKINNAITI Tikntun ip 2 pl tickinnaiti 105 TIKINNIMAI Tikntun ps 1 pl tickinnimai 35 TIKINNUNS Tikntun pc pt ac tykynnons II 7 TIKNSNA <45> [Tikntun drv] production TIKNTAJS <32> [Tikntun drv] producer, manufacturer 230

TIKNTUN <85> [tickint 69] to make, produce TIKKARS, gen tikras, aj <26> [tickars 479 ] right, correct TIKR~ <46> [tickray I 9 VM] right (side) TIKR~ Ticking acre nom sg f tickra 97 TIKR~I Ticking acre nom pl m tickrai 47 10 TIKRAI Tikr` dat sg f tickray I 9 TIKRAN <35> [Tikkars drv] truth TIKRAN Tikkars acc tickran 119 T IKRINSN~ <46> [Tikrintun drv] correction T IKRINTUN <85> [Tikkars MK] to correct T IKRISKAI av [Tikriskas drv] straight, precisely, exactly (precisely) T IKRISKAI <45> aj pnl nom f [Tikriskas drv MK] straight T IKRISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [entickrikai 81 VM] straight, exact, precise T IKRISKU <49> [Tikriskas drv] straightness, precision TIKRMAI Tikrms aj nom pl m tickrmai 63 TIKRMI <52> [tickrmien 434] right side TIKRMIN Tikrmi acc sg f tickrmien 434 TIKRMISKAN Tikrmiskas aj acc sg tikrmiskan 4513 TIKRMISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [tikrmiskan 4513] correct, just, righteous TIKRMISKU <49> [tickrmiskan 35] justice, rightness, legality TIKRMISKWAN Tikrmisku acc tickrmiskan 35 TIKRMS aj <25> [tickrmai 63] just, righteous, rightful, [Tikrms + en tickrmien 434 MK] right (being on the right) TIKSLIN <35a> [Tiktwei drv MK] reason (cause, ground) TIKSLISKAS aj <25> [Tikslin drv] causal, causative TIKSN~ <46> [Tiktwei drv] emergence, appearing TIKTWEI <89> [Teks 67, tickint 69 MK] to appear, emerge, arise (appear) TILTAN n <35> [Stabynotilte DK] bridge TILTUN <97> [Talus E 207 VM] to pave TMENS <60> [Timran, cien MK] shadow TIMMARS, gen timras, aj <26> [tymmer lacus ON MK] dark TIMRAIGALMBS aj <25> [dunkelblau MK] blue (dark-blue) TIMRAN n <35> [tymmer lacus ON MK] darkness, dark (darkness) TMS <36> [Kymis E 501] morocco, leather apron TIN T acc tin 107 TINKLAP~USAN n <35> [Internettan + P`usan GlN] web-page 231

TINKLASALNS <32> [Internettan + Salns MK] web-site TNKLIN n <35> [Sasintinklo E 697 VM] net (meshes) TINTI <52> [Tinte + tinte MK] ink TPISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Tps drv] typical TPS <32> [Typ MK] type TRPTWEI <92> [tirpti + tirpt + cierpnc? MK] to thaw (melt), melt i TIRTADELKS <32> [Trts + Delks + tredalis MK] (one) third TRTEI Trts dat sg f Trtsmu 63 TRTI Trts nom sg f Tirti 51 TRTIN Trts acc sg trtian 127 TRTIS Trts Tirtis II 5 TRTS ord <70> [Trts 29] third, PREI TRTAN [zum dritten MK] thirdly TRTSMU Trts dat sg n Trtsmu 61 TISTINI <50> [Tstis drv Ma] mother-in-law (wifes mother) TISTIS <40> [Tisties E 184] father-in-law (father of the wife) TT av [tt 6919] so, thus, this way, that way, [tt 6928] then (now then), therefore, hence, consequently TTAT av [titet 3711 VM] so, thus, hence (consequently) TT DGI [tt 516] like also, as well as TTELS <32> [Titel MK] title TTIS <40> [Thetis E 171] grandfather TWELIS Tws dm thewelyse BPT TWS <32> [Thewis E 176] uncle TLARANCI <52> [Toleranz MK] tolerance TNS <32> [Ton GlN] syllable accent TPA <45> [tuopa MK] poplar TRTI <52> [Torte MK] (layer-)cake TRADICINALS aj <25> [traditionell MK] traditional TRADICINI <52> [Tradition MK] tradition TR~GEDIJA <45> [Tragdie + Kmedija MK] tragedy TR~MI <52> [Trame = Spale, Tram MK] railway sleeper TR~MPINTS f <58> [Trambahn MK] tramway TR~MS <32> [Tram MK] tram(way) TR~NSFERIS <40> [transfer MK] transfer TRAPPEWINGI av [Traps drv] gradually TRAPPEWINGIS aj <27> [Traps drv] gradual 232

TRAPS <32> [Trapas JB MK] stage, stair-step TRASKELIS <40> [troskeilis E 343] oblong bread roll TRAKS <32> [traukai, trauki MK] vessel, dish, pl TRAKAI crockery, dishes (tableware) TRAZD <53> [Tresde E 728] thrush (ouzel) TRESUN [TN MK dangonsuen] to three, three (persons) together TRITA <45> [Warto E 210 + trejetas MK] three of, of three... TREJ~I <26> [Trej`i + troje MK] three (as a group), (+ pl tantum) [treji MK] three TREMMENSS <61> [Tremens DIA MK] mood (temper), temper (mood) TRMPTUN <75b> [trmptwei drv + trempti MK] to tread (trample) down, trample down TREPPI <52> [Treppe + trepes MK] stairs, ladder TREPTWEI <85> [trapt 83] to step TRETW~RS <32> [Trottoir + tretuar MK] pavement (sidewalk) TRID~NTINS <25> [Trid`nts drv] tridental TRID~NTS <57> [Trs, D`nts + tridantis MK] trident TRIJJAN Trs gen pl [Treonkaymynweisigis ON] TRILLUNKINS <25> [Trillunks drv] triangular TRILLUNKS <57> [Trs, Lunks + trikampis MK] triangle TRMPTWEI <85> [Potrympus VM] to stomp (tramp) TRINEWNGIS <27> aj [trintwei Nx] threatening, menacing (sinister) TRNIN Trns acc sg f *trnien 95 TRNKIS <40> hybr [drink, trinken + Trnktun MK] swizzle TRNKTUN <97> [pertincktan 119 VM] to hit (strike) TRINNE Trintwei ps 3 trinie 39 TRINS Trs acc pl TRNS f <60> [*trnien 95 VM] threatening, menace TRINSN~ <46> [trinsnan 93] vengeance, revenge TRINSNAN Trinsn` acc trinsnan 93 TRINTAUTWEI <143> [Trintaws, Trintwei drv MK] to revenge TRINTAWINGIS aj <27> [Trintaws drv] vindictive TRINTAWINI nom sg f <52> [Trintawinni 89] avengeress TRINTAWS <32> [Trintawinni 89 drv] avenger TRINTWEI <75> [trinie 39] to threaten, menace TRS crd <24> [Treonkaymynweisigis ON drv] three 233

TRISDESMTS ord <26> [Trsdesimts MK] thirtieth TRSDESIMTS crd f <60> [trisdeimt + trsdesmit + trzydziesci MK] thirty TRSIMTA [Warto E 210, Trita MK] three hundreds TRISMTS ord <26> [Trsimta drv] three hundredth TRSNADESIMT crd [Anadesimt, Trs MK] thirteen TRISNADESMTS ord <26> [Trsnadesimt drv] thirteenth TRIW~RST [ainaw`rst 6926 MK] three times TRLAIBUSS <32> [Trolleybus MK] trolleybus TROMBZI <52> [Thrombose MK] thrombosis TRNS <32> [Thron MK] throne TRUMBELS <32> [Trumbel MK] drum TRUPS <32> [Trupis E 634] junk (stump), wood-block TRUPTWEI <89> [Trupis E 634 VM] to shorten i TRUSSA <45> [Trustwei drv] crumb TRUSTINS Trustis acc pl Dmskins E 84 TRUSTIS <56> [Dmskins E 84] ear-wax, rot TRUSTWEI <85> [Dmskins E 84 VM] to crumble i T pn 2 nom sg <2> [t 6713] you (sg), thou TBA <45> [Tubo E 448] felt TUKRI <52> [Tukris drv] weaver f TUKRIS <40> [Tuckoris E 454] weaver m TULABILLISKAS <25> [Tls, Bil`, Tulaw`rtis, daugiakalbis MK] multilingual TLAGIRBAUSNA <45> [daugiskaita, daudzskaitlis MK] plural TULAW~RTIS nom pl f <52> [Tusawortes E 131] entrails, intestines TULDEWNGIS aj <27> [Tuldtun si drv] glad TULDSN~ <46> [tuldsnan 89] joy TULDSNAN Tuldisn` acc tuldsnan 89 TULDTUN SI <139> [tuldsnan 89 drv] to rejoice i TLILUNKS <57> [Tls, Lunks + Vieleck MK] polygon TLIN av [tlan 55] many, much TLINS <25> [tlninai 131 VM], plentiful, abundant TLISKU <49> [Tls MK] plenty, multitude, [Tlisku + Menge MK] crowd TULKAUSN~ <46> [Tulkautwei drv] translation TULKAUTWEI <143> [Tulki drv] to interpret (languages), be engaged on interpreting TULKI <54> [Tolke DK MK] translator, interpreter 234

TULLIN TULS no acc Tollin 91 10 TLNINA Tlnintun ps 2 sg tlninai 131 TLNINAITI Tlnintun ip 2 sg tlninaiti 105 TLNINSN~ <46> [Tlnintun drv] multiplication, increase TLNINTUN <85> [tlninai 131] to multiply, increase, TLNINTUN SI [Tlnintun drv] to increase (in number), spawn, propagate oneself, breed i TULS <32> [Tols 9110] duty (customs), customs (duty) TLS av cp [tols 69] more TUNNELS <32> [Tunnel MK] tunnel TUNNI <52> (1000 kg) [Tonne MK] ton TURLAI Turtun cn 3 (ni)turrlai 11121 TURLIMAI Turtun cn 1 pl turrlimai 11323 TURTUN <137> [turrettwey I 5] to have, TURTUN N SIN [turti savyje MK] to contain (comprise) TURK~JA <45> [Turkei MK] Turkey TURKINI <50> [Turkis drv] Turk woman TURKIS <40> [Turke MK] Turk man TURKISKAN <35> [Turkiskas drv] Turk language TURKISKAS <25> [turkis drv] Turkish TURMUS <32> [Turm MK] tower TURRI Turtun ps 1 sg turri 5715, ps 2 sg turri 2713, ps 3 turri 274 TURRIMAI Turtun ps 1 pl turrimai 279 TURRITEI Turtun ps 2 pl turriti 916 TURRITI Turtun ip 2 pl turriti 897 TRS f <58> [Coaris E 232] mow (hayloft), hayloft TSIMTANS Tsimts crd acc pl tsimtons 37 TSIMTS crd <32> [tsimtons 37] thousand TUSNGIS aj <27> [Tusnan drv] silent TUSSEI Tustwei op tussse 99 TUSTWEI <134> [tussse 99] to be silent, keep silence TUSNAN <35> [Tusns drv] silence TUSNS aj <26> [tusnan 91] silent, still (silent), calm (still) TI <52> [Tusche MK] Indian ink TW~ISE Twajs (T) gen sg twaise 3517 TWAJ~ Twajs nom sg f twai` 7925 TWAJ~SE Twajs gen sg f twaiasei 1057 235

TWAJ~SEI Twajs dat sg f twai`smu 791 TWAJASMU Twajs dat sg m twaismu 1219 TWAJJAN Twajs acc sg twaian 2917 TWAJJANS Twajs acc pl twaians 7119 TWAJJAS Twajs gen sg m twaias 119 21, twaias 1193, twaias 13116 TWAJS, gen tw`ise, pn po 2 sg nom sg m <20> [twais 3712] your, thy, thine TWAKSTAN n <35> [Twaxtan E 553] brushwood (broom) for bathing TWAKTUN <85> [Twaxtan E 553 VM] to bath by whipping with a brushwood TW~NKSTA <45> [Tuwangste ON] pond (dam) TWNKTUN <85> [Tuwangste ON VM] to pond up, dam up

[ti] palatal t

U [u, o], a short vowel [, u], a long vowel, always accented BUTAN <35> [U-Boot MK] submarine DRA <45> [Udro E 667] otter UGNIS f <60> [ugnis + uguns + ogien PA] conflagration, fire (conflagration) UGNS <32> [Wogonis E 366] dish with an arched lid UKA pf sp [ucka 47] sp UKAMAZZAISIS aj <40> [Mazzais drv] smallest UKAPIRMAS nom sg m <32> [Occopirmus DK] god Ockopirm UKTBERIS <40> [Oktober MK] October LINSN~ <46> [lintwei drv] fight LINTWEI <85> [lint 123] to fight 236

ULLANDAN <35> [Holland MK] Holland ULLANDERINI <50> [Ullanders drv] Dutchwoman ULLANDERIS <40> [dutchmen + getting MK] Dutchman ULLANDISKAN <35> [Ullandiskas + Dutch MK] Dutch language ULLANDISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Dutch MK] Dutch UMNAS nom sg m <36> [Vumps E 331] baking-oven UMNUDI <52> [Umnode E 330] bake-house UMZUS av [ensus 89] in vain UNDAKRWIS <40> [Wasserfall drv] waterfall UNDAN n <35> [Wundan E 59] water UNDAN Unds acc sg undan 6117 UNDANS Unds acc pl and to 119 UNDAS Unds gen sg undas 103 UNDASGERTIS <40> [Wasserhahn MK] tap UNDAWESNA <45> [Wasserleitung MK] water-supply (plumbing system) UNDAWESNIKS <32> [Undawesna drv] plumber UNDS nom sg m Undan n unds 597 UNINI <52> [union MK] union UNIWERSAN <35> [Universum MK] universe UNIWERSIT~TI <52> [University of MK] university NZAI av [unsei 127] upward, above UPERENS <32> [Upperan + Suwens MK] altar for immolation UPICRS <32> [Offizier MK] military officer UPJAINISKU <49> [Upjains drv] nebulosity UPJAINS aj <25> [Uppin drv] cloudy UPPERAN <35> [opper MK] victim UPPERAUTUN <143> [opfern MK] to sacrifice, UPPERAUTUN SI [Upperautun drv] to sacrifice oneself UPPERINIS aj <27> [Upperan drv] sacrificial UPPICAN <35> [officium MK] office UPPIN n <37> [Wupyan E 9] cloud URDENS <32> [Orden MK] order, Order URICNTS <56> [Horizont MK] horizon URKS <32> [rs drv MK] puddle URK~NS <32> [Orkan MK] gale (storm) RLAUPS <32> [Urlaub + urlop MK] vacation 237

URNI <52> [Urne MK] urn RS <32> [Wurs E 61] pond URWAN <35> [urvas, urva MK] burrow, cave (burrow) UDESIMTS <58> [Uai MK] sixty UDESMTS ord <26> [Udesimts drv] sixtieth UMTS ord <26> [Uimta drv] six hundredth UNADESIMT crd [Anadesimt, Uai MK] sixteen UNADESMTS ord <26> [Unadesimt drv] sixteenth UAI crd <27> [Uschts 31 VM] six UEREI <27> [Uerei + szescioro MK] six (as a group), (+ pl tantum) [eeri MK] six UERINSUN [TN MK dangonsuen] to six, six persons together UETA <45> [Warto E 210 + eetas MK] six of, of six... UIMTA [Warto E 210, Ueta MK] six hundreds UT~ Uts nom sg f Uschtai 55 UTAN Uts acc sg Uschtan 63 UTS ord nom sg m <26> [Uschts 31] sixth UTPIJA <45> [Utopie MK] utopia UTPISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [utopisch MK] utopian UTRIS <41> [Wutris E 513] blacksmith

V [v] only in foreign names


W [w, u], a bilabial resonant w WADDULI <52> [Wadule E 250] shaft of a wooden plough

WADS <32> [Westun + vadas + vads + -wod MK] electric wire WADNS <32> [Westun drv MK] transmission (gear), (electric) conductor, chieftain WAG~ <46> [Waghine ON JG] furrow (channel) W~GENS <32> [Wagen MK] tramway car, railway car, wagonload WAGGIS <40> [Wagnis VM] wedge (shim), cotter WAGNIS <40> [vagnis E 244] plough-knife WAGS m <57> [Wagipelki ON GN] thief WADAWA <45> [Wastun, Wid`tun, Wadintun MK] vision, manifestation WAIDIL~IMAI Waidiltwei ps 1 pl waidleimai 29 WADILAWNGIS aj <27> [Waidiltwei drv] magic, wizard(ly), faery WAIDILTWEI <134a> [waidleimai 29 drv] to conjure, practise witchcraft WADILS <32> [Waidel DK] sorcerer, wizard WAIDILUTTIS Wadils WADIMAI Wastun ps 1 pl waidimai 65 WAIDINNA Waidntun ps 3 waidinna 75 WAIDINNA SI Wadinna r waidinnasin 113 WAIDNSENIS <40> [Waidntun drv, parodymas MK] evidence (case), testimony (case), indication (reading) WAIDNTAJA <45> [waidntajs drv MK] guiding star WAIDNTAJS <32> [waidntun drv] pointer WAIDNTUN <85> [waidinna 75] to show, demonstrate, give evidence of WADITEI Wastun ps 2 pl waiditi 105 WADITI Wastun ip 2 pl waiditi 9516 WAIK~I W`iks nom pl waikui 9513 WAIKAMMANS W`iks dat pl Waikammans 955 W~IKAN W`iks acc sg Waikan 9517 WAIKATWEI <144> [W`iks drv] to work as farmhand WAIKELLIS W`iks dm Woikello Gr W~IKLIS <41> [Wayklis E 190] son (boy), [MK] boy W~IKS <36> [waix 95] farmhand WAINIKKATUN <131> [wainiks, vainikuoti, vainagot MK] to wreathe (with a wreath) WAINIKS <32> [vainikas, vainags, wieniec MK] wreath (crown) WASEI Wastun ps 2 sg waisei 69 WAISNTUN <85> [Reidewaisines 87 VM] to regale 239

W~ISINTUN <85> [Wisis drv + vaisinti MK] to breed W~ISIS <40> [W`iss, kaimns + viesis MK] guest WAISTWEI <134> [vieti MK] to be a guest WASN~ <46> [waisnan 111] knowledge WASNAN Waisn` acc waisnan 111 W~ISPATI <52> [waispattin 69] mistress W~ISPATIN W`ispati acc sg waispattin 69 W~ISPATINS W`ispati acc pl waispattin 95 W~ISS f <58> [waispattin 69] settlement WASTIS <58> [Wastun, wiesc] message WASTUN <122> [waist 73] to know, be aware W~ITILS <32> [Wojty\a MK] speaker W~ITIN n <37> [wayden DK, Woit DIA, Cariawoytis E 416] conference, council WAI~IMAI Wai`tun ps 1 pl waiti`mai 351 WAI~NTINS Wai`tun pc ps ac acc pl waitiaintins 87 WAI~SENIS <40> [Wai`twei drv] conversation WAI~SN~ <46> [Wai`twei drv] speech WAI~TWEI <132> [waiti`t 35] to talk, speak to WAJJANPELI <52> [Wiesenweihe, pievin ling, b\otniak \kowy, weiss + pel Nx] Montagus Harrier WAJJAS nom pl f <45> [Wayos E 282] meadows WAKARANA <45> [Wakkars + Deinana MK] evening star WAKLIKI <52> [Waktun drv GlN] name of an animal, nickname WAKTLA <45> [aukinys drv] shortcut WAKTUN <134> [wacktwei 47] to call WAKKAR~I <36> [Wakkars + vakarai + zachod MK] west WAKKARISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Wakar`i drv] western WAKKARS <36> [vakaras + vakars + wieczor MK] sunset WAKS <36> [Wackis E 415] call, shout, cry W~LDAN <35> [Waldtun, W`ldniks + valda MK] property, ownership WALDTAJS <32> [Waldtun drv] proprietor, owner, possessor WALDTUN <141> [Waldniku 9125 VM] to possess W~LDNIKANS W`ldniks acc pl W`ldnikans 9115 W~LDNIKS <32> [Waldniku 9125] ruler W~LDNIKU W`ldniks dat sg Waldniku 9125 W~LDWIKA <47> [Waldwico E 406] knight 240

WALGINTUN <85> [Wilgtwei drv] to moisten tr, irrigate W~LKIJA <45> [W\och(y + Ital)ien MK] Italy W~LKINI <50> [W`lks drv] Italian woman W~LKISKAN <35> [W`lkiskas + Italiensch MK] Italian language W~LKISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [W`lks drv] Italian W~LKS <32> [W\och MK] Italian man WALNAI av [Walns drv] rather WALNAN av praedic [Walns drv] better, rather WALNANIN Walns acc pnl walnennien 35 WALNINTUN <85> [walnint 33] to improve WALNISKAS <25> [Walns drv MK] superior WALNISKU <49> [Walniskas drv] advantage WALNS aj cp Labs <25> [walnennien 35 MK] better WALS <32> [Walis E 252] swingletree W~LSTIS <58> [valstis + valsts + w\osc] state (independent country) W~LSTISPILNIBI <52> [W`lstispilns drv] citizenship W~LSTISPILNS <32> [Staatsbrger MK] citizen W~LT <51> [Wolti E 276] ear (spike) WALTNS <32> [DIA Faltin MK] Valentin W~NDRAUTWEI <143> [wandern + wdrowac MK] to wander, nomadize, migrate W~NDRAWENIKI <52> [W`ndraweniks drv] migrant woman, nomad woman W~NDRAWENIKS <32> [W`ndrautwei drv] migrant man, nomad man WANG~ <46> [wangan 51 VM] end WANGAN Wang` acc wangan 51 W~NGARS, gen w`ngras, aj <26> [Wangrapia ON VM] meandrous, sinous (meandrous), winding WANGINNI <52> [Wang` drv + Grawwini MK] tip (tip point) WANGNSNA <45> [Wangntun drv] completion WANGNTUN <85> [wangint 99] to finish, end, complete WANGISKAS aj <25> [enw`ngiskan 133 VM] final, finite WANGRAPPI <52> [Wangrapia ON] Angerapp W~NGRAUTWEI <143> [W`ngars MK] to meander, twist (meander) WANGUS, gen wangas <32> [Wangus E 588] wild overgrown glade WANNAGS <32> [Gertoanax E 713] hawk WANNI <52> [Wanne MK] (bath)tub 241

WANS Js acc wans 67 W~NS~ <46> [Wanso E 100] moustache W~NSS <36> [vas, vkaras MK] hook, angle, fish-hook WANZ~SENIS <40> [Wanz`tun drv] knitting (ware) WANZ~SN~ <46> [Wanz`tun drv] knitting (business) WANZ~TAJA <45> [Wanz`tun drv] knitter (woman) WANZ~TUN <132> [Winztun MK] to tie in a chain, knot many knots WAPSI <52> [Wobse E 789] wasp WAR <52> [warrien 81] power WARENAN <35> [Warens drv] copper coin WARENS aj <25> [Warrin drv] copper attr, cupreous WAREWNGIN Warewngis aj acc sg warewingin 97 WAREWNGIS aj <27> [warewingin 97] powerful, mighty WARGADABBISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [W`rgs, Dabba + bsartig, aundabgs MK] malignant (untreatable) WARG~ GLAD~ <46> [W`rgs, Glaud` MK] mockery, scoff, ridicule W~RGAI W`rgs dat sg f wargasmu 33 W~RGAI av [wargu 69] badly, maliciously WARGAISEGNTS <29> [wargusegentins 93] evildoer W~RGAN W`rgs acc sg wargan 35 W~RGAN n <35> [wargan 31] evil W~RGANS W`rgs acc pl being goose 53 WARGAPR~TISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [ubelgesinnt, aunpr`tgs, W`rgs, Pr`ts MK] malign (intentional action) WARGI Wargtun ps 3 warg 69 W~RGINGIS <27> [W`rgan drv] dangerous WARGTUN <134> [warg 69] to ail tr, give pain to W~RGS aj <26> [wargs 79] bad, evil, malicious, vicious W~RGTWEI <85> [wargs 79 VM] to torment oneself, suffer want WARI~NTI <52> [Variante MK] variant, version (variant) WARSTI <52> [varykt JB + Rsti, voveryktis MK] rainbow WARTUN <134> [epwarsnan 117 VM] to be able W~RMI <52> [Wormeland ON VM] Varmia, Ermland WARNEKAPPA <45> [Warnaycopo E 755] shrike WARNI <52> [Warne E 722] crow bird W~RNINS W`rnis acc pl Warningin 85 242

W~RNIS <40> [Warnis E 721] raven WARPA <45> [varpa + Warpelauken MK] ear (spike) WARRENI <52> [Warene E 356] copper cauldron WARRIN War acc sg f warrien 81 WARRIN n <37> [Wargien E 525] copper W~RSTAN <35> [ainaw`rst 6926 VM, MK] one turn (rev), one rev W~RSUS, gen w`rsas <32> [Warsus E 91] lip W~RAWA <45> [Warschau MK] Warsaw W~RTATS <32> [warsztat, varstotas, varstats < Werkstatt MK] (carpenters) bench WART~ <46> [Warto E 210] entry door(s) W~RTAN W`rt` acc sg wartin 119 WARTELLI <52> [Wart` MK] door WARTINNA SI Wartntun si ps 3 wartinna sin 101 WARTNTUN <85> (prei acc) [wartint 35] to turn (to) tr, direct (toward), WARTNTUN SI (prei acc) [wartinna sin 101] to appeal to, address smb WASKAS <32> [vakas + vasks + wosk MK] wax WASSARA <45> [VM MK] spring WASSARINS <32> [vasaris + Wassara MK] February WAINGTNS <32> [Washington MK] Washington WAZZIS <41> [Wessis E 308] one-horse sledge WED~TAJS <32> [Wed`tun drv] guide (conductor), pathfinder (guide) WED~TUN <132> [perwedd` 55 VM] to shepherd smb, trot round WEDDAI <32> [Weden MK] the Vedas WEDDAIS Westun ip 2 sg wedais I 11 WEDDIG~ <46> [Wedigo E 531] adze WED Westun pt 3 wedd(din) 101 WEDIKKAUTWEI <143> [Wediks + Preddikautwei MK] to captain WEDIKS <36> [Westun + Wedik (Enterich) DIA MK] executive, manager, moderator WEDULS <36> [Weydulis E 81] pupil of the eye, eyeball WISEWINGI av [weijsewingi 105] fruitfully WISIN Wisis acc Wisin 109 WEISS <39> [Treonkaymynweisigis ON VM] water-meadow WISIS <40> [Wisin 109] fruit 243

WISISKAS aj <25> [Wisin 109] fruity, fruit attr WEKTWEI <75> [Wackis E 415 VM] to cry (shout) WELDSN~ <46> [weldsnan 35] inheritance, heritage WELDSNAN Weldisn` acc weldsnan 35 WELDTUN <134> [weldsnan 35 drv] to inherit WELDNAI Weldns nom pl weldnai 63 WELDNS <32> [waldns 131] inheritor, heir WELSIPDS <32> [Plicipds DIA MK] bicycle WELTUN <80a> [Walis E 252 VM] to whirl smth (round), revolve WELUBLNDS <32> [Weloblundis E 437] mule WEMS Wemtwei ip 2 sg wimbmis Gr WEMTWEI <80b> [wimbmis Gr VM] to spit WRA <45> [Wr DIA MK] Upper Prussia WRAUI Wrautwei ps 3 wraui 85 WRAUTWEI <143> [wraui 85] to last WRAWINGIS aj <27> [Wrautwei drv] continuous WERBAN <35> [Verb, verbum MK] verb WRBIN <37> [Enwrbtun MK] bolt (pintle) WRBTUN <75b> [Enwrbtun MK] to screw (a screw etc.) WRBULIS <40> [Wrbtun MK] whirpool, [Wrbtun, Wirbel MK] vertebra WRPTUN <75b> [etwrpt 117 VM] to loose(n) tr, WRPTUN SI [Wrptun drv] to loosen i, relax WRSIS <40> [Werstian E 674] calf WRSS <32> [Vers + wiersz MK] poem WRSTIN n <37> [Werstian E 674] calf cub WRSTUN <76> [worth May 29] to scold (rail), rail (scold) WERANA <45> [Wrsis + veriena, cielcina MK] beef WRTAI Wrts nom pl m wertei 55 WERT <53> [Wertwings 77 MK] value WRTIBI <52> [Wert + vertyb MK] valuable thing, worth WRTIMAI Wrstun ps 1 pl wertemmai 29 WERTNGIS aj <27> [wertngs 7713] valuable WERTNGISKU <49> [wertngiskan 41] valuability WERTNGISKWAN Wertngisku acc wertngiskan 41 WERTWINGIS aj <27> [Wertwings 7710] worth, worthy WRTS aj <26> [werts 8718] worth 244

WRWIRSIS <41> [Werwirsis E 733] (sky)lark WESN~ <46> [Westun drv MK] leading WESSELI <52> [wesele MK] wedding WESSELINGI av [wesselingi 81] merrily, cheerfully, joyfully WESSELINTUN <85> [Wessels drv] to amuse smb, WESSELINTUN SI [Wesselintun drv] to amuse oneself WESSELISKU <49> [wesliskan 79] gaiety, joviality WESSELISKWAN Wesselisku acc wesliskan 79 WESSELS aj <25> [Wessals 121] merry, jolly, cheerful WESTUN <73> [westwei 27, west 91] to lead (smb somewhere) WEZIKS <32> [Weztun drv] coachman WEZTUN <71> [Kellewesze MBS MK] to wheel (carry) smb WEZZENIS <40> [Weztun drv] transit (transport) WID~I Wid`tun pt 3 widdai 113 WID~KLI <52> [Schaubne + skatuve MK] scene, stage (scene) WID~SN~ <46> [Wid`tun drv] sighting, seeing WID~SNASWERTNGISKU <49> [Sehenswrdigkeit MK] sights WD~TUN <141> [widdai 113] to see WIDAW~MANS Widaw` dat pl Widdewmans 979 WDAWUTIS <40> [Widewut DK VM] Widewut WIDDAULI <52> [Widdautun drv] stitch (basting) WIDDAUSN~ <46> [Widdautun drv] stitching, quilting WIDDAUTUN <143> [Widus E 508 MK] to stitch, quilt WIDDAW~ <46> [widdew 9710] widow WIDDELI <52> [Fiddel DIA MK] violin WDERS <36> [Weders E 122] belly; [Weders E 132] stomach WDIKAUSNA <45> [weydikausnan II 5] testimony, witnessing WDIKAUSNAN Wdikausna acc weydikausnan II 5 WDIKAUTWEI <143> [weydikausnan II 5 drv] to witness WDIKISKAS aj <25> [Wdiks drv] of witness(es) WDIKS <32> [weydikausnan II 5 VM] a witness WDRA <45> [widre Gr VM] whirlwind, tornado WIDS <43> [Widus E 508] hem (seam), seam (hem) WDS <36> [ainawdai 65 VM MK] appearance, shape; [kittewidiskai 129] way (means), mode (way) WIJ~TUN <132> [Wtun drv] to wrap (many objects or many times), swaddle 245

WIKKIS <40> [Wickis E 270] vetch WKSLA <45> [Wixla DK VM] Vistula WLAI av [Wls + vlai MK] late WLAUTWEI <143> [Wls drv MK] to be late WLAWA <45> [Velowe 1258, Wilaw 1326 ON] Wehlau WL <53> [vl, velis, Velowe 1258, Wilaw 1326 ON] soul of a deceased WILGAN n <35> [Welgen E 157] cold in the head, humidity WILGS aj <25> [Welgen E 157 VM] damp, wet (moist), moist WILGTWEI <92> [Wilgs drv MK] to moisten i WLIN av [Wls + vlai MK] late WILINNIS pl tantum <52> [Vlins GlN] souls day WLKS <32> [Wilkis E 657] wolf WLKTUN <97> [Awilkis 472 VM] to drag, pull (drag), WLKTUN SI [Wlktun drv GlN] to drag oneself WILNA <45> [Wilnis E 477 VM] wool WILNI <52> [Vilnia MK] Vilnius WILNIS aj <27> [Wilnis E 477 VM] woollen WILNIS no <40> [Wilnis E 477] jacket (coat) WILNIS no <41> [Wilnis E 566] burbot WLS aj <26> [vls + vlus + Weltun MK] late WILTUN <126> [Prawiltun MK] to allure WILTWEI <85> [Walis E 252 VM] to spin i, go round, rotate i, WNA <45> [etwint 35 MK] fault, guilt WINALAWAN <35> [Wins + laiwan + orlaivis MK] airplane WNAN Wns acc wijnan 73 WNEGA <45> [Woragowus E 389 VM] grape WNEGAWS aj <25> [Woragowus E 389] grape attr WINENKS <32> [Winens drv] wineshop WINENS <32> [Wns + Suwens MK] wine-cellar WINENKS <32> [Wilenikis E 439] ambler WNGARS, gen wngras, aj / no <26> [Wngrisku drv VM] treacherous, wily, cunning, shark, swindler WNGRAUTWEI <26> [Wngars drv] to shark, swindle WNGRISKU <49> [wngriskan 35] fraud WNGRISKWAN Wngrisku acc wngriskan 35 WNGTWEI <97> [wngriskan 35 VM] to curl, wriggle, squirm 246

WINKSNA <45> [Wimino E 625] elm WINNAI av [winna 63] out of doors, outside (out of doors), away WINNAN Wins acc winnen 53 WINNATAUTAS <45> [Ausland + `rzemes MK] foreign countries WINNATAUTENIKS <32> [Winnatautas drv] foreigner WINNATAUTISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Winnatautas drv] foreign WINS m <36> [wins E 45] air, weather WINS f <60> [Wnis E 398] spigot (bung) WNS m <32> [Winis E 390] wine WNS f <58> [Winis E 645] year-ring of a tree WINTUN <113> [niwinton 43 drv] to accuse WINZALS <32> [Winztun + wze\ + mezgls MK] knot WINZL <53> [Winztun MK] bundle WINZTUN <97> [Saninsle E 485 VM] to make a knot, to knot, knit WINZUS <42> [winsus E 102] neck WILATS <25> [violett MK] violet WIPPIS <40> [Wipis E 630] branch WIPTWEI <97> [wipis E 630 VM] to thrill, vibrate WRAI Wrs nom pl wijrai 10314 WRAMANS Wrs dat pl wijrimans 10326 WRAN Wrs acc sg wijran 1054 WRANS Wrs acc pl Wrans 9312 WRBI <52> [Wirbe E 314] rope WRDAI Wrds loc sg wirdai 9717 WIRD~I Wrds nom pl wirdai 616 WIDAMMANS Wrds dat pl wirdemmans 33 WRDAN Wrds acc sg wirdan 29 WRDAN Wrds gen pl wirdan 1013 WRDANS Wrds acc pl will to 693 WIRDENS <32> [Seweynis E 229 MK] dictionary WRDS <36> [wrds 6117] word WRIJA <45> [Mannschaft + Wrs drv MK] crew WRIKAN Wriks acc wijrikan 105 WRIKS Wrs dm <32> [wijrikan 105] male (man dm , animal) WRISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Wrs drv] male WRISKU <49> [Wriskas drv] virility, manhood 247

WRS <32> [wijrs 87] man, husband WRSAWISKU <49> [Wrsaws drv MK] surface WRSAWS aj <25> [Wrsus drv MK] upper WRSEI Wrstwei op wirse II 9 WIRSELLIS <40> [Wrsus drv + virelis MK] top, summit, vertex WRST Wrstwei ps 3 wrst 17 WRSTEI Wrst ps 2 pl wrstai 11724 WRSTMAI Wrst ps 1 pl wrstmai 55 WRSTWEI <114> [wrst 17] to become, (en acc) to convert i into, turn (change) i (in)to WRSUS <43> [virus, virsa, wierzch + Wyrssuthe MK] top (upper part), upper part WIRRAN <35> [virus, Viruren MK] virus WIS n subst [wissa 696] all (entire), entire, whole WIS~ Wiss nom sg f wissa 7916 WISADDAN av [kadan I 13 VM] always WIS~I pn nom pl m Wiss <17> [wissai 759] all WISAMKIN Wisamkis acc sg wissemukin 131 WISAMKIS Wisamkis gen sg m wyssen mukis II 9 WISAMKIS aj nom sg m <27> [mukis II 9 wyssen] almighty WISAMUZNGIN Wisamuzngis acc sg wissemusngin 435 WISAMUZNGIS Wisam uzngs gen sg m wismosingis I 9 WISAMUZNGIS aj nom sg m <27> [Wissemusngis 117] almighty WISASDIS <40> [wissaseydis E 19] Tuesday WISAWDAI av [wissawidei 113] variously, diversely WISAWDI av [wissaweidin 55] variously, diversely WISAWDISKAN Wisawdiskas n wissawidiskan 57 WISAWDISKAS pn nom sg m <25> [wissawidiskan 57] various, diverse WISIMANS Wis` dat pl m wisseimans 396 WISKWI [MK] everywhere WISMU Wis` dat sg m wismu WISNATAS nom pl f <45> [Wisnaytos E 620] cherries WISS pn <17> [wissa 7916] any, all WISSAI Wiss dat sg f wissai 295 WISSAMANS Wisseimans wissamans 4519 WISSAN Wis n subst wissan 354 248

WISSAN Wiss acc sg wissan 2710 WISSANS Wis`i acc pl wissans 3115 WISSAS Wiss nom pl f Wissas 838, gen sg f wissas 1156 WISSENI <52> [Wissene E 622] ledum, marsh tea WSTWEI <93> [vysti, vst MK] to fade (wither up) i WTINGIJA <45> [Wtingis drv] nobility WTINGIS m <40> [weiting DK VM MK] noble warrior, noble WTINGISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Wtingis drv] nobiliary, noble WTINGISKU <49> [Wtingiskas drv] nobility WITINNI <52> [Witinne DIA] flat-bottomed barge WTRA <45> [Wetro E 53] wind WTUN <108> [Witwan E 603 VM] to twist, weave (twine), twine, WTUN SI (zrgi) [Wtun drv] to twist (round), wind (round) WTWAGA <45> [Witwago E 756] water-hen WTWAN n <35> [Witwan E 603] osier, willow-tree WWER <53> [Weware E 660] squirrel WIZ <53> [Wyse E 262] oat WIZGA Wiz dm wisge Gr WI ij [oi] ow WIMENI <52> [Wi mennei, Wimenitwei + aimana MK] wail, lamentation WIMENITWEI <133> [aimanuoti, vaiman`t MK] to wail (lament), lament (wail), moan WKALS <32> [Vokal MK] vocal WURMIWINS <32> [Wrmis, Wns + Rotwein WE] red wine WDS <36> [uodas + ods + owad MK] insect WIZUS, gen wizas <32> [Wuysis E 704] watchdog WKAN <35> [vokas + v`ks + powieka, wieko MK] eyelid, lid (eyelid) WKAUI Wkautwei ps 3 wkawi 77 WKAUTWEI <143> [wkawi 77] to call (repeatedly), WKAUTUN SI [Wkautwei drv] to halloo (in the forest) WKIS <40> [v`cis, Vokia = Voion-maa, Vagoth MK] Goth WLA <45> [uola, ola, valun MK] rock WLAKINGIS aj <27> [Wlaks drv] lazy WLAKITWEI <138> [Wlaks drv] to be lazy WLAKS <32> [Flak DIA MK] lazybones WULG~RS <25> [vulgr MK] vulgar 249

WLINGIS aj <27> [Wla drv] rocky WMBARS <36> [Wumbaris E 556] pail WPENIKINI <50> [Wpeniks drv] dyer woman WPENIKS <32> [Wpitun drv] dyer man WPINEINS <32> [Wpinis drv] dyeworks WPINIS <40> [Wps drv] dyestuff WPITAJA <45> [Wpitajs drv] housepainter woman WPITAJS <32> [Wpitun drv] housepainter man WPITUN <138> [Woapis E 457 MK] to dye, colour(ize) smth WPJAINS aj <25> [Wps drv] coloured WPS <32> [Woapis E 457] dye WRAI av [seniai, dawno MK] long ago WRAISIN Wrs aj cp acc sg uraisin 9324 WRAISINS Wraiai no acc pl m Uraisins 31 WRAISINS Wrs aj cp acc pl uraisins 97 WRAIAI Wrs aj cp nom pl, no <40> [Uraisins 31 drv] parents WRAMMANS Wrs dat pl m uremmans 1159 WRAN av [Wrs + old MK] ... years old WRAN <35> [Wrs + Gwan + Alter + vecums MK] age (of life) WRANS Wrs acc pl uranium 11512 WURAPRSISKAN <35> [Prsiskan + Wrs MK] Old Prussian language WRAS <26> DINAS <46> pl tantum [Wrs + Dein` MK] senility WRIKA <45> [Wriks drv] grannie WRIKISKAS aj <27> [Wriks drv] senile WRIKS <32> [Wrs drv, senelis, vectis MK] aged man WRISKAS aj <27> [Wrs drv] old WRISKU <49> [Wriskas drv] senility WRMIN aj n (av) [wormyan E 463] red WRMININ Urmis aj acc sg pnl urminan 119 WRMIS aj nom pl m <27> [Warmes Gr] red WURMTWEI <134> [Wrmis drv MK] to redden (grow red) WRMJAUTWEI <143> [Wrmis drv MK] to show red WRS aj <26> [Urs 63] old, ancient WZELITWEI <133> [wuseln DIA] to swarm (with)



X [x, ks] only in foreign names

Y [y, i] only in foreign names

ZABANGA <45> [Slango E 452] bit of a bridle ZAB~TUN <132> [Sbeclis E 539 VM] to hold up (restrain), restrain (hold up) ZABEKLIS <40> [Sbeclis E 539] spring of a lock ZABEKLIS <40> [Zabeklis + feather/spring MK] wheels spring ZAGGATA <45> [Sagatithen ON JG] magpie Z~GI <52> [sage MK] saw (sawing tool) ZAKS <32> [saika Gr] sack Z~LIN Z`lis acc s`lin 105 Z~LIS <40> [Soalis E 293] grass ZALLAWINGIS <27> [Zallis drv Nx] greenish ZALLAWS <32> [lapu, travien MK] May ZALLIN Zallis n (av) saligan E 468 ZALLIS aj <27> [saligan E 468] green Z~LS <32> [Saal MK] hall ZALWIJJA <45> [salv MK] sage ZAMBRUS gen zambras <32> [Wissambs ` E 649] bison Z~MUKENIKS <32> [Schlosser + Z`muks, atsldznieks / slusarz MK] locksmith, metalworker 251

Z~MUKS <32> [Somukis E 537] (pad)lock Z~NGAN <35> [Saugis E 791, Singslo E 337 MK] step Z~NGIS <41> [Saugis E 791] ant Z~NS <51> [Sansy E 719] goose ZAR~TI <52> [Sarote E 576] carps ZAR~TWEI <132> [Sarote E 576 VM MK] to glow (shine) ZARAWNGIS aj <27> [Zar`twei drv] glowing (radiating) Z~RDIS <40> [Sardis E 802] pen (enclosure) ZAR <51> [Sari E 43] live coals Z~RTUN <80> [Passortis E 334 VM] to poke up (rake) ZGERIS <40> [Sger DIA MK] watch ZIDENIKS <32> [Zistun drv] bricklayer ZIDS <36> [Seydis E 198] wall ZIM~ <46> [Semo E 15] winter ZEIM~DEIN~I <36> [Nordosten MK] northeast ZIM~I <36> [iemiai + ziemei MK] the North ZEIMANA [Deinana MK] North Star ZEIM~WAKAR~I <36> [Nordwesten MK] northwest ZIMIS <41> [Seamis E 257] winter crops ZIMISKAS <25> aj nom sg m [Zeim`i drv MK] north (northern), northern ZIPI <52> [Seife + ziepes MK] soap ZISN~ <45> [Zistun drv] building (housing) ZISTAJS <32> [Zistun drv] builder (building worker) ZISTAN <35> [Zistun + Gebude MK] building ZISTUN <77> [Seydis E 198 VM] to brick (build), build (brick) ZLTMENA <45> [Sealtmeno E 748] oriole ZEMASPDI <52> [Zemmai, Pdis, Funote MK] foot-note ZEM <53> [semm 10517, Samye E 237] earth, land (earth), soil ZEMMAI av [semmai 121] low, below, down(wards) ZEMMAI GL~UBTUN <75b> [unterstreichen MK] to underline (by writing) ZEMMAI LASTUN <77> [Lastun drv] to let smb, smth down (to draw down) ZEMMAN <35> [Zems drv] bottom (underside) ZEMMAWS aj [Zems + Garraws MK] bottom attr, lower ZEMMEI Zem dat semmey I 9 ZEMMIN Zem acc semmien 39, Samye E 237 ZEMMIS ~G~ <46> [strawberry + emuog + poziomka MK] strawberry 252

ZEMMIS DRIBBINSN~ <46> [earthquake MK] earthquake ZEMMIS KGIS <40> [Erdkugel MK] the globe ZEMS aj <26> [semmai 121 drv] low, base ZENTLAWINGIS aj <27> [Zentlin drv] significant ZENTLAWINGISKU <45> [Zentlawingis drv] significance ZENTLIN <35a> [ebsentliuns 109 VM] sign ZENTLISN~ <46> [Zentlitun drv] meaning ZENTLITUN <138> [ebsentliuns 109 drv] to sign (mark), mark out ZBRI <52> [Seabre E 570] vimba ZIDDUK~ <46> [Siduko E 353] filtering (straining) pot ZDI <52> [zde, ydas MK] veil ZIGN~I Zign`tun pt 3 signai 105 ZIGNAIS Zign`tun ip 2 sg Sign`ts 83 ZIGN~SN~ <46> [signassen 107] blessing ZIGN~SNAN Zignasn` acc signassen 107 ZIGN~TUN <132> [Sign`t 77] to bless ZIGZD~ <46> [Sixdo E 26] sand ZIGZDR <53> [Sixdre E 737] bunting (yellow bunting) ZILATTI <52> [Gilette MK] razor, shaver (razor) ZILBAUTUN <143> [Zilbi drv] to syllable ZILBI <52> [syllable MK] syllable ZIN~NI <52> [Zin`tun MK] science ZIN~NIKS <32> [Zin`ni drv] scientist ZIN~NISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Zin`ni drv] scientific ZIN~SN~ <46> [Zin`tun drv] acquaintance (being acquainted) ZIN~TENIS <40> [zin`ts (pc pt pa nom sg m) drv MK] acquaintance (a person) ZIN~TINTUN <85> [zin`ts (pc pt pa nom sg m) + Zin`tenis MK] to acquaint, ZIN~TINTUN SI [Zin`tintun drv] to get acquainted ZIN~TUN <142> [ersinnat 53 MK] to know (cognize) ZNGSL~ <46> [Singslo E 337] baking dough ZINGURIS <41> [Singuris E 734] goldfinch ZIRGS <36> [Sirgis E 430] riding stallion ZIRNI <52> [Syrne E 278] grain, grains, corn ZMI <64> [Smoy E 187] human being, person ZMNEI <64> [Zmi + mons MK] people 253

ZMNENAWINS nom sg m <32> [Smonenaws E 67] human (human being) ZMNENISKAN Zmneniskas acc smnenisku 9123 ZMNENISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [smnenisku 9123] human ZMNENISKU <49> [Zmneniskas drv] humanity ZMNENTIN Zmnents acc sg smunentin 10116 ZMNENTINAN Zmnentins acc pl smunentinan 10112 ZMNENTINANS Zmnentins acc pl smunentiuaus 9718 ZMNENTINS Zmnents acc pl smunentins 53 ZMNENTINS <32> [smunentinan 10112] human (human being) ZMNENTS <56> [smnents 6319] human (human being) ZMNEWINGIS aj <27> [Zmnis drv] venerable, famous ZMNIJA <45> [Zmi + Warnye ON + monija MK] mankind ZMNIN Zmi gen pl smni 9525 ZMNIN Zmnis acc smnin 31 ZMNINAIS Zmnintun ip 2 sg Smuninais 951 ZMNINTUN <85> [smunintwey II 5] to honour, glorify ZMNIS <40> [smnin 31] fame, esteem, respect, glory ZFA <45> [Sofa, zofa drv] coush, sofa ZNDI <52> [Sonde MK] sonde (probe), probe (sonde) ZNDISNA <45> [Znditun drv] sounding (probe) ZNDITUN <138> [Zndi drv] to sound (probe) ZUKKANS Zuks acc pl suckans 107 ZUKKAUNIKS <32> [Zukkautvei drv] fisherman, angler ZUKKAUSN~ <46> [Zukkautwei drv] fishery, fishing ZUKKAUTWEI <143> [Zuks drv] to fish ZUKS <32> [Suckis E 560] fish ZULD~TS <32> [Soldat MK] soldier ZUPPI <52> [soup MK] soup ZUPNI <52> [Supni 67] lady, missis ZRBRUKIS 1 <40> [Umschlag + Surturs E 326 MK] portfolio (file), envelope ZRBRUKIS 2 <40> [Zurbrukis Ma] file ZRGAUTWEI <143> (per acc) [surgaut 69] to take care (of) ZURGAWINGIS aj <27> [Zrgautwei drv] solicituous, careful (solicituous) ZRGI prp acc [surgi 101] about (by), round, around ZRGISKAI av [Zrgi drv MK] around (round and round) ZRGISKU <49> [Zrgi MK] environment, surroundings 254

ZRTURS <36> [Surturs E 326] casing of a mill-wheel ZUWIKIS <40> [Sweikis E 585] cod fish ZZI <52> [Suse DIA MK] cry-baby, whimperer ZWENGTWEI <75> [vengti + zviegt + dzwik MK] to neigh ZWIL <53> [Swibe E 736] finch ZWRINS Zwrs acc pl swrins 107 ZWRKSTAN n <35> [Swixtis E 350 VM] gravel ZWRKSTIS <40> [Swixtis E 350] jar (earthenware pot) ZWRS <57> [swrins 107] animal



ngliskai-prskas delks



abandon v PAWRPTUN <75b> [powirpt107] ABC-book BBELIS pl <52> [Fibel, pybels Chr.Donelaitis, Bibeln MK] able: to be able MAZTWEI <137> [muslai 121 drv], WARTUN <134> [epwarsnan 117 VM] abode no BUWENS <32> [bwis drv, buvein, buvinti + suwens, buwntwei MK] abode v BUWNTWEI <85> [buwinanti 93] abolish v AUSADNTUN <85> [Sadntun drv], NAIKNTUN <85> [Nktwei drv + naikinti + nicin`t, ncin`t MK] about EZZE prp acc [esse 353] about (by) ZRGI prp acc [surgi 101] above prp KRSA prp (av) acc [kirsa 8918 VM], av NZAI av [unsei 127] absentmindedness DWASSAUSNA <45> [Dwassautwei drv] absolutely ABZLUTS aj <25> [absolutely MK] absolution ETWRPSENIS <40> [etwerpsennian 45 drv] absorb v ABSRBITUN <138> [absorbieren MK], ENDTUN <120> [Dtun drv] abstinent AUL~IKINGIS aj <27> [Aul`ikings 87] absurd GEZIRISKAS aj <25> [Geziras drv] absurdly ABSURDS aj <25> [absurdus MK] abundance L~IMISKU <49> [L`imiskas drv] abundant L~IMISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [laimiskan 119], TLINS <25> [tlninai 131 VM] abuse EBKEKAN n <35> [epkieckan 55] abyss BEDUBNIS <40> [Dubnas drv + bedugn, bezdibenis] academy AKADEMJA <45> [academy MK] accelerate v DWINTUN <85> [Dws MK] accent AKCNTS <56> [accent MK] accept v ENMTUN <71> [enimt 117] acceptable ENIMMEWINGIS av <27> [enimmewingi 57] acceptably ENIMMEWINGI av [enimmewingi 57] access PREIISENIS <40> [Preiitwei + Zutritt MK] accessibility PREIIMINISKU <49> [Preiimins drv] 259

accessible PREIIMINS aj <25> [Preiitwei + enimumne 91 + poklausmanas 57 MK], to make accessible PREIIMININTUN <85> [preiimins drv Nx] accident (incident) PRIPALIS <40> [Senpaltwei, Zufall + priepuolis MK] accidental (contingent) PRIPALINGIS aj <27> [Pripalis drv], PREIPALSENISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Preipalsn` drv] accidentally PRIPALINGI av [Pripalingis drv] accommodation (coordination) SENWAI~SN~ <46> [Senwaiti`tun drv] accompany v PAG~R LSTUN <94> [begleiten MK] accomplice DR~UGS <36> [Dr`ugs aj MK] accordance: in accordance with Pa prp acc [po 99] account no REKKENS <32> [reckenausnan 89 MK] account v REKKENAUTWEI <143> [reckenausnan 89 MK] accounting REKKENAUSNA <45> [reckenausnan 89] accrete v (into one) SENAGTWEI <85> [Agtwei drv] accurate EBTIKEWNGIS aj <27> [Ebtiktun drv] accurately AKR~TS av [accr`ds DIA MK] accusative AKKUZATIWS <32> [accusative MK] accuse v WINTUN <113> [niwinton 43 drv], accuse of EBWINTUN <113> [(ni)ebwints 87] accused EBWINTASIS Ebwintun pc pt pa pnl <40> [(ni)ebwints 87 MK] accustom v JAUKNTUN <85> [iaukint 77], to get accustomed (to) JUKTWEI <89> (pri acc) [iaukint 77 + prijunkti MK] ache v GULTWEI <75a> [Gulsennin 105 VM] acknowledge v PAZIN~TUN <85> [posinnat 6521] acorn GILLI <52> [Gile E 591] acquaint v ZIN~TINTUN <85> [zin`ts (pc pt pa nom sg m) + Zin`tenis MK], to get acquainted ZIN~TINTUN SI <85> [Zin`tintun drv], become acquainted with ERZIN~TUN SI <142> [Erzin`tun MK] acquaintance (a person) ZIN~TENIS <40> [zin`ts ( pc pt pa nom sg m) drv MK] acquaintance (being acquainted) ZIN~SN~ <46> [Zin`tun drv] acquire v PELDTUN <134> [pelduns 43] acquirement AUGASN~ <46> [Augatun drv] acre (a measure) M~RGS <32> [Moargis E 239] 260

across KRSA prp (av) acc [kirsa 89 18 VM], to take smb across smth PRAWESTUN <73> [prawedduns 119 MK] (pra acc) across KIRS~I av [Krsa + skersai MK] act v SEGTUN <134> [seggt 87] act, action SEGSENIS <40> [Segtun drv] activate v AKTWITUN <138> [aktivieren MK] active AKTWS aj <25> [aktiv MK], to be active DLATWEI <131> [dlants 87 VM] activities DLASN~ <46> [Dlatwei drv], SEGSN~ <46> [segisna 79] activity AKTIWIT~TI <52> [activity MK] actor AKTRS <32> [aktorius, aktieris, actuator, actor MK] actress AKTRSI <52> [Aktrice MK] actualise v AKTUALIZTUN <138> [aktualisieren MK] acute (disease) AKTS <25> [akut, akts MK] add v PAPILNINTUN <85> [Pilns drv GlN], to add (to) PREID~TUN <118> (prei acc) [send`uns 109 + prijungti MK] addition PREID~SN~ <46> [Preid`tun drv], (replenishment) PAPILNINSNA <45> [Papilnintun drv] additional PAPILNIMINIS aj <25> [Papilnintun drv, Paklausminis MK] additional storey NABWIS <40> [Aufbau + virsbve + antstatas MK] address smb v ENWAI~TUN <132> [enwaitia 101], WARTNTUN SI <85> (prei acc) [wartinna sin 101] adherent ENKABTAJS <32> [Kabtwei + Anhnger MK] adieu SANDI ij [Sanday Gr] adjective ADJAKTWAN <35> [adjectivum MK] administer v PERWALDTUN <141> [Waldtun drv+ verwalten MK] administration PERWALDSN~ <46> [Perwaldtun drv] administrator PERWALDTAJS <32> [Perwaldtun drv] admiral ADMIR~LS <32> [Admiral MK] admiralty ADMIRALIT~TI <32> [Admiralitat MK] admissibility ENIMMEWINGISKU <49> [Enimmumnis + enimmewingi 57 MK] admissible ENIMMEWINGIS av <27> [enimmewingi 57] admit v to LASTUN <77> [polayde DK + Palastun MK] admonish v PASKULTUN <134a> [paskulton 87] adorn v GRAZZINTUN <85> [Grazzus drv] 261

adornment GRAZINTINNI <52> [Grazzus drv MK], neck string of silver circlets BRSELI <52> [Brezel DIA MK] adult ERAGUNS <68> [eragtwei drv + Erwachsene MK] advance v PRASKATTWEI <142> [Skattwei drv], in advance MPIRSIN av [Pirss + mpiri MK] advanced (in smth) MPIRSIN TREPPUNS <68> pc pt ac [fortgeschritten MK] advantage (superiority) WALNISKU <49> [Walniskas drv], (use) TRPA <45> [enterpon 17 VM] Advent ADWNTS <56> [Advent MK] adventure AWENTRI <52> [Aventure + adventure MK] adventurer AWENTRISTS <32> [Awentri MK] adverb ADWERBAN <35> [adverbum MK] advice R~DA <45> [roda JB MK] advise v R~DITWEI <138> [R`da drv], PAWAI~TWEI <132> [Wai`tun + patarti MK] adviser PAWAI~TAJS <32> [Pawai`twei drv], R~DS <32> [R`da + Rat MK] adze WEDDIG~ <46> [Wedigo E 531] aesthete ESTTS <32> [sthet MK] aesthetic ESTTISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [sthetisch MK] aesthetics ESTTIKI <52> [sthetik MK] affair: of affairs (a person) attr DLAWINGIS a <27> [Dlatwei drv] affect v, to affect and cause DLINTUN <85> [Dlinai 61 VM] aforetime PIRZDAU av [Pirzdau MK] afraid: to be afraid BIJ~TUN <142> [bi`twei 27] Africa AFRIKA <45> [Afrika MK] African AFRIKISKAS <25> [Afrika drv] African man AFRIKNS <32> [Afrika drv] African woman AFRIKNINI <50> [Afrikns drv] after Pa prp acc [po 83], (in accordance with) Pa prp acc [po 99], (behind) PAS prp acc [poskails MBS MK] aftermath AT~LS <32> [Attolis E 284] afterwards PANZDAU av [pansdau 69] again ETKMPS av [etkmps 55] against (contra) prp PRKI prp acc [prki 39] 262

against (in front) av EMPRKI av [emprki 8922], (contra) av PREKIN av [I 5 preiken] age (of life) WRAN <35> [Wrs + Gwan + Alter + vecums MK] age v SENTWEI <92> [senti, sens, seneo MK] aged man WRIKS <32> [Wrs drv, senelis, vectis MK] agile SKATTAWS aj <26> [Skattwei drv MK] agility DIWASP~RTISKU <49> [Dwasp`rts drv] agony STANGAS <46> [Stang` MK] agree about v SENWAI~TWEI <132> [Waiti`tun drv], agree with (to correspond to) one another SENK~LSTUN SI <136> [Kalstun + saskaot MK] agreement SENWAI~SN~ <46> [Senwaiti`tun drv], (treaty) SAWATIS <40> [Sawayte E 16 VM + Sanwai`twei MK], (grammatical) SENKALSSN~ <46> [Senkalstun si drv] ah AK ij [ak, ach MK] ail v tr WARGTUN <134> [warg 69] ailing ENW~RGULISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Enw`rgulis drv] aim KAKNSLI <52> [Kakntun MK] aim v KAKNSLINTWEI <52> (en acc) [Kaknsli + zielen MK] air WINS <36> [wins E 45] aircraft carrier AWIAPIDS <38> [Avia, Pstun MK] airplane WINALAWAN <35> [Wins + laiwan + orlaivis MK] airport SKR~ISTAUSTIN <37> [Flughafen MK] Aistians ASTEI <40> nom pl m [Aestiorum gentes] ajar ETKADS aj <25> [accodis E 214 VM], to come ajar ETKEDTWEI <136> [accodis E 214 + kedti VM MK] alarm-clock BAUDNTAJS <32> [baudntun drv] alien SWETTIS aj <27> [Swajs + sveias + sves + swat MK] align v tr IZLGINTUN <85> [Perlgintun MK] alive GWS <26> [gijwans 43 drv] all WISS pn <17> [wissa 7916], (the whole) WIS n subst [wissa 696] Allenstein (Olsztyn) ALN~STEINI <52> [Allenstein VM] allign (with) v i IZLGINTUN SI <85> (na acc) [Izlgintun MK] allot v PALKITUN <135> [polijcki 57 drv] allotment PALKISNA <45> [Palkitun drv] allowv D~TWEI <118> dat + if [d`twei 33, D`tun drv] 263

allure v WILTUN <126> [Prawiltun MK] ally (associate) DR~UGS <36> [Dr`ugs aj MK] almighty WISAMKIS aj nom sg m <27> [mukis II 9 wyssen], WISAMUZNGIS aj nom sg m <27> [Wissemusngis 117] almost ST av [DIA st MK] Alna river ALN~ <46> [Alna 1251 ON] alone av ANS av [(ni)ains 91] along NILGAN av, psp + gen [entlang + wzd\uz MK] alphabet ALFABTAN <35> [Alphabet MK] already J~U [iau 63] also DGI [dgi 6518] altar ALT~RI <52> [Altari 73], altar for immolation UPERENS <32> [Upperan + Suwens MK] alternative ALTERNATWS <25> [alternativ MK] although IK~I [ikai 55] altitude AKTINI <52> [Aktan drv MK] altitude attr AUKTUMS aj <25> [Aucktimmien 91 VM] alumina L~IS~ <46> [Layso E 27] always ANAT av [Ainat 121], WISADDAN av [kadan I 13 VM] amaze v AUSTABBINTUN <85> [Austebtwei drv], to be amazed AUSTEBTWEI <89> [Stebtwei drv] amazing ~USTABAWINGIS aj <27> [~ustaban drv] amber GLSIS <40> [glaesum DK] amber amulet GNTARS <36> [gentar DK] ambiguity DWIPRESLISKAN <35> [Dwipresliskas drv] ambiguous DWIPRESLISKAS <25> aj [Presl + zweideutig, dviprasmis MK] ambler WINENKS <32> [Wilenikis E 439] America AMRIKA <45> [America MK] American AMRIKANISKAS aj <25> [American MK] American Indian INDI~NISKAS <25> [Indi`nis drv] American Indian man INDI~NIS <40> [Indianer MK] American Indian woman INDI~NINI <50> [Indi`nis drv] American man AMRIKANS <32> [American MK] American woman AMRIKANINI <50> [Amrikans drv] amiably (with love) MLIN Mls av (aj n) [mijlan 27] amid SIRZDAU prp acc [sirsdau 49] 264

among SIRZDAU prp acc [sirsdau 49] amount KELLISKU <49> [Kelli drv MK] amulet: amber amulet GNTARS <36> [gentar DK] amuse v WESSELINTUN <85> [Wessels drv], to amuse oneself WESSELINTUN SI <85> [Wesselintun drv] amusement ENWESSELINSNA <45> [Enwesselintun drv] amusing attr ENWESSELINSNAS aj gen attr [Enwesselinsna gen] ancestor PIRZDAUNKS <32> [przod(ek, Crixt)nix MK] anchor ~NKERIS <40> [anchor MK] anchorage ST~TAWA <45> [St`twei drv MK] anchoret IZSKSENIKS <32> [Izsktwei drv MK] ancient PRAWRS aj <26> [Prosenov + Wrs MK], WRS aj <26> [Urs 63] and BE [bhe 1713], cp + and + cp ANAT [Anat + immer MK] angel NGELS <32> [Engels 79] anger NRTI <50> [nierties 115 drv] Angerapp WANGRAPPI <52> [Wangrapia ON] angle W~NSS <36> [vas, vkaras MK] angler ZUKKAUNIKS <32> [Zukkautvei drv] angry NRTINGIS aj <27> [Nrti drv + nirtingas MK], to be angry NRSTWEI <76> [ernertimai 31 MK], to become angry ERNRSTWEI <76> [ernertimai 31 MK] anguish STNSENIS <40> [Stinsennien 43] animal ZWRS <57> [swrins 107], (beast) ALNI <52> [Alne E 647], animals name PRABILSENIS <40> [Prabiltun drv], WAKLIKI <52> [Waktun drv GlN] animate v ENNASELINTUN <85> [Naselis + dvasinti MK] ankle-bone KLNS f <60> [Kulnis E 143] annex (to) v PREID~TUN <118> (prei acc) [send`uns 109 + prijungti MK] annihilate v PERNAIKNTUN <85> [Naikntun drv + perbillton 55 + vernichten MK] announce v PAGRDAUTUN <143> [pogerdawie 87 drv], PAWAKTUN <134> [Powacksna 99 drv] annoy v ERNERTTUN <139> [ernertimai 31 drv], NRWITUN <138> [Nrws MK] another KITS <18> [kittan 55] 265

answer v ETR~TWEI <132> [attr`twei 125] ant Z~NGIS <41> [Saugis E 791] antagonism EMPRKISTALSN~ <46> [emprijki stallsnan 117 drv] Antarctica ANTARKTIS <58> [Antarktis MK] antiquity PRAWRISKU <49> [Wriskas drv] anvil PRIKALS <32> [Preitalis E 517] any AINUNTS pn <19> [ainonts 99], WISS pn <17> [wissa 7916] anybody AINUNTS pn <19> [ainonts 99] anything (something) DEKTAN n <35> [deickton 99] apart: to take apart IZDTUN <121> [Sendtun MK] ape APKIS <40> [Apke DIA MK] apokalypse APKALIPSI <52> [Apokalypse MK] apologize v ETWINTUN SI <113> [Etwintun drv GlN] apoplexy APPLAKSI <52> [Apoplexie MK] appeal no ENWAKSENIS <40> [enwack 85 MK] appeal v to WARTNTUN SI <85> (prei acc) [wartinna sin 101] appear v TIKTWEI <89> [Teks 67, tickint 69 MK], PERWAIDNTUN SI <85> [perwaidinsnans 69 VM] appearance PRUSNA <45> [prusnas 10523], WDS <36> [ainawdai 65 VM MK] appearing no TIKSN~ <46> [Tiktwei drv] appelative PABILSN~ <46> [Pabiltun drv] append (to) v PREID~TUN <118> (prei acc) [send`uns 109 + prijungti MK] appendix PRID~ <46> [Preid`tun + Sando E 200 MK] apple ~BLI <52> [Woble E 616] apple tree ~BALNI <52> [Wobalne E 615] appoint v ERBILTUN <134a> (acc per acc) [ernennen + pabiltun] appreciate v PAWRTINTUN <85> [Wrts + bewerten MK] approach no (attitude) DIRSENIS <40> [dirtwei drv MK] approach v PREIITWEI <116> [itwei drv], TAWINTUN SI <85> [Tawintun drv] appropriate (typical) SWAJNGIS aj <25> [Swajs drv MK] April APRLS <32> [April MK], SAKKIS <40> [sulos, sulu MK] Arabia AR~BIJA <45> [Arabien MK] Arabian AR~BISKAS <25> [ar`bs drv] Arabic AR~BISKAN <35> [ar`bs drv] 266

Arab man AR~BS <25> [Arab MK] Arab woman AR~BINI <50> [Ar`bs drv MK] Aral asp RAPPIS <40> [Rapis E 563] arbitrary EBWRPS <25> [Pawrps drv MK] arbour LAPENS <32> [Lappan + palapin MK] arc DANG~ <46> [dongo E 403] archaeological ARCHEOLGISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [archologisch MK] archaeologist ARCHEOLGS <32> [Archaeolog MK] archaeology ARCHEOLGIJA <45> [archaeology MK] architect ARCHITEKTS <32> [architect MK] architectonic ARCHITEKTRISKAS aj <25> [Architektkri drv] architectural ARCHITEKTRISKAS aj <25> [Architektkri drv] architecture ARCHITEKTRI <52> [architecture MK] archives ARCHWAN <35> [archivum MK] Arctic: the Arctic ARKTIS <58> [Arktis MK] area SKRITS nom sg f <60> [Scritayle + sritis MK] area (dimensions) PLATTISKU <49> [Plattus drv], (territory) ARE~LIN <35a> [Areal MK] arise (appear) v TIKTWEI <89> [Teks 67, tickint 69 MK] aristocracy AUKTAIRIKSKU <49> [Aucktairikijskan 53] arithmetic ARITMTIKI <52> [arithmetic MK] arithmetical ARITMTISKAS aj <25> [Aritmtiki drv] ark ~RKA <45> [Arcan 121] arm IRMA <45> [Irmo E 109], lower arm ~LTS f <58> [Woltis E 112], (weapon) NRANKIS <40> [ierocis + rankis MK] armament BRUNNES nom pl f <50> [Brunyos E 419 + bruojums MK] armchair KRSLIN n <35> [Creslan E 217] armour (suit of armour) SARWAS nom sg m <36> [Sarwis E 418], BRUNNES nom pl f <50> [Brunyos E 419] arms of the carts pole SL~UNI <52> [Slaune E 300] army KARRIS <41> [Kragis E 410] around ZRGI prp acc [surgi 101], (round and round) ZRGISKAI av [Zrgi drv MK] arrange v ENTEIK~TUN <132> [Enteikton 89 drv], TEIK~TUN <132> [teiksnan 17 MK], (in the court) LGINTUN <85> [leygenton II 9] arranged (regulated) ENTEIK~TAN Enteik`tun pc n <69> [Enteikton 89] 267

arrangement TEIK~SN~ <46> [teiksnan 17], DLAGA <45> [Dlatwei + Karyago E 411 GlN] arrest v ARESTTUN <139> [Arests + civilize + Ciwiliztun, Kriksttun MK] arrival (by air) PERSKR~ISENIS <40> [Perskr`istwei drv], (of / by bus, train or riding ahorse) PERJ~SENIS <40> [Perj`twei drv] arrive v PERJ~TWEI <119> [perioth MBS], (by air) PERSKR~ISTWEI <87> [Skr`istwei drv] arriving by air PERSKR~ISN~ <46> [Perskr`istwei drv] arrow STRLA <45> [strl + strle + strza\a MK] art KUNSTA <45> [Kunst, JB MK] article ARTKELS <32> [Artikel, artyku\ MK] artificial KUNSTISKAS aj <25> [Kunsta drv] artillery ARTILARJA <45> [Artillerie MK] artilleryman KANNENIKS <32> [Kanonier MK] artist KUNSTENIKS <32> [Kunsta drv] arts: of arts attr HUMANIT~RS aj <25> [humanitr MK] as (during; if) KADDAN [kadan I 13], (during) K~I [kai 496], (like as) K~IGI [k`igi 17], ..., as (well as) K~IGI, TT DGI [k`gi Endangon tijt digi nosemien 51], as if IK~IGI [ikai 55 + niqueigi 107 + as if MK], as long as IKKAI [ickai 99], as well as TT DGI [tt 516] ascertain v ENDRWINTUN SI <85> [Endrwintun drv], ENSADNTUN <85> [ensaddinnons 119 drv, ensadints 101 drv] ash PELANNI <52> [Pelanne E 37] ashame: to be ashamed GDINTUN SI <85> [Gdintun drv] ashen PELKS aj <36> [Pelkis E 475 VM] ashes pit GAR~ <46> [Goro E 42] ash-tree ~SIS m <56> [Woasis E 627] ashy PELKS aj <36> [Pelkis E 475 VM] ask MADLI [madli 117 MK] ask (to inquire) v PRASTUN <139> [prayti + prast + prosic MK] ask (to request) v MADLTUN <140> [madliton 1174] asleep: to fall asleep ENM IGTWEI <125> [enmigguns 81 drv], IZMIGTWEI <136> [ismig 101 drv] asocial ANTIPERNEWINGIS aj <27> [Per?newingis drv] asp APSI <52> [Abse E 606] aspect ASPECT <32> [Aspekt MK] 268

assault NPALIS <40> [Au-paltwei + Angriff, napa s c MK], (storm) TRMUS <32> [Sturm MK] assemble v i SENRNKTUN SI <85> [Senrnktun drv] assemle v tr SENRNKTUN <85> [senrnka 45], (to put together) [MK] SENDTUN <121> [senditans 8319] assent v (to) PREITARTWEI <136> ((dat prei acc) [zustimmen + tartun + pritarti MK] asset AKTWAN <35> [Aktiv MK] assignment END~SNA <45> [End`tun drv] assistance PAGALBA <45> [pogalban 101 drv], collective working assistance T~LK~ <46> [Tuoka, Talko DIA MK] assistant (helper) PAGALBA <47> [pogalban 101 drv], (collective helper) TALKINKS <32> [Tallokinikis E 408] associate no DR~UGS <36> [Dr`ugs aj MK] associate v SITUN, SITWEI <108> [Lingasaitan E 446, sieti, s^et], SENDR~UGINTUN <85> [Sendr`ugi drv MK], to associate (with smb.) DR~UGAUTWEI (sen acc) <143> [Dr`ugs drv] association PERNISKU no nom sg f <49> [Pernisku drv], association of countrymen TAUT~SPIRA <45> [Landsmannschaft MK] assume v ENMTUN <71> [enimt 117] astonishment ~USTABAN <35> [Austebtwei + nuostaba MK] astray (diverted) ENWARTINNEWINGI av [enwertinnewingi 37] asylant (man) PERW~NDRAWENIKS <32> [W`ndrautwei drv], (woman) PERW~NDRAWENIKI <52> [Perw`ndraweniks drv] asymmetric ASIMETRISKAS <25> [asymmetrisch MK] asymmetry ASIMETRJA <45> [Asymmetrie MK] at PRI prp acc [prei 45] atheism NIDIWISKU <49> [nideiwiskan 29 drv] atlas ATL~NTS <56> [Atlas/ant, atlants MK] Atlant ATL~NTS <56> [Atlas/ant, atlants MK] at last NWANGAN av [enwangan 55], ENWANGISKAN av [enw`ngiskan 133] attach (to) v PREID~TUN <118> (prei acc) [send`uns 109 + prijungti MK] attack ATAKKI <52> [Attacke MK], NPALIS <40> [Au-paltwei + Angriff, napasc MK] attempt BAND~SN~ <46> [perband`snan 55 MK] 269

attempt v STENGTUN SI <75> [Stengtun drv] attention NDA <45> [dmesys + uz-manba, Auf-merksamkeit MK] attentive NDEWINGIS aj <27> [Nda drv] attentively NDEWINGI av [Nda drv] attitude (towards) DIRSENIS <40> [dirtwei drv MK] attraction TENSSN~ <46> [tenstun drv] attribute ATTRIBUTAN <35> [attributum MK] attune v SENK~LSTUN <136> [Kalstun + saskanot MK] audit REWIZINI <52> [Revision MK] auditor REWIDTAJS <32> [Rewidtun drv] August AUGUST <32> [August MK], DAGGIS <40> [vasaros, Cvetjot moj avgust, Osenj ne prila MK] aunt MSA <45> [Moazo E 178] aurochs T~URS <36> [Tauris E 649] Australia AUSTR~LIJA <45> [Australien MK] Australian AUSTR~LISKAS <25> [Austr`lija drv] Australian man AUSTRALNS <32> [Austr`lija drv] Australian woman AUSTRALNINI <50> [Australns drv] Austria ~USTRARKI <52> [sterreich MK] Austrian ~USTRARKISKAS <25> [~ustrarki drv] Austrian woman ~USTRARIKNINI <50> [~ustrarkins drv] authentic IZARWISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [isarwiskas 43] authentically IZARWISKAI av [isarwiskai 133] authenticity ARWISKU <49> [Arwis drv] author AUTRS <32> [author MK] authors attr AUTRISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Aut?rs drv] authoress AUTRINI <50> [Aut?rs drv] authorities RIKASN~ <46> [rickasnan 53] authority AUKTIMMISKU <49> [aucktimmisk 89] authorship AUTRISKU <49> [Aut?riskas drv] automobile AUTOMBILIN <35a> [Automobil MK] Autrimp (deity of seas) AUTRMPUS <32> [Autrympus VT VM] autumn ASSANS nom sg f <58> [Assanis E 14] avenger TRINTAWS <32> [Trintawinni 89 drv] avengeress TRINTAWINI nom sg f <52> [Trintawinni 89] aviation AWIACINI <52> [aviation MK] 270

avoid v AUL~NKTUN <75> [L`nktun drv] awake smb v BAUDNTUN <85> [etbaudinnons 45 drv], ETBAUDNTUN <85> [etbaudinnons 45 drv] awake: to be awake v BUDTWEI <134> [bud 89 VM] awakening ETBAUDNSNA <45> [Etbaudntun drv] award with presents v EBDAJ~TUN <132> [Daj` MK] aware: to be aware WASTUN <122> [waist 73] away PRIPAUS av [preipaus 71], WINNAI av [winna 63] awl LA <45> [ylo E 510] axe BLI <52> [bile E 533] axiom AKSIMAN <35> [Axiom MK] axle ASS nom sg f <60> [Assis E 298]

baby MALNKIKS <32> [malnijkiks 11521], DADANIS <40> [daddan, dastun + zdainis MK] back av ETW~RTAI [wartint 35 MK] back no RKISNA <45> [Rikisnan E 107 VM], back of the head PRGALWIS <40> [Pergalwis E 78] background RKISNASGRUNTS <32> [Hintergrund MK] backrest ETKMPIS <40> [Etkmps MK] backward aj ATPENTISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Atpenti MK], ETWARTEWNGIS aj <27> [wartint 35 MK] backward(s) av ATPENTI [atpent + Pentis E 147 MK] backyard PADWARRIS <40> [Dwarris + dvaras + podworze MK] bad W~RGS aj <26> [wargs 79] badger ~BZDUS <42> [Wobsdus E 670] badly W~RGAI av [wargu 69] bag (portfolio) MAPPI <52> [Mappe MK] bake KEPTUN <71> [kepti + cept + piec MK] bake-house UMNUDI <52> [Umnode E 330] baker f PEKRI <52> [Pekri drv] 271

baker m PEKRIS <40> [Peccore E 329 + Tukris MK] baking dough ZNGSL~ <46> [Singslo E 337] baking-oven UMNAS nom sg m <36> [VumpsE 331] bald PLIKS aj <25> [Plicka Bartha DK] ball of a toe SPERTLIN n <35> [Spertlan E 150] Balt (Aistian) BALTS <32> [Balte MK] Baltic BALTISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Baltic MK] Baltic harp K~NKLIS <52> pl f [kankls, kokles, kantele MK] Baltic Prussia (Prussia without Brandenburg and Pommerania) PRSA <45> [pruzza, Prusa DK VM] Baltic Prussian aj PRSISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Prsiskan 17] Baltic Prussian features PRSIBI <52> [Prss drv] Baltic Prussian man PRSS <32> [Prsiskan 17 VM] Baltic Prussian woman PRSINI <50> [Prss drv] Baltics BALTIJA <45> [Baltija MK] bang! ij KLAPS ij [Klops DIA MK], SPRAKST! ij [Spr`gtwei drv + spragt! sprak! MK] bang no GRUMSN~ <46> [Grumtwei drv] banish v IZGNTUN <71> [Gntun drv] bank (financial) B~NKI <52> [Bank MK], (waterside) KR~NTS <36> [krantas + Kranz MK] banker B~NKENIKS <32> [B`nki drv] banns PAWAKSN~ <46> [Powacksna 99] banquet MAWS <33> [Schmaus MK] baptism KRIKSTSENIS <40> [Crixtissennien 131 drv] Baptist Confession BAPTISMUS <32> [Baptismus] baptize v KRIKSTTUN <139> [Crixtitwi 111] baptizer KR IKSTENIKS <32> [Crixtnix 111] baptizing KRIKSTSN~ <46> [Crixtisn` 61 21 ], baptizing book KRIKSTISN~LAISKAS nom sg m <32> [Crixtisn`laiskas 17] barber PRIZRIS <40> [Friseur + frizieris + fryzjer MK] barber-surgeon STUBENKS <32> [Stubonikis E 550] barefoot BASS, gen bassas <26> [basas, bass, bosy MK] bargain (chaffer) (for) v KNINTUNSI <85> (paggan psp gen) [Knintun MK] bark no (cortex) SAKSTIS nom sg f <60> [Saxtis E 643] 272

bark v L~TWEI <119> [loti + l`t + \ajac MK] barley M~IZIS <40> [moasis E 261] barn KALLANI <52> [Calene E 231], (crops barn) JAJA <45> [Jauge DIA MK] barrel (cask) KANNAWI <52> [Kanowe E 397] barrier (enclosure) KRT~ <46> [Korto E 698] barrow (ancient grave hill) KAPURNA <45> [Caporne ON VM] Bartha BARTA <45> [Bartha DK] Barthian man BARTS <32> [Barten DK] Barthian woman BARTINI <50> [beard drv] base aj ZEMS aj <26> [semmai 121 drv] base no GRUNTS <32> [gruntan 111 drv], resting base (flat) of the foots sole PLASMENA <45> [Plasmeno E 148] basin (dish) MINS~WI <52> [Mynsowe E 364], (a copper dish) MEDINTI <52> [Medinice E 357] basket KREPI <52> [Krepsche DIA MK], LIKI <52> [Lischke DIA MK] bast LUNKAN n <35> [Lunkan E 644] bast-shoe PARISKA <45> [Parisa + Parske DIA MK] bath (bathing) no SPAKT~ <46> [spagtas 1194], SPGSN~ <46> [Spigsn` 632], SPKT <53> [Specte E 555] bath v by whipping with a brushwood TWAKTUN <85> [Twaxtan E 553 VM] bathroom SPAKT~STUBA <45> [bathroom MK] baths, bathhouse PRTS <58> [Pirt DIA MK] bath-towel KEKKULS <36> [Kekulis E 495] battering-ram TRMAWIS <40> [Sturmbock MK] battleship LNIJAS KRICERIS <32> [Linienschiff MK] Bavaria B~IRA <45> [Bavaria MK] bay MARRI nom sg f <50> [Mary E 65], (oxbow lake) TENI <52> [Allenstein ON + tien VM] be v BTWEI <115> [bot 41], to be to PRAWERTWEI <134> [prewersnan 53 VM] beagle SKALANKS <32> [Scalenix E 702] beak SNAPS <36> [snapas, snaps MK] beam (joist) SAND~ <46> [Sando E 200] beam (ray) STRLA <45> [Strla + Strahl + str`la MK], SW~IKSTASTRLA <45> [Strla + jet + str`la MK] 273

beam no: cross-beam over axle of a cart KALPUS, gen kalpas <32> [Kalpus E 302] beam v LAUKSTTWEI <134> [Lochstete ON VM] bean (nob, napper) DWASSILI <52> [DIA Dasel MK] bean(s) BABBA <45> [Babo E 263] bear no KL~KIS <41> [Clokis E 655] bear v: to be born GMTWEI <97> [gimton 105] beard B~RD~ <46> [Bordus E 101 VM] beast ALNI <52> [Alne E 647] beat v DLBTUN <75b> [Dalptan E 536 VM], in PRAKRSTUN <86> [Krstun drv, prakirsti], out (incuse) KALTUN <85> [kalte Gr] beater for whisking dust K~NUKS <32> [Kantschuck DIA MK] beautiful GRAZZUS aj <31> [Grasuthe OPN VM] beauty (a beautiful woman) GRAZLI <52> [Grazlis drv] beaver BEBRUS <42> [Bebrus E 668] because BEGGI [beggi 555], because of PAGGAN psp [paggan 313] become v PAST~TWEI <110> [post`twei 63], WRSTWEI <114> [wrst 17] bed LAZT~ <46> [Lasto E 209, 492] bed-sheet PL~STI <52> [Ploaste E 491] bee BITTI <52> [Bitte E 787] beech BUKS <32> [Bucus E 592], beech acorn BUKKAREISS <32> [Buccareisis E 593] beef WERANA <45> [Wrsis + veriena, cielcina MK] beer PWS <32> [Piwis E 383], (watery) SKNKIS <40> [Scinkis E 388] beet BRKI <52> [Brke DIA MK], RNKELI <32> [Runkel MK] beetle GRAMBLI <52> [Gramboale E 781] before PIRZDAU prp acc [pirsdau 63] beforehand MPIRSIN av [Pirss + mpiri MK] begin v PAGATUN <111> [pogat 53] beginner NAUNNGIS m <40> [naunngs 87] beginning PAGASENIS <40> [Pagatun drv MK], at the beginning PRI PAGASENIN [zu Anfang MK] behave v LAIK~TUN SI <142> [laikytis, uzturties, trzymac si MK] behaviour LAIK~SENIS <40> [Laik`tun si drv] behind PR prp acc [Perlauken ON], (after) PAS prp acc [poskails MBS MK], av RKISNAI av gen [Rkisna drv MK], from behind EZZE 274

RKISNAI av [Rkisna drv MK], behind (smbs) back PERPETTAS av [perpettas 35] behold STWI pcl [Stwi 111] being BTISKU <49> [Btwei drv MK] Belarus KRIWA <45> [Kriwis drv] believe v DRUWTWEI (en acc) <134> [druwt 45] believer DRUWNGIS <27> [Druwngin 119 drv] belittle LKUTINTUN <85> [Lkuts drv], to belittle oneself SITENIKAUTWEI <143> [Siteniks drv] bell (toller) KALSAN <35> [Kals`twei drv + zwans, dzwon MK] bellows M~ISS <36> [moasis E 516] belly WDERS <36> [Weders E 122], a thick belly DRASTUS <43> [Drastus E 130] belong (to) v PERL~NKTWEI <75> (prei acc) [perl`nkei 53] belonging (to) no PERL~NKSN~ <46> (prei acc) [Perl`nktwei drv], (property) PERNISKU nom sg f <49> [perniskan 45] beloved MLS aj <25> [mijls 49] below ZEMMAI av [semmai 121] belt SAWINZLI <52> [Saninsle E 485] bench S~ST~ <46> [Sosto E 218], carpenters bench W~RTATS <32> [warsztat, varstotas, varstats < Werkstatt MK] bend v tr L~NKTUN <75> [perl`nkei 53 VM], bend out DNGTUN <75> [dangus E 3 VM]; v i to bend i LNKTWEI <92> [perl`nkei 53 MK] bend v i rectangular KLMBTWEI <85> [klmpis VM] benediction EBZIGN~SN~ <46> [ebsign`snan 119 drv] beneficence LABASEGSN~ <46> [labbasegsnan 85 drv] beneficial BREWNGIS aj <27> [brewingi 35 MK] beneficially (to) BREWNGI av [brewingi 35] benevolence (benevolent inclination) LABAPADNGAUSNA <45> [labbapodingausnan 83 drv] benevolent LABADNGEWIS <25> [Dngewis, Labapadngausna MK] Berlin BERLNS <32> [Berlin MK] berry ~G~ <46> [uoga + oga + jagoda MK] beside (near) PRI prp acc [prei 45] beside(s) prp PAG~R prp acc [pag`r 27] besides av PRI KITAN [GlN] 275

besom KLAKST~ <46> [Klexto E 333] betray v PRAWILTUN <126> [prowela (din) I 13], PERKLANTTUN <136> [perklantemmai 35] betrayal PRAWILSN~ <46> [Prawiltun drv] betroth v PERLBITUN <138> [Perlba drv] betrothal PERLBA <45> [Salba + Ver-lob- MK] better WALNS aj cp Labs <25> [walnennien 35 MK], av praedic WALNAN [Walns drv], to get better KAILSTINTWEI <85> [Kailsts drv Nx] between SIRZDAU prp acc [sirsdau 49] beverage PWIS <40> [pois 75] beware v SERGTUN SI <134> [Sergtun drv + saugotis MK] Bible BBELI <52> [Bibel MK] bibliographer (man) BIBLIGRAFS <32> [Bibliograph MK], (woman) BIBLIGRAFINI <50> [Bibli?grafs drv] bibliography BIBLIGRAFIJA <45> [Bibliographie MK] bicycle WELSIPDS <32> [Plicipds DIA MK] big DEBKS aj <25> [debkan 75] bigger MISESS aj cp Debks <25> [muisieson 69] bilateral ABIPUSSIS aj <27> [Abipussis drv] billet (firewood) LUKS m <57> [Luckis E 640] billeting ST~SENIS <40> [St`twei drv MK] billion MILI~RDI crd <52> [Milliarde MK] billionaire MILI~RDARS <32> [Milliardr + Milinars MK] billionth MILI~RDINS ord <25> [Mili`rdi drv] billow v BANGATWEI <144> [Bang` drv] binary DWIGUBS aj <25> [dwigubbus 87] bind S~ITAN n <35> [Lingasaitan E 446 drv] bind v SITUN, SITWEI <108> [Lingasaitan E 446, Si eti, sNet], RISTUN <102> [senrists 59], (connect) v SENRISTUN <102> [senrists 59] binding strap TARKINI <52> [Tarkue E 449] binoculars, field-glasses DW~IGLASA <45> [Doppelglas MK] biologic BIOLGISKAS <25> [biologisch MK] biologist BIOLGS <32> [Biologe MK] biology BIOLGIJA <45> [Biologie MK] birch BERZI <52> [Berse E 600], shrubby birch (Betula nana) KRBERZI <52> [Kerberse E 614] 276

birch (switch) RSTI <52> [Riste E 639] bird PIPPELIS <40> [Pepelis E 706], (small bird) PIPPELKA dm <45> [Pipelko Gr] bird-cherry SM~RDI <52> [Smorde E 612] birth GMSENIS <40> [gimsenin 63 drv] bisector (of an angle) PUSSILUNKINNI <52> [Puss + Lunks MK] bishop BSKUPS <32> [Bskops 87] bison ZAMBRUS, gen zambras <32> [Wissambs ` E 649] bit of a bridle KAMMANAS <45> [kampnit Gr VM], ZABANGA <45> [Slango E 452] bit: a bit av BISKIN [bichen + bik + bisk MK] bite (of teeth) no ENKANSENIS <40> [Kanstun drv, kandimas] bite v KANSTUN <87> [ksti + ksac MK], (deep) ENKANSTUN <87> [Kanstun MK], (repeatedly) KAND~TUN <132> [Kanstun + kandioti MK], (all over, everything around) EBKAND~TUN <132> [Kanstun + apkandioti MK], off v AUKANSTUN <87> [Kanstun MK], ones tongue, to have a bite (snack) PREIKANSTUN <87> [Kanstun MK] bitter K~RTS aj <26> [k`rtai 93 drv] black KRSNAS aj nom sg m <26> [Kirsnan E 460], to show i black KRSNAUTWEI <143> [Krsnas drv MK] black grouse TATTARWAS nom sg m <36> [Tatarwis E 767] black woodpecker KRAKT~ <46> [Kracto E 744] blackbird SS <53> [Seese E 729] blackguard v KEKTWEI <85> [epkieckan 55 MK] blackish KIRSNAWNGIS <27> [Krsnas drv] blacksmith UTRIS <41> [Wutris E 513] bladder DUMSL <53> [Dumsle E 134] blank form FRMULARAN <35> [Formular MK] blanket (coverlet) L~ZI <45> [Loase E 493] blast v SPRAGNTUN <85> [Spr`gtwei drv] blear v EBM IGLINTUN <85> [Migl` drv MK] bleat v BRGTWEI <85> [Wosebirgo ON VM] bleating BRGAN <35> [Wosebirgo ON VM] bleb DUMSL <53> [Dumsle E 134] bleeder KRAUJ~WIRPS <32> [Crauyawirps E 551] 277

bless v ZIGN~TUN <132> [Sign`t 77], (entirely) EBZIGN~TUN <132> [ebsgn`(dins) 113 drv] blessed DEIWTS aj <25> [Deiwuts 61], EBZIGN~TS Ebzign`tun pc pt pa nom sg <69> [ebsign`ts 105], to make blessed EBDEIWTINTUN <85> [epdeiwtint 119] blessedness DEIWTISKU <49> [Deiwutiskai 75, Deiwtisku 75] blessing EBZIGN~SN~ <46> [ebsign`snan 119 drv], ZIGN~SN~ <46> [signassen 107] blind aj SP~NGS aj <26> [spangas + Sp`nksti MK] blind v SP~NGINTUN <85> [Sp`ngs drv] blink v MIRKINTWEI <85> [mirkioti, mirkin`t, mrugac MK] bliss DEIWTISKU <49> [Deiwutiskai 75, Deiwtisku 75] blissful DEIWTISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Deiwtiskan 41 drv] blissfully DIWTAI [deiwtai 115], DEIWTISKAI [Deiwutskai 99] blistered GABBAWS aj <25> [Gabawo E 779 VM] block-hive no KALTAN <35> [Caltestisklok ` E 656 VM] block-hive attr (e.g. bear) KALTISKIS aj <28> [Caltestis (klok `) E 656] blood KR~UJ~ <46> [Crauyo E 160] bloodthirsty KRAUJAKWAITNGIS <27> [Krauj`, Kw`its drv] bloody aj KRUWWINS <25> [Krauj` drv + Dein`, Dinins, kruvinas MK] bloody v ENKRUWWINTUN <85> [Krauj` + kruvinti MK] blot MLINAN <35> [mlinan 103] blow (strike) no KRTIS <40> [Kirtis E 163] blow v tr off v tr AUPSTUN <76> [Pstun drv], out v tr AUDUMTUN <82> [Dumtwei drv], up SPRAGNTUN <85> [Spr`gtwei drv], up (exaggerate) IZDUMTUN <82> [Dumtwei drv], v i to blow DUMTWEI <82> [Dumsle E 134, dumti VM], up v i PABELZTWEI <71> [Pobalso E 489 VM], blow ones nose SN~KSTWEI <87> [Snoxtis E 88 VM] blow v i (to flower) KWEIT~TWEI <132> [Kwistwei drv], (to come into bloom) KWISTWEI <100> [kvitt + kvietys + kwisc MK] blue (dark-blue) TIMRAIGALMBS aj <25> [dunkelblau MK] bluish GALMBAWINGIS <27> [Galmbs drv] blunt KAMS av <26> [Camstian E 678 VM] boar KILIS <40> [Tuylis E 683], wild boar PAUSTAKILIS <40> [Paustak`ikan drv + Wildschwein, meakuilis] 278

board (of a ceiling) LUB~ <46> [Lubbo E 206], (tablet) TAPPALI <52> [Tapali 85], (committee) KLAGIJAN <35> [Kollegium MK] boat ~LD <51> [aldija, aldyti, \odz MK], boat gouged out of a log PERGS <32> [pergas, prog MK] boatswain BCMANS <32> [Bootsmann MK] bodily aj KRMENISKAS nom sg m <25> [krmeneniskan 77 drv], KRMENENISKAS nom sg m <25> [krmeneniskan 77 drv] bodily av KRMENENISKAN (aj n) [krmeneniskan 77] bodily harm KLMBINSENIS <40> [Klmbintun drv] body KRMENS <61> [krmens 73], (meat) MNSA nom sg f <45> [mens` 10119], (trunk) ST~MENS <61> [stuomuo, st`vs MK] boiler (kettle) KATTILS <36> [Catils E 355] bold DRSUS aj <31> [Dirsos Gr], to make bold to DRSINTUN SI <85> [drsintun drv] boletus, edible boletus STABASKRIMMA <45> [Steinpilz + cietene MK] bolt (pintle) WRBIN <37> [Enwrbtun MK] bolter (sieve) SATAN n <35> [baytan E 346] bomb BUMBI <52> [bomb MK] bomb attack BUMBARDSN~ <46> [Bumbardtun drv] bombard v BUMBARDTUN <139> [bombardieren MK] bomber BUMBENIKS <32> [Bomber MK] bon appetit! EMPADNGAN av [Padngan + empolijgu 75 MK] bon-bon BUMBNS <32> [Bonbon MK] bone KALIN n <35> [Caulan E 155] bonfire PANNISKAN <35> [Panniskas drv, ognisko MK] book L~ISKAS nom sg m <36> [(Crixti) L`iskas 111] bookcase APPAN <35> [Schapp DIA MK] booklet BRIRI <52> [Broschre MK] bookshop LAISKENS <32> [L`iskas drv] boot KURPI <52> [Kurpe E 500], high boot PUSN <53> [Pusne E 499] bootmaker UWIKS <32> [Schuwikis E 496] border AR~IKS <32> [Waykaraykis ON + araikis JB MK] bore (dull) aj PREIILGEWINGIS <27> [Preiilgintwei <85>] bore v GR~NZTUN <85> [Granstis E 535 drv], (make smb bored of) PREIILGINTWEI i <85> [Ilgs drv+prailgt, langweilen, garlaicgs MK] boredom PREIILGEWINGISKU <49> [Preilgewingis drv] 279

borer (drill) GR~NSTIS nom sg f <60> [Granstis E 535] boss AUKTIMMIS <40> [Aucktimmien 91 drv] both ABBAI <22> [abbai 99] bother v PREIILGINTWEI <85> [Ilgs drv + prailgt, langweilen, garlaicgs MK] bottle BUTTELI <52> [DIA Boddel MK] bottom no DUBNAS nom sg m <32> [dugnas + dibens + dno MK], (underside) ZEMMAN <35> [Zems drv] bottom attr ZEMMAWS aj [Zems + Garraws MK] bouillon JSI <52> [Juse E 377] bow (hoop) DANG~ <46> [dongo E 403], (fiddlestick) STRKS <32> [strk + strykas MK] bow smth v tr L~NKTUN <75> [perl`nkei 53 VM], bow v i L~NKTUN SI <75> [perl`nkei 53 VM] bowels of earth GILLUWAS pl tantum <46> [Giluw` drv] bowl (clew) KAMUTTIS <40> [Kams, Naguttis + kamuolys + kams + , MK] box KASTENS <32> [Kasten, kaste MK], (cabin) BDA <45> [Bude DIA MK] kennel (doghouse), doghouse, sentry-box boxroom KAMMERKA <45> [Kamerco E 208] boy [MK] W~IKLIS <41> [Wayklis E 190] bracelet ABR~NKI <52> [apyrank, aproce, obrczka MK] brackets KL~MRAI <32> [Klammers drv + klamry MK] braid (plait) KEKST nom sg f <51> [Kexti E 70] brain MAZGENA <45> [Mulgeno E 74] bran KLNIS nom pl f <52> [Clines E 336] branch no WIPPIS <40> [Wipis E 630] branch v in two DWEJJINTUN SI <85> [Dwejjintun drv] brass KAS~JS <32> [Cassoye E 526] brave NAREWNGIS aj <27> [N`rs drv] brawl DULKAUSNA <45> [Dulkautun si MK] bread GETS f <58> [geits 53], GETKA <45> [geytko Gr], bread of coarseground flour SAMPISSINIS <40> [Sompisinis E 340], brown bread KIRSN~GEITS <58> [Krsnas, Gets + Schwarzbrot WE], oblong bread roll TRASKELIS <40> [troskeilis E 343], slab of bread K~MPUS <32> [Kampen DIA MK], white bread GAIL~GEITS <58> [Gals, Gets + Weibrot WE] 280

break no LZIS <40> [Luse DIA], (pause) ETDWISIS <40> [Etdwestun si + Ndwisis MK] (interruption) break v tr LAMTUN <80b> [lembtwey I 5], (smth) off AULAMTUN <81b> [Lamtun drv], (to smash) IZSPLTUN <97> [Spltun drv], v i break down GADNTUN SI <85> [pogadint 109 MK] breakdown GADNSENIS <40> [gadntun drv] breakfast BRKASTS <58> [wrkost, brokastis MK] breaking LZIS <40> [Luse DIA] bream BLNGIS <41> [Blingis E 577] bream fish LUKUTTIS <40> [Locutis E 562] breast KREKLIN n <35> [Kraclan E 118] breast-leather for a horse PAGRNIS <40> [Pagrimis E 442] breast-piece (a harness) PLSK <53> [Pleske E 253] breath DWESN~ <46> [Dwestwei drv], (breathing in) NDWISIS <40> [Endwestun + Ndwisis MK] breathe v DWESTWEI <80c> [n`dewisin 89 VM], breathe in ENDWESTUN <80c> [Dwestwei drv], out IZDWESTUN <80c> breathing DWESN~ <46> [Dwestwei drv] breathing-space ETDWISIS <40> [Etdwestun si + Ndwisis MK] breed no PRGIMI <52> [prgimnis 11522 MK] breed v tr (to educate) K~NKSTINTUN <85> [kanxtinsna 77 VM], (children) PAAUGNTUN <85> [poaugints 133 drv], (animals) W~ISINTUN <85> [Wisis drv + vaisinti MK]; v i TLNINTUN SI <85> [Tlnintun drv] breeding (savoir-faire) K~NKSTINSNA <45> [kanxtinsna 77] breeze v DUMTWEI <82> [Dumsle E 134, dumti VM] bribe BALWA <45> [Balwe DIA] brick no TGELI <52> [tegel + ieelis MK] brick v (to build) ZISTUN <77> [Seydis E 198 VM] bricklayer ZIDENIKS <32> [Zistun drv] brickwork MRS <32> [mr, mras MK] bride M~RT <51> [M`rtin 107 drv] bridesman KKS <32> [Kkas DIA MK] bridge TILTAN n <35> [Stabynotilte DK] bridle BRIZGILIN n <35> [Brisgelan E 450] brief NSS aj <26> [nsan 67 drv], (concise) SENTNSTAS nom sg m <69> [sentnstun drv] 281

brigade BRIG~DI <52> [Brigade MK], brigadier general BRIG~DIS GENER~LS <32> [Brig`di, Gener`ls MK] bright L~UKS aj <26> [Laukappe ON VM] brilliant BLNGEWINGIS aj <27> [Blngan drv GlN] brim KRAKSTS <36> [Kraxtoye BiolikPregMem MK] brine v ENS~LINTUN <85> [S`ls drv + einsalzen MK] bring v PERPSTUN <87> [perpsts 111], PREIPSTUN <87> [preipst 117], away (with a transport) IZWEZTUN <71> [Weztun drv], in order TEIK~TUN <132> [teiksnan 17 MK], in(to) ENWESTUN <73> [Westun drv], bring smb here by foot PERWESTUN <73> [Westun drv], up (breed) PAAUGNTUN <85> [poaugints 133 drv], up (rear) AUGNTUN <85> [auginnons 69 drv], nearer TAWINTUN <85> [Taws drv, tuvin`t MK] bristly AKULS aj <25> [Ayculo E 470 VM] broad aj PLATTUS aj <31> [platus + plas + Gr. platus + p\aski MK] broaden v i PLATTINTUN SI <85> [Plattintun drv] brock ~BZDUS <42> [Wobsdus E 670] Brodeno PRATENNIS <40> [*Prtens < prts/ pr`ts ? MK] brome grass PRI <52> [pure E 273] bronze BRNZI <52> [Bronze GlN] brook (rill) SALS <42> [Salus E 63] broom KLAKST~ <46> [Klexto E 333] brother BR~TI <65> [bread E 173], little brother, (my) dear brother BRATRKS dm <32> [bratrkai 89 drv] brotherhood BR~TRIJA <45> [bratrkai 89 MK] brown BRNS aj <25> [Brunev E 769 VM] brown bread KIRSN~GEITS <58> [Krsnas, Gets + Schwarzbrot WE] brownie PKIS <40> [pis MK] brownish KUKS aj <25> [Cucan E 465] browse v LAS~TUN <132> [lasioti, last, (auf)lesen MK] browser LAS~TLA <45> [las`tun MK] bruise MLINI <52> [Melne E 161] brume KUPSNS <32> [Kupsins E 46] brush (for cleaning, combing etc.) K~ISTWI <52> [Coestue E 559] brushwood (broom) for bathing TWAKSTAN n <35> [Twaxtan E 553] bubble DUMSL <53> [Dumsle E 134] 282

bubble v BRGTWEI <85> [Birgakarkis E 358 VM] bubbling BRGAN <35> [Birgakarkis E 358 VM] buckle (clasp) SAGS <36> [Sagis E 486] bugbear BAJJAWA <45> [Bajjintun drv] build (brick) v ZISTUN <77> [Seydis E 198 VM] builder (building worker) ZISTAJS <32> [Zistun drv] building (house) ZISTAN <35> [Zistun + Gebude MK] building (housing) ZISN~ <45> [Zistun drv] bulb (bulge, knob) KGIS <40> [Kugis E 426] bulb (electric bulb) L~MPIKA <45> [lamp + lemput MK] bull L~NIKS <32> [Lonix E 671] bullet (rifle bullet) KGELIS <40> [Kgis + ball MK] bulletin BULLATINS <32> [le bulletin > das Bulletin + ten biuletyn MK] bumblebee KAMS <43> [Camus E 788] bump GNZIS <40> [Gunsix E 162 VM], GNZIKS <32> [Gunsix E 162] bumpkin DRIMMELIS <40> [Drimmel, Drimelis DIA MK] bunch (bunch of grapes) GRAZNAN <35> [grono < *grozno MK], KEKKI <52> [kek MK] bundle WINZL <53> [Winztun MK] bung-hole DULZIS <40> [Dulsis E 399] bunting (yellow bunting) ZIGZDR <53> [Sixdre E 737] burbot WILNIS <41> [Wilnis E 566] burden GNETTAN <35> [Gnestun MK] burden v PABRANDNTUN <85> [pobrendints 69 drv] burdening PABRANDNSN~ <46> [pobrandisnan 73 drv] burdock KLATTAI nom pl m <32> [Clattoy E 292] burial NKAPS <32> [Enkaptun drv] burn of derma DEGGALS, gen deglas <36> [JB MK] burn v tr DEGGINTUN <85> [Degtwei drv], v i DEGTWEI <85> [Dags MK] burrow URWAN <35> [urvas, urva MK] burst no SPR~GAN <35> [Spr`gtwei drv] burst v tr SPRAGNTUN <85> [Spr`gtwei drv], i SPR~GTWEI <92> [sprogti + spr`gt + pragnc, MK] bury v ENKAPTUN <85> [enkopts 43 drv] bus AUTBUSS <32> [Autobus MK] 283

bus station AUTBUSADWARS <32> [Gelz`pintisdwars + dworzec autobusowy MK] bush GUDDI <52> [Gudde E 586], (shrub) KRNA <45> [Kirno E 637] but ADDER [adder 39], L~ITS cj [schl`its 3114] butter ANKTAN n <35> [Anctan E 689] butterfly PETTALKA <45> [petelik, Pippelka] buttocks PUNNINAN n <35> [Pomnan E 137] button KNUPS <32> [DIA Knups MK] buy v K~UPTUN <75b> [k`upiskan 33 MK] buyer (man) K~UPENIKS <32> [K`uptun drv], (woman) K~UPENIKI <52> [K`upeniks drv] buzz v DNTWEI <136> [dundti, dunt + dundulis, dundurs MK] by (near) prp PRI prp acc [prei 45] bye-bye! DEIWTISKAN! [Deiwtiskas drv GlN], RDIW [bis bald! GlN] Byelorussia KRIWA <45> [Kriwis drv] Byelorussian KRIWISKAS <25> aj nom sg m [Kriwis drv] Byelorussian language KRIWISKAN <35> [Kriwiskas drv] Byelorussian man KRIWIS <40> [krievis, ] Byelorussian woman KRIWINI <50> [Kriws drv] bypass v EBITUN <116> [itwei + apeiti, apiet, obejsc, umgehen MK] by the way SIRZDAU KITTAN av [tarp kitko GlN] byword (saying) PAGARBA <45> [Grbtun drv MK]

cache (shelter) KLIPTAWA <45> [Kliptun drv MK] Cafe KAFBUTAN <35> [coffee house MK] cake LGIS <40> [Lugis E 341], (layer-cake) TRTI <52> [Torte MK] calamitous NKEWINGIS aj <27> [Nktwei drv] calamus AJJARS <36> [Ayeris ON JG] calf WRSIS <40> [Werstian E 674], (cub) WRSTIN n <37> [Werstian E 674] call no WAKS <36> [Wackis E 415] 284

call v WAKTUN <134> [wacktwei 47], (invite) smb in EN-WAKTUN <134> [enwack 85], PREIWAKTUN <134> [preiwack 45], (repeatedly) WKAUTWEI <143> [wkawi 77], call smb here PERWKAUTUN <143> [perwkauns 45 drv], (name) BILTUN per (acc) <134a> [bill 539 ps 3], PABILTUN (per acc) <134a> [Biltun drv + designate MK], (name) oneself BILTUN SI per (acc) <134a> [bill 53 9 ps 3], out v IZWAKTUN <134> [Waktun drv] call-up PREIWAKSN~ <46> [preiwack 45 MK] calm (still) TUSNS aj <26> [tusnan 91] calumniate v NWAITETUN <131> [nowaiti`uns 69] calumniation NWAITESNA <45> [Nwaitetun drv] camel KAMLIN <35a> [Kamel + kamielis MK] camera K~MERA <45> [Camera MK] camp LISKAS nom sg m <32> [Liscis E 412] campaign ITUWIS <52> [itwei + Artwes E 413 MK] can v MAZTWEI <137> [muslai 121 drv] cancel v NAIKNTUN <85> [Nktwei drv + naikinti + nicin`t, ncin`t MK], cancel a concealment (after classifying) IZKL IPTINTUN <85> [Kliptintun drv] candle LIKTI <52> [lickteGr] cannibal KANIB~LI <54> [Kannibale MK] cannibalism KANIB~LISMUS <32> [Kanib`li drv, Kannibalism], to live on a cannibalism KANIB~LAUTWEI <143> [Kanib`li drv] cannon KANNI <52> [Kanone MK] canticle GRMIKA <45> [grmikan 79 VM] cap (hat) KLMS <32> [Kelmis E 474] capercaillie MEDENKS TATTARWAS nom sg m <36> [Medenixtaurw E 766] capital (town) GALWASMISTAN <35> [capital MK] capital (means) KAPIT~LIN <35a> [Kapital MK] capitalism KAPITALISMUS <32> [Kapitalismus GlN] capitalist aj KAPITALISTISKAS <25> [Kapitalists drv] capitalist no KAPITALISTS <32> [Kapitalist GlN] captain no KAPIT~NS <32> [Kapitan MK] captain v WEDIKKAUTWEI <143> [Wediks + Preddikautwei MK] 285

captive PERGABTINIKS <32> [Pergabtun drv] captivity PERGABSN~ <46> [Pergabtun drv] capture v PAGABTUN <80b> [Gabtun drv] car AUTOMBILIN <35a> [Automobil MK], tramway car W~GENS <32> [Wagen MK] card (game card) K~RTI <52> [Karten (spiel) MK] cardinal aj K~RDINALS <25> [kardinal MK] care: to take care (of) PAPEK~TUN <132> [popekt 81], ZRGAUTWEI <143> (per acc) [surgaut 69] careful (solicituous) ZURGAWINGIS aj <27> [Zrgautwei drv] caress GLAB~NI <52> [Glab`tun drv] cargo ship B~IDAKS <32> [Boidak DIA MK] carnal KRMENISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [krmeneniskan 77 drv], KRMENENISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [krmeneniskan 77 drv] carnally KRMENENISKAN av [krmeneniskan 77] carpenter STALANKS <32> [Tischler MK] carpet TEPPIKS <32> [Teppich + tepich MK] carps ZAR~TI <52> [Sarote E 576] carriage-way GRNSLI <52> [Grnstun +Peis`li MK] carrot BURKANS <32> [Burkan + burk`ns MK] carry v PSTUN <87> [pijst 105], (repeatedly) PDATUN <131> [pdauns 115 VM], carry over PRAWESTUN <73> [prawedduns 119 drv], carry out IZPILNINTUN <85> [erpilninaiti 105 + erfllen, ausfllen + wype\nic + ipildyti, izpildt MK], LAIK~TUN <142> [laikt 107] cart ABAZZUS <32> [Abasus E 294], cart wheels binder ~RWARBS <32> [Arwarbs E 301] carter KELLAWEZIS <40> [Kellewesze MBS] cartilage GREMZD <53> [Gremsde E 87] cartridge (rifle cartridge) PATRNI <52> [cartridge MK] cartridge-case ILZI <52> [Hlse MK] carve v DR~ZTUN <85> [droti + dr`zt + draznic, <85>, *drztwei < pal`iktwei <85>, liktwei MK] case (instance) PRIPALIS <40> [Senpaltwei, Zufall + priepuolis MK], (grammatical) K~ZUS <42> [Kasus MK] cash register KASSI <52> [Kasse MK] 286

cash up v KASTUN <139> [kassieren MK] cashier (man) KASTAJS <32> [Kastun drv+ Kassierer MK], (woman) KASTAJA <45> [Kastajs drv] casing of a mill-wheel ZRTURS <36> [Surturs E 326] Caspian asp RAPPIS <40> [Rapis E 563] castle PILS f <60> [Sassenpile ON VM] cat KATTA <45> [(Pausto) catto E 665]; call of a cat: MS MS ij [ms DIA MK] catalogue KATALGS <32> [Katalog MK] catch v GABTUN <80b> [gobuns I 9 + Pagaptis E 362 VM], catch on EBTIKTWEI na (acc) <89> [Tiktwei MK], catch up with PASPTUN <120> [Sptwei MK] catechism KATEKISMUS <32> [Katechismus MK] catholic KATLIS <40> [katolis MK] catholicism KATLICISMUS <32> [Katholizismus MK] cattle PEKKU n <44> [Pecku 41] cattle-shed STALDAS nom sg m <32> [Staldis E 226] cauldron (copper cauldron) WARRENI <52> [Warene E 356], (cauldron with legs) NAGTIS <40> [Nagotis E 349] causal TIKSLISKAS aj <25> [Tikslin drv] causative aj TIKSLISKAS aj <25> [Tikslin drv] cause v IZWAKTUN <134> [Waktun drv] cautious MPIRSDIRNTS <29> [mpirsin, dirtwei + vor-sichtig MK], be cautious! MPIRSDIRIS! MPIRSDIRITI! cautiously MPIRSDIRNTEI av cavalry KAWALARJA <45> [Kavalerie MK] cavalryman KAWALARISTS <32> [Kavallerist MK] cave (burrow) no URWAN <35> [urvas, urva MK] cave in (to sag) v DUBTWEI <89> [Dambo E 29 VM] ceiling NATALLIS <40> [Talus E 207 VM + n`dewisin 89 MK], board (of a ceiling) LUB~ <46> [Lubbo E 206] celebrate v SWINTINTUN <85> [swintintwey I 5] celestial DNGINISKAS, aj nom sg m <25> [Dengniskas 119 drv], that celestial... DENGININNIS aj pm <28> [Dengenennis 49] cell (biological) KRIS <40> [korys, k`re MK] cellar RSIS <41> [Rusemoter JG MK] 287

cemetery KAPURNA <45> [Caporne ON VM] centre SIRZDAN <35> [sirsdau 49 MK] century METSIMTAN <35> [Jahrhundert + gadsimts MK] certainly PERARWI av [Perarwi 113], PERARWISKAI av [perarwiskai 43], GI encl [k`igi 17 + gi, ze MK] certificate CERTIFIK~TAN <35> [Zertifikat MK] chaff PLW~ <46> [Pelwo E 279], (after winnowing) PRWIJAS nom pl f <45> [Perwios E 281] chain no RATNZIS <40> [Ratinsis E 368,540] chain v together SENKALT~TUN <132> [Kaltun drv, kaustyti MK] chain link GR~NDS f <60> [Grandis E 251] chair KLMPIS <40> [Clumpis E 216], (university department) KATDERIN <37> [Katheder MK] chairman PIRZDAUSNDANTS <29> [Vorsitzender MK] challenge v IZWAKTUN <134> [Waktun drv] Chamber (an institution) NAMS <36> [namas + nams MK] chance BREWNSLI <52> [Brewntwei drv], (fair chance) ~NCI <52> [Schanze DIA MK] change no (odd money) ETW~RTPENINGAI <32> [MK], (doit) MALKPENINGS <32> [change MK] change v (to modify) KITAWDINTUN <85> [kitawidintun (sin) 99] chant no GRMIKA <45> [grmikan 79 drv] chant v GREMTUN <80b> [grmikan 79 VM] chapel KAPELLI <52> [Kapelle MK] chaplain KAPL~NS <32> [Kaplan MK] chapter (section) LAITNSNA <45> [sklaitinsnan 101], PALAZNSNA <45> [polasnsnan 634 drv] character (nature) DABBA <45> [Noadabe, Nadaps APN + daba MK] characteristic (of) aj SW AJNGIS aj <25> [Swajs drv MK] characteristic no SWAJAWDISKU <49> [Swajawds drv] charge with v END~TUN <118> [end`st 123 drv] chase (run after) v SPTWEI <120> [spti + spt + spiac MK] (pas acc) chaste SKSTS aj <26> [skijstan 127] chastely SKSTAI av [skstai 33], SKSTAN av (aj n) [skijstan 49] chastity SKSTISKU <49> [skstieskan 63] chat v PLUKTWEI <136> [pluschen DIA + pliukti MK] 288

cheap LTS <26> [lts, ltas MK] check up v PERBAND~TUN <142> [perband`snan 55, perb`nda 55] cheek LAKNAN n <35> [Laygnan E 98] cheer up smb v ENWESSELINTUN <85> [Wesselintun + ielksmin`t drv] cheerful WESSELS aj <25> [Wessals 121] cheerfully WESSELINGI av [wesselingi 81] cheese SRIS <40> [Suris E 688] cherries WISNATAS nom pl f <45> [Wisnaytos E 620] chew v KR~MSTUN <86> [Cramptis E 538 VM] chicken GERTISTIN n <37> [Gertistian E 765] chief GRUNTAUKTIMMIS <40> [gruntan 111 + Aucktimmien 91 MK] chieftain WADNS <32> [Westun drv MK] child aj MALNKISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Malnks drv] child no MALNKS <32> [malnijks 115] childhood MALNKISTA <45> [Malnks drv] childlike MALNKISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Malnks drv] chilled: to be chilled SALTWEI <89> [Passals + Salts + alti, salt MK] chimney (flue) KAMMINS <32> [Kamenis E 222] chin SKALS <32> [Scalus E 99] chip (spill, splinter) LUKS m <57> [Luckis E 640], (splinter) SK~LWA <45> [Stolwo E 641] chisel no DALPTAN <35> [Dalptan E 536] chisel v DALBTUN <85> [Dalptan E 536 MK] chocolate OKLADI <52> [Schockolade MK], (1 piece of chocolates) PRALNI <52> [Praline MK] chockolate attr OKLADISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [okladi drv] choice (picked) attr ETRNKAMINS aj <25> [Etrnktun drv] choir KRS <32> [Chor MK] choosey RNKAWINGIS aj <27> [Rnkautwei drv MK], being choosey, being fastidious (fussy) RNKAUSN~ <46> [Rnkautwei drv], to behave in a choosey way RNKAUTWEI <143> [Rnktun drv MK] chop v KAPTUN <85> [enkopts 43 + kapti VM], (in several perts) v SENKRSTUN <86> [Krstun drv+ sacirst, senpistun MK], (repeatedly) v SPELLAUTUN <144> [Spelanxtis E 642 VM] chopper (knife) KAL~PEILIS <40> [Kalopeilis E 369] Choral KRALS <32> [Choral MK] 289

Christ KRISTUS nom sg m <42> [Christs 59] christening KRIKSTSN~ <46> [Crixtisn` 6121] Christian KRIKS~NISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Cristi`niskas 39] Christian KRIKS~NS <32> [Crixtianai 87] Christianity KRIKS~NISTA <45> [Cristionisto E 794], KRIKS~NISKU <49> [Crixti`niskun 121 drv] Christmas KAL~NDAS pl tantum <45> [kolda, Kaldos MK] chub fish DUBBELS <32> [Dubelis E 561] Church KRKI <52> [krkis 17 drv] church rector PAPS <32> [Paps 111] cigarette lighter PANNUSTAKLIN n <35> [Panustaklin +iltavas MK] cinder ~UWIRS <32> [Auwerus E 529] cinema KINTUPS <32> [Kintopp DIA] cinnamon KANLS <32> [Kanl DIAMK] circle no SKRITTAN <35> [Skrits drv], (society) CIRKULS <32> [Zirkel + Zirkular MK], (instrument) CIRKELIS <40> [Zirkel + cyrkiel MK] circle v (to fly) SKRTWEI <123> [Skrelle DIA MK] circle line SKRITALI <52> [Scritayle E 296 MK] circumstance ST~NI <52> [Umstand+past`twei, staltwei+stan+Medione E 699 MK] circumvent v EBITUN <116> [itwei + apeiti, apiet, obejsc, umgehen MK] circus CIRKUS <32> [Zirkus MK] cistern CISTRNI <52> [Zisterne Nx] citizen (of a town) PILNS <32> [Brger + Pils + Kaimns MK], (of a state) W~LSTISPILNS <32> [Staatsbrger MK] citizenship W~LSTISPILNIBI <52> [W`lstispilns drv] city MSTAN n <35> [Mestan E 796] civilian aj CIWILLISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [zivil MK] civilian no (man) CIWILISTS <32> [Zivilist MK], (woman) CIWILISTI <52> [Ciwilists drv] civilization CIWILIZACINI <52> [Zivilisation MK] civilize v CIWILIZTUN <139> [zivilisieren MK] claim PRETENZINI <52> [Pratension MK] clamp KLAMMERS, gen kl`mras <32> [Klammer + klamra MK] clasp (buckle) SAGS <36> [Sagis E 486] class KLASSI <52> [Klasse MK] classic KLASSISKAS <25> aj [klassisch MK] 290

classified! KL IPTINAN! av [Kliptins drv] classify v ENKL IPTINTUN <85> [Kliptintun drv] claw NAGS <32> [Nagis E 371 + nagutis E 117, nagos VM MK] clay (loam) L~IDIS <41> [Laydis E 25] clean aj SKSTS aj <26> [skijstan 127] clean v SKISTNTUN <85> [Skijstinnons 103] cleanly SKSTAI av [skstai 33], SKSTAN av (aj n) [skijstan 49] cleanness SKSTISKU <49> [skstieskan 63] clear aj ESKUS aj <31> [Eyskittin 1350 ON, eikus JG, MK], (transparent) GIDARS, gen gidras <26> [dzidrs + giedras, dziedrs MK], to get clear EISKTWEI <139> [Eskus drv] clear v up (unriddle) IZESKINTUN <85> [Eskintun drv] clearing (glade) L~NDIS <40> [lindan 57 VM] clearly ESKU av [Eskus drv] clerk PEIS~LANIKS <32> [Peis`li drv] clew KAMUTTIS <40> [Kams, Naguttis+kamuolys+kams+ , MK] click v SPRAKSTINTWEI <85> [Sprakst drv] climb in v ENLZTWEI <78> [Lztwei drv] clinic KLNIKI <52> [Klinik MK] clinical KLNIKISKAS <25> [Klniki drv] clip v SKRSTUN <73> [Scrundos E 558 + Sturdis E 324 VM MK] clod L~ISINIS <40> [Lais` drv] close aj (near) TAWS aj <25> [tauwyschies II 75] close av (nearly) TAWU av [Taws drv] close v AUWERTUN <80> [etwre 83 MK], close ones eyes PERMERKTUN <71> akkins [umerkti akis, aizvrt acis, zamknc oczy MK] clot no (blood clot) KREKKULS <36> [krekulas-kreulas, krekti-kreti + krect + krzek; Weduls MK] clot v KREKTWEI <89> [krekti, kreti + krect + krzek MK] cloth: rough woollen cloth MILLIN <35a> [milan E 455] clothes (dress) RKAI nom pl m <32> [Rkai 53] cloud UPPIN n <37> [Wupyan E 9] clouding EBM IGLINSN~ <46> [Ebmiglintun drv] cloudy aj UPJAINS aj <25> [Uppin drv] clover ~BILS <32> [Wobilis E 290] clutch smth round v GLABTUN <80b> [Pogl`bu VM] 291

coachman WEZIKS <32> [Weztun drv] coal ANGLIS f <60> [Anglis E 34], live coals ZAR <51> [Sari E 43] coal pit GAR~ <46> [Goro E 42] coarse overcoat PELKIS <40> [Pelkis E 475] coast KR~NTS <36> [krantas + Kranz MK] coat MANTELS <32> [Mantel MK], a short fur coat LAKTS f <60> [Lactye E 476] coat of arms RBI <52> [Erbe > herb MK] coatrack KINI <52> [ks + Drawwini MK] cobble (pave) v GRNSTUN <98> [Grindos ON, Grandico E 632 VM] cock GERTIS <40> [Gertis E 763] cod fish ZUWIKIS <40> [Sweikis E 585] codex KDIKS <32> [Kodex, -dizes, codex MK] coffee KAFJS <32> [coffee + Tjs MK] coffee house KAFBUTAN <35> [coffee house MK] cognate GINTAWS <25> [Gintu drv] cognition ERZIN~SN~ <46> [Erzin`tun drv] cognize v ERZIN~TUN <142> [ersinnat 53 MK] coheir DR~UGIWELDNS <32> [117 draugiwaldnen drv], SENDRAUGIWLDNIKS <32> [sendraugiwldnikai 93] coiffure PRIZRI <52> [Frisur + frizra + fryzura MK] coin KALTI <52> [cold Gr], copper coin WARENAN <35> [Warens drv] coincide v SENPALTWEI <85> [aupallai 19 + zusammenfallen MK] coincidence SENPALSENIS <40> [Senpaltwei drv] cold SALTS aj <26> [Salta Gr] cold in the head WILGAN n <35> [Welgen E 157] cold(ly) SALTAN av (aj n) [Salta Gr] collapse LAMSENIS <40> [Lamtun drv] collapse v IRTWEI <87> [irti, irt, oriti MK] colleague (man) KLAGI <54> [Kollege MK], (woman) KLAGINI <50> [Klagi drv] collect v SENRNKTUN <85> [senrnka 45] collection (fee) RNKSENIS <40> [Rnktun drv MK] collide v SENTLKTUN SI <75> [Sentlktun drv MK], to make to collide SENTLKTUN <75> [Tlktun drv MK] collision SANT~LKA <45> [Sentlktwei drv] 292

colonel BERSTS <32> [Oberst MK] colour no B~RWI <52> [varwe + barwa MK] colour v (to tincture) B~RWINTUN <85> [b`rwi drv MK] colour(ize) smth v WPITUN <138> [Woapis E 457 MK] coloured WPJAINS aj <25> [Wps drv] column KLUNI <52> [Kolonne MK] comb no K~ISNIS <58> [Coysnis E 557] comb v K~ISTUN <88> [Coysnis E 557 VM] come v PERITWEI <116> [perit 45], back ETWARTNTUN SI (en acc) <85> [wartint 35 MK], in ENITWEI <116> [Eneissannien 123 drv], come flying PERSKR~ISTWEI <87> [Skr`istwei drv] comedy KMEDIJA <45> [Komdie MK] comfort no BREWNGISKU <49> [Brewngis drv] comfort v GLANDNTUN <85> [glandint 73], PAKWINTUN <85> [packwingiskan 91 MK] comfortable BREWNGIS <27> [brewngi 35 MK] comfortably BREWNGI av [Brewngis drv] comforter PAKWINTAJS <32> [Pakwintun drv] coming back (by bus, train or riding ahorse) PERJ~SN~ <46> [Perj`twei drv], (by air) PERSKR~ISN~ <46> [Perskr`istwei drv], coming together (from various places, or flying) SENSKR~ISNA <45> [Senskr`istwei drv] command (order) no KUM~NDAN <35> [Kommando MK] command v LAIPNTWEI <85> [laipinna 105 drv], PALAIPNTWEI <85> [polaipinna 79 drv] commandant KUM~NDANTS <56> [Kommandant MK] commandment PAL~IPSS <36> [pallaips 95], PALAIPNSNA <45> [polaipnsnan 71 drv] commemorate v PAMINTUN <139> [pominsnan 75 drv] comment KUMENT~RS <32> [Kommentar MK] commerce K~UPISKU <49> [k`upiskan 33 drv] commission v PALAIPNTWEI <85> [polaipinna 79 drv] commodity PERD~S~ <46> [perd`sai 33] common DR~UGS aj <26> [117 VM draugiwaldnen], (communal) PERNISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [pernisku 73 drv], (usual) J~UKUS aj <31> [iaukint 17 MK] 293

common denominator EMPRINTS <69> BILTAJS <32> [Emprintun, Biltajs MK] communicate (with, withing, between, among) v SENSITWEI <108> (sen acc, sirzdau acc) [Sitwei drv], KMUNIKAUTWEI <143> [communicate + dr`ugautwei MK] communication(s) SISN~ <46> [Sitwei drv, Bindung MK] communism KUMMUNISMUS <32> [communism MK] communist aj KUMMUNISTISKAS <25> [Kummunists drv] communist no KUMMUNISTS <32> [communist MK] community PERNI <52> [perni 103], PR~ <46> [pijrin 103 VM] compact KMPAKTS <25> aj [compact MK] company PERNI <52> [perni 103] comparatively RELATWAI av [relativ MK] compare v PALGINTUN <85> [polgu 119 MK], PERLGINTUN <85> [leygenton II 9 + vergleichen MK] compel v PREISP~RTINTUN <85> [sp`rts drv] compensate v ETTIKRINTUN <85> [Entikrintun MK] compensation ETTIKRINSN~ <46> [Ettikrintun drv] compete (for) v KNINTUN SI <85> (per acc) [Knintun MK] competition KNA <45> [erknina 117 MK], KNKURENCI <52> [Konkurrenz MK] competitioner KNENIKS <32> [Kna MK] competitor KNKURENTS <56> [Konkurrent MK] complaint no GRAUDNSNAS <45> pl [Graudntun drv] complain v (of) GRAUDNTUN SI <85> ezze acc [Graudntun drv] complete v WANGNTUN <85> [wangint 99] completely PASTIPPAN av ( aj n) [postippan 71], G~NCAI [gantzei 133] completion WANGNSNA <45> [Wangntun drv] complicate v KMPLICITUN <138> [, komplict MK complicate] complicated KMPLICITS <69> [Kmplicitun drv, complicates MK] complicatedly KMPLICITAN av ( aj n) [Kmplicitun drv] compoment KMPUNNTI <50> [Komponente MK] composer (man) KOMPNISTS <32> [composer MK], (woman) KOMPNISTI <52> [Kompnists drv] composition (consist) SENDLI <52> [Sendtun + peis`lei 89 MK] compound SENDTIMS aj <25> [senditmai 835] 294

comprise v: to be comprised of SENDTUN SI <121> iz ( acc) [Sendtun + susidti + sk\adac si MK] computer KMPUTERIS <40> [computer] conceal v AUKL IPTINTUN <85> [Kliptintun drv] concealment: to cancel a concealment (after classifying) IZKL IPTINTUN <85> [Kliptintun drv] concentrate v EMPRINTUN <85> [empijrint 115 drv] concept (intension) PRESSENIS <40> [Prestun drv MK] conception PR~TS <57> [pr`tin 51 MK] concerning EZZE prp acc [dl, betreffs MK] concert KNCERTAN <35> [concert MK] concord(ance) SANDNGA <45> [Sendngtwei drv], to live in concord SENDNGTWEI <85> [Dngtwei drv MK] concrete (ferroconcrete) no BETNS <32> [Beton MK] concrete (specific) aj KNKRETS aj <25> [konkret MK] concrete (specifically) av KNKRETAI av [Konkrets drv] condemn v PERKLANTTUN <136> [perklantsnan 1156 drv] condemnation PERKLANTSN~ <46> [perklantsnan 1156 drv] condemned PRKLANTITS pc pt pa <69> [proklantitz I 11] condition no ~UDAIRA <45> [Sendarintun MK], (state) BSENIS <40> [bousennis 105] condition v ~UDAIRATUN <131> [~udaira MK] conditional ~UDAIRISKAS <25> [~udaira drv] conduct v PERSTALTWEI <134a> [perstall 877 drv] conductor (orchestra conductor man) KAPELMAISTERIS <40> [Kapellmeister MK], DIRIGNTS <56> [Dirigent MK], (orchestra conductor woman) DIRIGNTI <50> [Dirignt drv], (electric conductor) WADNS <32> [Westun drv MK] conference W~ITIN n <37> [wayden DK, Woit DIA, Cariawoytis E 416], KNFERENCI <52> [Konferenz MK] confess v sins GRIKATWEI <144> [Grikaut 65] confessional no (a confessional) GRIKASN~ <46> [Grikausna 657] confessional denomination KNFESINI <52> [Konfession MK] confessor (priest) KLAUSWENIKS <32> [Klausweniki 71 drv], KLAUSWINGIS m <40> [Klauswings 73] confidence AUAUDSN~ <46> [auschaudsnan 47 drv], PADRUWSN~ <46> [podruwsnan 121 drv] 295

configure v KNFIGURITUN <138> [configuration, konfigurowac MK] confirm v PADRKTINTUN <85> [Podrktinai 107 drv] confiscate v KNFISCITUN <138> [konfiszieren MK] confiscation KNFISKACINI <52> [Konfiskation] confiture KNFITIRI <52> [Konfitre + konfitury MK] conflagration UGNIS nom sg f <60> [ugnis + uguns + ogien PA] conflict KNFLIKTS <32> [Konflikt MK] conform v SENK~LSTUN <136> [Kalstun + saskanot MK] confront v EMPRKISTATINTUN <85> [emprkistalla 97 MK] confusion (disorder) KMPINSNA <45> [Kmpintun (si) drv] coniferous SKUJJISKAS aj <25> [Skuj`drv] conifers cone IKI <52> [Schischke DIA MK] conjugal SALBISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Sallbiskan 10720] conjugally SALBISKAI av [Salbiskai 10724] conjure v WAIDILTWEI <134a> [waidleimai 29 drv] connect v SENRISTUN <102> [senrists 59] connection (action) SISN~ <46> [Sitwei drv, Bindung MK], (concrete) S~ITAN n <35> [Lingasaitan E 446 drv] conquer v ERKARETUN <144> [Karetwei drv] conquest ERKARESN~ <46> [Erkaretun drv] conscience PAWASENIS <40> [Powaisennis 91] conscientious PAWASENISKAS <25> [Pawasenis drv] conscientious understanding AUMENEWNGISKU <49> [~umens MK] conscious AUMENEWNGIS aj <27> [~umens MK] consciousness ~UMENS <61> [aumu o + rozum MK] consent (to) v PREITARTWEI <136> (dat prei acc) [zustimmen + tartun + pritarti MK] consequence (result) RPL <53> [Rptwei drv] consequently (hence) TT [tt 6928] consider v PRESTUN <93> [pr`tin 51 MK], consider smb, smth to be ... LAIK~TUN <142> [laikt 107] (per acc) consideration PRESNAS pl <46> [Prestun MK], to take into consideration ENDIRTUN <134> [endyrtwei 119] consist v of SENDTUN SI <121> iz (acc) [Sendtun+susidti+sk\adac si MK] consistence (thickness) K~MSTIS nom sg f <58> [K`mstus drv] consolably GLANDAWNGI av [glandewingei 47] 296

consolation GLANDS <32> [Glands 105] console v GLANDNTUN <85> [glandint 73], PAKWINTUN <85> [packwingiskan 91 MK] consonant KONSNANTS <61> [Konsonant MK] conspiracy (plot) SENWAI~SENIS <40> [Senwai`tun drv] conspirator SENWAI~SENIKS <32> [Senwai`senis drv] conspiratress SENWAI~SENIKI <52> [Senwai`seniks drv] constant AINATNGIS aj <27> [Ainat 121 MK] constellations L~UKSNAS <46> nom pl f [Lauxnos E 4] constrict (straiten) v K~NKTUN <75> [kanxta 77 VM] consume v PRAGERTUN <80> [Pragertun drv] consumption IZWRPSN~ <45> [Izwrptun drv] contact no KNTAKTS <32> [Kontakt MK] contact v (to get into contact) SENSITWEI <108> (sen acc, sirzdau acc) [Sitwei drv] contain v (comprise) TURTUN <137> N SIN [turti savyje MK]; (refrain from) ETLAIK~TUN SI <142> [etl`iku sin 99 drv] container KNTAINERIS <40> [container MK] contend (for) v KNINTUN SI <85> (per acc) [Knintun MK] contension KALB~ <46> [Kalbtwei MK] content (consentaneous) v PREITARNGIS aj <27> (prei acc) [Preitartwei drv GlN] contents NTURS <32> [contents + Surturs E 326 MK] contest (competition) KNKURSS <32> [Konkurs MK], (game) SPJAUSN~ <46> [Spjautwei drv] contestant KNENIKS <32> [Kna MK] contingency PREIPALSN~ <46> [Senpaltwei, coincidence MK] continue v MPIRSIN SADNTUN <85> [MK continues] continuous WRAWINGIS aj <27> [Wrautwei drv] contour KNTURI <52> [Kontur MK] contra prp PRKIN prp acc [prkin 95] contra av PREKIN av [I 5 preiken] contract SAWATIS <40> [Sawayte E 16 VM + Sanwai`twei MK] contradict v EMPRKIBILTWEI (dat) <134a> dat [emprijkin bille 125] contradictory EMPRKIBILNTS pc <29> [Emprkibiltwei drv] contrary to, on the contrary EMPRKISKAI av [Emprkiskas drv] 297

contribution NDIJA <45> [Endtun drv MK] control no KONTRLI <52> [Kontrolle, kontrole MK], to take under control ENKONTRLITUN <138> [kontrlitun drv] control v KONTRLITUN <138> [kontrollieren MK] controller (checker) KONTRLITAJS <32> [Kontrlitun drv] contuse v EBRTRNKTUN <97> [Trnktun drv, Pertrnktun+prellen, apsvaiginti MK] contusion (shell-shock) EBRTRNKSENIS <40> [Ebtrnktun drv] convalesce v KAILSTINTWEI <85> [Kailsts drv Nx] convenience BREWNGISKU <49> [Brewngis drv] conveniently BREWNGI av [Brewngis drv] conventionality ~UDAIRISKU <49> [`udairiskas drv] conversation WAI~SENIS <40> [Wai`twei drv], to get into conversation PRAT~RTWEI <92> [T`rin 105, pratarti MK], to start a conversation ENWAI~TUN <132> [enwaitia 101] conversion (mending) PAWARTSN~ <46> [powartsnan 63] convert v tr KNWERTITUN <138> [konvertieren Nx], convert smb into confession ETWARTNTUN <85> (en acc) [wartint 35 MK], v i convert into v i WRSTWEI <114> [wrst 17] (en acc), into confession ETWARTNTUN SI (en acc) <85> [wartint 35 MK] convertion (into confession) ETWARTNSNA <45> (en acc) [Ebwartntun MK] convince v ENDRWINTUN <85> [Druwtwei drv] convocation SENWAKSN~ <46> [Senwaktun MK] convoke v SENWAKTUN <134> [enwack 85 + suaukti, sasaukt MK] convulsions STANGAS <46> [Stang` MK] cook no ~UBIRGA nom sg m <47> [Aubirgo E 347], KUKRIS <40> [Kukore E 348 VM], cooking wooman KUKRI <52> [Kukore E 348], cooks scoop BIRGAK~RTS <56> [Birgakarkis E 358] cook v (concoct) AUBRGTUN <85> [Aubirgo E 347 VM] cool v i SALLINTUN <85> [Saltwei drv MK] cooler LADDAAPPAN <35> [Lads + appan + refrigerator, ledusskapis MK] cooperate v SENDRAUGIDLATWEI <131> [Dlatwei drv] coordinate v SENK~LSTUN <136> [Kalstun + saskanot MK], SENWAI~TUN <132> [Waiti`tun drv] coot GURIS <40> [Geauris E 757] copper WARRIN n <37> [Wargien E 525] 298

copper attr WARENS aj <25> [Warrin drv] copper basin (a dish) MEDINTI <52> [Medinice E 357] copper cauldron WARRENI <52> [Warene E 356] copper coin WARENAN <35> [Warens drv] copy no KPIJA <45> [Kopie MK] copy v KPITUN <138> [kopieren MK], copy out AUPEIS~TUN <132> [Peis`tun + aumsnan 119 MK] copyist PEIS~LANIKS <32> [Peis`li drv] cordially SRISKAI av [srisku 55] cord-knitted bag K~RBS <32> [Torbis E 306] core SERDS <60> [sirsdau 49 VM] corn no ZIRNI <52> [Syrne E 278] corn v (to beef) ENS~LINTUN <85> [S`ls drv + einsalzen MK] corn-cockle KNKALIS <32> [Tunclis E 272] corner LUNKS m <57> [Lunkis E 199] corporal PAUPICRS <32> [Unteroffizier MK] corpse N~WS f <58> [Novis E 151] correct aj TIKKARS, gen tikras, aj <26> [tickars 479 ], TIKRMISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [tikrmiskan 4513] correct v TIKRINTUN <85> [Tikkars MK] correction TIKRINSN~ <46> [Tikrintun drv] correspond to v ETBILTWEI <134a> [entsprechen + billtwei 67, atbilst MK] corruption (failure) GADNSENIS <40> [gadntun drv] cosmic KSMISKAS aj <25> [Ksmus drv] cosmos KSMUS <32> [cosmos MK] cost v KATTWEI <113> [etwint 35 + katuoti MK] cotter WAGGIS <40> [Wagnis VM] cotton GARREWILNA <45> [cotton MK] cough no KSISN~ <46> [Ksitwei drv] cough v KSITWEI <133> [Cosy E 96 MK] councellor R~DS <32> [R`da + Rat MK] council W~ITIN n <37> [wayden DK, Woit DIA, Cariawoytis E 416], Council of Ministers MINISTERIW~ITIN n <37> [Ministeris + W`itin MK], council of war KAREW~ITIS <40> [Cariawoytis E 416] Count no GRWI <54> [grve MK] count no (consideration, standpoint) ENDIRSN~ <46> [endirisna 95 drv] 299

count v GRBAUTUN <143> [Grbis + Grdautun MK] counter (stall) LITTAN <35> [Litt DIA MK] counterbalance v ETSWRTUN <80> [Swrtun + atsverti, atsvrt MK] counterweight ETSWARS <36> [Etswrtun MK] Countess GRWINI <50> [Grwi drv] countless BEGRBISKAS <25> [Grbis drv GlN] country (land) T~UT~ <46> [Tauto E 793] countrymen association TAUT~SPIRA <45> [Landsmannschaft MK] county MTERI <52> [moter MK] courage N~RS <32> [Narioth + noras, narsa + nrav MK] courageous aj DRSUS <31> [Dirsos Gr], NAREWNGIS <27> [N`rs drv] courier TENGNTINIS <40> [Tengntun drv] course KURSS <32> [course MK] court DWARS <32> [Dwarenks MK], (judicial) LGAN <35> [lgan 119] court (palace) milkman DWARENKS <32> [dwarniken DK MK] courtier DWARRINS <32> [Dwars drv] coush ZFA <45> [Sofa, zofa drv] cousin (man) KUZNS <32> [Cousen + kuzyn MK], (woman) SESTRKI <52> [m`sca + seseria + kuzynka + schlsnikin 11718 MK] cover no (cloth) DRMBIS <40> [Drimbis E 483] cover v STEGTUN, EBSTEGTUN <80> [Steege E 235 VM], (include) v EBMTUN <71> [ebimmai 65 drv], cover from all sides EBGL~BTUN <85> [Abklopte MV VM], (to pull on) PERTRAKTUN <75> [pertraki 101] cow KLANTI <52> [Klente E 673] coward DRANS <32> [Drs drv MK] cowardly aj DRS <25> [drai 93 aj drv], av DRAI [brai 93] co-worker (man) DR~UGIDIL~NTS m <29> [Dr`ugiweldns + dlatwei GlN], (woman) DR~UGIDIL~NT f <29> [Dr`ugiwelds + dlatwei GlN] crack no (rip) SPLTAN <35> [Spltun MK] crack v i SPR~GTWEI <92> [sprogti + spr`gt + pragnc, MK], DREZTUN SI <71> [Dreztun drv] crack! KLAPS ij [Klops DIA MK] crack(le) v PRESKTWEI <134> [Prestors E 707 VM] cradle SUPRINIS <40> [Passupres E 225 VM MK] 300

craftsman DIZNIKS <32> [Diztwei drv GlN] cramp (spasm) STANG~ <46> [Stengti + stanga MK] crane GRWI <52> [Gerwe E 715]; (jenny) KR~NS <32> [Kran MK] crayfish R~KS <32> [Rokis E 584] cream (of milk) GRILI <52> [Gritun MK], (sour cream) RUGT~GREILI <52> [Rgtadadan + Grili + saure Sahne MK] create v KURTUN <85> [kra 101 drv], PATEIK~TUN <132> [poteikuns 121], (once) TEKTUN <75> [Teks 67], (various objects or many times) TEIK~TUN <132> [teickut 105] creation (creating) TEIK~SN~ <46> [Teiksn` 39] creative activities, work TIK~ <46> [teickut 105 MK] creator TEIKIKS <32> [Tektun drv MK] creature PRGIMS m <32> [prgimmans 41] creatured world TEIK~SN~ <46> [teiksnan 109] creditor (man) AUATAJS <32> [`uschautins 53 MK], (woman) AUATAJA <45> [Auatajs drv] creep v LZTWEI <78> [lse 107 drv] crew WRIJA <45> [Mannschaft + Wrs drv MK] crib (fodder crib) RNDA <45> [Rindo E 227], (hayrack) ABBARAS <45> nom pl f [Aboros E 228] crime PERLAMSENIS <40> [Perlamtun drv + Verbrechen MK] criminal aj KRIMIN~LS aj <25> [kriminal MK] criminal no PERLIMS <38> [Perlamtun drv MK] criminalist KRIMINALISTS <32> [Kriminalist MK] cripple no (gimp) KLMBIS <40> [Klumbtwei drv + klumbys MK] cripple v (to limp) KLUMBTWEI <134> [Klumbtwei drv MK] critic (man) KRITKERIS <40> [Kritiker + Kritki MK], (woman) KRITKERINI <50> [Kritkeris drv] critical KRTISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [critically MK] criticism KRITKI <52> [Kritik MK] criticize v KRITIZTUN <139> [kritisieren MK] crockery TRAKAI <32> [traukai, trauki MK] crook v L~NKTUN <75> [perl`nkei 53 VM] croon v NNTWEI <136> [Duntwei + niuniuoti MK] crop (land under crop) SSENIS <40> [Stun + sjums MK] crops AR nom sg f <51> [89], winter crops ZIMIS <41> [Seamis E 257] 301

cross no SKRZIS <40> [Scrijsien 81] cross v out IZGL~UBTUN <75b> [Gl`ubtun drv MK] cross-beam over axle of a cart KALPUS, gen kalpas <32> [Kalpus E 302] crosscut KRSAWS aj <25> [Krsa + Garraws MK] crossing (material thing or geometric spot) KRSAN <35> [kirsa 8918 drv], (place) SENSKRZINSENIS <40> [Skrzis] crossroad SENSKRZINSENIS <40> [Skrzis] crowbar LAMMAN <35> [Lamtun drv] crow bird WARNI <52> [Warne E 722] crowd TLISKU <49> [Tlisku + Menge MK] crowl v in ENLZTWEI <78> [Lztwei drv] crown KRNI <52> [Krone + kronis, kroon/i MK] crucian KARSIS <40> [Karusze DIA MK] crucify v SKRZITUN <138> [Skrsits 43] cruise no ARTUWIS <52> [Artwes E 413] cruise v smth EBJAD~TWEI <132> [Jad`twei drv] cruiser (armoured cruiser) KRICERS <32> [Kreuzer MK] crumb TRUSSA <45> [Trustwei drv] crumble v tr DEGTUN <75> [digiskan 83 VM]; v i TRUSTWEI <85> [Dmskins E 84 VM] crupper (a harness) PASTAGGIS <40> [Pastagis E 443] crush v (under foot) ERTRMPTUN <75b> [Trmptun drv MK], T~LK~TUN <142> PA PDAMANS [tl`ku 89 VM] cry no WAKS <36> [Wackis E 415] cry v (to shout) WEKTWEI <75> [Wackis E 415 VM] cry-baby ZZI <52> [Suse DIA MK] cryptic KLIPTINNIS <27> [Kliptan drv MK] crystal aj KRISTALLISKAS <25> [Kristallin drv] crystal no (1 piece) KRIST~LS, gen kristallas <32> m [Kristall MK], (cutglass) KRISTALLIN <35a> n [Kristall MK] cube KUBBUS <42> [Kubus MK] cubit ~LTS f <58> [Woaltis E 458] cuckoo GEGUZZI <52> [Geguse E 731] cucumber GURKI <52> [cucumber MK] cuddle v tr (to) PREIGLABTUN <80b> [Glabtun drv], i (to) PREIGLABTUN SI <80b> [Preiglabtun drv] 302

cuirass BRUNNES nom pl f <50> [Brunyos E 419] cultivate v ENTIKNTUN <85> [Tikntun + dirbti MK] culture KULTRI <52> [Kultur MK] cunning WNGARS, gen wngras, aj <26> [Wngrisku drv VM] cup TASSI <52> [Tasse + tase MK] cupboard APPAN <35> [Schapp DIA MK] cupola (dome) KUPPULA <45> [kopu\a, cupola MK] cupping-horn RAGSTA <45> [Ragusto E 552] cupreous WARENS aj <25> [Warrin drv] curdle v KREKTWEI <89> [krekti, kreti + krect + krzek MK] curdled milk SULL~ <46> [Sulo E 693] curl v WNGTWEI <97> [wngriskan 35 VM] Curonian Lagoon KURSINMARI <50> [Kursis, Marri MK] Curonian man KURSIS <40> [kuris, kursis MK] Curonian Spit KPAS <45> [Kapes DIA MK] Curonian woman KURSINI <50> [Kursis drv] currant (black, red) ASWENI <52> [Avokl+Aswinan+Kamisteni+Rossbeere MK] current aj (this) BIG~NTS pc <29> [Bgtwei drv, laufend, biezcy MK], (topical) AKTU~LS <25> [aktuell MK] current (torrent) no STRUTTAN <35> [Strutkeim ON + srutos + strauts MK] curse (rail) v KEKTWEI <85> [epkieckan 55 MK] cursor KURSRS <32> [cursor MK] curtain PIRSIDRMBIS <40> [Vorhang, Drmbis MK] curve v IZLNKTWEI <92> [Lnktwei drv] curved (nose) KMPS aj <26> [etkmps 55 + kumpas + kumps MK] custom (tradition) P AJUKSMA <45> [J`ukus + Juktwei + paprotys MK] customs (duty) TULS <32> [Tols 9110] customs-house LICNTS <56> [Lizent DIA MK] cut v PJATUN <111> [Piuclan E 547 + Gertepeawne ON VM MK], (repetedly) R~IKITUN <138> [Rikisnan E 107 VM], (to clip) v SKRSTUN <73> [Scrundos E 558 + Sturdis E 324 VM MK] cutlet KARMEN~DI <52> [Karmenade DIA MK] cutout NIW~RGINGENIKS <25> [bezpiecznik Nx] cycle CIKLAS, gen ciklas <32> [Zyklus MK]


dagger STAKAMESSERIS <40> [Stakamecczer ` E 428] daily aj DININISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [dineniskas 53], DININS aj <25> [deininan I 11 drv] daily av DININISKAI av [deineniskai 41] dam TAKKISS <32> [Takes E 328] dam up v TWNKTUN <85> [Tuwangste ON VM] damage no KDA <45> [schkdan 67], ~RDAN <35> [~rditun drv] damage v GADNTUN <85> [Pagadntun drv] damnation PERKLANTSN~ <46> [perklantsnan 1156 drv] damned PRKLANTITS pc pt pa <69> [proklantitz I 11] damp WILGS aj <25> [Welgen E 157 VM] dance no D~NCIS <32> [danz MK] dance v D~NCAUTWEI <143> [D`ncis + dancot MK] danger AL~RMUS <32> [alarm MK] dangerous aj AL~RMEWINGIS <27> [Al`rmus drv], W~RGINGIS <27> [W`rgan drv] dangerously AL~RMEWINGI av [Al`rmewingis drv] Danzig (Gdansk) GUD~NITS <32> [Gyddanyzs 997 MK] dare v DRSINTUN SI <85> [drsintun drv], (to risk) RZIKITWEI <138> [Rziku drv] dark (darkness) TIMRAN n <35> [tymmer lacus ON MK] dark TIMMARS, gen timras, aj <26> [tymmer lacus ON MK] darkening EBM IGLINSN~ <46> [Ebmiglintun drv] darkness TIMRAN n <35> [tymmer lacus ON MK] dash no (straining) KNSN~ <46> [Kntwei drv] dash v (to strain) KNTWEI <97> [erknina 117 VM] data D~TAN <35> [Datum/ Data MK] database D~TANBAZI <52> [database MK] date TERMNS <32> [Termin MK], D~TAN <35> [Datum/ Data MK] dative D~TIWS <32> [Dativ MK] daub v L~ISTUN <87> [L`ids MK] daughter DUKTI <67> [Duckti 67] daughter-in-law M~RT <51> [M`rtin 107 drv] 304

daw D~KI <52> [Doacke E 732], KT <53> [Kote E 724] dawn ~USTR~ <46> [aura + austrumi + ju(s)trzenka MK] day DIN~ <46> [deinan 43 drv], the day before yesterday PIRZDBITAI av [Pirzdas + Btai, Pirzdlangstan MK]; (civil, solar) DEIN~NAKTS <58> [diennakts, Tag und Nacht MK] daybreak ~USTR~ <46> [aura + austrumi + ju(s)trzenka MK] day-labourer DEINAALGENKS <32> [Dein`algenikamans 95 drv] dazzle v SP~NGINTUN <85> [Sp`ngs drv] deacon DIAKNS <32> [Diakonus MK] deaconess DIAKNISI <52> [Diakonisse MK] deaf KRTS <26> [kutras, kurls + kurteiti 87 VM]; to grow deaf KRSTWEI <93> [kurteiti 87 VM] deal (to merchandise) v KAUPATWEI <144> [K`upan MK] dealer (trader) KAUPIKS <32> [k`upiskan 33 + buyer + kupiec MK] dean DEK~NS <32> [dekan MK] deanery DEKAN~TAN <35> [Dekanat MK] dear TMPARS, gen tmpras, aj <26> [tmpran 43], (beloved) MLS aj <25> [mijls 49] dear(ly) TMPRAI av [tmprai 69] death GALS <36> [Golis E 168] debark v AUSADNTUN <85> [Sadntun drv] debatable DISPTINS aj <25> [disputabel MK] debit v KASTUN <139> [kassieren MK] debt ~UAUTS f <58> [`uschautins 53 drv] debtor AUAUTENKS <32> [auschautenkamans 53 drv] Decalogue DEKALGS <32> [Dekalog MK] decay v GESTWEI <90> [pogadint 109 VM], IRTWEI <87> [irti,irt,oriti MK] deceive v PAIKTUN <136> [paikemmai 29 drv], (for some time) PAP~IKTUN <136> [popaik` 55 drv] December DECMBERIS no nom sg m <40> [Dezember MK], SALLAWS <32> [Salts + ziemas, zimny MK] decency K~NKST <53> [K`nxtin 53 drv], PREISTALWINGISKU <49> [preistallwingi 93 MK] decent K~NKSTAS aj <25> [kanxta 77] decently K~NKSTAI av [k`nxtai 83], PREISTALWINGI av [preistallwingi 93] 305

deceptive REDS aj <25> [reddau 69], REDDISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [reddisku 3310 MK] deceptively REDDI av [reddi II 5] decide v (to consider) PRESTUN <93> [pr`tin 51 MK], (to resolve) PAPRESTUN <93> [poprestemmai 65] decision PR~TS <57> [pr`tin 51 drv] declaration PAWAKSN~ <46> [Powacksna 99] declare v PAWAKTUN <134> [Powacksna 99 drv] declination DEKLINACINI <52> [Deklination MK] decline NKSNA <45> [Nktwei drv] decline v tr (grammatically) DEKLINTUN <139> [deklinieren MK] decline v i (to perish) NKTWEI <92> [nykti + + niknc MK nkt] decompose v tr AUDTUN <121> [Sendtun Nx], v i IRTWEI <87> [irti, irt, oriti MK] decorate v GRAZZINTUN <85> [Grazzus drv] decoration GRAZINTINNI <52> [Grazzus drv MK] decree ENSADNSNA <45> [ensadinsnan 111 drv] dedicate v PALKITUN <135> [polijcki 57 drv] dedication PALKISNA <45> [Palkitun drv] deed DLAGA <45> [Dlatwei + Karyago E 411 GlN] deep GILLUS aj <31> [gillin 101 drv] deepen v GILLINTUN <85> [Gillus drv] deer RAGNGIS m <40> [Ragingis E 651] defame v EBMNTITUN <138> [ep mntimai 33 drv] default aj AUPRESTAMINS <25> [Auprestun + Paklausmins MK] defeat no (loss) PRASPLISNA <45> [Prasplitun drv] defeat v EBWARTUN <134> [epwarsnan 117 drv] defect GADDAN <35> [pogadint 109 VM] defence fencing PIR~ <46> [Prio E 414] defend v GNTUN <71> [Gynneboth,Ginthawte,Tawtegynne APN,guntwei 87 VM] defendant LGINTINS aj <25> [Lgintun drv] defender GINS <38> [Gntun + Gewineis E 191, gynjas MK] defense GNSNA <45> [Gntun drv] deficit DEFICTAN <35> [Defizit MK] defile v DERGTUN <134> [derg 37 VM] define v DEFINTUN <139> [definieren MK] 306

defined D~TS <25> pc / aj [D`tun drv] degree GR~DS <32> [Grad+gr`ds MK], (scale) MATS <32> [mattei 115 VM] dejection PERDWIGUB~SN~ <46> [perdwibugsnan 55 drv] delegate no DELAG~TS <32> [delegate MK] delegate v DELAGTUN <139> [delegieren MK] delegation DELAGACINI <52> [Delegation MK] deliver v PREISTATNTUN <85> [preistattinnimai 111], deliver (to give) over, up PAD~TUN <118> [pod`ton 77 drv] delta ~USTIN <37> [`ustin + Mnde] deluge no PLADAN <35> [Plauden + pldi JG MK] deluge v PLSTUN <94> [plsti, plst, Plauden MK] delusion: to be under a BLAND~TUN SI <132> [Bland`twei drv MK] demagogic DEMAGGISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [demagogisch MK] demagogue (man) DEMAGGS <32> [Demagog MK], (woman) DEMAGGINI <50> [Demag?gs drv] demagogy DEMAGGIJA <45> [Demagogie MK] demand no IZKNINSNA <45> [izknintun drv] demand v IZKNINTUN <85> [Knintun + wymagac drv MK] democracy DEMKRATIJA <45> [Demokratie MK] democrat DEMKRATS <32> [Demokrat MK] democratic DEMKRATISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [demokratisch MK] demolish v GRASTUN <77> [Grauden DIA VM], (entirely) IZGRASTUN <77> [GrastunMK] demolition IZGRASENIS <40> [Izgrastun drv] demonstrate v ENWAIDNTUN <85> [enwaidinnons 119], PAWAIDNTUN <85> [Powaidint 17], WAIDNTUN <85> [waidinna 75] denominate v (name) PABILTUN (per acc) <134a> [Biltun drv+designate MK] denomination (name) PABILSN~ <46> [Pabiltun drv] denominator BILTAJS <32> [biltun drv MK] dense K~MSTUS <30> [kamtis, czsty MK] density K~MSTIS nom sg f <58> [K`mstus drv] dent v ENGNESTUN <76> [Gnestun drv + spausti, iespiest MK] dent: tool to dent millstones SKRDIS <40> [Sturdis E 324] dentist (man) DANTISTS <32> [+ D`nts dentiste + dantistas, dentysta MK], (woman) DANTISTINI <50> [Dantists drv] denunciation DENUNCIACINI <52> [Denunziation MK] 307

denunciator DENUNCI~NTS <56> [Denunziant MK] deny v NAIKNTUN <85> [Nktwei drv + naikinti + nicin`t, ncin`t MK] depart v IZJ~TWEI <119> [J`twei drv] departing IZJ~SN~ <46> [Izj`twei drv] department LAITNSENIS <40> [laitnsna drv MK] departure IZJ~SENIS <40> [Izj`twei drv], (of an aicraft) IZSKR~ISENIS <40> [Izskr`istwei drv] depend (on) v PERL~NKTWEI <75> (ezze acc) [perl`nkei 53] dependence (on) PERL~NKSN~ <46> (ezze acc) [Perl`nktwei drv] dependently (on) PERL~NKUS aj <31> (ezze acc) [Perl`nktwei MK] deposit NDIJA <45> [Endtun drv MK] deprave v IZWRPTUN <75b> [Wrptun drv MK] depreciate v (to derogate) LKUTINTUN <85> [Lkuts drv] deprive v of (to take away) ETMTUN <71> [mtun drv] depth GILLUW~ <46> [Gillus drv] deputy DEIKTAPERTREPPENIKS <32> [Stellvertreter MK] derivation DERIWACINI <52> [Derivation MK] derogation LKUTINSNA <45> [Lkutintun drv] descend (from) v PERTIKTWEI <89> (ezze acc) [Tiktwei drv] descendant (man) PALIKKIS <40> [JB MK], (woman) PALIKKINI <50> [Palikkis MK] describe v EBPEIS~TUN <132> [Peis`tun + ebsentliuns 109 MK] description EBPEIS~SENIS <40> [Ebpeis`tun drv] desert P~USTRI <52> [Paustre E 624] deserve v PERLZITUN <138> [perschlsisnan 41 drv] designate v EBZENTLITUN <138> [ebsentliuns 109 drv] desire no KWAITSN~ <46> [(labbai) quoitsnan 97], PAKWAITSN~ <46> [poquoitsnau 63 drv] desire v ENLAIPINTUN <85> [enlaipinne 99 drv], PAKWAITTUN <46> [poquoitsnau 63 drv], PALAIPSTUN <134> [Pallaipstwei 356] desk (writing desk) PEIS~ISTALS <36> [Peis`imani + Schreibtisch, rakst`mgalds WE] desktop DESKTPS <32> [desktop MK] despair v AUMINTWEI <139> [auminius 73 VM] despond v PERDWIGUB~TWEI <132> [perdwibugsnan 55] despondency PERDWIGUB~SN~ <46> [perdwibugsnan 55 drv] 308

destine v (to fate) AULAMTUN <81b> [lamtun drv+nulemti, lemt+noteikt MK] destroy v ~RDITUN <138> [ardyti, ardt, oriti MK], AUGRASTUN <77> [Grastun MK] destruct v PERNAIKNTUN <85> [Naikntun drv+perbillton 55+vernichten MK] detachment KUM~NDAN <35> [Kommando MK] detail DET~ILIN <35a> [Detail MK] detect v SERRPTUN <75b> [serrpimai 113] detente DET~NTI <52> [detente MK] detention ARESTS <32> [Arrest MK] deteriorate v GESTWEI <90> [pogadint 109 VM] determine v EBZENTLITUN <138> [ebsentliuns 109 drv] detonate v DETNITWEI <138> [detonieren MK] develop smth, smb v tr ETWIJ~TUN <132> [Wtun + develop MK], develop i ETWIJ~TUN SI <132> [Etwij`tun drv] development ETWIJ~SN~ <46> [Etwij`tun drv] device no NRANKI <52> [rankis + Abr`nki MK] device v ERMRITUN <138> [ermrit 69] devil KAKS <32> [Cawx E 11], KUKS <32> [Cucenbrast ON], PIKULS <32> [Pickls 55] devour v GERTUN <80> [Pregora + pragaras, gerti, dzert, rati MK] devout SELISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Seilisku 79 MK] devoutness SELISKU <49> [Seilisku 79] dew RAS~ <46> [rasa + rasa + pink MK] dewy RASANS <25> [Ras` drv] diacritical DIAKRTISKAS <25> [diakritisch MK] dialogue DIALGS <32> [Dialog MK] dictionary WIRDENS <32> [Seweynis E 229 MK] die v AULATWEI <144> [aul`ut 63] differ v (from) LAITNTUN SI <85> (ezze dat) [laitntun drv] difference LAITNTAN <35> [laitntun + Gwan MK] different KITAWDS <25> [kittawidin 115 VM] differently KITAWDAI av [kittewidei 49], KITAWDI av [kittawidin 115], KITAWDISKAI av [kittewidiskai 129] dig v KAPTUN <85> [enkopts 43 + kapti VM] digit CIPPERI <52> [Ziffer MK] dignity (honour) TESISKU <49> [Teisiskan 91] 309

diligence (assiduity) SELAWINGISKU <49> [Selawingis drv], SELI <52> [seilin 115 drv] diligent SELAWINGIS aj <27> [(ni) seilewingis 67] dill KAMMATA <45> [Kamato E 267] dimension no ERMATTAUSNA no <45> [Ermattautun MK] dimension attr ERMATTAWINGIS aj <27> [Mats MK] dine (to have dinner) v PUSIDEINATWEI <144> [Pussidein` drv, po\udniowac, MK] dining-table MINSA <45> [Mynsowe E 364, refectory VM] dinner PUSSIDEIN~ <46> [Pussinakts, po\udniowac, poldnik MK] dinner-party MAWS <33> [Schmaus MK] dint v ETGNESTUN <76> [Gnestun drv + atspausti, odcisn c MK], ENGNESTUN <76> [Gnestun drv + spausti, iespiest MK], to be dinted ETGNESTUN SI <76> [Etgnestun drv] diode DIDI <52> [Diode Nx] dip (to dive) v NIRTWEI <92> [nirti, nirt, nurzac MK] direct aj ENT IKSRISKAS <25> aj [Entikriskai, Tikriskas MK] direct v (toward) WARTNTUN <85> (prei acc) [wartint 35] direction LNKIS <40> [Lnktwei + kryptis MK] directly ENT IKRISKAI av [Entikriskas drv] director DIREKTRS <32> [Direktor MK] directress DIREKTRSI <52> [Direktrice MK] dirt NISKSTISKU <49> [Skstisku + nideiwiskan 29 MK] dirt floor (loam floor) L~IDES TALS <42> [Talus E 207] dirty MLINS aj <25> [mlinan 103 VM] disappear v IZNKTWEI <92> [Nktwei + inykti, iznkt MK], PRAPALTWEI <85> [aupallai 107, prapulti, przepasc MK] disappearing PRAPALSN~ <46> [Prapaltwei drv] disappoint v PRAWILTUN <126> [prowela (din) I 13], to be disappointed (in) PRAWILTUN SI <126> (n dat) [Prawiltun drv] disaster NIDEIWTISKU <49> [Deiwtisku drv, nelaim, nelaime, Ungluck, nieszczscie MK] disastrous NKEWINGIS aj <27> [Nktwei drv] discern v ENDIRTUN <134> [endyrtwei 119] discharge v PALASTUN <77> [Palada + paleisti MK] discipline no (self-control) K~NKSTISKU <49> [Kanxtisku 93] 310

discipline v K~NKSTINTUN <85> [kanxtinsna 77 VM] disclose v ETKESTUN <87> [accodis E 214] discolour v i AUB~RWINTUN SI <85> [b`rwintun drv MK] discovery AUPALSENIS <40> [Aupaltun drv] discuss v EBTARTUN <136> [Tartun MK], DISKUTTWEI (zrgi acc) <139> [diskutieren MK] discussion EBTARSN~ <46> [Ebtartun drv], DISKUSINI <52> [Diskussion MK] disease ENW~RGSENIS <40> [Enw`rgtwei MK] disfavour NIETNSTIS <58> [nietestis 115 drv] disgrace NIETNSTIS <58> [nietestis 115 drv] dish (food) DIS <40> [dis 75], (vessel) RKS <32> [rykas JB, rks MK], TRAKS <32> [traukai, trauki MK] dish with an arched lid UGNS <32> [Wogonis E 366] dishes (tableware, crockery) TRAKAI <32> pl TRAKS [traukai,trauki MK] dishonor GDA <45> [gdan 55 drv] dishonourable NITEISNGISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [niteisngiskan 87] disimprove v GADNTUN <85> [Pagadntun drv] disintegrate v IRTWEI <87> [irti, irt, oriti MK], KEDTWEI <136> [accodis E 214 + kedti VM MK] disjoin v LAITNTUN <85> [sklaitint 109] dismantle (disassemble) v IZDTUN <121> [Sendtun MK] disobedient NIPAKLUSMINGIS aj <27> [nipoklusmings 67] disorder KMPINSNA <45> [Kmpintun (si) drv] disorientate v MNTITUN <138> [Mnstun drv MK] disown v ETGRBTUN <85> [Grbtun drv MK] dispatch v AUTENGNTUN <85> [Tengntun drv] dispatching AUTENGNSNA <45> [Autengntun drv] disport v ENWESSELINTUN SI <85> [Enwesselintun drv] dispute DISPTS <32> [Disput MK] dissolute: to become dissolute IZWRPTUN SI <75b> [Izwrptun drv] dissolve v tr PALASTUN <77> [Palada + paleisti MK], (parliament) IZWRPTUN <75b> [Wrptun drv MK] dissuade v PERBILTUN <134a> [Perbillton 55] dissuasion PERBILSN~ <46> [Perbiltun drv] 311

distance no T~LISKU <49> [T`ls drv] distance v tr (from) T~LINTUN <85> [T`ls drv MK], v i (from) T~LINTUN SI <85> [T`lintun drv] distinctibility L~ITISKU <49> [schlatiskai 67] distinguish itself (through) v EBZENTLITUN SI <138> (pra acc) [Ebzentlitun drv] disturbed: to get disturbed (deranged) KMPINTUN SI <85> [Kmpintun drv] ditch RAWS <32> [Rawys E 31] ditto TELLI PAT dive v NIRTWEI <92> [nirti, nirt, nurzac MK], dive out IZNIRTWEI <92> [Nirtwei drv] diver NIRTAJS <32> [Nirtwei drv] diver (bird) KRKA <45> [Kerko E 758], (little loon) GEGGALS <36> [Gegalis E 759] diverse LAITAWDS aj <25> [l`its + kitawds MK], WISAWDISKAS pn nom sg m <25> [wissawidiskan 57] diversely WISAWDAI av [wissawidei 113], WISAWDI av (aj n) [wissaweidin 55] diversity LAITAWDISKU <49> [laitawds drv] divert v ENWARTNTUN <85> [enwertinnewingi 37 VM] divertibly (astray) ENWARTINNEWINGI av [enwertinnewingi 37] divide v tr DELTUN <139> [dellieis 87 VM], two ways DWEJJINTUN <85> [Dw`i, dwej`i drv + dvejinti MK], (to partition) up (among) PADELTUN <139> (sirzdau acc) [Deltun drv], v i to divide into two parts DWEJJINTUN SI <85> [Dwejjintun drv], divide i by DELTUN SI <139> en acc [Deltun drv] divine DIWISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Deiwiskai 51 drv] divinely DIWISKAI av [Deiwiskai 51] divinity DIWISKU <49> [Diwiskas drv MK], (abstract) DIWISTA <45> [Kriks`nista + dievyst MK] division DIWIZINI <52> [Division MK], (department) LAITNSENIS <40> [laitnsna drv MK], (arithmetical) DELSN~ <46> [Deltun drv] divisor DELTAJS <32> [Deltun drv MK] dizzy a: to feel dizzy SWIGTWEI <99> [svaigti + svaigslgs + MK], to make dizzy SWAIGNTUN <85> [Swigtwei drv + svaiginti MK] 312

dizzy v SWAIGNTUN <85> [Swigtwei drv + svaiginti MK] do v SEGTUN <134> [seggt 87] docent (lecturer) DCENTS <56> [Dozent MK] doctor DOKTRS <32> [Doktor MK] doctorate DOKTRATAN <35> [Doctorat MK] doe GLUMBI <52> [Glumbe E 652] dog PISS <32> [Pistwis E 784 VM], SUNNIS <40> [Sunis E 703] doghouse BDA <45> [Bude DIA MK] dogs fly (insect) PISSEWIS <40> [Pistwis E 784] dogwood SNDS <32> [Sidis E 613] doit MALKPENINGS <32> [change MK] domesticate v ENBUTTINTUN <85> [n + Buttan, udomowiac MK] dominion RIKASN~ <46> [rickasnan 53] donate (to present) v DAJ~TUN <132> [D`iai 111 drv MK] donation D~J~ <46> [D`iai 111] donkey ASSILS <32> [Asilis E 436] doomed PRKLANTITS pc pt pa <69> [proklantitz I 11] door WARTELLI <52> [Wart` MK], entry door(s) WART~ <46> [Warto E 210], out of doors WINNAI av [winna 63] doorkeeper PRICKUS <42> [Hei, Frtschke, noch hnmahl! DIA + Prikus MK] doorstep PAKRTA <45> [Pocorto E 195] dorsal RKISNAS gen attr [Rkisna drv] dorsum RKISNA <45> [Rikisnan E 107 VM] double aj DWIGUBS aj <25> [dwigubbus 87] double av DWESUN av [dangonsuen TN MK] double no (look-alike) ~NTRASUBS <32> [sobowtor, ~ntars, Subs MK] double v tr DWIGUBBINTUN <85> [Dwigubs drv] doublet (waistcoat) ST~MENINIS <40> [St`mens drv + liemen MK] doubt v DWIGUB~TWEI <132> [dwibugt 65] down(wards) ZEMMAI av [semmai 121] downfall KRWIS <40> [Kruwis E 167] down-hearted AUMINWUNS Aumintwei pc pt ac <68> [auminius 73] doze no DWASSILISNA <45> [Dwassilitwei drv] doze v (to drowse) DWASSILITWEI <133> [Dwassils drv, DIA duseln, dusseln, dsen, dsen], MIGTWEI <125> [enmigguns 81 + Gr meicte] draft (drawing) GLAUB~LI <52> [Glaub`tun drv] 313

drag v tr WLKTUN <97> [Awilkis 472 VM], (once) TNSTUN <79> [tinstwei 73], (repetedly) TENSTUN <139> [entnsts 59 drv], drag oneself i WLKTUN SI <97> [Wlktun drv GlN] dragon DR~KENS <32> [Drachen MK] dragon-fly D~NGUSKAIWI <52> [Himmelspferdchen DIA + laumirgis MK] drain v S~USINTUN <85> [S`uss, Sustwei drv MK] drains (sewerage) KANALIZACINI <52> [Kanalisation MK] drama DR~MAN <35> [Drame MK] dramatic AKTRISKAS aj <25> [Akt?rs drv], (theatrical) TE~TERISKAS aj <25> [Te`teris drv] Drausen DRSA <45> [Truso ON JG] draw v (to picture) GLAUB~TUN <132> [Gl`ubtun MK] draw v tr (to scoop up) KNIPTUN <75b> [kniipe 107 drv], (to tug) v TNSTUN <79> [tinstwei 73], draw into ENTENSTUN <139> [entnsts 59 drv], out (to pull out) IZWLKTUN <97> [Wlktun MK], nearer, together TAWINTUN <85> [Taws drv, tuvin`t MK], together (to make people near, to make stand points close) SENTAWINTUN <85> [Taws drv, suartinti, satuvin`t MK] drawer (of a desk etc.) SKATTAUKASTENS <32> [Schubkasten MK] drawing (draphics) GLAUB~LI <52> [Glaub`tun drv] dream no SUPNAS <36> [sapnas + sapnis + sen, son + svapna-, hypnos MK] dream v SUPNATUN <144> [Supnas drv] dregs (feculence) MNTALS <32> [ [passalis E 57], Mzals MK], (of coffee) K~MSTU <44> [K`mstus drv], (ragtag) PADDUBNIS <52> nom pl f [Dubnas + padugns, padibenes MK] dress no (clothes) RKAI <32> nom pl m [Rkai 53] dress v EBWLKTUN <97> [Wlktun drv, apvilkti], dress oneself (in) EBWLKTUN SI [Ebwlktun drv, apsivilkti] (en acc) dresser APPAN <35> [Schapp DIA MK] drift (a self-contained process) SUBBEIG~ <46> [Subs, Eig`, savieiga MK] drill v GR~NZTUN <85> [Granstis E 535 drv] drink no (beverage) PWIS <40> [pois 75] drink v PTUN <113> [poutwei 73], drink smth (property, etc.) away PRAPTUN <113> [Ptun drv], to give to drink PWINTUN <85> [Ptun drv] drinkable PJAMINS <25> aj [Paklausmins MK] 314

drinkable fruit jelly KISLS <32> [Kissl DIA MK] drip (for instilling) LASTWAN <35> [Lastwei drv] drive no (trip) J~TUWIS <52> [J`twei + Artwes E 413 MK] drive v tr away GNTUN <71> [guntwei 87], out IZGNTUN <71> [Gntun drv], smb there and back GUN~TUN <132> [Guntnu drv] drive v i J~TWEI <119> [perioth MBS], (around, repetedly) JAD~TWEI <132> [J`twei drv], home PERJ~TWEI <119> [perioth MBS] drive belt AKLAK~RDA <45> [Aclocordo E 313] driving wheel TRI <52> [stre MK] drone v DNTWEI <136> [dundti, dunt + dundulis, dundurs MK] drop no L~S~ <46> [laas, l`se,DMK] drop v tr (cast) AUMESTUN <72> [Mestun drv + pamesti MK], v i (to trickle) LASTWEI <134> [Las` drv, lati, l`st] drown (smb, smth) v AUSKANDNTUN <85> [auskandints 63 drv] drowning (smb, smth) AUSKANDNSNA <45> [auskandinsnan 119 drv] drowse no DWASSAUSNA <45> [Dwassautwei drv] drowse (smb) v tr MAIGNTUN <85> [migtwei drv], (to doze) v i MIGTWEI <125> [enmigguns 81 + Gr meicte] drum TRUMBELS <32> [Trumbel MK] drunkard RUNDLS <32> [rundijls 87] dry (land) no S~USAW~ <46> [S`uss drv, sausuma, sauszeme MK] dry aj S~USS <25> [saus` 119 drv] dry av S~USAI [sausai 121], S~USAN (aj n) [saus` 119] dry v tr S~USINTUN <85> [S`uss, Sustwei drv MK], v i SUSTWEI <91> [S`usan + susin`t, susti, schnc MK] dub (to give a name) v PRABILTUN <134a> per ( acc) [Biltun drv GlN] ducat DUKTS <32> [Dukaten MK] duchess ERCGINI <50> [Ercgs drv] duck ANTS f <58> [Antis E 720] Duke ERCGS <32> [duke MK] dukedom ERCGISTA <45> [Ercgs drv] dull (bore) PREIILGEWINGIS <27> [Preiilgintwei <85>]; (smoky) MNTS <25> [Mnstun drv + mtny MK] dumb MMS aj <26> [mms, Mmele, Nemunas/Memel? niemy MK] dumb (thing) NIAUBILNTS pc <29> [gen niaubillntis 125] dumpster KNTAINERIS <40> [container MK] 315

dune KPA <45> [kopa, k`pa MK], inhabitant of the dunes KPENIKS <32> [Kapeninker DIA MK] dung GZIS <52> [Gosen Gr] duplicate v tr DWIGUBBINTUN <85> [Dwigubs drv] during (as; when) KADDAN [kai 1057] dust PSL <53> [Pstun drv] dusty PUSLANS aj <25> [Pusl drv] Dutch aj ULLANDISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Dutch MK] Dutch language ULLANDISKAN <35> [Ullandiskas + Dutch MK] Dutchman ULLANDERIS <40> [dutchmen + getting MK] Dutchwoman ULLANDERINI <50> [Ullanders drv] duties ENTEIK~SN~ <46> [enteiksna 73] duty (customs) TULS <32> [Tols 9110] dweller BUWNTAJS <32> [Buwntwei drv MK] dye no WPS <32> [Woapis E 457] dye v WPITUN <138> [Woapis E 457 MK] dyer (man) WPENIKS <32> [Wpitun drv], (woman) WPENIKINI <50> [Wpeniks drv] dyestuff WPINIS <40> [Wps drv] dyeworks WPINEINS <32> [Wpinis drv] dying (death) AULASENIS <40> [113 aulausennien drv] dynasty DINASTJA <45> [Dynastie MK]

each ERANS <21> [erains 33], each of both ABBEJAN [abbaien 113] eagle ARELLIS <40> [Arelie E 709], (white-tailed) JRES ARELLIS [jrinis erelis, Seeadler Nx] eagle-owl WS <32> [Iwogarge GN, ON VM] ear (lug) ~USS <60> [`usins 83] ear (spike) W~LT <51> [Wolti E 276], WARPA <45> [varpa + Warpelauken MK] early av ANKST~I av [Angstainai 79 VM] 316

early aj ~NKSTAS aj <26> [ankstus + Angsteina MK] earn living v DIZTWEI <139> [dseitiskan 87 VM] earnest (zealous) STRNAWS aj <26> [strnawiskan 117 VM] ear-piece KIRDTLA <45> [kirdtwei drv Nx] earth ZEM <53> [semm 10517, Samye E 237] earthquake ZEMMIS DRIBBINSN~ <46> [earthquake MK] earth-swallow KRIKSTNA <45> [Krixtieno E 741] earthworm SLAKS <36> [Slayx E 785] ear-wax TRUSTIS <56> [Dmskins E 84] east attr, eastern DEINANISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Deynayno E 5+Dein`i MK] east: the East DIN~I <36> [Dein`ina MK] Easter PASKI <52> [Pach DIA MK] easterly DINISKAS <25> aj nom sg m [dein`i drv MK] East Prussia DEIN~PRUSIJA <45> [Dein`i + Ostpreussen MK] East-Prussian (man) DEINAPRUSNS <32> [Dein`prusija drv], (woman) DEINAPRUSNI <50> [Deinaprusns drv] easy L~NGUS <31> [L`ngiseiliskan 95 VM] eat v STUN <117> [istwei 105], up PRAGERTUN <80> [Pragertun drv] ebb no BGAN <35> [Bgtwei MK] ebb v AUPLSTWEI <94> [plstwei drv MK] eccentricity RETAWNGISKU <49> [Retawngis drv] echo ET~RI <52> [atbalss, odg\os, Et + T`ri MK] economist EKONMISTS <32> [economist MK] economy EKONMIJA <45> [Okonomie MK] edge KRAKSTS <36> [Kraxtoye BiolikPregMem MK], edge of an acre AZ nom sg f <51> [Asy E 241] edible DAMINS <25> aj [Paklausmins MK] edification IZWANGINSN~ <46> [Izwangintun drv] edit v REDIGTUN <139> [redigieren MK] edition PERLAZNSNA <45> [Perlazntun drv] editor EDITRS <32> [editor Nx] education ERSW~IKSTINSNA <45> [Ersw`ikstintun drv], IZTIKNSNA <45> [Ausbildung MK] educational PEDAGGISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [pdagogisch MK] educationist (man) PEDAGGS <32> [Pdagog MK], (woman) PEDAGGINI <50> [Pedaggs drv] 317

eel ANGURIS <41> [Angurgis E 565] effect EFEKTS <32> [Effekt MK] efficient (industriuous) DLAWINGIS <27> [Dlatwei drv] effloresce v KWISTWEI <100> [kvitt + kvietys + kwisc MK] effort PASTANGA <45> [Stengtun MK] egg P~UTS <32> [paute Gr] eight ASTNEI crd <27> [atuoni MK], ASTNEREI (+ pl tantum) <27> [atuoneri MK], (as a group) ASTNEREI <27> [Astnerei + osmioro MK], eight persons together AST-NERINSUN [TN MK dangonsuen], to eight ASTNERINSUN [TN MK dangonsuen] eight and a half PUSINEWNTAS crd [pusdevinto MK] eight hundred ASTNSIMTA [Warv E 210, Astneta MK] eight hundredth ASTNSIMTS <25> [Astnsimta MK] eighteen ASTNADESIMT crd [Anadesimt, Astnei MK] eighteenth ASTNADESMTS ord <26> [Astnadesimt MK] eighth ASMUS, gen asmas, ord <26> [Asmus 33] eightieth ASTNDESIMTS ord <25> [Astnei MK] eighty ASTNDESIMTS <58> [Astnei MK] elastic L~NKEWINGIS <27> [L`nktun drv MK] elbow ALKNS <32> [alkene universities E 110] elder (mayor) EPTMANIS <40> [Hoefftmannin 91 MK] elder (tree) SAIW~GARIN <37> [eivamedis MK] election (poll) RNKAWAS <46> [Rnktun drv MK] electric ELAKTRISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [elektrisch MK] electric bulb L~MPIKA <45> [lamp + lemput MK] electric wire WADS <32> [Westun + vadas + vads + -wod MK] electrician ELAKTRENIKS <32> [Elektriker MK] electricity ELAKTRISKU <49> [Elaktriskas drv] electron ELAKTRNAN <35> [Elektron MK] electronic ELAKTRNISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [elektronisch MK] elegy ELAGJA <45> [Elegie MK] element ELAMNTAN <35> [Element MK] elephant ELAP~NTS <32> [Elefant + JB MK] elevate v ERL~NGTUN <75> [erl`ngi 97 drv] eleven ANADESIMT crd [n? + jedenascie + vienpadsmit MK] eleventh AINADESMTS ord <26> [MK anadesimt] 318

eliminate v ~UPAUSINTUN <85> [preipaus 71, paalinti MK], ELIMINTUN <139> [eliminieren MK] elixir ELIKSRAN <35> [Elixier MK] E\k LUKS <32> [Luk ON] elm SKRPTUS sg <32> [Skerptus E 626], WINKSNA <45> [Wimino E 625] eloquent IZBILWNGIS aj <27> [Izbiltun drv] eloquently IZBILWNGI av [Izbilwingis drv] elsewhere KITAKWI av [kits + Wiskwi MK] elucidation ESKINSN~ <46> [Eskintun drv] embankment (fill) SUPPIS <40> [Suppis E 327] embassy TENGNTINISTA <45> [Tengntinis MK] embody v ENKRMENINTUN <85> [enkrminints 131 drv] embolden v DRSINTUN <85> [drsus drv Nx MK] embrace v (once) GL~BTUN <75b> [Pogl`bu VM], (repeatedly) GLAB~TUN <132> [Pogl`bu VM], (each other once) GL~BTUN SI <75b> [Pogl`bu VM], (each other repeatedly) v GLAB~TUN SI <132> [Pogl`bu VM], (ideas) EBMTUN <71> [ebimmai 65 drv] embrace(s) GLAB~SNAS pl <45> [Glab`tun drv] embroider v IZWIDDAUTUN <143> [haftowac + izt MK] emerge v IZNIRTWEI <92> [Nirtwei drv], TIKTWEI <89> [Teks 67, tickint 69 MK] emergence TIKSN~ <46> [Tiktwei drv] emigrant (man) EMIGR~NTS <56> [emigrant MK], IZW~NDRAWENIKS <32> [Izw`ndrautwei drv], (woman) EMIGR~NTI <50> [Emigr`nts drv], IZW~NDRAWENIKI <52> [Izw`ndraweniks drv] emigrate v IZW~NDRAUTWEI <143> [W`ndrautwei drv] emigration EMIGRACINI <52> [Emigration MK] emissary (courier) TENGNTINIS <40> [Tengntun drv] emit v IZLASTUN <77> [Palastun drv + ileisti MK] Emperor KIZERIS <40> [Keiserin 91 drv] employ v ENSEGTUN <134> (acc sen acc) [Segtun drv] employee ALGENKS <32> [Dein`algenikamans 95 drv GlN] employee LZENIKS <32> [schlsinikai 91] empower v ENWARRINTUN <85> [War drv MK] Empress KIZERINI <50> [Kizeris drv] emptiness P~USTAN <35> [P`usts drv MK] 319

empty aj P~USTS aj <26> [Pausto(catto) E 665 VM] empty v IZP~USTINTUN <85> [P`usts drv + ituttinti, iztukot, entleeren, oproznic MK] encampment LISKAS nom sg m <32> [Liscis E 412] encasement EBWIJ~KLI <52> [Ebwij`tun drv + peis`lei 89 MK] enchain v ENKALTUN <85> [Kaltwei drv] encircle v EBZRGINTUN <85> [umringen, otoczyc MK] encirclement EBZRGINSN~ <46> [Ebzrgintun drv] enclose v ENDTUN <121> [audei`nsts 93, senditans 83 MK] enclosure (within smth) ENDSENIS <40> [Endtwei drv] encourage (to hearten) v DRSINTUN <85> [drsus drv Nx MK] end no WANG~ <46> [wangan 51 VM] end v WANGNTUN <85> [wangint 99] endeavour v STENGTUN SI <75> [Stengtun drv] endurance IZSTALWINGISKU <49> [Izstalwingis drv] endure (to be patient) v KINSTWEI <93> [Tulekinste MK] enemy PRISIKS <32> [prisiks 79] energy ENERGJA <45> [Energie MK] enfold v EBGL~BTUN <85> [Abklopte MV VM] engage v (smb with smth) ENSEGTUN <134> (acc sen acc) [Segtun drv], to be engaged DLATWEI <131> [dlants 87 VM] engine MOTRS <32> [engine MK] engine-driver LOKOMTWEDIKS <32> [Lokomotivfhrer MK] engirdle v J~STUN <125> [juosmi, josta, opasac, MK] England NGLIJA <45> [England MK] English NGLISKAN <35> [ngliskas + Englisch MK] English aj NGLISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [nglis drv] Englishman NGLIS <40> [Plis MK] Englishwoman NGLINI <50> [nglis drv] enjoy v PADNGAUTUN SI <143> (sen acc) [Padngautun drv], (eating) ENGARDAUTWEI <143> (en acc) [Gardautwei drv, gardiuotis MK] enlighten v ERSW~IKSTINTUN <85> [erschw`igstinai 45 drv] enlightenment ERSW~IKSTINSNA <45> [Ersw`ikstintun drv] enlist v ENPEIS~TUN SI <132> [sich einschreiben MK] enormous GIG~NTISKAS aj <25> [Gig`nts drv], MNSTERISKAS aj <25> [Mnstran drv] 320

enough SIT av [zuit 69] enrage v ERNERTTUN <139> [ernertimai 31 drv] enshroud v EBGL~BTUN <85> [Abklopte MV VM] enslave v ENSKL~WINTUN <85> [Skl`wi drv] ensure v GARANTTUN <139> [garantieren MK] entangle v SENRAZGTUN <139> [Razgtun Nx] enter v ENITWEI <116> [Eneissannien 123 drv] enterprise DIZTAWA <45> [Diztwei drv MK] entertain v ENWESSELINTUN <85> [Wesselintun + ielksmin`t drv], entertain with ENSEGTUN <134> (acc sen acc) [Segtun drv] entertainment no ENWESSELINSNA <45> [Enwesselintun drv] entertainment attr ENWESSELINSNAS aj gen attr [Enwesselinsna gen] enthusiasm ENTUZIASMUS <32> [Enthusiasmus MK] entire PASTIPS aj <25> [postippin 45], (all, the whole) WIS n subst [wissa 696] entirely PASTIPPAN av (aj n) [postippan 71], G~NCAI av [gantzei 133] entitlement (name) PABILSN~ <46> [Pabiltun drv] entrails TULAW~RTIS nom pl f <52> [Tusawortes E 131] entrance ENISENIS <40> [Eneissannien 123 drv] entrenchment ~NCIS <52> pl [Schanzen MK] entrepreneur DIZTAJS <32> [Diztwei drv] entrust v PALAIPNTWEI <85> [polaipinna 79 drv] envelope ZRBRUKIS <40> [Umschlag + Surturs E 326 MK] envice v RIDINTUN <85> [Ride Nx] envier PERWID~TAJS <32> [Perwid`twei drv MK] envious PERWID~NTS <29> [Perwid`twei drv] environment ZRGISKU <49> [Zrgi MK] environs EBZRGISKU <49> [apk`rtne, apylink, okolica MK] envoy TENGNTINIS <40> [Tengntun drv] envy no PERWID~SN~ <46> [Perwid`twei drv] envy v PERWD~TWEI <142> [Wid`tun drv + za-wisc/-z(d)rosc MK] epigram EPIGRAMMAN <35> [Epigramm MK] epoch EPKI <52> [Epoche MK] equality LGU <44> [Lgus drv MK] equally AINAWDAI av [ainawdai 65], LGU av (aj n) [Lgus drv] equate v PREILGINTUN <85> [Perlgintun MK] equation PREILGINSNA <45> [Preilgintun drv] 321

equinox EKWINKCIJAN <35> [quinoktium, aequinoctium MK] equivalent AINAWDS aj <25> [ainawydan 43] equivalently LGU av (aj n) [Lgus drv] equivocal (ambiguous) DWIPRESLISKAS <25> aj [Presl + zweideutig, dviprasmis MK] erase (to rub out) v AUDRAZTUN <85> [draztun drv] eraser DRAZZINIS <40> [Draztun drv] erle ALISKANS, gen alisknas <34> [abskande E 602] ermine GAILUKS <32> [Gaylux E 661] erode away v IRTWEI <87> [irti, irt, oriti MK] err v BL~NDITUN SI <138> [Bl`nda MK], KURTTWEI <134> [kurteiti 87 VM] erroneous BL~NDEWINGIS aj <27> [Bl`nda MK] erroneously BL~NDEWINGI av [Bl`nda MK] error BL~NDA <45> [blanda, blenst + b\d MK] especial L~ITS aj <25> [schkl`its 59] especially L~ITEWINGI av (aj n) [l`itewingiskas MK], L~ITS av [schkl`its 113] espionage SPINAZI <52> [Spionage MK] essence (main point) GALWASDELKS <32> [Galwasdellks 77], (matter) ASTIS f <60> [astin 61 drv] essential ASTISKAS aj <25> [Astis drv GlN] establish v ENSADNTUN <85> [ensaddinnons 119 drv, ensadints 101 drv], GRUNTINTUN <85> [gruntan 111 + grnden MK] estate DWARS <32> [Dwarenks MK] esteem ZMNIS <40> [smnin 31] estimate v ENKANINTUN <85> [Kana MK] Estonia ESTANTAUTA <45> [Estland MK] Estonian (man) ESTS <32> [Este + Estland MK] Estonian (woman) ESTINI <50> [Este drv] Estonian ESTISKAS <25> [Ests drv] Estonian language ESTISKAN <35> [Estiskas + Estnisch MK] eternal PR~BUTISKAS aj nom sg m [Pr`butskas 11716] eternally EMPR~BUTSKAN av [enpr`butskan 51, 85], PR~BUTISKAI av [pr`butskai 63] eternity PR~BUTISKU no nom sg f <49> [pr`butskan 4311] 322

ethical TISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [ethisch MK] ethics TIKI <52> [Ethik MK] ethnographer ETNGRAFS <32> [Ethnograph MK] ethnographic ETNGRAFISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [ethnographisch MK] ethnography ETNGRAFIJA <45> [Ethnographie MK] etiquette ETIKETTI <52> [Etikette MK] Europe EURPA <45> [Europe MK] European (a person) EURPINS no <32> [Eurpan drv] European aj EURPISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Eurpan drv], evacuate (excrements) v IZGZTWEI <71> [Gztun drv + Gozen Gr, imatos, izmetumi MK] evade (to shirk) v IZWNGTWEI <97> (iz acc) [Wngtwei MK] evaluate v ENKANINTUN <85> [Kana MK] evangelist EWANGELISTS <32> [Euangelistai 73 drv] even (smooth) aj LGUS aj nom sg m <31> [Ligopanie ON VM] even av, even also, even the very R [ir 49] even surface LGUWA <45> [Lgus drv MK] even v tr IZLGINTUN <85> [Perlgintun MK], SENLGINTUN <85> [Perlgintun MK], i, to become even SENLGINTUN SI <85> [Senlgintun drv] evening BTAN <35> [btas 75 drv], in the evening BTAI av [Btai 77] evening star WAKARANA <45> [Wakkars + Deinana MK] evenly LGU av (aj n) [Lgus drv] evenness LGU n <44> [Lgus drv MK] event AUD~SENIS <40> [sien aud`t 57 MK] every day DININISKAI av [deineniskai 41] every, everybody ERANS <21> [erains 33] everyone ERANS <21> [erains 33] everywhere WISKWI [MK] evict v IZSKAJJINTUN <85> [Etskajjintun MK] eviction IZSKAJJINSN~ <46> [Izskajjintun drv] evidence (case) WAIDNSENIS <40> [Waidntun drv, parodymas MK], to give evidence of WAIDNTUN <85> [waidinna 75] evil aj W~RGS aj <26> [wargs 79] evil no W~RGAN n <35> [wargan 31] evildoer WARGAISEGNTS <29> [wargusegentins 93] 323

evolution EWLUCINI <52> [Evolution MK] exact T IKRISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [entickrikai 81 VM] exactly (precisely) T IKRISKAI av [T i kriskas drv], (scilicet, just) ENT IKRISKAI av [entickrikai 81 MK] exaggerate v IZDUMTUN <82> [Dumtwei drv] exam EKZ~MENS <32> [Examen MK] examination PERBAND~SN~ <46> [Perband`tun drv] examine v PERBAND~TUN <142> [perband`snan 55, perb`nda 55], ENLAUKTUN <139> [laukt 69 MK], (investigate) v IZLAUKTUN <139> [laukt 69 + izmeklt MK] example PERWAIDNSNA <45> [perwaidinsnans 69], for example PREI PERWAIDNSNAN = p.p. [zum Beispiel MK] exceed v KRSA PRATREPTUN <85> [Pratreptun + ubertreffen MK] excel v PERSPTUN <120> [Sptwei MK] excellent RIKWISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Rikijiskai 103] except L~IT prp acc [schl`it 519], L~ITS prp acc [schl`its 6119] exchange no M~IN~ <46> [Main`tun drv] exchange v MAIN~TUN <132> [mainyti + maint + mieniac MK] excite v ENKAITNTUN <85> [enkaittai 73 drv], to get excited ENKAITTWEI <134> [enkaittai 73 drv], get excited, excite oneself SELATUN SI <132> [Seli + sielotis MK] excitement SELASN~ <46> [Selatun si drv] exclaim v IZWEKTUN <75> [Wektwei drv] excrement GZIS <52> [Gosen Gr] excrescence AGLIS <40> [auglys, auglis MK] excuse no ETWRPSENIS <40> [etwerpsennian 45 drv] excuse v ETWINTUN <113> [etwint 35], excuse oneself (runaround) PERBILTUN SI <134a> [Perbiltun drv] executable IZPILNINAMINS <27> aj [Paklausmins MK] execution (fulfilment) IZPILNINSN~ <46> [Izpilnintun drv] executive aj IZPILNEWINGIS <27> [Izpilnintun drv] executive no WEDIKS <36> [Westun + Wedik (Enterich) DIA MK] exert oneself v STENGTUN SI <75> [Stengtun drv], ENKNTWEI <97> [erknina 117 VM] exhale v IZDWESTUN <80c> [Dwestwei drv] exhort v PASKULTUN <134a> [paskulton 87] 324

existence BSN~ <46> [Btwei drv MK] exit IZISENIS <40> [iseisennien 123 drv] expect v GISTWEI <77> (na acc) [gide 85 drv] expel v IZGNTUN <71> [Gntun drv] expellee IZGNTINIS <40> [Izgntun drv] expenditure IZWRPSN~ <45> [Izwrptun drv] expenses IZWRPSN~ <45> [Izwrptun drv] expensive TMPARS, gen tmpras, aj <26> [tmpran 43] expensively TMPRAI av [tmprai 69] experience SERPTAN (SERRPTAN) <35> [serptun Ma] experiment IZBAND~SENIS <40> [Band`twei + ibandyti MK] experimental IZBAND~WINGIS aj <27> [Izband`senis drv] experimentation IZBAND~SN~ <46> [perband`snan 55 MK] expiration (breathing out) IZDWISIS <40> [Izdwestun + Ndwisis MK] explain v ESKINTUN <85> [Eskus drv] explanation ESKINSN~ <46> [Eskintun drv] explode v tr SPRAGNTUN <85> [Spr`gtwei drv], i SPR~GTWEI <92> [sprogti + spr`gt + pragnc, MK] explosion SPR~GAN <35> [Spr`gtwei drv] export no EKSPRTS <32> [Export MK] export v EKSPRTITUN <138> [exportieren Nx] express v IZBILTUN <134a> [Biltwei drv] expression BILSN~ <46> [billsna 85], IZBILSN~ <46> [Izbiltun drv] expressive IZBILWNGIS aj <27> [Izbiltun drv] expressively IZBILWNGI av [Izbilwingis drv] exterminate v PERNAIKNTUN <85> [Naikntun+perbillton55+vernichten MK] extinguish (to put fire out) v GASNTUN <85> [Gestwei + etbaudinnons MK], to become extinguished GESTWEI <88> [Gasto E 238 VM MK] extort v ERKNINTUN <85> [erknina 117 drv] extremism EKSTREMISMUS <32> [extremism MK] extremist EKSTREMISTS <32> [extremist MK] exude v smth IZLAITNTUN <85> [isklaitints 121 drv] eye AKS nom sg f <60> [Ackis 83 drv], to close ones eyes PERMERKTUN <71> akkins [umerkti akis, aizvrt acis, zamknc oczy MK] eyeball WEDULS <36> [Weydulis E 81] eyebrow BRUW nom sg f <51> [Wubri E 82] 325

eyelash BRUWKA nom sg f <45> [Wubri E 82 MK] eyelid WKAN <35> [vokas + v`ks + powieka, wieko MK]

face PRUSNA <45> [prusnas 10523] facet PLASSAN <35> [Plass drv] fact FAKTAN <35> [Faktum MK] factory FABRKI <52> [Fabrik MK] fade (wither up) v i WSTWEI <93> [vysti, vst MK], fade away PRAPALTWEI <85> [aupallai 107, prapulti, przepasc MK] fading PRAPALSN~ <46> [Prapaltwei drv] faery attr WADILAWNGIS aj <27> [Waidiltwei drv] fair (honest) R~MS aj <26> [R`ms 87] fair chance ~NCI <52> [Schanze MK] fairy-tale G~RBIKAS <46> pl [Garb` drv + [grmikan 79] MK], to tell fairytales G~RBANS SPENSTUN <73> [vrpele GKS MK] faith DRWIS <40> [Druwis 39] faithful PAD~WINGIS aj <26> [Pad`tun si MK] faithfully PAD~WINGI av [Pad`wingis drv] fake (falsification) FALSIFIK~TAN <35> [Falsifikat MK] falcon PALKS <32> [Valks 711] fall (down) no KRWIS <40> [Kruwis E 167] fall v KRTWEI <113> [krt 101], fall asleep ENM IGTWEI <125> [enmigguns 81 drv], IZMIGTWEI <136> [ismig 101 drv], fall off (to ebb) AUPLSTWEI <94> [plstwei drv MK] false (deceptive) REDS aj <25> [reddau 69] fame ZMNIS <40> [smnin 31] family SIM <51> [Seimns 834 MK], family together with servants SEIMNS <32> [Seimns 834], head of the family BUTTATAWS <32> [Butta (Tawas) 47] famous ZMNEWINGIS aj <27> [Zmnis drv] fan (blow) v PSTUN <76> [Bangputtis? psti, pst, py \, pyl] 326

far aj T~LS aj <26> [t`lis 119] far av T~LI av [t`ls + toli MK] farm servant (woman) MERGUZZI <52> [merguss Gr] farmhand W~IKS <36> [waix 95], to work as farmhand WAIKATWEI <144> [W`iks drv] farmhouse (old and ramshackle wooden farmhouse) KALUPPI <52> [Kaluppe DIA MK] farmstead SADELLIS <40> [Saddel ON JG + sodelis, Woikello Gr MK] fart v BEZDTWEI <134> [bezdti + bezdt + bzdziec MK] fascism FAISMUS <32> [Faschismus MK] fast aj DWS aj <25> [Dywans OPN VM] fast v (to keep the fast) PASTATWEI <144> [Pastauton 77] fast no PASTENKS <32> [Pastenick Gr] fasten (to) v PREIDRKTINTUN <85> (prei acc) [drkts drv] fastidious (fussy) RNKAWINGIS aj <27> [Rnkautwei drv MK], to behave in a fastidious (fussy) way RNKAUTWEI <143> [Rnktun drv MK], being choosey, being fastidious (fussy) RNKAUSN~ <46> [Rnkautwei drv] fat (grease) INSTRAN n <35> [Instran E 133] fate no DALL~ <46> [dalia, daa, dola MK] fate v AULAMTUN <81b> [lamtun drv + nulemti, lemt + noteikt MK] father T~WS nom sg <36> [Taws 498] father-in-law (father of the wife) TISTIS <40> [Tisties E 184], (husbands father) SWASSURS <32> [euras, MK] fatherland TAWENS <32> [Suwens + Vaterland MK] fatherly T~WISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Tawiskan 41] fatigue PAW~RGSENIS <40> [powargsennien 115] fatling hog (pig) NMAITS <32> [Nomaytis E 684] fault WNA <45> [etwint 35 MK] favourable BREWNGIS aj <27> [brewingi 35 MK] favourite MILTASIS <25> aj subst [Miltun drv MK] fear BIJJ~ <46> [Bij`twei drv MK] fearfully BIJ~WINGI av [Bij`wingis drv] fearing BIJ~SN~ <46> [bi`snan 95 drv] feast PJ~ <46> [Ptwei drv + puota MK] feat DLAGA <45> [Dlatwei + Karyago E 411 GlN] 327

feather PL~UGZDA <45> [Plauxdine E 488 VM] feather-bed PL~UGZDINI <52> [Plauxdine E 488] feature PAZENTLIN <35a> [Zentlin + poymis MK], (specific feature) SW AJJISTA <45> [Cristionisto E 794 + savyb, svojstvo GlN] February FEBRU~RS <32> [Februar MK], WASSARINS <32> [vasaris + Wassara MK] feculence MNTALS <32> [ [passalis E 57], Mzals MK] feed v tr MAIT~TUN <132> [mait` 103 drv], (for some time) v PAMAIT~TUN <132> [pomaitat 105], v i MAIT~TUN SI <132> [mait`tunsin 87] feeding MAIT~SN~ <46> [mait`snan 33] feel v JUSTUN <84> [jausti + jaust + MK] feeling SELI <52> [seilin 115 drv] fellow DR~UGIDIL~NTS m <29> [Dr`ugiweldns + dlatwei GlN] fellowship GINNIJA <45> [Ginni drv] felt TBA <45> [Tubo E 448] female aj GENNENISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [genneniskan 93 drv] female no GENNIKA Gen` <45> [Gannikan 105 drv] female screw SKRWINMUTI <52> [Schraubenmutter MK] femininity GENNISKU <49> [Genniskas drv] fence-pole KWKI <52> [Queke E 635] ferity P~USTISKU <49> [P`ustiskas drv] fern PAPARTIS <40> [Paparthen ON VM] ferry away v IZWEZTUN <71> [Weztun drv] fertilize (impregnate) v ENWEISNTUN <85> [Wisis drv MK] festival SWINTIKAI pl tantum <32> [Swints drv, switek switki MK] festive L~NKINS aj <26> [L`nkinan 29 drv] fetter PANTA <45> [Panto E 542] feud (with) v KNFLIKTITWEI <138> (sen acc) [MK konfliktieren] feudal aj FEUD~LS aj <25> [feudal MK] feudal lord FEUDALRIKS <39> [Feudalherr, feudal lord MK] feudalism FEUDALISMUS <32> [Feudalismus MK] fever NAISS <32> [Ennoys E 158] few MAZZAN aj n [massais 115 MK] fiancee KALLI <52> [Kalle DIA MK] fiction FIKCINI <52> [Fiktion GlN] 328

fiddlestick (string bow) STRKS <32> [strk + strykas MK] fidelity (faithfulness) PAD~WINGISKU <49> [Pad`wingis drv] field LAKS <32> [laucks 10510] field-thrush PKLI <52> [Picle E 730] fierce NRTINGIS <27> [Nrti drv + nirtingas MK] fiery PANNISKAS aj <25> [Pannu drv] fifteen PNKNADESIMT crd [Anadesimt, Pnkei MK] fifteenth PENKNADESMTS ord <26> [Pnknadesimt drv] fifth PNKTS ord nom sg m <69> [Pincts 31] fiftieth PENKDESMTS ord <26> [Pnkdesimts drv] fifty PNKDESIMTS <58> [Pnkei MK] fight LINSN~ <46> [lintwei drv] fight v LINTWEI <85> [lint 123] fighter (chaser plane) AWIAMEDS <38> [Jager MK] figure FIGRI <52> [Figur MK] file ZRBRUKIS <40> [Zrbrukis Ma] fill v PILNINTUN <85> [erpilninaiti 105 drv], ERPILNINTUN <85> [erpilninaiti 105 drv] fillip v SPRAKSTINTWEI <85> [Sprakst drv] film FILMS <32> [film Nx] filter v FILTRTUN <139> [filtrieren MK] fin PLTWAN <35> [Pltwei, twan + p\etwa MK] final ENWANGISKAS aj <25> [enw`ngiskan 133 PA], WANGISKAS aj <25> [enw`ngiskan 133 VM] finally ENWANGISKAN av [enw`ngiskan 133 PA] finance FIN~NCI <52> [Finanz MK] financial FIN~NCISKAS <25> [Fin`nci drv] financier FIN~NCISTS <32> [finansista, finansists MK] finch ZWIL <53> [Swibe E 736] find (finding) AUPALL <53> [Aupaltun drv + peis`lei 89 MK] find v AUPALTUN <85> [aupallai 1076 drv], find oneself (in, smth) ENPALTWEI (en acc) <85> [aupallai 1076+ pulti, wpasc], find out IZESKINTUN <85> [Eskintun drv] finger PRSTAN n <35> [Pirsten E 115] fingernail NAGUTTIS <40> [Nagutis E 117] finish v WANGNTUN <85> [wangint 99] 329

finite WANGISKAS aj <25> [enw`ngiskan 133 VM] fir ADLI <52> [Addle E 596] fire PANNU n <44> [Panno E 33], dm PANNIKAN n <35> [Pannike MBS], (conflagration) UGNIS nom sg f <60> [ugnis + uguns + ogien PA] fire (to inflame) v ENDEGTUN <85> [Dags MK] fire attr PANNISKAS aj <25> [Pannu drv] fire striker (steel fire striker) PANNUSTAKLIN n <35> [Panustaclan E 370] firebrand ~UDEGLI <52> [Degtwei + peis`lei 89, nuodegulis, nodegulis] firewall PANNUTAKISS <32> [firewall, Pannu, Takkiss + Pannustaklin Nx] firewood MALKA <45> [Malko Gr] firm aj DRKTS aj <25> [drktai 51 VM] firm no FRMA <45> [Firma MK] firmament FIRMAMNTAN <35> [Firmament MK] firmly DRKTAI av [drktai 51] first ord PIRMAS ord nom sg m <26> [Pirmas I 5] first av PREI PIRMAN [zum ersten MK], at first PRI PAGASENIN [zu Anfang MK] fish no ZUKS <32> [Suckis E 560] fish v ZUKKAUTWEI <143> [Zuks drv] fisherman ZUKKAUNIKS <32> [Zukkautvei drv] fishery ZUKKAUSN~ <46> [Zukkautwei drv] fish-hook W~NSS <36> [vas, vkaras MK] fishing ZUKKAUSN~ <46> [Zukkautwei drv] fishing rod DALKIS <40> [dalkis DIA] fist KUNTIS f <58> [Kuntis E 113] five PNKEI crd <27> [Pincts 31 VM], PNKEREI (+ pl tantum) <27> [penkeri MK], (as a group) PNKEREI <27> [Pnkerei + picioro MK], to five (five persons together) PNKE-RINSUN [TN MK dangonsuen], five of, of five... PNKETA <45> [Warto E 210 + penketas MK] five and a half PUSUTAS crd [puseto MK] five hundreds PNKSIMTA [Warto E 210, Pnketa MK] five hundredth PENKSMTS ord <26> [Pnksimta drv] fix in v ENSTATNTUN <85> [preistattinnimai 111 MK], fix (to) PREIDRKTINTUN <85> (prei acc) [drkts drv] 330

fix v, fixate v (to fix) FIKSTUN <139> [fixieren Mk] flag KARENGUS <42> [cinyangus E 417] flake-ashes PLNS f <60> [Plieynis E 38] flaky KL~D~TS <25> [Kl`ds drv + Mais`ts MK] flame no L~PS <32> [Lopis E 44] flame v L~PAUTWEI <143> [L`ps drv, liesmot MK] flank (meat) KL~IWIJA <45> [Claywio E 375] flash on v ENDEGTWEI <85> [Dags MK] flat aj PLASS <25> [plasmeno < ples- VM] flat no APPARTEMNTI <52> [Appartement MK]; resting flat (base) of the foots sole PLASMENA <45> [Plasmeno E 148] flat-bottomed barge WITINNI <52> [Witinne DIA] flavour ARMA <45> [flavour MK] flax LINNAN n <35> [lino Gr VM], LINN~ col <46> [lino Gr VM] flea BLUSSA <45> [Bluskaym ON JG] fleet FLUTTI <52> [Flotte MK] flesh MNSA nom sg f <45> [Menso E 374], to lose flesh LAIBTWEI <134> [Labs drv] flexible L~NKEWINGIS <27> [L`nktun drv MK] flibb (hot beer with egg and lemon) PLIPS <32> [Flibb, Phlipp DIA MK] flick v SPRAKSTINTWEI <85> [Sprakst drv] flight SKR~ISTUWIS <52> [Skr`istwei + Artwes E 413 MK] fling (throw) v ATUN <144> [`uschautins 53 + auti + aut MK] flint NAGS <36> [Nagis E 371] flint NAGS <36> [Nagis E 371] flitch SALTAN n <35> [Saltan E 376] flitter v PLANDTWEI <134> [plandt MK] flitter-mouse SIKSN~SKREILIS <40> [iknosparnis, siksp`rnis MK] float no (swimmer) PLUWIKS <32> [pltwei drv, uwiks, Schwimmer MK] float v LANGTWEI <139> [langyti JB MK] flock K~IMENI <52> [K`ims > kaimas, kaimen + Wisseni MK] flog v T~LK~TUN <142> [tl`ku 89] flood no PILLIN <35a> [pilti, ampalas, pili, pilas, Piltwei pilt drv MK], to be flooded KNIPTWEI <89> [Knipaw ON, kniipe 107 VM] flood v PLSTUN <94> [plsti, plst, Plauden MK], flood back AUPLSTWEI <94> [plstwei drv MK] 331

floor TALS <42> [Talus E 207], (storey) NBUWIS <40> [Stock + Aufstockung, Aufbau + Rklis MK] floor boards of a bridge GRNDAS nom pl f <46> [Grindos ON VM] flop down i v DRIBTWEI <89> [Drimbis E 483 VM] flounder SKR~ISLI <52> [Stroysles E 582] flour (meal) MILTAN n <35> [Meltan E 335] flourish v TRPTWEI <85> [enterpon 17 VM] flow no (rising tide) PILLIN <35a> [pilti, ampalas, pilt, pili, pilas, Piltwei drv MK] flow v TEKTWEI <89> [Takes E 328 VM MK], LTWEI <120> [II 13 MK praliten] flower no KWITIS <41> [Kwistwei + kvietys MK], (small and nice) KWITIKS dm <32> [Kwitis dm] flower v (to be flowering) KWEIT~TWEI <132> [Kwistwei drv], (to come into bloom) KWISTWEI <100> [kvitt + kvietys + kwisc MK] flutter (to flitter) v PLANDTWEI <134> [plandt MK], (to sway) PLANDTUN SI <134> [plandties MK] fly no (an insect) MSA <45> [muso E 782] fly v SKR~ISTWEI <87> [Stroysles E 582 VM + pol`ikt 115 MK], fly away AUSKR~ISTWEI <87> [Skr`istwei drv], fly in (to arrive),fly in in large number PERSKR~ISTWEI <87> [Skr`istwei drv], fly here PERSKR~ISTWEI <87> [Skr`istwei drv], fly out IZSKR~ISTWEI <87> [Skr`istwei drv], fly together, to come flying SENSKR~ISTWEI <87> [Skr`istwei drv], fly up (to) PREISKR~ISTWEI <87> [Skr`istwei drv], fly (to flutter) PLANDTUN SI <134> [plandties MK] fly-agaric, -bane MUSANKRIMMA <45> [Msa+Krimma, muchomor, fliegenpilz, fly-agaric Nx] flying (out) no IZSKR~ISN~ <46> [Izskr`istwei drv] flying attr SKREJJAWINGIS aj <27> [Skrtwei drv] foam no SP~INA <45> [Spoayno E 387] foam v SP~INAUTWEI <143> [sp`ina drv] fodder PRD~ <46> [prdin 85 VM] fodder crib RNDA <45> [Rindo E 227] fold v SENDTUN <121> [senditans 8319] folded SENDTIMS aj <25> [senditmai 835] folder FLDERIS <40> [folder MK] 332

folding (collapsible) SENDMINIS aj <40> [Sendtun drv] folk attr AMZISKAS <25> [Amzin drv] folklore FOLKLRI <52> [Folklore MK] folklore studies FOLKLRISTIKI <32> [Folkloristik MK] folklorist FOLKLRISTS <32> [Folklorist MK] follow v RPTWEI <75b> (pas acc) [rpaiti 89 MK] follower ENKABTAJS <32> [Kabtwei + Anhnger MK] following RPINTS <29> pc [rpintin 85] fondle v PAGLAB~TUN <132> [poglab (dins) 113 drv] food DIS <40> [dis 75], STA <45> [stai 77] fool DUSLAKS <32> [hybr. DIA Doslak, Dslak MK], DWASSENIKS <32> [Dwassan drv MK], DWASSILS <32> [DIA Dasel MK] foolish DUSLAKISKAS aj <25> [Duslaks drv] foot PDA <45> [Pedan E 245 VM], (pedestal, base) PAPDIS <40> [Papmpis + Pda + papd] foot-note ZEMASPDI <52> [Zemmai, Pdis, Funote MK] footwear EBBAWAI <32> pl tantum [Ebatun drv + apavas, apavi MK], to provide smb with footwear EBATUN <111> [Atun drv] for PR prp acc [per 39, pr (stans) 73], (some reason) PAGGAN psp [paggan 313] forbid v DRUDITUN <133> [dri`udai 111 MK] force no SP~RTS <60> [spartin 45] force v PREISP~RTINTUN <85> [sp`rts drv] ford BRASTAN n <35> [Balkombrastum ON VM] forecourt DIMSTIS <58> [JB MK] forehead KAKT~ <46> [Cacto E 77] foreign WINNATAUTISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Winnatautas drv] foreign countries WINNATAUTAS <45> [Ausland + `rzemes MK] foreigner WINNATAUTENIKS <32> [Winnatautas drv] foresee v PRAWD~TUN <142> [Wid`tun drv] forest MEDDIN n <37> [median E 586], a pagan holy forest R~MAWAN n <35> [Romow DK VM] forest (old and dense) GRADENEI nom pl <61> [GraudenDIA VM] forestry (district) MEDENKIJA <45> [Meddenks drv GlN] forever EMPR~BUTSKAN av [enpr`butskan 51, 85] 333

forget v (often, various things) MRSTUN <95> [pamirti + + Merstun MK aizmirst], (completely) v IZMRSTUN <95> [Mrstun drv], (to have no reminiscence of) MERSTUN <134> [meri MK] forging furnace KAMMINS <32> [Kamenis E 515] forgive v ETWRPTUN <75b> [etwrpt 117] forgiveness ETWRPSN~ <46> [etwerpsn` 7519], ETWRPSENIS <40> [etwerpsennian 45 drv] fork no SAKKI <52> [ak, aka + saka + socha MK] fork v DWEJJINTUN SI <85> [Dwejjintun drv] form no FRMI <52> [Form MK], (blank form) FRMULARAN <35> [Formular MK] form v TEIK~TUN <132> [teickut 105 MK] format FRMATAN <35> [format MK] former aj PIRZDAUMS aj <25> [Pirzdau +Panzdaums MK], the former PIRZDAUMANIS aj pnl <27> [Pirzdau + Panzdaumanis MK] formerly PIRZDAU av [Pirzdau MK] fortieth KETURDESMTS ord <26> [Ketturdesimts drv] fortress PILS f <60> [Sassenpile ON VM] fortunately DEIWTISKU: PREI DEIWTISKWAN [zum Glck MK] forty KETTURDESIMTS <58> [Ketturei MK] forward MPIRSIN av [Pirss + mpiri MK] foul (smash) SANT~LKA <45> [Sentlktwei drv] foul v DRGTUN <75> [erdrkts 115 VM] found v GRUNTINTUN <85> [gruntan 111 + grnden MK] foundation (ground) GRUNTS <32> [gruntan 111 drv] founder GRUNTINIKS <32> [Gruntintun MK], GRUNTINTAJS <32> [Gruntintun drv] foundress GRUNTINIKINI <50> [Gruntintun MK] four KETTUREI crd <41> [Kettwirts 29 VM], KETWEREI (+ pl tantum) <27> [ketveri MK], (as a group) KETWEREI <27> [Ketwerei + czworo MK], to four, four (persons) together KETWE-RINSUN [TN MK dangonsuen], four of, of four... KETWERTA <45> [Warto E 210 + ketvertas MK] four and a half PUSIPNKTAS crd [puspenkMK] four hundreds KETTURSIMTA [Warto E 210, Ketwerta MK] four hundredth KETURSMTS ord <26> [Kettursimta drv] 334

four times KETURW~RST [ainaw`rst 6926 MK] fourteen KETTURNADESIMT crd [Anadesimt, Ketturei MK] fourteenth KETURNADESMTS ord <26> [Ketturnadesimt drv] fourth KETWIRTS ord nom sg m <69> [chaining host 29] fox LAPPI <52> [Lape E 658] fracture LZIS <40> [Luse DIA] frame RMS <32> [Ram MK] France PRANKRKI <52> [Frankreich + Rki MK] frank ETWIRINGIS aj <27> [Etwirs drv] frankly ETWIRINGI av [Etwiringis drv] frankness ETWIRINGISKU <49> [Etwiringis drv] fraud PAP~IKAN <35> [Papaiktun drv], WNGRISKU <49> [wngriskan 35] fray v i ETKEDTWEI <136> [accodis E 214 + kedti VM MK] , (to become ground) DILTWEI <97> [dilti, dilt, Delks, dzielic MK] free aj PAWRPS <25> [powrps 95], PAWRPINGIS <27> [powrpingin109], for free av GRATIS [gratis MK] free v PALASTUN <77> [Palada + paleisti MK] freedom PAWRPINGISKU <49> [Pawrpingis drv] free farmer TALKINKS <32> [Tallokinikis E 408] freeze v tr PASALLINTUN <85> [Pasaltwei drv MK], v i SALTWEI <89> [Passals + Salts + alti, salt MK] , freeze over, up PASALTWEI <89> [Passals, saltwei drv MK] French language PRANCZISKAN <35> [Prancziskas drv + Franzsisch] French PRANCZISKAS <25> [Pranczis drv] Frenchman PRANCZIS <40> [Franzose + Matrzi MK] Frenchwoman PRANCZINI <50> [Pranczis drv] frequency DEZNIS <40> [Deznims MK] frequent DEZNS aj <26> [kodesnimma I 15 VM] frequently DEZNIMAI av [kodesnimma I 15] fresh PRSKAS aj nom sg m <25> [prskas + (rieska) + przasny MK] freshen v PRSKINTUN <85> [prskas Ma] Friday PNTNIKS <32> [Pentinx E 22] friend GINNI nom sg m <54> f <52> [ginnis 113 drv], (dear) friend GINTI dm voc sg m [gnigethe MBS] friendly GINEWNGIS aj <27> [ginnewings 85], GINEWNGISKAN av (aj n) [ginnewngiskan 113] 335

friendship GINNISKU <49> [ginniskan 125 drv] frigate FREGATTI <52> [Fregatte MK] frighten v BAJJINTUN <85> [pobaiint 87 MK] frog KRUPELI <52> [Trupeyle E 780] from (from the side of smth) EZZE prp dat [esse 4123, von], (from within) IZ prp acc [is 41, aus], from here IZENDAU av [isstwendan 113 + `i MK], from there ISTWENDAU av [isstwendan 113], from where ISKWENDAU av [isquendau 43], from without IZWINANDAU [iswinadu 77] front aj PIRZDAS aj nom sg m <25> [Perstlanstan E 215 VM MK] front no, front part PIRSS <58> nom sg f [pirsdau 63 VM], in front MPIRZDAN av [Pirzdan + emprki MK], in front of PIRZDAU prp acc [pirsdau 63] frost PASSALS <32> [Passalis E 57] fruit WISIS <40> [Wisin 109] fruit attr WISISKAS aj <25> [Wisin 109] fruitfully WISEWINGI av [weijsewingi 105] fruity WISISKAS aj <25> [Wisin 109] frying-pan PANUKA <45> [Pantwcko E 352] fuck smb v PISTUN <102> [peisda Gr + Sompisinis E 340 MK] fulfil v IZPILNINTUN <85> [erpilninaiti 105 + erfllen, ausfllen + wype\nic + ipildyti, izpild+t MK] fulfilment IZPILNINSN~ <46> [Izpilnintun drv] full PILNS aj <26> [pilnan 69] full moon PILNIBI <52> [Pagnibi MK] full up aj S~TUS aj <30> [s`tuinei 83 VM] fumes KDS <32> [accodis E 214 MK] fundamental GRUNTISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [gruntan 111 MK] fund-raising RNKSENIS <40> [Rnktun drv MK] funeral NKAPS <32> [Enkaptun drv] funeral repast SRMENIS nom pl f <52> [sirmen DIA, Zrm DIA GN MK] fungus KRIMMA <45> [Crymithen 1421 ON, krimeles JG] funny (comic) SMEJJINS aj <25> [Smejjan drv] fur coat KIZZIS nom pl f <52> [Kisses E 478] furniture KR~MS <32> [Kr`m (Sachen) DIA MK] furrow RD~ <46> [Redo E 240], (channel) WAG~ <46> [Waghine ON JG] 336

further T~LIS av cp [t`lis 119] fuse (for burning) KN~ISTIS f <68> [Knaistis E 36] future aj PEREJNGIS aj <27> [pareingiskai 119 VM] future no PEREJNGISKU <49> [pareingiskai 119 MK], for the future PEREJNGISKAI av [pareingiskai 119]

gable PELLAKS <32> [Pellekis E 202] gaiety WESSELISKU <49> [wesliskan 79] gain v AUGATUN <111> [augaunimai 55 drv], (smth awaited) SENGDAUTUN <143> [sengidaut 121], (by force) KNINTUN <85> [erknina 117 VM] gale (storm) URK~NS <32> [Orkan MK] Galindia GALINDA <45> [Galindo DK] Galindian man GALINDIS <40> [Galinda drv] Galindian woman GALINDINI <50> [Galindis drv] gall GALLU <44> [Dolu E 135] gallery GALARJA <45> [Galerie MK] gallows G~LGIS <40> [Galgen MK] game SPLI <52> [spele MK] gap ETTRAPAN <35> [ettreptwei drv+ trapt 83 + odstp + Abstand MK] gaper DWASSENIKS <32> [Dwassan drv MK] garbage GZI <52> [Gosen Gr VM] garden SADS <32> [sadinna 97 + Saddel ON JG MK] garden-bed LSA <45> [Lyso E 242] garlic KNUPLKS <32> [Knuflk + KnoblochDIA + iploks MK] garments RKAI nom pl m <32> [Rkai 53] garner (small granary with a dwelling store-room) KLTS f <58> [Clenan E 194 VM] garrison GARNIZNI <52> [Garnison MK] gas GAZZAN <35> [Gas MK] gas-stove GAZZASGARA <46> [Gazzan + Gar` + gas cooker MK] gas-stove burner DEGLIS <40> [(Pr`g)lis + Degtwei + deglis MK] 337

gas-stove burner ring RNKIS <40> [rink + rinis MK] gate DWARRIS nom pl f <60> [Dauris E 211] gateleg SENDMINIS aj <40> [Sendtun drv] gather smth, smb v tr RNKTUN <85> [senrnka 45], (all together) SENRNKTUN <85> [senrnka 45], i (together) SENRNKTUN SI <85> [Senrnktun drv] gathering means (fund-raising) RNKSENIS <40> [Rnktun drv MK] Gdansk (Danzig) GUD~NITS <32> [Gyddanyzs 997 MK] gender GNERIN <37> [genus MK], (sex) GMTAN <35> [dzimta / dzimte, dzimums MK] general aj GENER~LS aj <25> [ener`ls MK]; in general EMPRINISKAI av [empijreisku 57 MK] general no GENER~LS no <32> [General MK], the Generals GENERALIT~TI <52> [Generalitt MK] generality EMPRINISKU <49> [empijreisku 57] generalize v EMPRINTUN <85> [empijrint 115 drv] generally EMPRINISKAI av [empijreisku 57 MK] generation GENERACINI <52> [Generation MK] generosity AUKTUMMISKU <49> [Auktums MK] generous (lavish) DEGISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [digiskan 83] genitive GNITIWS <32> [genitive MK] genocide GENCIDI <52> [Genozide MK] gentle aj PREIL~NGUS aj nom sg m <31> [preitl`ngus 87] gentle no (larva) LARWI <52> [Larve + lerva, larwa MK] genuine IZARWISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [isarwiskas 43] genus GADDINGI <40> [Gading DIA + gatunek MK] geography GEGRAFIJA <45> [Geographie MK] geometric GEMETRISKAS <25> [Gemetrija drv] geometry GEMETRIJA <45> [Geometrie MK] Georgia GERGIJA <45> [Georgien] Georgian (man) GERGINI <50> [Gergis drv] Georgian (woman) GERGIS <40> [Georgier MK] Georgian GERGISKAS <25> [Gergis drv] Georgian language GERGISKAN <35> [Gergiskas + Georgisch MK] German aj MIKSISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Mixkai 17 VM] German features MIKSKIBI <52> [Mikskai + Miksk`tauta MK] 338

German language MIKSISKAN <35> [Miksiskas + German MK], in German MIKSISKAI av [Mixkai 17] German man MIKSIS <40> [Mixkai 17 VM] German woman MIKSI <52> [Miksis drv] germanize v MIKSINTUN <85> [Miksis drv] Germany MIKSK~TAUTA <45> [Miksis + Taut` + Germany MK] gesture GESTI <52> [Geste MK] get v GATUN <111> [gauuns 89 drv], (to use to get) PAGATUN <111> [pogat 53], at / to PREIKAKNTUN SI <85> pri (acc) [Kakntun drv], into EBTIKTWEI <89> na (acc) [Tiktwei MK], through (to creep through) PRALZTWEI <78> [Lztwei drv] pra (acc), over (to climb over) PRALZTWEI <78> krsa (acc) [Lztwei drv], get smth awaited SENGDAUTUN <143> [sengidaut 121], get together EBTIKTUN SI <89> [Tiktwei MK], get to know ERZIN~TUN <142> [ersinnat 53], get up v ETSKTWEI <120> [etskmai 63 drv] ghost NASELIS <40> [Naseilis I 11 drv] giant GIG~NTS <56> [Gig`nts drv] giddy: to feel giddy SWIGTWEI <99> [svaigti + svaigslgs + MK] gift D~J~ <46> [D`iai 111] gigantic GIG~NTISKAS aj <25> [Gig`nts drv] gild v (to plate with gold) ASINTUN <85> [Ass drv] gird(le) v J~STUN <125> [juosmi, josta, opasac, MK] girder binding a sledge STIBBINS <36> [Stibinis E 310] girdle SAWINZLI <52> [Saninsle E 485] girl (, maiden) MRG~ <46> [Mergo E 192], (small girl) MERGKA dm <45> [Mergo E 192 + bratrkai 89] give v D~TUN <118> [daton 51], (as a present) DAJ~TUN <132> [D`iai 111 drv MK], give away ETD~TUN <118> [daton 51 MK], PAD~TUN <118> [pod`ton 77 drv], give oneself (over, up) to PAD~TUN SI dat <118> [sien pod`st 123 drv] given D~TS <25> pc / aj [D`tun drv] glad TULDEWNGIS aj <27> [Tuldtun si drv], to be glad EBTULDTUN SI <139> [tuldsnan 89 drv] gladden v EBTULDTUN <139> [tuldsnan 89 drv GlN] glade attr LANDMS, gen landimmas, aj <25> [lindan 57 VM] 339

glade L~NDIS <40> [lindan 57 VM], wild overgrown glade WANGUS, gen wangas <32> [Wangus E 588] glare v LAUKSTTWEI <134> [Lochstete ON VM] glass STIKL~ <46> [Sticlo E 401], (glass tumbler) GLASSA <45> [glasso Gr], glasses (spectacles) BRILLI <52> [Brille + bril MK] glass attr STIKLANS <25> [Stikl` drv MK] glazed tile TGELIKA <45> [Tgeli drv MK] glide v PLANNAUTUN <143> [plans MK] glitter no BLNGAN <35> [Blngs drv MK] glitter v BLNGINTWEI <85> [JB MK] glittering BLNGINSNA <45> [Blngintwei drv] global GLBALS <25> [global MK] globe (the terrestrial globe) ZEMMIS KGIS <40> [Erdkugel MK] gloomy BARZNISKAS < 25> [Barzns drv] gloomy, to be gloomy GRAUDTWEI <134> [engrauds 67 MK] glorify v ZMNINTUN <85> [smunintwey II 5] glory ZMNIS <40> [smnin 31] glove PRSTINI <52> [Prstan + Grawyne E 304 + pirtin MK] glow no (heat) G~RM <53> [Gorme E 41], K~ITAN <35> [K`its MK], (lights) LMAS SW~IKSTAN <35> [Elms light MK] glow v (to shine) ZAR~TWEI <132> [SaroteE 576 VM MK] glowing (radiating) ZARAWNGIS aj <27> [Zar`twei drv] glue MSLIN n <35> [mosla Gr], to glue smth to PREIMSLINTUN <85> prei (acc) [Mslintun drv] glutinous GLITTUS aj <31> [Glitteynen ON JG] gnat (mosquito) KUSSIS <40> [Tussis E 783] gnaw v GREZTUN <71> [grnsings 87 VM], round KAND~TUN <132> [Kanstun + kandioti MK] gnome Barzduk B~RZDUKS <32> [Barstucke VT] go v ITWEI <116> [it 29 drv], in ENITWEI <116> [Eneissannien 123 drv], deep (into) ENGILLINTUN SI <85> (en acc) [Gillintun drv], out IZITWEI <116> [123 iseisennien drv], round smth (on foot) EBITUN <116> [itwei + apeiti, apiet, obejsc, umgehen MK], (by car) EBJAD~TWEI <132> [Jad`twei drv], through PRAITWEI <116> [itwei + Praisenis MK] goal KAKNSLI <52> [Kakntun MK] 340

goat (he-goat) AZUKS <32> [Wosux E 675] goatling ~ZISTIN n <37> [Wolistian E 677] goblet ~SI nom sg f <50> [Kiosi E 402], (chalice) KLKS <32> [kelks 75] goblin PKIS <40> [pis MK] God DIWS <36> [Deiws 37] godfather KAMATTERS, gen kamatras <32> [Komaters E 183] godlessness NIDIWISKU <49> [nideiwiskan 29 drv] godmother KAMATRA <45> [Kamatters + kmotra, sestr` MK] gold ASS <32> [Ausis E 523] Goldap GALDAPI <52> [Goldap VM] golden AUSANS aj <25> [Ass + Geltans MK] golden-yellow AUSANAWINGIS <27> [Ausans drv] goldfinch ZINGURIS <41> [Singuris E 734] good aj LABS aj <26> [lab 51] good no LABBAN no n <35> [Labbas 53 drv] good-looker (Adonis) GRAZLIS <40> [Grazzus + Gramboale E 781 + grauolis GlN] good morning! KALS ANKSTENAI [Kals + Anstenai MK] goods (belonging) LABBAN no n <35> [labban 83] goof DRIMMELIS <40> [Drimmel, Drimelis DIA MK] goose Z~NS <51> [Sansy E 719] Gospel EWANGLIJAN <35> [Euangelion 45] Goth WKIS <40> [v`cis, Vokia = Voion-maa, Vagoth MK] govern v RIKATWEI <144> (krsa acc) [rickasnan 53] government AUKTIMMISKU <49> [aucktimmisk 89], RIKASN~ <46> [rickasnan 53] grab (catcher) PAGAPTS f <58> [Pagaptis E 362] grace (favour) ETNSTIS nom f <58> [etnstis 111 drv] gracious ETNWINGIS aj <27> [etnwings 518] gracious (full of grace) ETNSTISLAIMS aj <25> [etnstislaims 63] graciously ETNWINGISKAI av [etnwingiskai 119] gradual TRAPPEWINGIS aj <27> [Traps drv] gradually TRAPPEWINGI av [Traps drv] grain ZIRNI <52> [Syrne E 278] grains ZIRNI <52> [Syrne E 278] 341

granary KLNAN <35> [Clenan E 194] Grand Duchy ERCGISTA <45> [Ercgs drv] Grand Duke DEBFIRSTS <32> [large prince MK] grandchild (he) NEPTS <57> [JB MK], (she) NEPTINI <50> [Nepts MK] granddaughter NEPTINI <50> [Nepts MK] grandfather TTIS <40> [Thetis E 171] grandmother ANNI <52> [Ane E 172] grandson NEPTS <57> [JB MK] granne AKKANS <32> [Ackons E 277] grannie WRIKA <45> [Wriks drv] grap v GABTUN <80b> [gobuns I 9 + Pagaptis E 362 VM] grape no WNEGA <45> [Woragowus E 389 VM] grape attr WNEGAWS aj <25> [Woragowus E 389] graphic GR~FISKAS <25> aj [grafisks Nx] grasp (handle) DGNA <45> [Digno E 427] grass Z~LIS <40> [Soalis E 293], freshly mown grass ~KS <32> [Schokis E 283] grass-snake ANGZDRIS <40> [Anxdris E 775] gratis GRATIS [gratis MK] gratitude DNKAWINGISKU <49> [Dnkawingis drv] grave KAPS <36> [wosgows cappis DK] grave hill KAPS <36> [wosgows cappis DK] gravel ZWRKSTAN n <35> [Swixtis E 350 VM] grease INSTRAN n <35> [Instran E 133], (fat) TAKS <36> [tankis E 378], (for oiling) SM~RSAS nom sg m <32> [mynsis E 380 VM] great (majestical) DEBS aj <26> [debks, didelis, didis MK] Great Master DEBMISTRAS nom sg m <32> [Mistras drv] great-grandfather PRTITIS <40> [prosenelis, pradziadek MK] great-grandson PRNEPUTS <57> [Nepts drv] Greece GRKANTAUTA <45> [Grks + Greece MK] greedy KWAITAWNGIS <27> [Kw`its, Nx] Greek GRKISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Grks drv] Greek language GRKISKAN <35> [Grkiskas + Greek MK] Greek man GRKS <32> [Greek - Grks MK] Greek woman GRKINI <50> [Grks drv] 342

green ZALLIS aj <27> [saligan E 468] greenish ZALLAWINGIS <27> [Zallis drv Nx] grenade GRAN~TI <52> [Granate MK] grey SWS aj <26> [Sywan E 461], to turn grey (to grizzle) SIWTWEI <134> [Sws drv], (in some degree) PASIWTWEI <134> [Siwtwei drv] grey-haired SIWASKEBBELINGIS aj <27> [grauhaarig + ilaplaukis MK] greyhound KURTS <32> [Kurtis E 700] grieve v GRAUDTWEI <134> [engrauds 67 MK], PAW~RGTWEI <85> [W`rgtwei + pawargan 63 MK] grind (pound up) v PISTUN <102> [peisda Gr + Sompisinis E 340 MK] grind (whet) v TAKTUN <136> [Tackelis E 530 VM] grindstone TAKKELIS <40> [Tackelis E 530] grip on (to) v GABTUN <80b> [gobuns I 9 + Pagaptis E 362 VM] ground v PAGRUNTINTUN <85> [Gruntintun + justify MK] grounding PAGRUNTINSNA <45> [Pagruntintun drv] groundless BETIKSLIS aj <25> [Tikslin drv] group no GRUPPI <52> [Gruppe MK] group v tr GRUPPINTUN <85> [Gruppi drv], v i GRUPPAUTWEI <143> [Gruppi drv] grouse: black grouse TATTARWAS nom sg m <36> [Tatarwis E 767] grouser BARZNS <32> [Barsun DIA MK] grow (breed) v tr PAAUGNTUN <85> [poaugints 133 drv], i (to be grown) AGTWEI <85> [auginnons 69 drv], grow over PERAGTWEI <85> [Agtwei + [pertraki 101] MK], grow up IZAGTWEI <85> [Agtwei drv], (to become grown up) ERAGTWEI <85> [Agtwei drv MK] growth (excrescence) AGLIS <40> [auglys, auglis MK] grub (larva) LARWI <52> [Larve + lerva, larwa MK] grumbler BARZNS <32> [Barsun DIA MK] grumbling MURRAWINGIS aj <27> [Murrautwei drv] guard v SARG~TUN <132> [Warbo Say (dit) Gr], (to protect) KNSTUN <76> [knti 103 drv] guardian RAPS <32> [Rapa E 2 VM] gudgeon GRUNDALS <36> [Grundalis E 578] guerilla PARTIZ~NTS <56> [Partisan, partyzant MK] 343

guess v MRITWEI <138> [ermrit 69 VM] guest W~ISIS <40> [W`iss, kaimns + viesis MK], to be a guest WAISTWEI <134> [vieti MK] guidance PERSTALSN~ <46> [perstallsnas 85] guide (conductor) WED~TAJS <32> [Wed`tun drv] guiding star WAIDNTAJA <45> [waidntajs drv MK] guild CUNFTI <52> [Zunft GlN] guilt WNA <45> [etwint 35 MK] gulf TENAN <35> [Teni MK] gulp GERSENIS <40> [Gertun drv] gum (glue) v MSLINTUN <85> [Mslin drv] gums DANTIMAKS <32> [Dantimax E 93] gust of wind KNSENIS <40> [Kntwei drv] gut (intestine) GR~BS <32> [Grobis E 129] gutter (trough) ~UWIRPS <32> [Auwirpis E 320]

habit JUKSENIS <40> [Juktwei drv MK] habitation BUWENS <32> [bwis drv, buvein, buvinti+suwens, buwntwei MK] hack v ENRMBINTUN <85> [Rmbus drv], v KAL~TUN <132> [Kal`peilis MK], hack pieces SENKRSTUN <86> [Krstun drv + sacirst, senpistun MK], hack through PRAKRSTUN <86> [Krstun drv, prakirsti] hail (fall) KITAR~ <46> [Keytaro E 54] hair SKEBBELIS <41> [Scebelis E 69] haircut PRIZRI <52> [Frisur + frizra + fryzura MK] hairdresser (man) PRIZRIS <40> [Friseur + frizieris + fryzjer MK], (woman) PRIZZI <50> [Friseuse + Prizrs MK] half PUSSIS f <58> [Possissawaite E VM], attr (consisting of halves), halfand-half (inconsequent) P~USAINS aj <25> [P`usan drv], by half, in half PRPUSIN av [Pr + Pussis + perpus MK] half-and-half PRPUSIN av [Pr + Pussis + perpus MK] 344

half-witted no PUSBARIKS <32> [Bariks drv MK] hall Z~LS <32> [Saal MK] halloo v AKTWEI <85> [Aukis E 708 VM], (in the forest) WKAUTUN SI <143> [Wkautwei drv] hallow v SWINTINTUN <85> [swintintwey I 5] hallstand KINI <52> [ks + Drawwini MK] ham KMPIS <40> [kumpis + kumpis, kp MK] hammer no KJS <32> [Cugis E 518] hammer v in ENDLBTUN <75b> [Dlbtun drv] hamster DUKKIS <40> [Dutkis E 669] hand no R~NK~ <46> [ranco Gr] , (palm) DELNAN <35> [delnas + delna + d\on MK], at hand PA R~NKAI av [MK] hand v (to deliver) END~TUN <118> [end`st 123 drv] handbook RANKASL~ISKAS <36> [Handbuch MK] handicraft DIZTISKU <49> [dseitiskan 87 drv] handicraftsman DIZNIKS <32> [Diztwei drv GlN] handkerchief T~ISPASTAWS <32> [Taschentuch MK] handle no (grasp) DGNA <45> [Digno E 427] handle v (to trade) KAUPATWEI <144> [K`upan MK] handy R~NKAS gen attr [MK] hang v tr KABNTUN <85> [Kabtwei drv], i KABTWEI <136> [kabuns 101 drv] hanger (coat-hanger) KS <32> [hk DIA + okas, `is, huk MK] hank (lock) SELPIS <40> [Zelp, Zolp DIA MK] happen v AUD~TUN SI <118> [sien aud`t 57], PREIPALTWEI <85> [aupallai 1076 + Senpaltwei, Zufall MK] happy DEIWTS aj <25> [Deiwuts 61], to make happy EBDEIWTINTUN <85> [epdeiwtint 119] hard (difficult) PAW~RGEWINGISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [powargewingiskan 57]; (firm) DRZALS, gen drzlas, aj <25> [drstlan 117 drv] hardly (doubtfully) NI ANGA [chyba nie MK] hare SASNIS <57> [Sasnis E 659] harm v GADNTUN <85> [Pagadntun drv], bodily harm KLMBINSENIS <40> [Klmbintun drv] harrow AKTIS nom pl f <52> [Aketes E 255] 345

harvest ~USTS <32> [Aust DIA MK], (reaping) PJAWA <45> [Pjatun drv+ pauja MK] hasten (precipitate) v SPJINTUN <85> [Sptwei drv] hat KEPS <42> [kiepus MK] hate v DERGTUN <134> [derg 37 VM] haughty LABATNGIS <27> [labbatngins 97 drv] have v TURTUN <137> [turrettwey I 5], to let smb to have smth KAKNTUN <85> [kaknt 101], have to PAPALTWEI <85> [aupallai 1076 + Preipaltwei + zufallen MK] hawk WANNAGS <32> [Gertoanax E 713], GERT~WANAGS <32> [Gertoanax E 713] hay KRASS <32> [Crays E 289] hay oats KRASAWIZI <52> [craysewesen DK] hayloft TRS f <58> [Coaris E 232] hazel-bush LAGZD <53> [Laxde E 607] hazel-hen BRNETA <45> [Brunev E 769] he T~NS pn nom sg m <12> [t`ns 436], DIS pn 3 encl m, f <10> [di 6511] head no GALW~ <46> [gall 103], (chief) GRUNTAUKTIMMIS <40> [gruntan 111 + Aucktimmien 91 MK] head v (to manage) PERSTALTWEI <134a> [perstall 877 drv] headphone KIRDTLA <45> [kirdtwei drv Nx] heal (cure) v ~RSTITUN <138> [~rsti MK] health KAILSTISKU <49> [Kailstiskun 53 drv] healthy KAILSTS aj <25> [Kailstiskun 53 VM] heap KRAWAN <35> [krva + Kratun drv MK] heap of sheaves DMENS <61> [Diemen DIA MK] hear v KIRDTUN <137> [kirdtwei 67], hear out PAKLAUSTUN <134> [poklausijsnan 121 drv] hearing KIRDSN~ <46> [Kirdtun drv], hearing out PAKLAUSSN~ <46> [poklausijsnan 121 drv] heart SRAN n <35> [sijran 65], SR n [Seyr E 124], to take heart to DRSINTUN SI <85> [drsintun drv] hearth PELANNA <45> [Pelanno E 223] heat G~RM <53> [Gorme E 41], K~ITAN <35> [K`its MK] heat smth (a house etc.) v tr TAPPINTUN <85> [Tappis drv], heat (smth) up ASINTUN <85> [~istwei drv], KAITNTUN <85> [enkaittai 346

73 drv], smth, smb up ENKAITNTUN <85> [enkaittai 73 drv], v i heat up (to become warmer) ~ISTWEI <95> [Ennoys E 158 VM], EN~ISTWEI <95> [Ennoys E 158 VM], KAITTWEI <134> [enkaittai 73 drv], ENKAITTWEI <134> [enkaittai 73 drv] heath (moor) P~LWI <52> [Palwe ON] heathen PAGNS <32> [poganans I 11 drv] heathenism PAGNIBI <52> [Pagonbe E 795] heating TAPPINSN~ <46> [Tappintun drv] heavenly DNGINISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Dengniskas 119 drv], DENGINNINISKAS nom sg m <25> [Dengenneniskans 131], that heavenly... DENGININNIS aj pm <28> [Dengenennis 49] heavy BRENDUS aj <31> [105 VM brendekermnen] hedgehog AZZIS <40a> [eys + ezis + jez, Az, Azzaran MK] heel PENTS f <58> [Pentis E 147] heer up (disport) v ENWESSELINTUN SI <85> [Enwesselintun drv] height AKTAN <35> [Aucktimmien 91 VM] height (inches) AGAN <35> [Agtwei drv MK] Heilige Linde SWINTA LNDA <45> [Heiligelinde ON MK] heir WELDNS <32> [waldns 131] helicopter ELIKPTERS <32> [helicopter, helikopters MK] hell PIKULS <32> [Pyculs E 10] hello! KALS [kails MBS] helmet SALMS <32> [Salmis E 420] help no PAGALBA <45> [pogalban 101 drv] help v GALBTWEI <85> [galbimai 31 drv], to use to help PAGALBTWEI <85> [pogalbton 115] helper PAGALBENIKS <32> [pogalbenix 103], PAGALBA <45> [pogalban 101 drv] hem (seam) WIDS <43> [Widus E 508] hemp KANAPJAS nom pl f <50> [Knapios E 268] hemp seed KANAPSIMEN n <63> [gnapsem Gr] hen GERT~ <46> [Gerto E 764] hence TT [tt 6928], (consequently) TTET av [titet 3711] henceforth EZTEIN [Esteinu 123] hen-harrier (ring-tail) PEL <53> [Pele E 710], ARJ~PELI <52> [Kornweihe, javin ling, b\otniak zbozowy, ar + pel Nx] 347

her dat, acc DIN pn 3 encl dis acc sg f [din 10117] herald ERLDS <32> [Herold MK] heraldry HERALDIKI <52> [Heraldik MK] herd K~IMENI <52> [K`ims > kaimas, kaimen + Wisseni MK] herdsman PAMENS <61> [payme-copo DK GN + piemuo, poimn MK] here ~I av [schai 115], AN av [schan 6722], STWI av [stwi 51], here (is, are) STWI pcl [Stwi 111] , to here ANDAU av [an 6722 + stwendau MK] heritage WELDSN~ <46> [weldsnan 35], PALAD~ <46> [polayde DK] hermit IZSKSENIKS <32> [Izsktwei drv MK], P~USTRINIKS <32> [P`ustri drv GlN] hero ERJS <32> [Hero + herojs MK] heron GISI <52> [Geeyse E 718] herring SILLIKI <52> [Sylecke E 575] hew v KAL~TUN <132> [Kal`peilis MK],hew through PRAKRSTUN <86> [Krstun drv, prakirsti] hide v KLIPTUN <97> [auklipts 123 drv], hide entirely AUKL IPTUN <97> [auklipts 123 drv], hide oneself KLIPTUN SI <97> [Kliptun drv], hide oneself entirely AUKL IPTUN SI <97> [Aukliptun drv] hideout KLIPTAWA <45> [Kliptun drv MK] high AKTS aj <26> [Aucktimmien 91 VM] high boot PUSN <53> [Pusne E 499] high school GIMN~ZIJAN <35> [Gymnasium MK] highway AUTPINTS m <57> [Pints + Autobahn MK], S <53> [Chaussee MK] hill KAPS <36> [wosgows cappis DK], KAPURNA <45> [Caporne ON VM] hill fort PILLIGARBS <36> [piliakalnis, pilskalns MK] hiller KRSL <53> [Kersle E 549] him DIN pn 3 encl dis acc sg m [din 89] hinder KMPINTUN <85> [kumpint 109], AUDTUN <121> [andei`nsts 93 drv], KRSLINTUN <85> [Kirsl drv] hindering KMPINSNA <45> [Kmpintun (si) drv] hindrance KRSL <53> [Krsa, Krsan + rslis MK], KMPL <53> [kumpint 109 MK] Hindu aj INDU ISTISKAS <25> [hinduistisch MK] Hindu man NDUS <43> pl ndai <32> [Hindus MK] Hindu woman NDUINI <50> [ndus drv] 348

Hinduism INDU ISMUS <32> [Hinduismus MK], adherent of Hinduism INDU ISTS <32> [Hinduist MK] Hindustan INDUST~NS <32> [Hindustan MK] hinge ALDI <52> [Aloade E 541] hint no PREIZENTLISN~ <46> [Preizentlitun drv] hint v (drop a hint) at PREIZENTLITUN <138> prei [an-deuten+zentlitun MK] hip (haunch) KULS nom sg f <50> [Culczi E 138], (thigh) SL~UNS f <60> [Slaunis E 139] hire v NMATUN <132> [nma drv] hired NMAIMINS <25> [nmatun drv] hiss v SN~KSTWEI <87> [Snoxtis E 88 VM] historian ISTRINIKS <32> [Historiker MK] historic(al) ISTRISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [historisch MK] history ISTRIJA <45> [Historie MK] hit (to strike) v KRSTUN <86> [kyrteis Gr], TRNKTUN <97> [pertincktan 119 VM], (any mark) EBTIKTWEI (na acc) <89> [Tiktwei MK] hoarfrost GR~ISS <32> [Grosis E 58] hobnail for hooves SAGS <36> [Sagis E 544] hoe KRSL <53> [Kersle E 549] hog the back v KMPTWEI <75b> [etkmps 55 MK] hold v LAIK~TUN <142> [laikt 107], hold in (to keep back) ETLAIK~TUN <142> [etl`iku (sin) 99 drv], hold up (to restrain) ZAB~TUN <132> [Sbeclis E 539 VM] hole PR~L nom sg f <51> [Noseproly E 86 VM] holey PRALAWNGIS aj <27> [Pr`li drv] holiday SWINTIKAI pl tantum <32> [Swints drv, switek switki MK] holiness SWINTISKU <49> [Swintiskan 45] Holland ULLANDAN <35> [Holland MK] hollow no (of a tree) DRAW <53> [Drawine E 393 VM], hollow tub DRAWWINI <52> [Drawine E 393] hollow v DALBTUN <85> [Dalptan E 536 MK] holy SWINTS aj <25> [swints 7919] home BUTTAN n <35> [buttan 35], at home BUTTAI av [Buttan + namie / enstesmu wirdai 97 MK] homogeneous AINAWDS aj <25> [ainawydan 43] 349

honesty TEISWINGISKU <49> [teiswingiskan 87] honey MEDDU n <44> [Meddo E 391] honeycomb no KRIS <40> [korys, k`re MK] honeycomb attr KRINGIS aj <27> [Kris drv] honorarium HNORARS <32> [Honorar MK] honour no TESI <52> [teisi 9111] honour v TESINTUN <85> [teisint 33], ZMNINTUN <85> [smunintwey II 5] honourable TEISWINGIS aj <27> [(ni) teiswingins 69], TEISNGISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [(ni) teisngiskan 87] honourably TEISNGI av [teisngi 31] hood (cap) BIGINNI <52> [Beginne DK MK] hoof NAGS <32> [Nagis E 371 + nagutis E 117, nagos VM MK] hook W~NSS <36> [vas, vkaras MK], (peg) KS <32> [hk DIA + okas, `is, huk MK], hook of a (pail-)bail (tug) ~NSS f <60> [Ansis E 367] hooked (curved) KMPS aj <26> [etkmps 55 + kumpas + kumps MK] hooliganism B~UKISKU <49> [B`ukiskas drv] hoop DANG~ <46> [dongo E 403] hoopoe P~RPALS <32> [Prapolis E 747] hope NADRUWSN~ <46> [nadruwsnan 63 drv] hope (for) v NADRUWTWEI <134> (na acc) [Nadruwisn` MK] horde-collar PADDIS <40> [Paddis E 312] horizon URICNTS <56> [Horizont MK] horn RAGS <36> [Ragis E 705] hornbeam SK~BERWIS <40> [Stoberwis E 594] hornet SIRSILS, gen sirsilas <36> [Sirsilis E 790] hornless GLUMBS aj <25> [Glumbe E 652 VM] hornless KAMS av <26> [Camstian E 678 VM] horror ASMAS pl tantum <46> [ausmas MK] horse (bridle-horse) KAMNTIS <40> [kampnit Gr], (charger) RUSS <32> [Russis E 429], (draught horse) ARW~IKS <32> [Arwaykis E 434], (jade, hack) K~IKAN n <35> [Paustocaic^a E 654 VM], (ploughing horse) SWIKIS <40> [Sweykis E 432], (riding stallion) ZIRGS <36> [Sirgis E 430], (stallion for tourneys) SWERREPS <40> [Sweriapis E 431], (wild horse) PAUSTAK~IKAN n <35> [Paustocaic^a E 654] 350

horse halter ~UKLA <45> [Auclo E 451] horseshoe LATTAKA <45> [Lattako E 543] hospitable RIDEWAISINS <38> [Reidewaisines 87] hospital PITLIN <37> [Spittel DK] hot GARRAWS <25> [garrewingi 121 VM], K~ITS <25> [Kaittwei MK] hotel HTELS <32> [Hotel MK] hottly GARAWNGI av [garrewingi 121] hound no SKALANKS <32> [Scalenix E 702] hound v (at) GRAZINTUN <85> [Greztun si drv MK] hour STNDI <52> [stndicks 57 VM] house BUTTAN n <35> [Buttan E 193] household BRWALKS <32> [burwalkan 41 drv] houseowner BUTARIKS <39> [Butta (Rikians) 95 drv] housepainter (man) WPITAJS <32> [Wpitun drv], (woman) WPITAJA <45> [Wpitajs drv] house-watchman BUTTASARGS <32> [Butsargs 87] housewife LDINI nom sg f <50> [Ludini E 186] how K~IGI [k`igi 17], (beginning interrogative clauses only) K~I [kai 496] how much KELLI [VM] however L~IT cj [schl`it 2914], GI encl [k`igi 17 + gi, ze MK] howl v K~UKTWEI <75> [kaukti/aukti + kaukt + kukac/sowa MK] hub (nave) NABBIS <40> [Nabis E 297] hub-shaft NABETTA <45> [Nawetto E 323] hue (nuance) ETBARWI <52> [B`rwi drv + atspalvis, odcien MK] human aj ZMNENISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [smnenisku 9123] human no (human being) ZMNENAWINS nom sg m <32> [Smonenaws E 67], ZMNENTINS <32> [smunentinan 10112], ZMNENTS <56> [smnents 6319], ZMI <64> [Smoy E 187] humane HUM~NISKAS aj <25> [humanisch MK] humanism HUMANISMUS <32> [Humanismus MK] humanist HUMANISTS <32> [Humanist MK] humanitarian HUM~NISKAS aj <25> [humanisch MK] humanity HUM~NISKU <25> [Hum`niskas drv] humanity ZMNENISKU <49> [Zmneniskas drv] humble L~USTINGIS aj <27> [L`ustingins 975 drv] humidity WILGAN n <35> [Welgen E 157] 351

humiliate v L~USTINTUN <85> [laustineiti wans 97 drv], humiliate oneself L~USTINTUN SI <85> [laustineiti wans 97 drv] humiliation L~USTINSN~ <46> [L`ustintun drv] humility L~USTINGISKU acc <49> [l`ustngiskan 973 drv] hump (hunchback) KMPAN <35> [kumpint 109 + sakumpt MK] hump v KMPTWEI <75b> [etkmps 55 MK] humpback (person) KMPELIS <40> [Kmpan + kuprelis, kuprtis MK] humped KMPS aj <26> [KmpanMK] hundred: one hundred SMTAN crd <35> [imtas+simts+sto+Dessimton 27 MK] hunger ALKIS <40> [Alkns 87 + alkis MK] hungry ALKNS <25> [Alkns 87], to be hungry ALKTWEI <92> [N] hungryness ALKNISKU <49> [Alknisquai 105] hunt(ing) ME~NI <52> [Medione E 699] hunter MEDS <38> [Medies E 696] hurl (once) v IZATUN <144> [atun MK] hurry no SPSENIS <40> [Sptwei drv] hurry v SPTWEI <120> [spti + spt + spiac MK], (precipitate) v SPJINTUN <85> [Sptwei drv] hurt v tr (to insult) ENWARGTUN <134> [Wargtun, Enw`rgtwei drv + kranken], v i (to ache) GULTWEI <75a> [Gulsennin 105 VM] husband SALBAWRS <32> [Sallbaiwrins 93], WRS <32> [wijrs 87], (spouse) SALBA no m <47> [sallban 33] hymn GRMA <45> [grmikan 79 VM] hypothesis HIPTEZI <52> [Hypothese MK]

I AS pn 1 nom sg <1> [as 3712] ice LADS <36> [Ladis E 56] ice-cream LAD~I pl <36> [ice + ledai, lody MK] idea PR~TS <57> [pr`tin 51 drv] identify v IDENTIFICTUN <139> [identifizieren MK] idiotic (words) GEZIRISKAS aj <25> [Geziras drv] 352

if IK [Eg BPT], IKKAI [ickai 99] if only IK TER MAZZAIS [nebent + ja tikai MK] igneous PANNISKAS aj <25> [Pannu drv] ignition ENDEGSN~ <46> [Endegtun drv] ignore v IGNRITUN <138> [ignorieren MK] ill: to be ill (down) (with) SRGTWEI <97> (na acc) [absergsnan91 VM], to fall ill ENW~RGTWEI <92> [warg 69 + powargsennien 115 MK] illegal NILAG~LS aj <25> [Lag`ls drv] illiteracy NIPEIS~LINGISKU <49> [Peis`lisku drv] illiterate NIPEIS~LINGIS aj <27> [Peis`lingis drv] illness ENW~RGSENIS <40> [Enw`rgtwei MK] imagine v PREISTATNTUNSI <85> [Preistatntun drv, sich vorstellen MK] immediately IZREIZAN av [Iz + Rizan + od razu, i karto MK] immigrant (man) IMIGR~NTS <56> [immigrant MK], (woman) IMIGR~NTI <50> [Imigr`nts drv] immigrate v PERW~NDRAUTWEI <143> [W`ndrautwei drv] immigration IMIGRACINI <52> [immigration MK] impact v (into) ENGNESTUN <76> [Gnestun drv + spausti, iespiest MK] impartial NIP~USISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [P`usan MK] impartiality NIP~USISKU <49> [Nip`usiskas drv] implant v ENSAKNINTUN <85> [n + Saknis, einwurzeln MK] implantation ENSAKNINSN~ <46> [Ensaknintun drv] implement v IMPLAMENTTUN <139> [to implement + -ieren MK] implied attr AUPRESTAMINS aj <25> [Auprestun + Paklausmins MK] implore v AUMADLTUN <140> [Madlitun drv GlN] imply v AUPRESTUN <93> [noprast, ~umens + Paprestun MK] import no IMPRTS <32> [Import MK] import v IMPRTITUN <138> [importieren Nx] important SWAREWNGIS <27> [Swars MK] impose v NALAZNTUN <85> [Lazntunpresent drv] impregnate (fertilise) v ENWEISNTUN <85> [Wisis drv MK] impress (to stamp) v ETGNESTUN <76> [Gnestun drv + atspausti, odcisnc MK], ENGNESTUN <76> [Gnestun drv + spausti, iespiest MK], to be impressed (be dinted, imprinted) ETGNESTUN SI <76> [Etgnestun drv] impression: to be left as impression ETGNESTUN SI <76> [Etgnestun drv] 353

improve v WALNINTUN <85> [walnint 33] impudence DREZZISKU <49> [Drezziskas drv] impudent aj DREZZIKISKAS <25> [Drezziks drv] impudent no person DREZZIKS <32> [Dreztun drv + akipla, plsgs MK] in (location) dat N prp dat [n 6314], (toward) acc N prp acc [n 6314] inadmissible NIENIMMEWINGIS aj <27> [Enimmewingis drv] in-and-out PR~LISKAS aj <25> [Pr`li drv] inborn ENGMTS <69> [Engimmuns drv] incandesce v i EN~ISTWEI <95> [Ennoys E 158 VM] incarnate v ENKRMENINTUN <85> [enkrminints 131 drv] incentive TLKSENIS <40> [Tlktun drv] incessant NIETTREPEWNGIS aj <49> [Ettrptwei drv GlN] incessantness NIETTREPEWNGISKU <49> [Niettrepewngis drv] inch CULLIS <40> [Zoll MK] incident AUD~SENIS <40> [sien aud`t 57 MK] incidental (contingent) PRIPALINGIS aj <27> [Pripalis drv], PREIPALSENISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Preipalsn` drv] incinerate v DEGGINTUN <85> [Degtwei drv] incise v EMPJATUN <111> [Pjatun drv] incising EMPJASNA <46> [Empjatun drv] incision EMPJASENIS <40> [Empjatun drv] incitement ENKAITNSNA <45> [Enkaitntun drv] inclinable (towards) LNKUS aj <30> prei ( acc) [Lgus + linkui MK] inclination (for, to) DNGSN~ <46> (pri acc) [Dngtwei drv], LNKSN~ <46> (prei acc) [Lnktwei drv] incline (to) v LNKTWEI <92> [perl`nkei 53 MK] (prei acc), to be inclined (to) DNGTWEI (pri acc) <85> [podingai 79 VM, MK] inclined (to) DNGEWIS aj <27> (pri acc) [Dngtwei drv], LNKUNS pc <68> prei (acc) [Lnktwei + linksMK] income NAD~ <46> [nauda + nauda MK] inconsequent P~USAINS aj <25> [P`usan drv] incorrect BL~NDEWINGIS aj <27> [Bl`nda MK] incorrectly BL~NDEWINGI av [Bl`nda MK] increase no TLNINSN~ <46> [Tlnintun drv] increase v tr MISESINTUN <85> [Misess drv], (in number) TLNINTUN <85> [tlninai 131], v i (in number) TLNINTUN SI <85> [Tlnintun drv] 354


indebted SKEL~NTS pc ps ac <29> [skell`nts 65] indecent NIK~NKSTAS aj <25> [nikanxts 69] indeed PERARWI av [Perarwi 113], PERARWISKAI av [perarwiskai 43] independence (from) NIPERL~NKSN~ <46> (ezze acc) [Perlanksn` drv] independently (from) NIPERL~NKUS aj <31> (ezze acc) [Perl`nkus drv] India NDIJA <45> [Indien MK] Indian NDISKAS <25> [ndus drv] Indian ink TI <52> [Tusche MK] indication (reading) WAIDNSENIS <40> [Waidntun drv, parodymas MK] indictee EBWINTASIS Ebwintun pc pt pa pnl <40> [(ni)ebwints 87 MK] indigene ANS <25> [`i drv, ejienietis MK] indignation ERNERTSNA <45> [Ernerttun drv] indispensable aj BTEWINGIS <27> [Btewis drv], BTEWIS <27> [Btwei drv, btinas MK], (irreplaceable) NIMAIN~IMINS <25> [Main`tun + Paklausmins MK] indispensably BTEWINGI av [Btewingis drv] Indonesia INDNEZIJA <45> [Indien MK] Indonesian man INDNEZINS <32> [Indnezija drv] Indonesian woman INDNEZNINI <50> [Indnezins drv] induce (stimulate) v TLKTUN <75> [tl`ku 89 VM MK] industrial INDUSTRI~LS aj <25> [industriell MK] industrialist INDUSTRI~LANIKS <32> [Industrieller MK] industrialization INDUSTRI~LIZISN~ <46> [Industrialisierung MK] industrious DLAWINGIS <27> [Dlatwei drv] industry INDUSTRJA <45> [Industrie MK] inequality (mathematical) NILGIBI <52> [Lgibi drv] inexorable NIAUMADLIMINS aj <25> [Aumadlitun drv GlN] inexorably NIAUMADLIMINAI av [Niaumadlimins drv GlN] infallible NIBL~NDEWINGIS aj <27> [Bl`ndewingis drv] infantile INFANTLS aj <25> [infantil MK] infantilism INFANTILISMUS <32> [Infantilismus] infantility MALNKISKU <49> [Malnkiskas drv] infantry INFANTRJA <45> [Infanterie MK] infantryman INFANTR ISTS <32> [Infanterist MK] infidel NIDRUWNGIS aj <27> [nidruwngi 101 drv], NIDRUWNTS Druwt pc ps ac <29> [nidruwntin 119 drv] 355

infidelity NIDRWIS <40> [nidruwien 55 drv] infinite: the infinite no BEWANGIBI <52> [Wang` drv GlN] inflame v tr (to fire) ENDEGTUN <85> [Dags MK], i (to flash on) ENDEGTWEI <85> [Dags MK] inflaming ENDEGSN~ <46> [Endegtun drv] inflammation disease ENDEGSENIS <40> [Endegtun + Entzndung + zapalenie MK] inflection FLAKSINI <52> [Flexion MK] inflict a penalty v SNDITUN <138> [snndintwti 39] influence no ENDLINSN~ <46> [Endlintun drv] influence v ENDLINTUN <85> [Dlinai 61 MK] inform v INFRMITUN <138> [informieren MK] information INFRMACINI <52> [information MK], (communication) INFRMISENIS <40> [Infrmitun drv] in front MPIRZDAN av [Pirzdan + emprki MK], in front of PIRZDAU prp acc [pirsdau 63] ingratitude NIDNKAWINGISKU <49> [Dnkawingisku drv] inhabit v BUWNTWEI <85> [buwinanti 93] inhabitant BWIS <40> [btwei drv, bvys MK], inhabitant of the dunes KPENIKS <32> [Kapeninker DIA MK] inhale v ENDWESTUN <80c> [Dwestwei drv] inherit v WELDTUN <134> [weldsnan 35 drv] inheritance PALAD~ <46> [polayde DK], WELDSN~ <46> [weldsnan 35] inheritor WELDNS <32> [waldns 131] initiator (founder) PAGAWENIKS <32> [Pagatun drv] injection INJAKCINI <52> [Injektion MK] ink TINTI <52> [Tinte + tinte MK], Indian ink TI <52> [Tusche MK] inn KRGS <32> [Krg (Gassttte) DIA MK] inner NTREWINGIS aj <27> [ntran drv] innocence NIWINTISKU <49> [niwintiskau 43 drv] innocent NIWINTS aj <69> [niwinton 43 drv] innovation NAWWINISKU <49> [Naws drv MK] innumerably BEGRBISKAS <25> [Grbis drv GlN] in order to K~I cj [k`i 12315] inquisition (inquiry) IZLAUKSN~ <46> [Enlauktun drv] insatiable NIS~TWINEWINGIS <27> [S`twintun drv] 356

inscribe v ENPEIS~TUN <132> [Peis`tun drv] inscription NPEISAN <35> [uraas, uzraksts, napis drv] insect WDS <36> [uodas + ods + owad MK] insert no (liner) NDIJA <45> [Endtun drv MK] insert v ENDTUN <121> [audei`nsts 93, senditans 83 MK] inside NTRAN <35> [wntrze, wtroba + iekan + inside + bratrkai 89 MK] inspection REWIZINI <52> [Revision MK] inspector REWIDTAJS <32> [Rewidtun drv] inspiration END~USINSN~ <46> [End`usintun drv] inspire v END~USINTUN <85> [*d`us VM drv] inspirer IELS <38> [ielitwei drv MK] instance PRIPALIS <40> [Senpaltwei, Zufall + priepuolis MK] instant (exigent) SPJAWINGIS aj <27> [Sptwei MK] instead of EN DEKTU gen instigate v ENKAITNTUN <85> [enkaittai 73 drv] instigation ENKAITNSNA <45> [Enkaitntun drv] instigator ENKAITNTAJS <32> [Enkaitntun drv] instill (a drop) v LASNTUN <85> [Las` drv] institute INSTITTAN <35> [Institut MK] institution ENTEIK~SENIS <40> [installation MK] instruct v PAMUKNTUN <85> [pomukints 87 drv] instruction (commandment) PALAIPNSNA <45> [polaipnsnan 71 drv] instrument DLAPAGAPTS f <58> [dijlapagaptin 93 drv], PAGAPTS f <58> [dijlapagaptin 93 VM], INSTRUMNTI <52> [Instrument MK] instrumental INSTRUMENT~LS <32> [Instrumental MK] insufficiency NIS~TWINISKU <49> [Nis`twins drv] insufficient NIS~TWINS <25> [S`twins drv] insult v ENIZWINTUN <85> [verletzen + eisti MK] insurance EBEW~RGINSENIS <40> [Ebew`rgintun Nx] insure v (property etc.) EBEW~RGINTUN <85> [Bew`rgingis, ubezpieczac Nx] intelligence (nous) IZPRESSENIS <40> [Isspresennien 77 drv] intelligent IZPRETEWNGIS aj <27> [Izprestun drv] intelligently IZPRETEWNGI av [Izpretewngis drv] intenseness DIWASP~RTISKU <49> [Dwasp`rts drv] intension (concept) PRESSENIS <40> [Prestun drv MK] intercede (for) v PRAMADLTUN <140> (per acc) [Pra madlin 91] 357

intercession PRAMADLIN n <35> [Pra madlin 91] intercessor SIRZDAWENIKS <32> [Mittelsmann, tarpininkas, starpnieks, Sirzdau + -enik MK] intercommunity PERNISKU no nom sg f <49> [perniskan 45] interest no INTERESSIN <37> [Interesse MK] interest v INTERESSITUN <85> [interessieren MK], ENINTERESSITUN <85> [Interessitun drv] interesting aj INTERESSANTS aj <25> [interessant MK], av INTERESSANTI av (aj n) [interessant + arwi MK] interface INTERF~CAN <35> [interface MK] interior NTRAN <35> [wntrze, wtroba + iekan + inside + bratrkai 89 MK] intermediate v PERSIRZDAUTWEI <143> [vermitteln, posredniczyc MK] internal NTREWINGIS aj <27> [ntran drv] international INTERNACINALS aj <25> [International MK] internet INTERNETTAN <35> [internet + Internetz MK] interpret v (languages), be engaged on interpreting TULKAUTWEI <143> [Tulki drv] interpreter (from languages) TULKI <54> [Tolke DK MK] interrupt (stop) v AUTNSTUN <79> [nutraukti MK] interruption AUTNSN~ <46> [Autnstun drv] interspace PRSIRZDIS <40> [Sirzdau + protarpis + MK] interval ETTRAPAN <35> [ettreptwei drv + trapt 83 + odstp + Abstand MK], INTERWALLIN <35a> [Intervall Nx] intestine GR~BS <32> [Grobis E 129] intestines TULAW~RTIS nom pl f <52> [Tusawortes E 131] introduce v (into) ENWESTUN <73> [Westun drv], (to smb) PREISTATNTUN <85> [preistattinnimai 111], oneself PREISTATNTUN SI <85> [Preistatntun drv, sich vorstellen MK] introduction NWADS <32> [Enwestun + introduction + vadas, ievads MK] intuition INTUICINI <52> [Intuition MK] in two NDWEJAN av [entzwei + na dwoje MK] inundate v: to be inundated KNIPTWEI <89> [Knipaw ON, kniipe 107 VM] invader (occupant) (man) KUPANTS <56> [Okkupant MK], (woman) KUPANTI <50> [kupants drv] invent v ERMRITUN <138> [ermrit 69], SENLAUKTUN <139> [laukt 69 + erfinden + suiekoti MK] 358

invention SENLAUKSENIS <40> [Senlauktun drv] inventor SENLAUKTAJS <32> [Senlauktun drv] investigate v ENLAUKTUN <139> [laukt 69 MK] investigator (interrogator) (man) IZLAUKTAJS <32> [Enlauktun MK], (woman) IZLAUKTAJA <45> [Enlauktajs drv] invitation PERWKAUSN~ <46> [Perwkautun drv] invite v PERWKAUTUN <143> [perwkauns 45 MK] invoke v ENWAKTUN <134> [enwack 85] iodine JDAN <35> [Jod MK] iron no GELZ~ <46> [gelso E 522], (smoothing-iron) L~IDIGELZA <45> [Bgeleisen + gluddzelzs + zelazko MK] iron attr (irony) GELZANS <25> [Gelz` drv] iron v (to press) L~IDITUN <133> [MK smoothes] ironing-board L~IDILUBA <45> [Plttbrett MK] irreligious NIDRUWNGIS aj <27> [nidruwngi 101 drv], NIDRUWNTS Druwt pc ps ac <29> [nidruwntin 119 drv] irreplaceable NIMAIN~IMINS <25> [Main`tun + Paklausmins MK] irresponsibility NIETR~WINGISKU <49> [Nietr`twingis drv] irresponsible NIETR~WINGIS aj <27> [Etr`twingis drv] irrigate v WALGINTUN <85> [Wilgtwei drv] irritable, irritating BARZNISKAS <25> [Barzns drv] Islam ISL~MS <32> [Islam MK] island SALL~ <46> [sala, sala, Nasaliten ON JG], (reedy in a delta) K~MP~ <46> [Campolaukis ON, Kampe DIA MK] Israel ISRALS <32> [Israel MK] issue (of a periodical) NUMMERI <52> [Nummer MK] it DI pn 3 encl n <10> [di 6511] Italian aj W~LKISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [W`lks drv] Italian language W~LKISKAN <35> [W`lkiskas + Italiensch MK] Italian man W~LKS <32> [W\och MK] Italian woman W~LKINI <50> [W`lks drv] Italy W~LKIJA <45> [W\och (y + Ital) ien MK]


jab (into) v BASTUN <87> [embaddusisi 113, boadis E 164 VM] jackdaw D~KI <52> [Doacke E 732], KT <53> [Kote E 724] jacket (coat) WILNIS <40> [Wilnis E 477] jade (hack) K~IKAN n <35> [Paustocaic^a E 654 VM] jaggy RMBITS <69> [Rmbitun drv] jail KALZA <45> [Kaluse DIA MK] jam no (confiture) KNFITIRI <52> [Konfitre + konfitury MK jam v smth EBGLABTUN <80b> [Glabtun drv] January JANW~RS <32> [Januar MK], RAGS <36> [ragas, Hornungmonat MK] Japan JAP~NIJA <45> [p`nija + Jap`nis drv] Japanese JAP~NISKAS <25> [Jap`nis drv] Japanese language JAP~NISKAN <35> [Jap`niskas + Japanisch MK] Japanese man JAP~NIS <40> [Japaner MK] Japanese woman JAP~NINI <50> [Jap`nis drv] jar (earthenware pot) ZWRKSTIS <40> [Swixtis E 350] jay BUKKAWARNI <52> [Bucawarne E 723] jealous PERWID~NTS <29> [Perwid`twei drv] jealousy PERWID~SN~ <46> [Perwid`twei drv] jeer no K~UNS <32> [kauns, Hohn, hauns, kvtis MK] jeer v at K~UNINTWEI <85> iz [K`uns drv] Jerusalem JARZALAMS <32> [Jerusalem MK] Jesus ZUS <42> [Isus II 11] Jew JDI <54> [Jude MK] jewel AUKTUMMASTABS <32> [Auktums + Edelstein MK] jewelry BIUTERJA <45> [Bijouterie MK] Jewish JDISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Jdi drv] Jewish woman JDINI <50> [Jdi drv] join v tr smb, smth together v SEND~TUN <118> [send`uns 109], v i PREID~TUN SI <118> (prei acc) [Preid`tun drv] joist SAND~ <46> [Sando E 200] joke no (trick) GLAD~ <32> [gliauda JB MK]


joke v GLAUD~TWEI <138> [Gliaudoti JB MK] jolly WESSELS aj <25> [Wessals 121] Jordan JURD~NS <32> [Jord`nen 119 drv] journalism PUBLICSTIKI <52> [Publizistik MK] journey PINTEGA <45> [Pints MK] joviality WESSELISKU <49> [wesliskan 79] joy TULDSN~ <46> [tuldsnan 89] joyfully WESSELINGI av [wesselingi 81] judge (man) LGINTAJS <32> [Lgintun drv], (woman) LGINTAJA <52> [Lgintun drv] jug (cruse) KRAGS <32> [Kragis E 400] July JLIJS <32> [Juli MK], LPA <45> [liepa, liepu, lipiec MK] jumble (muddle) MIMAS <32> [mixing machine GlN] jump no (leap) S~KSENIS <40> [S`ktwei drv] jump v (to leap) S~KTWEI <85> [Soakis E 750 VM], jump out IZS~KTWEI <85> [S`ktwei drv] June JNIJS <32> [Juni MK], SMENIS <40> [smenis, ziedu MK] junk (stump) TRUPS <32> [Trupis E 634] just aj TIKRMS <25> [tickrmai 63], (righteous) TIKRMISKAS nom sg m <25> [tikrmiskan 4513] just av (only just, but just) KA TR av [k tik, tikko, tylko co MK], (exactly) ENT IKRISKAI av [entickrikai 81 MK] justice TIKRMISKU <49> [tickrmiskan 35] juveller JUWELRS <32> [Juwelier MK]

keep v PALAIK~TUN <142> [polaikt 35], keep from ETLAIK~TUN <142> [etl`iku (sin) 99 drv], keep to LAIK~TUN SI <142> pri (acc) [sich halten an, laikytis ko MK], keep in touch with KNTAKTITWEI <138> sen ( acc) [Kntakts drv], keep secret KL IPTINTUN <85> [Kliptan drv] kennel (doghouse) BDA <45> [Bude DIA MK] 361

key KLATALS <32> [Klatun MK], (keyboards) TASTI <52> [Taste MK] keyboard KLAWIATRI <52> [Klaviatur Nx] kick v SPERTUN <80> [Spertlan E 150 VM] kid (child) MALNKS <32> [malnijks 115] kidnap v AUGR~BTUN <75b> [Gr`btun drv] kidnapper AUGR~BTAJS <32> [augr`btun drv MK] kidney INKSTI <52> [Inxcze E 128] kill v GALNTUN <85> [gallintwei 31] kilogramme KIL [Kilo MK] kilometre KILMETRAS nom sg m <32> [Kilometer MK] kind (good) aj LABNGIS aj <27> [labbngs 51] kind (sort) no PRGIMI <52> [prgimnis 11522MK], of another kind KITAWDS <25> [kittawidin 115 VM] kindling-wood PR~GLIS <41> [Proglis E 224] kindly av MLAI av [mijlan 27], more kindly MLIS av cp [mijls 89] kindness LABBISKU <49> [labbisku 852] kindred GINTAWS <25> [Gintu drv] king KUNNEGS <32> [Konagis E 405] Kingdom KUNNEGISTA <45> [Kunnegs drv], (Reich, of Heaven) RKI <52> [Rki 113] kingfisher APISARGS <32> [Apisorx E 772] kip v down LAZTWEI <89> [Lasto E 209, 492 MK] kiss no BUCCIS <40> [Butsch DIA, Buccautun MK] kiss v BUCCAUTUN <143> [Butsch, butschen DIA + buiuoti + buot + busjac MK], PAL~IZITUN <138> [pomeleis Gr VM], kiss oneselves v BUCCAUTUN SI <143> [Buccautun drv], kiss me! / kiss me a ...! PAMIL~IZIS Pal`izitunip 2 sg [pomeleis Gr VM] kitchen KUKRI <52> [Kukore E 348] kitchen-garden SAKNINSADS <32> [Saknis + Sads + Gemsegarten MK] kitchen-range KUKURISGARR~ <46> [Kuk`ri + Gar` + Kchenherd MK] kite ~LPS <32> [Alf DIA MK] Klaipeda MMELI <52> [Memel MK Kstutis Demereckas] knead v GN~STUN <86> [Gnode E 338 VM], (paste or dough) ENGN~STUN <86> [Gn`stun drv] kneading trough GN~TI <52> [Gnode E 338] knee KLUPSTIS nom sg f <58> [Klupstis E 140] 362

kneel v PAKWLPTWEI <92> [poquelbton 79 drv] knife PILIS <40> [peile Gr] knight W~LDWIKA <47> [Waldwico E 406] knit v WINZTUN <97> [Saninsle E 485 VM], (wool) SENWINZTUN <97> [Saninsle E 485 VM] knitter (woman) WANZ~TAJA <45> [Wanz`tun drv] knitting (business) WANZ~SN~ <46> [Wanz`tun drv], (ware) WANZ~SENIS <40> [Wanz`tun drv] knock v at KLUMSTINTWEI <85> [klumstinai 119 drv], down PERTRNKTUN <97> [pertrinctan 119 VM] knot WINZALS <32> [Winztun + wze\ + mezgls MK] knot v (to make a knot) WINZTUN <97> [Saninsle E 485 VM], (to make many knots) WANZ~TUN <132> [Winztun MK] know v WASTUN <122> [waist 73], (cognize) ZIN~TUN <142> [ersinnat 53 MK], to get to know ERZIN~TUN <142> [ersinnat 53], know how MUKTUN <136> [wyssen mukis II 9 + mokti + m`ct VM] knowledge WASN~ <46> [waisnan 111], (cognition) ERZIN~SN~ <46> [Erzin`tun drv] knuckle KRMSTUS <43> [Krumstus E 116] Knigsberg KUNNEGSGARBS <32> [Knigsberg MK] Koran KUR~NS <32> [Quran MK] koumiss ASWINAN n <35> [Aswinan E 694] Kriwe KRIWWIS <52> [Criwe DK], son of a Kriwe or subordinated Kriwe KRIWATIS <40> [CriwayDK], Kriwes staff KRIWWI <52> [Criwe DK VM]

label ETIKETTAN <35> [Etiket MK] labourer DLANTS pc ps ac <29> [dlants 87], (unskilled woman) GEWINJA <45> [Gewins drv], (unskilled man) GEWINS <38> [Gewineis E 191] laceration (to pieces) IZDRESN~ <46> [Izdreztun drv] 363

lack no NIS~TAUSN~ <46> [Nis`tautwei drv] lack v NIS~TAUTWEI <143> [S`tautwei drv MK] ladder TREPPI <52> [Treppi + trepes MK] laddle (dipper) K~RTS <56> [Birgakarkis E 358] lade (to stow, load) v KRATUN <111> [krauti + kraut + kryc MK] lady ZUPNI <52> [Supni 67] ladybird BARBUTTI <52> [Barbuttke DIA, barbut MK] lady-in-waiting DWARRINI <52> [Dwarrins drv] laily SWTEWISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Swtewiskan 89] lake AZZARAN n <35> [Assaran E 60] lamb RISTIN n <37> [Eristian E 681] lame aj (limping) KLUBS <26> [lubas, Klmbtwei MK] lame no (person) KLMBIS <40> [Klumbtwei drv + klumbys MK] lame v (to mutilate) KLMBINTUN <85> [Klmbis drv] lament no R~UD~ <46> [Raud`twei + rauda MK] lament v (to wail) WIMENITWEI <133> [aimanuoti, vaiman`t MK] lamentation WIMENI <52> [Wi mennei, Wimenitwei + aimana MK] laminar KL~D~TS <25> [Kl`ds drv + Mais`ts MK] lamp L~MPI <52> [lamp MK] lance KELLIN n <37> [Kelian E 422] lance corporal GEPR~ITERIS <40> [Gefreiter MK] land no (earth) ZEM <53> [semm 10517, Samye E 237], (country) T~UT~ <46> [Tauto E 793] land v AUSADNTUN <85> [Sadntun drv] landlord (squire) DWARARIKS <39> [Gutherr + Butariks MK] landowner LAUKINKS <32> [Laukinikis E 407] landrail DR~NZI <52> [Droanse E 749] language BIL~ <46> [bill 539 + byla MK] lantern LATRNI <52> [Laterne MK] larch LARKI <52> [Lrche, lerche, larix MK] large DEBKS aj <25> [debkan 75] larger MISESS aj cp Debks <25> [muisieson 69] lark (sky lark) WRWIRSIS <41> [Werwirsis E 733] larva LARWI <52> [Larve + lerva, larwa MK] last PANZDAUMS aj <25> [pansdaumannien 61 MK], the last PANZDAUMANIS aj pnl <27> [pansdaumannien 61], at last NWANGAN av [enwangan 55], ENWANGISKAN av 364

[enw`ngiskan 133], last but one, next to last PIRZDPANZDAUMS aj <25> [Panzdaums + Pirzdlangstan MK] last v (to continue, endure) TENTWEI <134> [pertennuns 67 drv], WRAUTWEI <143> [wraui 85], last out ERLAIK~TUN SI <142> [Erlaik`tun drv] last year PRNAI av [Prns drv], last years, of last year PRNS aj <25> [pernai + prns + fairns MK] late aj WLS aj <26> [vls + vlus + Weltun MK], to be late PERTENTWEI <134> [pertennuns 67 drv], WLAUTWEI <143> [Wls drv MK] late av WLAI [Wls + vlai MK], WLIN av (aj n) [Wls + vlai MK] later on PANZDAU av [pansdau 69] lateral GRAWWINIS aj <28> [Grawyne E 304 VM] latter PANZDAUMANIS aj pnl <27> [pansdaumannien 61] Latvia LATTAWA <45> [Latawa + Lietava, J ` twa MK] Latvian aj LATTAWISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Lattawa drv] Latvian features LATTAWIBI <52> [Lattawis drv] Latvian language LATTAWISKAN <35> [Lattawiskas + Lettisch MK] Latvian man LATTAWIS <40> [Lattawa drv] Latvian woman LATTAWINI <50> [Lattawis drv] laugh v SMETUN SI <106> [smieties + s mia c si MK], laugh at BEBNTUN <85> [bebbint 87] laugh, laughter no SMEJJAN <35> [Smetun si MK], fond of laughter SMEJJAWINGIS aj <27> [Smetun drv] Lauma (Nymphe) LAMA <45> [Laumygarbis ON VM] launch v (to start) ENSKATTINTUN <85> [skattwei caus] law ENSADNSNA <45> [ensadinsnan 111 drv], (study, discipline) JURISPRUDNCI <52> [jurisprudence MK] lay v, lay on (over) LAZNTUN <85> [lasinna 113 drv] layer KL~DS <32> [klodas, kloti + kl`t + pok\ad MK] layer-cake TRTI <52> [Torte MK] lazy WLAKINGIS aj <27> [Wlaks drv], to be lazy WLAKITWEI <138> [Wlaks drv] lazybones WLAKS <32> [Flak DIA MK] lead no (plumbum) ALWAS nom sg m <32> [Alwis E 527 (Elwas Z Zinn Ertz)] lead v (smb somewhere) WESTUN <73> [westwei 27, west 91], (conduct) v PERSTALTWEI <134a> [perstall 877 drv] 365

leader MISTRAS nom sg m <32> [Mistran 91], LDERIS <40> [leader MK] leadership PERSTALSN~ <46> [perstallsnas 85] leading WESN~ <46> [Westun drv MK] leaf LAPPAN <35> [Lapinis E 359 VM] leaflet SKR~IDLAPPAN <35> [Flugblatt, Skr`istwei, Lappan MK] lean aj (thin) LABS <26> [laibas, laibs, MK] lean v (on, upon, against) ETSPAR~TUN SI <132> (na acc) [Etspar`tun drv], (back) ETKMPITWEI (na acc) <138> [Etkmpis MK] leaning (towards) LNKSN~ <46> (prei acc) [Lnktwei drv] leap v S~KTWEI <85> [Soakis E 750 VM] learn v MUKNTUN SI <85> [mukint 65 drv], (smth) IZMUKNTUN SI <85> acc [Izmukntun drv], learn of, about ERZIN~TUN <142> [ersinnat 53] lease no NMA <45> [andanm K.Bga MK] lease v out NMATUN <132> [nma drv] leash K~RDA <45> [Aclocordo E 313 MK] least: at least MAZZAIS [wenigstens, vismaz MK] leather N~GNAN n <35> [Nognan E 498], (shoe leather) KET~ <46> [Keuto E 497] leather apron TMS <36> [Kymis E 501] leather strap of a top-boot PAKKARS <36> [P accaris E 502] leave v tr (to let smth remain) PALASTUN <77> [Palaid` drv MK], v i leave (for) IZJ~TWEI <119> [J`twei drv] leaven (got from gastric ferment of a calf) RAGS <32> [Raugus E 691] Leccinum BERZINKRIMMA <45> [berzi + krimma Nx] lecture LAKCINI <52> [lesson MK] lecturer LAKTRS <32> [lector MK] ledum WISENI <52> [Wissene E 622] left no (side) K~IR <53> [K`irs + Tikrmi + kair MK], at the left, the left PREI K~IRAI av [K`irs + preitickray I 9 MK] left aj K~IRS aj <26> [Kayroth APN VT] left-hander KAIR~TS <32> [Kayroth APN MK] leg NAG <53> [gnaw E 145] leg (boots top) ALINIS <32> [Aulinis E 503] legal LAG~LS <25> [legal MK] 366

legality TIKRMISKU <49> [tickrmiskan 35] legalize v ENTIKRMINTUN <85> [tickrmai 63 drv] legation TENGNTINISTA <45> [Tengntinis MK] legend (story) GRB~ <46> [Grbtun drv MK] legislative LAGISLATWS <25> [legislativ MK] legitimize v ENTIKRMINTUN <85> [tickrmai 63 drv] lemon CITRNI <52> [Zitrone MK] length ILGAN <35> [Ilgs drv] lengthwise NILGAN av, psp + gen [entlang + wzd\uz MK] lentil LKUTKEKERS <32> [Lituckekers E 271] leprosy LAPRA <45> [Lepra MK] leprous LAPRZS aj <32> [lepros MK] less MAZZ~IS av cp [massais 115] let v (smb to do smth) D~TWEI dat + if <118> [d`twei 33, D`tun drv], let down (to draw down) ZEMMAI LASTUN <77> [Lastun drv], let smth go (from hands) LASTUN <77> [polayde DK + Palastun MK], let through (pass) LASTUN <77> [polayde DK + Palastun MK] letter LITTERA <45> [litera + littera MK], man of letters LITER~TS <32> [Literat MK] letter (message) PISMEN <63> [peis`i 73 + pisac: pismo, pismena MK, GK], official letter PEIS~LI <52> [peis`lei 89] Leucaspius delineatus BLNG~ <46> [blingo E 580] level no LGMENS <61> [lygis, lygmens, lmenis + krmens GlN] level v SENLGINTUN <85> [Perlgintun MK] levelling equalization SANLGA <45> [MK] lever (prise) SWARTAN <35> [Etswrtwei + svertas MK] levy of money PERL~NKIS <40> [perlencke DIA VM] liberalism LIBERALISMUS <32> [Liberalismus MK] liberate v PAWRPINTUN <85> [Pawrps drv], (by force) ERKNINTUN <85> [erknina 117 drv] liberator PAWRPINTAJS <32> [Pawrpintun drv] liberty PAWRPINGISKU <49> [Pawrpingis drv] librarian (man) BIBLITEKARS <32> [Bibliothekar MK], (woman) BIBLITEKARINI <50> [Bibli?tekars drv] library BIBLITEKI <52> [Bubliothek MK] lick v L~IZITUN <138> [pomeleis Gr VM] 367

lid (eyelid) WKAN <35> [vokas + v`ks + powieka, wieko MK], lid of a cask APST~KTAN n <35> [Abstotten E 395], lid of a pot APST~KLI <52> [Abstocle E 354] lie no (falsehood) REDDAN <35> [Reds drv] lie v (to deceive) v MNTITUN <138> [mntimai 29 drv, Mnstun drv MK] lie v (in bed etc.) v LANZTWEI <136> [Sindtwei MK], lie down LAZTWEI <89> [Lasto E 209, 492 MK], lie doggo DURTWEI <134> [brai 93 VM] lieutenant LUTNANTS <56> [Leutnants MK] life GW <53> [giwei 75], (lifetime) GWATA <45> [Giwato E 152], (vitality) GWAN n <35> [gijwan 75] lift no (elevator) ERLANGS <38> [Gewins + Erl`ngtun drv] lift v (smth up) ETSKAJJINTUN <85> [etskmai 63 VM], (once) ERL~NGTUN <75> [erl`ngi 97 drv], (repeatedly) ERL~NGINTUN <85> [Erl`ngtun drv] lift-man, lift-operator ERL~NGINIKS <32> [Erl`ngis drv] light (not heavy) aj L~NGUS aj <31> [L`ngiseiliskan 95 VM] light (bright) aj L~UKS aj <26> [Laukappe ON VM] light no SW~IKSTAN n <35> [sw`igstan 35], (lamp) LIKTI <52> [lickteGr] lighten (to ease) v L~NGINTUN <85> [L`ngus drv] lighthouse SW~IKSTASTURMUS <32> [Leuchtturm MK] lightning MLDI <45> [Mealde E 52] like also (similarly as) TT DGI [tt 516] like v / to be liked by (to like) PADNGTWEI <85> [podingai 79 drv], to take a liking to PADNGAUTUN <143> ( acc) [podingausnan 856 drv] liken v PREILGINTUN <85> [Perlgintun MK] likeness PALGISKU <49> [polgun 69 MK] likening PREILGINSNA <45> [Preilgintun drv] limb of the body STREPSTUS sg <32> [streipstan 3716] lime tree LPA <45> [Lipe E 601, Lipa ON VM] limit no LMITAN <35> [Limitum Nx] limit v AR~IKINTUN <85> [Ar`iks MK] limitation AR~IKINSNA <45> [Ar`ikintun drv] limp no (gimp) KLUMBSN~ <46> [Klumbtwei drv MK] limp v KLUMBTWEI <134> [Klumbtwei drv MK] 368

line GLUBAN <35> [Gl`ubtun drv, Zug, cecha MK], (geometrical) LNIJA <45> [Linie MK] line, line (row) RND~ <46> [curonism MK] linen-sheet PL~STI <52> [Ploaste E 491] linger v PERTENTWEI <134> [pertennuns 67 drv] linguist LINGWISTS <32> [Linguist MK] linguistical LINGWISTISKAS aj <25> [Lingwists drv] linguistics LINGWISTIKI <52> [Linguistik MK] link: chain link GR~NDS f <60> [Grandis E 251] lion LAWS <32> [louwe MK] lip W~RSUS, gen w`rsas <32> [Warsus E 91], upper lip (place under the nose) PANASSI <52> [Ponasse E 90] liquid aj (fluid) SK~ISTS aj <26> [x: x - skystas, Sksts - skaistus MK] liquid no SK~ISTAN <35> [Sk`ists + gijwan 75 MK] liquidate v NAIKNTUN <85> [Nktwei drv + naikinti + nicin`t, ncin`t MK], LIKWIDTUN <139> [liquidieren MK] liquidation LIKWIDACINI <52> [Liquidation MK] list LISTI <52> [Liste, lista MK] listen v KLAUSTUN <134> [klausiton 57] listenable PAKLAUSMINS aj <25> [poklausmanas 57 drv] literacy PEIS~LINGISKU <49> [Peis`li drv] literary LITER~RS aj <25> [literarisch + liter`rs MK] literate PEIS~LINGIS aj <27> [Peis`li drv] literature LITERATRI <52> [Literatur MK] Lithuania LATAWA <45> [Lietuva + J`twa MK] Lithuanian aj LATAWISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Latawa drv] Lithuanian features LATAWIBI <52> [Latawis drv] Lithuanian language LATAWISKAN <35> [Latawiskas + Litauisch MK] Lithuanian man LATAWIS <40> [Latawa drv], dm LATIKS dm <32> [Leitike APN VT] Lithuanian woman LATAWINI <50> [Latawis drv] little aj (small) LKUTS aj <25> [Likuts 17] little av MAZZAN aj n (av) [massais 115 MK], a little BISKIN [bichen + bik + bisk MK] live v GWTWEI <141> [giwt 43], live in concord SENDNGTWEI <85> [Dngtwei drv MK] liver JAKN~ <45> [Lagno E 125] 369

living GWS aj <26> [gijwans 43 drv] lizard ISTURITA <45> [Estureyto E 776] loach SMRLINGS f <58> [Smerlingis E 568] load no (weight) GNETTAN <35> [Gnestun MK], (lading, consignment) KRALI <52> [Kratun drv] load v KRATUN <111> [krauti + kraut + kryc MK] loaf v DWASSILITWEI <133> [Dwassils drv, DIA duseln, dusseln, dsen, dsen] loan no (lending) AUASENIS <40> [`uschautins 53 MK], on loan NA ~UAUTIN [~uauts + auf Borg MK] loan v AUATUN <144> [`uschautins 53 MK] loan-word AUALI <52> [auatun drv] local DEKTISKAS <25> [Dekts drv MK] local district (ward) PULKA <45> [polca DK] localize v LKALIZITUN <138> [lokalisieren MK] locative case LKATIWS <32> [Lokativ MK] lock no (hair lock) SELPIS <40> [Zelp, Zolp DIA MK] lock no (pad lock) Z~MUKS <32> [Somukis E 537] lock v KLATUN <144> [kliauti + kieaut+ klucz MK], lock in (up) AUKLATUN <144> [Klatun drv], lock up PREIKLATUN <144> [Klatun + lock MK] locksmith Z~MUKENIKS <32> [Schlosser + Z`muks, atsldznieks/slusarz MK] loft RKLIS <40> [Riclis E 205] log-bed under an anvil KURPIS <40> [kurpis E 519] loins STRANNAI nom pl <32> [Straunay E 136] London LNDUNS <32> [London MK] loneliness AINASELINGISKU <49> [Ainaselingis drv] lonely AINASELINGIS aj <27> [ainaseilingi 97] lonely person no AINASELINGIS <40> [ainaselingis drv GlN] loner P~USTRINIKS <32> [P`ustri drv GlN] long aj ILGS aj <26> [Ilgenpelke ON, ilga 95 drv], ILGIMS aj <25> [(ku) ilgimai 10512 drv] long av ILGAI av [ilga 95], ILGIMAI av [(ku) ilgimai 10512] long ago WRAI av [seniai, dawno MK] longing ILGISN~ <46> [Ilgitun si drv], to be longing (for) ILGITUN SI <135> (gen) [Ilgs + ilgtis, ilgoties, be longing MK] 370

look no DRAN <35> [Dirtwei drv MK] look v (at) DIRTWEI <134> (en acc) [dereis 107 drv], after KNSTUN <76> [knti 133 drv], PAPEK~TUN <132> [popekt 81], for LAUKTUN <139> [laukt 69], over EBDIRTUN <134> [Dirtwei drv, apvelgti GlN], round EBDIRTUN <134> [Dirtwei drv, apvelgti GlN], (as) v PERWAIDNTWEI <85> [perwaidinsnans 69 VM] look! DIRIS Dirtwei ip 2 sg <134> [dereis 107] loom v as smth black KRSNAUTWEI <143> [Krsnas drv MK], as smth red WRMJAUTWEI <143> [Wurmis drv MK], as smth white GALAUTWEI <143> [gals drv] loop KALPENI <52> [Kalpus + kalpenis, Drawwini MK] loose aj EBWRPS <25> [Pawrps drv MK], to shake loose (make rickety) SWIRRINTUN <92> [Swirtwei drv] loose v ETWRPTUN <75b> [etwrpt 117] loose(n) v tr WRPTUN <75b> [etwrpt 117 VM], AUWRPTUN <75b> [Wrptun drv, nu-duoti], v i WRPTUN SI <75b> [Wrptun drv] lord RIKS <39> [Rikis E 404] lose v AUMESTUN <72> [Mestun drv + pamesti MK], (to be defeated) PRASPLITUN < 133> [verspielen MK], to get lost PRAPALTWEI <85> [aupallai 107, prapulti, przepasc MK] loser PRASPLITAJS <32> [Prasplitun drv] loss ~UMESENIS <40> [Aumestun drv] lost: to get lost PRAPALTWEI <85> [aupallai 107, prapulti, przepasc MK] lot (lots) BURTS <32> [burtas, burta MK], to have smth fallen on lot (to fall on lot) PAPALTWEI <85> [aupallai 1076 + Preipaltwei + zufallen MK] loud KALSWINGISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [kalswingiskan 41 drv] loudly KALSWINGISKAI av [kaltzwingiskai 49] love MLI <52> [mijlin 125 drv], MLIN n <35> [mijlan 11518] love v MLTUN <137a> [milijt 291] lovely MLS aj <25> [mijls 49] low aj ZEMS aj <26> [semmai 121 drv] low av ZEMMAI av [semmai 121] lower ZEMMAWS aj [Zems + Garraws MK] lubricate v ~NGTUN <85> [Anctan E 689 VM] luck DEIWTISKU <49> [Deiwtisku MK] 371

lucrative NAUDNGIS <27> [naud` drv] luggage EMPAKKINSENIS <40> [Empakkintun drv] lump L~ISINIS <40> [Lais` drv] lungs PL~UTEI <40> [Plauti E 126 MK] lure v away AUPAIKTUN <136> [aupaickmai 37 drv] lust no PAKWAITSN~ <46> [poquoitsnau 63 drv] lust v PAKWAITTUN <46> [poquoitsnau 63 drv], PALAIPSTUN <134> [Pallaipstwei 356] lute no (instrument) L~UTI <52> [lauta, Laute MK] lute no L~ISTAN <35> [L`istun MK] lute v L~ISTUN <87> [L`ids MK] Lutheran no LUTER~NS <32> [luter`nis, Lutheraner MK] Lutheranism LUTERANISMUS <32> [luter`nisms MK] luxury (delight) PADNGAUSNA <45> [podingausnan 856 drv] Lyck (E\k) LUKS <32> [Luk ON] lye SIRMUS sg <36> [Sirmes E 554] lynx LSIS f <58> [Luselauke ON VM]

machine MANI <52> [Maschine MK] machine-gun MANISPLINTI <52> [Maschinengewehr MK] machine-gunner MANISPLINTISTS <32> [Manisplinti + kaemista MK] mad BARIKKISKAS <25> [Bariks drv] madman BARIKS <32> [bar-do SI MK] madwoman BARIKKI <52> [Bariks drv] Maecenas (man) MECNS <32> [Maezen MK], (woman) MECNINI <50> [Mecns drv] maggot (larva) LARWI <52> [Larve + lerva, larwa MK] magic(al) aj WADILAWNGIS aj <27> [Waidiltwei drv], M~GISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [M`gija + magically MK] magic no M~GIJA <45> [Magie MK] magically M~GISKAI av <25> [M`giskas drv] 372

magpie SARKI <52> [Sarke E 725], ZAGGATA <45> [Sagatithen ON JG] maid MRG~ <46> [Mergu 67], MERGUZZI <52> [merguss Gr], LZENIKI <52> [schlsnikin 11718] maidenhood MRGISTA <45> [Merg` + Gennista + mergyst MK] maidservant MRG~ <46> [Mergu 67] mailbox PUSTIKASTENS <32> [Pusti + Kastens, Briefkasten MK] main GALWAS gen attr, GRUNTISKAS nom sg m <25> [gruntan 111 MK] main point GALWASDELKS <32> [Galwasdellks 77] maintain v IZLAIK~TUN <142> [Isl`ika 41 drv], PALAIK~TUN <142> [polaikt 35] majesty RIKWISKU nom sg f <49> [Rikijwiskan 65], (grandeur) DEBBISKU <49> [Debs drv] majority MISISKU <49> [Misess MK] make (to produce) v tr TIKNTUN <85> [tickint 69], (in time) PATIKNTUN <85> [potickinnuns 115], make up MNKINTUN <85> tr [mnka drv], v i MNKINTWEI i make-up MNKA <45> [vulg > literat Schminke < smigma MK] malaria MAL~RIJA <45> [Malarie MK] male (man) no dm WRIKS Wrs dm <32> [wijrikan 105] male attr WRISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Wrs drv] malediction PERKLANTSN~ <46> [perklantsnan 1156 drv] malicious W~RGS aj <26> [wargs 79] maliciously W~RGAI av [wargu 69] malign (intentional action) WARGAPR~TISKAS aj <25> [ubelgesinnt, aunpr`tgs, W`rgs, Pr`ts MK] malignant (untreatable) WARGADABBISKAS aj <25> [W`rgs, Dabba + bsartig, aundabgs MK] malt PWAMALTAN n <35> [Piwamaltan E 384] malt draff PIWENKS <32> [Piwenitis E 385] mammock AULAMLI <40> [Aulamtun drv + peis`lei 89 MK] man WRS <32> [wijrs 87] man of letters LITER~TS <32> [Literat MK] manager WEDIKS <36> [Westun + Wedik (Enterich) DIA MK] mane GRWA <45> [grva + grzywa + grv` MK] mangle NPLASS <32> [Noploz E 396] manhood WRISKU <49> [Wriskas drv] 373

manifestation (feature) MANIFESTACINI <52> [manifestation MK], (divine) EPIF~NEJA <45> [epiphaneia, Epiphania MK] mankind ZMNIJA <45> [Zmi + Warnye ON + monija MK] manor DWARS <32> [Dwarenks MK] manually R~NKISKAI av [Rank` drv] manufacturer TIKNTAJS <32> [Tikntun drv] manure GZIS <52> [Gosen Gr] many TLIN av [tlan 55], as many (as) TELLI PAT, so many TELLI [delli 85 VM] map T~UTASKARTI <52> [Landkarte MK] maple SKUTTIS <40> [Stuckis E 595] march ITUWIS <52> [itwei + Artwes E 413 MK], (musical) M~RS <32> [Marsch MK] March M~RTS <32> [March MK], PLIS <40> [Plis + balandis, balou] Marcus M~RKS <32> [Marx 111] mare (horse) KAWI <50> [Kaywe E 433], (young black mare) RAPPENA <45> [Rapeno E 435] Maria MARJA <45> [Maran 41] mariner MATRZI <54> [Matrose MK] mark no (feature) PAZENTLIN <35a> [Zentlin + poymis MK] mark v EBZENTLITUN <138> [ebsentliuns 109 drv], mark out ZENTLITUN <138> [ebsentliuns 109 drv], (to put a sign) v PAZENTLITUN <138> [Zentlitun drv MK] market K~UPAN <35> [K`uptun + gijwan 75 MK] marriage SALB~ <46> [Salabai (bosennien) 103], PATTINISKU <49> [pattiniskun I 5], person (priest) uniting a couple in marriage LBENIKS <32> [Lbeniks 99] married m PATTINUNS <68> SI [verheiratet], f PATTINUSI <68> SI f [Pattintun si drv] marrow (bone-marrow) STRIGGENA <45> [Strigeno E 73] marry v tr PATTINTUN <85> [pattiniskun I 5 drv MK], SALBITUN <138> [Salbsna 9916 drv], v tr caus let to marry EBPATTINTUN <85> [Pattintun drv], (daughter) AUWRPTUN <75b> [Wrptun drv, nu-duoti] marsh B~LTAN n <35> [-balt ON], PELKI <50> [Pelky E 287], marsh with trees and brushwood R~ISTAN n <35> [Raystopelk ON VM], marsh with trees or bushes PANNIN <37> [Pa^nean E 288] 374

marsh harrier DRUGGINPELI <52> [Rohrweihe, nendrin ling, druggis + pel Nx] marsh tea WISENI <52> [Wissene E 622] marshal M~RALS <32> [Marschall MK] marten K~UNI <52> [Caune E 663] martyr LAILSNIKS <32> [Lailtwei drv] masonry MRS <32> [mr, mras MK] Masovia MAZZAWA <45> [Masovia, Masau MK] massacre GALINNIBAS <45> [Galntun drv] mast MASTS <32> [Mast MK] master (a degree) MAGISTRAS nom sg m <32> [Magister MK], (dab hand) M~ISTERIS <40> [Meister MK] Master (Great Master) MISTRAS nom sg m <32> [Mistran 91] master of the house LDIS m <40> [Ludis E 185] match (contest) KNA <45> [erknina 117 MK] match (propose smb as a spouse) PR AJ~TUN <132> [Praj`ts MK] matchmaker PR AJ~TENIKS <32> [Praj`ts drv] matchmaking PR AJ~TS <32> [Freite DIA, frij`de MK] mathematical MATEM~TISKAS aj <25> [Matem`tiki drv] mathematician MATE M~TIKERIS <40> [Mathematiker+Predickerins 17 MK] mathematics MATEM~TIKI <52> [Mathematik MK] matrimony PATTINISKU <49> [pattiniskun I 5], SALBISKU no nom sg f <49> [sallabiskan 109] matted MNTS <25> [Mnstun drv + mtny MK] matter (affair) ASTIS f <60> [astin 61 drv] mattock KRSL <53> [Kersle E 549] mattress PAB~LZA <45> [Pobalso E 489] mature v BRENSTWEI <87> [105 VM brendekermnen] maw (jaw) GRKL <53> [Gurcle E 97] maximal MAKSIM~LS <25> aj [maximal Nx] May MAJS <32> [May MK], ZALLAWS <32> [lapu, travien MK] mead ALLU n <44> [aluminum E 392] meadows WAJJAS nom pl f <45> [Wayos E 282] meal DA <45> [dai 75] meal (flour) MILTAN n <35> [Meltan E 335] mean v BILTUN <134a> [bill 539 ps 3 ] 375

meander v W~NGRAUTWEI <143> [W`ngars MK] meandrous W~NGARS, gen w`ngras, aj <26> [Wangrapia ON VM] meaning ZENTLISN~ <46> [Zentlitun drv] means (implement) SIRDAWA <45> [Sirdan drv + Mittel, srodek MK] meanwhile STANKSMAN av [Stanksman 1011] measure no MATS <32> [mattei 115 VM] measure v MATTAUTUN <143> [Mats drv + matuoti MK], MRITWEI <138> [mierzyc, mrt VM MK] meat MNSA nom sg f <45> [Menso E 374] mechanical MEK~NISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [mechanisch MK] mechanics MEK~NIKI <52> [Mechanik MK] mechanism MEK~NISMUS <32> [Mechanismus MK] median (geometric) PUSSIGRAWWINI <52> [Puss + Grawwini MK] medicine MEDICNI <52> [medicine MK] medium SIRDAWISKU <49> [Sirdan drv + srodowisko MK] meek R~MS aj <26> [R`ms 87] meet v EBTIKTUN <89> [Tiktwei MK], meet oneselves EBTIKTUN SI <89> [Tiktwei MK] meeting SENRNKSENIS <40> [Senrnktun si drv] melancholy GRSTS <60> [engrauds 67 VM, grdia, grstis MK] melodious GRMAWINGIS <27> [grma drv MK] melody MELDIJA <45> [Melodie MK] melt v i TRPTWEI <92> [tirpti + tirpt + cierpnc? MK] member STREPSTUS sg <32> [streipstan 3716], member of the parliament (MP) PARLAMENT~RS <32> [parlamentaras MK] Memel MMELI <52> [Memel MK Kstutis Demereckas] memorize v ENMINTUN <139> [Mintun drv] memory PAMINSN~ <46> [pominsnan 75 drv], (mental activities) MINSN~ <46> [minisnan II 15 drv], (of smb, smth concrete) PAMNSENIS <40> [Pamntun + Isspresennien 77 MK], (smth recalled) PAMNSN~ <46> [Pamntun + MK] menace no TRNS f <60> [*trnien 95 VM] menace v TRINTWEI <75> [trinie 39] menacing (sinister) TRINEWNGIS <27> aj [trintwei Nx] meninx PLNS f <60> [Pleynis E 75] mention v PAMINTUN <139> [pominsnan 75 drv] 376

mentor K~NKSTINTAJS <32> [K`nkstintun drv MK] merciful ENGRAUDWINGIS aj <27> [Engraudwings 131] mercy ENGRAUDSN~ <46> [engraudsnas 115 drv] merit PERLZISNA <45> [perschlsisnan41] merrily WESSELINGI av [wesselingi 81] merry WESSELS aj <25> [Wessals 121] mesh v EBRAZGTUN <139> [Razgtun MK] message WASTIS <58> [Wastun, wiesc] messenger TENGNTINIS <40> [Tengntun drv] metalworker Z~MUKENIKS <32> [Schlosser + Z`muks, atsldznieks / slusarz MK] metre MTRAS nom sg m <32> [Meter MK] mezeren SKANNULUNKS <32> [Stanulonx E 623] mid SIRDS aj <26> [Sirdan MK] Middle Ages SIRDAMETSIMTAI <35> [Sirds, Metsimtan + Mittelalter MK] middle aj SIRDS aj <26> [Sirdan MK], SIRZDS aj <26> [Sirzdan MK] middle no SIRDAN n <35> [sirsdau 49 MK], SIRZDAN n <35> [sirsdau 49 MK], in the middle (of) SIRZDAI (gen) [sirsdau 49 MK] middleman SIRZDAWENIKS <32> [Mittelsmann, tarpininkas, starpnieks, Sirzdau + -enik MK] midnight PUSINAKTS f <58> [Nakts drv] mighty WAREWNGIS aj <27> [warewingin 97] migrant (man) W~NDRAWENIKS <32> [W`ndrautwei drv], (woman) W~NDRAWENIKI <52> [W`ndraweniks drv] migrate v IZSKTWEI <120> [etskmai 63 drv], W~NDRAUTWEI <143> [wandern + wdrowac MK] migration MIGRACINI <52> [migration MK] Mikolajki (Nikolaiken) NIKLAUKAI <32> [Nicklawken ON] mildew (blight) MIRKLNI <52> [Mercline E 48] military KARRISKAS <25> [Karris drv + wojskowy MK], MILIT~RISKAS <25> [militarisch MK] military campaign KARREGA <45> [Karyago E 411] military man MILIT~RS <32> [Militr MK] military officer UPICRS <32> [Offizier MK] military-service tax LZIMS <40> [Slusim DK] militia MILCI <52> [Miliz MK] 377

milk DADDAN <35> [Dadan E 687], (curdled milk) SULL~ <46> [Sulo E 693], (fresh milk) PTAMINAN n <35> [Poadamynan E 695], (sour milk) RGTADADAN n <35> [Ructandadan E 690] milk skin PL~STERIS <40> [Pl`ster DIA MK] Milky Way DADDAS PINTS <57> [Milchstrae, Droga mleczna, Piena ce MK] mill no MALNS <32> [mark universities E 316] mill v (to grind) MALTUN <85> [malunis E 316 VM] millet PRASSAN n <35> [Prassan E 266] million MILINS crd <32> [Million MK] millionaire MILINARS <32> [Millionr MK] millionth MILININS ord <25> [Milins drv] millstone MALNASTABS <32> [Malunasta b E 319] millstone handle MANDWELIS <40> [Mandiwelis E 318] millstone spindle SPANSTAN <35> [Spanstan E 322] mill-wheel MALNAKELINn <35> [Malu akelaE 321] mince-meat ball KLAPSS <32> [Klops DIA MK] mind (intelligence) IZPRESSENIS <40> [Isspresennien 77 drv], to have in mind MINTUN <139> [menisnan I 15], to stick in mind ETGNESTUN SI <76> [Etgnestun drv] mine, my MAJS, gen m`ise, pn po 1 sg nom sg m <20> [mais 75] mineral aj MINER~LISKAS <25> [Miner`ls drv] mineral no MINER~LIN <35a> [Mineral MK] minimal MINIM`LS <25> aj [minimal Nx] minimize v MINIMALIZTUN <139> [Nx] minister MINISTERIS <40> [Minister MK] ministry MINISTRIJAN <35> [Ministerium MK] minnow MALKAN <35> [Malks drv] mint (coins mint) KALTUWI <52> [Kaltwei + Romestue E532 + kaltuve MK] mint (Mentha) MNTA <45> [go. *minta MK] minus prp MNUS [minus MK] minus no MNUSAN <35> [Minus MK] minute MINTI <52> [Minute MK] miracle STEBBULIN <35a> [Stebbuls drv], STEBEKLIS <40> [Sbeclis E 539 + stebuklas MK] mirror SPGELIS <40> [spegel MK] miserable PAW~RGEWINGISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [powargewingiskan 57] 378

misfortune NIDEIWTISKU <49> [Deiwtisku drv, nelaim, nelaime, Ungluck, nieszczscie MK] misgiving BIJ~LI <52> [Bij`twei + peis`lei 89 GlN] misinform v MNTITUN <138> [Mnstun drv MK] mislead v MNTITUN <138> [Mnstun drv MK] mission END~SNA <45> [End`tun drv] missis ZUPNI <52> [Supni 67] mist KUPSNS <32> [Kupsins E 46] mistake no BL~NDA <45> [blanda, blenst + b\d MK] mistake v BL~NDITUN SI <138> [Bl`nda MK], to be mistaken (wrong) KURTTWEI <134> [kurteiti 87 VM] mistletoe EMELNA <45> [emelno E 646] mistress W~ISPATI <52> [waispattin 69] misty KUPSNISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Kupsns drv] mitten KMDAS sg m <32> [cimds, kinnas K.Bga MK] mix v MAIS~TUN <132> [Maysotan E 466], (entirely) PERMAIS~TUN <132> [Mais`tun + vermischen MK], (paste or dough) v ENGN~STUN <86> [Gn`stun drv] mixed MAIS~TS aj <25> [Maysotan E 466 drv] mixture MAIS~LI <52> [Mays`tun drv] moan v WIMENITWEI <133> [aimanuoti, vaiman`t MK] mock v K~UNINTWEI <85> iz [K`uns drv] mockery K~UNS <32> [kauns, Hohn, hauns, kvtis MK], WARG~ GLAD~ <46> [W`rgs, Glaud` MK] mode , way WDS <36> [ainawdai 65 VM MK, kittewidiskai 129] model no: shaped (clay, stucco) model LISL <53> [Listun MK] model v (in clay) LISTUN <101a> [Layso E 27 MK] moderate AUL~IKINGIS aj <27> [Aul`ikings 87], MATTAWINGIS <27> [Mats drv + nuosaikus, mrens, gemaigt MK] moderately AUL~IKINGI av [Aul`ikingis drv] moderateness AUL~IKINGISKU <49> [Aul`ikingis drv] moderator WEDIKS <36> [Westun + Wedik (Enterich) DIA MK] modern TNTISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [pareingiskai 119 MK] modest aj SITENIKISKAS aj <25> [Siteniks drv] modest no person SITENIKS <32> [Sit drv + pieticgs MK] modestly: to behave modestly SITENIKAUTWEI <143> [Siteniks drv] 379

modesty SITENIKISKU <49> [Sitenikiskas drv] module MDULIN <35a> [Modul MK] Mohrungen MARANGAN n <35> [Morungen ON VM] moist WILGS aj <25> [Welgen E 157 VM] moisten v tr WALGINTUN <85> [Wilgtwei drv], v i WILGTWEI <92> [Wilgs drv MK] mole-cricket PRIS <40> [Poaris E 777] moment STNDIKA dm <45> [stndicks 57], MMENTAN <35> [Moment MK] momentary MMENTISKAS <25> [Mments drv] monastery KLATRAN <35> [Klaschtr DIA MK] Monday PANADLI <52> [Ponadele E 18] money PENNING~I <36> [penningans 33 drv] monk MINKUS <32> [mynkus Gr] monotonous AINAWDISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [ainawidisku 83] monster MNSTRAN <35> [Monstrum MK] Montagus Harrier WAJJANPELI <52> [Wiesenweihe, pievin ling, b\otniak \kowy, weiss + pel Nx] month MNSS <61> [Menig E 8 MK] monument PAMNTLIN <35a> [Pamntun + Spertlan E 150 + paminklas MK] mood (temper) TREMMENSS <61> [Tremens DIA MK] moon MNIKS <32> [Menig E 8], full moon PILNIBI <52> [Pagnibi MK], new moon NAWWIBI <52> [Pilnibi MK] moose BRADIS <40> [braydis E 650] Morg (Mohrungen) MARANGAN n <35> [Morungen ON VM] moral aj R~MS aj <26> [R`ms 87], MRALISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Mrali drv] moral no, morality R~MISKU <49> [R`ms drv], MRALI <52> [Moral MK] morass B~LTAN n <35> [-balt ON] morbidity ENW~RGULISKU <49> [Enw`rguliskas drv] mordant GREUZNGIS aj <27> [grnsings 87] more TLS av cp [tols 69] morning ANKST~INA <45> [Angsteina 77 + Kerd` + rano MK], in the morning ANKST~INAI av [Angstainai 79], good morning! KALS ANKSTENAI [Kals + Anstenai MK] 380

morning star DEINANA <45> [Deynayno E 5] morocco TMS <36> [Kymis E 501] morphologic MORFLOGISKAS aj <25> [MK] morphology MORFLOGIJA <45> [Morphologie MK] mortal GALNGIS <27> [Gals drv MK] Moscow MASKWA <45> [Moskowiter MK] Moscow attr MASKWITISKAS aj <25> [Maskwits drv] moss MUSSAN < 35> [musos, mech MK], to get overgrown with moss EBMUSSITWEI <138> [Mussan drv] moss-grown MUSSITS aj <25> [Ebmussitwei drv] mossy MUSANS aj <25> [Mussan + Geltans MK] mostly MISISKAN av [Misess MK] mother MTI <66> [Mothe E 170] motherhood MTERISTA <45> [Cristionisto E 794 + motinyst] mother-in-law (husbands mother) SWASRI <51> [euras, MK], (wifes mother) TISTINI <50> [Tstis drv Ma] motherland TAWENS <32> [Suwens + Vaterland MK] motley MAIS~TS aj <25> [Maysotan E 466 drv] motorcycle MOTRKELIN <35a> [Motrs + Kellin MK] mould no PELJAN <35> [Peltwei + peljai MK] mould v (to grow mouldy) PELTWEI <134a> [pelti + pelt + plesn MK] mouldboard GL~UPTINI <52> [Glenptene E 247], BUDNIKS Gl`uptini <32> [Budnik DK] mouldy PELTS aj <25> [Peltwei + Salits, verschimmel-t MK], to grow mouldy PELTWEI <134a> [pelti + pelt + plesn MK] mountain G~RBS <36> [Grabis E 28] mountain range G~RBAPELLAKS <32> [G`rbs + pellaks + kalnagbris MK] mouse PEL <53> [Pelemaygis E 712 VM] moustache W~NS~ <46> [Wanso E 100] mouth ~UST~ <46> [Ausv E 89] mouthorgan BIRBIKS <32> [Birbik DIA MK] movable SKATTAWS aj <26> [Skattwei drv MK] move smth v tr BANGNTUN <85> [pobanginnons 69 drv], (variously) PABANGNTUN <85> [pobanginnons 69 drv], smb (to grieve) GRAUDNTUN <85> [Gr`udus drv]; v i SKATTWEI <136> [skasti + atati + judti MK], move further PRASKATTWEI <142> 381

[Skattwei drv], move in having come from another place PERSKTWEI <120> [etskmai 63 drv], move out (migrate) IZSKTWEI <120> [etskmai 63 drv], to be on the move JAD~TWEI <132> [J`twei drv] movement SKATSN~ <46> [Skattwei drv] movie FILMS <32> [film Nx] mow no (barn) SKNI <52> [skuna Gr], (hayloft) TRS f <58> [Coaris E 232] mow v PJATUN <111> [Piuclan E 547 + Gertepeawne ON VM MK] much TLIN av [tlan 55], as much (as) TELLI PAT, so much TELLI [delli 85 VM] muck GZIS <52> [Gosen Gr] mucous membrane GLITUKET~ <46> [Glittu + Keut` + Schleimhaut MK] mucus GLITTU <44> [Glittus drv] muddle MIMAS <32> [mixing machine GlN] muddy MNTS <25> [Mnstun drv + mtny MK] mule WELUBLNDS <32> [Weloblundis E 437] multifold, multiple DEZNIMS, gen deznimmas,aj <25> [kodesnimma I 15 VM] multilingual TULABILLISKAS <25> [Tls, Bil`, Tulaw`rtis, daugiakalbis MK] multiplication TLNINSN~ <46> [Tlnintun drv], (in arithmetic) RIZINSNA <45> [Rizintun drv] multiplication table RIZINSNAS TAPPALI <52> [Rizinsna, Tappali MK] multiply v tr TLNINTUN <85> [tlninai 131], (mathematically) RIZINTUN <85> [Rizus drv + Einmaleins, reizin`t MK] multitude TLISKU <49> [Tls MK] murder no GALNSNA <45> [Galntun drv], ERGALNSNA <45> [Ergalntun drv] murder v GALNTUN <85> [gallintwei 31], ERGALNTUN <85> [Galntun + ermorden MK] murderer (man) GALNTAJS <32> [Galntun drv], (woman) GALNTAJA <45> [Galntajs drv] murmur v MURRAUTWEI <143> [murrawuns 69 drv] muscles of the upper arm PELLIS nom pl f <53> [Peles E 111] Muscovite MASKWITS <32> [Moskowite DK] museum MUZJAN <35> [museum MK] mushroom KRIMMA <45> [Crymithen 1421 ON, krimeles JG] 382

music MUZKI <52> [music MK] musical PERETI <52> [Operette MK] musician (man) MUZIK~NTS <56> [musikant MK], (woman) MUZIK~NTI <50> [Muzik`nts drv] mustard GARKTI nom sg f <50> [Garkity E 269] mute MMS aj <26> [mms, Mmele, Nemunas/Memel? niemy MK] mutilate (to lame) v KLMBINTUN <85> [Klmbis drv] mutton AWJANA <45> [Awwins + aviena, baranina MK] mutual ABIPUSSIS aj <27> [Abipussis drv] muzzle ~USTIN <37> [`ustin 89 drv], (maw) GRKL <53> [Gurcle E 97] my MAJS, gen m`ise, pn po 1 sg nom sg m <20> [mais 75] mysterious KLIPTINNIS <27> [Kliptan drv MK] mystery MISTRIJAN <35> [Mysterium MK] mystic aj MSTISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [mystisch MK] mystic no (man) MSTIKERIS <40> [Mystiker MK], (woman) MSTIKERINI <50> [Mstikeris drv] mystique MSTIKI <52> [Mystik MK]

nail no (fingernail) NAGUTTIS <40> [Nagutis E 117], (iron nail) KR~MPTIS <40> [Cramptis E 538] nail (to) v ENKR~MPTINTUN <85> [Kr`mptis + nail MK], nail down (to), nail up (to) PREIKALTUN <85> [Kaltwei drv] naked N~GS aj <26> [Nognan E 498 VM] name no EMMENS <62> [emmens I 9], to give a (nick) name PRABILTUN <134a> per ( acc) [Biltun drv GlN]; animals name PRABILSENIS <40> [Prabiltun drv], WAKLIKI <52> [Waktun drv GlN] name v (to denominate) PABILTUN <134a> (per acc) [Biltun drv + designate MK] namely PAT [pat MK], ENT IKRISKAI av [entickrikai 81 MK] nape of the neck PAZZULS nom sg f <58> [Passoles E 79] 383

Narev NARWIS <56> nom sg m [Narew, Naura MK] narrate v GRBTUN <85> [grbt 121] narrow aj ANZUKS aj <25> [Ansalgis E 720 VM + wski, anjuk MK] narrow v tr (to abridge) ANZITUN <138> [Ansalgis E 506 VM+ Anzuks MK], i (to become narrower) ANZTWEI <85> [Ansalgis E 506 VM] Natangia N~TANGA <45> [Notangia, Natangen VM] Natangian N~TANGIS <40> [N`tanga drv VM] native GMTS <69> [Engmts + gimtas, dzimtais MK] naturally IZPRETNGI av [issprettngi 75] nature DABBA <45> [Noadabe, Nadaps APN + daba MK], (character) PRIGIMI <52> [prigimnis 11521 VM] nave (hub) NABBIS <40> [Nabis E 297] navel NABBIS <40> [Nabis E 123] navigation LAWANPLUSN~ <46> [Lawan, pltwei MK] navy MARNI <52> [Marine MK] near TAWS aj <25> [tauwyschies II 75], to bring nearer TAWINTUN <85> [Taws drv, tuvin`t MK] near(ly) TAWU av [Taws drv] nebulosity UPJAINISKU <49> [Upjains drv] nebulous KUPSNISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Kupsns drv] necessaries PRAWERSN~ <46> [prewersnan 53] necessarily PRAWERRU av [prewerngiskan 41 MK] necessary PRAWERRUS aj <31> [prewerngiskan 41 VM], PRAWERNGIS aj <27> [prewerngiskan 41 VM], to be necessary to PRAWERTWEI <134> [prewersnan 53 VM], is is necessary to, one should ... PRAWERRU imp ps [prewerngiskan 41 MK] necessity PRAWERNGISKU no nom sg f <49> [prewerngiskan 41 drv], BTEWINGISKU <49> [Btewingis drv] neck WINZUS <42> [winsus E 102] neck artery STRUJ~ <46> [Stroio E 103] needful PRAWERRUS aj <31> [prewerngiskan 41 VM], PRAWERNGIS aj <27> [prewerngiskan 41 VM] needle AKULA <45> [Ayculo E 470] needle (any concrete needle of a coniferous tree) SKUJJAN <35> [skuja, skuja, choja MK], needles (substance of coniferous trees) SKUJJ~ <46> [skuja, skuja, choja MK] 384

needs no PRAWERSN~ <46> [prewersnan 53] negate v NAIKNTUN <85> [Nktwei drv + naikinti + nicin`t, ncin`t MK] negotiate v SENK~LSTUN SI <136> [Senkalstun drv + saskaot MK] negotiations SENKALSSNAS <46> pl [Senkalstun si drv + sarunas, derybos, Verhandlungen etc. MK] neigh v ZWENGTWEI <75> [vengti + zviegt + dzwik MK] neighbour (man) KAIMNS <32> [kaimnan 69 drv], (woman) KAIMNINI <50> [Kaimns drv], (a near one, a fellow) TAWISIS aj <28> [tauwyschies II 75] neighbourhood KAIMNISKU <49> [Kaimns drv] neither NEGGI [neggi 31], neither, nor NEGGI, NEGGI Neoprussian language NAWAPRSISKAN <35> [Prsiskan + Naws MK] nephew SNAWIS <41> [Sunaybis E 175] nerve NRWS [Nerv MK] nest LIGZDAN <35> [lizdas, ligzda Ma] net (meshes) TNKLIN n <35> [Sasintinklo E 697 VM] nettle N~TS f <58> [Noatis E 291] neuter gender NUTRAN <35> [Neutrum MK] neutral NEUTR~LS aj <25> [neutral MK] neutrality NUTRALIT~TI <52> [Neutralitt MK] neutralize v NUTRALIZTUN <139> [neutralisieren MK] neutron NEUTRNAN <35> [Neutron MK] never NIKWIGI [niqueigi 107] nevertheless ADDER L~IT [MK] new NAWS aj <25> [nawans I 13], N~UNS aj <26> [nauns 63] newborn N~UNAGIMMUNS pc pt ac <68> [naunagemmans 131] new growth (excrescence) AGLIS <40> [auglys, auglis MK] new moon NAWWIBI <52> [Pilnibi MK] New / Old Prussian language PRSISKAN <35> [Prsiskas + (Alt) preussisch MK] news NAWWINISKU <49> [Naws drv MK] newspaper AWZI <52> [Awise DIA MK] New Year Kresan festival KRSAMETTELAI <32> nom pl n [kresze, krysze, metle VT, mettan MK] New York NAUJRKS <32> [New York, Nowy Jork MK] next RPINTS <29> pc [rpintin 85] 385

nibble v KAND~TUN <132> [Kanstun + kandioti MK] nick RMBUS <32> [Rmbitun + rumbas MK] nickname PRABILSENIS <40> [Prabiltun drv], WAKLIKI <52> [Waktun drv GlN], to give a nickname PRABILTUN <134a> per ( acc) [Biltun drv GlN] night NAKTS f <58> [nackt Gr], to spend the night, to stay overnight NAKTAUTWEI <143> [Nakts drv MK], to spend the whole night once PRANAKTAUTWEI <143> [Naktautwei] nightingale SALLAWIS <41> [Salowis E 727] Nikolaiken NIKLAUKAI <32> [Nicklawken ON] nine NEWNEI crd <27> [Newnts 35 + nine + devyni MK], NEWNEREI (+ pl tantum) <27> [devyneri MK], (as a group) NEWNEREI <27> [Newnerei + dziewicioro MK], nine of, of nine... NEWNETA <45> [Warto E 210 + devynetas MK], to nine, nine persons together NEWNERINSUN [TN MK dangonsuen] nine and a half PUSIDESMTAS crd [pusdeimMK] nine hundreds NEWNSIMTA [Warto E 210, Newneta MK] nine hundredth NEWINSMTS ord <26> [Newnsimta drv] nineteen NEWNADESIMT crd [Anadesimt, Newnei MK] nineteenth NEWINADESMTS ord <26> [Newnadesimt drv] ninetieth NEWINDESMTS ord <26> [Newndesimts drv] ninety NEWNDESIMTS <58> [Newnei MK] ninth NEWNTS ord <26> [Newnts 35] nip v off AUKANSTUN <87> [Kanstun MK] nipple (teat) SPENNIS <41> [Spenis E 119] no NI [ni 29] nobiliary WTINGISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Wtingis drv] nobility (feature) WTINGISKU <49> [Wtingiskas drv], (social layer) WTINGIJA <45> [Wtingis drv] noble aj WTINGISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Wtingis drv] noble no WTINGIS m <40> [weiting DK VM MK] noble warrior WTINGIS m <40> [weiting DK VM MK] nobly AUKTUMS aj <25> [Auktums MK] nobody NIANUNTS pn m, f <19> [niainonts 103] nod (tilt) v i SWIRTWEI <92> [svirti, svrties MK], nod (to) LNKATWEI <131> (sen galwan) [Lnktwei drv MK] 386

nomad NMADS <32> [Nomade MK], (man) W~NDRAWENIKS <32> [W`ndrautwei drv], (woman) W~NDRAWENIKI <52> [W`ndraweniks drv] nomadize v W~NDRAUTWEI <143> [wandern + wdrowac MK] nominative case NMINATIWS <32> [NominatiMK] no more NIJ~U [neaw BPT] none NIANS nom sg m <21> [niains 109] nonsense GEZIRAS <45> [Geseier, Geseirs DIA MK], ABSURDIT~TI <52> [absurdity MK] noodles NDELIS pl <52> [Nudeln, ndeles MK] noon PUSSIDEIN~ <46> [Pussinakts, po\udniowac, poldnik MK] no one NIANS <21> [niains 109] noose for hare-hunting SASNITINKLA <45> [Sasintinklo E 697] nor NEGGI [neggi 31], neither, nor NEGGI, NEGGI norm NRMI <52> [Norm MK] north aj (northern), northern ZIMISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Zeim`i drv MK] North no ZIM~I <36> [iemiai + ziemei MK] North Star ZEIMANA [Deinana MK] northeast ZEIM~DEIN~I <36> [Nordosten MK] northern lights LMAS SW~IKSTAN <35> [Elms light MK] northwest ZEIM~WAKAR~I <36> [Nordwesten MK] nose no N~S <50> [Nozy E 85], place under the nose PANASSI <52> [Ponasse E 90] nose no (flair) SNA <45> [stun drv] nose v (to sniff) STUN <79> [uosti + east + b-adac MK] nostril NASIPR~LI nom sg f <52> [Noseproly E 86] not NI [ni 29] not any NIANS nom sg m <21> [niains 109] notch no ENRMBINSNA <45> [Enrmbintun drv], RMBUS <32> [Rmbitun + rumbas MK] notch v ENRMBINTUN <85> [Rmbus drv], RMBITUN <138> [rumbas, robt, rbac MK] notched RMBITS <69> [Rmbitun drv] note EBZENTLISENIS <40> [Ebzentlitun drv], (small written letter) PEIS~LI <52> [peis`lei 89] nothing NIKA pn n <9> [Ni + Ka MK] 387

nothing of the kind EMPRKISKAI av [Emprkiskas drv] notice (to descry) v ENDIRTUN <134> [endyrtwei 119] notice v EBZENTLITUN <138> [ebsentliuns 109 drv], (to descry) v ENDIRTUN <134> [endyrtwei 119] noun NMEN <63> [Nomen + nomens MK] nourishment L~NDAN acc sg f <35> [landan 83] nous IZPRESSENIS <40> [Isspresennien 77 drv] novel RMANS <32> [Roman MK] novelist (man) RMANISTS <32> [Roman + Kommunist + romanista MK], (woman) RMANISTINI <50> [Rmanists drv] novelty NAWWINISKU <49> [Naws drv MK] November NUWMBERIS <40> [November MK], LAPKRTIS <40> [lapkritis, listopad MK] now TNTI av [tnti 17], TEIN av [tein 133], (well) N ij [na, nu, n (n), n, nun MK] nowhere NIKWI [niquei 65], NIKWIGI [niqueigi 107] nuance NU~NCI <52> [Nuance MK] number (quantity, numeral) GRBIS <40> [grbin 121 drv], NUMMERI (issue, sign) <52> [Nummer MK] number numeral no GRBJASWIRDS <36> [Zahlwort, skaitvardis, skaitav`rds MK] nut RESS <36> [Buccareisis E 593 VM] nut-cracker bird SARPS <41> [Sarpis E 746]

oak ANZANS <32> [Ansonis E 590] oakery DAMRAWA <45> [Damerouwe ON GN] oal M~LDIN n <37> [Maldian E 438] oasis AZI <52> [Oase MK] oat WIZ <53> [Wyse E 262], hay oats KRASAWIZI <52> [craysewesen DK] oath KL~NTAN <35> [Klanttwei drv MK], under oath KL~NTEWINGI av [Kl`ntan drv] 388

obedience PAKLUSMINGISKU <49> [Paklusmingiskan drv] obedient PAKLUSMAS aj nom sg m <25> [poklsmai 93 13 drv], PAKLUSMINGIS aj <27> [Poklusmingins 91 drv + poklsmingi 9312] obediently PAKLUSMAI av [poklusmai 31], PAKLUSMINGI av (aj n) [poklusmingi 9323], PAKLUSMINGISKAN av (aj n) [poklusmingiskan 133 + poklsmingi 9312] obey v KLAUSTUN <134> [klausiton 57], obey to PAKLUSTWEI <95> dat [Paklusman + paklusti MK] object no BJAKTAN <35> [object MK] object attr BJAKTISKAS aj <25> [bjaktan drv] object v EMPRKIBILTWEI (dat) <134a> [emprijkin bille 125] objective aj BJAKTIWS aj <25> [bjaktan + Subjektws MK] objective no BJAKTIWS <32> [objective MK] obligation SKALSN~ <46> [skallsnan 10710] obligation(s) ENTEIK~SN~ <46> [enteiksna 73] oblique (skew) KL~IWS aj <26> [Claywio E 375 VM] observatory BSERWATRIJAN <35> [Observatorium MK] obstacle KRSL <53> [Krsa, Krsan + rslis MK], KMPL <53> [kumpint 109 MK] obtain v GATUN <111> [gauuns 89 drv], AUGATUN <111> [augaunimai 55 drv], ENGATUN <111> [engaunai 133 drv], obtain smth awaited SENGDAUTUN <143> [sengidaut 121] obvious AKIWSTS aj <25> [ackewijstin 125 VM] obviously AKIWSTAI av [ackijwistu 113] occasion (time) RIZUS <32> [reisan 69 drv] occiput PRGALWIS <40> [Pergalwis E 78] occupation (trade): to provide with occupation ENSEGTUN <134> (acc sen acc) [Segtun drv] occupation (of a territory) OKUPACINI <52> [Okkupation MK] occupation attr OKUPACINISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Okupacini drv] occupy (to take in possession) v ENWALDTUN <141> [Waldtun+valdyti drv MK], (to invade) KUPATUN <131> [okkupieren + kupants MK], to be occupied (earning living) DIZTWEI <139> [dseitiskan 87 VM] ocean CEANS <32> [ocean MK] och AK ij [ak, ach MK] 389

Ockopirm (god Ockopirm) UKAPIRMAS nom sg m <32> [Occopirmus DK] October UKTBERIS <40> [Oktober MK], SPALLINS <32> [spalis, pazdziernik MK] oddity RETAWNGISKU <49> [Retawngis drv] oddity man RETTAWIS <40> [Retawngis + Mukinewis 873 MK] oddity woman RETTAWI <50> [Rettawis drv] of course IZPRETNGI av [issprettngi 75] offend v ENIZWINTUN <85> [verletzen + eisti MK] office UPPICAN <35> [officium MK], KANCL~JA <45> [Kanzlei MK] official no PULKENIKS <32> [Pulka drv MK] official letter, paper PEIS~LI <52> [peis`lei 89] often DEZNIMAI av [kodesnimma I 15], how often KUDEZNIMAI av [kodesnimma I 15], as often KUDEZNIMAI av [kodesnimma I 15], so often as KUDEZNIMAI av [kodesnimma I 15] ogdoad ASTNETA <45> [Warv E 210 + atuonetas MK] oh [O 83], HH [hoho MBS] oil (petroleum) NAFTA <45> [Nafta MK] old WRS aj <26> [Urs 63], WRISKAS aj nom sg m <27> [Wrs drv], to grow old SENTWEI <92> [senti, sens, seneo MK], ... years old WRAN av [Wrs + old MK] Old Prussian language WURAPRSISKAN <35> [Prsiskan + Wrs MK] Old Prussian man PRSS <32> [Prsiskan 17 VM] Old Prussian woman PRSINI <50> [Prss drv] olive (colour) aj LIWISKAI ZALLIS <27> [olivgrn MK] olive no LIWA <45> [Olive + oliva MK] Olsztyn (Allenstein) ALN~STEINI <52> [Allenstein VM] on NA unaccented prp acc [(seggt) na 39], N accented prp acc [no 17] once AINAW~RST av [ainaw`rst 6926], RIZAN acc [reisan 69], (once upon a time) KAD~I [kaidaise MK], RIZAN av [kart, raz, einmal GlN] one ANS crd <21> [ains 10124], (some) DI pn 3 encl n <10> [di 6511] one and a half PUS~NTRAS crd [pusantro + anderthalb MK] one and the same AINAWDAN av [einerlei MK] onion SIPPELI <52> [Zippel DIA MK] only (mere) TR av [ter 115] oops AK ij [ak, ach MK] 390

open aj ETWIRS aj <26> [etwre 83 + etkmps 55 VM + atviras MK] open v ETWERTUN <80> [etwre 83 drv], (repeatedly) v ETWIRTUN <139> [etwiriuns 117] open-handed DEGISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [digiskan 83] opera PERI <52> [Oper MK] operetta PERETI <52> [Operette MK] opinion PRESNAS pl <46> [Prestun MK], to be of opinion MRITWEI <138> [ermrit 69 VM], to express own opinion TARTUN <136> [t`rin 105 VM] opponent EMPRKINIKS <32> [Emprki + opponent MK] opportunity BREWNSLI <52> [Brewntwei drv] oppose v i EMPRKISTALTWEI <134a> [emprkistalla97 drv], (to set against) v tr EMPRKISTATINTUN <85> [emprkistalla 97 MK] opposite aj EMPRKISKAS aj <25> [Emprki drv], av EMPRKI av [emprki 8922] opposite prp PIRZDAU prp acc [pirsdau 63] opposition EMPRKISTALSN~ <46> [emprijki stallsnan 117 drv], POZICINI <52> [Opposition MK] oppress v GNESTUN <76> [Gnode E 338 VM] oppressor GNETTIKS <32> [Gnestun MK] optional OPCINALS <25> aj [optional MK] or ADDER [adder 29] orange (colour) aj RANINS <25> [orange MK] orange (fruit) no APPELZINI <52> [Apfelsine MK] orange-cap boletus (Leccinum) BERZINKRIMMA <45> [berzi + krimma Nx] orchestra RKESTRAN <35> [Orchester MK] orchestral player (man) RKESTRANTS <56> [rkestran + Muzik`nts MK], (woman) RKESTRANTI <50> [rkestran + Muzik`nti MK] order no ENTEIK~SN~ <46> [enteiksna 73], order (trim) K~NKSTISKU <49> [Kanxtisku 93], order (command) PALAIPNSNA <45> [polaipnsnan 71 drv], order (booking) PASTATNSNA <45> [Pastatntun drv], to place an order v PASTATNTUN <85> [Statntun + bestellen MK], in order to K~I cj [k`i 12315] order no, Order URDENS <32> [Orden MK] order v (to command) LAIPNTWEI <85> [laipinna 105 drv], (to give commandments) PALAIPNTWEI <85> [polaipinna 79 drv] 391

ordinal RDINALS <25> [Ordinal- MK] ordinary RINDEWNGIS aj <27> [Rind` drv] organization RGANIZACINI <52> [Organisation MK] organize v RGANIZTUN <139> [organisieren MK] origin PERTIKSN~ <46> [Pertiktwei drv, Herkunft MK] original RIGIN~LIN <35a> [Original MK], smth original RIGIN~LIN <35a> [Original MK] originate (from) v PERTIKTWEI <89> (ezze acc) [Tiktwei drv] oriole ZLTMENA <45> [Sealtmeno E 748] orphan SEIRINKS <32> [Siris drv + nalys > nalaitis] orthodox ORTDOKSIS <40> [Orthodoxe MK] orthodoxy ORTDOKSIJA <45> [Orthodoxie MK] orthographic ORTGRAFISKAS <25> [Ortgrafija drv] orthography ORTGRAFIJA <45> [Orthographie MK] osier WTWAN n <35> [Witwan E 603], (willow) APWITWA <45> [Apewitwo E 605] other KITS <18> [kittan 55] otter DRA <45> [Udro E 667] our NSS pn po 1 pl nom sg m <18> [nous` 55] oust v IZKMPINTUN <85> [Kmpintun drv] out (of) IZ prp acc [is 41] outage (downtime) ST~SN~ <46> [St`twei drv MK] outgrowth (excrescence) AGLIS <40> [auglys, auglis MK] out-house PREIBWITAN <35> [Bwitan + piebve + priestatas MK] outline (contour) KNTURI <52> [Kontur MK] outlive v (to become obsolte) ETGIWTWEI <141> [atgyventi MK] outrage v ERNERTTUN <139> [ernertimai 31 drv] outrun v PERSPTUN <120> [Sptwei MK] outside (out of doors) WINNAI av [winna 63] outskirts PAKRAKSTS <36> [Kraksts drv] outspread v smth ETKESTUN <87> [accodis E 214] outstanding AUKTUMS aj <25> [Auktums MK] oven STABN nom sg f <51> [Stabni E 221] oven peel PETS f <60> [Pectis E 332] oven prongs L~NKTS f <60> [Lanctis E 360] over (across) KRSA prp (av) acc [kirsa 8918 VM] 392

overcloud v EBM IGLINTUN <85> [Migl` drv MK] overcome v EBWARTUN <134> [epwarsnan 117 drv] overcoming EBWARSN~ <46> [epwarsnan 117 drv] overflow v PILTWEI <81a> [pilti, ampalas, pilt MK] overgrow: to get overgrown (with) EBAGTWEI <85> [Agtwei drv] overpass (overstep) v PRATREPTUN <85> (krsa acc) [Treptwei + prawedduns 119 MK] overrun (to usurp) v PAGABTUN <80b> [Gabtun drv] overstep v ERTREPTUN <85> [ertreppa 39 drv] overtake v (run down) PASPTUN <120> [Sptwei withMK] overthrow v EBWARTNTUN <85> [wartint 35 MK] overturn EBWARTNSNA <45> [Ebwartntun MK] ow WI ij [oi] owe v SKELTUN <136> [skell`nts 65 + skelti MK] owing (indebted) SKEL~NTS pc ps ac <29> [skell`nts 65] owing to DNKUN [dnckun 131] owl WS <32> [Iwogarge GN, ON VM], PKI <52> [pce MK] owls tree WAGARIN <37> [Iwogarge GN, ON] own SWAJS, gen sw`ise, pn po r nom sg m <20> [swais 5120] owner WALDTAJS <32> [Waldtun drv] ownership W~LDAN <35> [Waldtun, W`ldniks + valda MK] ox KURWAS nom sg m <32> [kurwis E 672]

pabulum L~NDAN acc sg f <35> [landan 83] pack v up EMPAKKINTUN <85> [luggage MK] package EMPAKKINSENIS <40> [Empakkintun drv], (parcel) PAKS <32> [luggage, luggage + paczka MK] pagan PAGNS <32> [poganans I 11 drv] paganism PAGNIBI <52> [Pagonbe E 795] page P~USAN n <35> [pausan 115] [MK] pail WMBARS <36> [Wumbaris E 556] 393

pain GULSENIS <40> [Gulsennien 105], to give pain to WARGTUN <134> [warg 69] paint (paintings) v M~LARAUTUN <143> [M`lars MK] painter (man) M~LARS <32> [painter MK], (woman) M~LARINI <50> [M`lars drv] painting M~LARAUSNA <45> [M`larautun drv] pair PRAN <35> [Paar, DIA pr], as a pair DWESUN av [dangonsuen TN MK] pairing PRAUSNA <45> [Pran drv MK] palace RMS <32> [rm + rmas, rme MK] palates D~NGS <43> [Dangus E 95] pale B~LS, gen ballas <25> [B`ltan, bala, balti, balt MK] pall v EBGL~BTUN <85> [Abklopte MV VM] palm DELNAN <35> [delnas + delna + d\on MK] pan PANUKA <45> [Pantwcko E 352] pancake KALS~ <46> [Kalso E 345] paper PAPRAN <35> [paper MK], dm PAPRIKAN dm <35> [Papran drv], official paper PEIS~LI <52> [peis`lei 89] paper attr PAPRAS gen attr [Papran drv] parabola (simile) PRILIGA <45> [Preilgintun drv] paradise D~USAS <46> [dausos MK], ELZIJAN <35> [Elysium MK], PARADZAN <35> [Paradies MK] parallel aj PARALLALS <25> [parallel MK] parallel v PREILGINTUN <85> [Perlgintun MK] parameter PAR~METERIS <40> [Parameter MK] pardon aj ETWRPSENIS <40> [etwerpsennian 45 drv] pardon v ETWINTUN <113> [etwint 35] pare (to scrape) v SKUSTUN <86> [Stuckis E 595 VM] parents WRAIAI no <40> [Uraisins 31 drv] Paris PARZI <52> [Pariser MK] parking lot AUTSTATAWA <45> [St`tawa MK] parking place ST~TAWA <45> [St`twei drv MK] parliament PARLAMNTI <52> [parlament MK] parliamentary system PARLAMENTARISMUS <32> [Parlamentarismus MK] paroxysm NPALIS <40> [Au-paltwei + Angriff, napasc MK] parrot PAPAGAJS <32> [papagailis < papagajs, Papagei MK], talking parrot AUBILNTS <29> PAPAGAJS <32> [niaubillntis 125] 394

parson PAPS <32> [Paps 111] part DELKS <32> [Dellijcks 39] part v (to move apart) KESTUN <87> [accodis E 214], (to separate) LAITNTUN <85> [sklaitint 109] partial (one-sided) P~USISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [P`usan MK] partiality (inequity) P~USISKU <49> [P`usiskas MK] participant DELKASIMIKS <32> [Teilnehmer MK] participate v DELKAN MTUN <71> n acc [teilnehmen MK] particle PARTKELI <52> [Partikel MK] particular L~ITS aj <25> [schkl`its 59], L~ITEWINGISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [schkl`itewingiskan 113] particularly L~ITEWINGI av [l`itewingiskas MK], L~ITS av [schkl`its 113] parting of hairs ~RKLUBIS <41> [Arglobis E 76] partridge LAUKAGERTA <45> [Laucagerto E 768] party P~RTIJA <45> [Partie DIA MK] Paseria (Pas\ka) PASERRIJA <45> [Passeria, Serija DK, *Serija VM] pass v PRAITWEI <116> [itwei + Praisenis MK], pass oneself (for, as) IZD~TUN SI <118> (per acc) [sich ausgeben fr MK], pass smth by throwing PAMETTUN <134> [Mettun drv] passage PRAISENIS <40> [Enisenis MK] passenger (air passenger) SKR~ISTWAISIS <40> [Skr`istuwis + W`isis + Fluggast MK], (riding passenger) J~TWAISIS <40> [J`tuwis + W`isis + Fahrgast MK] passion STNSENISKU <49> [Stnseniskas drv+ Stensn`, Stnsenis, Leidenschaft MK] passionate STNSENISKAS aj <25> [Stnsenisku, Stensn`, Stnsenis, Leidenschaft MK] passive PASWS aj <25> [passively MK] passive voice PASWAN <35> [Passive MK] passivity PASIWIT~TI <52> [Passivitt MK] passport PASS <32> [Pass MK] past PRAGBINGISKU <49> [Parejngisku + pergbons 43 + przesz\osc MK], past tense PRETRITAN <35> [Prteritum MK] past (missed) smth PRPAUS av [Pripaus + Pr MK] paste (glue) v MSLINTUN <85> [Mslin drv] 395

paste to v LIPNTUN <85> prei (acc) [Liptwei drv] pastor DSAIZURGAWINGIS <40> [Dsaisurgawingi 87 VM] pasture SPAS <42> [Sparyus E 798] pasture (pasture place) PST nom sg f <51> [Posty E 801] pasture v tr PSTUN <79> [Posty E 801, pasc VM] paternal T~WISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Tawiskan 41] paternity T~WISTA <45> [Cristionisto E 794 + tvyst MK] path LUNKI nom sg f <50> [Lonki E 800] pathfinder (guide) WED~TAJS <32> [Wed`tun drv] patience KANT~ <46> [Wissekant, Cantemynne + pakanta MK] patient aj KANTARS, gen kantras, aj <25> [Kant` drv, tickars 47, Canthyr + kantrus MK] patient no ENW~RGULIS <40> [Enw`rgtwei MK] patriarch PATRI~RCHIS <32> [Patriarch MK] patriarchate PATRIARCH~TAN <35> [Patriarchat MK] Patrimp (deity of streaming water) PATRMPUS <32> [Potrympo VT VM] patrol PATRILI <52> [Patrouille MK] patron (trustee) PAPEK~TAJS <32> [Papek`tun drv] Paul P~ULI nom sg m <54> [Pauli 633] paunch DRASTUS <43> [Drastus E 130] pauper PLIKKAUTAJS <32> [Plikkautwei drv + Plikauter MK] pave v GRNSTUN <98> [Grindos ON, Grandico E 632 VM], TILTUN <97> [Talus E 207 VM] pavement (sidewalk) TRETW~RS <32> [Trottoir + tretuar MK] paw L~PA <45> [lopa + l`pa + \apa MK] pay no attr NMAIMINS aj <25> [nmatun drv] pay v PLATTWEI <137> [plateis Gr], for, all EBPLATTWEI <137> [Plattwei drv], in ENPLATTWEI <137> [Plattwei drv], pay scores REKKENAUTWEI <143> [reckenausnan 89 MK] payment PLATSN~ <46> [Plattwei drv], EBPLATSN~ <46> [Ebplattwei drv], ENPLATSN~ <46> [Enplattwei drv] pea KEKKERS <32> [Keckers E 264] peace PAKKAJS <32> [133 packaien drv] peaceful PAKAWNGIS aj <27> [packawingi 89 drv], PAKWINGISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [packwingiskan 91] peacefully PAKAWNGI [packawingi 89], SEN PAKKAI av [senpackai 121] 396

peafowl PWS <32> [Powis E 773] pears KR~UAS nom pl f <50> [Crausios E 618] pear-tree KR~US nom sg f <50> [Crausy E 617] peasant KUMMETIS <40> [Kumetis E 409] peck (with a beak) v KAPTUN <85> [enkopts 43 + kapti MK] peculiar SWAJAWDS aj <32> [eigenartig + ainawydan 43 MK] peculiarity L~ITISKU <49> [schlatiskai 67], GL~UBAN <35> [Gl`ubtun drv, Zug, cecha MK] pedagogic PEDAGGISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [educationally MK] pedagogy PEDAGGIKI <52> [Pdagogik MK] pedestal (foot) PAPDIS <40> [Papmpis + Pda + papd] peel no (oven peel) PETS f <60> [Pectis E 332] peel v SKUSTUN <86> [Stuckis E 595 VM] peep (beep) v PKTWEI <75> [Picle E VM] peevish MURRAWINGIS aj <27> [Murrautwei drv] peewit PMP <53> [Peempe E 751] peg (crook) KS <32> [hk DIA + okas, `is, huk MK] pen (enclosure) Z~RDIS <40> [Sardis E 802] penal code KRIMINALKDIKS <32> [Krimin`ls + Kdiks MK] penalty SNDUS sg <32> [sndis 91], TR~PI <52> [Strafe MK] pencil ALWINNIS <40> [Alwas + pencil + o\owek MK] pendulum SUPLI <52> [Suptwei drv] penetrate v SPRTWEI <112> [spraut, spraukties + sprausti + prytnc, MK] penetrating (pain) DIWASP~RTS <26> [Dws + Sp`rts MK] penis PMPA <45> [Papinipis E VM] penny (Pfennig) PENNINGS <32> [penega BPT] pension RENTI <52> [Rente MK] pensioner EMERTS <32> [Emerit MK] penthouse (annex) PREIBWITAN <35> [Bwitan+piebve+priestatas MK] peony BIJ~NI <52> [Bione DIA MK] people ZMNEI <64> [Zmi + mons MK], (nation) AMZIN n <59> [amsin 55] perception IZPRESN~ <46> [isspresnan 101 drv] perch AZZEGIS <41> [Assegis E 572] perch (pole) KARTANA <45> [Kartano E 636] 397

percussion SANT~LKA <45> [Sentlktwei drv] perdition NKSNA <45> [Nktwei drv] perfect aj IZWANGINEWNGIS <85> [Izwangintun drv] perfect no (tense) PERFEKTAN <35> [Perfekt MK] perfect v IZWANGINTUN <85> [Wangintun drv + ibaigti = pilngi pabeigt, pilnveidot = vervoll-kommen, vollenden, Vollendung = doskonalic MK] perfection IZWANGINEWNGISKU <49> [Izwanginewngis drv] perfectly IZWANGINEWNGI av [Izwanginewngis drv] perforating PR~LISKAS aj <25> [Pr`li drv] perform (play) v ETWAIDNTUN <85> [Waidntun drv] performance (fulfilment) IZPILNINSN~ <46> [Izpilnintun drv], (play) ETWAIDNSNA <45> [Etwaidntun drv] performer (executor) IZPILNINTAJS <32> [Izpilnintun drv] period KRDASETRAPAN <35> [Zeitraum + laikotarpis MK], PERIDI <52> [Periode MK] perish v NKTWEI <92> [nykti + nkt + niknc MK] Perkuno (Thunder God) PERKNS <32> [Perkuno DK] pernicious NKEWINGIS aj <27> [Nktwei drv] perpendicular PERPNDIKELS <32> [Perpendikel + perpendikuls MK] persist v ERLAIK~TUN SI <142> [Erlaik`tun drv] persistent DRZALS, gen drzlas, aj <25> [drstlan 117 drv] person ZMI <64> [Smoy E 187], PERSNA <45> [persona, Person MK] personal PERSNISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [personally MK] personalism, features of personality PERSNISKU <49> [Persniskas drv] personality PERSNIBI <52> [Persnlichkeit + Pagonbe E 795 + asmenyb, personba E 795] persuade v ENDRWINTUN <85> [Druwtwei drv], to be persuaded ENDRWINTUN SI <85> [Endrwintun drv] pertain v (to suit) PREISTALTWEI <134a> [preistallwingi 93 VM] petrify v ENSTEBTWEI <89> [Stebtwei drv], STEBTWEI <89> [Stabs + stebti MK] petrol BENCNS <32> [Benzin MK] petroleum no NAFTA <45> [Nafta MK] petroleum attr NAFTAS gen attr petty MALKS aj <26> [Malkis E 579 VM] phasic STADI~LS aj <25> [stadial MK] 398

phenomenon FENMENAN <35> [Phanomen MK] philological FILOLGISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [philologisch MK] philologist FILOLGS <32> [Philolog MK] philology FILOLGIJA <45> [Philologie MK] philosopher FILOZFS <32> [Philosoph MK] philosophical FILOZFISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [philosophisch MK] philosophy FILOZFIJA <45> [Philosophie MK] phone v TELAFNITWEI <138> [telephonieren MK] phonetically FNETISKAS aj <25> [Fnetiki drv] phonetics FNETIKI <52> [Phonetik MK] photo no AUMSENIS <40> [zdjcie, nuotrauka, Aufnahme MK] photo v AUMTUN <71> [mtun drv] photographer FOTGRAFS <32> [Photograph MK] photography FOTGRAFIJA <45> [Photographie MK] physician (man) ~RSTI <54> [+`rsts MK], (woman) ~RSTINI <50> [~rsti drv] physicist FIZKENIKS <32> [Physiker MK] physics FIZKI <52> [Physik MK] pick no KRSL <53> [Kersle E 534] pick v (off, up; to pluck; to select) LAS~TUN <132> [lasioti, last, (auf)lesen MK] picked SENRNKAMINIS aj <40> [Senrnktun drv] pickle v ENS~LINTUN <85> [S`ls drv + einsalzen MK] pickpocket T~ISWAGIS m <41> [Taschendieb MK] picture BILDIN <37> [Bild + bilde MK] piece GABTAN <35> [Gabtun + gabalas, gabals MK] pierce v PRAMTUN <71> [mt 99] piety SELISKU <49> [Seilisku 79] pigeon PLIS <40> [Poalis E 761] piggery SUWENS <32> [Seweynis E 229] piglet P~RSISTIN n <37> [Prastian E 686] pike LDI <45> [Liede E 561] pike-perch ST~RKS <32> [Starkis E 564] pikestaff KELLAGZDI <52> [Kellaxde E 423] pillow B~LZINIS <41> [Balsinis E 490] pimple (blotch) PUKNI <52> [pukn JB + Pelsa MK] pincenez PENSN gen sg pensnes, nom, dat, acc sg/pl pensn [Pincenez MK] pine-tree PJ~US <53> [Peuse E 597] 399

pioneer PAGAWENIKS <32> [Pagatun drv] pious SELISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Seilisku 79 MK] pipe RRAN <35> [Rohr + rura MK] pit DUBBI <52> [dub MK] pitch no (tar) DRW~ <46> [derva, darva, Teer/drev//d`ru,drzewo] pitch v (to throw) ATUN <144> [`uschautins 53 + auti + aut MK] pitcher (jug) KRAGS <32> [Kragis E 400] pitchfork SAKKIS <52> [Sakki + aks MK] pity ENGRAUDSN~ <46> [engraudsnas 115 drv], to take a pity ENGRAUDTWEI (krsa acc) <139> [engrauds 67 drv], take a pity! ENGRAUDS Engraudtweiip 2 sg [engrauds 67], (what a) pity! GR~UDU av [engrauds 67 MK] place no DEKTAN n <35> [deicktan 125] place v DTUN <121> [audei`nsts 93, senditans 83 MK], SADNTUN <85> [sadinna 97], place smth (vertically) v STATNTUN <85> [preistattinnimai 111 MK] plaice SKR~ISLI <52> [Stroysles E 582] plain (even Earth surface) LGUWA <45> [Lgus drv MK] plan no PLANS <32> [plan MK] plan v PLANNAUTUN <143> [plans MK] plane PLASSAN <35> [Plass drv] plank (board) GR~NDIKA <45> [Grandico E 632] plant AGMENS <61> [augmuo + krmens MK] plate (dish) KWI <52> [Schwe DIA MK], (panel) PLATTI <52> [plate MK] platoon PULKS <36> [folc > pu\k > pulkas MK] play no SPLI <52> [spele MK] play v SPLITUN <133> [spelen MK], (to perform) v ETWAIDNTUN <85> [Waidntun drv], play music MUZIKTWEI <139> [musizieren + muzict, muzikuoti MK], BIRBINTWEI <85> [Birbik DIA MK], (reproduce a sound) ETBIRBINTUN <85> [Birbintwei drv Nx], play tricks GLAUD~TWEI <138> [Gliaudoti JB MK] player SPLANIKS <32> [Spielmann, Spieler MK] pleasant ENIMMUMNIS aj <27> [enimumne 91] pleasant(ly) ENIMMUMNI av [enimumne 91] pleasure PADNGAN n <35> [podngan 855] plebiscite EBTARSN~ <46> [Ebtartun drv] 400

Pleiades P~ITARAN n <35> [Paycoran E 6] plentiful L~IMISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [laimiskan 119], TLINS <25> [tlninai 131 VM] plentifully L~IMISKAI av [Laimiskai 41], L~IMINTISKAI av [laimintiskai 45] plenty TLISKU <49> [Tls MK] pliers RAPLIS nom pl f <52> [Raples E 520] plonk v DREBTUN <80b> [Drimbis E 483 VM, MK] plot of land GAST~ <46> [Gasto E 238] plough no PLGS <32> [Plugis E 243], a wooden plough ARTUWAN <35> [Preartue E 249 VM] plough v ARTUN <75> [Artoys E 236 VM], plough soil up v ENARTUN <75> [Artun drv MK] ploughing horse SWIKIS <40> [Sweykis E 432] plough-knife PREIARTUWI <52> [PreartueE 249], WAGNIS <40> [vagnis E 244] ploughman ARTAJS <32> [Artoys E 236] ploughshare PDAN n <35> [Pedan E 245] plough-tail L~IPT~ <46> [Laipto E 248] plover SMENA <45> [Semeno E 752] plumber UNDAWESNIKS <32> [Undawesna drv] plume (feather) PL~UGZDA <45> [Plauxdine E 488 VM] plums SLIWATAS nom pl f <45> [Sliwaytos E 619], (bitter plums) KRIKATAS nom pl f <45> [Crichaytos E 621] plunder v GR~BTUN <75b> [grobti + gr`bt + grabi c ], (entirely) IZGR~BTUN <75b> [Gr`btun drv, igrobti, plunder MK] plural TLAGIRBAUSNA <45> [daugiskaita, daudzskaitlis MK] plus PLS [plus MK] plus no PLSAN <35> [Plus MK] plywood FURNRAN <35> [Furnier MK] poach v P~USTAUTWEI <143> [wildern MK] poacher P~USTAUTAJS <32> [P`ustautwei drv] poaching P~USTAUSN~ <46> [P`ustautwei drv] pocket T~I <52> [Tasche + ta MK] pocket flashlight T~ISLAMPI <52> [Taschenlampe MK] poem PEMAN <35> [Poem MK], WRSS <32> [Vers + wiersz MK] 401

poet PETS <32> [poet MK] poetess PETESI <52> [Poet + Prinzessin MK] poetry PEZIJA <45> [Poesie MK] Pogesanien PAGUDDI <52> [Pogusania DK 1287, *Pagud VM] point no DEKTAN n <35> [daiktas, point VM] point v to PAWAIDNTUN <85> [Powaidint 17] pointer WAIDNTAJS <32> [waidntun drv], (dog) SLIDENKS <40> [Slidenikis E 701] poison no NDA <45> [dose, nuo-da-s + geben Gift + da + indeve, ieds inde MK] poison v DRGTUN <75> [erdrkts 115 VM], (entirely) ERDRGTUN <75> [erdrkts 115 VM] poke up (rake) v Z~RTUN <80> [Passortis E 334 VM] poker (rake) KRMPSTIS f <58> [Trumpstis E 361], PAZ~RTS nom sg f <58> [Passortis E 334] Poland PLI <52> [Polen MK] polar lights LMAS SW~IKSTAN <35> [Elms light MK] pole (post, pillar) SLS, gen sullas <36> [Sulis E 196], pole of a cart TNSIS <40> [Teausis E 254] Pole (man) PLIS <40> [Pole MK], (woman) PLINI <50> [Plis drv] polecat NARRIKIS <41> [Naricie E 664] police no PLICAJA <45> [Polizei MK] police attr PLICISKAS nom sg m <25> [polizeilich MK] policeman PLICISTS <32> [Polizist MK] policy PLITIKI <52> [Politik MK] Polish aj PLISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Plis drv] Polish features PLIBI <52> [Plis drv] Polish language PLISKAN <35> [Pliskas + Polisch MK] polite PREIL~NGUS aj nom sg m <31> [preitl`ngus 87] political PLITISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [politisch MK] politician (man) PLITIKERIS <40> [Politiker MK], (woman) PLITIKERINI <50> [Plitikeris drv] politics PLITIKI <52> [Politik MK] poll (ballot) v TARTUN <136> [t`rin 105 VM MK] pollinate v ENWEISNTUN <85> [Wisis drv MK] polling TARSNAS pl <46> [Tartun drv] 402

pollute v DERGTUN <134> [derg 37 VM] polygon TLILUNKS <57> [Tls, Lunks + Vieleck MK] Pomesania PAMEDDI <52> [Pomesania DK, *Pamed VM] Ponarth PANARTIS <40> [Ponarthen ON VM] pond no RS <32> [Wurs E 61], (dam) TW~NKSTA <45> [Tuwangste ON] pond v up TWNKTUN <85> [Tuwangste ON VM] poor GURNS aj <25> [gurns 67] poplar TPA <45> [tuopa MK] poppy MKI <52> [Moke E 265] population BUWNTAJAI pl tantum <32> [Buwntajs drv] porch DIMSTIS <58> [JB MK] pork SWINJANA <45> [Swinnistin + kiauliena, wieprzowina MK] porridge PUTTERA <45> [putra, putera MK] port ~USTIN <37> [`ustin + Mnde], (computer) PRTS <42> [lat. portus, s MK] portfolio (file) ZRBRUKIS <40> [Umschlag + Surturs E 326 MK] position BSENIS <40> [bousennis 105] position PZICINI <52> [position MK] possess v WALDTUN <141> [Waldniku 9125 VM] possession: being in possession (of) PERL~NKSN~ <46> (prei acc) [Perl`nktwei drv], to take possession of ENWALDTUN <141> [Waldtun + valdyti drv MK] possessor WALDTAJS <32> [Waldtun drv] possibility MAZNGISKU <49> [Mazngis drv] possible aj MAZNGIS <27> [musngin 71], to be possible MAZTWEI <137> [muslai 121 drv] possibly MAZNGI [musngin 71] post (mail, post-office) PUSTI <52> [Post MK] post (pole of a hut) SLS, gen sullas <36> [Sulis E 196] posterior RKISNISKAS aj <25> [Rkisna drv] postposition POSTPZICINI <52> [Postposition MK] pot PDS <32> [Podalis E 351, puodas, pods MK], a rustic pot PUDALLIS <40> [Podalis E 351], filtering (straining) pot ZIDDUK~ <46> [Siduko E 353] potato no BULWI <52> [Bulwe DIA MK] potato attr BULWINS aj <25> [Bulwi drv] 403

potential PTENCIALIN <35a> [Potential MK] Potollo PATALS <32> [Patols DK VM] potter (ceramicist) PDENIKS <32> [Pds drv, puodininkas MK] pouch KULLIS <40> [Kuliks E 487 VM] pound v up PISTUN <102> [peisda Gr + Sompisinis E 340 MK], (completely) SENPISTUN <102> [Sompisinis E 340 VM] pounding GRUMSN~ <46> [Grumtwei drv] pour v LATUN <106> [pralieiton 75 drv], PAL~ITUN <106> [palletan I 13 drv] , pour out GZTUN <71> [Gosen Gr VM], IZLATUN <106> [isluns 63 drv] poverty GURNISKU <49> [gurns drv], to live v in poverty PLIKKAUTWEI <143> [Pliks + Plikauer DIA MK] power WAR <52> [warrien 81], to rise to power ENRIKATWEI <144> (krsa acc) [Rikatwei drv], rise to power ENRIKASN~ <46> powerful WAREWNGIS aj <27> [warewingin 97] practical PRAKTISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [practically MK] practice PRAKSIS nom sg f <58> [practice MK] practician PRAKSENIKS <32> [Praksis MK] praise no GIRSN~ <46> [girsnan 35 drv], PAGIRSN~ <46> [pogirsnan 13115 drv], PAGIRRI <52> [Pogirrien 133 drv] praise v GIRTUN <75> [girtwei 41], PAGIRTUN <75> [pogirsnan 13115 drv] praising GIRSN~ <46> [girsnan 35 drv] prank GLAD~ <32> [gliauda JB MK] pray v MADLTUN <140> [madlitwei 5718] prayer MADLA <45> [Maddla 47], MADLIKA dm <45> [madlikan 79 drv], (praying) MADLSN~ <46> [madlisna 93] praying MADLSN~ <46> [madlisna 93] preach v PAGRDAUTUN <143> [pogerdawie 87 drv], PREDDIKAUTWEI <143> [preddikausnan 29 drv] preacher PREDDIKERIS <40> [Predickerins 17] preachment PREDDIKAUSNA <45> [preddikausnan 29] precaution MPIRSDIRSN~ <46> [mpirsdirnts drv] precipitate (by cooking) v AUWIRTWEI <109> [Wirtwei MK] precise TIKRISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [entickrikai 81 VM] precisely AKR~TS av [accr`ds DIA MK], TIKRISKAI av [Tikriskas drv] precision TIKRISKU <49> [Tikriskas drv] 404

predicate PREDIK~TAN <35> [Prdikat MK] preface NWADS <32> [Enwestun + introduction + vadas, ievads MK] , PIRZDAWIRDS <32> [Vorwort + priekv`rds MK] prefer v MPIRSIN TENSTUN <139> [vorziehen MK] preference PIRMINISKU <49> [Pirmins drv MK] prefix PREFIKSAN [Prfix MK] pregnant (heavy) BRENDEKRMENI <52> [105 brendekermnen drv] prepare v PAGATTAWINTUN <85> [pogattawint 7711], for GATTAWINTUN <85> pri (acc) [pogattawint 7711], prepare oneself GATTAWINTUN SI <85> [Gattawintun drv] preposition PREPZICINI <52> [Prposition MK] prescribe v PREIPEIS~TUN <138> [prirayti MK] present aj (anywhere) EMPRKISENTS pc ps ac <29> [emprijkisins 115], (here) ~ISENTS <29> pc ps ac [emprijkisins 115] present no (gift) D~J~ <46> [D`iai 111], to give a present DAJ~TUN <132> [D`iai 111 drv MK] present no (present time, the present) TNTISKU <49> [Tntiskas + Parejngisku + Pergbisku + dabartis MK], (present tense) PREZNTI <52> [Prsens, Prsentis MK] preservation ERLAIK~SN~ <46> [Erlaik`tun drv] preserve (to maintain) ERLAIK~TUN <142> [erlaikt 55], (protecting) PAKNSTUN <76> [paknst 7915], (guarding) SERGTUN <134> [absergsnan 91 drv] president PIRZDAUSNDANTS <29> [Vorsitzender MK] press no PRESSI <52> [Presse MK] press v GNESTUN <76> [Gnode E 338 VM MK], press on PAGNESTUN <76> [Gnestun drv], press (to) PREIGLABTUN <80b> [Glabtun drv],press oneself (to) PREIGLABTUN SI <80b> [Preiglabtun drv] pressure GNESN~ <46> [Gnestun MK] pretend to be v MNTITUN SI <138> + mod rel [Mntitun drv + izlikties MK] pretension PRETENZINI <52> [Pratension MK] prevent v EBSERGTUN <134> [absergsnan 91 drv], AUDTUN <121> [andei`nsts 93 drv], (to make safe) v ENBEW~RGINTUN <85> [En + Bew`rgintun Nx] preventing AUDIJ~NTS pc ps ac <29> [andei`nsts 93] prevention EBSERGSN~ <46> [absergsnan 91 drv] 405

previous PIRZDAUMS aj <25> [Pirzdau +Panzdaums MK], PIRZDAUMANIS aj pnl <27> [Pirzdau + Panzdaumanis MK] price no KANA <45> [kaina + cena MK] price v down AUKANINTUN <85> [Kana drv MK] prick (stab) BDIS <40> [boadis E 164] prickles K~ULIS nom pl f <52> [Kaules E 609] prickly AKULS aj <25> [Ayculo E 470 VM] pride LABBAT~ <46> [labbatngins 97 VM] priest NSEILANIKS <32> [clergyman MK] primary PIRMINS <25> [Pirms drv + pirminis MK] primer (ABC-book) BBELIS pl <52> [Fibel,pybels Chr.Donelaitis,Bibeln MK] prince KUNEGIKS <32> [Konegycke APN VM], MISTRAS nom sg m <32> [Mistran 91], PRINCIS <32> [Prinz MK] princess PRIKENI <52> [Freiken DIA MK] principality FIRSTISTA <45> [Frstentum MK] principle PRINCPAN <35> [Prinzip MK] print no DRUKKAUSNA <52> [Drukkautun drv] print v DRUKKAUTUN <143> [+ drukowac MK prints], (entirely) v IZDRUKKAUTUN <143> [Drukkautun drv] printing DRUKKAUSNA <52> [Drukkautun drv] printing-house DRUKENS <32> [Drukkautun drv] priority PIRMINISKU <49> [Pirmins drv MK] prison KALZA <45> [Kaluse DIA MK] prisoner KALZENIKS <32> [Kaluseningker DIA MK] prisoner (man) AREST~NTS <56> [prisoner MK], (woman) AREST~NTI <50> [Arest`nts drv], to take smb prisoner PERGABTUN <80b> [Gabtun drv MK] prisoner of war PERGABTINIKS <32> [Pergabtun drv] private PRIW~TS aj <25> [privately MK] prize PR~IZUS <32> [Preis MK] probability DRUWMINISKU <49> [Druwmins drv MK] probability theory DRUWMINISKWAS TERIJA <45> [Druwminisku, Terija drv] probable DRUWMINS <25> [Paklausmins + tiktinas MK], (may be) MAZNGIS aj <27> [musngin 71] probation PERB~NDA <45> [perbandan I 11 drv] [MK] 406

probe (sonde) ZNDI <52> [Sonde MK] problem PRBLAMAN <35> [problem of MK] proclamation ENWAKSENIS <40> [enwack 85 MK] produce v TIKNTUN <85> [tickint 69], to use to produce PATIKNTUN <85> [potickinnuns 115] producer TIKNTAJS <32> [Tikntun drv] production TIKNSNA <45> [Tikntun drv] professor PROFESRS <32> [Professor MK] profit TRPA <45> [enterpon 17 VM] profit(s) NAD~ <46> [nauda + nauda MK] profitable NAUDNGIS <27> [naud` drv] profundity GILLISKU <49> [Gillus drv] progress PRGRESS <32> [Progress MK] project no PRJAKTAN <35> [Projekt MK] project v PRJAKTITUN <138> [projektieren MK] prolong v PRAILGINTUN <85> [ilgs drv] prolongerer PRAILGINTAJS <32> [Prailgintun drv] promenade NEIKASN~ <46> [Neikatwei drv] prominent AUKTIMS aj <25> [Aucktimmien 91 VM] promise no PATAUKNSNA <45> [potaukinsnas 12111], PREIBILSN~ <46> [preibillsn` 617] promise v TAUKINTUN <85> [10716], (constantly) PATAUKNTUN <85> [potaukinnons 115], PREIBILTUN <134a> [preibillsn` 617 drv], PREIGRDAUTUN <143> [preigerdawi 39] promote v BREWNTWEI <85> [brewinnimai 31] promotive BREWNGIS aj <27> [brewingi 35 MK] prompt no (hint) MPIRSIN GRDAUSN~ <46> [mpirsin grdautun drv] prompt v (by a hint) MPIRSIN GRDAUTUN <138> [vorsagen MK] prongs (oven prongs) L~NKTS f <60> [Lanctis E 360] pronoun PRNOMEN <63> [Pronomen + pronomens MK] pronounce v IZTARTUN <136> [Tartun drv] pronunciation IZTARSN~ <46> [Iztartun drv] prop no (support) ETSPARA <45> [Spertwei MK] prop v smth, smb up ETSPAR~TUN <132> [Etspara MK] propaganda PRPAGANDA <45> [Propaganda MK] propagate oneself v TLNINTUN SI <85> [Tlnintun drv] 407

proper PREISTALWINGIS aj <27> [preistallwingi 93 MK] properly PREISTALWINGI av [preistallwingi 93] property W~LDAN <35> [Waldtun, W`ldniks + valda MK] prophesy v PRAWDEUTUN <143> [Prawdis drv] prophet PRAWDIS <40> [Prophet + pravietis + Pra + Wid`tun MK] prophetic PRAWDISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Prawds drv] proportion PRPORCINI <52> [Proportion MK] proportional PRPORCINALS <25> [proportional MK] proposal NAD~SN~ <46> [Nad`tun drv] propose v NAD~TUN <118> [anbieten + pied`v`t + D`twei MK] proprietor WALDTAJS <32> [Waldtun drv] prosit! KALS PAS KALS ANS PER ~NTRAN [MBS MK] prospectively PEREJNGISKAI av [pareingiskai 119] prosper (flourish) v TRPTWEI <85> [enterpon 17 VM] protect v EBSERGTUN <134> [absergsnan 91 drv], PAKNSTUN <76> [paknst 7915] protection EBSERGSN~ <46> [absergsnan 91 drv] protector (cutout) NIW~RGINGENIKS <25> [bezpiecznik Nx] Protestant PRTESTANTS <56> [Protestant MK] Protestantism PRTESTANTISMUS <32> [Protestantismus MK] protocol PRTOKULIN <35a> [Protokoll MK] proton PROTNAN <35> [Proton MK] protrude v DURTWEI <134> [brai 93 VM] prove v ENWAIDNTUN <85> [Enwaidntun + rodyti MK], (examine) v IZBAND~TUN <142> [perband`snan 55 MK] proverb BILSN~ <46> [billsna 85] provide v PERZRGAUTUN <143> [persurgaui 41] province PRWINCI <52> [Provinz MK] Proximity TAWISKU <49> [Taws drv] prudent (prudential) IZPRETEWNGIS aj <27> [Izprestun drv] prudently IZPRETEWNGI av [Izpretewngis drv] Brotherhood Prsa member (man) PRUSNS <32> [Prsa drv MK], (woman) PRUSNINI <50> [Prusns drv] Prussia (Baltic, i.e. without Pommerania and German Brandenburg) PRSA <45> [Prusa DK VM], (a German state) PRSIJA <45> [Prussia MK], Upper (Baltic) Prussia WRA <45> [WrDIA MK] 408

Prussian av: in Baltic Prussian, in Old Prussian PRSISKAI av [Prsiskai 17] Prussian aj PRSISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Prsiskan 17] Prussian no: New / Old Prussian language PRSISKAN <35> [Prsiskas + (Alt) preussisch MK], Old Prussian language WURAPRSISKAN <35> [Prsiskan + Wrs MK] psychiatrist PSICHI~TRIS <32> gen psichi`tras [Psychiater MK] psychiatry PSICHIATRJA <45> [Psychiatrie MK] public PERNEWINGIS aj <27> [Perni drv] publication PUBLIKACINI <52> [Publikation MK] publicistic PUBLICISTISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [publizistisch MK] publicity: to allow publicity IZKL IPTINTUN <85> [Kliptintun drv] publish v PERLAZNTUN <85> [Lazntun + verlegen MK], PUBLICTUN <139> [publizieren MK] publisher PERLAZNTAJS <32> [Perlazntun drv] publishers PERLAZNTWI <52> [Perlazntun drv] publishing house PERLAZNTWI <52> [Perlazntun drv] puckering (creasing) SENSKREMPSN~ acc <46> [senskrempsnan 10312] puddle no URKS <32> [rs drv MK] puddle v (to muddy) MNSTUN <76> [ [mntimai 29]: msti + mieturis + mtny MK] puerility MALNKISKU <49> [Malnkiskas drv] puff out v AUDUMTUN <82> [Dumtwei drv] puffball BEZDIKKI <52> [bezdukas, sramotnik + Bezdtwei, Krimma MK] pull v (drag) WLKTUN <97> [Awilkis 472 VM], (once) v TNSTUN <79> [tinstwei 73], (repeatedly) v TENSTUN <139> [entnsts 59 drv], pull on (to cover) PERTRAKTUN <75> [pertraki 101], pull out IZWLKTUN <97> [Wlktun MK], pull smth off, out AUWLKTUN <97> [Wlktun MK], pull (to tear) up RATUN <111> [rauti + raut + ryc, rwac MK] punch DULKUS, gen dulkas <32> [Dullaks, Dulks DIA MK] punish v SNDITUN <138> [snndintwti 39], PABAJJINTUN <85> [pobaiint 87] punishment SNDUS sg <32> [sndis 91] pup (doggy) SKANS <42> [Stanulonx E 623 VM] pupil M~LDAISIS <40> [maldaisimans 75 drv], (in a school) SKLANIKS <32> [Skli drv] 409

pupil of the eye WEDULS <36> [Weydulis E 81] purchase no K~UPL <53> [K`uptun + peis`lei 89 MK], (purchasing) K~UPSN~ <46> [K`uptun drv] purchase v K~UPTUN <75b> [k`upiskan 33 MK] purchaser (man) K~UPENIKS <32> [K`uptun drv], (woman) K~UPENIKI <52> [K`upeniks drv] pure SKSTS aj <26> [skijstan 127] purely SKSTAI av [skstai 33], SKSTAN av (aj n) [skijstan 49] purify v tr SKISTNTUN <85> [Skijstinnons 103] purse KULIKS <32> [Kuliks E 487] pursue v PERRPTUN <75b> [Rptwei + verfolgen MK] pursuer PERRPTAJS <32> [Perrptun drv] pus PLA <45> [Ptwei drv, pliai, pi MK] push v T~LK~TUN <142> [tl`ku 89], away AUKMPINTUN <85> [kumpint 109 MK], KMPINTUN <85> [kumpint 109], forward BRETUN <111> [brewinnimai 31 VM], together (one against other) SENTLKTUN <75> [Tlktun drv MK] push-button KNUPS <32> [DIA Knups MK] pustule (pimple) PUKNI <52> [pukn JB + Pelsa MK] put v (to place) DTUN <121> [audei`nsts 93, senditans 83 MK], SADNTUN <85> [sadinna 97], in(to) ENSTATNTUN <85> [preistattinnimai 111 MK], off AUSADNTUN <85> [Sadntun drv], on EBWLKTUN SI <97> [Ebwlktun drv, apsivilkti] (en acc), on (on head, hand) M~UKTUN <75> na acc [maukti + maukt + wymknc MK], on (footwear) ATUN <111> [auti + aut + obuc MK], on ones foot-wear ATUN SI <111> [Atun drv + autis], to help smb to put on footwear EBATUN <111> [Atun drv], put upon NALAZNTUN <85> [Lazntunpresent drv], put smth (vertically) STATNTUN <85> [preistattinnimai 111 MK]; put on weight BRENSTWEI <87> [105 VM brendekermnen] putrefy v PTUN / -WEI <112> [pti, pt, faul MK] putty cement L~ISTAN <35> [L`istun MK] putty v L~ISTUN <87> [L`ids MK] pyramid PIRAMDI <52> [Pyramide Nx]


quadrant KWADR~NTS <56> [Quadrant Ma] quadrat(e) KWADR~TAN <35> [Quadrat MK] quail PNPALA <45> [Penpalo E 770] quake DRIBBINSN~ <46> [dirbinsnan 95 drv] quality KAWDISKU <49> [jakosc, kokyb MK] qualm BIJ~LI <52> [Bij`twei + peis`lei 89 GlN] quantity MATS <32> [mattei 115 VM] quarrel RKSN~ <46> [Rktwei drv] quarrel v RKTWEI <85> [rgewings 87 VM], (argue) v KALBTWEI <136> [DIA MK kalbken] quarter KETWIRTADELKS <32> [ketvirtadalis, ceturtdaiea MK] quartering (billeting) ST~SENIS <40> [St`twei drv MK] queen KUNNEGINI <50> [Kunnegs drv] quell v L~USTINGINTUN <85> [L`ustingis drv] quern GRNAWIS <52> [Girnoywis E 317] quern box K~RBIJA <45> [Carbio E 325] question PRASSENIS <40> [Prstun drv] quick DWS aj <25> [Dywans OPN VM] quick person DWANS <32> [Dywans OPN VM] quiet v TALTUN <134a> [Patols DK VM] quill (bobbin) S~IW~ <46> [eiva + cewa MK] quilt v WIDDAUTUN <143> [Widus E 508 MK] quilting WIDDAUSN~ <46> [Widdautun drv] quite PASTIPPAN av (aj n) [postippan 71], G~NCAI av [gantzei 133]

r (reflexive meaning): pcl r SI [(grki) si 55] race no (human race) RASSI <52> [Rasse Nx], (animal race) PRGIMI <52> [prgimnis 11522 MK] 411

race no (competition) SPJAS <45> [Sptwei MK], the races BGAS <46> pl [bga drv] race v (emulate) SPJAUTWEI <143> [Spjas drv] radiant LAUKSTTS aj [Lochstete ON VM] radical aj RADIK~LS <25> aj [radikal MK] radical no RADIK~LS <32> no [Radik`ls drv] radicalism RADIKALISMUS <32> [radicalism MK] rafter (truss) SP~RS <32> [Sparis E 201] rage v NRSTWEI <76> [ernertimai 31 MK], BARTUN SI <75> [bartis + broc si MK] raging NRTINGIS <27> [Nrti drv + nirtingas MK] rail (scold) v WRSTUN <76> [worth May 29] railing GL~IZAN <35> [Gleis MK] railway GELZ~PINTS m <57> [Eisenbahn + Pints MK] railway car W~GENS <32> [Wagen MK] railway sleeper TR~MI <52> [Trame = Spale, Tram MK] railway station GELZ~PINTISDWARS <32> [Gelz`pints + Dwars + station MK] railway track GL~IZAN <35> [Gleis MK] rain no SJI <52> [Suge E 47], rain in torrents AGL~ <46> [Aglo E 47] rain v STWEI <113> [Suge E 47 VM] rainbow WARSTI <52> [varykt JB + Rsti, voveryktis MK] raise (once) v ERL~NGTUN <75> [erl`ngi 97 drv], (repeatedly) ERL~NGINTUN <85> [Erl`ngtun drv], (from the dead) ETSKAJJINTUN <85> [etskmai 63 VM] raisin RZINIS pl <52> [Rzini pl], (one piece) RZINI <52> [Rosine MK] rally (meeting) SENSKR~ISNA <45> [Senskr`istwei drv] ram no (he-sheep) AWWINS <32> [Awins E 679] ram v (to tamp) DZTUN <85> [dseitiskan 87 VM], ram in ENDLBTUN <75b> [Dlbtun drv] rampart SUPPIS <40> [Suppis E 327] rancid KARGS aj <25> [Karige E 610 VM] random EBWRPS <25> [Pawrps drv MK] range EBMTAN <35> [Ebmtun drv MK] rape no (colza) RAPSS <32> [Raps MK] 412

rape v PREISP~RTAUTUN <143> [Sp`rts drv] rapid DWS aj <25> [Dywans OPN VM] rare RETS aj nom sg m <26> [Reteynen ON JG] rascal M~ITARS <36> [Maiters Gr] raspberry KAMISTENI <52> [Kamistin + Warreni + avene, aviet MK] rat KURS <32> [< szczur > iurk, urka MK] rather (than) WALNAN av praedic [Walns drv], WALNAI av [Walns drv], MLIS av cp [mijls 89] ratio (proportion) PRPORCINI <52> [Proportion MK] rationalism RACINALISMUS <32> [Rationalismus MK] rattle v KR~KTWEI <75> [Crocow JG + kriokti, kr`kt MK] raven W~RNIS <40> [Warnis E 721] ravine D~UB~ <46> [Dambo E 29, dauben ON] raw J~LS aj <25> [jls, jalov] raw material J~LIJA <45> [J`ls drv MK] ray STRLA <45> [Strla + Strahl + str`la MK] razor ZILATTI <52> [Gilette MK], safety-razor SKRAPARATS <32> [Rasierapparat MK] reach v KAKNTUN <85> [kaknt 101] read v SKAIT~TUN <132> [skaityti+ skaitt + czytac MK] reader SKAIT~TAJS <32> [Skait`tun drv] ready GATTAWS aj <25> [pogattawint 7711 VM] reality ARWISKU <49> [Arwis drv], REALIT~TI <52> [Realitt MK] really IZARWISKAI av [isarwiskai 133] realm RKI <52> [Rki 113] reanimate v GAIWNTUN <85> [gijwans 43 + geits 53 + gaivinti MK] reap v PJATUN <111> [Piuclan E 547 + Gertepeawne ON VM MK] rear (ward) RKISNISKAS aj <25> [Rkisna drv] reason BREWNSLI <52> [Brewntwei drv] reason (cause, ground) TIKSLIN <35a> [Tiktwei drv MK] reasonable (prudent) IZPRETEWNGIS aj <27> [Izprestun drv] reasonably IZPRETEWNGI av [Izpretewngis drv] rebel SENSKSENIKS <32> [Senskisn` drv] rebellion SENSKSN~ <46> [Sensktwei drv] rebirth ~NTARSGIMSENIS <40> [`ntersgimsennien 63], ETGMSENIS <40> [117 etgimsannien drv] 413

recall (recollect) (at a moment) v PAMNTUN <97> [pominsnan75 + minti MK], (retrace) v ETMNTUN SI <97> [atsiminti + menisnan I 15 MK] receive v GATUN <111> [gauuns 89 drv] receiver (telephone)KLAUSTLA <45> [~ukla + Klaustun JS] reciprocal ABIPUSSIS aj <27> [Abipussis drv] recline v ETKMPITWEI <138> (na acc) [Etkmpis MK] recluse (loner) P~USTRINIKS <32> [P`ustri drv GlN] recognize v PAZIN~TUN <85> [posinnat 6521] recognizing ERZIN~SN~ <46> [Erzin`tun drv] recollect (recall) v ETMINTUN SI <139> [Etmintun drv], PAMINTUN <139> [pominsnan 75 drv] recompense no ETT IKRINSN~ <46> [Ettikrintun drv] recompense v ETT IKRINTUN <85> [Entikrintun MK] reconcile v SENDARINTUN <85> [sudairinti JB MK] reconstruct v REKNSTRUITUN <139> [rekonstruieren MK] reconstruction REKONSTRUKCINI <52> [Rekonstruktion MK] record ENPEIS~SENIS <40> [Enpeis`tun drv] recount smth to be learnt v PREIGRBTWEI <75b> [preigrbt 27] recover v KAILSTINTWEI <85> [Kailsts drv Nx] re-create v ETTEIK~TUN <132> [Teik`tun drv] re-creation ETTEIK~SN~ <46> [Etteik`tun drv] recurrence (return) ETWARTNSNA <45> [Etwartntun si drv], (into confession) ETWARTNSENIS <40> (en acc) [EbwartntunMK] red aj WRMIS aj nom pl m <27> [warm Gr], av (aj n) WRMIN [wormyan E 463], to show i red WRMJAUTWEI <143> [Wrmis drv MK] redden v (to grow red) WURMTWEI <134> [Wrmis drv MK] redundancy PERPILNISKU <49> [Prpilns drv] redundant PERPILNS aj <26> [Pr + Pilns + p`rpilns MK] reduplicate v DWIGUBBINTUN <85> [Dwigubs drv] red wine WURMIWINS <32> [Wrmis, Wns + Rotwein WE] reed BL~USKI <50> [Bleusky E 286], DRUGGIS <41> [Drogis E 285] reed-pipe BIRBIKS <32> [Birbik DIA MK] reek KDS <32> [accodis E 214 MK] refer v to (to reference) AUTENGNTUN <85> [Tengntun drv] reference (referencing) AUTENGNSNA <45> [Autengntun drv] 414

reflect v ETSW~IKSTITUN <138> [Sw`ikstitwei drv], to be reflected ETSW~IKSTITUN SI <138> [Etsw`ikstitun drv] reflection ETSW~IKSTISN~ <46> [Etsw`ikstitun drv] reflex (gleam, reflection) ETSW~IKSTISENIS <40> [Etsw`ikstitun drv] reform no REFRMI <52> [Reform MK] reform v REFRMITUN <138> [reformieren MK] reformation REFORMACINI <52> [Reformation MK] refraction LZIS <40> [Luse DIA] refrain from v ETLAIK~TUN SI <142> [etl`iku sin 99 drv] refresh v ETPRSKINTUN <85> [Prskas Nx] refrigerate v SALLINTUN <85> [Saltwei drv MK] refrigerator LADDAAPPAN <35> [Lads+appan+refrigerator, ledusskapis MK] refugee BGLIKS <32> [Bgtwei MK] refusal PERBILSN~ <46> [Perbiltun drv] refuse v PERBILTUN <134a> [perbillton 55], (from) ETGRDAUTWEI SI (ezze dat) <143> [Grdautwei + atsisakyti, atteikties, odmowic si MK] regain v ETGATUN <111> [Etw`rtai gatun, atgauti, atgt MK] regale v WAISNTUN <85> [Reidewaisines 87 VM] regiment REGIMNTS <56> [Regiment MK] region REGINI <52> [Region MK] register no REGISTERIN <37> [Register MK] register v tr REGISTRTUN <139> [registrieren Nx], i to get registered at ENREGISTRTWEI n acc <139> [registrieren Nx] registration aj REGISTRACINIS gen attr [Registracini drv] registration no REGISTRACINI <52> [registration MK] regress REGRESS <32> [Regress MK] regret no PAW~RGS <32> [pawargan 63], PAW~RGAUSN~ <46> [Paw`rgautwei drv] regret v PAW~RGAUTWEI <143> [pawargan 63 MK] regular REGUL~RS <25> [regular MK] regular polygon REGUL~RS TLILUNKS <57> [Regul`rs, Tlilunks MK] regulate v ENTEIK~TUN <132> [Enteikton 89 drv], REGULTUN <139> [regulieren MK] regulation REGULSN~ <46> [Regultun drv] regulations ENTEIK~SN~ <46> [enteiksna 73], STATTAN <35> [Statut MK] 415

reign no RIKASN~ <46> [rickasnan 53] reign v RIKATWEI <144> (krsa acc) [rickasnan 53] rein NLINGA <45> [Nolingo E 453] reject v PERBILTUN <134a> [perbillton 55] , ETMESTUN <72> [Mestun drv] rejoice v i TULDTUN SI <139> [tuldsnan 89 drv] related (intermarried) GINTAWS <25> [Gintu drv] relations SISNAS <46> pl [Seisn` drv MK] relative no GINTUS <43> [ginthos Gr] relatively RELATWAI av [relativ MK] relax v RELAKSAUTWEI <143> [to relax MK], WRPTUN SI <75b> [Wrptun drv] relent v ETNTWEI <120> [etnstis VM] reliable AUAUDWINGIS aj <27> [auschaudwings 57] religion RELIGINI <52> [Religion MK] religious RELIGIZS aj <25> [religis MK] remain v PAL~IKTWEI <85> [pol`ikt 115], PALIKTWEI <89> [polnka 97 drv], remain preserved ERLAIK~TUN SI <142> [Erlaik`tun drv] remand: person on remand IZLAUKTINS aj <25> [Izlauktun drv] remark (replication) REPLKI <52> [Replik MK] remember (to retain) v MINTUN <139> [menisnan I 15] remind v ETMINTUN <139> [Mintun MK], (admonish) (of) v PREIMINTUN <139> (ezze acc) [pominsnan 75 drv] remnant LIKKIS <40> [Paliktwei drv] remote: to make remote T~LINTUN <85> [T`ls drv MK] removal (from former dwelling-place) IZSKSN~ <46> [Atskisenna I 9] remove v PRIPAUSINTUN <85> [Pripaus + eliminate MK], ELIMINTUN <139> [eliminieren MK] renew v ERNAUNNTUN <85> [ernaunsan 63 drv] renewal ERNAUNNSNA <45> [ernaunsan 63 drv] renewer (man) ERNAUNNTAJS <32> [Ernaunntun drv], (woman) ERNAUNNTAJA <45> [Ernaunntajs drv] renounce v ETGARB~TUN ezze dat <132> [Etgrbtun drv] rent no NMA <45> [andanm K.Bga MK] rent v NMATUN <132> [nma drv] renunciation ETGARB~SN~ <46> [Etgarb`tun drv] 416

repair no REPARATRI <52> [Raparatur MK] repair v REPARTUN <139> [reparieren MK] reparation REPARACINI <52> [Reparation MK] repeat v tr ~NTRINTUN <85> [wt o rzy c MK], (for some time) PA~NTRINTUN <85> [wtorzyc MK], i PA~NTRINTUN SI <85> [wtorzyc MK] repeated PA~NTRINSENISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Paantrinsna drv] repent (regret) v PAW~RGAUTWEI <143> [pawargan 63 MK] repetition (one) PA~NTRINSENIS <40> [Paantrintun MK], (an action) PA~NTRINSNA <45> [Paantrintun MK] replenishment PAPILNINSNA <45> [Papilnintun drv] replication REPLKI <52> [Replik MK] report no REPRTS <32> [Report MK], (at a conference) REFER~TAN <35> [Referat MK] report v: to report to ENREGISTRTUN <139> n acc [registrieren Nx] repose no ETDWESSENIS <40> [Etdwestun si drv] repose v ETDWESTUN SI <80c> [Dwestwei + atsikvpti + atpsties MK] reprehension PZEWS <32> [Posew DIA MK] represent v PERTREPTUN <85> [vertreten MK], (on behalf) DEKTAN PERTREPTUN <85> [stellvertretend MK], REPREZENTTUN <139> [reprsentieren MK] representative DEIKTAPERTREPPENIKS <32> [Stellvertreter MK], PERTREPPENIKS <32> [Pertreptun drv] reprimand PZEWS <32> [Posew DIA MK] reproach v PREIMESTUN <72> [vorwerfen + p`rmest + primesti MK] repudiate v PERBILTUN <134a> [perbillton 55], repudiate v ETGRBTUN <85> [Grbtun drv MK] request MADLA <45> [Maddla 47] rescue no IZRANKSN~ <46> [Israncksnan 41 drv] rescue v IZRANKTUN <139> [isrankt 113 drv] rescuer IZRANKTAJS <32> [Izranktun drv] research no ENLAUKSN~ <46> [Enlauktun drv] research v ENLAUKTUN <139> [laukt 69 MK] researcher (man) ENLAUKTAJS <32> [Enlauktun MK], (woman) ENLAUKTAJA <45> [Enlauktajs drv] reserve REZRWI <52> [Reserve MK] 417

resettle v tr PRASKAJJINTUN <85> [Etskajjintun MK], i PRASKTWEI <120> [etskmai 63 drv] resident BUWNTAJS <32> [Buwntwei drv MK] residual (remnant) LIKKEWINGIS aj <27> [Likkis drv] resin SAKS <36> [Sackis E 598], DRW~ <46> [derva, darva, Teer/drev// d`ru,drzewo] resist v EMPRKISTALTWEI <134a> [emprkistalla97 drv] resistance (moral action) EMPRKISTALSN~ <46> [emprijki stallsnan 117 drv], (hardiness) ETSPARNGISKU <49> [Etsparngs drv] resistant aj DRKTS <25> [drktai 51 VM], ETSPARNGIS <27> [Etspara drv] resolution ETWRPSENIS <40> [Etwrptun 2 drv], PAPRESN~ <46> [Paprestwei drv] resolve v PAPRESTUN <93> [poprestemmai 65] resources RESRSAI <32> nom pl m [resursi + resources MK] respect no PATESI <52> [Tesi + pagarba MK], (fame) ZMNIS <40> [smnin 31] respect v TESINTUN <85> [teisint 33] respectability TEISWINGISKU <49> [teiswingiskan 87] respectful TEISNGIS aj <27> [teisngi 31] respectfully TEISNGI av [teisngi 31] respectfulness TESISKU <49> [Teisiskan 91] respite ETDWISIS <40> [Etdwestun si + Ndwisis MK] (interruption) respond v ETR~TWEI <132> [attr`twei 125] responsibility ETR~WINGISKU <49> [Etr`twingis drv] responsible ETR~WINGIS aj <27> [Etr`twei drv] rest (repose) ETDWESSENIS <40> [Etdwestun si drv], to take rest v ETDWESTUN SI <80c> [Dwestwei + atsikvpti + atpsties MK] restaurant RESTAUR~NTS <56> [Restaurant MK], (cookshop) LKALI <52> [restaurants MK] restrain v ETLAIK~TUN <142> [etl`iku (sin) 99 drv], (to hold up) v ZAB~TUN <132> [Sbeclis E 539 VM], (to suppress) L~USTINGINTUN <85> [L`ustingis drv] restrained MATTAWINGIS <27> [Mats drv + nuosaikus, mrens, gemaigt MK], in a restrained way AUL~IKINGI av [Aul`ikingis drv] restraining L~USTINGINSN~ <46> [L`ustingintun drv] 418

restraint AUL~IKINGISKU <49> [Aul`ikingis drv] restrict v AR~IKINTUN <85> [Ar`iks MK], K~NKTUN <75> [kanxta 77 VM] restriction AR~IKINSNA <45> [Ar`ikintun drv] result REZULT~TAN <35> [Resultat MK] resurrect v i ETSKTWEI <120> [etskmai 63 drv] Resurrection ETSKSN~ <46> [Atskisenna I 9] retain v PALAIK~TUN <142> [polaikt 35] retard (to linger) v PERTENTWEI <134> [pertennuns 67 drv] retell v PERGRBTUN <85> [Grbtun drv] retreat no ETTREPSN~ <46> [Ettreptwei drv] retreat v ETTREPTWEI <85> [Treptwei drv] return v tr (smth) ETW~RTAI WARTNTUN [Etw`rtai + W`rtintun MK], i (somewhere, to the fold) (to) ETWARTNTUN SI <85> (en acc) [wartint 35 MK], return home K~IMAWARTINTUN SI <85> [wartint 35 + k`imaluke 37 + heimkehren MK] rev: one rev W~RSTAN <35> [ainaw`rst 6926 VM, MK] revelation REWELACINI <52> [revelatio MK] Revelations APKALIPSI <52> [Apokalypse MK] revenge no TRINSN~ <46> [trinsnan 93] revenge v TRINTAUTWEI <143> [Trintaws, Trintwei drv MK] reverberation PAGGERDS <32> [Passuns + Grds MK] reverence PATESI <52> [Tesi + pagarba MK] reverse (astern) ETWARTEWNGIS aj <27> [wartint 35 MK] revile v EBKEKTUN <85> [epkieckan 55 VM], KLANTTUN <136> [klantwuns 695 drv] reviling EBKEKAN n <35> [epkieckan 55], KLANTSN~ <46> [klantsnan 69 drv] revise v REWIDTUN <139> [revidieren MK] revival ~NTARSGIMSENIS <40> [`ntersgimsennien 63], ETGMSENIS <40> [117 etgimsannien drv] revolt v (against) SENSKTWEI <120> (prki acc) [Sktwei + su-kilti + sacelties] revolting ERNERTMINS aj <25> [Ernerttun drv] revolution REWLUCINI <52> [Revolution MK] revolutionary aj REWLUCINARS <25> aj [revolutionar MK] revolutionary no REWLUCINARS <32> no [Revolutionar MK] 419

revolve v WELTUN <80a> [Walis E 252 VM] rhyme RMS <32> [rm > rme, rym > rimas MK] rib GRAWWI <50> [Grabwe E 121] ribbon LINTI <52> [Lint DIA + lint, MK] rice RSS <32> [rs MK] rich L~IMS aj <25> [laeims I 9], to get rich L~IMITWEI <134> [laimiskan 119] rickety: to be rickety SWIRRINTWEI <92> [Swirtwei drv], to make rickety SWIRRINTUN <92> [Swirtwei drv] Rickoyto RIK~ITA <45> [Rickoyto + Wangayten, Lycoyte MK] ride v J~TWEI <119> [perioth MBS], (around, repetedly) JAD~TWEI <132> [J`twei drv], (back) PERJ~TWEI <119> [perioth MBS] ridicule WARG~ GLAD~ <46> [W`rgs, Glaud` MK] rifle PLINTI <52> [gun + flinta MK] rifleman AWS <38> [Gewineis E 191 + `vjs MK] Riga RINGA <45> [Rga MK] right TIKKARS, gen tikras, aj <26> [tickars 479 ], (being on the right) TIKRMS aj <25> [Tikrms + en tickrmien 434 MK], right side TIKR~ <46> [tickray I 9 VM], TIKRMI <52> [tickrmien 434], at the right, the right PREI TIKRAI av [preitickray I 9] righteous TIKRMS aj <25> [tickrmai 63], TIKRMISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [tikrmiskan 4513] rightful TIKRMS aj <25> [tickrmai 63] rightness TIKRMISKU <49> [tickrmiskan 35] rigid STRNAWS aj <26> [strnawiskan 117 VM], STRNS aj <26> [Strintickrms 37 VM] rigorous STRNITIKRMS aj <25> [Strintickrms 37] rim SKRITALI <52> [Scritayle E 296] rind (bark) SAKSTIS nom sg f <60> [Saxtis E 643] ring no (finger ring, wedding ring) PRIPIRSTS <32> [priprstans 107] ring v (to sound) KALS~TWEI <132> [kaltz` 77 drv], K~LSTWEI <136> [kaltzwingiskai 49 VM], ring up TELAFNITWEI <138> [telephonieren MK] rip v DREZTUN <71> [Drastus E 130 VM], i KEDTWEI <136> [accodis E 214 + kedti VM MK], ETKEDTWEI <136> [accodis E 214 + kedti VM MK] 420

ripped: what has ripped (frayed) ETKADS aj <25> [accodis E 214 VM] ripple (brush) K~ISTWI <52> [Coestue E 559] rise (in the sky) v TEKTWEI <89> [Takes E 328 VM MK], (to power) ENRIKATWEI (krsa acc) <144> [Rikatwei drv] rise to power ENRIKASN~ (krsa acc) <46> [Enrikatwei drv] rising (standing up) ETSKSN~ <46> [Atskisenna I 9] risk no RZIKU n <44> [Risiko MK] risk v RZIKITWEI <138> [Rziku drv] rite D~INAS pl tantum <46> [Dain` drv], RITTUS pl tantum <42> [Ritus MK] ritual RITTUS pl tantum <42> [Ritus MK], ritual roundalay dance with singing D~IN~ <46> [daina + dejot MK] ritualistic D~INEWISKAS aj <25> [D`inas drv] rival KNENIKS <32> [Kna MK], KNKURENTS <56> [Konkurrent MK] rive v DRAZTUN <85> [Drastus E 130 VM] river APPI <52> [Ape E 62] rivulet STRUTTAN <35> [Strutkeim ON + srutos + strauts MK] roach fish BRNSI <52> [brunse E 573] roadway GRNSLI <52> [Grnstun +Peis`li MK] roar no RKAUSNA <45> [Rkautwei drv] roar v RKAUTWEI <143> [rkauti, rkti + rkt + ryk MK] roast KEPTUN <71> [kepti + cept + piec MK] roasting-jack ASMUS <32> [Aysmis E 363] rob v GR~BTUN <75b> [grobti + gr`bt + grabic], (entirely) IZGR~BTUN <75b> [Gr`btun drv, igrobti, plunder MK] robber GRABIKS <32> [Gr`btun drv] robbery GR~BSNA <45> [Gr`btun drv], IZGR~BSNA <45> [Izgr`btun drv] rock no WLA <45> [uola, ola, valun MK] rock v tr SUPPINTUN <85> [Suptwei drv], i SUPTWEI <85> [Passupres E 225 VM], (sway) PASUPTWEI <85> [Passupres E 225 VM] rocky WLINGIS aj <27> [Wla drv] rod (fishing rod) DALKIS <40> [dalkis DIA] roe-deer SIRWIS f <58> [Sirwis E 653] Roman man RMINS <32> [Rma drv] Roman woman RMININI <50> [Rmins drv] romance RMANCI <52> [Romanze MK] romantic RMANTISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [romantisch MK] 421

romanticism RMANTIKI <52> [Romantik MK] romanticist (man) RMANTIKENKS <32> [Romantiker MK], (woman) RMANTIKENKI <52> [Rmantikenks drv] Rome RMA <45> [Roma MK] Romowe sanctuary R~MAWA <45> [Romow DK] roof ST~GS <36> [Stogis E 204] roofing tile STAGATGELI <52> [Dachziegel MK] roof-ridge PELLAKS <32> [Pellekis E 202] rook (a bird) K~LWARNIS <40> [Colwarnis E 726] rook (to fiddle) (2 of 1) v AUWNGTUN <97> (1 acc 2 ezze acc) [Wngtwei, wngriskan 35, nusukti MK] room STUBBA <45> [Stubo E 220] root no SAKNIS nom sg f <60> [Sagnis E 629], to take root ENSAKNINTWEI <85> [n + Saknis, einwurzeln MK], to be rooted by fear SENKALT~TAN PAST~TWEI <110> [Kaltun drv, kaustyti MK] root v i, to strike root SAKNTWEI <139> [Saknis drv MK], v tr root (smb. oneself by fear) SENKALT~TUN <132> [Kaltun drv, kaustyti MK], root out IZRATUN <111> [Ratun drv], rooting ENSAKNINSN~ <46> [Ensaknintun drv] rope WRBI <52> [Wirbe E 314], (special) LNI <52> [Ln DIA + lina, lynas Nx] rose RZI <52> [Rose MK] rosin KALWNIJA <45> [Kalfnje DIA MK] rot no TRUSTIS <56> [Dmskins E 84] rot v (to putrefy) PTUN / -WEI <112> [pti, pt, faul MK] rotate v i WILTWEI <85> [Walis E 252 VM] roughhouse KARWAKS <32> [Karwauchs DIA MK] round prp ZRGI prp acc [surgi 101] round aj SKRITS aj <26> [Scritayle MK], to go round v i WILTWEI <85> [Walis E 252 VM], to go round smth v tr (on foot) EBITUN <116> [itwei + apeiti, apiet, obejsc, umgehen MK], (by car) EBJAD~TWEI <132> [Jad`twei drv] rounded EBSKRITS aj <26> [Skrits drv] rouse v up ETSKAJJINTUN <85> [etskmai 63 VM] row no RND~ <46> [curonism MK] row no (affray) KARWAKS <32> [Karwauchs DIA MK] 422

row v (in water) ERTWEI <80> [Artwes E 413 VM] row v (to make a noise) KARWATWEI <144> [karwauen DIA MK] rowan KARGI <45> [Karige E 610] rowdy no B~UKIS <40> [Bowke DIA MK] rowdy attr B~UKISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [B`ukis drv] rub v DRAZTUN <85> [Drastus E 130 VM] rubber (eraser) DRAZZINIS <40> [Draztun drv] rubbish GZI <52> [Gosen Gr VM], (absurdity) GEZIRAS <45> [Geseier, Geseirs DIA MK] Rucksack RKISNAZAKS <32> [Rucksack MK] rudder TRI <52> [stre MK] ruin no (bane) NKSNA <45> [Nktwei drv] ruin v IZM~ITINTUN <85> [ismaitint 113] ruination IZGRASENIS <40> [Izgrastun drv] ruinous NKEWINGIS aj <27> [Nktwei drv] rule v RIKATWEI <144> (krsa acc) [rickasnan 53] ruler W~LDNIKS <32> [Waldniku 9125] rumor GRDS <32> [Grds MK] run no BGAN <35> [Bgtwei MK] run v BGTWEI <85> [MBS begeyte drv], around BIG~TWEI <132> [Bgtwei MK], away PRIPAUS BGTWEI <85> [Bgtwei MK], down (to overtake) PASPTUN <120> [Sptwei withMK], (to turn) in (at) PERGRNZTUN <71> (n, pri acc) [Grnztun drv] runaround v PERBILTUN SI <134a> [Perbiltun drv] runner (man) BIGIKS <32> [Bgtwei MK], (woman) BIGIKKINI <50> [Bgtwei MK] runner of a sleigh SLAJJAN n <35> [Slayan E 309] running BGAN <35> [Bgtwei MK] rupture v tr (to stave in) PRAKRSTUN <86> [Krstun drv, prakirsti] Russia RUS <51> [Russe DK], pejoratws MACK~LIJA <45> [Mack`lis drv] Russian MACK~LISKAS <25> aj nom sg m [Mack`lis drv] Russian language MASKWITISKAN <35> [Maskwitiskas drv] Russian man MACK~LIS <32> [mack`lis] Russian woman MACK~LINI <50> [Mack`lis drv + mack`lien] 423

rustle no LAMSN~ <46> [lamtwei drv] rustle v LAMTWEI <134> [lamti MK], RUSTWEI <134> [MK wluntarismus pa DIA ruseln (rascheln) + rausyti, raustis] rye RUGGIS m <40> [Rugis E 258] rye-bread RUGGIGEITS <58> [Ruggis, Gets + Roggenbrot WE]

sabotage KDINSNA <45> [kdintun drv] saboteur KDINTAJS <32> [kdintun drv] sack ZAKS <32> [saika Gr] sacred SWINTS aj <25> [swints 7919] sacredly SWINTAI av [Swintai 10313] sacrifice v UPPERAUTUN <143> [opfern MK], sacrifice oneself UPPERAUTUN SI <143> [Upperautun drv] sacrificial UPPERINIS aj <27> [Upperan drv] sacristan (sexton in Lithuania Minor up to 1724) PATABBELIS <40> [Potabel, Pa + Tabelle, Tappali MK] sad GR~UDUS aj <31> [engrauds 67 MK], to be sad GRAUDTWEI <134> [engrauds 67 MK] saddle no B~LGNAN n <35> [Balgnan E 441], (in mountains) BUGGA <45> [Bugga MK] saddle v up ENB~LGNINTUN <85> [B`lgnan drv MK] saddle-bow BUGGA <45> [Bugo E 445] saddler BALGNINKS <32> [Balgninix E 440] saddle-rug PAPMPIS <40> [Papinipis E 444] sadness GRSTS <60> [engrauds 67 VM, grdia, grstis MK] safe aj NIW~RGINGIS <27> aj [W`rgingis drv Nx], (secure) S~RGUS <31> [Sarg`tun drv + sargus, saugus MK], to make safe ENBEW~RGINTUN <85> [En + Bew`rgintun Nx] safe no SFIS <40> [safe, Safe MK] safety NIW~RGINGISKU <49> [Niw`rgingis drv] safety-catch NIW~RGINGENIKS <25> [bezpiecznik Nx] 424

safety-fuse NIW~RGINGENIKS <25> [bezpiecznik Nx] safety-match SWEPPILINIS <40> [Sweppils drv] safety-razor SKRAPARATS <32> [Rasierapparat MK] safety-valve NIW~RGINGENIKS <25> [bezpiecznik Nx] sag v (to sink) DUBTWEI <89> [Dambo E 29 VM], (to subside) PANIRTWEI <92> [einsenken + panirt MK] sage ZALWIJJA <45> [salv MK] sage (man of wisdom) IZPRETTEWIS <40> [isprestun + Mukinnewis MK] sail (sheet) BURRI <50> [bur, bura MK] sailor JRINIKS <32> [Seemann MK], (mariner) MATRZI <54> [Matrose MK] saint aj SWINTS aj <25> [swints 7919] saint no SWINTIKS <32> [Swintickens 133] sakrament SAKRAMNTS <32> [Sacramnts 7313] sale PERD~SN~ <46> [Perd`tun drv] salesman PERD~TAJS <32> [Perd`tun drv] saleswoman PERD~TAJA <45> [Perd`tun drv] salmon LASASSA <45> [Lalasso E 563] salnity SRAN <35> [Suris E 688 VM] salon SALNS <32> [Salon MK] salt aj (salty) SRS <31> aj [Sris + srus VM] salt no S~LS f <60> [Sali Gr] salt v SRINTUN <85> [srs drv MK] saltless PRSKAS aj nom sg m <25> [prskas + (rieska) + przasny MK] salty SRS <31> aj [Sris + srus VM] salutary, saving RETWENISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Rettweniskan 87], RETWINGISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [rettwingiskan 121] salvation IZRANKSN~ <46> [Israncksnan 41 drv], PAGALBSENIS <40> [pogalbenix 103 + pogalbton 115 MK] same PAT [pat MK] Samland SEMBA <45> [Samblandia DK VM] sanctify v SWINTINTUN <85> [swintintwey I 5] sanctity SWINTISKU <49> [Swintiskan 45] sand ZIGZD~ <46> [Sixdo E 26] sandal PARIS~ <45> [Parske DIA + Ristun + perrist 89 MK] satiate aj S~TUS aj <30> [s`tuinei 83 VM] 425

satiate v (sate) S~TWINTUN <85> [s`tuinei 83] satisfaction S~TWINSNA <45> [S`twintun drv] satisfy v S~TWINTUN <85> [s`tuinei 83] Saturday SABATTIKA <45> [Sabatico E 23] saunter v DWASSILITWEI <133> [Dwassils drv, DIA duseln, dusseln, dsen, dsen] sausage L~ITIN n <37> [Laitian E 381], entrails sausage PLAKKAI <32> pl [Fleck, flaki GlN] savage MNSTERISKAS aj <25> [Mnstran drv] save v (to rescue) IZRANKTUN <139> [isrankt 113 drv], (money) TAUPTUN <141> [taupyti, taupt, MK] Saviour PAGALBENIKS <32> [pogalbenix 103], RETENKS <32> [Retenkan 63] saw (sawing tool) Z~GI <52> [sage MK] say v GRDAUTUN <143> [gerdant 99], ENGRDAUTUN <143> [engerdaus 69 drv] scabbard S~RKSTIS nom pl f <60> [Sarxtes E 425] scale MATS <32> [mattei 115 VM], on a scale MATTAI loc sg (av) scan v SKANTUN <139> [Nx] scar RMBUS <32> [Rmbitun + rumbas MK] scarecrow BAJJAWA <45> [Bajjintun drv] scatter (to spill, pour out) v tr SUPTUN <75b> [Suppis E 327 VM], IZSUPTUN <75b> [Suptun drv], i IZSUPTUN SI <75b> [Izsuptun drv] scene WID~KLI <52> [Schaubne + skatuve MK] scent no SM~RDS <52> [Smorde E 612 VM] scent v (to sniff) STUN <79> [uosti + east + b-adac MK] Schalauen SKALLAWA <45> [Scalowia DK] schizophrenia IZFRENIJA <45> [Schizophrenie] schizophrenic no IZFRENS <32> [Schizophrene MK] school SKLI <52> [schle MK] schoolmistress MUKINNEWI <50> [Mukinnewis drv] science ZIN~NI <52> [Zin`tun MK] scientific ZIN~NISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Zin`ni drv] scientist ZIN~NIKS <32> [Zin`ni drv] scilicet ENT IKRISKAI av [entickrikai 81 MK] scissors SKRUNDAS nom pl f <45> [Scrundos E 558] 426

scoff no WARG~ GLAD~ <46> [W`rgs, Glaud` MK], (jeer) K~UNS <32> [kauns, Hohn, hauns, kvtis MK] scoff v at K~UNINTWEI <85> iz [K`uns drv] scold (to miscall) smb v KLANTTUN <136> [klantwuns 695 drv], (to rail) v WRSTUN <76> [worth May 29] scone PLNKSNI <52> [Plinxne E 342] scoop: cooks scoop BIRGAK~RTS <56> [Birgakarkis E 358] scorch (to singe) v SWALLINTUN <85> [Swiltwei drv + Swalmen JG MK] scores: to pay scores REKKENAUTWEI <143> [reckenausnan 89 MK] scorn v PERWEKTUN <85> [perweckammai 29 drv] scotch EMPJASENIS <40> [Empjatun drv] scoundrel M~ITARS <36> [Maiters Gr] scrap v (to fight) GREZTUN SI <71> [greztun drv MK] scrape up v SENGR~MBINTUN <85> [Gr`mbintun drv] scrape v GR~MBINTUN <85> [Gramboale E 781 VM MK], SKUSTUN <86> [Stuckis E 595 VM] scrap-iron LAMMAN <35> [Lamtun drv] scratch no GL~UBAN <35> [Gl`ubtun drv, Zug, cecha MK] scratch v tr GL~UBTUN <75b> [Glenptene E 247 VM], i GR~MBINTUN SI <85> [Gr`mbintun drv] screen EKR~NS <32> [ecran MK] screw no: male screw, screw-bolt SKRWI <52> [schrve MK], female screw SKRWINMUTI <52> [Schraubenmutter MK] screw v (a screw etc.) WRBTUN <75b> [Enwrbtun MK], in(to) ENWRBTUN <75b> [Arwarbs E 301 VM], (tighten) PERGRNZTUN <71> [Grnztun drv], screw off ETGRNZTUN <71> [Grnztun drv] scribe (clerk) PEIS~LANIKS <32> [Peis`li drv] Script PEIS~LI <52> [peis`lei 89] scythe D~LGS f <58> [Doalgis E 546] sea JRIS <40> [irin 107] seam (hem) WIDS <43> [Widus E 508] search v LAUKTUN <139> [laukt 69] seat no (bottom) SEDLIN <35a> [Sdons 43 + segli, siod\o, sitls MK] seat v SADNTUN <85> [sadinna 97] second no (sec) SEKNDI <52> [Sekunde MK] 427

second ord ~NTARS, gen ` ntras, ord <26> [Antars 27], secondary ~NTRINS <25> [~ntars drv + antrinis MK], (second-rate) P~USEWINGIS aj <27> [P`usan drv] secondly PREI ~NTRAN [zum zweiten MK] secret (hidden) aj KL IPTINS aj <25> [Kliptan drv MK] secret no KL IPTAN <35> [Kliptun drv MK], to keep secret KL IPTINTUN <85> [Kliptan drv], to make smth secret ENKL IPTINTUN <85> [Kliptintun drv] secrete v (to discharge) IZLAITNTUN <85> [isklaitints 121 drv] secretive: to behave secretive KL IPTAUTWEI <143> [Kliptan drv MK] sect SEKTI <52> [Sekte Nx] section LAITNSNA <45> [sklaitinsnan 101], (department) LAITNSENIS <40> [laitnsna drv MK], (platoon) PULKS <36> [folc > pu\k > pulkas MK] secular SWTEWISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Swtewiskan 89] secular world SWTAN n <35> [Swetan E 792] secure aj S~RGUS <31> [Sarg`tun drv + sargus, saugus MK] secure v (to prevent) ENBEW~RGINTUN <85> [En + Bew`rgintun Nx] securely SEN PAKKAI av [senpackai 121] security NIW~RGINGISKU <49> [Niw`rgingis drv] seduce v PERWED~TUN <132> [perwedd` 55] seducer PERWED~TAJS <32> [Perwed`tun drv] see v WD~TUN <142> [widdai 113] seed SMEN n <63> [Semen E 256] seeing no WID~SN~ <46> [Wid`tun drv] seem v (seem to be) PERWAIDNTUN SI <85> [perwaidinsnans 69 VM], (to seem as) PERWAIDNTWEI <85> [perwaidinsnans 69 VM], it seems (as if) PERWAIDINNAS [Perwaidntun si drv] segment (geometric) SEGMNTI <52> [Segment MK] seize v PAGABTUN <80b> [Gabtun drv] select aj SENRNKAMINIS aj <40> [Senrnktun drv] select v ETRNKTUN <85> [Rnktun drv] selection ETRNKSNA <45> [Etrnktun drv] self SUBS pn nom sg m <16> [subs 1720] self-dependence SUBBAWINGISKU <49> [Substalwingis drv], SUBSTALWINGISKU <49> [Substalwingisku MK] 428

self-dependent SUBBAWINGIS aj <27> [Substalwingis MK], SUBSTALWINGIS aj <27> [preistallwingi 93 + selbstndig, patst`vgs MK] self-dependently SUBBAWINGI av [Substalwingi MK], SUBSTALWINGI av [Substalwingis drv] selfish SEBEWNGIS aj <27> [Subs drv MK] self-murderer (man) SUBGALNTAJS <32> [Subgalnsna + Galntajs MK], (woman) SUBGALNTAJA <45> [Subgalntajs drv] sell v PERD~TUN <118> [perdauns 6916 drv] seller PERD~TAJS <32> [Perd`tun drv] send v TENGNTUN <85> [pertengginnons 115], away AUTENGNTUN <85> [Tengntun drv], back ETW~RTAI WARTNTUN [Etw`rtai + W`rtintun MK], here PERTENGNTUN <85> [pertengginnons 115], off, out IZTENGNTUN <85> [Tengntun drv] senile WRIKISKAS aj <27> [Wriks drv] senility WRAS <26> DINAS <46> pl tantum [Wrs + Dein` MK], WRISKU <49> [Wriskas drv] sensation (of smth concretely) JUSSENIS <40> [Justun drv], (physiological characteristic) JUSN~ <46> [justun drv], (sense) JTAN <35> [Justun + jtas MK] sensation (smth sensational) SENSACINI <52> [Sensation MK] Sensburg SINITSTABS <32> [Seynicz ON 1321, *Seints JG, Sensburg MK] sense (intelligence) IZPRESSENIS <40> [Isspresennien 77 drv], (meaning) PRESL <53> [Prestun + peis`lei 89 MK] sensible (prudent) IZPRETEWNGIS aj <27> [Izprestun drv] sensitive SELAWINGIS aj <27> [(ni) seilewingis 67] sensitivity SELAWINGISKU <49> [Selawingis drv] sentence G~RB~ <46> [Grbtun drv] sentry-box BDA <45> [Bude DIA MK] separate aj L~ITISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [schl`itiskai 71] separate v IZLAITNTUN <85> [isklaitints 121 drv], LAITNTUN <85> [sklaitint 109] separately L~ITISKAI av [schl`itiskai 71] September SEPTMBERIS <40> [September MK], SILLINS <32> [ilinis, wrzesien MK] sequence RPAWISKU <49> [Rptwei MK] 429

Serene Highness PRASW~IKSTISTA <45> [Durchlaucht + prakilnyb MK] sergeant PAUPICRS <32> [Unteroffizier MK] serious SERIZS <25> [serios MK] seriously STRNAWINGISKAI av [strnawingisku 115] seriousness STRNAWISKU <49> [strnawiskan 117] sermon PREDDIKAUSNA <45> [preddikausnan 29] serrate RMBITS <69> [Rmbitun drv] servant LZENIKS <32> [schlsinikai 91], (maid) LZENIKI <52> [schlsnikin 11718] serve v i LZITWEI <138> [schlsitwei 41], v tr serve (smb) EBLZITUN (acc) <138> [lzitwei drv] server SRWERIS <40> [server MK] service LZINGISKAN <35> [lzingiskai drv MK], (serving) LZISNA <45> [schlusisnas 85], (attendance) EBLZISN~ <46> [Eblzitun drv], (a concrete institution) LZI <52> [schlusien 95] serviceably LZINGISKAI av [schlusingisku 35] set no EMPAKKINSENIS <40> [Empakkintun drv] set v tr ENSADNTUN <85> [ensaddinnons 119 drv, ensadints 101 drv], SADNTUN <85> [sadinna 97], forth (instructing) PREILAIK~TUN <142> [preilaikt 47], against EMPRKISTATINTUN <85> [emprkistalla 97 MK], v i set (to rest) with feet (against) ETSPERTWEI <80> (en acc) [Spertlan E 150 VM], set with feet against a prop SPERTWEI <80> [Spertlan E 150 VM]; (sunset) AUSKNSTWEI <87> [auskindlai 121 drv] settle v tr down ENSKAJJINTUN <85> [ansiedeln, einquartieren + kelti, Etskajjintun MK], settle a newcomer PERSKAJJINTUN <85> [Etskajjintun MK], v t (to make ones home) ENSKAJJINTUN SI <85> [Enskajjintun drv], v i settle down (relent, thaw out) ETNTWEI <120> [etnstis VM] settlement W~ISS f <58> [waispattin 69] seven SEPTINNEI crd <27> [Septmas 33 + sekmas + septini + Newnei MK], SEPTINNEREI (+ pl tantum) <27> [septyneri MK], (as a group) SEPTINNEREI <27> [Septinnerei + siedmioro MK], to seven, seven persons together SEPTINNERINSUN [TN MK dangonsuen], seven of, of seven... SEPTINNETA <45> [Warto E 210 + septynetas MK] seven and a half PUSASMAS crd [pusatunMK] 430

seven hundreds SEPTNSIMTA [Warto E 210, Septinneta MK] seven hundredth SEPTINSMTS ord <26> [Septnsimta drv] seventeen SEPTINNADESIMT crd [Anadesimt, Septinnei MK] seventeenth SEPTINADESMTS ord <26> [Septinnadesimt drv] seventh SEPTMAS ord nom sg m <26> [Septmas 33] seventieth SEPTINDESMTS ord <26> [Septndesimts drv] seventy SEPTNDESIMTS <58> [Septinnei MK] several DELLI [Delli 85] sew (to needle) v TUN <113> [twan + siti + t + szyc MK] sex GMTAN <35> [dzimta / dzimte, dzimums MK], (love) SEKSUS <42> [Sexus MK] shade (to cloud) v EBM IGLINTUN <85> [Migl` drv MK] shadow TMENS <60> [Timran, cien MK] shaft of a cart SKADI <50> [Staydy E 311], of a wooden plough WADDULI <52> [Wadule E 250] shake v tr smth, smb DRIBBINTUN <85> [dirbinsnan 95 VM], v i shake oneself EBDRIBBINTUN SI [dribbintun drv] shaky: to be shaky SWIRRINTWEI <92> [Swirtwei drv] shame no GDA <45> [gdan 55 drv] shame v GDINTUN <85> [Gda drv, gdinti MK] shameless NIGDINGIS aj <27> [nigdings 69] shape no WDS <36> [ainawdai 65 VM MK] shape v KNFIGURITUN <138> [configuration, konfigurowac MK] shaped (clay, stucco) model LISL <53> [Listun MK] share no DALL~ <46> [dalia, daa, dola MK] share v with DALLAUTWEI sen acc <143> [dal` drv] shark no (sharkfish) ~JS <32> [Hai, Haifisch + haizivs MK], (swindler) WNGARS, gen wngras, aj, no <26> [Wngrisku drv VM] shark v WNGRAUTWEI <26> [Wngars drv] sharp ASTARS, gen astras, aj <26> [atras + astrs + ostry MK], (spiky) AKULS aj <25> [Ayculo E 470 VM] sharpen (whet) v GL~STUN <87> [Glosto E 373 VM] sharpness ASTRAN <35> [Astars + gijwan 75 MK] shave v tr SKRTUN <71> [schernMK], i SKRTWEI <71> [schernMK] shaver (razor) ZILATTI <52> [Gilette MK] 431

shawl PAST~ <46> [Pasto E 494], shawl of married woman ABGL~BTI <52> [Abklopte MV] she TEN~ pn nom sg f <12> [tenn` 1214], DIS pn 3 encl m, f <10> [di 6511] sheaf (grain crops sheaf) KURKA <45> [Kurcho DK VM], heap of sheaves DMENS <61> [Diemen DIA MK] sheatfish KALS <32> [Kalis E 569] sheath MAKS <32> [Dantimax E 93] shed no (hayloft) LMS <32> [Ilmis E 234], (mow) STG <53> [Steege E 235] shed v (effuse) PRALATUN <106> [pralieiton 75 drv] sheen BLNGAN <35> [Blngs drv MK] sheep KAMISTIN n <37> [Camstian E 678] sheet (of paper, metal) LAPPAN n <35> [Lappan MK] she-goat AZ <53> [Wosee E 676] shelf (board, rack) PASUPRIS nom pl f <52> [Passupres E 225] shell (projectile) AL <53> [Gescho + atun + peis`lei 89 + `vi MK] shelter (cache) KLIPTAWA <45> [Kliptun drv MK] shepherd no PAMENS <61> [payme-copo DK GN + piemuo, poimn MK] shepherd v smb WED~TUN <132> [perwedd` 55 VM] shield SKATAN n <35> [Staytan E 421] shift ones place (to move a little) v i SLSTWEI <94> [Slidenikis VM] shin bone ALS <32> [Aulis E 141] shine (to beam) v i SW~IKSTITWEI <138> [erschw`istiuns 45 VM], (for a while) PASW~IKSTINTWEI <85> [posw`igstinai 133] shining BLNGS aj <25> [blingo E 580 MK] shins (calves) IKR~I nom pl m <36> [Yccroy E 142] ship LAWAN <35> [hlaiw + lavas + lava MK], (large) KUGGIS <40> [Kogge MK], cargo ship B~IDAKS <32> [Boidak DIA MK] shirt NURTW <53> [Nurtue E 479] shit GZIS <52> [Gosen Gr] shiver KRPETLI <52> [Kerpetis E 72 + erepok + Wayklis E 190 MK], (splinter) SPELLAUKSTIS f <58> [Spelanxtis E 642] shock (stack) KUPSTAS <32> [Keps(te -pl), Kupst DIA MK] shoe no KURPI <52> [Kurpe E 500], head of a shoe GALW~ <46> [Galwo E 504] shoe v tr ATUN <111> [auti + aut + obuc MK] 432

shoemaker UWIKS <32> [Schuwikis E 496] shoe-tree KURPELIS <40> [Turpelis E 509] shoot v ATUN <144> [`uschautins 53 + auti + aut MK], (once) IZATUN <144> [atun MK], (to death smb for smth) ERATUN <144> [atun drv + erschieen MK] shooter (rifleman) AWS <38> [Gewineis E 191 + `vjs MK] shooting (penalty) ERASN~ <46> [Eratun drv] shop K~UPABUTAN <35> [Kaufhaus MK] shopping ENK~UPSN~ <46> [K`uptun drv], shopping (purchased things) K~UPLIS <53> [Kaupl nom pl], to do shopping ENK~UPTUN <75b> [K`uptun drv] shopping-bag KREPI <52> [Krepsche DIA MK] short NSS aj <26> [nsan 67 drv] shortage NIS~TAUSN~ <46> [Nis`tautwei drv] shortcut WAKTLA <45> [aukinys drv] shorten v tr NSINTUN <85> [nss drv], i TRUPTWEI <89> [Trupis E 634 VM] shortening NSINSN~ <46> [nsintun drv] shortness NSAN n <35> [nss drv] shoulder PET <53> [Pette E 104] shoulder artery PETGISLA <45> [Pettegislo E 108] shoulder-blade PETS f <60> [Pettis E 104] shoulder-joint KAM~ISS <32> [Caymoys E 105] shout no WAKS <36> [Wackis E 415] shout v emotionally KRKSTWEI <87> [Krixtieno E 741 VM] shove v onto, into ATUN <144> [`uschautins 53 + auti + aut MK], forward: (to give a shove forward) BRETUN <111> [brewinnimai 31 VM] show v WAIDNTUN <85> [waidinna 75], ENWAIDNTUN <85> [enwaidinnons 119], PAWAIDNTUN <85> [Powaidint 17] shrapnel RAPNELLIN <35a> [Schrapnell] shred ~UDRIZ <53> [Dreztun drv MK] shrewish RKEWINGIS aj <27> [(ni) rgewings 87] shrike WARNEKAPPA <45> [Warnaycopo E 755] shrub (bush) KRNA <45> [Kirno E 637] shrubby birch (Betula nana) KRBERZI <52> [Kerberse E 614] 433

shutter PIRZDLANGSTAN n <35> [Perstlanstan E 215] shy BIJ~WINGIS aj <27> [Bij` drv GlN] sick person ENW~RGULIS <40> [Enw`rgtwei MK] sick: to get sick ENW~RGTWEI <92> [warg 69 + powargsennien 115 MK] sickle PJKLIN n <35> [Piuclan E 547] sickliness ENW~RGULISKU <49> [Enw`rguliskas drv] sickly ENW~RGULISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Enw`rgulis drv] side no P~USAN n <35> [pausan 115] [MK], (flank) GRAWS <32> [Grauwus E 120], by smbs side PAG~R prp acc [pag`r 27], side by side PAG~R prp acc [pag`r 27], from both sides ABIPUSSI av [Abipussis drv], on both sides of ABIPUSSI gen side no (geometric) GRAWWINI <52> [Grawwini MK] side attr GRAWWINIS aj <28> [Grawyne E 304 VM], P~USEWINGIS aj <27> [P`usan drv] side-board GRAWWINI <52> [Grawyne E 304] siege EBZRGINSN~ <46> [Ebzrgintun drv] sieve (bolter) SATAN n <35> [baytan E 346] sigh no NDWISIS <40> [n`dewisin 89 drv], DWASSAN <35> [Dwestwei drv, dvasa/dvasas MK] sigh v NADWESTWEI <80c> [n`dewisin 89 VM, MK], (with ah) AKKINTWEI <85> [ak drv MK] sighting WID~SN~ <46> [Wid`tun drv] sights WID~SNASWERTNGISKU <49> [Sehenswrdigkeit MK] sign no ZENTLIN <35a> [ebsentliuns 109 VM] sign v EBZENTLITUN <138> [ebsentliuns 109 drv], (mark) v ZENTLITUN <138> [ebsentliuns 109 drv], (sign up, put a signature) PAPEIS~TUN SI <132> [pasirayti, parakstties MK], (to mark) v PAZENTLITUN <138> [Zentlitun drv MK] signal SIGN~LIN <35a> [Signal MK] signature PAPEIS~SENIS <40> [Papeis`tun si drv] significance ZENTLAWINGISKU <45> [Zentlawingis drv] significant ZENTLAWINGIS aj <27> [Zentlin drv] silence TUSNAN n <35> [Tusns drv], to keep silence TUSTWEI <134> [tussse 99] silent TUSNS aj <26> [tusnan 91], TUSNGIS aj <27> [Tusnan drv], to be silent TUSTWEI <134> [tussse 99] 434

silk SLKS nom sg m <36> [Silkasdru b E 484 drv] silk cover, silk pall SLKASDRIMBIS <40> [Silkasdru b E 484] silly GLPS aj <25> [glps Kr.Donelaitis MK] silver aj SIRABLISKAS <25> [Sirablas drv] silver no SIRABLAS nom sg m <32> [Siraplis E 524] silverplate v EBSIRABLINTUN <85> [Sirablas drv] silvery SIRABLISKAS <25> [Sirablas drv] Silvester attr SILWESTRISKAS aj <25> [Silvester MK] similar PALGUS aj <31> [polgun 69 drv] similarly EMPALGU aj n av [empolijgu 75], PALGU aj n (av) [polgu 119] simple PRASTS aj <25> [prasts, prastas < prosty MK] simple-minded L~NGISEILINGIS <27> [L`ngiseilingins 17 drv] simplicity (naivety) L~NGISEILISKU <49> [L`ngiseiliskan 95 drv] simulate (to feign) v MNTITUN SI <138> + mod rel [Mntitun drv + izlikties MK] simultaneously AINAKSMINGISKAI av [jednoczesnie GlN] sin no GRKS <32> [grkas 1179 drv] sin v GRKITWEI <138> [grkimai 55 drv] sinew GSLA <45> [Pettegislo E 108 VM] sing v GREMTUN <80b> [grmikan 79 VM] singe v tr SWALLINTUN <85> [Swiltwei drv + Swalmen JG MK], i SWLTWEI <85> [Swalmen JG + svilti, svilt MK] single AINUNTS pn <19> [ainontin 103] single (unmarried) LADDINGIS aj <27> [leddig DIA MK] single-born AINAGIMMUSIS aj <28> [ainangimmusin 113] singular ANAGIRBAUSNA <45> [vienaskaita, vienskaitlis MK] sink no (of a water-supply) IZLIJA <45> [Ausgu + izlietne + zlew MK] sink v tr (smb, smth) AUSKANDNTUN <85> [auskandints 63 drv], i (to go down) SKNSTWEI <87> [auskindlai 121 drv], (entirely) AUSKNSTWEI <87> [auskindlai 121 drv] sinking AUSKANDNSNA <45> [auskandinsnan 119 drv] sinner GRKENIKS <32> [Grkenix 67] sinous (meandrous) W~NGARS, gen w`ngras, aj <26> [Wangrapia ON VM] siskin CZIKS <32> [Czilix E 735] sister SESTR~ <46> [Swestro E 174] 435

sit v (to be sitting) SNDTWEI <136> [Sindats I 9 MK], sit down SSTWEI <128> [Sdons 43 MK] six UAI crd <27> [Uschts 31 VM], UEREI (+pl tantum) <27> [eeri MK], (as a group) UEREI <27> [Uerei + szescioro MK], six persons together, to six UERINSUN [TN MK dangonsuen], six of, of six... UETA <45> [Warto E 210 + eetas MK] six and a half PUSISEPTMAS crd [pusseptinto MK] six hundreds UIMTA [Warto E 210, Ueta MK] six hundredth UMTS ord <26> [Uimta drv] sixteen UNADESIMT crd [Anadesimt, Uai MK] sixteenth UNADESMTS ord <26> [Unadesimt drv] sixth UTS ord nom sg m <26> [Uschts 31] sixtieth UDESMTS ord <26> [Udesimts drv] sixty UDESIMTS <58> [Uai MK] size (measure) MATS <32> [mattei 115 VM], (of clothes) DEBS f <60> [debkan 75 VM] skeleton KELATTAN <35> [Skelett MK] skew KL~IWS aj <26> [Claywio E 375 VM] skill ENJUKSN~ <46> [Enjuktwei drv], to acquire skills ENJUKTWEI <89> [Juktwei drv] skim (cream) v GRITUN <106> [grieti MK] skin KET~ <46> [Kento E 156] skin with hairs SK~RD~ <46> [Stordo E 71] skip KNTAINERIS <40> [container MK] skirt (womans kirtle) GENNASWILNIS <40> [Gen`+Wilnis+Frauenrock MK] sklerosis SKLARZI <52> [Sklerose MK] skull KRPETS f <58> [Kerpetis E 72] sky D~NGS <43> [Dangus E 3] sky-blue GALMBS aj <25> [Golimban E 462 drv] slab (panel) PLATTI <52> [plate MK], slab of bread K~MPUS <32> [Kampen DIA MK] slander v EBMNTITUN <138> [ep mntimai 33 drv], (by gossip) NWAITETWEI <131> [nowaiti`uns 69] slanderous NWAITEWINGIS <27> [Nwaitetwei drv] slanting KL~IWS aj <26> [Claywio E 375 VM] slash v (nick, indent) KRPTUN <97> [Kerpetis E 72 VM MK] 436

slave (man) SKL~WI <54> [Sklave MK], (woman) SKL~WINI <50> [Skl`wi drv] slavery SKL~WIBI <52> [Skl`wi drv] sledge SLAJJA <45> [Slayo E 307], one-horse sledge WAZZIS <41> [Wessis E 308] sleep no M~IG~ <46> [maiggun 101 drv] sleep v MIGTWEI <136> [ismig 101 drv] sleepy DWASSINGIS <27> [Dwassan drv] sleigh SLAJJA <45> [Slayo E 307], runner of a sleigh SLAJJAN n <35> [Slayan E 309] slice into v EMPJATUN <111> [Pjatun drv], slice off (repetedly) R~IKITUN <138> [Rikisnan E 107 VM] slide v LSTWEI <94> [L`ids MK], (once) v PALSTWEI <94> [Lstwei + Pa-slysti, Pa-sldt, po-slizgnc si], slide out v IZLSTWEI <94> [Lstwei drv] slime GLITTU n <44> [Glittus drv] slimy GLITTUS aj <31> [Glitteynen ON JG] slingback PARIS~ <45> [Parske DIA + Ristun + perrist 89 MK] slip v out IZLSTWEI <94> [Lstwei drv], down MUKTWEI <89> [maukti, smukti + maukt + wymknc MK] slippery (glassy) L~IDS aj <26> [Laydis E 26 VM] slope no GRAWS <32> [Grauwus E 120 VM], ~UGARBIS <40> [nuokaln, nokalnis GlN] slope v (to nod, tilt) SWIRTWEI <92> [svirti, svrties MK] sloping AUG~RBUS aj <30> [nuokalnus MK] slow LNS aj <26> [lns + len MK] slow-worm GLSANA <45> [Glosano E 788] small LKUTS aj <25> [Likuts 17] small pouch KULIKS <32> [Kuliks E 487] smallest UKAMAZZAISIS aj <40> [Mazzais drv] smallpox S~USIS <40> [sausis JB MK] smart DIWASP~RTS <26> [Dws + Sp`rts MK] smash (to splinter) v IZSPLTUN <97> [Spltun drv] smell no (odour) SM~RDS <52> [Smorde E 612 VM] smell v tr (to sniff) STUN <79> [uosti + east + b-adac MK], (to smack) v i SMRDTWEI <136> [Smorde E 612 MK] 437

smelt (sparling) MALKIS <40> [Malkis E 579] smile no SMIJ~NI <52> [Smij`tun si drv], fond of smiling SMIJ~WINGIS aj <27> [Smij`tun si drv] smile v SMIJ~TUN SI <132> [Smetun si drv+ MK smaidt] smithy (forge) ~UTRI <52> [Antre E 514] smock-frock SW~RKAI <32> [varkai + sv`rki + srajca MK] smoke hole (gap) ATKADIS <40> [Accodis E 214] smoke no DMS <32> [Dumis E 39] smoke v DMAUTWEI <143> [Dms drv, dmuoti. dmot MK], smoke tobacco DMAUTWEI <143> [rauchen MK] smooth aj (even) LGUS aj nom sg m <31> [Ligopanie ON VM] smooth v out IZLGINTUN <85> [Perlgintun MK] snail GLAMIS <40> [gliemeys, gliemezis + slimak MK] snake ~NGS f <60> [Angis E 747] snap v SPRAKSTINTWEI <85> [Sprakst drv] snick no EMPJASENIS <40> [Empjatun drv] snick v EMPJATUN <111> [Pjatun drv] snipe GSNIS <40> [Geasnis E 753] snoore v KR~KTWEI <75> [Crocow JG + kriokti, kr`kt MK] snort v SN~KSTWEI <87> [Snoxtis E 88 VM] snot of nose SN~KSTIS f <60> [Snoxtis E 88] snout ~USTIN <37> [`ustin 89 drv] snow no SN~IGS <36> [Snaygis E 55] snow v SNIGTWEI <124> [Snaygis E 55 + snigti, sniegt VM MK] snowflake SN~IGEGA <45> [Wnega MK] so TT av [tt 6919], TTAT av [titet 3711 VM] soap ZIPI <52> [Seife + ziepes MK] social PERNEWINGIS aj <27> [Perni drv] social estate BSENIS <40> [bousennis 105] socialism SCIALISMUS <32> [Sozialismus MK] socialist aj SCIALISTISKAS aj <25> [Scialists drv] socialist no SCIALISTS <32> [Sozialist MK] society PERNI <52> [perni 103 MK] socks PDEI nom pl m <40> [Peadey E 482] sofa ZFA <45> [Sofa, zofa drv] soft MINKSTAS aj nom sg m <26> [minktas + mksts + soft MK] 438

soil no ZEM <53> [semm 10517, Samye E 237] soil v ERDRGTUN <75> [erdrkts 115 VM] solar eclipse SAULISTIMRAN <35> [Sali, Timran + Sonnenfinsternis MK] soldier ZULD~TS <32> [Soldat MK] sole (of the foot, of a shoe) PAMATS <36> [Pamatis E 146], resting base (flat) of the foots sole PLASMENA <45> [Plasmeno E 148] solicituous ZURGAWINGIS aj <27> [Zrgautwei drv] solid (undivided) ANINGIS aj <27> [vieningas GlN] solidify v i STIPTWEI <89> [Steypata ON JG] solstice S~ULISSTALSN~ <46> [solstitium, solstycja, solsticija MK], SAULISW~RSTAN <25> [Sonnenwende, saulgra, saulgriei MK] solution (resolution) ETWRPSENIS <40> [Etwrptun 2 drv] solve v ETWRPTUN <75b> [1. Etwrptun, Wrptun MK] some AINUNTKAWDS <27> [ainunts + kawds MK] somebody AINUNTS pn <19> [ainonts 99] someone AINUNTS pn <19> [ainonts 99] something KA NIKA [kas ne kas, kas nekas MK] sometimes EN RIZANS [tarpais, kartais MK], RIZAN av [kart, raz, einmal GlN] somewhere AINUNTKWEI av [ainunts + kwei MK] somnolence DWASSINGISKU <49> [Dwassigis drv] son SNS nom <43> [Sons 67], (boy) W~IKLIS <41> [Wayklis E 190] sonde (probe) ZNDI <52> [Sonde MK] song GRMA <45> [grmikan 79 VM] songful GRMAWINGIS <27> [grma drv MK] soon DWAN av [Dws drv], see you soon! RDIW [bis bald! GlN] sorcerer WADILS <32> [Waidel DK] sorrow v PAW~RGTWEI <85> [W`rgtwei + pawargan 63 MK] sort GADDINGI <40> [Gading DIA + gatunek MK] soul DSI nom sg f <50> [Dusi E 153], soul of a deceased WL <53> [vl, velis, Velowe 1258, Wilaw 1326 ON] souls day WILINNIS pl tantum <52> [Vlins GlN] sound aj (intact) KALS aj <25> [kails MBS + ca\y, sveiks MK] sound no (a sound) GRDS <32> [gerdawi 113 VM] sound v (to ring) KALS~TWEI <132> [kaltz` 77 drv], KALSTWEI <136> [kaltzwingiskai 49 VM] 439

sound v (probe) ZNDITUN <138> [Zndi drv] sounding (probe) ZNDISNA <45> [Znditun drv] soup ZUPPI <52> [soup MK] soupy K~MSTUS <30> [kamtis, czsty MK] sour aj RGTS aj <26> [Ructandadan E 690 drv] sour v tr RAUGNTUN <85> [Rgtwei drv + rauginti MK], i RGTWEI <92> [Rgtadadan MK] source APS <42> [Apus E 64] sour cream RUGT~GREILI <52> [Rgtadadan + Grili + saure Sahne MK] sour milk RGTADADAN n <35> [Ructandadan E 690] south no PUSSIDEIN~I <36> [po\udnie + dienvidi MK] south attr, southern PUSSIDEINISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Pussidein`i drv MK] southeast PUSIDEIN~DEIN~I <36> [Sdosten MK] southwest PUSIDEIN~WAKAR~I <36> [Sdwesten MK] sow no (swine) SKURI <52> [Skewre E 685] sow v (to seed) STUN <120> [sti + st + siac MK] sowing SJA <45> [stun drv + sja, sja GlN] sp (expression of a superlative meaning): UKA pf sp [ucka 47] space (area) PLATTIBI <52> [Plattus drv GlN], (cosmos) KSMUS <32> [cosmos MK] space bar, space key SP~CIJA <45> [space, spacja MK] spade L~PT~ <46> [Lopto E 548] Spain attr P~NISKAS <25> [p`nis drv] Spain language P~NISKAN <35> [p`niskas + Spanisch MK] Spain no P~NIJA <45> [Spanien MK] Spainyard man P~NIS <40> [Spanier MK] Spainyard woman P~NINI <50> [p`nis drv] spall AULAMLI <40> [Aulamtun drv + peis`lei 89 MK] spar (traverse) KRSAN <35> [kirsa 8918 drv] spark SP~NKSTI nom sg f <50> [Soanxti E 35] sparkling BLNGS aj <25> [blingo E 580 MK] sparrow SPURGLAS nom sg m <36> [Spurglis E 739] sparrow-hawk SPURGLAWANNAGS <36> [Sperglawanag E 714] spatial (cosmic) KSMISKAS aj <25> [Ksmus drv] spawn v TLNINTUN SI <85> [Tlnintun drv] 440

speak v BILTUN <134a> [billtwei 67], speak to smb WAI~TWEI <132> [waiti`t 35], to begin to speak PRAT~RTWEI <92> [T`rin 105, pratarti MK], speak out TARTUN <136> [t`rin 105 VM] speaker W~ITILS <32> [Wojty\a MK], (device) KALSWINGAI WAI~TAJS <32> [Lautsprecher MK] special L~ITS aj <25> [schkl`its 59], L~ITEWINGISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [schkl`itewingiskan 113], SPECI~LS <25> [speziell + tradicinals MK] species PRGIMI <52> [prgimnis 11522 MK] specific aj KNKRETS aj <25> [konkret MK], specific to SW AJNGIS aj <25> [Swajs drv MK] specifically av KNKRETAI av [Konkrets drv] specification (itemizing) PAT IKRINSN~ <46> [Patikrintun drv] specify (to itemize) v PAT IKRINTUN <85> [Tikrintun drv] speck of dust PSL <53> [Pstun drv] speckled R~IBS aj [Roaban E 467] spectacles BRILLI <52> [Brille + bril MK] spectator DIRTAJS <32> [Dirtwei drv] speech WAI~SN~ <46> [Wai`twei drv] speechless NIAUBILNTS pc <29> [gen niaubillntis 125] spell (incantation) KLANTSENIS <40> [Klanttun drv MK] spelling ORTGRAFIJA <45> [Orthographie MK] spend no IZWRPSN~ <45> [Izwrptun drv] spend v IZWRPTUN <75b> [Wrptun MK], IZLASTUN <77> [Lastun drv] spider SPENDIKS <32> [Spenstun + Spinne MK] spigot (bung) WINS f <60> [Wnis E 398] spiky (prickly) AKULS aj <25> [Ayculo E 470 VM] spill v tr (to shed) PRALATUN <106> [pralieiton 75 drv], v i spill out SUPTUN SI <75b> [Suptun drv] spin (a yarn) v tr SPENSTUN <73> [Spanstan E 322 VM] spin v i WILTWEI <85> [Walis E 252 VM] spinal RKISNAS gen attr [Rkisna drv] spinal column RKISNASULS <36> [Rkisna, Sls MK] spindle SPANSTAN <35> [Spanstan E 322 VM] spindle-tree AZIGRABS <32> [Wosigrabis E 611] 441

spinner (woman) SPENDIKKI <52> [Spenstun drv] spinning (fishing spinning) SPINNINGIS <40> [spinning MK] spirit (ghost) NASELIS <40> [Naseilis I 11 drv] spiritual NSEILAWINGISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Noseilewingiskan 123] spiritualize v ENNASELINTUN <85> [Naselis + dvasinti MK] spit v WEMTWEI <80b> [wimbmis Gr VM] splay (skew-whiff) KRIWS aj <26> [Greiwakaulin 101 VM] spleen BLUZN <53> [Blusne E 127] splinter SPELLAUKSTIS f <58> [Spelanxtis E 642], (shiver) KRPETLI <52> [Kerpetis E 72 + erepok + Wayklis E 190 MK] split no (rip) SPLTAN n <35> [Spltun MK] split attr SPLTS pc pt pa nom sg m <69> [Spltun drv] split v tr SPLTUN <97> [Spelanxtis E 642 VM], (into pieces or repeatedly) SPELLAUTUN <144> [Spelanxtis E 642 VM], split two ways DWEJJINTUN <85> [Dw`i, dwej`i drv + dvejinti MK], i split SPLTUN SI <97> [Spltun drv], i split into two parts DWEJJINTUN SI <85> [Dwejjintun drv] spoil v tr PAGADNTUN <85> [pogadint 109], v i GADNTUN SI <85> [pogadint 109 MK] spoilage GADNSENIS <40> [gadntun drv] sponge PINTS f <58> [Pintys E 372] spoon LAPPINIS <40> [Lapinis E 359] spoon-bait DARRI <50> [Darge, Darre DIA MK] spoor SLADS <36> [Slstwei drv, Slidenikis, sliede, slad] sport SPRTS <32> [Sport MK] sporting puck KWI <52> [Schwe DIA MK] spot DEKTAN n <35> [daiktas, point VM] spot (stain) MLINAN n <35> [mlinan 103] spouse GR~NDS <32> [Grandan 107 drv] spout out v IZGZTUN <71> [Gztun drv+ imatos, izmetumi MK] spray v EBSPGTUN <92> [Spgtun drv] spread v smth (disseminate) PAPLATTINTUN <85> [Plattintun drv], v i PAPLATTINTUN SI <85> [Paplattintun drv] spring (time) WASSARA <45> [VM MK] spring of a lock ZABEKLIS <40> [Sbeclis E 539] spring wheat DAGAGGAIDIS <40> [Dagagaydis E 260] 442

sprinkle smth v EBSPGTUN <92> [Spgtun drv], (moisten) v SPGTUN <92> [Spigsn` 632 VM] sprite (puck) PKIS <40> [pis MK] sprout AGIS <40> [Dagoaugis E 638 drv] spume v SP~INAUTWEI <143> [sp`ina drv] spur v RIDINTUN <85> [Ride Nx] spy SPINS <32> [Spion MK] spyglass T~LGLASA <45> [Fernglas MK] square (city plaza) PLACCIS <32> [Platz, plac PA] square (tetragon) KWADR~TAN <35> [Quadrat MK] squeeze v tr smth EBGLABTUN <80b> [Glabtun drv], (money) AUP~NSTUN <73> [auschp`ndimai 37], squeeze (to force) ones way through BRETUN SI <111> [brewinnimai 31 VM], v i squeeze up SENANZITUN SI <138> [sich einengen MK] squire (langlord) DWARARIKS <39> [Gutherr + Butariks MK] squirm v WNGTWEI <97> [wngriskan 35 VM] squirrel WWER <53> [Weware E 660] squirt v i SPGTWEI <92> [Spigsn` 632 MK] stabilize v STABILIZTUN <139> [stabilisieren MK] stable aj (firm) DARGS aj <26> [Darge OPN VM] stable no box (narrow) LISTES nom pl f <50> [Lisytyos E 545] stack (stook) KUPSTAS <32> [Keps(te -pl), Kupst DIA MK] staff (wooden sceptre) of a mayor of a village KRIWWI <52> [Criwe DK VM] Staff T~BS <32> [Stab MK] stage (period, step) TRAPS <32> [Trapas JB MK], (phase) ST~DIJAN <35> [Stadium MK], (scene) WID~KLI <52> [Schaubne + skatuve MK] stagger (being rickety) v SWIRRINTWEI <92> [Swirtwei drv] stairs TREPPI <52> [Treppe + trepes MK] stair-step TRAPS <32> [Trapas JB MK] stake (picket) KALS <32> [Calene E 231 VM] stallion: riding stallion ZIRGS <36> [Sirgis E 430], stallion for tourneys SWERREPS <40> [Sweriapis E 431] stamp v ETGNESTUN <76> [Gnestun drv + atspausti, odcisn c MK], ENGNESTUN <76> [Gnestun drv + spausti, iespiest MK] stanchion of carts rail side KELAR~NKA <45> [Keleranco E 303] stand (hallstand) no KINI <52> [ks + Drawwini MK] 443

stand v tr (to put, set) smb, smth STATNTUN <85> [preistattinnimai 111 MK] stand v i STALTWEI <134a> [stallit 83], out ERLAIK~TUN SI <142> [Erlaik`tun drv], up ST~TWEI <119> [st`nintei 79 MK], ETSKTWEI <120> [etskmai 63 drv] standard ST~NDARDS <32> [standard, Standard MK] standing STALSN~ <46> [stallsnan 117] standpoint ENDIRSN~ <46> [endirisna 95 drv], (aspect) DIRSENIS <40> [dirtwei drv MK] star L~UKSN~ <46> [L`uksnas drv] starry L~UKSNATS aj <25> [L`uksnas drv] start v PAGATUN <111> [pogat 53], start v up ENSKATTINTUN <85> [skattwei caus] starve v ALKTWEI <92> [N] state (independent country) W~LSTIS <58> [valstis + valsts + w\osc] station of the Cross STACINI <52> [statio MK] statue ST~TUWA <45> [Statue + statua MK] statute STATTAN <35> [Statut MK] staunch (tough) IZSTALWINGIS aj <27> [Izstaltun drv] steal v R~NGTUN <85> [R`nctwei 33] steam no PR <53> [pore E 40] steam v away AUPLTWEI <113> [Pltwei drv] steam-engine LOKOMTIWI <52> [Lokomotive MK] steamer (ship) PURKUGIS <40> [Pur + Kuggis + Dampfboot MK] steel PLANS <32> [Playnis E 521], STAKLIN <35> [Panustaclan E VM] steer v (a car, ship etc.) TRITUN <133> [MK stueren] steersman TRMANS <32> [strman MK] stem (footstalk, scape) KRAS <50> [Craysi E 275] stem (trunk) STIBBAN <35> [Stibbins + Krasi, stumbrs + stibis, stiba, stieblys + zdzieb\o MK] stench SM~RDS <52> [Smorde E 612 VM] step no Z~NGAN <35> [Saugis E 791, Singslo E 337 MK] step v TREPTWEI <85> [trapt 83], step back ETTREPTWEI <85> [Treptwei drv] stepdaughter PADUKRI <52> [Poducre E 182] stepfather PAT~WELIS <40> [Patowelis E 179] 444

stepmother PAMTRI <52> [Pomatre E 180] stepson PASSUNS <32> [Passons E 181] steward PERWALDTAJS <32> [Perwaldtun drv] stick no LAGZD <53> [Kellaxde E 423 VM] stick v tr (in, into) BASTUN <87> [embaddusisi 113, boadis E 164 VM], EMBASTUN <87> (en) [embaddusisi 113, boadis E 164 VM]; v i to be stuck (in) EMBASTUN SI <87> (en) [embaddusisi 113 drv], stick to LAIK~TUN SI <142> [hold themselves on, laikytis ko MK] pri (acc), stick (anywhere) DURTWEI <134> [brai 93 VM], stick fast (in smth) STRIGTWEI <89> [strigli 105 VM] stick v tr (to glue, paste) smth to LIPNTUN <85> prei (acc) [Liptwei drv], PREILIPNTUN <85> (prei acc) [Liptwei drv], stick (adhere) to v i LIPTWEI <89> prei (acc) [laipinna 105 VM] sticky GLITTUS aj <31> [Glitteynen ON JG] stiff STRNS aj <26> [Strintickrms 37 VM] stiffen (to congeal) v i STIPTWEI <89> [Steypata ON JG] still av, yet DABBER [dabber 41] still aj (silent) TUSNS <26> [tusnan 91] stimulate (incite) v RIDINTUN <85> [Ride Nx] stimulus TLKSENIS <40> [Tlktun drv] sting (bite) v KANSTUN <87> [ksti + ksac MK], (once) ENKANSTUN <87> [Kanstun MK] stingy ~NGUS aj <30> [`gus 87] stink no (stench) SM~RDS <52> [Smorde E 612 VM] stink v DUKTWEI <85> [Dutkis E 669 VM] stirrup LNG~ <46> [Lingo E 447] stirrups leather LINGAS~ITAN n <35> [Largasaytan E 446] stitch (basting) WIDDAULI <52> [Widdautun drv] stitch v WIDDAUTUN <143> [Widus E 508 MK] stitching WIDDAUSN~ <46> [Widdautun drv] stomach M~GS <32> [Magen + m`ga MK], WDERS <36> [Weders E 132] stomp (to tramp) v TRMPTWEI <85> [Potrympus VM] stone STABS <36> [Stabis E 32] stop no (stopping place) ST~MINADEKTAN <35> [Haltestelle MK] stop v tr smb, smth STALNTUN <85> [Staltwei drv], v i ST~TWEI <119> [st`nintei 79 MK] 445

stopping place ST~MINADEKTAN <35> [Haltestelle MK] store v KARWINTUN <85> [Karwan drv Nx] storehouse KARWAN n <35> [karwan DK] storey NBUWIS <40> [Stock + Aufstockung, Aufbau + Rklis MK] stork G~NDARS, gen g`ndras <36> [Gandams E 716] storm v TRMITUN <133> [strmen MK] story (tale) GRBSENIS <40> [Grbtun drv] stove STABN nom sg f <51> [Stabni E 221] straight av ENT IKRISKAI [entickrikai 81], T IKRISKAI [Tikriskas drv] straight aj T IKRISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [entickrikai 81 VM] straight no T IKRISKAI <45> aj pnl nom sg f [Tikriskas drv MK] straighten v ENT IKRINTUN <85> [Entikriskai MK], straighten up ETKMPTWEI <75b> [etkmps 55 VM] straightened out ETKMPS aj <26> [etkmps 55 VM] straightness T IKRISKU <49> [Tikriskas drv] strain no KNA <45> [erknina 117 MK] strain v smth STENGTUN <75> [Stange PN + stangti, stengti + tgi], strain oneself STENGTUN SI <75> [Stengtun drv], v i to strain ENKNTWEI <97> [erknina 117 VM], strain (after) KNTWEI <97> (prei acc) [erknina 117 VM] straiten v K~NKTUN <75> [kanxta 77 VM] strange RETAWNGIS aj <25> [selt-sam MK], (alien) SWETTIS aj <27> [Swajs + sveias + sves + swat MK], (extraneous) PRIPAUSINS aj <25> [Pripaus MK] strangle v AUDUSSINTUN <85> [Dussintun drv] strap (binding thong) TARKINI <52> [Tarkue E 449] straw SALM~ <46> [Salme Gr], piece of straw KRAS <50> [Craysi E 275] strawberry ZEMMIS ~G~ <46> [strawberry + emuog + poziomka MK], garden strawberry PRASSELI <52> [Prassel DIA MK] stray v BLAND~TWEI <132> [blandytis, blandties, blodties MK] stream no STRUTTAN <35> [Strutkeim ON + srutos + strauts MK] stream v STRTWEI <112> [Stroio E 103 VM] street GATWI <52> [Hundegat + gatv + gatve MK] strength SP~RTS <60> [spartin 45], SP~RTISKU <49> [spartisku 85] strengthen v SP~RTINTUN <85> [spartint 117], (additionally) PASP~RTINTUN <85> [pospartint 119] 446

stretch v tr IZTNSTUN <79> [Tnstun drv], v i IZTNSTUN SI <79> [drv] stretch v on (to cover) PERTRAKTUN <75> [pertraki 101] strew (scatter) v SUPTUN <75b> [Suppis E 327 VM] strict DRKTAWINGISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [drctawingiskan 119 drv] strike no (blow) KRTIS <40> [Kirtis E 163]; (social action) STR~IKS <32> [strike, Streik MK] strike v DLBTUN <75b> [Dalptan E 536 VM], (a blow) v KRSTUN <85> [kyrteis Gr], (to hit) v BRUKTUN <85> [Brokis E 165 VM], strike off IZGL~UBTUN <75b> [Gl`ubtun drv MK] strikebreaker STRAIKBRCHERIS <40> [Streikbrecher MK] striker STR~IKENIKS <32> [Str`iks drv] string STANGSNA <45> [Stengtun + struna + L`uksna MK] strip (ribbon) LINTI <52> [Lint DIA + lint, MK] striped (stripy) R~IBS aj [Roaban E 467] stroke (blow) BRUKKIS <40> [Brokis E 165] strong SP~RTS aj <26> [sparts 87] stub no (stump) KALMUS, gen kalmas <36> [Kalmus E 633] stub v (into) BASTUN <87> [embaddusisi 113, boadis E 164 VM] stubble (in field) STR~MB~ <46> [Strambo E 274] stubbly AKULS aj <25> [Ayculo E 470 VM] stubborn aj PERTRNKTS <69> [pertrinctan 119] student (man) STUDNTS <56> [Student MK], (woman) STUDNTINI <50> [Studentin MK] study no STUDSN~ <46> [Studtun drv] study v tr smth STUDTUN <139> [studieren MK], i (learn) STUDTWEI <139> [MK studieren MK] stumble (to step short) v KLMBTWEI <85> [klmpis VM] stumulate v TLKTUN <75> [tl`ku 89 VM MK] stun v SWAIGNTUN <85> [Swigtwei drv + svaiginti MK] stupid DWASSINGIS <27> [Dwassan drv] stupidity DWASSINGISKU <49> [Dwassigis drv] sturgeon ESKETTERS, gen esketras <32> [Esketres E 567] stutter v MIKSTWEI <134> [Mixkai 17 + miksti + niemy, Niemiec MK] stutterer (stammerer) MIKSA <47> [Mikstwei drv + miksa MK] sty (piggery) SUWENS <32> [Seweynis E 229] style STLS <32> [Stil MK] 447

subject aj (to), subjected PAMESTS pc pt pa nom sg m <69> [pomests 105] subject no SUBJAKTAN <35> [subject MK] subject attr SUBJAKTISKAS aj <25> [Subjaktan drv] subject v (to subordinate) PAMESTUN <72> [Mestun + pomests 105] subjective SUBJAKTWS aj <25> [subjectively MK] subjugate v ENSKL~WINTUN <85> [Skl`wi drv] submarine BUTAN <35> [U-Boot MK] submit v PAKLUSTWEI <95> dat [Paklusman + paklusti MK] subordinate aj P~USEWINGIS aj <27> [P`usan drv] subordinate no PAMETTEWIS <40> [pomettewingi 105 + Mukinnewis MK] subordinate v PAMESTUN <72> [Mestun + pomests 105] subordinately PAMETTEWINGI av [pomettewingi 105], PASEGWINGI av [poseggwingi 91] subside (to sag) v PANIRTWEI <92> [einsenken + panirt MK] subspecies PAPRGIMI <52> [Prgimi drv], PAGADDINGI <52> [Gaddingi drv] substantive SUBSTANTWAN <35> [Substantiv MK] subtone PAGGERDS <32> [Passuns + Grds MK] subtract v ETMTUN <71> [mtun drv] subtraction ETMSN~ <46> [Etmtun drv] suburb PIRZDAMISTAN <35> [Vorstadt, przedmiescie, priekpilsta MK], PRIMISTAN <35> [priemiestis, piepilsta GlN] success (as a conception) IZPALSN~ <49> [Izpaltwei drv], (a concrete fact) IZPALSENIS <40> [Izpaltwei drv], to be a success IZPALTWEI <85> [aupallai 1076 + Fall + wypadac MK] successful IZPALAWNGIS aj <27> [Izpaltwei MK] such STAWDS pn nom sg m <19> [stawds 7514] suck v DTUN <120> [Dastun VM] suckle v DASTUN <87> [Dadan E 687 VM] sudden NIGGEISTAS aj [Gistun drv+ niespodziewany MK] suddenly NIGGEISTAI av [Gistun drv+ nelauktai MK], PLAKKAWINGI av [Plack, Handplack DIA MK] Sudovia SDAWA <45> [Zudua DK] suffer v STNTWEI <80> [Stenuns I 7], L~ILINTUN SI <85> [L`ilintun drv], suffer want W~RGTWEI <85> [wargs 79 VM] suffering STNSENIS <40> [Stinsennien 43], STNSN~ <46> [Stntwei drv] 448

suffice v S~TAUTWEI <143> [S`tus drv MK] sufficient S~TWINS <25> [S`tus drv MK] suffix SUFFIKSAN n [suffix MK] suffocate v tr DUSSINTUN <85> [Dustwei drv, dusinti], (completely) AUDUSSINTUN <85> [Dussintun drv], i DUSTWEI <91> [Dwestwei drv, dusti] sugar CUKKERIS <40> [Zucker MK] suicide SUBGALNSNA <45> [suicide MK] suit no EMPAKKINSENIS <40> [Empakkintun drv] suit v (to pertain) PREISTALTWEI <134a> [preistallwingi 93 VM] suitable PREISTALWINGIS aj <27> [preistallwingi 93 MK] sulfur SWEPPILS <32> [sweebelMK] sullen person GLUMS <32> [Glummas DIA MK] summarize v (abstract) SENTNSTUN <79> [tinstwei 73 MK] summary SENTNSN~ <46> [sentnstun drv] summer DAGS <32> [Dagis E 13] summer sprout DAG~UGIS <40> [Dagoaugis E 638] summit WIRSELLIS <40> [Wrsus drv + virelis MK] summon v SENWAKTUN <134> [enwack 85 + suaukti, sasaukt MK] summoning SENWAKSN~ <46> [Senwaktun MK] summons PREIWAKSN~ <46> [preiwack 45 MK] sun SALI <52> [Saule E 7] Sunday NADLI <52> [Nadele E 17] sunny SALITS aj <25> [Sali drv] sunset WAKKARS <36> [vakaras + vakars + wieczor MK] superimpose v NALAZNTUN <85> [Lazntunpresent drv] superior AUKTIMMIS <40> [Aucktimmien 91 drv], (having advantage) WALNISKAS <25> [Walns drv MK] supermarket K~UPABUTAN <35> [Kaufhaus MK] superstructure NABWIS <40> [Aufbau + virsbve + antstatas MK] supervise v NADIRTWEI <134> (krsa acc) [Dirtwei + look up MK] supervision NADIRSN~ <46> ( krsa acc) [Nadirtwei drv] supervisor NADIRTAJS <32> [Nadirtwei drv] supplement PRID~ <46> [Preid`tun + Sando E 200 MK] supplement v PAPILNINTUN <85> [Pilns drv GlN], supplement (to) PREID~TUN <118> (prei acc) [send`uns 109 + prijungti MK] 449

supply v PERZRGAUTUN <143> [persurgaui 41] support no (abutment) STAKLI <52> [Stacle E 197] support v ETSPAR~TUN <132> [Etspara MK], ENLAIK~TUN <142> [enl`ikuti 97 drv] suppression L~USTINGINSN~ <46> [L`ustingintun drv] sure: to be (become) sure ENDRWINTUN SI <85> [Endrwintun drv] surely IZARWISKAI av [isarwiskai 133] surf BANGDELBI <52> [Bang` + dlbtun, bangomis MK] surface no WRSAWISKU <49> [Wrsaws drv MK] surface v IZNIRTWEI <92> [Nirtwei drv] surfeit v (glut) smb, smth PERS~TWINTUN <85> [S`twintun drv, vergngen MK] surgeon CHIRURGS <32> [Chirurg MK] surgery CHIRURGJA <45> [Chirurgie MK] surname SIMISEMENS <62> [Familienname MK] surpass v PERSPTUN <120> [Sptwei MK] surprise ~USTABAN <35> [Austebtwei + nuostaba MK], to be surprised (once) AUSTEBTWEI <89> [Stebtwei drv], (many times) ~USTABAUTWEI <143> [~ustaban drv] surprising STEBBULS aj <25> [stebulas JB MK] surround v EBZRGINTUN <85> [umringen, otoczyc MK] surroundings ZRGISKU <49> [Zrgi MK] surveillance NADIRSN~ <46> (krsa acc) [Nadirtwei drv] survive v IZL~IKTWEI <85> [pol`ikt 115] suspect v ENMRITWEI <138> [Mrit wei drv+ tarti MK] sustained NISTANNTS <29> [St`twei drv] swaddle v WIJ~TUN <132> [Wtun drv] Swaixtix (God Swaixtix) SW~IKSTIKS <32> [Suaixtix DK VM] swallow no (bird) SMITTUKA <45> [Smicuto E 740] swallow no: (one) swallow GERSENIS <40> [Gertun drv] swallow v GERTUN <80> [Pregora + pragaras, gerti, dzert, rati MK], (once) AUGERTUN <80> [Gertun drv, nu-gurkti MK], (to eat up) PRAGERTUN <80> [Pragertun drv] swamp B~LTAN n <35> [-balt ON], PELKI <50> [Pelky E 287] swan GLBS <58> [Gulbis E 717] swarm no P~ITA <45> [Paytoran E 6 VM] 450

swarm v (with) WZELITWEI <133> [wuseln DIA] sway v tr smth SUPPINTUN <85> [Suptwei drv], i (to swing) PLANDTUN SI <134> [plandties MK] swear (to take an oath) v KLANTTWEI <136> [klantemmai 29 drv] sweat PRAK~ISN~ <46> [prak`isnan 105] sweep ears by winnowing crops v AUKLAKSTUN <87> [Auklextes E 280 VM] sweet aj SALDS aj <26> [saldus + salds + s\odki MK] sweet no BUMBNS <32> [Bonbon MK] sweetish SALDANS aj <25> [Salds drv] swell v BELZTWEI <71> [Pobalso E 489 VM], (in time) PABELZTWEI <71> [Pobalso E 489 VM] swelling GNZIS <40> [Gunsix E 162 VM], (bump) GNZIKS <32> [Gunsix E 162] Swita Lipka SWINTA LNDA <45> [Heiligelinde ON MK] swiftness DIWASP~RTISKU <49> [Dwasp`rts drv] swim v PLTWEI <113> [plyti, plauti MK], swim away AUPLTWEI <113> [Pltwei drv] swim v (head swims) SWIGTWEI <99> [svaigti + svaigslgs + MK] swimmer PLUWIKS <32> [pltwei drv, uwiks, Schwimmer MK] swindle v WNGRAUTWEI <26> [Wngars drv] swindler WNGARS, gen wngras, aj, no <26> [Wngrisku drv VM] swine SKURI <52> [Skewre E 685], SWINNISTIN n <37> [Swintian E 682] swing v i SUPTWEI <85> [Passupres E 225 VM] swingletree WALS <32> [Walis E 252] Swiss aj WICERISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [wicers drv] Swiss man WICERIS <40> [Swiss + Szwajcar MK] Swiss woman WICERINI <50> [wicers drv] switch (rod) RSTI <52> [Riste E 639] switch (toggle) KLAWIKS <32> [Klatun + switch MK] switch v off IZKLATUN <144> [Klatun + ausschalten MK], on ENKLATUN <144> [Klatun + switch MK on] Switzerland WICI <52> [Switzerland MK] swizzle TRNKIS <40> hybr [drink, trinken + Trnktun MK] sword KALABIJJAN n <35> [Kalabian E 424] 451

sword grasp DGNA <45> [Digno E 427] syllable no ZILBI <52> [syllable MK] syllable v ZILBAUTUN <143> [Zilbi drv] syllable accent TNS <32> [Ton GlN] symbol SIMBLIN <35a> [Symbol MK] symbolic SIMBLISKAS <25> [Simblin drv] symbolics SIMBLIKI <52> [Symbolik MK] symbolise v SIMBLIZTUN <139> [symbolisieren] symmetric SIMETRISKAS <25> [symmetrisch MK] symmetry SIMETRJA <45> [Symmetrie MK] sympathize (with) v DNGTWEI <85> (pri acc) [podingai 79 VM, MK] synagogue SINAGGI <52> [Synagoge MK] syntactic SNTAKSISKAS aj <25> [Sntaksi drv] syntax SNTAKSI <52> [Syntax MK] system SISTMAN <35> [System MK]

tabernacle TABERN~KULIN <35a> [tabernaculum MK] table STALS <36> [Stalis E 219], (tablet) TAPPALI <52> [Tapali 85] tail STAGS <32> [Pastagis E 443 VM] tailor SKRTELI nom sg m <54> [Scrutele E 473] take v MTUN <71> [mt 99], away AUMTUN <71> [mtun drv], ETMTUN <71> [mtun drv], ~UPAUSINTUN <85> [preipaus 71, paalinti MK], PRIPAUSINTUN <85> [Pripaus + eliminate MK], ELIMINTUN <139> [eliminieren MK], in itself ENMTUN <71> [enimt 117] (+ acc) n sen [GlN], in(to) ENWESTUN <73> [Westun drv], take apart IZDTUN <121> [Sendtun MK], take care (of) PAPEK~TUN <132> [popekt 81], ZRGAUTWEI <143> (per acc) [surgaut 69], take into consideration ENDIRTUN <134> [endyrtwei 119], take possession of ENWALDTUN <141> [Waldtun + valdyti drv MK], take smb across smth PRAWESTUN <73> [prawedduns 119 MK] (pra acc) 452

take v heart to DRSINTUN SI <85> [drsintun drv] tale (fairy-tale) G~RBIKAS <46> pl [Garb` drv + [grmikan 79] MK] talk v WAI~TWEI <132> [waiti`t 35] talking (possessing the power of speech) AUBILNTS <29> [niaubillntis 125] tall AKTS aj <26> [Aucktimmien 91 VM] tall man AUKTUMMIS <40> [Aucktimmien 91 VM] tallow LAJJA <45> [Sloyo E 379] tame v L~USTINGINTUN <85> [L`ustingis drv], (domesticate) v JAUKNTUN <85> [iaukint 77] taming L~USTINGINSN~ <46> [L`ustingintun drv] tangle v RAZGTUN <139> [regzti, rezga, rezg, razgyti, ret, rozga MK] tanned leather SIKSN~ <46> [ikna, siksna, hihna MK] tanner (currier) MINIKS <32> [mynix E 511] tannin rind DMBUS, gen dmbas <32> [Dumpbis E 512] tap UNDASGERTIS <40> [Wasserhahn MK] Tapiau TAPJAWA <45> [Tapiow ON VM] task NPIDAN <35> [Auftrag MK] taste v tr GARDAUTUN <143> [Gardus MK] tasty GARDUS <31> [gardus + gards MK] tavern K~RCEM~ <46> [Karczemo E 382] tawny KUKS aj <25> [Cucan E 465] taxi-stand ST~TAWA <45> [St`twei drv MK] tea TJS <32> [Tee + tja MK] teach v MUKNTUN <85> [mukint 65] teacher MUKINNEWIS <40> [Mukinewis 873], to be engaged as a teacher MUKINNEWAUTWEI <143> [weydikausnan II 5 + mokytojauti MK], being engaged as a teacher MUKINNEWAUSNA <45> [Mukinnewautwei drv] teaching MUKNSNA <45> [muknsnan 85 drv] tear no (teardrop) ASSARA <45> [aara, asara MK] tear v DREZTUN <71> [Drastus E 130 VM], tear up IZDREZTUN <71> [Dreztun drv] , tear to pieces IZDREZTUN <71> [Dreztun drv], tear oneself (to flouce) MIT~TUN SI <132> [Mit`tun drv] teat SPENNIS <41> [Spenis E 119] technical TEKNISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [technisch MK] technology TEKNIKI <52> [Technik MK] 453

tedious: to have a tedious time PREIILGINAUTWEI <143> [Preiilgintun drv] tedium PREIILGEWINGISKU <49> [Preilgewingis drv] telegram TELAGRAMMAN <35> [Telegramm MK] telegraph no TELAGR~FS <32> [Telegraph MK] telegraph v TELAGRAFTUN <139> [telegraphieren MK] telephone TELAFNS <32> [Telephon MK] telescope TELASKPAN <35> [Teleskop MK] television T~LIWIDASNA <45> [Fernsehen + t`li + wid`tun MK] televisor TELAWIZRS <32> [televisor MK] tell GRBTUN <85> [grbt 121] temper (mood) TREMMENSS <61> [Tremens DIA MK] temperate AUL~IKINGIS aj <27> [Aul`ikings 87] temple ~LKAN <35> [Alkayne ON JG + alkas, alka MK] temporarily KSMINGISKAI av [ksmingiskai 51] temporary KSMINGISKAS aj <25> [ksmingiskai + Ksmus drv] tempt v ENKAITNTUN <85> [enkaittai 73 drv] temptation PERB~NDA <45> [perbandan I 11 drv], PERBAND~SN~ <46> [Perband`tun drv], ENKAITNSENIS <40> [Enkaitntun drv] ten DESSIMTS f <60> [dessempts I 5], (+ pl tantum) DESSIMTEREI (+ pl tantum) <27> [Astnerei MK], (in group) DESSIMTEREI (+ pl tantum) <27> [Astnerei MK], to ten DESSIMTERINSUN [TN MK dangonsuen], no: a ten DESMTAN n <35> [Dessimton 27] tenacity (endurance) IZSTALWINGISKU <49> [Izstalwingis drv] tenancy NMA <45> [andanm K.Bga MK] tench LNS <36> [Linis E 571] tender ~PUS aj <31> [apus JB MK], (gentle) MLINGIS aj <27> [mlings (sanft, angenehm) DIA MK] tender v ENPLATTWEI <137> [Plattwei drv] tense no (grammatical) KRD~ <46> [krdan 97 VM] tense aj (strained) STANGUS aj nom sg m <31> [Stengti MK] tense v tr smth (up) STENGTUN <75> [Stange PN + stangti, stengti + tgi], v i ENKNTWEI <97> [erknina 117 VM] tension KNA <45> [erknina 117 MK] tenth DESMTS ord <26> [Dessmts 35] term TERMNS <32> [Termin MK] 454

tern (mew) STARNTI <52> [Stamite E 760] terrible BAJJAWISKAS aj <25> [Bajjawa drv] territory TERITRIJAN <35> [Territorium MK] territory government GUWERNEMNTI <50> [Gouvernement MK] terror TERRS <32> [terror MK] terrorism TERRISMUS <32> [terrorism MK] terrorist TERRISTS <32> [terrorist MK], she terrorist TERRISTINI <50> [Terrists drv] test no PERB~NDA <45> [perbandan I 11 drv] [MK], TESTS <32> [test, Test MK] test v PERBAND~TUN <142> [perband`snan 55, perb`nda 55] testament TESTAMNTAN n <35> [testamentan I 13] testimony WDIKAUSNA <45> [weydikausnan II 5], (concrete case) WAIDNSENIS <40> [Waidntun drv, parodymas MK] testing PERBAND~SN~ <46> [Perband`tun drv] tetragon KWADR~TAN <35> [Quadrat MK] thaler T~LARIS <40> [Taller MK] than NIK~I cj cp [nikai 49] thank v DNKAUTWEI <143> [dnkaut 41] thankful DNKAWINGIS <27> [dnckun 131 drv] thanking DNKAUSN~ <46> [dinckausnan 53 drv] thanks DNKA <45> [dnckun 131] thanks (to) DNKUN [dnckun 131] thanksgiving DNKAUSEGSN~ <46> [Dnkausegsnan 91 drv] that cj K~I cj [k`i 12315], pn DIS pn 3 encl m, f <10> [di 6511] that pn STAS pn nom sg m <11> [Stas 1712] that way TT av [tt 6919] thaw no ETTAPSN~ <46> [Ettaptwei drv] thaw v tr ETTAPTWEI <134> [Taptwei drv], vi (to melt) TRPTWEI <92> [tirpti + tirpt + cierpnc? MK] the + av cp STU cj Stas instr. sg n [stu 105], ST cj [ste 898] theatre TE~TERIS <40> [Theater MK] theatre fan TE~TERNIKS <32> [Te`teris drv] theatrical aj TE~TERISKAS aj <25> [Te`teris drv] theatrical (dramatic) features TE~TERISKU <49> [Te`teriskas drv] theft R~NGSN~ <46> [R`ngtun drv] 455

then av STADDAN av [kadan I 13 MK], (afterwards) PANZDAU av [pansdau 69], (now then) TT [tt 6928] then aj (contemporary) STANKSMISKAS <25> [stanksman drv + damalig, tuometinis MK] theocracy TEKRATIJA <45> [Theokratie MK] theology TEULGIJA <45> [Theologie MK] theorem TEREMAN <35> [Theorem MK] theoretic TERETISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [theoretisch MK] theoretician TERETNIKS <32> [Theoretiker MK] theory TERIJA <45> [Theorie MK] theory of chances DRUWMINISKWAS TERIJA <45> [Druwminisku, Terija drv] therapeutics TERAPJA <45> [Therapie MK] therapeutist TERAPUTS <32> [Therapeut MK] there STWEN av [stwen 51], there / here (it is, etc.) STWI av [stwi 51], from there ISTWENDAU av [isstwendan 113], to there NSTWENDAU av [Istwendau drv MK] therefore STESSE PAGGAN [Stesse paggan 39], (hence) TT [tt 6928] thesis TZI <52> [These MK], (dissertation) DISERTACINI <52> [Dissertation MK] thick aj ST~RS aj <26> [storas + stary MK] thick no: the thick K~MSTU no <44> [K`mstus drv] thickness ST~RAN <35> [St`rs drv] thief WAGS m <57> [Wagipelki ON GN] thigh KULS <50> [Culczi E 138], SL~UNS f <60> [Slaunis E 139] thin L~ILS aj <26> [lailsnan 69 VM], (rare) RETS aj nom sg m <26> [Reteynen ON JG] thin aj (lean) LABS <26> [laibas, laibs, MK] thin v smth L~ILINTUN <85> [Lailtwei MK ], to grow thinner LAILTWEI <134a> [lailsnan 69 VM] thine TWAJS, gen tw`ise, pn po 2 sg nom sg m <20> [twais 3712] thing PAWSTS nom sg f <58> [powijstin 27] think v MRITWEI <138> [ermrit 69 VM], (usually) PAMRITWEI <138> [pomrit 95] third TRTS ord <70> [Trts 29], one third TIRTADELKS <32> [Trts + Delks + tredalis MK] 456

thirdly PREI TRTAN [zum dritten MK] thirteen TRSNADESIMT crd [Anadesimt, Trs MK] thirteenth TRISNADESMTS ord <26> [Trsnadesimt drv] thirtieth TRISDESMTS <26> [Trsdesimts MK] thirty TRSDESIMTSf <60> [trisdeimt + trsdesmit + trzydziesci MK] this IS pn nom sg m <15> [Schis 75], (current) BIG~NTS pc <29> [Bgtwei drv, laufend, biezcy MK] thistle K~UBRI <52> [ka`ubri 105], STRIGL <53> [strigli 105] thorn K~UBRI <52> [ka`ubri 105] thorny AKULS aj <25> [Ayculo E 470 VM] thou T pn 2 nom sg <2> [t 6713] thought (idea) PAMRISNA <45> [pomijrisnans 33 drv] thousand TSIMTScrd <32> [tsimtons 37] thread no ~UWILKS <32> [Awilkis E 472], twisted thread (yarn) TWAN n <35> [Schutuan E 471] thread v (screw-threads) SKRWINTUN <85> [Skrwi MK] threaten v TRINTWEI <75> [trinie 39] threatening aj TRINEWNGIS <27> aj [trintwei Nx] threatening no TRNS f <60> [*trnien 95 VM] three TRS crd <24> [Treonkaymynweisigis ON drv], TREJ~I (+ pl tantum) <26> [treji MK], (as a group) TREJ~I <26> [Trej`i + troje MK], three (persons) together, to three TRESUN [TN MK dangonsuen], three of, of three... TRITA <45> [Warto E 210 + trejetas MK] three and a half PUSIKETWIRTAS crd [pusketvirMK] three hundreds TRSIMTA [Warto E 210, Trita MK] three hundredth TRISMTS ord <26> [Trsimta drv] three times TRIW~RST [ainaw`rst 6926 MK] thresh v T~LK~TUN <142> [tl`ku 89] threshing-floor PL~NS <32> [plonis E 233] threshold PAKRTA <45> [Pocorto E 195] thrill v WIPTWEI <97> [wipis E 630 VM] thrive (to prosper) v TRPTWEI <85> [enterpon 17 VM] throat GRKL <53> [Gurcle E 97] thrombosis TROMBZI <52> [Thrombose MK] throne TRNS <32> [Thron MK] 457

through PRA unaccented prp acc [pra 51], PR accented prp acc [pro (ston) 11710], through (some circumstances) PAGGAN psp [paggan 313], all through; through: leading (going) through PR~LISKAS aj <25> [Pr`li drv] throw no: a throw MTIS <40> [Metis E 166] throw v MESTUN <72> [pomests 105 VM], about (around) v METTUN <134> [Mestun drv], aside v ETMESTUN <72> [Mestun drv], out v GZTUN <71> [Gosen Gr VM], (constantly) MIT~TUN <132> [Mtis drv + mt`t MK] thrush (ouzel) TRAZD <53> [Tresde E 728] thrust (dash) KNSN~ <46> [Kntwei drv] thud! SPRAKST! ij [Spr`gtwei drv + spragt! sprak! MK] thumb NSTIKS <32> [Instixs E 114] thumbtack KNUPS <32> [DIA Knups MK] thunder no GRUMMINS <32> [Grumins E 51], (pounding) GRUMSN~ <46> [Grumtwei drv], (manifestation of God Perkuno) PERKNS <32> [Percunis E 50] thunder v GRUMTWEI <134> [Grumins E 51 VM], to begin to thunder ENGRUMTWEI <134> [Grumtwei drv] thunderstorm PERKNIJA coll <45> [Perkms drv + perknija, Prkona negaiss MK] Thursday KETWIRTIKS <32> [Ketwirtire E 21] thus TT av [tt 6919], TTAT av [titet 3711 VM] thy TWAJS, gen tw`ise, pn po 2 sg nom sg m <20> [twais 3712] tie no (necktie) KRAWATTI <52> [Krawatte MK] tie v (bind) RISTUN <102> [senrists 59], tie up PERRISTUN <102> [perrist 89], tie in a chain WANZ~TUN <132> [Winztun MK] tiger TGERIS <40> [Tiger MK] tighten v i KNINTUN SI <85> [erknina 117 VM], tighten a belt KNINTUN SI <85> [erknina 117 VM] till prp R prp acc [it 51], RGI prp acc [ergi 37] till no (cash) KASSI <52> [Kasse MK] timber (log) SAKST~ <46> [Saxsto E 631] time KRD~ <46> [krdan 97 VM], (occasion) RIZUS <32> [reisan 69 drv], (while) KSMUS, gen ksmas <32> [(stan) ksman 131 drv], 458

(at) that time STANKSMAN av [Stanksman 1011], several times DELIW~RST av [Delli 85 + ainaw`rst 6926 MK], to be in time, to have time (to, for) PASPTWEI <120> [Sptwei MK] timid BIJ~WINGIS aj <27> [Bij` drv GlN] tin (metal) SK~RSTIS <57> [Starstis E 528] tinder PINTS f <58> [Pintys E 372] tiny MALKKS aj <25> [Malks drv], MAZKS aj <25> [massais 115 + maiukas MK] tip (tip point) WANGINNI <52> [Wang` drv + Grawwini MK] tired: to get tired GURTWEI <92> [gurns 67 VM] tiredness PAW~RGSENIS <40> [powargsennien 115] tit (titmouse) SNIKA <45> [Sineco E 738] tithe DESUMPTINI <52> [Dassumptin AB] title TTELS <32> [Titel MK] to PRI prp acc [prei 79], up to R prp acc [it 51] toad GABBAWA <45> [Gabawo E 779] tobacco-pipe LULKI <52> [Lullke DIA MK] today ANDINAN av [schindeinan I 11] toe NAGPIRSTIS <40> [Nagepristis E 149] together DR~UGAN av [dr`ugs MK], SENDR~UGI av [sendraugiwldnikai 93], together (with) MPIRI (sen acc) av [emperri 107], to get together v EBTIKTUN SI <89> [Tiktwei MK] toil v GEWNTWEI <85> [gewinna 87 drv] tolerance TLARANCI <52> [Toleranz MK] tomorrow ANKST~INAN av [Ankst`ina + rano, morgen MK] ton TUNNI <52> [Tonne MK] tongs RAPLIS nom pl f <52> [Raples E 520] tongue INZUWS m <56> [Insuwis E 94] too (also) DGI [dgi 6518], (even also) R [ir 49], (surplus) PR pcl [by 69] tool DLAPAGAPTS f <58> [dijlapagaptin 93 drv], PAGAPTS f <58> [dijlapagaptin 93 VM], INSTRUMNTS <56> [Instrument MK] tooth D~NTS m <57> [Dantis E 93] top WIRSELLIS <40> [Wrsus drv + virelis MK], (upper part) WRSUS <43> [virus, virsa, wierzch + Wyrssuthe MK] topical AKTU~LS <25> [aktuell MK] torch L~PI <52> [L`ps drv + lop, l`pa MK] 459

torment no LAILSN~ <46> [lailsnan 69 drv], to be in torment LAILTWEI <134a> [lailsnan 69 VM] torment v L~ILINTUN <85> [Lailtwei MK ], torment oneself LAILTWEI <134a> [lailsnan 69 VM], W~RGTWEI <85> [wargs 79 VM] tormentor L~ILINTAJS <32> [L`ilintun drv] tornado WDRA <45> [widre Gr VM] torrent STRUTTAN <35> [Strutkeim ON + srutos + strauts MK] torture v L~ILINTUN <85> [Lailtwei MK ] torturer (man) L~ILINTAJS <32> [L`ilintun drv], (woman) L~ILINTAJA <45> [L`ilintajs drv] toss (to flounce) v about MIT~TUN SI <132> [Mit`tun drv] touch: to keep in touch with KNTAKTITWEI <138> sen (acc) [Kntakts drv] touch v K~USINTUN <85> [enkausint 111], PREIK~USINTUN SI <85> (pri acc) [K`usintun drv], touch and move ENK~USINTUN <85> [enkausint 111], touch (to grieve) GRAUDNTUN <85> [Gr`udus drv] tough IZSTALWINGIS aj <27> [Izstaltun drv] toughly IZSTALWINGI av [Izstalwingis drv] towards LNKU av (gen) [Lnkus drv] tower TURMUS <32> [Turm MK] toy SPLISPAGAPTS f <58> [Spielzeug + Dlapagaptis MK] trace no SLADS <36> [Slstwei drv, Slidenikis, sliede, slad] trace v (to learn) SERRPTUN <75b> [serrpimai 113] track v (to trace) SLSTWEI <94> [Slidenikis VM] trade DIZTISKU <49> [dseitiskan 87 drv], (commerce) K~UPISKU <49> [k`upiskan 33 drv] trader (dealer) KAUPIKS <32> [k`upiskan 33 + buyer + kupiec MK] tradeswoman KAUPIKKI <52> [K`upiks drv] tradition TRADICINI <52> [Tradition MK] traditional TRADICINALS aj <25> [traditionell MK] traffic IG~ <46> [Karyago E 411 + eismas MK] traffic light ~MPELS <32> [Ampel MK] tragedy TR~GEDIJA <45> [Tragdie + Kmedija MK] train no TENSLIS <40> [Tenstun MK] train v up IZMUKNTUN <85> [ismukint 17] traitor PRAWILLANIKS <32> [Prawilsn` drv] 460

tram (way) TR~MS <32> [Tram MK] trample v down TRMPTUN <75b> [trmptwei drv + trempti MK], T~LK~TUN <132> PA PDAMANS [tl`ku 89 VM] tramway TR~MPINTS f <58> [Trambahn MK] tramway car W~GENS <32> [Wagen MK] transfer no TR~NSFERIS <40> [transfer MK] transfer v PRAWESTUN <73> [prawedduns 119 drv] transform smth (into) v PERWARTNTUN <85> (en acc) [wartint 35 MK] transgress v ERTR E PTUN <85> [ertreppa 39 drv] , (to infringe) PERLAMTUN <81b> [Lamtun drv + verbrechen MK] transient PRAIWINGISKAS <25> [Praitwei drv MK] transit (transport) WEZZENIS <40> [Weztun drv] transition PRAISENIS <40> [Enisenis MK] translate v IZTULKAUTUN <143> [Tulkautwei drv] translation TULKAUSN~ <46> [Tulkautwei drv] translator TULKI <54> [Tolke DK MK] transmission (gear) WADNS <32> [Westun drv MK] transmit v PERLASTUN <77> [Palada + perleisti MK] transparent GIDARS, gen gidras <26> [dzidrs + giedras, dziedrs MK] transport v away IZWEZTUN <71> [Weztun drv], transport smb, smth here PERWEZTUN <71> [Weztun drv] transversal KRSAWS aj <25> [Krsa + Garraws MK] trash ~UKRUWJA <45> [Krtwei drv, waste, atkritumi MK], GZI <52> [Gosen Gr VM] travel no PINTEGA <45> [Pints MK] travel v PINTEGATWEI <144> [Pintega MK] traveller PINTEGANIKS <32> [Pintegatwei drv] treacherous WNGARS, gen wngras, aj <26> [Wngrisku drv VM] tread (to trample) v down TRMPTUN <75b> [trmptwei drv + trempti MK], to fully tread underfoot ERTRMPTUN <75b> [Trmptun drv MK] treasure M~NTA <45> [Monte APN + manta MK] treasury FISKUS <32> [Fiskus MK] treaty SAWATIS <40> [Sawayte E 16 VM + Sanwai`twei MK] tree GARRIN n <37> [Garian E 628, garrin 105] tremble no DRIBBINSN~ <46> [dirbinsnan 95 drv] tremble v DRIBBINTWEI <85> [dirbinsnan 95 VM] 461

trench ~NCIS <52> pl [Schanzen MK] trespass v PERLAMTUN <81b> [Lamtun drv + verbrechen MK] trial (judicial trial) LGAN <35> [lgan 119] triangle TRILLUNKS <57> [Trs, Lunks + trikampis MK] triangular TRILLUNKINS <25> [Trillunks drv] tribe GINTU <44> [ginthos Gr VM] tributary PREITEKINNIS <40> [Preitekynne ON JG] tribute KASSIS <40> [kasschis 91] trick: to play tricks v GLAUD~TWEI <138> [Gliaudoti JB MK] trickle v LASTWEI <134> [Las` drv, lati, l`st] trident TRID~NTS <57> [Trs, D`nts + tridantis MK] tridental TRID~NTINS <25> [Trid`nts drv] triffle(s) MALKAN n <35> [Malks drv] trigger (of a gun) GERTKS <32> [cock + gaidukas MK] trip PINTEGA <45> [Pints MK] trolleybus TRLAIBUSS <32> [Trolleybus MK] troop (platoon) PULKS <36> [folc > pu\k > pulkas MK] trot round v WED~TUN <132> [perwedd` 55 VM] trouble (misery) NATS f <58> [nautei 29 drv] trough GALD~ <46> [Galdo E 365], PRAK~RTS <32> [Pracartis E 230] trousers LAKN~ <46> [Lagno E 481], short trousers BRKAI nom pl m <32> [Broakay E 480] trout PALASASSIS <40> [Palasallis E 574] true ARWIS aj nom sg m <27> [arwis 73], IZARWIS aj <27> [isarwis 67], IZARWISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [isarwiskas 43] truly ARWI av [arwi 41], ARWISKAI av [arwiskai 49], IZARWI av [isarwi 67] trumpet D~UDA <45> [daudyt, duda MK] trunk (stem) STIBBAN <35> [Stibbins+Krasi, stumbrs+stibis, stiba, stieblys+ zdzieb\o MK], (human body) ST~MENS <61> [stuomuo, st`vs MK] Truso DRSA <45> [Truso ON JG] trust v AUAUDTWEI <134> [auschaudtwei 27] trustful L~NGISEILINGIS <27> [L`ngiseilingins 17 drv] trustfully L~NGEWINGSKAI av [(uckce)l`ngewingiskai 59], L~NGEWINGSKAN av (aj n) [(uka) l`ngewingisk`n 73] trustfulness L~NGISEILISKU <49> [L`ngiseiliskan 95 drv] 462

truth TIKRAN n <35> [Tikkars drv] try v BAND~TWEI <142> [perband`snan 55 MK] tub (cone-shaped vat) ST~NDAS nom sg m <32> [Standis E 394], (bath tub) WANNI <52> [Wanne MK] Tuesday WISASDIS <40> [wissaseydis E 19] tug (once) v TNSTUN <79> [tinstwei 73], (repeatedly) TENSTUN <139> [entnsts 59 drv] tune v up SENK~LSTUN <136> [Kalstun + saskanot MK] tunnel TUNNELS <32> [Tunnel MK] Turk language TURKISKAN <35> [Turkiskas drv] Turk man TURKIS <40> [Turke MK] Turk woman TURKINI <50> [Turkis drv] turkey KALKNS <32> [Kalkun DIA MK] Turkey TURK~JA <45> [Turkei MK] Turkish TURKISKAS <25> [turkis drv] turn no: one turn (rev) W~RSTAN <35> [ainaw`rst 6926 VM, MK], (turningpoint) PAWARTS <32> [Pawartntun + powrot MK] turn v tr (to) WARTNTUN <85> (prei acc) [wartint 35], PAWARTNTUN <85> [Wartntun drv], r PAWARTNTUN SI <85> [Pawartntun drv], turn away AUWARTINTUN SI <85> [wartinna sin MK], turn smb back ETW~RTAI WARTN-TUN [Etw`rtai + W`rtintun MK], turn smth back ETGRNZTUN <71> [Grnztun drv], turn on ETGRNZTUN <71> [Grnztun drv], turn out ~UPAUSINTUN <85> [preipaus 71, paalinti MK], turn over EBWARTNTUN <85> [wartint 35 MK], turn round EBGRNZTUN <71> [Grnztun drv], turn (to go) (somewhere) in (at) PERGRNZTUN <71> [Grnztun drv] (n, pri acc), v i turn (to change) (in)to WRSTWEI <114> [wrst 17] (en acc) turnip R~PI <52> [rop + rzepa MK] turn-off PAWARTS <32> [Pawartntun + powrot MK] tussle i v DULKAUTUN SI <143> [Dulkus MK] twelfth DWAINADESMTS ord <26> [Ainadesmts MK] twelve DW~INADESIMT [Anadesimt MK] twentieth DWIDESMTS <26> [Dwiddesimts MK] twenty DWIDDESIMTS f <60> [dvideimt + divdesmit + dwadziescia MK] twice DWAIW~RST [ainaw`rst 6926 MK] 463

twig tie (twig rope) GRNZTI <52> [Greauste E 305] twilight MIGL~ <46> [migla + migla + mg\a MK] twin DWNIS <40> [dvynys, dvnis MK] twine v WTUN <108> [Witwan E 603 VM], (round) EBWIJ~TUN <132> (zurgi acc) [Wij`tun drv], twine oneself (round) EBWIJ~TUN SI <132> (zurgi acc) [Ebwij`tun drv] twist (smth) tr PERGRNZTUN <71> [Grnztun drv], (a rope) GRNZTUN <71> [Greauste E 305 VM], (a bolt) PERGRNZTUN <71> [Grnztun drv], (twigs) WTUN <108> [Witwan E 603 VM], i (to twist round) WTUN SI <108> (zrgi) [Wtun drv], (to meander) W~NGRAUTWEI <143> [W`ngars MK] twisted yarn, thread TWAN n <35> [Schutuan E 471] twitter (as daws) v D~KTWEI <85> [Doacke E 732 VM] two DW~I crd acc du <23> [dwai 65], DWEJ~I (+ pl tantum) <26> [dveji MK], (a pair) DWEJ~I <26> [Dwej`i + dwoje MK], of two..., two of DWITA f <45> [Warv E 210 + dvejetas MK], in two NDWEJAN av [entzwei + na dwoje MK] two and a half PUSITRTAS crd [pustreio MK] two-edged axe KRSL <53> [Kersle E 534 two hundreds DWISSIMTA [Warv E 210 + dwiescie MK] two-hundredth DWISSIMTS <26> [Dwissimta MK] type TPS <32> [Typ MK] typewriter PEIS~IMANI <52> [Schreibmaschine MK] typical TPISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Tps drv] typographer DRUKENIKS <32> [Drukkawa drv] tyre (of a wheel) NUSKILS [nuskils E 299]

umbrella SISARGS <32> [Sji + Regenschirm + Buttasargs MK] unacceptable NIENIMMEWINGIS aj <27> [Enimmewingis drv] unaccountable NIETR~WINGIS aj <27> [Etr`twingis drv] unanimous ANINGIS aj <27> [vieningas GlN] 464

unbelieving NIDRUWNTS Druwt pc ps ac <29> [nidruwntin 119 drv] unbend v ETKMPTWEI <75b> [etkmps 55 VM] uncle TWS <32> [Thewis E 176], (mothers brother) AWS <32> [Awis E 177] unconscious NIAUMENEWNGIS aj <27> [Aumenewngis drv] unconsciousness NIAUMENEWNGISKU <49> [Aumenewngisku drv] under Pa prp dat [po 41] underestimate LKUTINTUN <85> [Lkuts drv] underestimation LKUTINSNA <45> [Lkutintun drv] underline v (by writing) ZEMMAI GL~UBTUN <75b> [unterstreichen MK], (to emphasize) PAGLAUB~TUN <132> [Glaub`tun + underline MK] understand v IZPRESTUN <93> [issprestun 113], PAPRESTUN <93> [poprestemmai 65], understand one another SENDNGTWEI <85> [Dngtwei drv MK] understanding IZPRESN~ <46> [isspresnan 101 drv], to come to an understanding SENWAI~TUN SI <132> [Senwaiti`tun drv] underwater PAWUNDISKAS aj <25> [Undan drv, Powunden ON MK] undress (to get off) v AUWLKTUN SI <97> [Auwlktun drv], undress smb AUWLKTUN <97> [Wlktun MK] undulate v BANGATWEI <144> [Bang` drv] undulation BANGASN~ <46> [Bangatwei drv] unerring NIBL~NDEWINGIS aj <27> [Bl`ndewingis drv] unerringly NIBL~NDEWINGI av [Bl`ndewingi drv] unexpected NIGGEISTAS aj [Gistun drv+ niespodziewany MK] unexpectedly NIGGEISTAI av [Gistun drv+ nelauktai MK] unfortunately GR~UDU av [engrauds 67 MK] ungrateful NIDNKAWINGIS aj <27> [Dnkawingis drv] uniform AINATNGIS aj <27> [Ainat 121 MK] uninhabited (desert) NIGIWTS <69> aj [Giwtwei drv MK] uninterrupted NISTANNTS <29> [St`twei drv] union UNINI <52> [union MK] unite smb, smth v tr PERANINTUN <85> [vereinigen MK], unite (oneself) v i PERANINTUN SI <85> [Peranintun drv] universe UNIWERSAN n <35> [Universum MK] university UNIWERSIT~TI <52> [University of MK] unknown NIWASTS <69> aj [wastun MK] 465

unless IK TER MAZZAIS [nebent + ja tikai MK] unlock v ETKLATUN <144> [Klatun drv], (a gun) AUBEW~RGINTUN <85> [bew`rgintun drv Nx] unmarried LADDINGIS aj <27> [leddig DIA MK] unprepared NIPAGATTAWINTS pc pt pa <69> [nipogattawints 77] unpretentious NIRNKAWINGIS aj <27> [Rnkautwei drv MK] unpretentiousness NIRNKAWINGISKU <49> [Rnkawingis drv] unrip v ETKESTUN <87> [accodis E 214] unstitch: to come unstitched KEDTWEI <136> [accodis E 214+kedti VM MK] untangle v ETRAZGTUN <139> [Razgtun Nx] until R prp acc [it 51], RGI prp acc [ergi 37] up (upward) NZAI av [unsei 127] up to R prp acc [it 51], RGI prp acc [ergi 37] upheaval EBWARTNSNA <45> [Ebwartntun MK] upon NA unaccented prp acc [(seggt) na 39], N accented prp acc [no 17] upper WRSAWS aj <25> [Wrsus drv MK] upper part WRSUS <43> [virus, virsa, wierzch + Wyrssuthe MK] Upper Prussia WRA <45> [Wr DIA MK] uprising SENSKSN~ <46> [Sensktwei drv] upside-down EBW~RTAI av [Ebwartntun + Etw`rtai MK] upturn v EBWARTNTUN <85> [wartint 35 MK] upward NZAI av [unsei 127] urgency BTEWINGISKU <49> [Btewingis drv] urgent BTEWIS aj <27> [Btwei drv, btinas MK], (exigent) SPJAWINGIS aj <27> [Sptwei MK] urgently BTEWINGI av [Btewingis drv] urinate v MZTWEI <89> [myti + mzt + miazga MK] urine MZALS <36> [Mztwei drv + mzali MK] urn URNI <52> [Urne MK] use no TRPA <45> [enterpon 17 VM], to make use of TRPAUTUN <143> [Trpa drv] use v TRPAUTUN <143> [Trpa drv] useful NTERPAN av [75 enterpen], NTERPISKAN av [anterpinsquan I 5], PRAWERRUS aj <31> [prewerngiskan 41 VM], PRAWERNGIS aj <27> [prewerngiskan 41 VM], TRPINS aj <25> [anterpinsquan I 5 VM] 466

usefulness PRAWERNGISKU no nom sg f <49> [prewerngiskan 41 drv] useless NI ENB~NDAN [ni enb`ndan 27] usual J~UKUS aj <31> [iaukint 77 MK] usually J~UKU av [J`ukus aj n] utensil RKS <32> [rykas JB, rks MK] utopia UTPIJA <45> [Utopie MK] utopian UTPISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [utopisch MK]

vacation RLAUPS <32> [Urlaub + urlop MK] vacuum-cleaner PUSLINDTAJS <32> [Staubsauger MK] vagabond B~UKIS <40> [Bowke DIA MK] vagina PZD~ <46> [peisda Gr] vain: in vain UMZUS av [ensus 89] vainly NI ENB~NDAN [ni enb`ndan 27] Valentin WALTNS <32> [DIA Faltin MK] valiant DIRSENNIS <40> [drsus drv MK] valley LND~ <46> [lindan 57 VM], PADDAUBIS <40> [Pandaubis E 30] valuability WERTNGISKU <49> [wertngiskan 41] valuable WERTNGIS aj <27> [wertngs 7713] valuable thing WRTIBI <52> [Wert + vertyb MK] value WERT <53> [Wertwings 77 MK] variant WARI~NTI <52> [Variante MK] variety LAITAWDISKU <49> [laitawds drv] various WISAWDISKAS pn nom sg m <25> [wissawidiskan 57], LAITAWDS aj <25> [l`its + kitawds MK] variously WISAWDAI av [wissawidei 113], WISAWDI av (aj n) [wissaweidin 55] Varmia W~RMI <52> [Wormeland ON VM] Vedas (the Vedas) WEDDAI <32> [Weden MK] vegetable oil LI <52> [Olje DIA + Olje > eli MK] vegetable salad MIMAS <32> [mixing machine GlN] 467

vegetables SAKNIS nom pl f <60> [saknes MK] veil ZDI <52> [zde, ydas MK] vein GSLA <45> [Pettegislo E 108 VM] velvet AKSAMITS <32> [examitum, aksamit, Samet MK] venerable ZMNEWINGIS aj <27> [Zmnis drv] vengeance TRINSN~ <46> [trinsnan 93] venter MUTISKRMENS <61> [Mti + Krmens + Mutterleib MK] verb WERBAN <35> [Verb, verbum MK] verify (examine) v IZBAND~TUN <142> [perband`snan 55 MK] versatile L~NKEWINGIS <27> [L`nktun drv MK] version (variant) WARI~NTI <52> [Variante MK] vertebra WRBULIS <40> [Wrbtun, Wirbel MK] vertex WIRSELLIS <40> [Wrsus drv + virelis MK], vertex of the head ~RKLUBIS <41> [Arglobis E 76] very SP~RTS av <26> [sparts 107] vessel RKS <32> [rykas JB, rks MK], TRAKS <32> [traukai, trauki MK] vetch WIKKIS <40> [Wickis E 270] vibrate v WIPTWEI <97> [wipis E 630 VM] vice GADDAN <35> [pogadint 109 VM] vicious W~RGS aj <26> [wargs 79] victim UPPERAN <35> [opper MK] victory EBWAR <53> [epwarsnan 117 + War + uzvara MK] view (prospect) PAWDA <45> [Wid`tun drv], (standpoint) DR~ <46> [Dirtwei drv MK] viewer DIRTAJS <32> [Dirtwei drv] viewpoint ENDIRSN~ <46> [endirisna 95 drv] village K~IMS <32> [Caymis E 797] Vilnius WILNI <52> [Vilnia MK] vimba ZBRI <52> [Seabre E 570] vindictive TRINTAWINGIS aj <27> [Trintaws drv] violence: to commit violence to PREISP~RTAUTUN <143> [Sp`rts drv] violet WILATS <25> [violett MK] violin WIDDELI <52> [Fiddel DIA MK] Virgin JUMPRAWA <45> [Jumprawan 41 drv] virility WRISKU <49> [Wriskas drv] virulence (malignancy) BARZNISKU <49> [Barzns MK] 468

virulent GREUZNGIS aj <27> [grnsings 87] virus WIRRAN <35> [virus, Viruren MK] viscous (glutinous) GLITTUS aj <31> [Glitteynen ON JG], (soupy) K~MSTUS <30> [kamtis, czsty MK] vision WADAWA <45> [Wastun, Wid`tun, Wadintun MK] visit v K~IMALUKITUN <133> [k`imaluke 37 drv] Vistula WKSLA <45> [Wixla DK VM] Vistula Lagoon ASTINMARI <50> [astei + marri, Aistmars MK] vitalize v GAIWNTUN <85> [gijwans 43 + geits 53 + gaivinti MK] vocal WKALS <32> [Vokal MK] vocation (mission) PREIWAKSENIS <40> [preiwack 45 MK] voice T~RI <52> [t`rin 105 VM] void (evacuate) v IZGZTWEI <71> [Gztun drv + Gozen Gr, imatos, izmetumi MK] volley S~LWI <52> [Salve, zalve, salv, salwa MK] volunteer (a militant) MILIT~NTS <56> [Miliz + rkestrants + militant MK] vomit no SPJAWAN n <35> [Spjatwei drv MK] vomit attr SPJAWINS aj <25> [Spjawan drv] vomit v SPJATWEI <144> [spjauti, pluc, vamiti, wimbmis Gr spieaut, vemti MK] vomitory SPJAWINS aj <25> [Spjawan drv] vulgar WULG~RS <25> [vulgr MK] vulture AKS <32> [Aukis E 708]

wacholder KADDEGS <36> [Kadegis E 608] wade v BRESTWEI <87> [DIA VM braste] wages ~LG~ [`lgas 87] wagonload W~GENS <32> [Wagen MK] wagtail KLA <45> [Kylo E 771] wail no WIMENI <52> [Wi mennei, Wimenitwei + aimana MK] wail v (to lament) WIMENITWEI <133> [aimanuoti, vaiman`t MK] 469

waist (loins) TALLIJA <45> [Taill MK] waistcoat ST~MENINIS <40> [St`mens drv + liemen MK] wait (for) v GISTWEI <77> (na acc) [gide 85 drv] waiter PRICKUS <42> [Hei, Frtschke, noch hnmahl! DIA + Prikus MK] wake v tr smb up BAUDNTUN <85> [etbaudinnons 45 drv], (entirely) ETBAUDNTUN <85> [etbaudinnons 45 drv], v i (to become awake) BUSTWEI <90> [etbaudinnons 45 drv MK], (entirely) ETBUSTWEI <90> [etbaudinnons 45 drv MK] wale RMBUS <32> [Rmbitun + rumbas MK] walk no NEIKASN~ <46> [Neikatwei drv], to (take a) walk NEIKATWEI <144> [neikaut 65] walk v ITWEI <116> [it 29 drv] wall ZIDS <36> [Seydis E 198] wallet KULIKS <32> [Kuliks E 487] wander v PINTEGATWEI <144> [Pintega MK], W~NDRAUTWEI <143> [wandern + wdrowac MK] wanderer PINTEGANIKS <32> [Pintegatwei drv] wandering PINTEGASN~ <46> [Pintegatwei drv] wane no (waning moon) DL~ <46> [Diltwei MK] wane v DILTWEI <97> [dilti, dilt, Delks, dzielic MK] want v KWAITTUN <134> [quoit 57 drv] war no KARESN~ <46> [kariausnan 123 drv], council of war KAREW~ITIS <40> [Cariawoytis E 416] war v, to be at war KARETWEI <144> [kariausnan 123 drv] ward (district) PULKA <45> [polca DK] warden: to be warden to PAPEK~TUN <132> [popekt 81] warder NADIRTAJS <32> [Nadirtwei drv] wardrobe (place for clothes) SPNTAN <35> [Spind DIA MK] wares PERD~S~ <46> [perd`sai 33] warm aj TAPPIS <40> [Tapiow ON VM] warm v tr (smth) ASINTUN <85> [~istwei drv], TAPTUN <139> [Tappis MK], v i, to get warm TAPTWEI <134> [Tappis drv MK] warn v MPIRSSERGTUN <134> [mpirs, sergtun + mpirsdirisn`, ostrzec MK] warrior KARESNIKS <32> [krieger + Kareusn`], noble warrior WTINGIS m <40> [weiting DK VM MK] 470

Warsaw W~RAWA <45> [Warschau MK] wart (on the skin) GABBU <44> [Gabawo E 779 VM] warty GABBAWS aj <25> [Gabawo E 779 VM] wash v MTUN <113> [aumsnan drv], wash off v AUMTUN <113> [Aumusn` drv] washing off AUMSN~ <46> [aumsnan 119 drv] Washington WAINGTNS <32> [Washington MK] wasp WAPSI <52> [Wobse E 789] waste ~UKRUWJA <45> [Krtwei drv, waste, atkritumi MK] waste land SIL~ <46> [Sylo E 589] watch no (a mechanism) ZGERIS <40> [Sger DIA MK] watch v (guard) SERGTUN <134> [absergsnan 91 drv] watchdog WIZUS, gen wizas <32> [Wuysis E 704] watchman SARGS <36> [Butsargs 87 VM], house-watchman BUTTASARGS <32> [Butsargs 87] watchout NADIRSN~ <46> (krsa acc) [Nadirtwei drv] water UNDAN n <35> [Wundan E 59] water v (animals) PWINTUN <85> [Ptun drv] waterfall UNDAKRWIS <40> [Wasserfall drv] water-hen WTWAGA <45> [Witwago E 756] water-meadow WEISS <39> [Treonkaymynweisigis ON VM] water-supply (plumbing system) UNDAWESNA <45> [Wasserleitung MK] wave no B~NG~ <46> [Bangputtis? banga bANga MK] wave v BANGATWEI <144> [Bang` drv] wax WASKAS <32> [vakas + vasks + wosk MK] wax-end MENA <45> [Schumeno E 507] way PINTS m <57> [Pintis E 799], (means) WDS <36> [kittewidiskai 129], by the way PRI KITAN [GlN], SIRZDAU KITTAN av [tarp kitko GlN], in such a way STAWDISKAI av [Stawds drv], this way TT av [tt 6919] we MES pn 1 nom pl <6> [mes 291] weak KUSSALS, gen kuslas, aj <26> [kuslaisin 93 drv] weaker KUSLAISIS Kussals cp <28> [kuslaisin 93 drv] wealth L~IMAN <35> [L`ims drv] weapon NRANKIS <40> [ierocis + rankis MK] wear v (footwear) AWWAUTUN <143> [Atun drv + avti MK] 471

weasel MAZUKKA <45> [Mosuco E 662] weather WINS <36> [wins E 45] weather cock GERTIS <40> [Gertis E 203] weave (twine) v WTUN <108> [Witwan E 603 VM] weaver f TUKRI <52> [Tukri drv] weaver m TUKRIS <40> [Tuckoris E 454] web v EBRAZGTUN <139> [Razgtun MK] web-page TINKLAP~USAN n <35> [Internettan + P`usan GlN] web-site TINKLASALNS <32> [Internettan + Salns MK] wedding WESSELI <52> [wesele MK] wedding ceremony SALBIS <40> [Sallbs 991], SALBISNA <45> [Salbsna 9916] wedge (shim) WAGGIS <40> [Wagnis VM] Wednesday PUSSISAWAITI <52> [Possissawaite E 20] week SAWATI <52> [Sawayte E 16] weep no R~UD~ <46> [Raud`twei + rauda MK] weep v (to cry) RAUD~TWEI <132> [raudoti + raud`t + rydati MK] Wehlau WLAWA <45> [Velowe 1258, Wilaw 1326 ON] weigh smth v tr SWRTUN <80> [sverti + svrt + osver MK], weigh down GNESTUN <76> [Gnode E 338 VM MK] weigh v i SWRTWEI <80> [sverti + svrt + osver MK] weighing-machine SWARSTIS <58> [Swrtwei + Krmpstis MK] weight SWARS <32> [Swrtwei + svaras, svars MK], (for weighing, balance) ETSWARS <36> [Etswrtun MK] weir TAKKISS <32> [Takes E 328] well aj LABBAI av [labbai 49] well no APS <42> [APUS E 64] well-aimed EBTIKEWNGIS aj <27> [Ebtiktun drv] welt ANZALIS <40a> [Ansalgis E 506] west WAKKAR~I <36> [Wakkars + vakarai + zachod MK] wester (wind) ~ULAUKIS <40> [A ulaukis DIA] western WAKKARISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Wakar`i drv] wet M~RKS aj <25> [Markelauke ON VM], (moist) WILGS aj <25> [Welgen E 157 VM] wether SKAPS <32> [Stabs E 680] what KA pn nom/acc sg n <9> [ka 17] 472

what a KAWDS nom sg m <19> [kawds 87] wheat G~IDIS <41> [Gaydis E 259], spring wheat DAGAGGAIDIS <40> [Dagagaydis E 260] wheat bread S~LT <53> [Solthe E 344] wheel no KELLIN n <35> [Kelan E 295] wheel v (to carry) smb WEZTUN <71> [Kellewesze MBS MK] wheels spring ZABEKLIS <40> [Zabeklis + feather/spring MK] when KADDAN [kadan I 13] where KWI [quei 75], from where ISKWENDAU av [isquendau 43] whet v GL~STUN <87> [Glosto E 373 VM], (to grind) TAKTUN <136> [Tackelis E 530 VM] whether ANGA [Anga 673] whetstone GL~ST~ <46> [Glosto E 373] whey SURISTI <50> [Sutristio E 692] which KAWDS nom sg m <19> [kawds 87] whiff NDWISIS <40> [Endwestun + Ndwisis MK] while cj IKKAI [ickai 99] while no (time) KSMUS, gen ksmas <32> [(stan) ksman 131 drv], (a short period of time) STNDIKA dm <45> [stndicks 57] whimperer ZZI <52> [Suse DIA MK] whimsical KW~ITINGIS aj m <27> [(ni) qu`itings 113], to be whimsical (capricious) ~ZAUTUN SI <143> [Az drv + oiuotis MK] whine v ANKTWEI <75> [anken DIA + unkti, unkstt MK] whip (lash) BRZGAS nom sg m <32> [Brusgis E 315] whirl smth (round) v WELTUN <80a> [Walis E 252 VM] whirlwind WDRA <45> [widre Gr VM] whirpool WRBULIS <40> [Wrbtun MK] whisk (into) v ENSMITTINTWEI <85> (en acc) [Smit drv], ij (to convey whisking out or in) SMIT ij [Smicuto E 740 VM] whisky PRGALS <32> [Pirgel DIA MK] whisper v IELITWEI <133> [schischeln DIA MK] white GALS aj <26> [Gaylis E 459], to show i white GALAUTWEI <143> [gals drv] white-dressed GAILARKINS aj <29> [G`ils, Rkai drv] whiteness GALISKU <49> [G`ils drv] whitethroat S~KIS <41> [Soakis E 750] 473

whitish GALAWINGIS <27> [Gals drv Nx] who KAS pn nom sg m <9> [kas 37] whole PASTIPS aj <25> [postippin 45], the whole WIS n subst [wissa 696] whore MANGA <45> [Manga Gr] why KASSE PAGGAN [Stesse paggan 39] wick DEGLIS <40> [(Pr`g)lis + Degtwei + deglis MK] wicket-gate LAPIWARTA <45> [Lapiwarto E 212] wide PLATTUS aj <31> [platus + plas + gr. platus + p\aski MK] wide-bladed axe RAMESTUWI <52> [Romestue E 532] widen v tr smth v PLATTINTUN <85> [Plattus drv], v i (broaden) PLATTINTUN SI <85> [Plattintun drv] Widewut WDAWUTIS <40> [Widewut DK VM] widow WIDDAW~ <46> [widdew 9710] widower SIRIS <40> [eirys JB + sierota MK] width PLATTU n <44> [Plattus drv MK] wife GEN~ <46> [Genno E 188], SALB~GANA <45> [Salabaigannan 107], (spouse) SALBA no f <45> [sallban 33] wild P~USTS aj <26> [Pausto (catto) E 665 VM], P~USTISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [P`usts drv] wildcat PAUST~KATA <45> [Paustocatto E 665] wilderness P~USTRI <52> [Paustre E 624] will (volition) KW~ITS <32> [qu`its 518] willingly RIDE av [reide 29] willow GLSIS <40> [Glossis E 604] willow-tree WTWAN n <35> [Witwan E 603] wily WNGARS, gen wngras, aj <26> [Wngrisku drv VM] win EBWARSN~ <46> [epwarsnan 117 drv] win v EBWARTUN <134> [epwarsnan 117 drv] wind WTRA <45> [Wetro E 53] wind (round) v WTUN SI <108> (zrgi) [Wtun drv], EBWIJ~TUN <132> (zurgi acc) [Wij`tun drv], wind smth (up, around) completely v SENWIJ~TUN <132> [Wij`tun drv] windhover (kestrel) PELMAIGIS <40> [Pelemaygis E 712] winding W~NGARS, gen w`ngras, aj <26> [Wangrapia ON VM] window LANGST~ <46> [Lanxto E 213] windpipe KS nom sg f <51> [Cosy E 96] 474

wine WNS <32> [Winis E 390], white wine GALAWINS <32> [Gals, Wns + Weiwein WE] wine-cellar WINENS <32> [Wns + Suwens MK] wineshop WINENKS <32> [Winens drv] wing SKRELIS <40> [Skrelle DIA, skrielis JB MK] wink v MIRKINTUN SI <85> [mirkintwei drv] winner EBWARTAJS <32> [Ebwartun drv] winnow (fan) v: waste after winnowing (fanning) crops no ~UKLAKSTIS nom pl f <52> [Auklextes E 280] winter ZIM~ <46> [Semo E 15] winter crops ZIMIS <41> [Seamis E 257] wire (metal) DR~TS <32> [Draht + dr`ts MK], electric wire WADS <32> [Westun + vadas + vads + -wod MK] wiry (tough) IZSTALWINGIS aj <27> [Izstaltun drv] wisdom GADRAN <35> [Gadars drv], IZPRETTEWISKU <49> [Izprettewis drv MK] wise GADARS, gen gadras <26> [gudrus/gudras, gudrs MK] wish v ENLAIPINTUN <85> [enlaipinne 99 drv], wish smb smth (to compliment) KWAITTUN <134> [quoit 57 + wnschen GKS] wishes (compliments) KWAITSN~ <46> [Kwaittun drv] wit (understand) v MUKTUN <136> [wyssen mukis II 9 + mokti + m`ct VM]; half-witted no PUSBARIKS <32> [Bariks drv MK] witchcraft: to practise witchcraft WAIDILTWEI <134a> [waidleimai 29 drv]with SN prp acc [sn 61] withdraw v ETTREPTWEI <85> [Treptwei drv] withdrawal ETTREPSN~ <46> [Ettreptwei drv] within NTRAI [ntrandrv] without L~IT prp acc [schl`it 519], L~ITS prp acc [schl`its 6119], BE prp acc [bhe 4917] withstand v ETSPERTWEI SI <80> [Etspertwei + atsispirti (came) MK], IZSTALTUN <134a> [isstallt 123] witness no (person) WDIKS <32> [weydikausnan II 5 VM], of witness(es) attr WDIKISKAS aj <25> [Wdiks drv] witness v WDIKAUTWEI <143> [weydikausnan II 5 drv] witnessing WDIKAUSNA <45> [weydikausnan II 5] wizard WADILS <32> [Waidel DK], M~GIKS <40> [Magiker MK] 475

wizard(ly) WADILAWNGIS aj <27> [Waidiltwei drv] wolf WLKS <32> [Wilkis E 657] woman GEN~ <46> [Genno E 188] womans dress, gown SUKNI <50> [suckenie + suknia MK] womanly GENNISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Gen` drv] womb MUTISKRMENS <61> [Mti + Krmens + Mutterleib MK] wonder v ~USTABAUTWEI <143> [~ustaban drv] wondrous (surprising) STEBBULS aj <25> [stebulas JB MK] wood (forest) MEDDIN n <37> [median E 586], (material) GARRINI <50> [Garrin + Stabs, Stabn MK] wood-block TRUPS <32> [Trupis E 634] woodcock SL~NKI <52> [Slanke E 754] woodman MEDENKS <32> [Medenixtaurw ` E 766 VM] woodpecker GENIKS <32> [Genix E 742], (black woodpecker) KRAKT~ <46> [Kracto E 744], (green woodpecker) MELATTA <45> [Melato E 743], (small woodpecker) ATAGENIS <39> [Aytegenis E 745] wood-pigeon KUKARS <32> [Keutaris E 762] wool WILNA <45> [Wilnis E 477 VM] woolgathering DWASSINGIS <27> [Dwassan drv] woollen WILNIS aj <27> [Wilnis E 477 VM] woollen cloth PAST~WS <32> [Pastowis E 456] word WRDS <36> [wrds 6117] word-formation DERIWACINI <52> [Derivation MK] work no DLIN n <35> [Dlan 79] work v DLATWEI <131> [dlants 87 VM], (hard) GEWNTWEI <85> [gewinna 87 drv] worker DLINIKS <32> [Dlnikans 95], (in some special sphere) DLATAJS <32> [Dlatwei drv] working one DLANTS pc ps ac <29> [dlants 87] workman DLINIKS <32> [Dliniks + Arbeiter MK] world SWT~I nom pl <35> [switai 55], secular world SWTAN n <35> [Swetan E 792] worldly SWTEWISKAS aj nom sg m <25> [Swtewiskan 89] worm KRMS m <57> [Girmis E 786] wormwood BRMUTIS <40> [Wermut + Ebangelion 87 + vrmedes MK] 476

worsen v GADNTUN <85> [Pagadntun drv] worth aj WRTS aj <26> [werts 8718], WERTWINGIS aj <27> [Wertwings 7710] worth no WRTIBI <52> [Wert + vertyb MK] worthy WERTWINGIS aj <27> [Wertwings 7710] wound IZWA <45> [Eyswo E 159] wound v IZWINTUN <85> [izwa drv], ENIZWINTUN <85> [izwa + ievainot MK] wrap (in) v EBWIJ~TUN <132> (en acc) [Wij`tun drv], (many objects or many times) WIJ~TUN <132> [Wtun drv] wrapping EBWIJ~KLI <52> [Ebwij`tun drv + peis`lei 89 MK] wreath no (crown) WAINIKS <32> [vainikas, vainags, wieniec MK] wreathe v (with a wreath) WAINIKKATUN <131> [wainiks, vainikuoti, vainagot MK] wreck (sabotage) v KDINTUN <85> [kda drv] wrecker KDINTAJS <32> [kdintun drv] wren PRESKARS <32> [Prestors E 707] wrest (smth, money) v AUP~NSTUN <73> [auschp`ndimai 37] wriggle v WNGTWEI <97> [wngriskan 35 VM], wriggle ones way BRETUN SI <111> [brewinnimai 31 VM] wrinkle (pucker) SKRMP~ <46> [senskrempsnan 103 VM] write v PEIS~TUN <132> [peis`i 73], (smth concrete) PAPEIS~TUN <132> [popeisauns 111], (to write off) AUPEIS~TUN <132> [Peis`tun + aumsnan 119 MK] writer PEIS~TAJS <32> [Peis`tun drv] writing attr PEIS~IMINS aj <25> [Peis`tun + Paklausmins MK] writings (all documents of a written language) PEIS~LISTA <45> [Peis`li MK] written attr PEIS~IMINS aj <25> [Peis`tun + Paklausmins MK] written copy ~UPEISA <45> [Aupeis`tun drv MK] wrong aj REDS <25> [reddau 69], REDDISKAS nom sg m <25> [reddisku 3310 MK], to go wrong GADNTUN SI <85> [pogadint 109 MK] wrong no (falsehood) REDDAN n <35> [Reds drv] wrongly REDDAWINGI av [reddewingi 3320], REDDI av [reddi II 5]


yacht JACHTI <52> [Jacht MK] yard PADWARRIS <40> [Dwarris + dvaras + podworze MK] yarn: (twisted yarn, thread) TWAN n <35> [Schutuan E 471] Yatvingia (Sudovia) J~TAWA <45> [VM] Yatvingian man J~TAWIS <40> [VM] yawning DWASSAN <35> [Dwestwei drv, dvasa/dvasas MK], DWASSAUSNA <45> [Dwassautwei drv] year METTAN n <35> [Mettan E 12], last years, of last year PRNS aj <25> [pernai + prns + fairns MK], the year before last PIRZDPERNAI av [Pirzdas +Prnai, Pirzdlangstan MK] year-ring of a tree WNS f <58> [Winis E 645] yeast DRAGGES nom pl f <51> [Dragios E 386] yellow GELTANS aj <25> [Gelatynan E 464 drv] yellowish GELTANAWINGIS <27> [Geltans drv] yelp v SKENNITWEI <138> [Stanulonx E 623 VM], (to whine) ANKTWEI <75> [anken DIA + unkti, unkstt MK] yes J~ [ia 99] yesterday BTAN av [Btai 77] yet DABBER [dabber 41] yew-tree IWS <32> [Iuwis E 599] yield v D~TUN SI <118> [d`tunsi 65, d`twei drv] yoke JUGGAN n <35> [jungas + jgs + igo MK], (shoulder-litter) PDIS nom pl f <52> [Pede DIA] you (sg, thou) T pn 2 nom sg <2> [t 6713], (pl) JS pn 2 nom pl <7> [ios 895] young M~LDS aj <26> [Maldai 97 drv]


younger M~LDAISIS <40> [maldaisimans 75 drv] your (thy) TWAJS, gen tw`ise, pn po 2 sg nom sg m <20> [twais 3712] your(s) JSS pn po 2 pl nom sg m [ios 10520] youth (young man) MALDNS <32> [Maldnin 17 MK], (young people) MALDNI <50> [Maldnin 17 VM] yowl v K~UKTWEI <75> [kaukti/aukti + kaukt + kukac/sowa MK]

zander ST~RKS <32> [Starkis E 564] Zinten SNTAI <32> [Sinthen, Szynthen, Zcingten, Zinthen JG Sintautai MK]